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Jan 16, 2012

my imagination (By Pearl) (Thanked: 57 times)

Hi all,

I am writing this for the first time, hope u all like it.

1. Since its sangeet, Anjali wants to put mehndi(henna)on Payal and Khushi's hands, so they r invited to rm.Two girls have been called to do the job.Payal and Khushi r sitting side by side and the girls are preparing the mehndi.As one of the girls starts applying mehndi on Payal's hands, Anjali asks her to write"A"on Payal's hand, (Akash's name starts with A).The girl nods.Meanwhile the other girl is ready with her cone and takes Payals hand and starts applying mehndi.This girls picks up Khushi's hands and starts applying on hers.She has not noticed that its Khushi's hand that she is applying mehndi on, and writes "A".Khushi is busy teasing Payal and is talking about how she loves applying mehndi on both the hands.Arnav is on the steps and is watching Khushi.No one has noticed him coming. Anjali looks at Khushi's hand and says that the girl has written "A" on Khushi's hand.Khushi and everyone look at the A written on her hand. The girl says sorry and turns to take the tissue to wipe it. Anjali and Payal look at Payal's hand to see if that girl has written A correctly on her hand or not. Khushi keeps looking at the A on her hand and thinks of Arnav. Khusi closes her palm and places it on her lap and gives her other hand to make the design on.Arnav is watching all this from the stairs.He notices how Khushi has closed her palm and hid it in her lap and not removed 'A'.A small smile appears on his face.They all start talking how auspicious it is to have your husbands name written on your hand and how though written on hand its rang and mehek (colour and smell) is itched in your heart for ever and never fades.Anjali looks up and sees Arnav standing there.She asks him to come and sit with them and she also asks him why he is smiling.But he just ignores it and comes and sits opposite Khushi.The girl has finished applying mehndi on one hand asks Khushi to give her other hand.Khushi sees Arnav sitting opposite her and refuses to give her hand.She says that she will put on one hand only.To this Anjali and Payal say that just now she was saying that she will put on both hands and now she is refusing.She makes an excuse that she has work at home.Arnav just stares at her and realises that Khushi is not bringing her hand forward because of him.He gets up to go on the pretext of making a phone call. Khushi sees that his back is to her and immediately places her hand in the girls and asks her to put mehndi.Arnav notices this is the window glass in front of him and slowly turns to look at her.Khushi knows that Arnav is looking at her and willing her to look up but she just refuses.Payal is saying that buaji is right in calling her sanka devi and no one knows whats going in her mind.Arnav leaves.

2. Its lunch time and since everyone has mehndi on their hands they r wondering what to do. Khushi and Payal say that they will leave,but Anjali insists that they have food here only.She says that Akash can feed Payal and Sham will feed her as Nani and Mamiji have gone shopping.Arnav has also come down for lunch.NK says that he will feed Khushi.Arnav stares and NK with anger and leaves the place asking his Di to send his lunch in his room.Anjali is commenting that just a few minutes back he was so happy and again he is back to his normal self. But Khushi notices the change and knows that he is annoyed by what NK said.Khushi refuses to have lunch and says that she is not hungry.Everyone have lunch.Anjali asks HP/OP to take Arnav;s lunch to his room.Arnav in the meantime is pacing his room like a wounded tiger.OP knocks the room and places the plate on the table.Arnav wants to know whether Khushi has had her lunch or not.He asks OP if everyone has had lunch.OP says is everyone has had except Arnav and Khushi ji, as she was not hungry.Arnav is pleased to know that Khushi did not eat from NK's hand. Now he wants to call Khushi to his room and is thinking of some excuse or the other.Here Anjali asks Khushi to go and check some thing with Arnav. Khushi knocks on his door and enters.Arnav is very happy to see her. She asks Arnav what Anjali has asked her to do, but Arnav is not listening. They start arguing and suddenly he asks her to shut up and sit down She refuses.He holds her by her shoulders and makes her sit on the chair and himself sits opposite her.He asks her if she has had lunch and she says Yes without looking at him.Arnav is hurt and says that since when has she started lying to him.He asks her to open her mouth and feeds her.She sits quitely and eats from his hands.She remembers that if she eats his food then what will he eat.He says he will ask OP to bring more,but then they both realise that it is not possible as everyone will ask wny. So they eat together staring into eachothers eyes.Some food is stuck on Khushi's lips and Khushi tries to remove it.Arnav remembers the dhabba scene how Khushi had cleaned lassi from his lips.He does the same. hope u like it.

Jan 17, 2012

Mehndi lagaka rakhna (By Pearl) (Thanked: 45 times)

Hi, I thought i would try continuing the story and name it "Mehndi lagaka rakhna".Let me know if u dont like it, i'll stop immediately.

Arnav remembers the dhabba scene and how Khushi had cleaned lassi from his lips.He does the same.Khushi sat there like a statue not knowing what to do.She was enjoying this new feeling but was scared too, not able to understand what would happen next.Her hair staid had fallen on her face and she tried pushing it back with a jerk, but it stayed.Arnav noticed it and bent over and removed it behind her ear.He did not want to remove his hand from her face.It felt so soft and live under his touch.He could sense that Khushi was going through the same feeling.Suddenly Anjali calls Khushi and they move apart and Khushi runs down to the hall.Arnav follows her as he still has not come out that feeling.Payal is ready to leave and Akash says that he will drop them.NK jumps up and says that he would accompany them as Khushi would get bored sitting between the two love birds.Arnav says that he has some work that side and would drop both of them.Akash looks at Arnav pleadingly and Arnav asks him to accompany them.Akash opens the door of the car for Payal and asks Khushi to sit in front with Arnav.Khushi is hesitant as she is reminded of the way Arnav had removed her hair lock and those eyes of his which had loads to say but she was not sure what to read in them. Arnav opens the door for Khushi and she sits quietly.Arnav comes to his side and ties his seat belt and notices that Khushi cannot tie her belt.He bends down towards her to take the belt and tie it for her.Khushi moves back but Arnav deliberately and slowly takes the belt and puts it for her keeping his eyes fixed on her.They drive in silence as both r engrossed in their thoughts.They arrive at the Gupta house. Arnav opens the seat belt for her.Akash and Payal have already got down from the car.Khushi is about to get down when Arnav places his hand on her shoulders and says that he wants to talk to her.Khushi turns to look at him and asks him what when Payal calls her and Arnav just opens the door with his usual "What the".Khushi smiles.Payal asks them to come inside but since Arnav was not able to talk to Khushi says he has some work and leaves.

Buaji and Garima look at the mehndi on their daughters hand and ask them to take rest as they have a hectic a day head what with the sangeet.Khushi goes to bed but is not able to sleep.She looks at her hands and traces the A written on it.Not sure whether it is really hers or not.A tear rolls down her eyes and falls on the A.She keeps looking at it and her mind races back to the rm when Arnav was feeding her.Thinking about the events of the day she falls sleep.

Arnav goes to his room and tries to work on his laptop.The lunch plate had been removed but he sees some black saw dust on the table.He is about to hell at OP to come and clean the same when he bends and touches it.He realises that it is the dried mehndi which had fallen from Khushi's hand when she had tried to put her hair lock behind.He wants to see Khushi's hand with the mehndi but more importantly whether Khushi still had A on her hand or not.He kept tossing and turning and wondering why he wanted to see that A to badly.

The next day dawns with bright sun and the excitement in both the houses as they prepare for the sangeet.

Jan 17, 2012

my imagination part 2 (By Pearl) (Thanked: 49 times)

The next day dawns with bright sun and the excitement in both the houses as they prepare for the sangeet.Khushi is worked up about the shart that she has with Arnav, that if she loses she will do whatever he says.She knows that losing this sangeet would not mean just loosing this game but loosing everything.She would never be able to be the same Khushi again,as she has started realising that she is already loosing out to him.His every look, every touch,his every move towards her makes her go weak.She gets ready for the sangeet in a maroon lenga with matching jewelry.She is looking stunning and her mirror tells her so, but secretly she is wondering what Arnav will think of her.She chides herself and brings herself back to reality and starts helping Payal with her dress.Payal is wearing a golden lengha with red border.Both the girls are looking gorgeous and buaji and garima "naza utarti ha".Then along with babuji they proceed to rm.

At rm Arnav is dressed in his back suit to kill and is also thinking of the shart.He is confident that he will win and is wondering what he will ask Khushi to do.He is still thinking on those lines when a small voice from within asks him-"does he really want his Khushi to loose".He is happy to see her smile,to see her energy,her excitement about small things.He knows that if she looses she will feel bad, and he ralises that he cannot see her loose,see her sad face.How can he be the cause of her sadness, when its her smile that gives him life and energy to move. "what the" Arnav is back to being Arnav and prepares himself to go down for the ceremony.

The Raizada family is all dressed up to welcome the Guptas.The door bell rings and OP goes to open the door.

Jan 17, 2012

my imagination part 2 (By Pearl) (Thanked: 38 times)

The door bell rings and OP goes to open the door.The Guptas are warmly welcomed by all.Payal touches Nani and Mamis feet and as usual nani says "kush rahiya" and mami"hello hai " and no bye bye this time.All are complimenting Payal about her dress and how beautiful she is looking.Akash is not able to take his eyes off her and Anjali teases him.Khushi is the last one to enter the room.She is carrying a tray of lighted candles.She tells Anjali that she will win the competition before these candles burn out.Arnav is watching Khushi.He is struck by her beauty.She is looking breathtakingly beautiful and innocent.The candle lights reflecting the colour of her lenga and making her look all the more beautiful.The mang teeka on her forehead swayed with her every move.Arnav could not move and just stood there staring at her.He forgot about everything and the only thing that he could think of was his gorgeous Khushi.

A gust of wind blows and Khushi looks up to see Arnav staring at her.She knew that from the moment she had entered the room he had been looking at her, but she was too shy to lookup at him.She was not sure now what to expect in those eyes,those eyes which had made her stay awake n number of nights.Their eyes interlocked and both could not look away from each other, it seemed as if only the two of them existed.The world had stopped and they could have stood like this for ever.Arnav decides that he cannot take that smile away from her lips.Its this smile which keeps haunting him day n night.He decides to let her win.

Then Anjali's voice bought them back to the present.

Anjali:'naniji Payal and Khushi ji ki mehndi kitni achi lag rahi ha"

Nani:"yes its looking very nice"

All are looking at Payal and Khushi hand. NK comes in and says that he also wants to see Khushiji mehndi.He holds Khushi's hand and starts admiring the design.Arnav is standing on the stairs and his temper starts rising.How dare NK touch his Khushis hand,how can he hold her hands like this and Khushi let him touch her. He had a sleepless night yesterday because of Khushi's mehndi and today this NK so easily is looking at her mehndi.He wanted to see the A in her hands more then anything else now, but he being Arnav could not come down and ask Khushi to show him her hands.His anger starts rising at Khushi also.

Nani:"Khushi bitiya aap ki to mehndi bahoot rang laai ha.Khata ha ki jis ka pati ussa bahoot payaar karta ha usi ka haato mei itna rang laati ha"(the mehndi has come out very dark in your hands.It is said that the dark colour personifies your husbands love,he will love u more"

Khushi instantly looks at Arnav, but is surprised to see anger in those eyes.She is not able to understand what has happened. So the Lad Governor is back in his shoes, she thinks.

Naniji:"Khushi bitiya aapki mehndi ki mahek(smell) aapka jevan mei khusiyan bhar de"

NK:"nani what smell"

Naniji:"mehndi ki smell aur kiski. Mehndi ki smell to hama hamasha sa hi pasand ha"

Anjali:"hama bhi"

NK:"really, hum bhi to smell karka deekha" saying this he lifts Khushi both hands and is about to smell them.

Arnav could not take it any more.What the?He shouts from the stairs"Di".Everyone looks at him "the guests have started arriving, r we going to stand here and smell only or r we going out to greet others" .

Khushi removes her hands from NKs. Everyone goes to the hall where the function is to take place.Khushi is taken aback by his words.She knows they were for her, but why.What has she done now.He comes down the stairs and comes and stands in front of her.

Hope u liked it

Jan 18, 2012

my imagination part 3 (By Pearl) (Thanked: 39 times)

He comes down the stairs and stands in front of her. He looks deep into her eyes and is unable to control himself anymore. He lifts her hand to see her mehndi. Then realizes that it's the other hand which has A. His touch was robbing her of all her senses. She had decided to stay away from him till she won the competition because she knew his one touch or even look would make her go weak in her knees. And here it was just that what was happening. He placed his other hand on her shoulders and caressingly brings it down to her palm. He lifts it up to see the design. Khushi closes her palm and refuses to open it. She knew the A had clearly been hidden in the pattern, but she was afraid that he would see it. He could see anything and everything in her. She had closed her palm tightly and he looks up into her eyes intently, as if asking her to open her hand. Khushi pulls her hands back and rushes to the hall where the others are. Arnav calls out to her "Khushi, How many times have I asked you not to... " but she has already disappeared. He angrily walks down the hall.

Sham had brought a scorpion in a sweet box to kill Anjali, but bachana wala marna wala sa bada hota ha and so OP takes the sweet box from him to the kitchen. But the scorpion has other ideas. While putting the box down, the lid is left open and the scorpion creeps out and wanders to the hall where the party is going on.

Anjali asks everyone to take their seats as the sangeet competition is about to begin. Nani and NK dance to a melodious tone followed by Mamiji and Buaji. The scores are Raizadas -50 points and Guptas-40 points, as buaji had missed out on a few steps. Khushi is annoyed with buaji. Akash and Payal do a duet and are looking made for each other couple. The scores are now 100, 90 respectively. Khushi takes on the stage now dancing on the favorite bollywood numbers. Everyone is awestruck by her beauty and poise. Arnav is unable to take his eyes off her. She is looking awesome, gliding on the foot tapping numbers. While dancing her eyes fall on Arnav. He has eyes only for her. She avoids looking at him as she realizes that his gaze will make her faulter. But is unable to tear her eyes off him. Her gaze falls on his sleeves and sees the scorpion making its way towards his hands. She forgets the dance and shouts "Arnavji" and rushes to remove the Scorpion from his sleeves. The scorpion stings Khushi's hand. She feels the bite on her palm but her concern is for Arnav. Arnav on the other hand is speechless and immediately takes her hand to check it. She says she is Ok. Everyone has gathered around and are asking Khushi how she is feeling. OP brings the first aid box and Anjali applies ointment on it. Everyone insist that she go to a doctor, but she says that she is perfectly fine and that she has a slight pain and nothing else. Khushi says that she is fine and that they should carry on with the program. But the mood has changed and so everyone goes for dinner.

Khushi is hurt that they have lost the sangeet because of her and wonders what Arnav would make her do. Unconsciously she walks down to the poolside. She is standing there alone looking at the stars when she feels his presence behind her. She slowly turn around. Arnav is watching her. He is no longer angry with her, and on the contrary takes her hand to check the spot where the scorpion had bit her. He is still not happy with the idea of not taking her to the doctor. It had started turning blue but because of the mehndi and the lights he is not able to see it properly. Arnav asks her if she is ready to do anything that he asks her. She nods without looking at him.

Jan 18, 2012

my imagination part 3 (By Pearl) (Thanked: 42 times)

Arnav asks her if she is ready to do anything that he asks her. She nods without looking at him.

Arnav "kiss me Khushi"

Khushi "kaya"

Arnav "you heard me right kiss me"

Khushi "no I am not"

Arnav " you are going back on your words. I thought u said something like zabaan di ha"

Khushi "but "

Arnav " no problem, forget it. I know it, u cannot do it and it was all a drama"

Khushi " ok"

Arnav "ok, what?"

Khushi " close your eyes"

Arnav " what the"

Khushi " ssshhh close your eyes"

Arnav closes his eyes. Khushi looks at him. He looked so smart and handsome and so like a small child. All the pent up anger was missing. A simple man was standing in front of her. Khushi kept looking at him. She knew that it was her only chance to run away, but Khushi being Khushi could not do so. She knew that it was also the last time when he would be so vulnerable to her. She couldn't resist herself. She slowly places her one hand on his heart. She could hear his heart going thud thud, and how it started racing under her palm. With the other hand she cups his cheek. Arnav was enjoying her feel , her touch. He did not want to open his eyes. It felt so good to feel her so close to him, to lose everything to this girl, have no inhibitions, no mask, nothing to hide. For the first time it felt so right. He could have given all his wealth and possessions for this moment to last for ever. Khushi goes up on her toes. Arnav could feel her warm breath on his lips. Khushi looks at those lips and wants to kiss them but stops herself. She knows that if she kisses them once then she would not be able to stop him or more importantly herself from him. She realized how much she loved him the minute she had seen the scorpion on his hands. He had meant the world to her and if he had asked for anything else also at this time she would willingly agree to it. She thinks of the past moments they had spent together .She knows that he is beyond her reach and he is only doing this to ease way his ego and that it would mean nothing to him when he would open his eyes, but for her it was the first and the last time she was kissing him, or for that matter any man. She had given her heart and soul to this lad governor of hers. A tear rolls down her eye. She closes her eyes and quickly kisses him on the cheeks.

Arnav "what the?" he opens his eyes. He looks at the single tear drop on her cheeks and feels sorry for making her do it.

Khushi had inched away from him and could not take in his concern or any other emotion at this time. She changes the topic.

Khushi " what the kaya"

Arnav " you know what I mean." Arnav is concerned about the tear that was still there on her cheeks.

Khushi "look the deal was that I would do anything that u asked me to do and I did. You never said I was to understand what u meant and do accordingly. Where and how was not specified so thats it".

Arnav "Khushi" in his husky voice. He was trying to gauge her feelings now. This was not what he had expected from her, discussing the kiss as if it was a casual thing.

Khushi looks up into his eyes and starts feeling dizzy. Her eyelids are heavy and her vision begins to blurr. She thinks that it is because of his close proximity. She is in a dream and the kiss was a dream too and her eyes start closing. A faint smile appears on her lips.She clutches on to Arnav's shirt and whispers "Arnav ji" and faints in his arms.

Jan 19, 2012

my imagination part 4 (By Pearl) (Thanked: 42 times)

Arnav is shocked to see Khushi faint in his arms. He immediately lifts her up and rushes to the hospital, stopping in his room to pick up the car keys. He is unable to think of anything else except his Khushi . He takes her to the emergency ward and asks the doctor on duty to look at her. He tells the doctor that a scorpion had bit Khushi's hand and they had put the ointment. The doctor is surprised as to how he could have been so negligent and not brought her immediately. The poison could be deadly and could already have spread to other parts of her body. Arnav is shaken to the core. The doctors ask Arnav to wait outside the room.He asks the doctor to do anything and save his Khushi. The doctor leaves him and goes inside the room.

Arnav is standing outside the room pacing the corridor. He is reminded of the time when Khushi had hugged him in the hospital corridor when her babuji had fallen ill. Each and every moment spent with her comes racing back to his mind. He realizes that he cannot live without his Khushi. He remembers his Di's words that a girl will come in his life that will change everything for him. The thought of losing her would take his breath away. He felt it happening now. He was finding it hard to breathe. He remembered Khushi's word at the mandir when she had said "ki jab aap bhagvan mei wishwas karna lagaga tab hum nahi hoga". His throat was choked with emotions. He started walking towards the statue of Deviji towards the end of the corridor. He stood in front of it for some time and just dropped down on his knees and buried his face in his hands. "I have never believed in You but she is an ardent follower of Yours, Mujha maaf kardijiya, meri galti ki saza Khushi ko mat deejiya, " Tears start rolling down his eyes. Realization dawned on him that he had loved Khushi from the day she had first fallen into his arms at the Fashion show. He had been angry with her, had been hurting her everytime they met, had been fighting with her only to hide his own feelings. He felt so vulnerable when she was around. She could touch his heart and soul like no one else could. She could see him through and through even when he was wild with anger. She alone had the courage to stand up to him, talk back to him, when others had even dreaded facing him. He had actually been fighting himself all this while denying his feelings for her, but today he could not lie to himself . He knew that his world would be shattered if Khushi was not in it. He bows his head down and then slowly gets up. This realization had given him the strength to fight for his life- his Khushi.

The doctor comes and informs him that Khushi is out of danger but would remain unconscious for some time. She had been shifted to a private room and he can go and see her. Arnav thanks the doctor and turns to go to Khushi's room. He has just gone a few steps when he turns back and comes and stands in front of Deviji's statue. He thanks Her for saving his Khushi for him and bends and touches Her feet. He then runs to see his Khushi. Khushi was lying on the bed. She looked beautiful even now, though pale. He slowly comes and sits on the stool next to the bed. He lifts up Khushi's hand into both his palms and tightens his grip around her hand. He bends forward and kisses her on her forehead and murmurs "Don't ever do this to me again Khushi , I wont be able to take it". He sits there holding her hand and looking at her for a long time. He realizes that he has not informed anyone at home and decides to call up rm. He is about to let go of Khushi's hand when he sees that it's the same hand which he had been wanting to see since yesterday. He opens her palm and starts looking at the intricately woven pattern on her hands. He is unable to see the A hidden in it. He feels very disappointed and hurt and is about to turn away when his eyes fall on the A. He traces it with his fingers and bends forward to kiss it and is lost in its beautiful smell. A faint smile appears on his lips. .He remembers the new years eve when Khushi had laid down beside him on the bed, and he had got up in anger but got lost in her looks. He remembered his Di's words which she had spoken when Khushi had been making Rangoli with her, the last face you would like to see before going to bed would be of the person you love the most and the first face you would like to see in the morning would be hers. "naniji you were right, her husband is going to love , well no actually loves her more than anything else in this world and will give her all the happiness she deserves. I will not let the colour or smell of her mehndi ever fade from her hands or heart ." Promising this to himself he goes out of the room to call the rm.

Jan 19, 2012

my imagination part 5 (By Pearl) (Thanked: 38 times)

Promising this to himself he goes out to call the rm. He tries Akash's number but Akash does not pick up the phone.He then calls the land line number,again there is no answer.No one is able to hear the bell because of the music.He then calls his Di's number.Sham picks up the phone.Arnav asks for his Di,Sham tell him that his Di is not around,and if he has any message for her.Arnav tells Sham that Khushi had fainted because of the poison and he has brought her to the Tej Pratap hospital.She is out of danger now but would remain unconscious for some time because of the effect of poison.Arnav asks Sham to tell this to his Di and Khushi's parents.He hangs up the phone and goes and sits besides Khushi.

Arnav sits there looking at her sleeping soundly.She is looking adorable and he wonders how could he have ever fought with her or brought tears to those lovely and ever smiling eyes.He keeps remembering the past moments that they had spent together.He is holding her hand and talking to her softly.He says sorry to her for all his past behavior and is on the verge of saying"I Love You"when Khushi moans in her sleep.He bends forward to hear what she is saying and is stunned to hear her saying"Arnavji" even in her unconscious state.He remembers how she had said "Amma and babuji" at dhabba when she was ill.He is extremely happy and pleased to hear her say his name.It sounded melody to his ears.He realized that she also loves him but is going through the same confusion that he had been through.He had created this gulf between them and he was going to bridge it.He would love her so much that she would also confess it to him.Thinking this he goes out to inform the doctor that Khushi is regaining conscious.

There is a knock on the door.Sham enters the room.He finds Khushi lying alone in the room.He moves forward slowly expecting to meet Arnav.Not finding him there he sits on the stool.He looks at her trying to gauge whether she has regained consciousness. "Khushiji aap theek hai".Not getting any answer,he realizes that she is still unconscious.She bends and picks up her hand.He is angry and frustrated that his plan had foiled."Sorry Khushiji.I hope you are OK.Believe me that scorpion was not for you.I have punished him for biting you.He will not be able to bite anyone again. How dare he bite you.I had bought it to kill Anjali,so that I may become a free man again and marry you.You know I cannot live without you.See what all I am doing to make you mine.I can go to any limits to get you Khushiji.I don't care a damn about this world.I would not let anyone come between you and me.Look your babuji came to know about my marriage to Anjali and see what he made me do.I asked him not to tell anyone and that I will keep both you and Anjali happy but he was adamant on telling everyone.I did not want to hurt him butlook what your love has made me do.He would have died in the hospital only,when I had removed the oxygen mask but you came in. He had a paralysis attack and could not speak and buaji started trusting me.It was easy fooling that stupid lady.I would give him wrong medicines and he would get an attack and that old lady believed whatever I said.See how I coaxed buaji to get us engaged.I know what your foster family means to you so I had to use them to make you mine.You could have done anything for them,even get engaged to me.I understand how you wanted to avoid it,how you were hating it when I was putting that ring on your finger.I know you don't love me now but everything will be changed once we are together.Had it not been for you seeing me at the rm house during the puja I would have already thought of a plan and got married.But you came to know about my marriage.I cannot take in your indifference towards me any longer.I have tried everything to convince you that Anjali and everyone at rm ill treat me, but you refused to believe me.You have left me with no option.I am forced to kill Anjali and marry you.But God knows who is saving her.I tried killing her on the new year eve by putting live wire in the pool and almost pushing her in it to make it look like an accident,but mamaji saved her.Today you came in between.That's it,not anymore.You recover now and wait for me.I have already accumulated a lot of wealth from the raizadas.Give me a few more days to settle things then I would take you away with me to a far off place where there will be no Guptas or the Raizadas to disturbs us. Don't worry I will take you by hook or crook because I know u will willingly not come.But once we are together you will forget everything and start loving me.Don't worry, I'll be back soon, to take you".He slowly gets up to leave.He takes a last look at Khushi and decides to kiss her and bends down. He is about to kiss her when the door opens and Arnav walks in. He is back to being the unapproachable Arnav Singh Raizada.

Jan 20, 2012

my imagination part 6 (By Pearl) (Thanked: 38 times)

He is back to being the unapproachable Arnav Singh Raizada.

Arnav " jijaji aap."

Sham is taken aback, as if caught red handed.He looks at him, trying to gauge whether he had heard anything or not. But from Arnav's expressions he could make out nothing. Sham " I was checking if she has woken up or not. How is she?"

Arnav " She is OK. Where is Di and Khushi's parents"

Sham " oh, I forgot to tell them. I was so worked up that you would be alone here and would be finding it difficult to manage so I hurriedly came here to help you. I will go and get them". Saying this he hurriedly left the room.

Arnav goes and locks the door from inside and comes and sits on the stool.He is dumb folded. He had informed the doctor that Khushi was gaining consciousness and the doctor could come and check. He was happy and excited and thought that the first thing that he would tell her was how much he loved her and how his world revolved around her. Thinking this he walks up to the room and is about to enter when he sees his Jijaji holding Khushi's hand. "What is he doing here holding her hand like this for" He was about to pounce on him when he heard him saying that the scorpion was not meant for her but Anjali. He had gone mad with anger. Innumerable questions cropped up in his mind. He stood there unable to move.He kept taking in the outpouring of his jijaji-not sure whether he was hearing correctly. Every word said by him penetrated his mind and heart. He could not believe what he was hearing. He wanted to barge in and beat the hell out of him and was about to do so when he hears that Sham was planning to kidnap Khushi . He stops short and stares at the man standing in front of him, whom his Di worshipped.She would be heartbroken if the truth came out in this way.And Khushi ,his Khushi-being kidnapped and married-he was shaken to the core.NO this is not going to happen.He needed time to think and till then he had to maintain his calm. Thinking on these lines he enters the room before that evil Sham could kiss his Khushi.He felt like throwing him out of the window from the 10th floor but restrained him from doing so. Now sitting on the stool he mentally goes through the every word said by Sham. He is so devastated by what he has just heard that Khushi's sob goes unnoticed by him.

Jan 20, 2012

my imagination part 6 continued (By Pearl) (Thanked: 60 times)

He is so devastated by what he has just heard that he does not notice the small sob from Khushi.

His eyes fall on Khushi's fragile figure on the bed and notices that she is shivering.When his gaze travels to her face "What the?" Her eyes were tightly shut but tears were streaming down the sides. He immediately bends forward "Khushi, ... ..... Khushi .........,please open your eyes,.........please Khushi",he says in a husky voice.By now she had started crying uncontrollably.She opens her eyes and sees Arnav close to her, bending on her with all the love and concern.She is unable to control herself anymore and hugs him tightly.Arnav lifts her up and hugs her.He sits on the bed besides her and tightens his arms around her. Arnav almost pleadingly "Khushi please stop crying, you know I cant bear to see tears in your eyes. Shshshshsh, everything will be fine."

Khushi in between her sobs "No Arnavji, you don't understand"

Arnav " don't talk now, we will talk about everything later, you need to rest, so no"

Khushi "no Arnavji I want to tell you something now, please listen to me for once.." she looks up into his eyes. She could see the pain that he was going through, plus something else- was it love for her or compassion or ...... she was not able to name it.

Arnav places his finger on her lips and stops her from saying anything. Khushi could not take it any more, she knew that she had to tell him everything now before Sham did anything else to his Di. She had woken up when Sham had knocked on the door. She had kept her eyes closed because she thought that it was Arnav who had walked in. She knew that if she looked at him now her eyes would give her away, he would know how much she loved him.So she was buying time to compose herself, when she felt her hand been taken up and a cunning and sly voice of Sham asking her how she was. She was shocked to hear his voice and had kept her eyes shut, thinking that he would go away. But his outburst was not something that she had expected. Slowly slowly she started getting answers to all the things that had been happening in the last couple of months. She realized how dangerous he was and thought it better to pretend to be unconscious. But now when she heard Arnav's voice it seemed that life had began to flow back into her. She held onto him tightly never to let him go, and he was doing the same holding on to his precious life.

Khushi removes his fingers from her lips and loosens her grip on him. He also sit more confortably beside her,but does not let her go.He pulls her back into his arms and makes her rest her head on his chest. He places his cheeks on her head. They sit like this for sometime. Then Khushi gathers all her courage and softly says "Arnavji please listen to me.You wanted to know about my mangatar and why I broke off with.... Well he is non other than your jijaji ...." She pauses after saying this waiting for his reaction. But on getting non she looks up at him.

Arnav "Khushi I know, I heard it all" he tells her. He is exhausted of all his emotions. Khushi keeps staring at him.

Khushi "Believe me I wanted to tell this to you earlier but was afraid as to how you would react.I did not have any proof.And I know your opinion about me and was sure that you would think this to be another attempt of mine to trap rich men" Arnav flinches at her words. Khushi notices that her words have hurt him. She slowly places her face back on his chest and murmurs softly to herself"I knew it would shatter you and hum aapko toota hua nahi dekh sakta(I cannot see you breaking down)". She tightens her grip on his shirt, and closes her eyes.

Arnav " Khushi I would have believed you even if I had not heard it from him today. I know I have said horrible things to you but I have believed whatever you said. The only thing that has existed in our relationship from the beginning is that we don't lie to each other.I would have believed every word you would have said." Saying this he slowly lifts her face with his hands and they look into each others eyes. Both understanding the pain the other was going through.

There is a knock on the door. They slowly and unwillingly pull part. Arnav "Khushi we will discuss this later, but I want you to keep quite about it for now" She just nods. Arnav goes to open the door.

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