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Jan 1, 2014

|Realization| life changes.... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 104 times)

Hey dears I m  just giving this story as new year spl, I know I cant give regular updates if I make this as SS or FF so I cut short it and giving as two or three shot. This story is different one compared to my others….. I hope u guys ll like it like my others….. Thanks for ur love and support on all my stories.....  



 Shashi gupta was a strict business man who always used to keep himself as a busy man in his deals and gaining money. He never cared about his family whether they exist or not, just he ll offer money for his family to survive in this world, always used to fly abroad for signing his deals. He was like a person who always used to run behind money.


Arun Raizada was leading a simple life depends on his salary. He was a humble and loyal person, he was working as a secretary under Shashi gupta, who always believes arun and his words. Shashi many times impressed by arun work and sincerity in his work, his honesty and perfection too.


Shashi wife always used to spend her time in beauty parlour, lady’s club, most of the time she ll be with her friends only. For name sake she is someone’s wife and someone’s mother but she never fulfilled her responsibility like actual wife and mother duties.


Arun Raizada lost his wife when she gave birth to his child, he brought up his son after crossing lot of hurdles, he treated his son with so much love, like his son never wanna missed his mom in his life. Now he was satisfied on his life compared to his previous one because he having his strong and grown up son who ll support him always and also his son having some decent job.


Khushi Gupta was only daughter to gupta family who brought up by gupta servants, she never came to know motherly love and father’s care. From her childhood itself, servants only made her to get ready for school, some one cook and give, driver ll used to drop and pick up from school, Some one ll say stories for her to sleep. Khushi also used to live her life which she living from child, but she ll get whatever she needs, she was  born with silverspoon. If she think she can sleep with money bed itself. She was adamant and stubborn child, if she like something somehow she ll achieve it, she never cared abt others feelings and emotions. She was just a spoilt brat. She completed her MBA and joined with her dad business. In free time she spends her time in nite clubs, parties, outing with friends.


Arnav was the only son of arun raizada who was prince for his dad. Arnav was very kind, polite and soft in nature, for him his dad was like god. Arnav know how much struggles his dad faced to brought him up in his life, he became responsible in his young age itself. Arnav completed his studies by doing part time job and now he was working in a private concern with decent salary.




When shashi went to US to sign  one of his deal, someone talked behind him to another one, what he going to do with his crores of money, he just having one daughter there is noone to takecare of his business, he earning this much money but someone going to play with it. Shashi never thought abt this but there words made him realize something, now his daughter attained correct age for marriage and if she got married to rich one, cant say what demand they ll keep after marriage. Shashi thought, want good person for his daughter who always used to take care her and also he should not hit the arrow of his business. He just needs his daughter safety and more than that he needs his property always to be with him without going to another hand.


After he returned India, he went for office when he entered inside gate, he saw arun who was dropped by his son arnav. Suddenly he thought why cant he tie his daughter with arnav, already shashi know everything abt arnav and his nature, many times he saw him when he come to office to drop or pick up his dad and arun already introduced arnav to him, from that time arnav ll wish him and ask abt his beings. He ll be perfect husband for any gal and he doesn’t have interest in money.


On the same day, after office work shashi asked arun to come to his cabin to talk abt something personal, arun was puzzled he never talked abt his personal life, when time came he went to meet shashi. Shashi confessed his feelings what he thought before, to tie their children together in single bond which is husband and wife. Arun was shocked he cant believe shashi words, both families status are totally different, but he cant deny his proposal because of shashi only now his family living in good condition by satisfying their needs. After discussing something they come to conclusion to do their marriage.


Arun narrated everything to arnav abt this proposal, arnav refused to do marriage rite now but arun said that he gave promise to shashi, which made arnav to agree. When Shashi informed his wife, his wife argued with him but he convinced her by saying that he cant lose their property to anyone and also arnav going to stay with them by leaving his house, which arnav was not aware about. His wife also felt it rite and both decided to talk with khushi. When khushi came from home, they both talked abt marriage but khushi was furious to hear, she shouted I cant marry any low class boys and I m not ready to do any marriage.


Shashi tried to convince her, khushi listen u going to stay here only after marriage also, I ll make sure of it arnav ll never refuse to my words. Khushi asked in loud tone, I dono where I ll stay after marriage but I cant marry low class ppl, I m also having my own self respect what my friends ll think they ll tease me whenever they see, I cant bear the shame. Khushi gupta never ll come down by marrying a cheap guy, forget it dad…. I dono how u thinking that I ll marry ur secretary son, already his family living under our mercy and now by doing this marriage I want to live with his mercy, I never cant…. Khushi gupta never ever depend on someone, always wanna live independent life.


Shashi got angry and said with furious tone, khushi decide urself if u cant marry arnav then forget ur luxurious life, I wont give u single penny and after my death also it ll go to some charity. Khushi was shocked to hear this from her dad, taking some time she said, k dad I ll marry him but after my marriage u wanna to give property on my name. Shashi smiled, ofcourse I ll after ur marriage I ll soon give u, don t worry…. Khushi gave fake smile and went, she thought, I m not worrying dad after getting property on my name I ll divorce arnav who going to be my would be husband.


Wedding date fixed for them all the rituals happened, when arnav saw khushi for first time he lost his heart by seeing her beauty, his heart started to fall for her from first time itself but for khushi, arnav was just good looking low class guy. After performing all rituals, simple marriage happened only with close relatives and friends. After marriage they directly went to shashi home, they arranged khushi room with rose petals and jasmine and also candles glowing which helps to spread light. Her mom made khushi to sit on the center of bed she covered her head with veil. After some times arnav entered to that room only to see his beautiful wife who were sitting by hiding her face, he marched towards her bed, Khushi pushed her veil and shouted, Just stay out of my bed, don’t ever try to come near……. She threw one pillow and bedsheet on his face, if u want take that couch otherwise go out of my room. Arnav was stunned on her outburst, shock was an understatement.    


Try to give comment which ll encourage me to finish this soon. Love u all.... 


                                                             Happy new year to all.... 


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Jan 2, 2014

Their First day after bonded together unwillingly.... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 105 times)

Arnav cant believe it, what he hearing on his first night from his beautiful bride. Arnav asked her from same place, khushi… are u not happy with this marriage. Khushi replied with mocking laugh, haa… happy… with this marriage…. How can u think that… who ll be happy with low class ppl like you…. Look I just married for my dad and I don’t have any interest in this relationship, don’t ever think to disturb me on any things, u can do as you like without interfering in my matter I too wont ask abt ur personal works. For others we are happily married couple but for me u are just like my room mate that too forced one.


Arnav cant able to disgest this truth, he never thought that she was forced by her parents for this marriage, arnav too agreed to marry her for his dad but still he accepted this relation from his heart. He can understand her feeling, without willing if anyone bonded to some relationship means there wont be any feelings exist expect anger and hurt, where now khushi was in anger and arnav was hurt. Arnav thought to give some time to their relation which may help to heal her anger and hatred. He went and laid on his couch just by seeing his wife who was lying on bed with closed eyes.  


Next morning, arnav woke up and looked at his room which is different, he realized the reality after seeing his bride who was still in her sleep. He went to rest room and got fresh, he went down to meet others after wishing shashi and his wife, he told that he going to his home today itself. Shashi asked, what are u talking arnav hereafter this is ur home u going to stay here only. Arnav was more shocked he cant understand what happening in his life, first marriage then wife wrath and now this news. Arnav said with calm tone, sorry uncle I cant… don’t worry I ll keep ur daughter happy, I cant give her luxurious life like this which she living now but I ll keep her happy with my love and care and try to fulfill her needs. Shashi asked, arnav already I talked with ur dad then why u changed ur mind. Arnav was getting another shock, how his agreed for this, how can he think that he ll stay in this house leaving him alone there but after some second he realized that his dad cant deny for shashi words.

Arnav told him, no uncle my dad din inform me anything regarding this and if he informed before itself means I wont agreed for this marriage itself. I cant leave my dad alone he was my everything, so plz try to understand me. Shashi thought to give some time but he was happy to know that arnav was not interested in his wealth and properties.   


 Khushi came down and wished good morning to her parents, arnav sat silently without uttering single word. Shashi informed khushi to pack her things to go to arnav’s home with him. Khushi was shocked, what the hell dad u told me after marriage I m going to stay here, now what happen. Shashi rolled his eyes, he said khushi now u go with him anyway soon u ll get ur property then u can live as u like. Khushi said in anger, If want tell him to go but I cant leave my house. Shashi was furious, Khushi don’t make me to take worst decision, just go with him. Khushi shouted, I hate u dad… I hate u from my heart… u itself enjoy ur property… by saying she looked at arnav once with her red eyes in anger before going from there. Arnav was sitting simply thinking, what a family….


Khushi came with her bag, arnav already waiting for her. Shashi’s wife also angry for this decision but she cant do anything now. Shashi told his driver to drop them at arnav home. While going by seeing low class area khushi made disgusted face, they reached arnav home, khushi was shocked to see his home which so small compared to her bungalow. Arun was surprised  and he welcomed them, arnav took blessing but khushi was fuming with anger by seeing surroundings. Arun told them to come inside, arnav talked to arun why he din say that after marriage he going to stay in shashi house. Arun shed few tears and asked sorry to arnav, arnav wiped his dad tear and promised I cant leave u dad, u are my everything in this world. Arun smiled and said, no arnav… now u have ur wife… Arnav face changed and he just nodded his head.


Khushi went inside their bed room, she threw her bag to somewhere there with anger. After talking with arun, arnav came inside and asked khushi, khushi do u need any thing. Khushi looked with her volcanic eyes, what do u think urself Mr.Raizada… do u want to know what I need… I need bungalow not this hut… I want to live luxurious life which I lived, can u give me… aah u cant give my morning coffee itself then how can I ask this from u… leave it… See I just came for my dad, after getting property from my dad I m going to divorce you…. I cant spend single day after that I dono how I going to live in this disgusted cheap home…


Arnav felt like he got slap on his life from someone, khushi… what u saying… divorce… Khushi said with stern tone, why u shocked ofcourse… don’t think in ur dream also that I m going to live my life with you, first property then divorce… thatsit. Arnav asked, khushi how can u say like this…. Just now we entered in new relationship now itself u talking abt divorce… Khushi said with laugh, oh really relationship…. with anger, My foot….. by saying she went somewhere without saying anything. Arnav closed his eyes with pain….  



Jan 4, 2014

New twist for her goal (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 117 times)

This day is first day for them after their marriage but in reality it also a worst day for both of them in their own angle. When arnav went outside arun asked him, arnav Is everything alrite with both of you, why now itself she went out in anger. Arnav stammered, oh nothing dad…… her friends invited us for giving treat she called me but I m having some work so I told her to go, she got angry for that don’t worry I ll compromise her. Arun said, arnav she is ur wife u want to give importance to her first, ur marriage next day itself u r worried abt ur work, remember one thing every gal ll expect love and care from her husband but they wont express it but we wanna fulfill her every wish. Arnav thought,  when she is not ready to treat me just a friend itself then how she ll think me as a husband…. Hmmm before we enter into our relationship itself she planned for our separation. I don’t want her to love me just I wish she should not hate me…Arun patted his shoulder, arnav what happen… its k next time don’t do like this. Arnav gave fake smile and went inside to their room just to recall his moments which leading to bad moments more.


After noon when arun and arnav sat together for lunch, he asked abt khushi to him, arnav lied to him that she called his phone and informed him, she ll come late her friends not leaving. Arun smiled and continued his food but arnav felt bad for saying lie to his dad but he cant say truth to him which ll make his heart to shatter, because  he know his dad love, he ll go to depression itself if he know and he ll put blame on himself that he spoiled his son’s life.


Time was moving but no sign of her, arnav was worried abt her and he don’t have any idea to search for her, and also he cant say more lie to his dad. Arnav prepared dinner for her too, time crossed nine so he made her dad to eat and he slept soon. Arnav was waiting for her by seeing clock and door without eating, khushi came home at 10, she looked at him and went to bed room, arnav called her, she looked back arnav said, get fresh and come, dinner is ready. Khushi replied, are u mad… cant u see the time its sleeping time… I already finished my food by saying she went inside. Arnav looked at his food which he prepared for her, he closed it and kept in kitchen. Without eating he went to his  room, he slept on the floor by spreading mat, with his pillow and bedsheet.


Next morning, arnav waked soon as usual he prepared coffee for him and also for dad, Arun went to office after taking bath, due to few days leave he having lot of work to collect details abt upcoming meetings and also deals. Arnav din disturb her sleep he waited for her patiently. Khushi waked after nine, she got fresh by cursing his dad, she always used to take her bath in shower or bath tub but now just with bucket of water. Khushi came out to go his dad office where she too working. Arnav asked her to eat break fast, khushi saw the table where paratha was placed. Khushi asked him, did u lost ur mind… do I look like eating these types of food… low class ppl only used to eat these fatty and oil foods, and stop ur fake care… I know boy like u marry a gal like me just for her money don’t worry after I got my property I ll give u some amt… now just stop pretending to be a caring husband. Arnav looked at her with disbelief, just saw her disappearing figure.


One week passed like this, arnav also convinced his dad somehow by telling lie for khushi behaviour. One day khushi was working in her cabin it was lunch time suddenly one staff came and told her that arnav send this for you, khushi was puzzled she got it and opened the box, it was her lunch. Khushi always used to eat outside or she order it to her place, she never ate anything in her home after marriage. Khushi ate that food by tasting it she thought he sent this food from high class hotel, because it was delicious. After office hours she went to her friend home to spend time, it was her routine thing daily, after taking bath she ll start to office then friend home, at nite time she ll return to her home.


Next day morning arnav prepared pasta for her with orange juice, when she came out he asked her to eat, she looked at the food she was surprised to see, she know they wont eat these types of food, morning itself he ordered my food I think. Her thought broken by arnav spell, khushi…. She looked at him and ate her food, it was so tasty. Arnav was happy this is first time she eating her food in home that too his hand made. After she finished eating, khushi opened her bag took some money and gave it to him. Arnav was confused and asked, what for… Khushi replied, I dono in which hotel u ordered my food yesterday lunch and now this… I don’t like, u spending ur money for me so for ur food u keep this amount, I hope its enough. Now I m getting late…. Arnav was hurt…Before she go arnav hold her hand, khushi got angry but it replaced by shock after hearing his words, he kept that money on her hand and said, khushi it was not any hotel food I prepared it for you because all time if u eat outside means it wont be good for health. I just learnt to prepare these types of food for you.


Khushi was surprised, his food was tasty and delicious then hotel which she taking her food. Khushi asked, arnav u don’t need to do this. Arnav replied, u r my wife and I want to take care of u its my responsibility. Khushi shouted in anger, stop it arnav I already told you after getting property I ll give divorce to u, don’t ever think to play husband role, by seeing ur faking care and love I m not going to change my mind, you are nothing to me… its my fate that I m living with you now… Its just feeling like hell. Arnav felt like someone stabbed knife on his heart  by hearing her each words. Suddenly shashi entered both got shocked by seeing him. Shashi asked, good morning.. how going ur marriage life arnav. Arnav smiled and said, everything fine uncle… Shashi asked, did khushi troubling you… Arnav replied with pain, no uncle… after living in bungalow also she adjusting her life here, I m happy to get wife like her. Khushi looked at him with surprise, why he lying and how can he say like this. Shashi thought, I m sorry arnav I spoiled ur life. After few talks khushi went with her dad itself to their office.


In office, shashi asked khushi to come to his cabin, khushi came and asked, what happened. Shashi asked, khushi tell me… is really everything fine between u and arnav. Khushi said with stammer, yes.. of course dad .. why asking suddenly. Shashi replied, then why u planned to give divorce… Khushi was shocked, shashi added, I heard everything khushi don’t lie… I thought to prepare will on ur name but u made to think some other thing. Khushi asked, what… Shashi replied, I  want my grand child after that only u can expect these property because I don’t believe you…. You din leave me any choice. Khushi stood up, whattt… dad what u saying… I cant do this, with tat low class man no way dad. Shashi said, stop saying low class man… now you also low class woman remember, you are his wife. Khushi was shocked, dad how can u say like this, u r reason for all… Shashi said with stern tone, khushi u made me to do it, give my grand child otherwise forget abt property. Khushi left his cabin with anger, she cant believe how her father expecting this from her. While thinking abt sleeping with arnav itself she feel disgusting.


After taking three days with lot of thoughts khushi decided just few nights I want to sleep with him, after bearing his child I can achieve what I need.. you can do it khushi…That day she went home soon, arnav was surprised first time she reached at evening, she got fresh and came to hall where arnav was watching tv, she sat beside him, both are silently watching, after some time she kept her head on his shoulders by holding his hands without shifting her gaze from tv. Arnav was shocked and surprised, what happen to her today… he cant guess anything  but he enjoyed her touch. Nite she took her dinner with them, arnav was happy to see her change. After finishing home works, he went to his room, he gulped his empty throat his heart beating fastly by seeing the figure, khushi was wearing ****y purple lingerie till her upper thigh by showing her cleavage. Arnav controlled himself and started to put mat on the floor. Khushi caught his hand and said, arnav you can sleep with me… Arnav said without looking, its k khushi… Khushi said with baby tone, plz… are u angry with me… come here. Arnav dono what happening , he went to other side, both laid on the bed. Arnav was feeling difficult he just closed his eyes.


Khushi kept her head on his chest, and put her one leg on him. Arnav was getting aroused but he remain silent, suddenly he felt khushi lips on his cheeks and it traveled to his ear lobe she bit it gently, arnav shot his eyes open, he felt like some thing happening in dream, khushi hand roamed on his body, he was lost in her kisses and touch, when her hand reached his man hood, arnav felt reality he held her hand to stop, both looked at each other, khushi struggled to look at his eyes which showing some unknown feelings, arnav asked, do u love me khushi… khushi without her sense, aahh… Arnav asked again, do u love me… Khushi dono what to say, I… oh… Arnav added, I got the answer khushi… its k… and I m sorry… umm.. I cant do this… for husband wife this thing make their relation to next level, so only it is called as love making but for us there is no friendship itself then how can I expect you to love me… if u fell in love that time I ll touch u before that I cant… sorry by saying he went leaving stunned khushi.


Khushi looked at her figure on mirror, what a man he is… m I not looking beautiful…. He don’t have any desire by seeing me… atleast he don’t have lust for me… khushi was confused….    

Jan 6, 2014

Feelings started to change... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 140 times)

Arnav went out to get some natural fresh air, he never thought that khushi ll do something like this, he was confused on her every act which happening from evening, he only know how he felt difficult to control his aroused feel, but he need to do it they are husband and wife, there should not be lust and desire without love. Khushi was mad on her dad due to his decision she did it with difficult and felt disgusting  but arnav rejection made her to feel low. She was shocked on herself, with disgust feel she started to touch him but she lost on his warmth by feeling his manly chest, something attracting her towards him. She thought if she did arnav ll respond to her who ll deny the beautiful gal offer but he did that too who was her husband rite now. That nite was sleepless nite for both.


After that nite arnav never used to talk with her and she too din, she was mad at her dad too always used to reply him with coldness, her dad know the reason but he din bother. Even though arnav din talk, still he used to prepare her food and taking indirect care for her. Few days went like this, at one fine day khushi went to meet her friends after office hours, she spend her time with some gals, one of her friend asked khushi to drop home, they started their journey while going her friend asked her, khushi how was ur marriage life… khushi din like this topic so just said, yeah fine… She asked her, are u happy with ur husband. Khushi replied with low tone, hmmm. Her friend said, that’s nice khushi… u know few days back only my neighborhood friend got married that too love marriage, but after marriage she came to know abt her husband affair with some other gal she was completely shattered, when she asked him, he shouted at her that he married just for her money and he never loved her, by hearing this she felt disgusted on herself that she shared her bed with him without love. And now she came to her home and left her husband. Arrange marriage is  better than love marriage khushi.


Khushi remembered that night how she invited him to her bed and how he rejected saying without love he cant touch, arnav face flashed on her mind, she thought, I m rich and having lot of properties, having slim body with rite curves at perfect places many guys proposed me but why arnav din stay with me in my bungalow and why he din touch me, why he was like this and what he want from me, what was his expectation…. Suddenly her friend shouted, khushiiii… Khushi came to sense, aah… her friend said, hey my home came… ll you stop ur car or having idea to take me some where.. where u lost.. Khushi replied, hmm nothing its just like that… Her friend got down from car and went. Khushi started to drive to her home with lot of thoughts abt her marriage life, near to her area suddenly her car got breakdown. Due to traffic already its was late time, she looked for taxi but she din find any vehicle it was lonely area, after waiting for sometime she decided to take walk which ll take twenty minutes to reach, she started to walk by cursing her fate, suddenly she heard someone calling her, hey babe… Khushi turned and looked back, two boys coming towards her, she got angry as well as having fear, she started to walk fastly, then one guy said, hey we ll pay u just one night what say…. Khushi was shocked she never faced this situation, fear started to rise more which made her to run fast due to her high heels she cant run properly, they also started to chase, she threw her heels and ran with her bare foot.


In home Arnav was worried abt her, she never came home this much late it was 11.30, clouds were forming which ll shower rain, he cant control himself he decided to take round around his area to search for her, rain started to pour heavily which made him to drench completely, he driving with difficulty due to heavy rain. While he going he heard some gal voice, help…. He thought it was his imagine so he neglect it but again he heard it clearly with loud voice, he recognized this voice this time which made him to panic, he dropped his bike and ran towards that direction, he shouted Khushi… Khushi who was running with heavy breathe looked the figure who called her name, without thinking much she rushed to him and hugged him tightly, she felt she was safe and secure.

Arnav hugged her safely, rain was pouring on them, arnav was furious to see the guys who standing in front of her, to add more fuel to his anger, one guy said, hey we already booked her, this night she ll spend with us, if want tmr u take her and enjoy. Arnav clenched his fist, he took his hand from her but she din leave him. Arnav made her to remove  her hand on him, he took two step front and looked at the guy who said that words, that boy said, that’s good tmr u enjoy by saying he patted on arnav’s shoulder. Arnav without saying, gave one hard slap on his cheek which made him to fall on road, he was weak to stand due to drunken state, arnav roared to next guy who was looking with wide eyes, just take him away otherwise I ll send him up, next time if I see u here that ll be urs last day remember.

Khushi was shocked and numb, she never saw arnav’s this side and his anger is more than her’s. She looked arnav without shifting her gaze, arnav came towards her and looked at her where her cheeks having mixing of tears and  rain drops. Arnav shouted for first time, did u gone mad… do you know what may happen if I not come here on correct time… Is this a time to come home… I  know you never accepted me as ur husband but before our divorce u are my responsibility did u get that, whats the need to come by walk in this time… cant u dial number to someone… u hate me I know but u can call ur dad na… Speak up dammit… I m asking something.

Khushi was standing in frozen state, till now noone scolded her this much but now he scolding her whom she thought just like stranger. Arnav left deep breathe, he hold her hand and dragged her, she winced in pain due to injury on her bare foot, arnav looked at her and her foot, he lifted her in his arms and she hooked her hand on his neck. Due to rain drops which falling straight on her face which made her to bury her face on his chest seeking his warmness on this cool atmosphere.

Jan 7, 2014

Marriage came to an end!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 161 times)

Arnav brought her to home, he placed her slowly on bed and he took first aid box for her injury. When he held her feet she hesitated to show him, Arnav said with concern, shhh… let me do it… Khushi remained silent and showed him, he wiped few drops of blood stains and cleaned it, he put bandage on her feet, khushi was all the time looking him keenly without uttering single word. Arnav finished his job and told her to sleep, he covered her cold body with bedsheet. Arnav made his bed on floor and slept. Khushi too slept with tiredness. At mid night she started to cough which disturbed arnav’s sleep, he jerked and he made her to sit, he gave water with one hand and with other he caressed her back to feel better. Arnav took that glass after she drank, asked her, are u k… Khushi nodded and he made her to lay properly she closed her eyes immediately. Arnav looked at her face which was pale, he bend and kissed her forehead with care, he realized she having fear, he was worried he dono what to do in mid night, he remembered how is dad ll keep wet cloth on his forehead if he suffered in fever, he immediately rushed to kitchen to take some bowl of water, took one cloth and started to keep on her head by wetting it, he din see the time which was moving fastly. He checked her fever which was reduced, when he looked at the clock it was early morning. He laid on his place to take some hour sleep.

Sun started to rise which made him to get up from his mat, he looked at khushi and touched her head to check her fever, after confirming it which is  normal he went to prepare drink. Arnav put ginger tea for her which ll give relief to cold, he waked her which made her to open her eyes lazily, arnav told her to get fresh up she did it and  he gave her tea which made her to spit, she asked, what is this.. I cant drink. Arnav replied, I din ask ur opinion khushi.. I just told you to drink. Khushi was irritated, why u r dong this. Arnav said calmly, because u r my responsibility now, after you get well completely you can do what ever u want. Khushi was angry and gulped it fastly in anger. Arnav smiled and took her cup.

Arnav got ready for his office, when he saw her who was taking her office bag, he said, khushi today don’t go to office just take rest, khushi looked at him like alien, arnav added, get well then do as ur wish… now take rest and I ll inform ur dad. Khushi was pissed off she threw her bag which made arnav to chuckle and he left for office, arnav decided to go shashi office to inform him which is on the way to his office. Arnav reached shashi office he waited for him sometime, shashi came, he was surprised to see arnav here. He asked him to come to his cabin.

Shashi: Arnav what a pleasant surprise.. suddenly how you came here.

Arnav: I just came to inform you that today khushi wont come she having fever.

Shashi: Is she alrite…

Arnav: yeah she is fine… I just told her to take rest.

Shashi: Suddenly how she got fever.

Arnav: yesterday nite we got wet in rain.

Shashi: what… we got means…

Arnav : narrated everything to him.

Shashi: with shock, arnav still how she behaving like this after hearing my decision also, I thought she ll change but still she coming late to ur home.

Arnav: what decision uncle.

Shashi: I heard ur talks, after getting properties she planned to give divorce. (Arnav was shocked and numb) so to change her decision I said that I want my grandchild then only I ll give my property to her.

Arnav was more shocked to hear this new information, now he understood the reason for her behaviour on that night, to get her property she was ready to give birth to child. Arnav got angry on his condition.

Arnav: uncle u made wrong decision, how can u say this to ur own daughter, she having rights on ur property then why u not giving her.

Shashi: arnav I don’t have any other way to save ur relationship, otherwise she wont change. 

Arnav: Uncle I m sorry to say, u did wrong thing when she din like this marriage then y u forced her, relationship want to develop from heart not with mind, just think abt her after living her rich life how she ll live in my house, from childhood to till now u gave her whatever she asked but now why u not giving her property which she having full rights. It was not business deal uncle, life long we want to spend time with each other, how can u thought that after giving ur grand child she ll live happily with me. Until she itself realize we cant do anything.

Shashi: with guilty arnav she wont get perfect husband other than you.

Arnav: with laugh, I m perfect in front of ur eyes but not for her, she may also expect something from her husband which lacked in me, without any choice she married me for you. She also ll have own desires and wishes.

Shashi: Arnav I don’t want ur relation to broke down.

Arnav: so u are willing to see our life with full of hatred and anger.

Shashi: what u trying to say arnav

Arnav: just give her property after that her decision, whatever she decides I have no problem.

Shashi: She ll divorce you…

Arnav: with pain, she was not happy with me so its better. Don’t spoil her life

Shashi: Sorry arnav I made wrong decision, ur life also spoiled.

Arnav: don’t worry uncle, I m fine, just think abt ur daughter.

Shashi: hmm I ll give her property, I just wish she should not give divorce to you.

Arnav: deepdown heart he thought, I too wish the same. He said bye and went.


Next few days went normally, it was khushi birthday arnav wished her on that morning and he gave her one bridal lehanga which is red, with all accessories. Khushi opened that pack she made an face and asked, arnav what is this… what gift u gave… its better if u din give anything itself. Arnav said with calm tone, khushi in future on ur precious occasion u can wear this. Happy birthday once more, I wish u get all the happiness in ur life, by saying he went out single tear came out of his eyes. Khushi cant get his words she was confused what occasion he saying, she kept her lehanga in shelf and went to office.

All wished her and got lot of gifts, after office hours she gave treat to her friends and came home at 10. Arnav was waiting for her, khushi got freshed and came to bed, arnav gave one envelope asked her to open, khushi said, not again arnav I don’t want ur stupid gift. Arnav smiled, after seeing this you tell how it was.. this is what u expecting from long days. Khushi was confused and opened, she cant believe what she seeing, it was her will document where most of the property transferred to her name. Arnav was satisfied by seeing her happy huge smile, he said, are u happy how was my gift…Khushi said with excited voice, this is my best gift arnav… but how u got it, when dad did this.  Arnav said, he did it few days before but I only thought to give you on  ur birthday. Khushi said with hearty smile, thank you so much arnav. Arnav smiled and said with pain, now u can apply for divorce khushi. Khushi looked him and said with happy tone, don’t worry arnav… she went her shelf and brought some papers, he was confused, khushi said, arnav I already prepared our divorce document, just you want to sign it. Now Arnav was shocked he cant believe what he seeing and hearing, khushi gave pen and said to sign it. Arnav took pen with shaking hands, by controlling his feelings and emotions he put his sign. Khushi got that paper, she hugged and said thanks. Arnav heart was crying inside, his little hope got shattered. That nite arnav cant able to sleep but khushi slept happily.

Next morning, khushi told arnav that she going to file their divorce paper, arnav nodded with silent. Khushi asked with smile, arnav then can I go to my home… hereafter why I wanna live in ur home, we both signed it na… Arnav heart want to say, no don’t go anywhere leaving me but his words came out, of course khushi all the best for ur future. Khushi replied with smile, yeah khushi ll get best always…Arnav gave plain smile and helped her in packing. Khushi went to her home happily and arnav send off her with pain but he was happy for her happiness

Jan 9, 2014

Shattered soul.... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 116 times)

Arnav cant concentrate on his work in office, his pain was killing him thinking abt her and making him to think himself as low for not gaining her love for him, and also worried thinking abt his dad who was not aware abt anything. If he know he ll get shattered for his son’s life, he also cant bear this pain which his son was suffering. Arnav thought to tell his dad on that evening after their office time. He thought, she might be finished filling our divorce at this time, cant she stay with me atleast for six months till we get divorce legally, m I failed to be good husband for her. His every thought creating inferiority complex on himself.

Khushi reached home happily, her mother asked abt sudden arriaval, khushi told everything to her mom, she was happy atlast both property and daughter both safe on her hands. Her mom din like that khushi staying in that low class home, her friends are questioning her like Is khushi having any problem on her health, why marry ur daughter to low class guy, lot of questioned aroused on these few days where ever she go, parties clubs.

Khushi went to file their divorce after finishing formalities she went to office to meet his dad. When she entered his cabin he was talking with his client, he smiled and told her to come later. Khushi cant resist her urge to say him, she typed message and sent him, “Thanks dad I love you, finally I m free from this relation, I filed divorce also, now everything got fine, thanks for understanding me” . After sending this message she engrossed in her work happily.

Shashi checked his message when he heard beep sound from his phone, he read message which sent by his daughter, his face changed now, for what he feared that only happened that too next day itself after getting property. First time he felt that he did wrong by bringing his daughter like this in her  life. She was too blind by money and property, not caring and giving value to any relationship.

Arnav  came to shashi office to pick up his dad, Arun. When arnav entered inside he just thought I should not get weak if I see her. He went to his dad place who was busy in work, Shashi saw arnav and asked him to come inside his cabin. Arnav know very well what going to come, he went with heavy heart. Shashi looked at his face who was first time finding difficult to  meet his eyes, shashi feels guilty for making arnav to go with these situation. Shashi asked, arnav are u happy now. Arnav replied, ur daughter was happy uncle, u should be… shashi added, I m asking abt you. Arnav said with plain tone, if she was happy then I m also happy. Before they talk further, someone came to meet shashi, arnav excused and went out.

Arnav was thinking how to inform his dad abt their divorce and how ll he react, while thinking he going back to his dad’s place suddenly he saw khushi who got slipped and going to fall down, without thinking further he rushed and held her waist which made her to crash on his body. Khushi held his shoulder tightly and looked him with surprised expression. Arnav uttered with pain voice, “carefull…. Every time I cant be there to hold you” by saying he made her to stand properly and went on his direction. Khushi looked his disappearing figure blankly.

Arnav went to his dad place, he finished his work so they started from office. While driving his bike arnav mind was filled with thoughts and worried abt his dad reactions, he din notice the car which was approaching, he going to hit, before that his dad shouted, Arnavvv… who was sitting on his back, his dad turned the bike which made them to escape from accident. Arnav closed his eyes with absorbing his own tears, arun asked him, arnav what happen… are u fine… Arnav nodded, his heart beating fast in pain, arun was worried and told him to sit back that he ll drive. Arnav without denying sat on his back, arun drove it.

They reached home, arnav cant bear his pain he thought to tell immediately to his dad and ready to face his reaction. After getting fresh, arnav said, dad I want to talk to you. Arun know something serious by sensing his voice and condition, arnav added, dad we applied for divorce, hereaft khushi wont come to this house. Arnav closed his eyes and opened it to see his dad, who became numb in shock. Arnav added, dad she was not happy with this marriage, if we live together also we wont live happily. So it is better to get divorce and to move on in our lives. Arun went to his room without saying anything, which made arnav to broke down by getting his dad silence as answer.

Jan 10, 2014

For my sweeties... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 35 times)

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Jan 10, 2014

Outburst and pain... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 131 times)

This was the most painful day on his life, at that moment he felt like he just left alone in this world, he don’t have any one in this world other than dad but he itself shattered inside by knowing the truth then how he can control his son. Arnav first time in his life missing his mom, to lye on her lap, always mother tender care and love ll sooth every pain which this world giving to us but he din get his mom care also. Pain was engulfed in him thinking, m I not worth for love…. I came to this world but my mom left this world… I got married to a gal, she too left me alone. His mom died on that moment when he touched this world that time he cried without knowing that his mom left him, as every baby does when they born. But today he crying whole heartedly, with full of pain and sense knowing that his wife left him lonely.


Khushi went to her friends place, she spend some time with them after that she reached home, where her parents having dinner silently, shashi looked at her but din utter a word. Her mom asked her to join with them but khushi replied, I ate with my friends by saying she rushed to her room to take good sleep which she was missed on these days. Shashi blood was boiling by seeing his daughter who was just carefree and just hell bent on his money. Khushi got fresh she thought before going to sleep once to meet her dad, still they din talk anything. Khushi happily went to her parents room for thanking his dad in words.

Shashi and his wife came to their room after finished eating. Shashi asked her, do you know what ur daughter did… His wife replied, what she did… Shashi asked, she gave divorce to arnav… She just said, oh… yeah khushi told me. Shashi was surprised and asked, after knowing also u din say anything to her. She replied, what I want to say… she did good thing… she want to give divorce before itself but now only she did…. Shashi was shocked, what… she did good thing… did u lost ur mind… talk like her mom. She shouted, I m her mom so only telling… my daughter deserve much better than arnav, how can she live there in that small home, she was princess for this family we want to do her marriage with some world’s richest person.


Shashi was pissed off, I never thought you ll be like this…. Khushi gained this property in fact my every penny was her’s only but she din not know what she lost in her life… And you don’t forget u also came from middle class family, after marrying me only you got this luxurious life, tell me by seeing my eyes do you loving me like before as u did in our college life, what u did for me as my wife… what u did for khushi as her mom… when I started to earn more money that time itself our life got changed, really do u think we are happily living husband and wife… By seeing us  khushi also not giving value to any relationship and  she don’t care about anyone, even if we die also she ll shed her single tear for us or not I dono. She was fully blinded by money. I married her to arnav for my selfishness, because I thought our property ll remain with us and also my daughter got perfect husband but now everything went in vain, she broken that relationship, I spoiled one innocent life, she wont get better husband  like him. Arnav only asked me to give this property to her and he was ready for her decision what ever she decide after getting property, but I know abt arnav he suffered lot from his childhood other than arun no one was there, he ll respect every relation from his heart and he cares most because he know how it ll be if we don’t have any relation, he suffered it, he is so genuine person and our daughter decision shattered him more, first time today he felt difficult to meet my eyes by hiding his pain, you know what he said, if khushi was happy then he also happy he don’t want anything other than this, after hearing his words I m  feeling guilty for spoiling his life… everything because of our daughter decision. I dono how I going to meet arun’s face. But I cant believe my wife is talking like this by seeing our daughter’s spoiled life, after pouring his thoughts he stormed out of his room only to see his daughter who was standing silently hearing everything.


Arnav prepared dinner with heavy heart with few tears, he called his dad for dinner but he don’t have mood to eat anything, he refused to eat. Arnav also in same situation, he can understand his pain so he din force him, time wanna heal the pain.  Arnav came to bed room without touching his food, he remembered how she used to sleep on his bed in these few days. Like as usual he slept on the floor spreading his mat, he tried to sleep only by seeing his empty bed, not only bed was empty but also his heart was empty. After suffering some time, he moved to dad room without getting sleep, he kept his head on his thigh like broken child, his dad opened and saw his son who was going through pain, tears started to flow on his cheek by seeing his son exhausted state, he closed his eyes for sleep to forget the pain just for few hours. 

Jan 13, 2014

Confusion.... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 132 times)

Shashi looked at his daughter with disgusted and went away, khushi stood still for a moment and looked at her mom, she went silently to her room without uttering single word. She laid on her bed, but her dad words only echoing on her ears, “And you don’t forget u also came from middle class family, after marrying me only you got this luxurious life, tell me by seeing my eyes do you loving me like before as u did in our college life, what u did for me as my wife… what u did for khushi as her mom… when I started to earn more money that time itself our life got changed, really do u think we are happily living husband and wife… By seeing us  khushi also not giving value to any relationship and  she don’t care about anyone, even if we die also she ll shed her single tear for us or not I dono. She was fully blinded by money”.  Khushi never heard his out burst in home, her dad used to shout at office, not at home.

She tried to sleep in her cozy bed, just her past few days rolled on her mind. How she behaved with him and how he prepared those rich foods for her, when that nite incident flashed on her mind where arnav saved her from drunken guys she shivered thinking that. Khushi cant believe that arnav told her dad to give property on her name and also confused why he doing these things after knowing also that she hates him. She looked at her rite side where small table was placed, there wedding photo was kept on it. She took it and looked  their photo where they are as newly wedded couples in wedding dress. She caressed her finger on his photo suddenly she remembered his gift which is bridal dress now after seeing her photo on frame, she got his point why arnav gifted that dress to her. She kept their photo on her chest, when sleep took over she din realize.

Arnav cant able to sleep peacefully, at mid nite he went to his room and looked their empty bed, his heart aching to see her on that bed but he cant. He went and took their wedding album just to recollect their moments, when tears started to flow he din realized. He looked each and every photo like taking care of her, now this photos was the only thing of her which remaining with him. Suddenly arun entered his room, his heart pricked by seeing his son state, he know that he only want to support his son. He kept hand on his shoulder, arnav closed that album and looked towards his dad. He wiped tears on his son’s face, arnav I m sorry for… Arnav stopped, no dad it was not ur fault. Arun added, no arnav I blindly accepted this proposal just for my boss, we are living in this condition due to him only so I cant deny his proposal but I spoiled ur life by agreeing it. Arnav you should not cry like this, I know abt my son…. for losing you, she wanna cry, she dono what she going to miss in her life, you can get many gals for ur nature, you are gem, we don’t have money like them but we having the heart which ll keep happy in our life with what we have. Just forget everything like a dream and start new life from now. Arnav nodded his head with lot of pain.

Next morning, khushi waked from her sleep only to see his photo which she hugged on full night, she called arnav… realized now where she was, she hit her head by coming to reality, she got fresh and went to dinning table, when she ate her  food she remembered abt arnav how he ll prepare it for her and how he used to make her eat, thinking abt him she took her food half mindedly. She went to office, when she wished her dad he din give response, khushi figured out that her dad was ignoring her. She silently went to her cabin, on the way she crossed arun who came that time with arnav, arun gave angry glare to her. Khushi was confused what happen why all are behaving like this, arnav itself told me that she can apply for divorce, then why all are over reacting. She brushed her thought and went to her cabin. She kept her bag and sat down on her place, when she looked straight her gaze fixed on arnav who were talking with someone, she dono how long she seeing his facial expression on his face while he was busy with other.

Before arnav leaving from office, he sensed someone looking him keenly, he turned and saw where khushi was looking him with lost state. His face expression changed, khushi comes to reality and just gave him smile, arnav looked her blankly and went which made khushi to frown, just thought whats wrong with him… why he too ignoring me like thier dads….    

Jan 15, 2014

Blast... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 176 times)

Arnav went to his office, her smiling face flashed on his mind but he cant reciprocate his smile back, when she was the sole reason for his heart cries then how he can able to give his smile. He determined on his decision he cant fall weak, for his dad he wanna be strong and he felt best to ignore her, may be distance can heel the wounds which caused by the person whom he loves unknowingly at first sight. Arnav worked in his office with sad face, even though he took decision to avoid her completely still somewhere his heart was paining thinking abt the lose. How much he trying to control himself that much he going weak again.

Khushi worked in her office thinking that why all are avoiding her, how can they ignore me simply like that, what I did, what’s wrong with them. She was feeling restlessness and her mind was disturbed not letting her to work properly. When arun came near to her place regarding some work, khushi called him to come to her cabin. Arun was furious on her but he want to obey as she was his boss daughter, arun came with stern face anger was evident on his face. Khushi asked without resisting her feelings, uncle what’s wrong you, why all are behaving with me like that, even dad and arnav also. Arun anger raised after doing so much things she asking whats wrong with them, cant she understand that everything went wrong. Arun don’t wanna create a mess he just simply asked, mam do have any work with me… I m here ur employee so don’t ask abt our personal things, mainly abt my son.

Khushi was surprised, first time he calling her as mam and also angry for telling the reason for question. Khushi asked, I m ur daughter in law so u need to answer me regarding ur personal also. Arun was damm angry how dare she can say like this, he lost his patience and said with loud tone, you are nothing to my family, not to me and also to my arnav, you wanna think this before giving divorce, rite now you are just my boss’s daughter, but for my son you are stranger. To get ur own property your family spoiled my son’s life, I agreed for this proposal because of ur dad who helped us to get this life but I never thought for this ur dad and you ll aske my son’s life. For ur selfishness you played with his feelings and emotions, I never used to see my son with tears but now because of u he shedding tears for the person who was not worth for it. Now why u bothering abt me and my son, you got what you want then again why interfering in our matter. Just one thing remember just stay away from my son, u wont deserve my son, saying he stormed off from her cabin leaving stunned khushi.

Arnav colleague notices his sad face who not speaking anything to anyone, just being silent on this whole day. When they asked him, he replied nothing just family problem. His friends asked the reason but arnav din give answer for that, his friends asked him to come with them for the club to change his mood, arnav denied the offer but they din leave him, without any choice arnav agreed and felt may be I can change my mood forgetting worries.

Khushi friend invited her to come for her birthday, after finishing her work she went to her friends place where other friends also joined. Her friend gave treat for everyone and boys insisted them that all ll go for party to enjoy, girls also thrilled and agreed. Khushi and her all friends went to the club where loud music was going on, all joined to dance for the music with fun. Arnav’s friends also brought him to same club, arnav never used to go for clubs, he din like the atmosphere but he just came with his friends silently. His friends asked him to join for the dance but he refused to do. His friends went for dance leaving arnav alone. Arnav just looked at his friends dance how they enjoying, he felt thirsty so he went to the bar and ordered for soft drinks, while he waiting for his drinks, two boys came and took wine glass which is already placed, they both laughed each other and hi-fied, arnav just looked at them and he noticed where one boy took small bottle from his packet and gave to another, he just mixed it with drinks in two glass. Arnav cant guess what he doing, arnav got his drink and started to sip, he looking at the boys what they were doing, after mixing it they kept the bottle on the table and went from there taking two glasses of wine, with laughing each other saying something. Arnav took the bottle seeing the guys, he saw the name and felt something fishy, he took his mobile and googled it  he was shocked to know that it was some drugs which ll make them to lose sense. Arnav rushed on their direction where that boys went.     


Arnav scanned everyone and find out that boys where they insisting someone to drink that wine, he cant able to see the gals face, both gals back was facing him. He without thinking anything rushed there where the gals got glass from boys, arnav pushed one gal hand who going to drink and grabbed another glass which another gal having. Arnav hitted on the guy who gave that glass. Gals where shocked by seeing his act, While arnav hitting him he heard familiar voice, Arnav… leave them..do you gone mad… Arnav stopped his act and turned to the voice to get shock seeing his khushi, his anger aroused more which made him to punch more on that guys. Khushi started to pull arnav and shouting, Arnav stop it.. they are my friends… how dare you to beat them… I said leave it…. Arnav finally gave one blow which made that guys body to touch the floor. Arnav looked at khushi with anger where khushi also furious on seeing his act, she shouted, how dare you arnav… how can u beat them like this… they are friends and you…. Before she complete her sentence, arnav slapped hard on her face which  made khushi too half tun his neck with redness on her cheek, khushi was shocked and eyes glistened with tears getting his hard slap.


Arnav shouted, Just stop it… they are your friends rite then enjoy with them on their bed, by saying he kept that bottle on her hand, you did marriage with me for ur property, now tell me after losing your virginity to him how can you going to get back it with ur money. Yeah I gone mad by marrying you and now by saving you from ur so called friends, Dammit…. By saying he stormed off with pain and anger. Khushi was shocked and looked that two guys with disgusted face. Khushi friend held her arms with tears….. she thanked arnav for saving them in her heart, felt sad for khushi who lost the perfect husband.

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