Pavitra Rishta Pari allows for Arjun, Purvi’s reunion

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Dec 14, 2013

Pavitra Rishta Pari allows for Arjun, Purvi’s reunion (By sanchi)

It seems like sadness and happiness have become part of the life of the couple Arjun  and Purvi  in Pavitra Rishta on ZEE TV.

Arjun and Purvi's were just reunited after 20 years but soon they got separated due to Arjun's illness.

Arjun has decided to hide about his disease from Purvi by calling Ovi back into his life again.

Ovi agreed to help Arjun and trying to fill misunderstandings in Purvi's mind for Arjun.

Apart from this, Arjun and Purvi's daughter Pari who still hate Arjun has now agreed that Purvi could accept Arjun again.

Let's see if Purvi will come to know about ARjun's truth and will unite her family again.

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