Love (SS)

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Feb 9, 2014

Love (Part-15) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 14 times)

hello guys,

i am back again to update my ss...

<Here we go>

As arhi are going close to each other and they can 

feel their breaths on each other faces...Arnav upper

lips are touched to kushi's lower lips..Just then ,

they are going to continue arnav's phone rang

with that they came out from their trance.

Arhi realsied their position and parted ,

kushi is shocked by seeing arnav's this 

much close, but in this her fault is also

there as much as arnav....

Arnav quickly answered his phone and turned 

backwards to talk to kushi.But she is no where 

to be seen.

Arnav's POV

I never thought ki i will go this much close to

kushi that too she barely speaks with me.

I never want to take an advantage of her but

dont no wht happened to me by seeing her this 

close..Dont no what kushi will think about me..

Arnav quickly locked all the doors and he came out

and saw kushi is sitting backside of the car.Arnav also

came and sat beside kushi as Arma sat together at 


Kushi's POV

Kushi what happened to u ? why u behaved with arnav 

like that.u know all guys are just want to use girls

i know arnav will also be like those only said mind

but her heart said arnav is not like that.she is so

confused with all these...She thought to give some

time to her heart so that she can decide what's next??

Towards their journey kushi is ignored arnav because

of her feelings towards him,while 

arnav is trying to talk with her.

As they are in the middle of AR..The traffic is jammed

because of the heavy rainfall and also the trees are 

fallen down because of the rain fall..

Poornima:oh no wht happened to this climate..It was

good while we started but wht happed now??

kuhsi:poo it's ok it will clear in some time

arnav:i'll go outside and check 

arnav was abt to go but he cant because kushi

caught arnav's hand gesturing no wiht her head

to go outside because the situation at outside is

not good..By seeing her gesture arnav's heart 

swelled with pride and arnav held kushi's hand

and said in a silent way that's ok and he will 

come within few minutes...

kushi let go of arnav's hand and arnav went 

outside, and asked wht is the situation.They all

said it will take a half day to clear evry thing..

Arnav came back and said every thing to arma and


what they will do guys now???

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Feb 12, 2014

Love (Part-16) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 19 times)

hey buddies,

i am back again...

Arnav came and said "guys, there is no road to go

further because of the storm and the tree falls. So,

i was thinking there is a farm house near this road.

It will better to go there for some time untill this

storm was off"

Arnav signalled Arjun to move to their house.

Kushi is confused by listening arnav's words

because as she knew arnav is staying in her 

apartment as a paying guest and if he owns

the house then how can he stay like this in

other's home that too in a small house....

As arnav read kushi's thoughts , he understand 

the truth of them are very near to know which

may can happen anything.

Poornima:kushi, we should call the office and say the

                problem to them..

kushi:ya wait poornima i'll call...

poornima: ok

kushi is trying to connect to AR office but she is not

having any signal to her so she asked poornima to

look over it.Same problem went on to poornima 

also.So they asked arnav to give his mobile, at 

first arnav handled his mobile to kushi but he

suddenly took off his cell as he is having his

office no as Dad's office no..So if any one of them

saw means then it will be a problem to him.

Least he know the problem is going to come further.

Arjun understood arnav's plight and he gave his mobile 

to poornima and poornima called to office and said abt

the situation.

Among all these arnav messaged abt kushi and poornima 

to the office and applied for their leave.So when poornima

called automatically they got the permission with out any 


Poornima:kamal hai kushi, we got the permission for leave

kushi:oh i never thought they will give the permission to us

         this much early.

poornima: i agree.. wht may happen?

kushi:dnt no..

         may be god gave some akal to them

poornima:arey yaar now u dnt start with ur god ok

kushi:come on poornima...


arjun:arey wht happened to her kushi?

kushi:nothing bhai,it's poornima dnt beleive in god

arnav:why ?wht happened??

kushi turned to arnav and said, see before 3 years her grand paa

 died and from that she lost her trust on god...and to add

 to this after tht some problems are going on in her

 family and among all these she is blaming the god

Poornima:see im not blaming him just if he is there then all

   these will not be happened and for u also these all things 

  are not happened..say now kushi..

(poornima is in tears by saying all these)

arjun stopped the car near their farm house gate and hugged 

poornima, means consoled her by saying sooting words to her.

Poornima also hugged him because unitll now she doesnt shared

her problem wit any one ..but now she is feeling tht she can share

her probs to other's also include with kushi because she will share

everything to kushi ...

By seeing poornima's view kuhsi also crying ...Among all these

incidents arnav is not understanding anything so wehn he eyed

ot arjun,arjun replid in his eye as he will say to him later but now'

u handle kuhsi...

Arnav kept his hand on kushi's shoulder saying tht he will

support her throughout the life journey....

After few mintuers poornima and kushi are OK ,Now all 4 are

going inside the house....

Poornima:wow nice house yaar,kiska hai yeh ghar

For tht q'on no body answered as arnav and arjun are seeing

eachother wherther to say or not because if they say

true dont no wht will happen further...

Kushi also took poornima side and poornima nd kushi are seeing

boys expression...

Guys wht u think ???

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Feb 27, 2014

LOVE(Part-17) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 23 times)

I am really sorry for my late update.. I know u all

are not liking my antics but what to do i am not

able to update everyday or so.. Actually i already

said to u all, at present i am in my project and

that too i want to learn new things to do that project

so i'm giving my time to that one..

I am saying once again SORRY to all... :)

<?And here we go>

Arnav took kushi towards one room, as kushi

is confused by arnav's doings because he is

looking nervous .....

Arnav nd kushi are in arnav's bedroom

Once aranv dragged kushi to this room and left her

Kushi saw all the surroundings which is fully

covered with a number of photos .In that photos

some are of arnav's ,when kushi saw arnav photo on

the wall ,she turned towards arnav with confused face

and arnav is already looking towards her with nervous 


Kushi:arnav ?!! yeh sab

Arnav:kushi woh meh

kushi:ur pics are here?

arnav:kushi relax i'll answer all ur questions but u dont

          interrupt in the middle and u dont get angry on

           me ....Promise me u won't get angry on me

           once i told to u everything...

kushi:arnav u are scaring me 

arnav:u first promise me 

kushi:ok i promise i wont get angry on u...

with that arnav made kushi to sit on his bed and he himself

sat opposite to kushi with his kneeled legs.Arnav started telling

everything to kushi like who is he?,why he came?etc......

Arnav is observing kushi's expressions by saying all these 

all the while her expressions are constant.Arnav not able

to read any expressions of her...

Arnav said everything to kushi and for final touch he said..

Arnv:(by proposing style)Kushi i did everything for ur

        love kushi.I really LOVE you and i mean it.u can

        take ur own time and anser to me whenever u want

        I'll wait for ur answer kush ...(After this he got up

        to go before tht)

        Please kushi if u reject/accept our friendship shouldnot

         change anything...

          And ya u and poornima can rest here....

with that arnav went off leaving kushi in her thoughts.

Mean while...

Arjun and poornima are in a living room. Arjun said everything

to poornima regarding their secret.At first poornima was angry

on both arjun and arnav for keeping them in a false view.

Later her angry was reduced as she learned about arnav is

in love with kushi.

Arnav came back to the living room and saw ARMA are in

a deep discussion. Arnav saw them and said,

Arnav:Poornima i am really sorry for this!!

Poornima:u should be(with fake angry)

Arjun:poor (she stopped him and said)

Poornima:u stop.(to arjun and now she turned to arnav and said)

               u why u didnt said all these things to me?so that

                i too can help u for ur love...

(Arnav and Arjun are shocked hearing poornima's words, they

thought she wil be angry on the, for not saying anything to them)

Arnav:u are not angry with us..

Poornima:ha wht u guys thought i would be anry on u.Can anyone

               will be angry on her bhai .hai kya..(she smiled while saying

               all these)

with that arnav hugged poornima as he heard her saying all these.

Arnav:are thanks yaar.I am so happy ..i dnt no u will be react like 


Arjun;and arnav wht abt kushi???woh teek hai na

Arnav:i said everything to kushi and i confessed my

          love to her.

Arjn:wht the...

Poornima:wht u confessed to her?


Poornima:how is she now?

Arnav:she is iso silent poornima she didn't

           responded to me.I thought ki if i gave

           some time to her she will be ok.So, i

           said to take some rest.And i came back.

Poornima immediately ran to arnav's room where

kushi is staying.She knew wht is her mental

stability.Arnav and Arjun ran after poornima why she 

went like that.




May 7, 2014

LOVE (PArt-18) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 16 times)

When poornima ran to kushi's room boys also went with her

not knowing what happened to her suddenly.

when poornima reached kushi's room, kushi is sitting silently

without saying anything.Poornima feared about her reaction because

after that roshan incident kushi kept herself away from boys or

from any one.

Poo:kushi are u alright


Poo jerked her shoulders so tht kushi can see her nd speak.kushi

came out of the trance and hugged poornima.

kush:poo woh arnav...

poo:ha kushi kya hua batav mujhe

kushi:woh arnav is saying tht he is in love wih me

poo:yss baby he is indeed love u

kushi:but poo u know na..9cutted by poo)

poo:u know kush arnav is a sweet boy nd he will take care of u

kushi:i know he will take care of me nd love me..but my past

poo:we can say to him.If he will ok with it thn Do u agree to be with him

kushi:(shyly) nodded her head..

with tht both hugged eachother not knowing all these conversation 

was overheard by arjun nd arnav...

Arnav was soo happy tht his love is going to be with him full life.

Arjun is also happy abt her sister, brother .. and in all these 

case he is tottaly falled for Poornima. not tht he didnt fall for her

before but now he is sure she is indeed in love iwth her...

After sometime arjun and arnav came to kitchen and toought to

make food for all..

Arnav went to kushi and poornima's room,..

Arnav:knocked the room door

Poornima is in washroom so kushi opened the door and 

saw arnav is in her door step.Awkwardness is started

between them because before they are two friend and now

the sitaution is changed betwen them not tht hey are not 

friends but after arnv confessed his love.kushi is feeling shy

by seeing him and arnav is also feeling shy(come on guys afterall

he is also a guy right).

Arnav:kushi dine is ready come with poornima.

ksuhi:just nodded her head..


ksuhi:hmmm(nd now saw arnv)

arnav:woh before i told abt my love na.. it's true not some prank or

   any thing plz trust me

kushi:i trust u arnav



arnav:thnk u kush

  thnk u soo much for this.

with tht he hugged her without giving any chance to her..kushi also 

hugged him wihtout anything like fear..

they are in a hug untill poornima came from washroom adn cleared

her listening to her they parted themselves arnav went out

by saying dine is ready.After arnav went poornima nudged kushi by 

laugh kushi feeling shy by her chuckling so she dragged poornima 

to dine area where boys are waiting fr girls

Oct 24, 2014

LOVE (Part-19) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 13 times)

All had their dinner lunch with a stealing glances if couples and redness in 

girls cheeks is not at all leaving them.

After having lunch all thought to rest for some time so arnav showed his bedroom 

to girls saying them to rest in this room while they will take rest in arjun's room. 

Poornima slept peacefully where as kushi is not feeling sleepy and as well as her mind is confused whather to accept  arnav's love or not.At one side she is feeling happy and another side she is feeling scare as if he comes to know about her past will she accept her,again she cant bear another heart break. Thinking she went and sat in pool side .

Arnav and arjun is also sat in arjun's room and started playing PSP games(boys and their games ufff) nd arnav remembered about their conversation in car and thought to ask him .

Arnav:arjun ....


Arnav:wht these girls are talking in the car ??

Arjun:are kushi ne kaha naa abt poornima 

ArnaV:(little irritated) areyy nt abt poornima yaar it's abt kushi , why is she crying over their?

Arjun:if kushi says to u it will be gud!!! and ya arnav please whatever it is just follow ur heart 

Arnav:u r scaring me arjun

Arjun:kaha maine just trust ur love OK, now goo i have to resume my game yaar

Arnav just looked at him with WHT THE look he cant understand him some times he is soo childish like now and some other times he is soo mature like before, just sighing he left to meet kushi.

Soon arnav came to his room and saw poornima is sleeping and he searched for kushi ,arnav found kushi in pool side area

arnav went their and called her


kushi startled by seeing arnav and she smiled at him, arnav also reciprocated to his smile and sat beside her

arnav:tum teek ho

kushi:haa muje kya hua

arnav:noo actually i dont know how to strt(arnav confused how to ask her directly)

kushi:arnav kya huaa

Arnav:woh kushi . . (cutted by kushi)

Kushi:arnav i want to say something to u(by seeing arnav's silent face) she  started saying abt her parents,roshan every dammn thing..

After she completed with a tears in her eyes but kushi is feeling releif of some burden she turned and saw arnav is in numb state.By seeing his state she thought may be this is the last time i am gng to see him after knowing my past no one will agree to be with a girl like me.

Thinking she turned around to go only to be stopped by arnav by stopping her by holding her wrist. Not having any second thought he just held her close to his heart ,kushi also hugged him tightly fearing if she loose her grip might be will be leave her.

After few minutes they loose their hug , arnav kissed her forehead conveying his promise to her that he will be staying with her in her whole life.....

These all things are noticed by 2 members who are none other than Poornima and arjun, poornima gotup when she heard some faint voice is waking her up. Arjun came after arnav as he want to become with his friend when he is gng to be in one diificult phase...

Arma are happy for their friends cum siblings are now settle in their life but arjun is still feeling guilty because still they didnt said truth regarding their profiles.

Arjun just sending his prayers to Godji to make everyhting to be perfect in their life


After kissing her forehead arnav flashed a smile to her which he too recevied one sweet smile to him.Arma also joined arhi by their asual teasing smiles and now arnav is joined them by seeing kushi's red cheeks he cant control himself by pecking her cheek soundly.'

Arjun:aree some one iss soo impatient yaar

kushi blushed by his comment

Poornima:are are aru why do u tease her like tht see tht redness of her cheeks is not gng away frm her (teasingly)

arnav:(taking kushi close to his heart)are poori and aru stop it yaar now dnt tease her

Poornima + arjun : Bhaii A few arnav (respectively)

to tht kushi laughed loudly nd all are admired her laugh, poornima became emotional and hugged kushi saying always be like this kushi , kushi nodded to her

Arnav also joined them nd kissed their temples

arjun:this is not fair guys (pouted) i am left out

kushi:bhai dnt say like tht bhai, without u we are nt complete (emotionally) and by the way here soem one is also their to miss u badly (teasing glances to poornima)

now poornima's turn to blush arjn just winked at her and joined them.....

how'z tht guys??

Hope u like this one......

This story is gng to be end only few more updates are remain.

All type of coments are welcome please respond to me cozz only ur comments and likes will give energy to writers ...


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