AsYa OS: The fairytale of a treasure...

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Jan 13, 2014

AsYa OS: The fairytale of a treasure... (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 8 times)

Hey guys, Big smile

Yes as u can see i'm back to annoy all of u LOL with my bakwaas which u find amazing LOL

The beginnig may seem like Shrek but it has nothing to do with it, this OS is only a part of my a bit too huge imagination, so please trust me and read it till the end.


Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom called Bhopal, was locked up a beautiful girl named Zoya in a castle, hidden by a huge, dark and wild jungle. It wasnt that nobody ever tried to get her out of there, its just that the people who tried to, got eaten by wild animals, or the castle's door got open but what can anybody do against a charmed castle?

Zoya was an orphan, so she had nobody, she did had an uncle, Ghaffur, but he lived at the other end of the village and with the time, she lost contact with him too.

One day, somehow, Ghaffur got to know about where his niece Zoya used to live, and without wasting any time, he got there, to her home, but it wasnt a home anymore but just a house.

Confused to find it empty, he asked in the neighbourhood about Zoya's whereabouts.

"Zoya, she was such a sweet girl, i dont know why God punished her like that, poor child... i dont know how much true it is, but i heard that she got locked up in that castle because of some kind of treasure, but i dont know the story, i am sorry i cant help u..." told an older woman to a wide-eyed Ghaffur.

Ghaffur couldnt control his tears, his once little niece who used to play in his lap with him all day became the victim of such a big... He couldnt even find the word...

Thats when Ghaffur decided to go to the castle to seek help from the kind King Rashid and his brave son, the Prince Asad.

Once in the castle, Ghaffur got onto his knees begging for help, to rescue his niece com daughter from there.

Being the kind King he was, Rashid ordered his son, "Asad, Mr. Ghaffur's niece Zoya got prisonner of the castle in the jungle, u will have to go there to get her out of there".

And the brave (and handsome) Prince he was, agreed, "Yes Father, and dont worry Mr. Ghaffur, ur niece will be back very soon and thats my promise to u!" assured Asad smiling at a teary Ghaffur.

"Thank you so much ur Highness! I will never be able to pay u back enough!" replied Ghaffur with his hands together in front of Asad.

"Mr. Ghaffur there is no need of that, Zoya's a part of this Bhopal, moreover a part of our village, i promise that i wont come back until i get her back!" said Asad while placing his hands on Ghaffur's.

Ghaffur thanked Asad once again and then the Prince left on his gorgeous knight, named Carrot even though he was brown.

On the other hand, there were some 2-3 men, whose leader was one of them, named Akram. They heard about the beautiful girl locked in a castle, who knew about some kind of a treasure.

So without wasting any time, they got to the castle and somehow fooled the castle's charm, and took her forcefuly to a small house at the other end of the jungle and tied her then they asked her about the treasure, she denied knowing anything about it. Not wanting to give up, they started to hit her, she got a bleeding lower lip and a bruised cheek, she didnt tell anything. So they brought wild, hungry rats in a cage to her, and holded her tied hands and put them in the cage, she cried and shouted but to no results. Zoya couldnt tell them about the mystery of the treasure, what if they tried to do something? She couldnt take that risk and thats why she kept quiet. Her hands were now bruised almost bleeding with bite scars, she choked a sob while looking at them. Because they didnt get any appropriate answer, they brought hot coals, and put them under her feet, she shouted but with the cloth in her mouth, the cry got suffocated, thats when she gave up. Zoya decided to tell them a fake story and when they would go, she would swallow the rat poison and end her life...

"Ok, i will tell u, the treasure's trunk in under my bed and the key is under the pillow." told a crying Zoya to Akram and his friends.

Having no choices but to believe her, they left to the castle, while Zoya loosened the knot and at least tried to get out of the house but it was locked and with injured hands and feet it was too hard for her so she took the easy way and swallowed the rat poison in a go and fell uncounscious.

On the other hand, Asad reached the castle and went inside to his shock and confusion he found the castle empty (the castle didnt do anything to Asad because he was here with pure intentions). Asad got out of the castle and started to walk around, then he heard some voices (it was Akram's gang), Asad heard them talking about some girl being locked in the small house at the other end of jungle.

Without thinking further, Asad climbed Carrot and went to the small house.

While Akram and his gang went in the castle they found bothing under her bed and got prisonners of the castle at their turn.

Asad reached the small house and kicked the locked door open and saw the most horrible but beautiful scene in front of him. There was a beautiful girl laying lifeless on the floor, with bleeding lips, red-burnt feet, bruised hands.

He went towards her and sat next to her on the floor, she was still had a pulse but a low one. Asad kissed the reddened part of her feet which immediately started healing magicaly. Then he moved towards her hands and kissed her bruised hands, which also started healing. Then he took her head into his hands, and captured her lips into his and licked the blood from her lips, thats when Zoya's heartbeat raced and she opened her eyes to find beautiful brown orbs staring down at her, she blushed while looking at him, then he caressed the red of her cheek and whispered "Zoya".

"How do u know my name?" asked Zoya confused, while he smiled at her.

"I just know it" he winked "and mine is Asad", she blushed hard.

Then he took her into his arms and made her sit in front of him on his sweet Carrot, while getting back from the jungle, Zoya was exhausted after what she went through, so she leant on Asad's chest who was riding Carrot and fell asleep with the comfort provided from his body. Asad smiled at her innocence and dropped a kiss on her head. They finally reached the castle where Ghaffur and King Rashid waited for them to return. Asad took her now awake into his arms knowing that she wouldnt be able to walk after such an eventful day and walked to the entrance where he saw his father and Mr. Ghaffur waiting for them.

"Ghaffy Uncle?" asked a completely confused Zoya, while both rushed towards them relieved.

"My Baby! R u ok?" asked Ghaffur while she nodded, she could feel Asad's gaze on her face which made her blush.

"Zoya, can i ask u something?" asked Asad.

"Of course Asad!" replied Zoya.

"Will u marry me, a simple and poor driver with a very poor salary?" asked Asad expectantly, while she looked at him even saying shock would be an understatement and the respective family parents were pleasantly surprised.

Zoya was left dropped jaw, did he just proposed her?! Proposed?! It was the 1st time that she saw that a person proposed only after meeting her for just 3 hours and that too without much talking! There was only one question repeating in her mind.

"Why?" asked Zoya thinking.

"Because even though i know u for hardly 3 hours i know that i want to spend the rest of my life with u, and only u, because i also know that being with u will be the biggest treasure of my life, because when i saw u for the 1st time lifeless on the floor and i knew at that moment that I just fell in love with u at the 1st sight and i of course know that u r the one for me..." confessed Asad to a shocked Zoya, thats when she realised that she had to tell him about the real TREASURE.

"I wont lie by saying that i dont feel anything for u! And i just cant believe it! But I wa..." replied Zoya but was cut-off by a servant.

"Ur Highness! There is a petrol eruption in the backyard" told the servant, then she relised that her gift was becoming true.

King Rashid and Ghaffur went outside to see it.

"The person that i will truly love will become the richest person in the world, i will be the key to his treasure". rememberd Zoya and realised that its what just happened, petrol eruption! It means that he was her true love, even though he was poor but since when did money mattered to Zoya? She doesnt care she just knows that she's in love with a gold-hearted, brave man who loves her, she doesnt want anything else.

Asad just told her that he was a driver he didnt want to lie but he wanted her to know that he was a normal person before being a prince, he even told her that he was poor because therewere so many girls who wanted to marry him not because of loving him but loving his status, his money. Now if Zoya didnt accept his proposal meant that she is not interested to marry a mere poor driver.

But the next thing she did surprised him, she kissed him passionately, pouring all her feelings for him in that kiss, while he held her more closely to his chest still laying in his arms.

When they broke away both had grin on their face.

"So, was that a yes would-be Mrs. Khan?" asked Asad slyly to a blushing Zoya.

"Oh so u didnt understand?" asked Zoya knowing that he did understand, while Asad nodded in no with a big smile.

Again, Zoya kissed him but at the corner of his lips then whispered in his ear "yes", and he twirled around, she being still in his arms, shrieked being dizzy. Then he stopped and both looked at each other intensely.

"Actually Asad, before we get married i need u to know something, i was locked up into that castle not because i did something wrong but its because a fairy knew that i wont be safe with that gift" said Zoya seriously to a confused Asad.

"What do u mean by "that", Zoya? And what gift r u talking about?" asked Asad.

"I mean what just happened in the backyard" told Zoya hesitantly.

"U mean that the petrol is because of u?" asked a shocked Asad, while she nodded.

"Actually its because of u, because i love u.."replied Zoya while he smiled, she finally confessed her feelings.

Then Zoya told him about the gift she got on her day of birth, of making the person she would truly love the richest person in the world, being the reason of being locked in that castle, never knowing if people actually cared for her, or greedy, he looked at her shocked.

"So its a take it or leave it situation Mr. Khan" said Zoya playfuly "but i told u this because i knew that u r not like others, u didnt know anything about this but still u said that u loved me and u even proposed me for being the person i a.." Zoya was cut off once again by his lips.

When he broke away from the kiss, he smirked.

"U talk a bit too much Mrs. Khan" he winked at her "besides, for me is a take it situation, because i want to spend the rest of my life with u, not because of the money, and yes u must know the truth now, i am not a driver" Zoya confused "i'm the Prince Asad, a real prince but who belong onty to u, because u r mine as much as i am urs" confessed Asad to a shocked Zoya.

"So u r a very much real prince?" asked Zoya wide-eyed while he nodded.

"I am sorry i had to lie, to know if u really would be marrying because u loved me of because of my status of my money. Because there's a lot of girls who wanted to marry me because of my money and status not because they loved me" apologized Asad.

"Its ok, i understand, but still i want to marry u, i wanted it when i thought that u were a driver, and i still want it even if u r a prince" replied Zoya to Asad's relief.

Thats when they heard claps around them. There were Rashid, a teary Ghaffur and all the staff of the castle, who applauded for them while both blushed at them.

Then they got married in a huge celebration and lived happily ever after...


PS: i found it to be utter ****, but still, please leave comments behind Wink

With lots of love,

Ur Bano.

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