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Dec 28, 2013

KSG THE ONE AND ONLY AAK!!! WITHOUT HIM THERE IS NO QH FOR ME!!! (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hey guys,

everybody knows that KSG is leaving so AAK is being replaced for me there is no AAK without KSG! i wanted him to stay but due to health reasons i understand he has to leave and he also signed a contract for only 1 year, but still he stayed longer!!!!

anyways for me there is nobody who can replace him as AAK, who can enact AAK better than KSG (no offence to Raqesh) but i cant imagine someone else as AAK than KSG!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes i am a huge fan of KSG!!!!!!)

nobody can replace MY JAHANPANAH SIX-PACKS!!!!!!!

"ammi voh bechari nahi hai!"

"r u ok??"

"agar aapko kuch ho jaata toh i would have gone crazy!!!"


"mere khwabon pe aapke saaye kyon hain?? mere andheron mein aap roshni ban ke aati hain, aap mein itni kashish kyon hain??"

"dance isse kehte hain Ms. farooqi!"

"plan isse kehte hain Ms. Farooqi!"

"i want to spoil u!"

i will miss him so much, i hope to see him soon in a new show and rock as alwaysi wish him all the very best for his future!!! for me there is nobody who can be AAK besides u!!!

LOVE U KSG!!!!!!!!


and about me i am leaving this forulm after finishing my new FF, i cant thank this forum enough for giving me so much love and support and unforgettable friends

yes i used to watch the show for the wonderful story and with taht we got KSG's woderful actingbut then the show got boring i wnated to quit but KSG's acting forced me to stay but now that the show is boring (for me) and we r not gettin KSG as my AAK there is no use of me watching it anymore!!!!!!!so i already quit watching qh, and now i am going to quit the forum after finishing my ff.

once again i cant thank this forum enough for alll the wonderful and awesome friends i got  and i also got some awards which encouraged me to writethank u so much myeduniya!!!!!!

I LOVE U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with lots of love,


Dec 29, 2013

Watch this:'( (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hey gys please watch this video they really made me cry

Click here to watch the video

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