What's wrong with Jalal...!??

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Dec 27, 2013

What wrong with Jalal...!?? (By ShaliniRobinson) (Thanked: 5 times)

Suno, Suno, Suno!!!

Sab Aam-o-khaas to khabar ho...

Apparently, possibly... and very, very hopefully - Shah-en-Shah might be waking up... er... a little bit.


But there is something very wrong with Jalal. His actions are not matching his thoughts.

Example 1:

The man sees Jodha tucking him into bed. His joy and peace are - in his own words - from what happened in the Meena Bazaar. At the Meena Bazaar, however, both his anger and disappointment were very evident.

Yes, he was happy to see Jodha going green with envy. However, his joy was seemingly out of the revenge he get - that he was bent on ever since he was thrown around.

His thoughts?

All is fair in love and war.

Er... No thoughts, whatsoever, of the revenge? What happened to the 'hamari be-izzati'? What became of the seething anger ...? Just one instance of making a bandi into koh-i-noor and the matter is levelled??!

It's now grown into more of a normal husband-wife brabble.

Example 2:

He tricks her into applying lep on his foot. He is seemingly glad that he could use the moment when his mother was around to trick Jodha to do his will. However, it is not gladness out of revenge. Quite apparently, he is simply being naughty,and having fun.

His thoughts?

I can have you bowing to my feet any time I want.

Er... That thought spoke more of 'ego'. Though the action spoke more of 'fondness' for Jodha.

Example 3:

It is quite obvious that Jalal has gotten hold of the khufiya letter from Benazir to her supposed ammi.

Of course, he has never responded to her charms, unless he wanted to. After she leaves, he washes his hands where she's touched his hands.

His thoughts?

I am not interested in spending a night with you. I'm just using you to get Jodha jealous.

Er... Jalal! That action suggested he is on to Benazir and is taking precautions against her. The thoughts, however, are only about how he is using her - not as they should be about mistrusting Benazir.

Either Jalal is afraid that his thoughts could be heard weird when his actions and expressions are clearly showing the opposite of what he's thinking. So, he is cautious even in his own head.

OR... is this a way (strange tho!) to show the disconnect between Jalal's mind and heart?

- or he is just thinking as per the dialog writer dialog..?? thought writer.


I wonder what would be a preferable punishment for Benazir:

she discovers that a soldier whom she'd rejected was able to decode her paigam that she thought was a production of her be-misaal dimaag.


she sees Javida going around dressed as Benazir, telling everyone she matched her be-misaal husn in every respect.

I think it'll be a day worth mentioning in the annals of history even if as a laugh.

Either way the be-misaal USPs of Benazir are being countered by people she'd normally not even think close to her 'level'. For the first time, she's been unable to get the attention of a man - Jalal.

It seems the only one she's able to trick is Maaham - one of Jalal's wisest.

Sheesh we're coming up with an unlikely hierarchical tree. This one actually places the soldier and Javeda above Maaham. Okay... it's quite enough punishment for Maaham, this one.


And now Another visitor from Kaabul. Right after, Benazir sends off a paigam to her Ammi. Mirza Hakim.

Mirza... sounds like a title. Hakim? Can't be a doctor! Ok.... just kidding.

I wonder if Mirza is Benazir's Ammi! In which case ... hmm!



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