Master Index - One Shots!

Dec 9, 2013

Master Index - One Shots! (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 8 times)



so Most of the members had doubts on ONE SHOTS about the index..... so here it is.. we shall have all the one shots exclusively posted together!!


1) It must be a Complete one shot... no parts a b c etc.... in that case t become 2 shots / 3 shots which fall in another group

2) The story must begin and end in same my view.. hence called ONE SHOT....

now one shots have different variety hence the format for posting link is slightly different....

as in



The Haunted Kiss- - Coolbakes

SO this is gonna be easier for you guys!!

friends you can post your friends one shots too in case they are busy!

now we want the MASTER INDEX to be a up By new Year so that our forum looks super celebrating...

hence in every little break i am trying my best! Even coolcat has messaged many of you personally!

We need to be together in this to make our family enjoy more!

and its just your stories.. so hardly it might take 10 mins of your time... plz do this quickly coz we need time to work on the final index arranging everything!1

PLZ POST ONLY IN THE ORDER FORMAT ABOVE... dont add any extra lines... any suggestions post that comment seperate in the comment box as in

1) is this okay to be posted ? can be a separate comment and when u post post only the format... so that its easy for us to work on the final thing!!

So i am sure there are a million one shots there.. once up we will have a lovely collecton to look forward too!!



Dec 13, 2013

My One Shots! (By Tainar) (Thanked: 6 times)

OS: Triple Trouble - - Comedy - Tainar

OS: Missing Laad Governor - - Comedy - Tainar

OS: Wrath of Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada - - Comedy - Tainar

OS: Bun in the Oven - - Comedy - Tainar

OS: Laad Governor's Long Lost Brothers - - RomCom - Tainar

OS: Unknotting of a Fragile Bond - - Drama - Tainar

OS: Home Alone - - Horror/Comedy - Tainar

Dec 13, 2013

My CreationS!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 6 times)

Dec 20, 2013

Os Links (By Nanak) (Thanked: 4 times)

Dec 23, 2013

Compiled Links so Far!- Updated! (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 6 times)



Hey friends!

This is the set of links i have received so far in this genre! more links shall be added as and when its submitted! thanks for all the love and support from every member of this forum! Plz do not use colors or images while dropping links in comment box! 




Ø A day out with friends

Ø A Extra - Ordinary Journey

Ø A Life with them.....My tribute to our dear Arshi (os)

Ø Bun in the Oven - - Comedy - Tainar

Ø confession rriya - completed

Ø Desperate Desires :: [Romance, Dark

Ø Divine Love :: [Drama, Romance

Ø Dr. Raizada’s Morning Romance :: [ROM - COM, Romance

Ø Gaia's Tale....Time for us to prove ourselves

Ø Heart Breaking Separation and Joyful Reunion of Arshi

Ø Home Alone - - Horror/Comedy - Tainar

Ø In Love with a Criminal :: [Mystery, Dark, Thriller, Romance,

Ø In Love with my Commerce Teacher :: [Romance

Ø In Love with my Professor :: [ROM - COM

Ø Is this a....!!

Ø Iss Anniversary pe Kuchh Meetha ho Jayien :: [Romance]

Ø Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Drama/Show based)(by Babyface) [Completed]

Ø Kiss of Life :: [Show based

Ø Kon Banega Khushi Ka Groom (Continuation of the above OS) :: [ROM - COM

Ø Kon Banegi Arnav Ki Bride :: [ROM - COM

Ø Kyun (arshi Os) - sanali88 - completed

Ø Laad Governor's Long Lost Brothers - -      RomCom - Tainar

Ø Lappy vs Shoppy: Nakshathra

Ø Love of 1947 - [Drama]

Ø Love Story with Twist:

Ø love you till my last breath rriya - completed

Ø Missing Laad Governor - - Comedy - Tainar

Ø My Father’s Marriage - [Drama

Ø My Hot Balloon :: [Drama]

Ø My Runaway Bride:

Ø My Sister I am Proud of her

Ø nothing matters in love - Rain drops falls on arshi - sandiamalikabc123456 - completed

Ø real love - sarunlover - completed

Ø Reel&Real: Comedy-Nakshathra

Ø scintillating moment - - sandiamalikabc123456 - completed

Ø selfless love - rriya - ongoing

Ø Shudh Desi Romance :: [ROM - COM, Romance

Ø Silent love - genre OS - sanam1 - completed

Ø Strange Revenge: Drama/Comedy-Nakshathra

Ø The Clapping Ghost….This Halloween [Tainar’s Competition] [Horror, Romance, ROM - COM]

Ø The Edge of Love [Tainar’s competition] :: [Drama, Romance]

Ø The Interrupted Kiss…..Changed their Life.. :: [Show based

Ø the wedding -://  - sarunlovers - completed

Ø Tom&Jerry:

Ø Triple Trouble - - Comedy - Tainar

Ø True Love: Emotional- Nakshathra

Ø Unknotting of a Fragile Bond - - Drama - Tainar

Ø Wrath of Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada - - Comedy - Tainar

Ø you belong with me - sarunlovers - completed

Ø you're still the one - sarunlovers – completed


Phew!! That was real long!!! Guys you need not say Os XXX coz its already here.. plx begin the title so that its easy for em to format and arrange!




Dec 23, 2013

My story links (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 4 times)

Dec 24, 2013

links to my one shots (By Snowfall) (Thanked: 6 times)

 Here are the links to my two one shots

 Flight journey ======> Life journey - Love - by Snowfall

 Journey with a stranger...  - Feel good - by Snowfall



Dec 24, 2013

Links to my One Shots... (By Arnavkikhushi7) (Thanked: 4 times)

1. One shot : My Dream

You love someone...and you are forced to marry someone else...peep in to see what happened when she was being forced....

2. One shot : Heart

Your best friend loves love someone else...Then...

3. One shot : I Love You

I am so sorry...It just happened... but I really love you....

4. Kaash...

Kaash....Kaash Ab Tum Yaha Hothe.... ( My small piece of work in less than 60 words )

5. One Shot : Forgive???

This is the case every time...And very time I forgive you...But this time too...Should I forgive you??

Thank you.....Hope you will enjoy reading them....



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its smiles all the way!!