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Dec 20, 2013

A Letter To My Ipk Family ! (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 37 times)

Hey friends,

 I hope my message finds you all amidst a million smiles.. 

Firstly i am very happy to be a part of such a beautiful family. EVery day when i walk into this forum this place gives me every reason to be relaxed and smile putting my pressures aside for a while.. I am sure most of you would feel the same.. SO thanks to the lovely writers and brilliant readers for keeping this place what it is today.

I joined the family late almost when the show was over and i had few friends telling me that this place was more fun more exciting those days.. and I wondered why? whats wrong now? 

I am a member of several other forums too and honestly the satisfaction MED gives is not comparable. But why are we still not able to make our Forum more open..

I don want to mention names but i know writers who have mailed me expressing their worries over the response to stories and their plans of discontinuing them.. Trust me they are our very own fav writers.

And i have readers telling me how they miss getting regular updates...

I am not gonna shift either ways coz i belong both sides.. a Reader and a writer

But we need to understand that this is a cycle... Readers and writers are linked...

now all of you know i have many stories running here and i also have a busy schedule.. and i walk in to pick a story to update its obvious i write the one thats most read... it might not seem fair in the eyes of a reader but be in the shoes of a writer.. you tend to respond more when the response is good.

eg"however busy i am i try to drop in an update for Mom her name is khushi.... not because i don like my other stories.. they are all my babies and i love them equally... Its just that it brings a smile to see the super cute response the comments the thank you's

the eagerness in the reader is what stimulates a writer!

Similarly I must agree that i get a better response to it coz i update it more often ....

So its vice versa!

Readers trust me... its you who are the key to updates... the more you respond the more updates you get!

Writers don delay updates intentionally and always remember its one of the million stories for a reader but for a writer its her love.. her dream.. her work...

And Writers I agree readers haven't been able to comment regulatory and i request you all to understand them as well... they might be held up.. some read from phones ... some read form ipads.. etc and hence are not able to voice out thir love for the story!

And readers as much as we understand your difficulty in commenting its the majority that causes trouble... now after a huge update with 100 vies and 60 thank you and you find 2 comments... dont you think the writers could obviously feel down?

WHen there are forums where they could get 100 responses for just a mere teaser they obviously feel down and this forces many of our writers to leave our forum and as readers we suffer too...

So instead of playing the blame game between readers or writers lets all be together...


                         keep your readers noted of how much you value their comments....

                         put a note after every update of how thank full you are..

                       Plz refrain from being rude to your readers and


                       politely request them to participate actively

                   love your readers as much they love your work



                  Plz take a few seconds to drop a few words.

                 A mere good work comment is gonna make wonders

                plz don be idle and silent all the time. we understand your difficulties but atleast once in a while a comment is surely possible


                Plz participate and vote for your fav writers and their works for the awards and make them get what they deserve

              Appreciate them whenever you can and let them know you exist and their work is loved!

             encourage new wrters as well


In a forum of more than 100 active members its sad to see just 4 comments and responses to our work and i don want both Readers Or writers to feel disappointed and leave this place...

as i say it takes two hands to clap and two lips to kiss..... somethings cant eb doen alone!!

i wish to see this place more active than before.... 

i am writing this after lot of thoughts ... but seeing many of our fav ppl being disappointed and leaving i thought i must put this before too late!!

i know you guys love this place and i am sure we are gonna be rocking as the ebst forum again!

are you all with me???

Dec 21, 2013

Excellent Post! (By Tainar) (Thanked: 13 times)

Dear Mrs. ASR,

Thank you so much for this wonderful post!

It is disheartening to see so many writers are discouraged from continuing with their stories due to general lack of response. So silent readers please do a word or few and encourage these talented individuals to keep writing. Both readers and writers should show each other common courtesy and refrain from bashing. We are an e-community or as Coolbakes stated an e-family. So come on and let's support each other!


Tainar~the Jungli Billi

Dec 21, 2013

Indeed True Dear!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 17 times)

You are so true yaar, I don't know how to express my state, as a writer we don't get enough time due to stuck in real duniya but when we did update all we get is low response, if one story of ours get highly appreciated than the other one will be ignored where there will be low response. I'm not saying they should read all our imagination we write but they should at least hit thank you button and leave there one line comment when they read the update. But if we come and see after hours there will be 100 views but will be only 10 thank yous and one or two comment.

Most of the time I used to think leave the writing all together and sit back and enjoy as reader which I'm not able to do in Med now days.....can't able to read my fav writer's story including yours (I've started reading Mom....her name is Khushi only four or five part then was not able to continue)and comment on them....I'm hoping to catch up with my fav stories when my exam gets over that is have to wait till feb :).....for now All I could think is to write update for the readers who are waiting for the next part and in the amidst I could not take time to read my fav stories....not able to believe isn't it? but it is the truth, I'm not able to function here as reader.....one side my bro will take lappy from me who uses most of the time (I don't know why he came back from Banglore) and when I get the laptop in evening all I could do was search topics for my subjects (exam) and to take time to write updates......and our personal problem also adds to that which can be physical and mental.

Coolbake I wanted to be part of collaboration which I was unable to due to my own personal problems *really very sorry for that* and then now exam came toppling on my head where I have to learn myself, and highly amusing part is I have to prepare for two exam, one is for my MBA and other is for my public exam where my dad made me register and he is pestering to see me with book 12/7 hours, Am I robot or what? *sigh* I don't know if i get three hours than what should I do? write an update, take rest or read my fav stories. Had asked my IF writers time till feb 9 to not remove me from their buddy list since I'll not be active to reply them.....and here Med when I come to update all we get is low response.

Yaar silent readers we are not asking you to write three to four lines of comment, we are just asking hit thank you button and one word comment like *nice, good, awesome* which is more than enough, if you will not come forward to tell what you liked and what you don't? how we writer will know where we should improve and how to give the updates like you wish?

I too had noticed the activity in Med has decreased, I thought it is due to exam and all now going on this month. I really hope what Coolbake is said the reason for readers low response and not anything else......

Like she said it hurts to see our most lovable forum is getting lost and dying, can't see this happening? we can keep ArShi alive only through stories which is all we are left with......It is nearly impossible (I'm not saying it is not possible but it is diffucult) to see SaRun again since they are busy in their commiments, where Barun is busy with his films and Sanaya got new show which I can vouch will go on years since in Colors most of the show goes on and on is what I understood from past years.....I wish our SaRun, I mean Sanaya get success in their paths with Sanaya's new show to rock and soon our Barun's film to be released with the film rocking on big screen.....

Dec 21, 2013

Let's save this forum! (By Angelina) (Thanked: 18 times)

Very well-written Coolbakes!! You penned down all our thoughts!

I, myself was discouraged to continue my story due to lack of response and appreciation when the views had a completely different story to tell! My only request to readers is that to respond if you like or do not like the updates we writers submit. If you really want this forum to live, you need to cooperate with us. Otherwise, everything will be over. 

Let us all take a mini-step towards this and I promise, we shall win!

Apr 22, 2014

support to writers (By Asisk) (Thanked: 6 times)

i know that i comment very irregularly but i dont find enough time as i am stuck off to studies and exams.real duniya is demanding my attention too much.

as a result i am able to visit the forum only once or twice in a month.trust me when i say that i badly want to catch up all the stories and comment but am not having that much time and hence i am adjusting with a thank you.i feel very guilty that i am not able to give the writers the appreciation they deserve.

but i seriously request that the writers dont stop writing because that is the way in which we all came together and also i dont want ur talents to be in your selves rather they should be introduced to the world.there are so many talented writers here.

finally i want to say that i would try to comment more frequently as i realised my mistake but i request that writers here dont stop writing because for me med has become a part of my life.

(guys i seriously dont know how u people manage to give such long updates because to write this it took me nearly 30 minutes.salute to u guys.)

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its smiles all the way!!