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Feb 27, 2015

The Winner Takes It All - 139 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 145 times)

Chapter 139


Arnav came home late one night, freshened himself and came down to have some dinner. On his way down he peeped inside Anjali’s room. The baby was sleeping in the crib and Anjali and Kushi were fast asleep. He smiled to himself and went down to have his dinner. The food was already set on the table. It was too late and he was too lazy to reheat the food. He served himself and sat down to eat. “He will be a month old tomorrow.” He thought. After much deliberation they named him, Aarav. He remembered how they had all sat around with their laptops, searching for a name for the new born. With mami, Kushi and NK around there was no dearth for fun and laughter. Anjali began to laugh non- stop, that nani had finally to put a stop to the discussion. He was so happy to see his di happy after what it looked like long, long time. Couple of days later they had zeroed down to five names and finally chose the name Kushi liked the most. “That crazy woman….” He smiled, “She convinced everybody that that was the best name for the child. It was a known fact that she wanted that name from the beginning.” He sent a text to Aman to arrange for a cake for the next day. All of them were too busy in their own world, and he thought this would be a welcome break. It was more than a month since he had even talked properly to Kushi. He knew she had also sensed that they were drifting apart and the day was not far off for a confrontation. He sighed. He still couldn’t come to terms with a fact that he was also a reason for the mishap. The fear of hurting her again and again slowly began to eat his mind. He tired himself out with work and sleep took over only when his body could take no more. He felt a hand on his shoulder, he straightened. “Chote! Why so late? And why are you here alone? Where’s Kushi bitiya?” asked nani, concerned.

“Nani, it is okay, she must be tired. I don’t want to disturb her. I’m fine nani. Do you need something?” he asked getting up. “Just some water. Wait let me warm up your food.” She took the bowls in her hand. “You could have asked Hari Prakash, at least.”

“It is okay nani, I’m almost done.” He said getting up, closed all the dishes and walked to the kitchen to get her some water. Nani took the water from him, looking closely at him. She could see the tired lines and the sleepless eyes on his face. “Good Night, nani.” he said and walked away. She knew something was terribly wrong. “Chote!” she called as she sat down. He turned to look at her. “Could you come here for a minute?” she tapped the seat next to her, he came near her and sat down. “Ji… nani?”

“Chote is everything okay?” she asked concerned.

“Of course nani…why do you ask?” he turned away from her.

“Look at me……. your eyes tell me a different story, Chote. Tell me what’s eating you? Did Kholi find out anything about the guy who was behind the kidnapping?”  

He nodded. “He just said they have got some leads on the bomber…. Nothing else.”

“Are you worried about our safety? But you were never like this. You were always strong…. I bet there’s…”

“I’m tired of being strong nani…” he looked at her, with sadness in his eyes. “Chote!” her voice broke.

“Nani… may I?” he asked showing her lap. She nodded. He gently laid his head on her lap and adjusted himself on the sofa.

Tears welled up in nani’s eyes to see her grandson come to her after fifteen years. “Chote do you remember when was the last time you did this?” she asked gently, caressing his hair. “Nani does it hurt?” he mumbled. “No chote, it will never hurt.”

“Nani… what do you think of me? What kind of a person am I?” he asked.

“You are a wonderful person…. Any grandmother would be proud to have a grandson like you.” she said smiling. “I guess all grannies would say the same thing.” He said. “I guess. But to tell the truth…. You are a man of integrity…. You listen to your conscience, you love your family…. circumstances did cloud your judgement…. But you are ready to learn from your mistakes. That makes you a good man, chote.”

“Do you ever think people would forgive me for all the times I’ve hurt them? Do you think papa would have forgiven me?” “Of course, dear, this wonderful life is only because of your parents’ blessings.” He nodded.

“Lavanya? Would she ever be able to forgive me?” He closed his eyes. He remembered the pain in her eyes, when he broke their relationship.

“She is a darling. You just wait, she’ll be swept off her feet by a wonderful man and she’ll ever be thankful to you for taking the right decision at the right time.”

“Hmmm… and Kushi?” he asked, stiffening. “What about her?” nani asked surprised. He quickly got up, “Do you think, she’ll ever forget all the things I’ve said and done to her? Do you think…” he quickly laid down again, afraid she’ll see the tears in his eyes. Nani was surprised to realize he is grieving from inside, though trying to put up a brave face for others.

“By now you would have realized, how much she loves you chote. And we all know…and I guess she would also know by now how much you love her. Love is much, much greater than anything else chote. It is a great healer. Don’t you see, the love she showers on us… for this family… for Anjali bitiya. Have you ever wondered why she does all this?”


“Because she wants to see us happy…. So that you’ll be happy, it is her way of showing her love for you Chote! You are her world. Drown her with your love….. make her forget everything you’ve ever said or done to hurt her.”

“Hmmm…I love her… I love her so very much nani… I’ll never hurt her..ever again.” he mumbled. Nani kept quiet and few minutes later she heard his deep breathing. “Chote…chote…” “Hmmm…” “Go to your room …and sleep …everything will be alright tomorrow.” She said softly, waking him up.

He got up, smiled at her and said, “Good Night nani…” and walked away.


Next day the whole family when they came down for breakfast was surprised to see the table all decorated for one month birthday of Aarav. There was singing and cake cutting by the baby’s mother of course, and pictures taken and joy and happiness around. Anjali then told Arnav that they have to go the doctor for a check up. Arnav got ready to go when Kushi said, “Di, I’m free today I’ll take you to the clinic.”

“Kushi bitiya, let Chote take her, you relax for sometime at home.” said nani.

Arnav and Anjali left. Nani turned towards Kushi, “Bitiya can you bring some tea for me … I’ll be in my room.” she said, determined to settle things between them.

Kushi came with the tea, “Here you are naniji… a hot cup of ginger tea.” She said smiling.

“Thank you bitiya… you know of late I feel what we are doing is not right.” she said. “Why do you say that naniji?” asked Kushi surprised.

“Oh it’s just that I feel guilty that you are doing so much…” Kushi didn’t allow her to complete. “Please don’t say that naniji… I love whatever I’m doing, and I’m only doing my duty… nothing else.” She said.

“What about your duty towards your husband, bitiya…? Don’t you think that is also very important? Your business and now your work at home is keeping you so busy that I find you hardly have time for chote.”

“But naniji… Arnavji himself wanted me to keep myself busy… and I ..” Kushi tried to convince nani but she herself didn’t sound so convincing.

“I understand…. bitiya…your intentions are always good. Now Anjali bitiya’s health is improving… the baby is fine, we are there to take care of them. You also have your own life bitya…with chote…don’t forget that. Hope you understand what I’m trying to say.”

“Ji naniji… I understand….” She said and left, muttering to herself, “Laad Governor…it is all because of you..now naniji has also noticed. I have to do something…what do I do? What do I do?”


Arnav was waiting outside the pediatric ward, for Anjali, when Dr.Bansal walked in. “Hello Mr.Raizada!” “Hello doctor, good morning.” “Good Morning, you here? How is your wife?” she asked. “She’s fine…thank you…I’m waiting for my sister…she is inside..” “Oh…that’s good …please sit down.” She turned to go, when Arnav asked her hesitatingly, “Doctor…may I have a word with you… do you have time? I want to ask you something.”

She looked at her watch and said, “Yes of course…over a cup of coffee? Come with me.” She took him to the doctor’s resting lounge. It was equipped with a coffee maker. “You’ll have coffee or tea?” she asked. “Coffee…black..without sugar.” He said. She came back with two cups of coffee and sat in front of him, after handing him one. “Tell me Mr.Raizada.” she asked smiling.

“Doctor… it is about my wife… you see… she is fine… right?”

The doctor smiled and said, “Of course she was fine… when she went from here.”

“But then there won’t be any problem for her… health issues? I’m so worried doctor.” he couldn’t continue.

“I’m surprised Mr.Raizada… in this age of technology…where at click of a button you get all the information… you are still asking me this question?”

“I’ve read everything that is to be read about this topic doctor…it is just that…”

“Something is worrying you I guess.”

“She doesn’t know yet…” he told her.

She smiled, “Look Mr.Raizada…that’s purely your decision. But I will say that these things happen…. past is not as important as your future, learn to look ahead and move on. You see all this worrying about a non-issue has not taken away your tomorrow’s troubles in fact looks like you are losing today’s peace. Well…” she got up looking at her watch, “If you… think, she is very sensitive and won’t be able to understand… I can always help you…I’ll talk to her.” she said.

“Thank You doctor…I’ll remember that.” he smiled. She left and he went to look for his sister. Anjali was waiting for him in the corridor. “Chote! Where did you disappear?” she asked. “Just went to have a cup of coffee di. Everything okay with the little fellow?” he asked and took the baby in his hands and walked with her. Anjali began to narrate what the doctor said. He was hardly listening to her, for his mind was already planning for the day ahead.


He finished all the unavoidable meetings, and the rest he asked Aman to postpone and returned home early in the evening. His eyes scanning the house for Kushi as he entered and when he didn’t find her he went straight to his room,  

The room was empty. “Kushi…” he called out, no answer from the bathroom as well. He checked the poolside and turned back to his room confused, when he saw her opening the closet and coming out of it muttering to herself. “Hi… what’s happening there?” he asked softly. “Hi Arnavji…” she stood there biting her nails and then again started searching the cupboards, under the mattress, and went down on the floor to search under the bed. Arnav looked at her puzzled and asked, “Kushi….what is it you are searching for? Tell me …may be I can help you.”

“Not what… Arnavji…who..” she said and continued her search.

“What????”   “What nahiiiii…who?” 

“Okay…who are you searching?” he asked his voice raising.

“Who else? I’m searching for that Laad Governor” she said with her hands on her hip. “You are right perhaps you could help me find him.” she said. “What???????” he asked quite bemused.

“That Laad Governor he’s been missing for the past few weeks, and I sort of miss him Arnavji.” she sighed. “Oh! I didn’t know you missed him so much.” He said smiling with his arms crossed. “Of course I do,” she came near him, “You see life was never so boring with him around, it was fun to see him go around saying, “What the…what the…” she started imitating him and he started laughing. “And you should see his face when he challenges me and loses every time.”

He stiffened, pulled her towards him and said, “Oh really!”

“Have you seen him anywhere?” she asked feigning innocence. He laughed, looking at her, “Oh what a fool he had been! How could he ever think of staying away from her?” he thought. “Maybe he is gone for good Kushi.” he said.

“You don’t know me, Arnavji… I’ll get him back, and then I’ll hold on to him and never let him go…like this.” She pulled him towards her and started kissing him. His arms tightened around her and each deepening the kiss as if never wanting to let go. Finally they let go, gasping for breath. “Kushi…get dressed… lets go…” he said panting. “Where?” “Some where…any where…away from here..”

“Okay.” She said excitedly. After few minutes she came out dressed in that long skirt and loose short top he had brought for her earlier. He looked at her, then as an after thought, he changed into a cotton shirt and jeans, took his car keys and they went out through the poolside.

“Where are we going?” she asked, “No idea…” he said. He then decided to go to his favourite place. He went inside the restaurant and it was too crowded for his liking, they turned to go, when he heard a voice, “ASR…. Baby..” came a tall beautiful girl towards him. Kushi’s hand tightened, when she came and hugged and kissed him. “Oh hi..Chavi…when did you come from Paris?”

“Oh come on darling! It hurts when you ask me …when I’ve come all the way from there for you.” she cooed.

 “Meet my wife Kushi….”

“This girl…your wife…? I don’t believe it…” her expression changed to that of disgust more out of jealousy than any other.

“Kushi let’s go..” he said. “Arnav… darling…what’s the hurry? Let me introduce myself to her properly.” Kushi purred, winking at him. Arnav’s eyes popped out.

“Namasteji...I’m Kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada and you are?”

“I’m Chavi Chabra… from Paris… came here for his event next week.” She said, quickly moving a step back from her as if it was be!ow her dignity to even stand near her.

“Darling… get me the event manager at once…” she said turning to Arnav. “But honey…. sweet heart it’s too late…” Arnav said enjoying the fun. He punched some numbers on his phone and gave it to Kushi, “It’s Attri..” he said.

“Hello…Mr. Attri…I’m Mrs.Raizada here …you are fired!” she said.

“Hello bhabi…this is Aman, what are you saying?” came Aman’s desperate voice.

“Our company needs girls with beauty that radiates from within… not some wax statues with a painted face. Get us some real beauties.” She shouted, dumped the phone in his hand and walked away. “ASR..how dare she!”

Arnav shrugged, thoroughly enjoying himself, “She is the boss…I’m sorry, got to go. Honey…wait for me.”  He quickly turned away, lest he burst out laughing seeing the colour drain from her face.

Both got inside the car clutching their stomachs laughing. “Did you see her face?” she asked laughing. “And what was that…Darling..Arnav…” he imitated her.

“Oh it was such fun Arnavji… and you should have heard Amanji…” again another bout of laughter started. She calmed down after sometime and said, “She is really beautiful isn’t it?” he nodded. “But why can’t they be humble about it?”

“This industry makes them so..”

“Now what will happen Arnavji?” she asked. “Nothing … she will be there first thing in my office tomorrow…. I’ll ask Attri to take care of her, don’t worry.”

He took her inside La Meridian… and got the keys from the front desk, took the elevator and went straight to the terrace restaurant. The circular area was completely glass paneled and they took the corner table which had a breath taking view of the city at night. “This is so beautiful…” she said.

“Yes..beautiful....” he drawled looking at her, “And the evening has just begun Kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.” He said huskily.

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The Winner Takes It All - 140 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 142 times)



They were seated next to each other on a cushioned sofa, facing the Hall, their back to the glass panel and watching the few couples who were dancing to the slow jazz music. A waiter came to their table and smiled at them, “Hello, Mr. Raizada, welcome Sir!” He said.

“Hello Rakesh.... How are you?” “Fine, Sir. What can I get for you?” He asked.

“Meet my wife Kushi.”

“Namaste Rakeshji.” She said smiling. The young man was surprised for it was the first time somebody has taken care to wish him. “Namaste ji. I guess this is the first time you are coming...together I mean.” Both nodded.

“Usual for you, Sir? And what would you like to have madam?” He asked. “Yes Rakesh, the usual. And Kushi what would you like to have?” 

Kushi kept reading the menu, then gave a confused look at him, “May I?” He asked. Then he ordered for a fruit punch for her and some spring rolls as starters.

She looked at the tall glass, a lime piece kept on its side and the small fancy umbrella on top of it, and smiled at him. “Cheers!” He said raising his glass, “For us!” She copied his actions which brought a smile on his face. She took a sip, and was savouring the taste, “Do you like it?” When she nodded, he asked, “Don't you want to know what it is?” 

“Well... You know my taste by now, it should definitely be something I like.” She tasted the rolls turned it this way and that as if checking what it is made of and then started examining the glass and asked him, “Are these very costly Arnavji?”

“Look who is thinking about business during a romantic dinner date?”

 He took the glass from her hand placed it on the table and said, “Let's dance.”

 She couldn't believe what she just heard, Laad Governor ...dance….. She must have heard it wrong. “Come on! What are you waiting for?” He dragged her to the middle of the hall and began to sway to the music holding her close. She gave the other girls a sideways glance, saw them how they were holding their partners, and she slowly got closer to him and clasped her fingers around his neck and began to follow his steps. They were lost in each others proximity and time stood still for them. “Kushi... Oh sweetheart... I missed you... I'm really sorry..” He whispered, rubbing his lips on her ears.

“Shhshhh...” She held him tighter her face on the crook of his neck. His hand snaked around her waist bringing her closer and he began to place light kisses on her face. “Let's not talk about that.” She mumbled, “Uh...huh” he muttered.

“It feels so right to have you here in my arms ...you have no idea how much this means to me... Oh Kushi...” He whispered, kissing her ears. “It feels so right...right now… it is just the two of us...  nobody else...” she whispered and looked up at him, “All I want to hear is... I love you...hamesha.”

“I love you...always.” Both smiled and whispered in unison. 

They were moving in rhythm to the music, lost in each other's arms. 

The music stopped and the people who were seated clapped, they came out of their trance. They went back to their table smiling. “I really enjoyed it.” She said shyly. He couldn’t move his eyes away from her face growing pink by the second. They gave their order and while waiting he asked, “So Kushi.... Looks like Shukla is very happy, I met him yesterday.” That started the torrent. As if she was waiting for him to ask her, she started about her work, her recipes, the orders, the new machines, the new place, the market prices, her contacts, the canteen, his staff, their feedback... she went on and on. He just kept listening, though he was up to date about her dealings, to the point that he even knew what amount was being deposited in her accounts. Aman after discussions of terms and conditions had appointed an assistant to Shukla who gave his weekly reports, which was duly submitted in Arnav's office.

She finally stopped, looked at his weird expression and asked, “Am I boring you?” “Huh....huh.. I'll never be bored of you, Kushi.”  He nodded.

“Shuklaji has started getting small party orders and he is very happy.” She said. “Yeah why shouldn't he be, within two months he has broken even, and he has started seeing profits, thanks to you.” He said.

“Oh ...you know about that?” She asked surprised. “I also know that he has deposited 55467 rupees and you have withdrawn around fifteen thousand for your use.” He bent real close to her and said softly, “One more time you open and close your mouth like a fish I'll kiss you right here and now. There.... You go again” he warned. She quickly took her glass in her hand and started drinking the juice.

“You know?” She asked, surprised that he had been keeping an eye on her activities.

“I'm not going to trust anybody with my money, Kushi.”  More than surprise he saw the hurt and confusion in her eyes. Their food was served, “Anything else sir?” Arnavji nodded, “We are good, I guess.”

“Enjoy your dinner Sir.. Madam...” Rakesh smiled and left. Arnav looked at Kushi who was unusually quiet. He put his arms around her shoulders, nudged himself near her and said, “Kushi it is not that I have less faith in you or your abilities. I have full confidence in you. There are very few in this world who can pursue their interest and passion and make something out of it. You are investing lot of time and energy on this and I won't allow anybody to take you for granted and take advantage of your naivety.”

“But I am being careful and I’m sure I can manage on my own.” she protested, hurt that she couldn’t take the full credit for her success and that he was working behind the scene for her success.

 “I know you are enjoying what you are doing, but when it comes to business it is completely a different ball game. I bet you'll know all about that in years to come. I’m not in any way interfering in the modalities of your work, but just keeping an eye on the financial aspects of it and at present, you need my help. At least it will keep Shukla on his toes.”

She sighed, he made sense. And in a way she was relieved that he was taking care of things. Even otherwise she would have personally discussed everything with him, if things had been normal between them for the past few weeks, so what was she being sour about?

“You are right Arnavji.... I know I can always depend on you.” she said softly.

Her expression then changed as if by a switch of a button. “I'm hungry and the food is getting cold. This flavour is too good and I can't wait anymore.” She started tasting the dishes in front of her. His hand slowly slid down to her waist, and asked her, “You want to taste this?” He took some pasta in his fork and fed her. She shook her head, “Mmmm… it's good.” she said. “You want some more?” She looked at him, then at his plate, and then stammered, “Actually ..I .. I...” 

“You think you like that better.” He said showing the dishes she had ordered for herself. His fingers started playing with her skin,

“Its okay Kushi. Always remember that I fell in love with that... Kushi Kumari Gupta .... Who can dump in, two kilos of jelebies inside her and who talks with her mouth stuffed with food. I don't want you to change... Ever...” She straightened, his fingers were getting dangerously close to becoming sensuous. He was looking at her lips, while she quickly stuffed another piece of kulcha inside her mouth. She removed his hand when she saw Rakesh near their table.

“Sir you're favourite..I almost forgot.” He placed a plate in front of him. “How did you like our food madam?” He asked. 

“I like it..it’s really good, Rakeshji.. What's that?” She asked.

“Grilled fish...madam... Sir anything else?” He asked. “ Haan no... Everything is fine” he said and looked at her sheepishly, 

“Looks nice..” Kushi said and tactfully hid her surprise and started eating her food. “Looks like I've yet to know so much about you.” She said looking at him after Rakesh went.

“It’s just that I was travelling a lot and at one stage I hardly noticed what was kept on my platter. Of late di is placing restrictions and after you came I've stopped eating...all this..” She held his hand and said “Arnavji, it’s what you like matters the most ...enjoy your food.” She smiled.

“You know I had a weird dream two nights ago,” he started as he began to eat, “You were a small girl and I am...”

“Were you also small?” She asked, “No I am …..me..” He said and smiled.

“You are a beautiful small girl and you start jumping on the bed as soon as you see me and I keep screaming careful...Kushi careful  ...then you roll and fall down and hurt your leg and you start crying, then I come running near you ...you get up and start running away from me...I keep chasing you... And the weird thing is you kept growing.”

“And did you grow old too?”

“No I am me only.. And. I keep saying Kushi careful... And you kept running and you kept falling.…then I catch you finally... I am shaking you...and there comes Payal... And she says give her one tight slap on my behalf as well, for she never listens to me...then comes your amma babuji and they say the same thing..then comes  buaji with a belan in her hand trying to smack you and I catch hold of her hand..... Wasn't it weird?” He laughed. “And the whole night you dreamt about them trying to beat me... And I bet you were enjoying it.” She pouted. He looked at her, “It was so funny Kushi.... You are screaming... Buaji is shouting... I'm in between” he stopped, as if he realized something. “That's it...I was trying to protect you...” He kept his fork down, looked at her and said, “I was doing just that...protecting you.”.

 “Was it anything to do with my fall that day in his office...was that what is worrying him?” she thought.

 He called Rakesh and ordered some more wine and chocolate cheese cake to be sent to the room along with the bill and then turned to her “Kushi let's go..” He whispered.

“But Arnavji…. we have not yet finished and what about dessert?“

“We can have all that later… come..” On the way he reminded Rakesh about the wine. "Arnavji.... You have to drive... You can't be drinking like this.” She said

“Relax Kushi, who said anything about going home? Come.”

 He took her down the elevator and opened a door to a suite. “Arnavji...this is..” 

“We used to have this for our foreign delegates...it's free today so here we are.”

She looked around, “Wow …. This is so beautiful… look at the flowers…” she pointed towards the vase on the table. She had only seen such hotel rooms in movies… with sofas and matching tapestries, flowers and candles. Arnav removed his shoes and went and turned a knob, a soft music began to flow. For her this was out of the world. He quickly went to check the room if the candles were lit and roses were placed on the bed side table. He came out and he turned towards her. She was standing on the balcony looking at the magnificent city below. The Red Fort on one side and Akshardham on the other side were  lit up and glowing in their full glory.  He went slowly and stood behind her, “Kushi…” he said softly. “Look Arnavji… see how beautiful it looks… I feel as if I’m on the top of the world.” She said softly. He came closer and hugged her from behind, “Perhaps your love makes everything look so beautiful for me.” she whispered. It was a sheer torture for him to just have her in his arms, “Kushi… let’s go inside… what are we doing standing here sweet heart?” he whispered, his arms tightening around her. She turned and looked at him with love and desire making her eyes glisten. “Arnav..” he kissed her and then looked at her.

“Why are you looking at me like this, as if for the first time?” she asked.

“It seems like I’m looking at you after eons, Kushi.”

“Do I look different? She asked

“You are no longer a girl….you are a woman now and nowadays you seem to laugh little, wish I could see more of the girl I knew once.” He bent down to kiss her again.

She turned her head away and said, “Please … listen to me, I want to ask you something. For the past few days something is on your mind, isn’t it?” For a fraction of a second she felt him stiffen and lips stopped kissing her, then he continued as if nothing happened. “Kushi you said earlier we’ll not talk about that?” he mumbled and continued kissing her.

She began to connect the dots when he told her his dream, her fall in his office, his disappearance for a day then Ashwin bringing him home sick, both of them drifting apart, the hurt in his eyes. She began to twiddle with his shirt buttons, and said, “You were in a dilemma weren’t you? You wanted to tell me something…” her hand went inside his shirt and she placed her palm on his heart as if feeling his heart beat. “No…Kushi..it is…”

“I know… Arnavji.. you were wondering how to tell me because it will hurt me … and it will hurt you thousand times more to even tell me.”

She looked at his eyes with so much love and said, “I’m telling you now Arnavji…I don’t want to know ..... what ever it may be…if it is going to hurt you I don’t want to know…so you need not feel guilty for not telling me.”

“It is nothing Kushi…” tears were rolling down his cheeks.

“Didn’t I promise you that day, that I’ll never be the reason for the tears in those eyes.. please don’t…” she kissed his eyes. “I’m not crying.. in fact I’m thanking the hand that destined you to fall in my arms that night." He hugged her tight. "I love you so much that you’ve become a sort of addiction to me, I’m not able to sleep without holding you and my morning has to begin by seeing you.” he said looking at her.

“I love you too…” she said holding his face close to hers.

“If anyone had told me last year that I would be telling all this to a girl I would have laughed them off….what have you done to me Kushi…. I never believed….but now I’ve realized what love can do.” He kept looking at her.

“Well how long are you going to stand and stare at me like this.. aren’t you going to carry me inside Mr.Raizada?” she asked with a mischievous grin.

“With lots of pleasure… Mrs. Raizada…with lots and lots of pleasure I was wondering when you’ll ask me that.” And he didn’t disappoint her.

After an hour, his room telephone started ringing. “Yes…” Arnav growled.

“Sir it’s Rakesh…your order for cheese cake and wine shall I bring them to your room now?”

“ Hmmmm…Rakesh treat yourself to wine and dessert…” “Sir?” asked Rakesh quite puzzled.

“Enjoy.” He put the receiver back and got back to continue the most important business at hand.

It was nearly breakfast time when they entered RM. Tiwari dutifully called nani and told her that Arnav and Kushi have entered the house. She came out of her room and saw them, sneaking inside, going to their room hand in hand, talking and laughing.

She smiled to herself, “Trust Kushi to take care of things.” She thought.

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The Winner Takes It All - 141 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 126 times)



Ashwin was thankful that it was week-end. He had become so averse to meeting people that it became a strain to even go to his office. He had gone into a shell and he hated answering that things were okay when people all around him began to question his welfare. Most of the work was done by phone calls and e-mails and whatsup and he went very late in the afternoons to attend meetings in his office and stayed back late into the nights to check files and projects and signed the pending approvals. They had gone ahead and successfully bid the two auctioned lands he was keen on acquiring and he had meetings with architects to come out with their housing plans.

At the beginning his office staffs were confused by the change in his behaviour.. Then they slowly began to accept the inevitable. The general atmosphere itself turned somber. They began to talk in whispers and slowly began to accept his erratic time schedule. The paperwork began to move slowly. He took hours to read and comprehend the legal documents because he would lose track due to distraction and often had to read the same documents twice.

He sent his CEO for the meetings and avoided as best as possible to face Arnav and always gave excuses to him that he was traveling or that he was busy with other work. Probably Arnav would have guessed that something was terribly wrong and surely he wouldn’t have fallen for his lies, for in spite of telling him he was not in the office Arnav made it to his cabin and sat angrily in front of him staring at him.

“Care to tell, what’s all this is about?” he asked glaring at him.

“Care to tell about what? Anyway how is di and the kid?” he had asked twiddling with his phone.

“Oh you remember, I thought you had forgotten, for that kid never saw your face after the first day in the hospital.” He had said his voice heavy with sarcasm.

“Don’t be silly. What are you talking about Nannav?” he had asked guiltily.

“You very well know what the hell I’m talking about. It is so glaring that you are trying very hard to avoid us. You hardly answer phone calls, refuse to come for meetings and almost succeeded in lying to me that you were not in office when your fat ass is right here.” he shouted.

Ashwin had had enough of it. He was in no mood to discuss any of his problems with anybody, and definitely was not ready for the advice and sympathy from his cousin.

“Okay you got it all right. You are indeed very intelligent to figure out all this. Then why don’t you get it inside your thick fat head that I don’t wish to talk about it.” he shouted back. Arnav looked surprised for a second, then it turned to anger, “What the…? I have not come all this way to take this **** from you.”

“Well I didn’t invite you to.” had been his reply. Arnav just stared at him for a minute and then asked, “It has something to do with that doctor, isn’t it?”

“Just leave… Nannav.” said Ashwin quietly.

Arnav got up to leave the room. He opened the door, turned to him and said, “You know where to reach me if you need me….. I’ll be waiting.” He left.

He couldn’t sleep for two days after that encounter with Arnav. He felt like a cad. He was ashamed of his behaviour towards his cousin and friend who had only come to help him. He had texted him twice the next day, profoundly apologizing for his behaviour. He hadn’t got any reply as expected.

He searched for his phone and found it and like every morning sat down to religiously, call Sarayu and then text her, almost pleading her to reply just once. “****…” he looked at his phone, ‘Insert sim card’ was the message on it. “Now where the hell did I keep the card?” he scratched his head and got up to search for it. He searched all the plausible places and then gave up after sometime. He laid down on the recliner, closed his eyes thinking about the pending jobs that needed his attention. Once again his mind began to wander. He felt guilty that it had been a month since he had spoken to Anjali. He met Shyam regularly in his office and once he had even requested him to forward a photo of his child if he had one. He had done so. His mind took him back to the past few month’s happenings, his enquiries about Shyam, his dada’s diaries, his search for Radhama, his accident, the bitter truth about his dada and his thauji and in all this like a beautiful rainbow in the clear skies was his meeting with Sarayu….he smiled. Sara….he could still feel her in his arms when she came running and hugged him, he relived the sensations he had felt when her body rubbed against his. Her ever smiling face… fish shaped clear beautiful eyes, always fear competing with shyness in his presence and upturned nose and her thick black wavy hair and ever so neat and fresh look ... perhaps her profession demanded that, her mature no-nonsense talk, very clear about her future and her plans and the tenderness that oozed out of her eyes and the love and care in her words and actions towards those homeless old people, one has to see it to believe it he thought. And the kiss… every nerve end tingled sending goose bumps all over… her lips so soft and she had come alive under his lips. The pain of rejection was more than the torture of being away from her. He had never understood all these talks unless and until he experienced it himself. He understood now how Arnav would have felt when he was thrown out of Sheesh Mahal that too at that tender age.

Here he was being rejected because he loved and wanted to live…. rejected for no fault of his…. He was being punished because her brother loved and couldn’t live. He closed his eyes shut tightly as if to do away with those memories. He had to move on… his family depended on him. There were hundreds of families that depended on him. He had to move on.

He had not been in his elements for the past two days. Last he remembered clearly was Arnav coming to his flat one late evening with packed snacks and dinner and bottles of Jack Daniels. He went about arranging the snacks and taking out glasses

while he remained silent with embarrassment. He handed over his glass and sat down next to him. “Cheers!” he raised his glass. Ashwin smiled and said “Cheers!”

“Hmmm it’s good.” Ashwin said after few minutes. “Is di upset because I didn’t come to see her or talk to her?” he asked.

“No…she knows you are very busy.” He raised his fingers to indicate quote- unquote. Both smiled. “I’m sorry Nannav I behaved like a real **** that day.” he said. “You are forgiven. Do you remember the first time we had our beer on that ferry?” asked Arnav diverting him.

“Haan…haan we had puked all over us and it took a week to get the stink out of our body.” He said.

“You had gone and bought some cheep stuff.” accused Arnav.

“You challenged me to buy liquor remember? You lousy pig…you think I didn’t know your game plan?” the whiskey was slowly loosening his tongue.

“What game plan? There was no game plan…” said Arnav.

“You were all sissy.. no bar would allow you inside…so you had to make me somehow to get them for you… you see I was much taller with mooche and beard and all that.” he said laughing.

“Bull ****… you are calling me sissy… you were scared and you went to the cheapest shop available threw some money and when you came out you were almost pissing in your pants.”

“Noooo you pissed in your pants when you saw daadi standing right in front of you.” both began to laugh loudly. “And the way she went on and on… I threw up all over again…” they burst out laughing even louder. “haan…ohhh that was fun…real fun…. those were the days Nannav… we’ll never get them back I guess…they have gone …gone forever.” His eyes became moist.

“Hey guess who I saw last week in Moradabad… our Tyagi Sir.” Ashwin said.

“Who.. Tyagi Sir?” “Jitender Tyagi…our Maths teacher in our eighth standard.” Arnav didn’t show any excitement. “He remembers us and asked about you too. I’m still in contact with some of our class mates.”

He stumbled and went near his desk and opened a draw and took out a box. He gave it to Arnav, “Remember this buddy?” he asked, his eyes tearing up. Arnav opened the box and saw the pen he had gifted him for his birthday. He nodded, “Of course I remember, papa had got this from Singapore.” he said.

“Thauji.. what a man! He was my role model you know. How I used to admire him from far, the people were in awe of him and the way he used to stand tall, chin up and look straight into your eyes and talk.”

Arnav nodded, “He loved you and di as much as he loved us.” He said. Ashwin nodded and looked at the pen again.

“This is my best gift I had ever received Nannav… you know what… I never had a close friend like you after you left. I never could. The pain was always there that you and di left without informing me just like that. I felt betrayed. Of course now that I know the real reason behind everything… but still that pain is there. And the pain has come back again Nannav…and this time it is thousand times more.” Arnav kept quiet and allowed him to talk.

All he remembered after that was when he got up the next day with a terrible hangover. Arnav was lying on the sofa with his tie hanging loose around his neck and  two or three shirt buttons off. “Nannav… get up, what time is it? Awww…my head…” he had held his head and sat down eyes shut. He got up, asked him to lie down and then had got him coffee. He had slept again the whole day. It was evening by the time he got up, took a wash and saw food on the table. He had and was too tired to do anything, he slept off again.

He was hungry now, he scourged the fridge couldn’t find anything. he changed his clothes to jeans and cotton shirt and went out to have some food. He went inside a Punjabi restaurant and ate as if he had never eaten before, then went to a nearby super market got the necessary things and by the time he reached home it was around three in the afternoon. He took the groceries and started arranging them. He saw his sim card under an empty plastic bread packet cover. He arranged the rest of the things, took the card and put it inside his phone and put it on the charger. His phone came to life.

His eyes widened in shock. Missed calls from Sara. His hands began to shiver.

“Damn…Damn…how could I have missed them?” He quickly dialed her number, he held his breath, she picked up his call, “Hello Ashwin…are you there? Ashwin how are you?” she was crying. “Sara..” his voice sounded hoarse, “How are you?” he whispered. “You called me finally.” He had difficulty breathing, he felt as if his heart was pounding inside his throat.

“Ashwin I had been calling you since Thursday…you were so sick…”

“Sara… honey.. it was nothing…. I was just.. wait a minute.. when did you say you called me?” he asked confused.

“Thursday night… you were so sick… and you were dying… Ashwin I was so scared…” she started crying again.

“Sara baby…. listen I’m fine now… who told you I was sick and dying?” he laughed. “You told me so…even Arnav was there. Anyway I got to go, I’ll call you back.”

“Promise me you’ll call me back… if you don’t I don’t know what will happen to me.” he choked with emotion. “I promise you…Ashwin…”

“Tell me …. Something…anything I just want to listen to your voice…..please.”

“I love you… I love you very much… I promise I’ll call you back.” She said.

“Oh Sara…honey… I love you too..” he began to cry. “Bye!” She cut the call.

He looked at his hands that were holding the phone, they were shivering. He was crying at the same time he was laughing. He couldn’t believe it. It was just as he imagined it to be. He had lived this scene a thousand times in his mind thinking how it would be when she called him all of a sudden.

“Wait a minute! Am I dreaming? Sara called! Did she really call? Let me check ..let me check…” he started to talk to himself. “I inserted the card, plugged in the charger, checked the calls…. Yes check the calls…” he checked, he found all her missed calls and the calls that he had answered. “Oh my God.. she called…she called…she had called when I was …..ing..drunk.” He couldn’t believe his fate. Of all the days she had to call him when he was totally drunk


He called Arnav. “Good evening Ashwin.” Came Arnav’s irritatingly cheerful voice. “What is so good about this evening?” he barked.

“Ow…wow…ow….. somebody’s so ****y. What’s wrong Ashwin?”

“What is wrong he asks? You scumbag what did you tell her when she called.” He shouted.

“Tell whom? You are not making any sense. Has the effect not worn off yet?” he teased. “I’m quite in my senses.” He shouted.

“Then stop talking in riddles for once.” He laughed.

“It’s all funny for you isn’t it? You…you… Okay…When Sarayu called what did you tell her?” he asked quietly..

“How will I know? She didn’t call me, she must have called you..” came the answer.

“Nannav if I get my hands on you I’ll throttle your neck… you..” he cut the call. He kicked himself and sat down to think.

“She had said she’ll call me back… that’s a good sign.” He heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked around his apartment. He had always kept it spotlessly clean and tidy. The cleaning lady came only on week days. A new enthusiasm filled him. He began to put things in order, took a hot shower and began to wait for her call when the door bell rang. He just wished it shouldn’t be Arnav… for he wouldn’t be responsible for his actions. He went and opened the door. His heart began to race looking at her standing in person right in front of him and he stopped breathing.

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The Winner Takes It All - 142 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 125 times)


Chapter 142


 “Hello Ashwin won’t you invite me in…Ashwin? Ashwin?” Sarayu waved her hands in front of him. “Sara … you ..? Here..? How..? We just talked…few hours back.”

She nodded “I was at the airport…” she smiled sweetly at him.

He touched her face ever so tenderly, “Tell me I’m not dreaming. Are you really here?” he whispered. His heart was thudding.

“You are not dreaming, I’m standing right in front of you. I’ve come to take back what is mine.” she said smiling. He looked at her confused. “Your diamond heart and my ring .. remember?” “Oh Sara..” he moved closer to hug her, when he heard a voice from the doorway, “May we come in?” her parents were standing there, along with another young couple, her brother and bhabi. He knew at once from the resemblance.

He stiffened, looked at her then at them, “Uncle ... aunty please come in.” he invited them politely. “We have come to get our daughter back.” came her father’s crisp voice. “And we realized that the only way to get her back is to let her go…. To her love.” He smiled. Ashwin started to breathe normal for the first time.

“I’m sorry beta.. for my behaviour the other day… will you forgive me?” her mother stood with her hands clasped in front of him. “Oh please aunty…I understand.. I …I’m speechless…. I don’t know what to say.. I’m so happy..” he stammered.

“And we definitely don’t want to miss our son’s happiest moment in his life.” came another voice from behind. “Ma…papa? What a surprise! You are all here.” He went towards them. “And how could we …. miss this best moment?” came his sister’s voice followed by shrieks and two bundle of joys pouncing on him.

“Hey…you devils you are also here. Di…jijaji what is all this?” he was still trying to extricate himself from his niece, who wouldn’t just let him go.

“I’m very angry with you Chintu…  be happy that today you are excused, but I still have a score to settle with you.” Avantika came and stood glaring at him.

“Di… why are you angry di? What did I do?” he asked confused.

“Nothing Ashwin.. her ego has taken a dent that you had confided in me  and that you value my opinion more than hers.” Said Manoj, hugging his wife’s shoulders and winking at him. “Di… what is this di?”

“Hello hi bye bye! I’ll tell you everything clearly bituwa.” Ashwin turned to see mama, mami and nani at the doorway. “Manorama… not a word …. Don’t say anything to spoil the fun.” came mama’s rebuke louder than her voice for the first time. “Nani…welcome…mama, mami? Are there any more surprises?” he asked laughing. “You bet there is!” “Di… I knew you’d be here… look the little fellow is also here to see his mama.” He ran to her and hugged her. “Welcome di, Akash, Payal …NK..please come in all of you.” he said  and then pretended to scratch his head and said, “Aren’t we forgetting the most important person?” he asked.

“Of course not!” came his cousins loud shout. “Look who’s there!” they said.

He turned. “There you are!” he limped towards them with one hand outstretched. Arnav stood there smiling along with Kushi seeing him come towards them. “Kushi….” he went and hugged her, “What the…?” said Arnav irritated at being ignored. “Okay… okay… though I hate to say it, you are also welcome, Nannav.” He stared at him.

HP, OP, JP…Mohan and Prashant followed carrying lots of bags of food and drinks and started serving the guests. There was lot talking and laughing all at the same time with the kids running around there was commotion all around. Ashwin was standing aside frustration building within him. Except him almost everybody had hugged her and were talking to her. Finally he got her attention. Thousand words were silently spoken with their eyes with all the people loudly speaking around them. She excused herself from her mother and bhabi and came near him.

“Sara.. I  still couldn’t believe you are here.. How did all this happen?” he asked trying to hold her fingers.

“Hey guys you have your whole lifetime to talk about that,” interrupted NK and all his cousins soon joined them. “I have one very important question to ask her. Doctor, please tell me do you have a sister?” Sarayu nodded a no, “A cousin, a friend some body.. at home…” he asked seriously.

“Well NK bhai, none of my cousins are here they are all studying back home.” she said laughing. “Tch..tch…that’s real bad luck.” He said shaking his head.

“NK bhai, a little birdie told me that you are going on a date with Sujita tomorrow evening, and here you are asking about girls to bhabi.” whispered Akash teasing NK.

Arnav of course heard it and gave him a glare. Kushi and Payal went to the kitchen, Ashwin took this chance to get her aside, when his father called him, “Chintu….. beta come here a minute…”

“Ji…” he said moved away from there reluctantly. Sarayu went and joined her mother.

Arnav turned towards NK angrily, “NK if I find out that you have been fooling around with Sujita.. I’ll not have any second thoughts about throwing you out of my office.” He said gritting his teeth.

“Relax bhai…it is nothing like that, I was just pulling his legs…” interrupted Akash a liitle flustered that he had let the cat out of the bag.

“Thanks Akash..it is okay, I’ll deal with him.” said NK and turned to Arnav, “Nannav for your information I am not fooling around with her, I like her…in fact I more than like her very much and I am very sure the feeling is mutual.” He said in a no nonsense tone. “You don’t know anything about her…” started Arnav. “Bhai please calm down…” Akash intervened desperately.

“Of course I know everything about her. She is a year older than me and is a divorcee. Her parents had married her off to a guy who later turned out to be psycho and she had been physically abused and mentally traumatized, went into a depression. Then later took a diploma in Designing joined your company four years back and worked her way to a senior position and all her juniors respect her and that includes me. And I will not do anything to hurt her. Is that enough for knowing or do you want some more? She is from Mumbai, her father a professor of Physics and mother a bank employee, has got a brother who is a Chartered Accountant, she has an apartment in Mayur Vihar.” he said defiantly. Arnav just stood looking at him. “NK bhai… please come let’s go and have some snacks come on..” Akash dragged him and went away.

Arnav’s phone buzzed, “SOS” from Ashwin. He looked at him, he was standing with his father and future father- in- law, who were busy discussing about their old acquaintances. Ashwin, passed his thumb over his neck, signaling he was being butchered and pleading him to save him. Arnav dangled his car keys in front of him asking him to leave. Ashwin excused himself came to Arnav and said, “Nannav do something please…. take us away from here.”

“I’ll ask Mohan to take you…”

“No..no..no.. not Mohan.. he wouldn’t know..”

“Then ask her to drive… what do you want me to do?” he asked irritated.

“Nannav she is new to the city… you know all the good places, do me this one favour buddy.” He pleaded.

“What..the…?  Are you serious? You really think I’d drive you around while you two neck and smooch at the back seat of my car…” he turned to go.

“Nannav okay..okay we’ll not do that I promise.. but..”

“What is it you are promising him Ashwin Bhai?” asked Kushi coming towards them. “Kushi good that you are here, bring Sara to the car park, we’ll be waiting for you two there.” said Ashwin dragging Arnav even before he could open his mouth to protest. Kushi stood there looking at them go, wondering what they were planning to do.

They took off in the car after few minutes. An embarrassing silence ensued in the car for some time. Arnav concentrating on the road, Kushi looking outside, trying very hard not to giggle seeing the irritated look on her husband’s face, Ashwin, trying desperately not to look at Sara and Sara refusing to look anywhere inside.

Ashwin slowly moved near her and tried to put his hand around her waist, when he heard Arnav grunting, “Huh..hu..huhn..” Ashwin took his hand away, wishing he could get his hands on him. After fifteen minutes, Arnav stopped his car in front of RM. “You’ve come here?” asked Ashwin puzzled.

“Haan nobody is here, this place is as good as anywhere else.” Said Arnav nonchalantly and enjoyed seeing the frustration building within Ashwin. “But Arnavji… why?” started Kushi.

Ashwin wished he had never asked him for help, but still they both got down and while Ashwin was telling Sarayu that it was Aranv’s house, Arnav got the garden keys from Tiwari and said, “Come let’s go.” They followed him to the back gate and entered the garden. Kushi’s eyes widened, Ashwin’s jaws dropped, Sara looked around in wonder and exclaimed, “Wow… what is this place?”

The garden was looking even more beautiful with fairy lights on bushes and paper lanterns hanging on creepers. The small shed was dimly lit inside and decorated with natural bouquets and the hues and scent from the flowers were making one heady.

Kushi didn’t wander inside, but she saw a table was set for two inside the shed with dishes all kept ready and candles burning. Ashwin stood there speechless.

“Nannav… you arranged…” he couldn’t complete, he just stood looking at his smiling face, “Surprise! Like it?” he asked. Ashwin just nodded.

“Wow look at the orchids my favourite and look Ashwin… look at the colours.. oh wow…” Sara started looking around. Arnav walked along with her, showing her the flowers and the crotons. Sarayu was so impressed, when she saw his ingenuity in watering and recycling techniques. He showed her the tree trunks and the flower pots within them. She couldn’t stop appreciating him.

Ashwin and Kushi stood where they were, just looking at the two. Kushi was more pensive of the two. “When did Arnavji arrange all this? Even she didn’t know about all this?” she was wondering.

“Show off!” Ashwin was muttering. “He has to steal the limelight as always.”

Kushi laughed listening to him. “He has done all this for you bhai…”

He had put two and two together and realized that it was indeed Arnav’s plan to bring the two together. Whatever it had been, his plan has worked and secretly admired his cousin- what he was not able to do for more than a month and a half he has done it in a matter of two days.

“I know … and all the arrangements there at home… has your signature in it.. only you could have done all that. Thanks to both of you!” he said.


“Arnav…can I call you Arnav?” Sarayu asked doubtfully, “Of course you can!” he said. “Thank you …thank you so much for all that you have done.” She said.

“This is nothing compared to what you’ve done for our family…hnnn..” he paused.

“Chaaru.” She said. “Chaaru… Ashwin is more of a brother than a cousin and my best friend, and I would definitely say you are one lucky girl to have him in his life and since he is so crazy about you…you should be one hell of a girl. I wish you two all the best in life.” He said. “Thanks.” They started walking towards the other two.

“Tell me Chaaru, if I hadn’t made that call that night… then you wouldn’t have talked to him …at all…” he asked.

“Of course not! I know my parents were too shocked when they came to know about us. I was just biding my time and making calculative moves and praying that Ashwin would be patient. But I missed out on one thing…” she stopped and looked at him, “His impatient, rude and arrogant brother. You really scared the life out of me…”

“I’m sorry.” He smiled. “First impressions always need not be the best, isn’t it? Now I know you are the best brother and friend anybody could ask for. Thank you so much.”  

“You are welcome.” He smiled and turned and came face to face with Ashwin. One look at his eyes , Arnav knew what he was thinking. He turned to look at Sarayu, for he was ready for a thanksgiving speech from Ashwin.

 “Okay enjoy yourselves… Kushi come let’s go.” He said.

“Nannav…” he didn’t say anything, he just hugged him.

“Enjoy…have fun..” Kushi said and walked ahead.

Ashwin had had enough of waiting. Sara had leached too much into his mind that he was not able to think beyond her. The moment their backs were turned he dropped his crutch and had his arms around her.

“One minute …Ashwin..” he heard Arnav call, exasperated , he dropped his arms and turned to look at him, “What????”

“Mohan will come here to take you two back.”

“Okay just leave..” he said and turned.

"Ashwin…” he called again, Sarayu began to laugh, “Don’t be too late going back…you know her father is an army man… he might be waiting with a shot gun.” He said.

“Arnav if you show your face again I’ll skin you alive…” Ashwin shouted, at his wits end by then. He grabbed her face in his hands and began kissing her.

“And Ashwin..” he called “Congratulations buddy!” he whispered smiling. But the other two were hardly listening for they had slipped off into a land of their own. Arnav looked at them smiling and walked off towards the car.

Kushi was waiting for him there. “Don’t they look so happy together? Arnavji… this place looks so beautiful… bhai simply loved it…  you never told me that you were planning all this for them. How come you never did all this for me.. even once?” She asked teasing him. He pulled her towards him and asked, “Why? Do you love me less now?” he asked. She nodded, “I couldn’t love you more now.” and hugged him tightly. “I’m so happy for them Arnavji… I bet you had a hand in all this…” she voiced her doubts. “Come let’s go.. don’t you want to hear the whole story?” he asked.

“Where are we going? Aren’t we going back to bhai’s place?” she asked.

“What…. go back to that crowd? No way. I’ve asked Akash to handle things and di and Payal are there to take care of the baby. Stop worrying now.”

 After few minutes he took her inside a restaurant. There were hardly any occupants in that place, very dim lit with lights hanging low near each table. “Arnavji.. what place is this.. there’s hardly anybody here.” He took her down the stairs and there were few people dining there. She had never seen anything like this. There was a huge screen on one side and a movie was about to start. Looked like an old English movie. “Where else this Governor would take me.” she thought. There were couches and push back chairs and some bean bags as well placed in that medium sized hall. They selected a couch with a table set near it. Arnav ordered drinks and dinner and while they were waiting he said, “For the past few weeks Ashwin looked more of out of sorts.” “Meaning….” “He looked troubled that usual gleam and sparkle in his eyes were missing. I tried several times to make him talk… he refused. So I decided I have to do some thing. I didn’t go to Banglore that day Kushi… in fact I was in Ashwin’s apartment only.”

“What did you do there?” Kushi asked getting curious.

“Well I made him drink…” he smiled. “What ..the? exclaimed Kushi.

“But still that bugger didn’t open his mouth, but he kept calling Sarayu every five minutes. So I copied that number and decided to call her.” he paused. “And..”

“Well…” he pulled her closer. “I thought for a minute what you would have done in that instant.” “Really … you must have come out with a brilliant idea I bet…” she said.

“Brilliant idea.. and you….don’t go together Kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!” her jaws dropped, he tucked her hair behind her ears, and began to kiss her.

After he released her she asked, “Okay what was your brilliant idea then?”

“Only a silly filmy idea came to my mind…. I called her and shouted at her and said Ashwin was dying because of her. She panicked and called him immediately. I gave the phone to him. He was hardly in a state to talk he kept mumbling and kept calling her name. Behind him I began to pretend as if I was talking to a doctor and calling for an ambulance. I cut the call and took the card out. Immediately called jiju and told what had happened. The plan worked.” He smiled.

“Those silly filmy ideas actually works… everytime…” she said proudly.

“It might have flopped as well.” he protested. “Anyway… her parents contacted jiju…who took care of things there… I took care of things here… and the rest you know.”

“Hmmm brilliant… you are learning Mr.Raizada… you’ve shown vast improvement under my guidance. Only you could have included me in your plan as well.” she pouted.

“Oh really … I’m blessed to have a good teacher like you…” he laughed. “Actually the idea struck just that moment…. I didn’t plan anything.” He said.

The movie ‘The Roman Holiday’ started. Both of them began to enjoy the food and the movie together. The scene with both of them with a bed and recliner came they looked at each other and smiled. After sometime she cuddled up to him, “She’ll come back…won’t she Arnavji?” “Shhhh… watch..” he kissed her face. “Oh no she’s leaving…so sad she’s leaving..” she whispered and towards the end he slowly gave his kerchief to her. “Why do they have to end like this Arnavji? They should have got married.” She said almost in tears.

“Oh come on Kushi… she is a queen… how could she marry a man on the streets… be practical…” he laughed and got up to leave.

“Why can’t a queen marry an ordinary man?” she asked.

“That happens only in Hindi movies… come let’s move.” He pulled her up and they left for home. “Still after all it is only a movie…a fantasy world.. why should they be practical?”

“Unbelievable…. It is only a movie.. don’t be so emotional.” He muttered.

After half an hour they reached RM, when they saw some police cars and ambulance and a crowd on the opposite side of the road in front of the apartment building.

“What is the commotion there Tiwari?” he asked. “Don’t know exactly, Arnav baba, the police have blocked anyone going near and they are not letting anyone come out as well.” he said.

They entered RM, talking about the evening and froze on their legs when they saw the scene in front of them.

Payal was sitting consoling the crying mami with tears in her eyes. Akash was sitting next to nani, Nk was on the phone talking, Anjali was sitting and crying on her chachi’s lap. Arnav’s blood drained from his face. “Di…” he ran to her followed by Kushi. When she heard his voice she began to cry even louder.

“Bhai… Shyam has been shot and critically wounded and fighting for his life.” said Akash with moist eyes.





Mar 12, 2015

The Winner Takes It All - 143 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 133 times)

Chapter 143


Shyam was lying on the hospital bed, fully aware of the pain that was coursing through every muscle, every cell, every nerve, in his body. He was fully aware of the nurses and doctors holding hurried conversations around him, the unique hospital sterile stench and the tubes and wires that were running into him to keep his vitals going and the beep of the monitor above. All these years the pain he was carrying made him only strong, but now this pain was letting him down. He knew he had to endure it for some more hours. He had to talk to her, his wife…see her once, he had to talk to Kushi…. see her one last time, for he could ask only her for a favour. He smiled thinking about her. Humility is her weakness and strength. When he realized the person he was up against, he knew always, this was going to happen. He was sort of ready for that.

 Siddarth came half an hour after to see him. He heard the doctor say, “Mr.Singh, sorry to hear about your daughter.. you have come to the right place we will do the best to save her.”

Shyam opened his eyes. He saw the minister asking the doctor and the nurses to go out. They followed his orders. “Strange! Being your daughter…. I never expected her to be this sensitive. You’ve come here sooner than I expected.” He said, words coming out broken and in whispers.

Siddarth’s eyes were emitting fire but he didn’t utter a word. He still couldn’t understand who this man was and why he did what he did.

“You think by killing me the game will end, nooo…Siddarth….” Siddarth stiffened in surprise. It’s been long since he heard someone call him by this name. “The game is on….look around you…you’ll find the spoils of your earlier exploits. What did you think that you could hide behind the rock called power? Haven’t you heard that ants can drill holes into a rock and make it weak? I have lived half of my life planning for this day.”

He turned to walk away, “Siddarth…” he heard Shyam whisper. “I’ll be dead and gone ….but you …you will be walking dead. Good luck to that!” he tried to smile.

Siddarth went out. The doctor was standing outside. “How is he?” Siddarth asked him. “Bad, very bad.” He said. The minister just nodded and walked away.

After few minutes some of his family members rushed in. “Doctor, I’m DGP Kohli,” he showed his ID, “What happened, how is he?” he asked. “Two bullets still inside him sir, one lodged in his shoulder blades, and the other right below his ribs. He had fallen backwards so the bleeding is minimal till now. But his heart is failing. We have to remove the bullets, but he is refusing treatment, saying he has to talk to his wife first, before we give him anesthesia.” Ashwin kept calling Akash to get the latest. “They  are on the way. Will be here in ten minutes.” “What a night!” he sighed. He couldn’t even relive those happy hours he spent with Sara in his mind, before he got the call from Akash telling him the news. He had left di with her kids in his apartment and rushed to the hospital with Manoj.

Fifteen minutes later the Raizadas rushed in. Anjali looked quite calm. Kohli told the doctor that she was the patient’s wife. “Mrs Jha, I’m sorry, he has been refusing treatment and he has just few hours left. If you could convince him, we’ll try our best to save him, but I can’t promise you anything. He’s waiting to see you, your brother and his wife.” The doctor said. “But you see this is ICU, it is against the hospital rules to allow anybody inside…”

“Doctor…I’ll take care of all that… just let them in.” Kohli said.

The doctor sighed. “Okay… but please… just for few minutes only.”

“Di, are you sure you want to do this? It doesn’t matter….”

“It is okay Chote…I’m fine.” She said softly.

The three walked in. Arnav had his arm around her shoulders, and Kushi was clinging to his other arm, half hiding behind him. The nurse placed a low stool near the bed so that she would be right in line of his vision. Anjali sat and looked at him. This was not the man she loved. She  had loved a man who was so gentle and kind to her. Who never spoke a harsh word to her or her family members, a man who was loved and respected by her family. He was like a sponge who absorbed all the pain and hurt when it was too difficult for her to handle Arnav. At one stage it looked like he was the only one who was able to handle Arnav. She sighed, she had married a dream. That dream was already dead. This man lying there was a stranger, who hated her family and tried to kill her brother, and lusted for another woman, a man who tried to kill her and his own child. He didn’t matter to her anymore. But yet it was her duty towards the departing soul to be there.

“Shyamji…” she said softly. He opened his eyes. He saw her, her face right in front of him, her brother’s arm around her. Rock solid support as always. If only he had given this support to his sister, his life would have never come to this end.

“Rani Sahiba… I am sorry… for all that I’ve done. My heart was too filled with hate and revenge… that it was difficult to love you. And by the time I realized what it is to love, to spread joy and happiness..” his eyes lifted to see Kushi, “It was too late…. I’ve wasted my whole life… Rani Sahiba…please forgive me one last time.” He whispered. She remained quiet, unmoving.

“Kushiji…..” He called softly. Every word was becoming painful to him.

Arnav tightened his hold on her arm restricting her to go near him. Kushi looked at him and slowly removed his fingers and went and kneeled beside the bed. “I am sorry I really am..”

“Shyamji…don’t worry …everything will be alright…Devi Mayya hey na…” she said. “After all that had happened only you could say all this…” he smiled.

“I have one last favour from you… I have no right to ask Rani Sahiba or Saale saab.. but I can always ask you..” he paused. “Yes Shyamji…”

He turned to look at the nurse, “Will you please call them?” he said and closed his eyes. The nurse went out and came in with a middle aged woman and a puny 18 year old girl clinging to her and dragging her feet and taking tentative steps inside.

“They are here Mr.Jha.” Three heads turned to see the two entering the room their eyes registering shock. The girl kept muttering to herself her head lolling from one side to another, eyes never fixed on anything, constantly moving from one object to another. “What happened? What happened? What happened?..” she was clearly agitated and talking continuously, her pig tails swinging this side and that. “I want to go there…” she said pointing to the door. “Go there…go there…go there… I want to go there… I want to go there…” “Gowri..take her outside.” Shyam whispered. the lady went out with the girl. “Kushiji that is my niece….Neha. An autistic child…needs constant love and care…. My last wish … Kushiji… please take care of her just like you would take care of Rani Sahiba.”

“I promise you I’ll look after her.” she said.

“Saale Saab…” he said with laboured breathing. Anjali got up from the stool, and Arnav reluctantly sat down on it. “Please forgive me ….” Arnav didn’t even look at him. “One day…I know you’ll forgive me… for who better than you, would understand a brother’s love for his sister.” The monitors began to go erratic.

“Please …all of you have to leave now….”

“Doctor please… Rani sahiba….” He whispered. She sat down near him again.

“Would you allow me to see my…our son …one last time?” he said. She looked at Kushi and nodded. Kushi ran out and brought the baby and gave him to her.

Anjali lifted him and showed the child to him. He smiled…tears were flowing by the side of his face. “Please… Mr.Raizada…” “Yes doctor..” Arnav said and turned to go. Anjali looked at him for one last time, his eyes were pleading. She hadn’t spoken a word. He kept starring at her. The doctor kept the mask on his face. But still he refused to close his eyes. His mouth moving, “Forgive me… please…” Finally she took her baby’s hand placed it on his hand, she placed her hand over them and said,

“We forgive you Shyamji…now rest in peace.” He closed his eyes.

“Di let’s go..” said Arnav. She gave the baby to Kushi and asked her to go outside.

“Come Arnavji… it is okay..we’ll wait outside.” They went outside. Anjali sat there holding his hand.

Arnav went out and immediately his eyes searched for Kohli. He found him standing with Ashwin and went towards them. “How did this happen? Who did this?” he asked. “Siddarth…. I mean his men..” said Kohli.


“Nannav..it was Shyam who was behind kidnapping and the killings.” said Ashwin.

Arnav looked at Kohli surprised. “You knew… about this…?” he asked.

“I didn’t tell you people because, I knew my phones were tapped and our conversations were reported back to him. But the girl’s friend suddenly remembered his name and told me over the phone…it took nearly two months  for Siddarth to identify Shyam… I was trying to protect him for the fear it might unnecessarily drag your family into it.” said Kohli.

“And now…?” asked Arnav. “Press would have a field day once the news comes out.”

“Shyam has taken care of everything.” Kohli said. They looked surprised. He showed them three envelopes. “What are these?” asked Arnav.

“An affidavit stating that his wife and her family was in no way involved in the killings and that it was purely his own personal vendetta. The second one is his will where he has written all his properties, shares and money whatever that is left of it…to Anjali and her son.” And he took out some photos from the third and showed them to him. Both of them looked at the photos confused. “As soon as Shyam was shot, these pictures were all over You Tube and Face Book. This is the girl he had kidnapped, buying drugs from the boy who was later killed in the bomb blast. I guess he had told her about her father and even before she had got over that, these pictures were on social media…. She took her father’s gun and shot herself. They brought her here but she didn’t make it.” Arnav looked at the pictures again. “He’s here?” he asked. Kohli nodded, “Third floor… the press is already waiting outside… I have to go along with him and give a statement… it is going to be a long tough day…” he wiped his forehead.  “Did you say third floor…?” Arnav asked, then turned and began to walk towards the stairs. “Arnav… Arnav my boy…wait..” he went behind him. Kushi heard the voice and quickly walked towards them, Ashwin who was waiting for the elevator shouted, “Kushi go fast… third floor…stop him..”  Kushi nodded and began to run up the stairs.

“Where is he uncle?” he asked striding fast. “Aranvji… please don’t do anything… let’s go..”

“Nannav please listen to us…” Ashwin had joined them. He was past listening to anybody. He saw the crowd and some uniforms outside the ICU and immediately knew he should be there. Kohli and Kushi tried to keep pace with him. he was stopped by the guards at the entrance. “It is okay …he is with me…” said Kohli.

He pushed the door and went inside. “Arnav … my boy…just listen…”

He stopped looking at the scene inside. A petite figure covered in crisp white sheet was lying on the bed. Her head bandaged and dried blood stains still on her face. Her mother, sitting beside the bed, her head on the bed was wailing. The man who was standing at the foot of the bed slowly turned. Arnav saw him for the first time and his jaws automatically clenched and his fists tightened.

“Arnav Mallik…” he said, looking at Arnav and came and stood in front of him, wondering what they were doing there. “Kohli… what is he….” Next second a loud cracking sound of a bone breaking was heard and Siddarth was down on the ground covering his face and rolling on the ground. Kushi stood there wide eyed with both her hands covering her mouth, starring at the man down on the ground.

Kohli ran to the man calling out to the doctor. Ashwin, couldn’t believe what he had just seen. It all happened in a blink of an eye. “Ouch….” Arnav’s right hand was shivering and he was clutching it with his left hand.

The doctor came running inside, “What’s happening here? Why are you all inside?” he asked. “Doctor please… first attend to him.” urged Kohli. “Oh my God! Nurse… Quick…” he began to give instructions to her. Two male attendants carried the Minister and laid him on the bed. Ashwin and Kushi were already out, too dazed by what had happened few minutes back, Arnav on his way out turned and looked at the man… he had just knocked down. His upper lip was cut open and hanging down.  His nose must have broken he guessed for he was profusely bleeding and the man was writhing in pain.

He joined Ashwin and Kushi outside, still clutching his hand. “What was that Arnavji?” Kushi asked shocked beyond words. “When I saw him, I actually wanted to kill him, but the least I could do was punch him.” said Arnav gritting his teeth.

“WHAT A SUCKER PUNCH BUDDY!” he said loudly and the three burst out in laughter.

They quickly went down to join the family and it was Manoj who saw that Arnav’s hand was bleeding. He asked the nurse to take care of that wound and she confirmed that the skin on his knuckles had just cut open and it was not a fracture.

All the elders had already left with the baby, as they had nothing to do there. Payal was sitting with Akash when they saw Arnav go with Manoj.

“Where did you go Kushi? What happened to Arnavji?”  she asked.

“Jiji…I saw that man.. he is there on the third floor..emergency ward….”  And began to explain what Arnav just did. Akash smiled.

An hour later Anjali came out. Akash and Arnav rushed to her side. “Di…” he hugged her. “It’s all over Chote….” She just closed her eyes resting her head on his chest, “It’s all over…” she said.

The doctor came out, “I’m sorry Mr.Raizada… there are some formalities to be completed before we hand over the body to you… She has to sign some papers.”

“Yes doctor… sure.. can’t I sign on her behalf.. she’s got an infant at home.” he asked. “I’ll make arrangements to get her signatures wherever necessary… then rest I guess you can take care off.”

“NK as soon as di is finished you take them home, we’ll stay back to bring…. the body home.” Arnav, said with a slight hesitation. Surprised it was no longer ‘him’ but it was body now.


The country woke up to the breaking news that, Union Minister S.S.Singh’s skeletons in the cupboard – Startling revelations by his wife. After the shock of seeing her girl die in her hands, Mrs.Singh, revealed to the press, in an exclusive interview about how her husband had blackmailed her father, in order to marry her. He had trapped her brother, a then promising leader, into a scandal which he was never a part of, sent him to jail and how he won the sympathy and trust of the party cadres and explained his dubious actions behind his meteoric rise in the party. She was ready to come to any court to testify against him. She had kept quite all these years, for her father’s sake then after his death for her daughter’s sake… now she wanted justice as his hands are stained with her father, his son and his daughter’s blood. The Executive Council of the party held emergency meetings, asked him to step down from the party leadership, resign his post and decided to reopen the cases against his brother in law.


 Vikas Puri neighbourhood and Laxmi Nagar people were shocked to hear about the news of the shoot out and the death of Mr.Jha. the Guptas immediately came to RM. All the rites were completed to make his soul rest in peace. Avantika and Manoj left for Kanpur. Chacha and chachi stayed back in RM on Anjali’s request for few more months. Naveen Kalra, saw the obituary and called Anjali to convey his condolence.

Kushi made arrangements, after getting the family’s approval, to bring Neha to RM.

Arnav sighed, wondering if Kushi knew what she was getting herself into.

Mar 17, 2015

The Winner Takes It All - 144 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 118 times)

Chapter 144


Neha was given the guest room down stairs and the nurse Gowri stayed with her. Neha indeed proved to be very difficult. She refused to come out of her room the first few days and even if she came out, she used to hide behind sofas and chairs or run away to her room, dragging her feet, whenever she saw someone around and so free movement of the family members inside their home was restricted. And otherwise quiet home was often disturbed by her loud squeal and talking or crying. Slowly Kushi began to make inroads. She got to know she loved juice, so Kushi made it a point everyday, to make juice for her twice a day. After few weeks, for the first time she smiled at her. Next day at exactly the same time she came to the kitchen to see her preparing the juice and thus started their friendship. She took her shopping one day, got her new dresses, she had a new Diana style hair cut, they had lots of ice cream and then returned home. Neha became her constant companion in the kitchen. Slowly she warmed up to Payal. Ran away when she happened to see Arnav, replied to Akash whenever he wished her and simply smiled at NK when he did the same. Though she didn’t interact with anybody slowly she began to act normal and become comfortable in their presence. She sat with Anjali and looked at awe at Aarav and enjoyed playing with his toys. One thing the whole household understood about her in few weeks time was that, loud noise – be it when one spoke loudly, in excitement or in anger, even Aarav’s crying, loud music- agitated her. Slowly the house hold began to adjust to her and surprisingly nobody complained. Arnav began to make enquiries about schools for these differently challenged children. Kushi and Payal took time to even visit these schools to see how they were doing. One day it so happened that after a long time Arnav and NK were relaxing in the study and playing a game of chess. They were in the middle of the game, when NK moved away to take a call, “Hey, make your move then attend the call.” Said Arnav irritated. “Wait a minute Nannav..” NK walked off.

Arnav was concentrating on his pieces. He knew the game was in his control, but something was eluding him. He was missing to see something that much he understood and was wracking his brains, when Neha walked in She saw the board and went tentatively towards it, Arnav saw her and stiffened. “Is there going to be trouble?” he thought looking at her. She quietly sat down, and kept looking at the board for a few minutes. Kushi went and kneeled beside the table. “Neha this is chess board, let Arnav bhai and NK bhai play, we’ll go and have some juice.” she said softly. “Chess…I like… I like…playing chess…I like… I like…” she kept swaying to and fro but still her eyes were on the board. She then smiled, with NK’s black pawn removed the white Bishop and then moved Arnav’s knight and said, “Check…” and began to laugh and clap hands.

Arnav slowly got up, Kushi quickly got up seeing him, “Arnavji…please don’t shout at her…please..” she whispered.

“Kushi… did you see that? That was brilliant… how did she know that? That was just brilliant… wait a minute…” he was amazed and began to rearrange the board and moved the pawn. Within seconds she responded. Soon Akash, Anjali and NK joined them and they were amazed to see how quickly, she did her calculation as soon as Arnav made a move and responded within minutes and even defeated Arnav at his own game. It was then Gowri said that she was very good in math and in general with numbers and very good in chess as she used to play everyday with a sister in the convent. So after that day, Arnav made it a point to play one game daily with her. He made sure there were no meetings in the evening, for even if he happened to be late, she would be waiting for him with the board ready, not budging from that place and would start throwing tantrums if he didn’t show up. While the family was adjusting to Neha, Anjali made sure that Ashwin’s wedding plans were on course. She insisted that whatever that had happened should not in any way throw a hammer in the works, as Shyam’s relationship had no relevance to her or her family. She had only one favour to ask Ashwin to which he readily complied. The Raizadas after nearly a year for the first time found joy and happiness engulf their family. A week before the wedding they packed their bags and left for Lucknow.

On the day of the engagement, Kushi began to feel odd. Her instinct told her that her family was hiding something from her. Anjali and Payal were showing undue interest in what she was wearing that day and in fact Anjali had gone to the extent of getting a new lehenga for her with matching jewelry and accessories. She started pacing the room, “Kushi stop! My head is spinning…” said Arnav irritated.

“My head is going to burst!  Arnavji…. I know…. I definitely know…there is something…. What could it be? I have to find out…I know they are going to surprise us..”

“Well if it’s going to be a surprise…they are not going to tell you about it..” said Arnav bemused. “I hate surprises…. Why did di give me this new dress? Jelebi…I need jelebies…” she took her purse and rushed out of the room. “Pagal!” he shook his head and continued with his work.

That evening amidst lights and floral decorations of the lawns and music, Ashwin got engaged to Sarayu. The guests congratulated the happy couple, drinks were served and people were ready to move towards the area were food was served, when NK’s voice stopped them. “Good evening everybody, ladies and gentlemen… my sister, Anjali would like make an announcement. Please … could you all give a moment for her…thank you.” The crowd gathered around the stage waiting eagerly for what Anjali had to say. Arnav slowly turned, to look at Kushi who tilted her head indicating, “I told you..” he went slowly towards the stage fist clenched. He hated surprises and wondered what Anjali had to say in front of the crowd.

“I bless this wonderful couple and May God shower his blessings on them. I guess I am the luckiest sister ever with such wonderful brothers.” Arnav frowned. He turned when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Relax Chote! Why do you look so worried?” asked Avantika. “Di..what is she going to say? She never told me…”

She just patted his shoulder and said, “Just listen…”

“But still I have one unfulfilled wish…. Though it’s been nearly a year my family and I never had the joy of witnessing my younger brother’s wedding.” Slowly the family got on stage smiling. Kushi’s eyes widened and a small smile crept on Arnav’s face. “Chote..Kushiji…please we all request from the bottom of our heart that you give us the pleasure of witnessing you, take your marriage vows once again”.

Arnav narrowed his eyes and starred at his sister. Only and only his sister had the guts to do what she had done just then and still stand there smiling innocently at him.

He looked around for Kushi, and saw her pulling her skirt quickly and hiding behind a pillar.

Kushi wished the Earth would open up and swallow her that instant. Imagine marrying her husband again. How embarrassing could that get! She knew that her family was planning some thing but never imagined this. Arnav was never going to accept this and she didn’t want a showdown in front of her family. She didn't have jelabiesb at hand so her nails bore the brunt of her anxiety. She dreamed herself inviting her friends for her wedding, “I came to invite you to my engagement with my husband Laad Governor, tomorrow..” and her friends burst into laughter. Then she saw herself talking to the caterer, “Tomorrow for the Sangeet dinner I need sweets made of sugar free, you see my husband is a diabetic.”

“Hello…who are you madam?” asked the voice on the other end.

“I’m Mrs.Raizada…tomorrow is my wedding sangeet…”

“Look I’ve no time for all these crack calls.” He cut the call.

“Kushi…” she heard his voice which brought her out of her reverie. “Devi Mayya raksha karna,,,,,raksha karna…” she began to pray.

“Kushi… what are you doing here talking to yourself? Come let’s go.” Arnav said.

“Arnavji didn’t I tell you they were planning something….” She whispered.

“It is okay…come …” he took her hand and went up on the stage. She was crimson red by the time she was up there.

Buaji came up on stage and blessed them and she tied an auspicious thread on her wrists, and hesitating a little took another one out. Payal came forward buaji it is okay… you know …”

“Buaji, you have something for me?” Arnav asked her.

“Haan bituwa…this thread, I got it from the temple… you see..”

He stretched out his hand and buaji smiled and happily tied it on his wrist.

“Chote…..here….” Anjali, showed him the box with a ring, Arnav took it and slid it on Kushi’s ring finger. Both remembered the incident when he bandaged her finger in the temple. They looked at each other and smiled. “I’ve done this before….” He whispered. She smiled and nodded.  “Kussi… come on it is your turn titiliya…”

She slid the ring they had bought for him. Then they got the elders blessings.

The music started and there were toastings for the couples and dance, chatting and laughter. Arnav managed to find his sister alone. “How was the surprise Chote? Hope you’ll be a good boy and cooperate with us like this for the other rituals as well.”

He nodded, “Thanks di…thanks a ton…” he hugged her.

“Chote?” she didn’t expect this reaction from him.

“Many a nights I lost sleep feeling guilty when I think that this was her one dream I’ll never be able to fulfill. You made it possible for me di.” he hugged her again.

“Chote just wait and see what we’ve planned… it will be an unforgettable experience for you two.” she smiled. “I bet…. Let’s see, I’m game.” He said.

They had dinner, and when everybody was ready to go back to their rooms, “Kushi come let’s go.” Said Garima.

“What.... where?” asked Kushi puzzled.

“To Meena mausi’s house, that’s where we are all staying.” Said Garima.

“But why aunty… she can stay here..” started Arnav and he was immediately cut off by nani. “Chote…. You will not see each other for the next few days till your wedding is over. Till then she will stay with her parents.”

“What the…?” he turned angrily towards his sister. “Is this also part of your surprise you have planned for us?”

“It is also a part of the ritual Chote…just five days that’s all.” Anjali smiled sweetly.

“My clothes..and things I have to pack… amma I’ll come tomorrow …” said Kushi.

“Payal has packed everything and Akash has already kept it in the car. Hello hi bye bye… if you think you are intelligent we are even more brains.” said mami.

Arnav turned to Akash, “Et tu Brutus!” he muttered angrily and walked away.

The Guptas invited them for mehendi and left.

Mar 18, 2015

The Winner Takes It All - 145 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 113 times)

Chapter 145


Next day late in the morning Kushi was sitting with mehendi on her hands, when Payal called her to come to the veranda at the back. Kushi, “Yes jiji what is it? Ohhh…” she was startled to see Arnav standing there. “Hi….” He said.

Payal gave him the small cup of lime juice and a piece of cotton and left. “What are you doing here?” Kushi asked smiling. “Well…. to see how you are doing…. and to lend you a helping hand…” he pulled a stool next to his chair and asked her to sit down. She sat down and stretched her hands in front of him. He began to apply the lime juice on her mehendi. He saw the ‘A’ in the middle of the design and he smiled.

“Kushi Kumaaaari Guptaaaa…. A… did you hear?” came to his memory. “I’ve seen this before in your hand” he said smiling. She nodded smiling. He was concentrating on her hand, when he felt her leaning towards him. She kissed him on his cheek and bit his ear. He shivered, “Kushi…let me do my work…” she was is no mood to listen, she kissed the nape of his neck, “Kushi..stop…” “Stop me if you can…” she whispered into his ears. “Don’t challenge me…Kushi.”

“Why? Are you scared you’ll lose.” She asked. He continued applying the juice. “You know I never lose…” he said. “You’ve lost every single time.” She said.

“Really?” he stopped but she continued disturbing him. He dipped the cotton in the lime juice and slowly pulled the front of her dress and put it inside. She jerked back, “Arnavji what did you just do?” she asked. “Oh!” he looked at his hand surprised as if searching for the cotton ball, “Did I drop it some where?” She was trying to look inside her dress. “Oh is it there? Let me check.” He came forward. “Don’t you dare!” she said irritated. “Again you are challenging me Kushi…” he leaned forward.

“Jiji…..” she shouted at the top of her voice. Payal came running, “What is it Kushi?” she asked. “Payal… I want another cotton ball…”

“Why what happened to the other one?”

“You see…actually I was applying when Kushi…”

“Jiji…please…I’m hungry….get me something to eat.” interrupted Kushi hurriedly.

“Sure Kushi……. but that cotton …” she looked at Arnav.

“See Kushi started to…” “ Jiji please….go and get me something.”  She shouted again. “Ok….okay… as you say.” Payal went off, leaving Kushi starring at him. He tapped her nose, winking at her. Then pulled her near him, started kissing her and gently pulled out the cotton ball from inside her dress and threw it away. Kushi was in a world of her own that she didn’t even realize what he had just done. Payal brought a plate filled with food enough for two. Arnav fed her and she insisted he also eat. He then left promising her he will come back in the evening. He came back in the evening and they went for a stroll around the nearby streets walking hand in hand, talking in general about nothing in particular. Next day the grooms’ haldi function was held in Ashwin’s house and Kushi’s was held at her mausi’s place. Late in the morning when the function was over and Kushi was waiting for her turn to wash off the haldi , her phone buzzed. Payal gave her a bucket full of clothes and asked her to put for drying.

“Hello Arnavji…” she said walking away with the clothes to the terrace.

 “So what’s happening there?” he asked.

“Just waiting for my turn to go and wash.”  She said.

“What happened you sound dull?”

“Uh..uh..” she reached the terrace.

 “You look so beautiful in your white and red sari.”

“Thank you… now wait a minute…how do you know what I’m wearing?” she asked surprised, turning around looking here and there.

“I know everything you do.” he said as a matter of fact, coming from behind one of the pillars supporting the water tank above. He came near her. “What happened, you are looking so off beat?” he asked pulling her in a hug.

“I’m all alone here while you are all enjoying Ashwin bhai’s wedding functions.” She said.

“Tomorrow’s sangeet you are going to be there, and next day wedding…his wedding is in the evening, ours  is in the night… so you’ll not be missing anything…I know…you are missing me isn’t it?” he asked kissing her.

“I’m missing you… missing everybody…missing our home….” she said almost in tears. “Didn’t you also want a wedding like this? With friends and relatives, good food and dresses….”

“Of course I always used to dream of one like this…. but that doesn’t mean I like being away from all of you.” she said leaning on him and hugging him.

“Did you like the dress di sent you…your wedding lehenga?” he asked looking intently at her. “Oh that dress..do you think that pink colour would suit me?” he noticed a slight disappointment in her voice and in her eyes for a second then it vanished, “I love it Arnavji…it is so beautiful!” she said smiling. “Oh really?” he asked, “What?” he asked her when she started giggling.

“Your face it’s full of haldi…” she said and taking some from her hand she rubbed some more on his cheeks. He pulled her even closer and rubbed his cheeks on hers gently. “Do you remember we’ve done this before as well?” she asked. “How can I ever forget that day… the first time you kissed me, your lips so soft like petals…I couldn’t sleep for many nights…” he said huskily. “You are talking about sleep…. You made my breath stop….Laad Governor!” she said. “Now I have to go…before all this gets completely dried up.” She said, trying to free herself. “Can’t we shower together…you know I can help you remove all this.” he asked kissing her. “No thanks…Arnavji…this is not your home this is Meena mausi’s house in Lucknow…. Now leave.” She said and walked away.

Next day evening sangeet was arranged in a grand hall with a decorated stage and lightings. Ashwin’s other cousins were all dancing to film music. Akash, Payal, Nk, Mami, nani and mama were not to be left behind, they also went on stage. Next the two brides went on stage and enthralled everybody with their beautiful dance performance. Then Nk went on stage and announced that it was Aranv's turn to dance. Arnav refused to even budge from his place. NK then said, “Okay Nannav… come on stage and show us how you proposed to Kushiji.”

“No way… don’t be silly….” He said.

“Arnavji…come to think of it …he is right…you have never proposed to me even once.” She said. “We are already married and tomorrow I’m marrying you again..why should I propose to you now?” he asked.

“Laad Governor…when did you ever ask anything from others..you only order others.” She pouted and turned the other way.

Suddenly she heard loud cheering and was shocked to see Arnav on stage.

“Never in my dreams did I ever imagine that one day I’ll be standing like this to do something I would have never thought of doing … I realize now that love can reduce you to anything. This was my favourite song during my school days…. Then times changed…. after that I stopped listening to music even… now I sing this song for the one and only love of my life…

“I've been looking too hard, I've waiting too long

Sometimes I don't know what I will find

I only know it's a matter of time

When you love someone

When you love someone

It feels so right, so warm and true

I need to know if you feel it too

Maybe I'm wrong

Won't you tell me if I'm coming on too strong

This heart of mine has been hurt before

This time I want be sure

I've been waiting for a girl like you

To come into my life

I've been waiting for a girl like you

A love that will survive

I've been waiting for someone new

To make me feel alive

Yeah, waiting for a girl like you

To come into my life” he stretched his hand and called her on stage, she walked towards him dazed.

“You're so good

When we make love it's understood

It's more than a touch or a word we say

Only in dreams could it be this way

When you love someone

Yeah, really love someone

Now, I know it's right

From the moment I wake up till deep in the night

There's no where on earth that I'd rather be

Than holding you, tenderly

I've been waiting for a girl like you

To come into my life

I've been waiting for a girl like you

A love that will survive

I've been waiting for someone new

To make me feel alive

Yeah, waiting for a girl like you

To come into my life.

Yeah…waiting…” he slowly hummed and the crowd broke out into a thunderous applause. He went down on one knee and looked at her and asked, “I’ve said all that I ever wanted to say…. Kushi, will you marry me?”

Kushi couldn’t control her joy, she pulled him up and said, “Of course yes Arnavji..” and hugged him tightly. Nani and Anjali couldn’t hide their tears. “Nani…I’ve never seen chote so happy …”

“Yes bitiya…Why wouldn’t he be happy when Devi Mayya herself has destined them for each other.” said nani.

Kushi pulled him by his hand and sneaked off to a room. She closed the door quickly and started kissing him so passionately. They broke apart after a few minutes breathless and smiling. “Wow..what did I do to gain that?” he asked.

“You sang for me… I never knew you could sing so well Arnavji… that was so beautiful…” she hugged him tightly, tears running down her face. “Anything for you Kushi… I’m beginning to live a new life…take it as ..it’s a new me.”

“I love you… I love you more than anything else in this world.” She said. “I love you too.” He whispered into her lips.

Kushi woke up the next day…all excited that it was her wedding day and she and Arnav were going to be one forever. She had her bath and came into her room and was surprised to find new boxes on her bed. She opened them and just stood awestruck, looking at the dress she was holding. It was a beautiful red lehenga with green motifs, with pearls and gold beads and stones and embroidered in golden thread. There were boxes with beautiful red, green, gold and pearl bangles, matching big jumkas, necklace and rings. She pinched herself, and assured she was not dreaming. She had never seen a more beautiful dress than this. Her phone buzzed. “Arnavji… you bought this for me?” she asked softly.

“You like it? I’ve searched half the Delhi for this.” he asked.

“I’m simply speechless…when did you buy all this? How did you know I love exactly this colour combinations and the jewelry…. it’s simply out of the world…Arnavji…it’s superb…” she said.

“I’ll be waiting to receive my queen….so dress quickly and come early to the hall..and Kushi…” he said. “Yes…” “Come quickly sweet heart…don’t make me wait….” “I promise….you also come early…take care..bye!” she said and cut the call. After lunch they went to the wedding hall for Ashwin’s wedding. Arnav was disappointed she was wearing a silk sari and not the one he had bought for her.

“I know Arnavji..I don’t want to parade in my wedding dress for half a day. And I want you to be the first one to see me in that dress.” She said smiling at him.

“Chote ….could you please come here and help me with this…” called Anjali.

“Coming di…hmmmm… that’s a point… but I would prefer seeing you without it.” he whispered, tapped her nose and walked away smiling.

After Ashwin Sarayu’s wedding  and photo sessions were over she went to her room to dress. Her friends helped her with her hair style and make up and she had to literally push them outside before she wore her wedding lehenga. She messaged asking him to come to her room. He came after a few minutes, dressed in reddish brown closed collared sherwani and dark green pyjamas, looking like a prince.

She went near him, put a black spot of kajal behind his ear. “What are you doing?” he asked smiling. “I’m protecting you from all those evil eyes out there who are waiting to eat you alive.” She said. “What????” he asked. “All the girls… when they see you …can’t tell what they’d be thinking…” she said and he began to laugh. “Even if one of them come as close as three feet near you… I’ll …I’ll..”

“You’ll what?” he asked. “I’ll scoop their eyes and pull their hair out….hope you didn’t call any of them today.” She said. “You are looking so delicious…I’ll have all of you myself…” she said hugging him. He started laughing.

“Okay tell me how do I look?” she said twirling around. He pulled her to him, “Do I have to tell you what you’ve heard me say a hundred times before?” he asked huskily. “I don’t mind listening to it, another thousand times Aranvji… tell me..” she whispered. “You look gorgeous…beautiful…this skirt fits you as if the designer had you in mind when he was designing it.”

“Really… how would he know that I’m the one who’s going to wear it?” she asked. “Of course he knew…you are the one who’s going to wear it…otherwise it wouldn’t be so perfect a size…see…” he ran his hands from her waist down her bottoms to the thighs… where it was just tight enough…then the skirt dropped down in flairs. She looked at him puzzled. “I made this just for you….” he said looking into her eyes. “You made this… but how did you know …about our wedding …I mean..” she couldn’t understand. “I had made this two months back… but was just waiting for an occasion to give it you…” he said.

“I was always dreaming of wearing a dress like this on my wedding day…” she couldn’t control her tears. “How did you know …Arnavji..?” she asked. He slowly wiped her tears carefully, “Sh…sh.. not today Kushi.. I’ve told you before…I know everything about you…even your dreams… because I’m the one who is there isn’t it?” he said teasing her. “Laad Governor!” she said and hugged him. “Hmmm that I am…” he kissed her. “Can’t we cut the rituals..and go directly to the next one?” “That is…?” she asked. “Suhag raath…” She pushed him.

“No chance… every ritual has to be done otherwise I would not consider you as my husband even. Now leave it is getting late.”

“Are you sure?” “Very sure! Just few hours Arnavji..then I’m yours forever.”

“You were mine the day you fell in my arms..Kushi..” he said and walked out.

They exchanged garlands, he tied the mangal sutra, and walked the seven rounds around the fire and finally took the blessings of all the elders.

Ashwin and Sarayu left for Mauritius immediately after Arnav’s wedding. After dinner, “Kushi let’s go….” He took her by her hand and rushed off in the car. They went straight to their hotel room and Arnav was fumbling for the keycard when he heard the voices from behind. “Not so fast little bro!” he rolled his eyes and turned around to see his sister, NK, Akash and Payal coming towards them. “First of all you know our family custom….” “Okay…di as you wish…” he carried her inside the room. “Now leave all of you…” he said. “Not till we get our Nec money.” “And I have to get double….for I play double role in this family.” said Payal, stretching out her hand. Arnav took out his wallet and gave them the money. “Okay Chote … you carry on with whatever you want to do.” Said Anjali and left the room. “Nannav mere bhai…come tell me what are your plans for tonight…?” he pushed Akash and NK out of the room and closed the door.

“Kushi quick change into something casual… go …” he said pulling out the duffel bag. “Arnavji where are we going?” she asked removing her jewelry. “You are going to see…” he packed one set for him asked her to get one set of her clothes, ran inside the bathroom, got his toiletries, changed his clothes to jeans and shirt and as soon as she was ready, they came out of their room and stood still the moment they saw Neha standing outside her room looking at them. They went slowly towards her. “You are going…” she asked Kushi looking down because Arnav was there. “Just for today…tomorrow I promise I’ll come back and we’ll all go back to Delhi to our home…okay…now it is late ..you have to sleep.” Kushi tried to hold her hand she pushed her away, “Delhi…to our big home…with big TV… tomorrow… to our home…?” she kept mumbling. “Yes..but now you have to go and sleep.” “Promise… we go home…you’ll come…” she asked raising the pitch of her voice. “Yes I promise…then you can play chess with Arnav bhai… isn’t it Arnavji…?” “Yes…Neha..we’ll play chess tomorrow.” He said softly. “Okay ..” she said and hugged Kushi.

“I like chess… I like chess…I like chess…” she kept saying. Gowri took her inside the room and they walked away, when a soft voice from behind stopped them, “Bhai….” Neha called out. Arnav felt a shiver run down his spine. For the first time she had called him. He walked slowly back to her, “Yes Neha…”

“Promise…. We play chess tomorrow….” though she saw him only for few seconds there was so much expectation, trust, so much faith in those eyes, that his eyes became moist. “I promise you…tomorrow we’ll play… now can I have a hug too…?” he asked holding out his hands. She jerked back, shaking her head. “Ok…ok bye..good night..” he slowly opened the door for her and she went in. He stood there for a minute, then both of them took the elevator down to the car park.

He opened the passenger door of a black BMW for her. “Who’s car is this?”

“I’ll tell you…we have the whole night don’t we?” he smiled and zoomed outside the gates of the hotel. On the way he stopped near a Devi Temple, Kushi’s eyes widened in surprise. “Don’t you think we should thank your friend… for all this before we start our new life?”

“Yes..we should definitely thank her, are you also coming inside?” she asked totally puzzled. “Yeah….come then let’s go..” Both went inside the temple, Kushi thanked her for being with her at all times and blessing her with a wonderful husband. Arnav looked at the smiling Goddess, “Thank you for bringing her to me…. I’m keeping my part of the deal..don’t you forget to keep your part of the deal.” “Let’s go Arnavji…”

He drove for another fifteen minutes and finally stopped the car near the water front. Kushi got out and took the duffel bag and both walked towards, what looked like a small office. A young man was waiting there. Arnav gave him the car keys.

“Thank you saab, come with me.” He took them down the steps to a small ferry, bobbing on the waters of the Ganges. “Wow… are we going to stay here?” she whispered to Arnav. He nodded, “How is the surprise?” he asked. She simply squeezed his hand and smiled. “Sir ..this is… Michael and Ramvir… they’ll take care of everything… shall I leave now?” he asked. “Yes..ofcourse.. I’ll call you tomorrow when I’m ready.” Arnav said. The other guy nodded and left. They got inside and Arnav took her inside the ferry. “Sir… we’ll be here throughout… you can call us anytime if you need anything… shall we start moving?”

“Thanks ..yes …” he took her hand and went inside a doorway, which led to the  stairs going down. There were row of three rooms. They went inside the centre room and Kushi gasped. She stumbled as the boat started to move and Arnav held her to him. The natural scent emanating from the flowers in the room hit their nerves and she breathed in deeply. The bed was completely covered with rose petals. “This is so beautiful…” Two small paper lamp shades, covering two small bulbs giving out faint light just enough to be able to see to move around. One side of the wall had portholes and she ran to the side to see the city lights glimmering in the water as they moved along. An LED tv was fixed on one wall. There was a settee on one side with tea table in front. A wine bottle and a fruit basket were placed on it. Kushi sat down on the settee, looked around again and asked, “Whose boat is this?” Arnav came and sat next to her, pulling her to him, “This is jijaji’s friend’s boat. He used to lend it to his close friends now and then. Those two guys are security as well as boatmen… they know the place very well… we can have this boat with us for one full day…” She turned to him, “It is so beautiful… I’ve no words to say…you sang for me, you came to the temple with me, you did the pheres as well…. and now this… what did I do to deserve this Arnavji..” “You deserve more than this Kushi….” he kissed her softly on her lips. She came closer, clutching the back of his head begging for more. He lifted his head. “I have something for you.” he whispered. He got up and opened the bag and gave her a packet. She opened it, “Will you wear this for me?” he asked. “Anything for you…”  He was surprised she didn’t protest. He opened the wine bottle, poured it two glasses, put off one light, and waited for her. She stood behind the bathroom door and called him. “Arnavji…is this all? Is there anything I can drape around me…?” she asked.

“Kushi…are you going to come out or shall I come there?” he asked. She came out slowly, her hands across her front of the silk lingerie. She came and stood in front of him. He slowly removed her hand and placed a glass in her hand. She looked at him. “For us….cheers…” “Cheers…” she took a sip and frowned.

“Savor the taste Kushi… take a sip…keep it n your mouth for few seconds and swallow slowly. Enjoy the taste. You’ll like it. It’s just wine.” He said. She sat down on the settee again. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. His fingers were slowly tracing the hem of her negligee.She was looking like Aphrodite, a Greek Goddess. She began to enjoy the wine. “Why are you looking like this?” she smiled. He came and kneeled in front of her, his face in line with hers, “How do you do it every time Kushi? Your face turns pink…everytime..even after nearly a year…” he took the glass from her hand and placed it on the table. He kept his on it as well. “Just like you make my heart beat faster every time you come near me, sometimes I feel my heart will pop out of my mouth.” she smiled. The wine, the swaying motion of the boat was slowly playing with her senses. He made her to lie down on the cushions and began to kiss from her toes, his one hand slowly sliding away the straps off her shoulders. “Arnav…” she began to moan his name. He didn’t know what was more soft, her skin or the silk material on her. He removed the last piece of jewelry that was on her, and switched on the TV…it’s sound drowning any other sound that came from that room. Even that small settee was big enough for them and their love making adjusted to the swaying rhythm of the boat.

Arnav opened his eyes on hearing the phone ring. Even the hardness of the floor had not mattered to them. The bed full of flowers remained untouched. He looked around, he couldn’t find Kushi…he heard her inside the washroom, he smiled and picked up the phone. “Good Morning Di…” “Good Afternoon Chote…”

“What?” he got up. “Sh..it..what time is the plane?” he asked her. “In another hour and a half…we are leaving for the airport.” said Anjali. “I haven’t even packed…” he saw Kushi coming out of the bathroom, wearing the same negligee. He was eyeing her as she was walking around the room. “I’ll ask Aman to change my tickets…I’ll come later di…you take care…” he said. “Come back soon Chote…I’ll not be able to manage Aarav and Neha without Kushiji…” she pleaded.

“Every body, wants a part of her…. at least let me have her to myself for few hours di..” he said. “Your request…after taking into consideration that you are in dire need of her than us…is granted…” she laughed. “Thanks…have a safe flight.” He got up and went to the bathroom, while brushing his teeth he was checking the mails and then came out and called Aman. He sat on the bed, “Aman..where are you?” he asked. “In Delhi…in ARD office.” He said. “Delhi?” he asked. “ASR…I’m not the one who had my nuptials last night … I have work to do… tell me..” he said.

“Book two tickets in the evening flight to Delhi.. cancel mine and Kushi’s morning flight..we are late already.” He saw her come and stand in front of him. He raised his eyebrows as if asking her, what she was looking at. She shook her head and kept starring at him. He smiled at her. “Did you check the details sent my the Mayur Garments. I’m not satisfied… set up a meeting with them as soon as …” Kushi pushed him and he fell on the bed his legs dangling by the side of the bed.

“ASR?ASR? Did you hear what I said?” “Huh…yeah..what..?” his voice hardly left the throat, his pants were already pulling taut and he started breathing hard. “I’ll call you back.” He quickly cut the call. “Kushi…what…” “Sh  shhsh..” she was playing with his toes and her fingers were slowly sliding up his pants. “You look so ravishing… I want to eat you up…” she said and mimicked as if growling.

“But not as tasty as my fruit salad all dipped in sugar and ho..” she began kissing him not allowing him to complete. This time I call the shots…” she said. He lay down on the bed smiling, breathing in the scent of the flowers and looking at her. The straps of her dress were already half way down her shoulders and she was unmindful of the picture she was creating in front of him. The animal in him woke up. She was busy toying with the TV remote trying to increase the volume. He grabbed it from her increased the volume threw the remote, pulled her up pushed her on the bed and was top of her in a jiffy. “You are too slow for my standards to call the shots…Kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada…I’ll teach you how to take control.” He claimed her lips and his hands were busy removing her dress. She pushed him back on the bed and was top of him in a second and said, “Then I take it as a challenge and prove you wrong……Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada.” As always Kushi won the challenge and Arnav was only too pleased to keep losing to her.










Mar 20, 2015

The Winner Takes It All - 146 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 102 times)


Chapter -146

Ashwin and Sarayu landed in Marutius in the morning the resort cab took them to their cottage overlooking the sea. Their luggage was brought in and he paid the man handsomely and he left them. Ashwin closed the door and turned and smiled at her. “Finally…it’s just us…no one around … just us…” he said. She smiled, “Yeah…finally..”

“Ashwin…can I have your phone please.. I  have to call my parents..”

“No..no…no phone calls,  no work, no messages…it is going to be just you and me..” he said, removing his jacket and taking his bag to the closet.

She went behind him, “But Ashu…just one call.. I’ll just inform them we’ve arrived safely here…please just one call..even papa and maji will be worried.” She pleaded.

He gave her his phone and she called her mother, “Amma…” he came and stood before her, and wound her long braid around his neck and held the end in one hand and pulled her in a hug with the other. Every time she moved her head, he moved and his lips kept brushing her face. “Ashwin what are you…?” she covered the speaker and whispered to him.

“Then cut the call…” he said. But she continued talking to her mother. He couldn’t understand a word of what she was talking, he started moving his lips and mimicking her expressions. She bid them bye and cut the call and burst out laughing looking at his weird expressions. “Hope you weren’t complaining about me to her.” he said removing her braid from his neck. “Me ? Complain…? It has reached a stage where my mom wouldn’t believe me if I say word against you… even now the first thing she asked was about you then only she asked about me.” she said. “Jealous?” he asked.

“No… but I’m happy that you’ve been like a balm to their pain…” she smiled.

He couldn’t resist and slowly he ran his finger on her dimples. “Wish I could jump inside those dimples and live there forever. My heart is inside them.” he whispered and started kissing them. “Ashu… I …I ..” he looked at her, “Let me go have a wash…” he immediately moved aside seeing her feeling awkward.

“Yeah..yeah go ahead…I’ll see if I could order some food here and then we’ll take a stroll down the beach.” He said feeling foolish that he didn’t even ask her is she was comfortable and if she needed anything. She stood looking around, “Come … the washroom must be inside..” he opened the bedroom door and both stood gaping at the room. It was quite a huge room, with colourful floral drapes on the windows, matching bed covers and bouquets on the side table and on the centre of the bed. There were scented candles placed on the stands fixed on the walls but were not lit. Probably they have to light it in the night, she thought. He looked at her. “It’s beautiful…” she said blushing. “Yeah..nice..” He opened the door to the washroom and looked inside, quite spacious…with a bath tub and a stand in shower. “There you go…” he said and they heard the door bell. “I’ll see who it is..you carry on..”  he walked out. It was room service with a food tray, being wheeled in. “Complimentary breakfast for the honeymoon couple…every morning Sir… and this is for you..on the house..” he gave him a wine bottle, tied with ribbons. “Oh that’s nice! I was wondering if I should call the reception desk…for breakfast. This looks good..” Ashwin said, eyeing the trolley. He gave him some pamphlets, “There are some guided tours…around the island, water sports, adventure sports…. if you are interested you just have to call the reception and book earlier Sir…we’ll make the arrangements for your transportation.”

“Do we have any other option…like..can’t we just go out on our own..instead of guided tours..” Ashwin asked.

“Of course you can take the hotel cabs…or rental cars…. you just walk out down the road by the beach you’ll find restaurants. Any thing else you need just give us a call we’ll be glad to help you.” he said.

“Sure we’ll do that..” said Ashwin. “Wish you a happy stay here…Sir..” they left.

Ashwin went to the room. Sarayu was there looking fresh and stood there in her jeans and tank top. He stood there admiring her combing the hair. She had divided it into three parts and she was slowly brushing one part after the other. He smiled to himself, thinking this was going to be the daily scene which he would never get tired of seeing. It’s been long time since there was any woman around in his home. His di was married and had left his home when he too small to remember, then after few years Arnav and Di left. He felt it a bit odd to have a woman in his room, he had to get used to it fast he thought.

By the time he freshened and came out, Sarayu had arranged all their things in order, laid out the food on the tea table and was waiting for him. Ashwin joined her. He was surprised, to see that still there was a sense of awkwardness between them, she was feeling mighty nervous he could see that. For the past few months she was so free with him. They had gone out shopping together and on dinner dates.  He couldn’t understand her sudden nervousness. He went and twiddled with the remote, eyes all the time on her. She was moving slowly clearing away the food and tentatively came and sat next to him.

“Bablu…  the resort have these guided tours around the island then they have water sports and some activities around here… have a look.. would you be interested?” he asked moving closer to her. She took the pamphlets from him.

“Yeah looks interesting…” she kept quiet, staring at the TV. He kept the papers down, took her hand in his, “Sara... look at me…. Something’s in your mind? you know you could tell me anything….” He put an arm around her, his fingers gently rubbing her shoulders. She rested her head on his chest and “I’m just tired…that’s all.” She said. “No that is not all…tell me..” he pulled her closer.

“All this is so new to me…I’m scared..” she said softly.

“Tell me what are you afraid off?” he asked.

 “I’ve never been away from my family….my parents…”

“Feeling home sick? So soon? Are you bored already?” he asked laughing.

“No…Ashu..you know I didn’t mean that…” He understood her fear.

“Then you tell me what did you mean?” he insisted.

“I’ve never been … Ashu .. I’m not..” she paused, closing her eyes shut tightly.

“Ready…is that it?” she nodded still burying her head further in his chest.

“Would it help ease your mind if I promise you that I would not rush you…” she lifted her head and looked at him, he held her face in his palms, “We have a whole life time ahead of us…Sara.. I want to relish every second of it… let these thoughts not come in the way of the wonderful thing we have between us…” she hugged him, “I’m sorry..” she whispered. “For what?” he asked.

“I’ve disappointed you, haven’t I?”

“No… but come to think of it…maybe a little but I’m more amused…” he said smiling. She looked at him confused. “You are an educated, city bred woman…a doctor at that.. I bet you would have been in the company of men, and for the past one month, we’ve been quite close… I’m surprised that’s all.”

“What did you expect.. that I’ll just remove my clothes and start explaining the anatomical structure and how cells and hormones react when we have ****?” she was quite ruffled up. “That would be too boring a class and most probably I’ll gag when we really come to that …” he laughed. She softened, “I’m still a woman…Ashu.. I have my own fears and insecurities… just give me time..that’s all I ask..”

“I understand…you take all the time you need… just remember one thing…I’ll never… never hurt you. Now go and take some rest.” He said lovingly.

“What about you?”

“Oh I’ll just check some mails…and phone calls..”

“You said no phone calls …no work..”

“Now that you won’t allow me to do anything else when you are in that bed…” he paused, “let me finish these pending jobs.” He teased her. She turned away in a huff, he pulled her him. “Now what?” she asked, “Come on Bablu…. don’t rob me of these small pleasures..” he began kissing her. Slowly she was sliding back and the kiss was becoming more passionate by a second, his hands fumbling to touch her skin inside the top. He carried her to the bed and placed her gently, sighed and pulled the blanket over her and stood smiling at her as she cuddled to one side closing her eyes.

She woke up late in the afternoon and looked around. There was silence around, except for the crashing of the waves on the s****s. She slowly got up… “Ashu…” she called and came out of the room, and was relieved when she saw him, sleeping in a sitting position on the sofa, head lolled to one side. She went and sat next to him and gently caressed his hair, “Hi…” he opened his eyes. “Why are you sleeping here..? You could have slept on the bed.” she said.

“I didn’t want to wake you .. What time is it?” he asked . “2.30.” she said. “Hungry?” she nodded. “Okay let’s freshen up, we’ll scout around for a good restaurant have food and go to beach.” She got up, he said, “You have to wear something short…you can’t get your pants wet…” she nodded and walked off.

She wore a wrap around over her shorts, took her handbag and was ready in few minutes. And she smiled when she saw him come out in his loose white shirt and grey Bermudas. “You are going to make heads turn…” she said smiling.

“Hmmm that will be fun…will that make you jealous..”

“They would be jealous of me…maybe get tired of thinking what would I have done to deserve you.” she said.

“Only I know what you are worth to me…” he said putting his arm around her waist. “Let them think what they want…”

They were out the whole day. Had good food, went strolling on the beach, then it was too much to resist not getting into the waters, she removed her wrap, and he in his swimming trunks, went into the water and started swimming. They were in the water for nearly an hour then returned to the room. “What happened I thought you had fun…I never knew you could swim so well.” he said.

“It’s a shame if a Keralite doesn’t know swimming… I did enjoy.. it was like being back in my ammuma’s home…my nani.. I mean.. but it comes with a price..it will take hours for me to clean and dry my hair now.”


He ordered pizzas for dinner and sat down with the wine bottle. “You’d like to have some?” “No you carry on…” she said busy drying her washed hair. He took out a hair dryer from the cupboard and gave it to her, “Didn’t you know they have kept this here for this type of contingencies?”

“But I never use it …it’s bad for the hair…” she said.

“Come on babs…once in a way it will not matter…come let me help you..” he started plugging it and switching it on. She started laughing, “Give it to me…I’ll do it myself..” “No.. I’m serious… I want to..” He buried his fingers in her hair and pulled her near, breathing in the fresh fragrance. “You wouldn’t know how many days and nights I’ve dreamed of doing this..” he said and began to show the dryer over her hair. After few minutes she took it from his hand and pushed him away, “I’ll do it myself.” She came back smiling after half an hour.

“All ready..” he asked, touching  her hair to check if it was dry, she had tied it into a loose knot in the end. “Yep…I’m hungry…”

After dinner they sat down to see a movie. She cuddled up next to him, his arm around her waist and one holding wine. “Which movie is this?” she asked.

“Some chic flix must be… who cares?”  he said kissing her fore head. She tried very hard to keep a straight face when unedited romantic scenes came on screen. She can’t be behaving like this she chided herself. She had to accept the inevitable, the earlier the better she thought. He smiled when he felt her stiffening every time a love scene was shown. He was patiently watching it for an hour then he switched it off. “What happened?” she asked, sitting up straight. “Why do you want to watch this ****?” he asked.

“It is a good movie…” she said.

“What’s so good about it? Every ten minutes they show them having ****….if you calculate…actually… in a day they spend six hours having ****. And we are sitting here and watching that on our honeymoon night…. you can’t expect me to sit through this.” he said and pulled her near him and began kissing her. He slowly removed the knot on her robe and gasped when his eyes fell on her laced negligee.

“Oh Sara…” he said his voice hoarse and began kissing the edges of her night gown…moving the straps down her shoulders. “You are so beautiful…”

Her breath was coming in short gasps her hands slowly hugging him tighter.

“You should stop me … before I become unstoppable… but I wish you wouldn’t…” he was rambling . She on the other hand was engulfed with mixed feelings. New tingling sensations taking all over mixed with a sort of fear and guilt that it would really be unfair on her part if she said no to him. He pulled her up, removed her robe, carried her to the bed and plopped beside her.

“You are right..” running his finger slowly on her face and down her neck. She caught his hand, eyes still closed. “We have to get more comfortable in each other’s presence… know more about each other…explore each other..”

“You really think so?” she asked softly.

“Hmmm…  want to continue with the movie?” he asked. “No…” she said laughing. “I’d prefer being with my handsome romantic husband….” He pulled a pillow near hers and settled comfortably. “You never told me about your college days in London… you sure would have had girl friends… they wouldn’t have left a handsome hunk like you alone.” She asked.

“Yeah.. I did go out with one or two girls… but nothing serious came out of it, I was concentrating more on finishing my course and coming back to develop my dad’s business.” He turned to his side and looked at her, “Why do I get a feeling that you wanted to know something more than what you intended in that question?” “No… nothing like that… it was quite a direct question..what else could I intend it to be?” she said avoiding his gaze.

“Would you believe me if I say that you are the first girl in my life... that I would have any relation with..”

“Of course Ashu why wouldn’t I believe you…” she snuggled closer to him.

They started sharing their experiences till late night and slept in each other’s arms. Next few days they went around the magnificent islands and enjoyed all the water sports. Ashwin was surprised by her adventurous spirit, completely in contrast to her shy demeanor. Once they returned in the evening they went back swimming for an hour in the beach. This time Sarayu was careful enough to wear her cap while swimming which saved her an hour everyday.

Ashwin developed a nagging pain in his leg, after they had come back from swimming. The cast was no longer there, so he kept rubbing his foot. Sarayu, confirmed it was not a sprain but just muscle strain and she started to massage his legs and rub the pressure points in his hand to ease the pain.

“Enough Bablu….” He tried getting up. “Why what’s the matter?”

“Nothing .. I’m just going to watch TV for some time… I’ll” This time it was she who turned him towards her, “It’s late..Ashwin aren’t you coming to bed?” she asked garlanding him with her hands. “You want me to…” She smiled. He got the cue. He held her face tenderly, “Are you sure?” She looked down shyly. He laid her on the bed slowly, and handled her so tenderly as if afraid to crush the tender flower she is. The rest of the  night they spent, exploring each other till they were consumed by passion and slept in each other’s arms, satisfied and content.




This update is for all the readers who enjoyed these two characters. Though it was not my intention to write this earlier, then I felt it is only fair to write about them, who had an important role in the development of my story.





Mar 22, 2015

The Winner Takes It All (By Raani82) (Thanked: 128 times)



Sheesh Mahal was lighted up and rows of cars were lined up and people were busy walking in and out of it. There was a huge decorated board bearing the words _ ANJALI weds NAVEEN. And guests who were welcomed in stood in awe looking at the decorations and lightings and enjoyed the Shenoy Music that flowed from every corner of the palace. The hotel was closed for the outside guests and it was to be used for a month for the Raizada wedding.

Kushi was at her wits end. She had been calling that number since morning in vain. "This is the last time I'm calling, if he doesn't pick up devi mayya ki kasam, I'll smash that place up." She muttered to herself and tried one last time. "Hello!" She heard a voice on the other side. "Its time you answered the phone... Where is my report , you said you'll send it today?" "Didi... Saab is not here...I have your report you have to come and take it." 

"What! But.." The call was cut. "How dare he! He cut the call? This laad governor is also not here….of all the days he had to sign a deal today only...on his di's wedding day!" She quietly climbed down the stairs and stood looking around.

She saw Payal standing there looking worried, "Jiji what happened?" she asked. "Don't ask Kushi...go and see your self."

Payal said and began texting to Akash to come to their room. Kushi went in and tried very hard not to laugh out loud. Akash entered the room and was shocked to see his one year old twins, sitting on their bed covered with jewels. "Ma... What's happening here?" Payal quickly left the room allowing him to deal with his mother. "Hello hi bye bye! Look how beetiful my darlings are! " Each began to pull the chains of the other and began to scream. "Ma..they are only babies.…." He started removing them. "Akash... Bituwa.. Everybody should know that they are Manorama' s granddaughters... Hello hi bye bye!"

"Ma listen to me…..they are not wearing all this....that's final...and more over all this will hurt them and they'll have scars in their hands and neck. Do you want that?" he asked, as patient as always. "No...no bituwa...please remove them.. No black marks on the skin hello hi bye bye!" His father looked at Kushi and  smiled nodding his head. Only Akash could say anything regarding her grand daughters, even Payal had no say, though her respect for Payal has now reached a new level when her relatives told her that the babies look exactly like their grandmother. Akash quickly carried both his kids out before she could change her mind. Kushi left the room then saw NK talking to some guests. 

NK and Sujita had a simple register marriage about a year back a and NK had shifted to her apartment in Mayur Bihar. ARD E_Apparel was an instant hit and Arnav had already signed a deal with two online shopping giants. They had gone to Sydney to meet his parents and had returned a week ago. He was busy introducing his wife to some guests. Kushi went to ask his help but thought the better of it.

She saw Ashwin sitting on the corner sofa with his laptop."Hey Kushi...come here...come here.. Sit down and look at this. This is our new project in Noida... How does it look?" "Wow! It looks like we are in a foreign country."

Sarayu had got appointed in a prestigious private hospital in Delhi and she had shifted to Delhi few months after their marriage. Ashwin had bought apartments for them and for his parents and convinced Radhama to stay with them permenantly. His joint venture with Arnav was a success and it began to spread its wings in Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon. Arnav's cut throat and no nonsense negotiating abilities and Ashwin's soft down to earth nature in dealing with the customers proved to be a winning combination. "Bhai.... Let me go and check on di." She said and moved away from him

Anjali was getting ready but this time in a simple bridal sari. She was wearing her bangles and began to think about the 

 day when she agreed to marry Naveen. Avantika di's mother in law didn't fail to notice how attached Ishant got to Anjali during Ashwin's wedding. She initiated the talks of  marriage between the two. But both Anjali and Naveen were adamant and refused to even talk about marriage for both had not come out of their disastrous first marriage. But since then she had many opportunities to meet Naveen as he was part of Ashwin's family. Six months later they decided they would consider the idea for the sake of their children. Arnav left the decision entirely in his sister's hands and asked his family, not to pressurise her. He had given strict instructions to Kushi not to interfere in their matter. Anjali and Naveen spent time together sometimes alone sometimes with kids, though both liked each other they were wary of getting into a relationship. At one point of time Ishant simply did not allow Anjali and Aarav go back home, cried himself to sleep and became sick the next day. It was on that day Anjali took the decision to marry Naveen with the understanding that there would be no expectations from each other and it was for the sake of kids alone. Meanwhile she helped Kushi who wanted to publish her own cook book. She helped her recipes to be posted in you tube as well. It was in its last stages.

"Di... Need any help?" She asked peeping in. "I'm almost done Kushiji..where's chottu.…?" She asked. "He is sleeping and naniji is there with him. I'll go and check" she said and walked away.

At last nani was able to heave sigh of relief Kushi thought and she was proud of her grand children to see them happily settled. She could have asked DeviMayya for nothing more.

.She took the stairs leading to the backyard. The cooks were busy running around. "Shuklaji…." She called, "Ji" he came running,  "whose scooty is this? I want to borrow it." "Kushiji..there are ten cars standing in the front.…. Arnav sir will skin me alive if he knows I gave you the key."he said nodding his head. "Nobody will know...give me the keys..." She took the keys from him wore the helmet and zoomed off in her lehenga. She reached the crowded alley in that busy Lucknow market area and went to that lab. A small boy was sitting there, "He promised he would sent it to my home...where is your boss?" She shouted at him. "Saab has gone for a marriage, he asked me to give these covers...that's all I know."

She grabbed the cover from him and opened it read the report, smiled gave him 100 rupees and left. On her way back she was stuck in the traffic. People began to notice her. A couple with two children on a motorbike,kept starring at her.

"Fancy dress competition! I'm a princess" she said to the kids. The kid took the lollypop from it's mouth and asked "Where is your Prince?" he asked. "Not a prince... Laad Governor!" An helicopter zoomed past them high above.

"Laad Governor?" The lady laughed. Kushi nodded and looked above at the helicopter. "There he goes!" She said and moved ahead as soon as the signal changed.

Arnav got down from the helicopter and walked towards the Sheesh Mahal. It was like homecoming for him. For the first time the nightmare did not trouble him, instead all the wonderful moments he had spent with his mother and cousins came before his eyes. He saw his father a tall handsome man, head held high walking down the stairs.He walked towards the reporters who were waiting for him. "Sir! Congratulations! Great day for ARD!"

"Great day indeed!" "Could you please give us the details?"

"I've just signed a two year contract with a multi national sports company... We have come out with a new light weight  sports apparel and we'll be supplying sports uniforms for the teams sponsored by that company."he said.

"Sir thee years back I asked the same question. Why SheeshMahal? What is so special here?" Asked a reporter.

"Undoubtedly this is a very special place for me. I spent my formative years here and three years back, my life took a 180 degrees turn here." He said and laughed.

"What happened sir?" All shouted. "It was the most wonderful moment in my life, I met the love of my life here."he said.

"I remember, that girl who fell in your arms." He smiled.

"My wife..Kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!" He said, "Now please allow me to enjoy these joyaous moments with my family and walked away.

His cousins were waiting to welcome him. They congratulated him and got the details from him. His eyes were searching for Kushi, he saw her slowly sneaking away up the stairs. He kissed his neices and saw nani coming with Aarav. "Nani..." He took her blessings. "Mama.." Squealed Aarav stretching his arms. "Champ...look what mama has got for you." He gave him a toy sports car and a packet of gems. "Go get ready..baraath will arrive in two hours time." Said nani. He nodded and went up the stairs. He went to his di's room and stood smiling at her."You look beautiful as ever di." He hugged her. "Chote when did you come? I heard the good news...I'm so happy for you." 

"Thanks di....  I'll go and get ready..." He said and walked out. He peeped inside Neha's room. "Neha hi how are you?" He asked. She looked down immediately, "I'm fine!" "Look I got you a new puzzle."

"Thank you!"

"No huggy?"

"No...no..." She moved back. "Shake hands?" He stretched his hands.

"No..no.." She shook her head. He smiled and went out to his room.

Kushi was standing there smiling at him. He closed the door kept the bags down and turned slowly. 

"What's the matter...why are you hiding here?" he asked her with his arms held wide.

"Nothing..."she came running to him and hugged him."I'm so happy for you. All the business channels are talking about you." 

"I have something for you..." He began kissing her and Kushi began clinging to him. "Missed me?" he asked

"Terribly!". He gave a box. She opened it with enthusiasm and let out a gasp. She took the diamond bracelet in her hand

"It's so beautiful..." She saw the glittering five rows of diamonds set in gold. She removed the bangles from her left hand and he put it for her. "Today is a special day for me.."he said, hugging her tightly. 

"Arnavji.. I have something for you as well." she said her face slowly turning pink.

"Really..? no jewelry please.." He said. "No it is not that.." She waited. He looked around, "Kurta?" He asked.

She slowly took his hand and kept on her stomach and whispered, "It will grow and be in your hands in nine months." she said smiling. His eyes widened, he held her face with one hand and asked softly, "you are ...?"

She nodded, "Pregnant." She saw him standing speechless in front of her... mouth open. She started pulling his lower lip in a kiss almost chewing it. He pushed her away, held her face with his hands and asked, "Kushi please. Tell me again."

"We are going to have our baby... Arnavji. Your flesh and blood is growing here."

"This the best gift I've ever received in my life... Kushi.. All this" he pointed the bracelet, "is worthless in comparison. I'm humbled." He said his eyes welled up.

"Don't be Arnavji...all this is not possible without you.  You are my strength. I feel safe and secure only with you here."

He began to kiss her softly all over her face, "This day couldn't be any better.. This day will be the best day in my life. Now there is all the more reason I want to live a long life to see my girl grow into a beautiful girl, I want to see my boy grow into a handsome man, and be chased by the girls, I want to be there for them and see their dreams being fulfilled" He said overwhelmed by emotion. He went on his knees and began kissing her stomach, rubbing it tenderly. "Everything will happen as you wish Arnavji..Devi Mayya he na!" She said hugging him. 

"But I thought you were on pills Kushi.. How did this happen? When did you find out?" He asked making her sit on the recliner."As soon as di's marriage was fixed I stopped taking it. I checked yesterday and gave the urine test as well.Shall we go and tell the family?" She asked.

"You mean you didn't see a doctor?" She shook her head. "As soon as we go back to Delhi we'll confirm that everything is okay then we'll tell others." He said. "Kushi this time you have to be very careful...promise me you'll take care of yourself."

"Of course Arnavji...I promise you..I'll be very careful." She said.

"Aman gave this bag for you..." "Oh he got it!" She took the box from the bag and opened it and showed him a beautiful long gown. "I'm going to wear this for the reception in Delhi." 

"Wow! Its good...I've seen this somewhere." He said.

"I saw this when we went to Paris..I liked it...I came and told to Sujita about it..immediately she searched online and ordered a similar one for me."

She started removing his shirt buttons, "Go take a wash and come you have to get ready."  She said and stopped slowly turning to look at him.

"Wait a minute! What did you say just now?" Her eyebrows narrowed down. He realised his mistake, but pretended as if he didn't know about it.  "I said I've seen this some where." 

"No..no..before that"

"Aman gave this bag.."

"Oh oh before that ...you said .."

We'll consult a doctor then tell others.." He said removing his shirt.

"Tch..no Arnavji! After that" "Kushi...you've gone mad!"

"Haan you said something like ..this time you have to be careful..what did you.."

"Oh did I say that? I meant..this time onwards ... that is now onwards you have to be careful" she looked at him doubtfully, then found herself being fiercely held, "Sweet heart there is still time ...don't you think this calls for a celebration?"

He carried her and placed her on the recliner, "Everybody is waiting downstairs..you"

"Let them wait for some more time...I missed you….and added to that you have given this wonderful gift..

"Arnavji...really you are shameless! "

"Really? " his hands were already toying with her dress. "In few seconds we'll know who is shameless." He began to string the correct notes on her as if she was his guitar."Arnav..." "Hmmm..." "I missed you..." She began to breathe hard.

"I told you... I know exactly how to bring out the wild horse in you." She was hardly listening to him, the sensations he was creating in her body had blocked her ears and eyes..only her body was awake. 

An hour later they were getting ready... When Akash called him..." Bhai baraath will arrive in fifteen minutes." 

"Yes Akash...we are ready we'll be there in five minutes."

Kushi did the final touches and turned an looked at him for his approval, "Beautiful...I love you." He said kissing her.

"I love you too.." 

"Shall we?" They went out closing the door. The guests smiled looking at the most handsome couple, coming down the stairs hand in hand.

Mar 22, 2015

The Winner Takes It All (By Raani82) (Thanked: 86 times)

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