FF- winner takes it all

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Dec 9, 2013

FF- winner takes it all (By Raani82) (Thanked: 90 times)

                     THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL………………


Hi friends

This is my first FF on IPKKND.

I’ve always believed that, however larger than life Kushi was portrayed as, however noble her character was, she and the Guptas  should never have hidden  the truth about Shyam to Anjali.

After reading many beautiful stories, I finally decided to pen my thoughts on how according to me the story should have gone . The story starts from where Kushi decides to tell Anjali about Shyam. Ive not changed the characters and most part is what you people saw on screen, just the story line has changed that’s all.


Have patience, and healthy criticisms are welcome.

Thank you.



                     THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL…………


Arnav was feeling restless, he desperately wanted to see Kushi and somehow make her talk about her  fiancé –oh how he hated that man.

“Let me lay my hands on him… just once …”  He was muttering to himself. He could still feel her shivering as she held on to him while crying. But now he has another important matter to attend to. Lavanya.  Thanks to him by then both of them have realized that there was no point in continuing their relationship, he has to convince her and decide about their future. He put Kushi at the back of his mind and went to meet Lavanya.

As he was coming down the stairs he saw Kushi coming in, her eyes all puffed up, worry written all over her face. Instantly his heart ordered him to go to her but his mind beat him to it. His legs automatically moved towards La’s room.

 Anjali adjusting her necklace and her mangalsutra “ Kushiji.. Namaste… come I wanted to discuss about tomorrow’s ceremonies, now only I realized there are 2 brides in this house…”

 “Anjaliji Namaste….I wanted to tell you something important….”

 “ssss what is this , my chain is entangled somewhere,  and it is …” she kept pulling it and it suddenly broke, Kushi caught it and she could see the panic setting in Anjali’s face.  She was all upset seeing her broken chain and immediately called the jodhisht to find out the consequences of this broken mangalsutra.

 Kushi couldn’t believe what was happening in front of her. Here she was to warn Anjali about Shyam and she could see the love and adulation, Anjali had for her husband. She was confused.

“Is it the right time to tell her? What should I do? Hey Devi mayya guide me!”

 “ Kushiji I have to prepare for a special puja, and .. you wanted to tell me something”

Kushi nervously adjusted her dupatta and Anjali noticed her empty finger,

“Kushiji what happened? Your engagement….”

“Broken, Anjaliji, and I don’t want to talk about it, will you also promise me you will not tell this to anyone till the function is over?”

“So much pain in your heart and still you are thinking about othrs? All of a sudden you got engaged and suddenly you broke your engagement as well, why Kushiji? Are you ..”

“I’m ok Anjaliji, well our relationship never took off and it deserved the end it got.  I came to tell this only. We’ll meet tomorrow then bye!”

 She came out of the house tears streaming from her eyes “ Hey Devi Mayya, have I done the right thing? I couldn’t tell her anything, about Shyam. Please help me, help me! What should I do? Show me the way, devi mayya show me the way.”

Muttering to herself she was walking  on the driveway failing to notice the car that came  and stopped. “Naniji can I go home , my wife is not well I have to take her to the hospital” said the driver.

“Carry on Prashant. Do you need any other help? "No naniji, thank you."

"Okay then,We’ll manage with Akash and chote today, but please come tomorrow.”

 “Sure nani”

 Nani got out saw Kushi walking towards her and saw her tearful face “ Kushi bitiya… Kushi” Kushi kept on walking. She was talking to herself oblivious of her surroundings.

“Hariprakash call chote , ask him to come outside, tell him I’m waiting for him”

“Ji nani”

 Arnav came after few minutes, “ Nani what happened? Why are you standing here?”

“Chote Why is Kushi crying?”

”Kushi? crying…?”

”Chote I’m tired of telling you this. When will you stop hurting Kushi? She is such a nice girl always thinking about others. At least for the next few days can’t you be nice to her?”

“What the….?"  "Hmmm Don't you use that language on me chote!"

"Nani  you saw her crying only today,  she has been crying since yesterday, I tried to talk to her as well, she refused to say anything nani.” She looked surprised hearing this.

“Chote, did you see how worried she looked? Something is really serious, chote, tomorrow is Payal’s engagement…and she is so worried? Come ….. lets go.”

“What?  Where?”

“To Madhumathi’s house only, I need to find out.”

Arnav needed no convincing,, he was waiting for a chance to talk to Kushi and find out about that b…….. He jumped inside the car and waited impatiently for nani to seat herself.

 Kushi entered her home and told everyone what happened, bhuaji  and Payal  were not convinced, but  Garima was secretly happy about this.

 Just then they heard someone knock at their door . Kushi rushed forward and opened it.

She stood there shocked seeing Arnav. “Arnavji …”

“Kushi bitiya…”  

“Namaste Naniji please come inside.”  

Both came in and didn’t fail to notice the sudden change of expression in all their faces. They all looked a shade pale.

“Bitiya  looks like you came to our house and went off in a hurry , didn’t stop to talk to me even.”

“Naniji I … saw Anjaliji…and “

Arnav didn’t let his eyes wander away from her face, and it made her more nervous.

“Madhumathiji, from all your reactions I can see that there is a serious problem and please , I might sound selfish but I don’t want anything to spoil the future of my grandchildren. You can tell us, we will try to help you, we are all one family, aren’t we?”

“ Please be seated! What will you have tea or coffee?”

“This is not the answer to nani’s question bhuaji”  said Arnav

Payal who was till then quiet, opened up “ Daadiji I have something important to tell you.”

“Jiji…please” Kushi stopped Payal and held her hand.

Nani saw Kushi’s hand  and went near her took hold of her hand and touched her ring finger

“Kushi bitiya your engagement ring….?.”

 Kushi immediately raised her head and saw Arnav, who was speechless. 

She didn’t fail to notice a small smirk which crossed his face, his eyes conveyed relief and surprise seeing her empty finger. How many sleepless nights he had suffered after seeing that damn ring on her finger?

Payal slowly took hold of nani’s hand and seated her and she knelt down in front of her never leaving her hand. Arnav slowly sat down his eyes never leaving Kushi. ”Is she sad that the guy left her?”  “Damn it…. Why can’t she say something?”

“ Daadi Kushi found out only yesterday that her fiancé is a big cheat. It is not only she, our whole family feel cheated.”

“Who is he? How did you find out about him? We shouldn’t leave him so easily. Thank God you found out about him before the marriage.”

“Yes daadi, our Devi Mayya didn’t let us down. But my future depends on your decision only daadiji.”

“What? why?  Madhumatiji, I can understand the situation and what you people must be feeling and I know this is not the right time to suggest that we should not stop Payal’s engagement…”


 “jiji please….”  Tears were pouring down, and her fingers were  twisting and knotting her dupatta.

Arnav sensed something was terribly wrong,  “ Payal, what happened? “

“Daadi I will accept whatever you say after you hear what I have to say,. Kushi’s fiancé  was none other than Shyamji, di’s husband”

A whimper was heard from Garima, who knew everything was lost.

Nani just couldn’t believe what she had just heard,  Arnav‘s expression was unreadable, he slowly got up

“Daadi he had cheated all of us, daadi. He told us he was not married and didn’t have anyone in Delhi.”

Arnav kept walking towards Kushi. Fury written all over his face. His eyes were spitting fire.

“Arnav bitwa, Kushi didn’t do anything wrong, the mistake was all ours."

"Bituwa, we forced her to accept his proposal. Please  Kushi didn’t…..”

“Enough ….    “ He raised his hands to stop her from talking. He stood in front of her, he could hear his nani whimpering, “This is not true, I can’t believe it.  My Anjali bitiya,  oh …”






Dec 9, 2013

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - CHAPTER 2 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 94 times)

                           THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL…………



“Arnavji, believe me I didn’t know …. He …. that he is..”


“ Daadi ….. Daadi are you okay, what happened to you?” Payal rushed to get some water for her.


Nothing could stop Arnav now. All he could see was Kushi standing in front of him and the truth that was just told by Payal.


“Why Kushi Why?” He roared, towering in front of her his fist clenched.


“Arnav bitwa, listen…” He left the house hardly paying any attention to buaji who tried to pacify him.


“Deviyaniji, are you ok?   Please believe us, Payal spoke the truth. I was completely cheated by his sly talks. Please, forgive us.”


Kushi unmindful of the reaction of the people around her, she rushed out behind Arnav.


“Arnavji….. Arnavji  please listen…”


Arnav got inside the car and slammed it shut. She ran to the other side and tried to open the door, finding it locked she started tapping the window, she couldn’t bear to see his anger, all because of the hurt she has caused. She felt his pain, and her eyes started watering.


Arnav saw her in tears, his fingers automatically unlocked the door to let her in. He didn’t wait for her to put the seat belt on. He zoomed out of the Laxmi Nagar streets and reached the NH24. Soon he was driving towards Ghaziabad and took a diversion .The accelerator and the car horn bearing the brunt of his anger. Finally the car screeched to a halt in the middle of nowhere.

He got out and came to her side and pulled her out.

“Arnavji … please believe me I didn’t know he was your jijaji”

“ Don’t you dare lie to me Kushi. You were working in my house for nearly six months you haven’t seen him even once. Of all the guys you found only my di’s husband to fall in your trap?”


Kushi was more hurt than the revelation of Shyam.

“Answer me dammit!!!!! No wonder you invented all those excuses to enter my house.”

Kushi stood there mortified, wishing the earth will just open up and swallow her.

“ Now what?  You always have something or other to say, now you have nothing to tell me? ANSWER ME DAMMIT!!!!!!!”

Kushi startled and came out of her trance. What will she tell him? He will hear only what he wants to hear.

By the time she realized what was happening , he had got inside his car and was gone leaving her in the middle of nowhere.

Kushi just stood there. She could understand his anger, his pain, his hurt. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Will he ever understand her?


Payal, buaji and Garima stood there , not knowing what to say where to start.

Nani, decided then she has to take the matter into her hands. She immediately understood that she cannot rely on her grandsons when it came to their di’s matters . Both were very emotional.

Only Kushi can help her. But where are those two?


“Payal bitiya, tell me everything!”

“Daadi it all started when my wedding  got cancelled .kushi…”

“Wedding , What wedding??? What are you saying?”

“Daadi Akashji and Arnavji know everything, didn’t they tell you?”

“What???” She was more worried how Manorama was going to react to this news. “Hey Devi Mayya…”

Payal started….”Daadiji, Kushi by mistake entered…



Arnav drove  like a man possessed. His eyes could only see his Di in her wedding attire, then that gun shot….. and he brought his car to a screeching halt.


“ Di ….. I failed to protect you di.  That Kushi and Shyam were cheating us right under my nose.

I will not leave them, they will soon know who Arnav Singh Raizada is!”


He could no longer understand what was happening around him  and whom to believe.  Shayam  his trusted confidante next only to his di or the girl who brought him to the brink of happiness.


“Kushi   ….” He saw  her in that flaming red sari,  in his arms in that dilapidated guest house,  with besen all over her face making him double up in laughter after 15 years, all the poolside interludes came one by one in front of his eyes.


“You can’t put this ring on my finger, this is my engagement ring”


“Shyamji, hnn, I’m coming home”


“Shyamji. Shyamji….” Kushi standing,    knocking on his room door.


Is there a truth in something she is saying. “Kushi.. Oh ****… What have I done? Where did I leave her?”



He raced back, not expecting her to stand in the exact place where he had left her.

There she was, fear, pain, hurt, confusion, all written on her face.  Is this her true face? I don’t care.! All I knew was her tears were sucking his breath away.


“Kushi……. Get inside the car”


“Arnavji, I want to tell you  that….”


“Kushi, just tell me one thing, If nani and I  had not come to your house,  would you have hidden this truth from us.”


“ Yes Arnavji…. I know Anjaliji’s world would have fallen apart if I had told her this truth. I thought if I go away from this place once jiji’s wedding is over then Shyamji might get back to his normal life with Anjaliji.  I didn’t want to break her heart.”


“And you didn’t feel like telling me… the truth?”  He turned and walked away not believing a word she said.


“Because  I didn’t want to see you hurt Arnavji…” came an answer softly from her.

“I know how much hurt and pain you will go through when you see your di unhappy.”


He stopped dead in his tracks, and slowly turned.


Her eyes met his.  That moment he realized ,  whatever the world may say no matter what , damn the truth whatever it may be he was not going to let her leave his side.













Dec 11, 2013

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - CHAPTER 3 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 96 times)

                          THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL…………



“Get inside the car” his anger hurt her more than anything. “He’ll never believe me.”


“You wanted to tell me something”


“I was also afraid that jiji’s wedding  will once again get stopped because of me. I was scared Arnavji. “  Jiji loves Akashji very much, and I’ll do anything to see my jiji happy. Please Arnavji don’t stop this wedding. I’ll do anything you ask me to do.”


Arnav looked at her surprised, “What kind of a person does she think I am?” he thought. ”Why would I stop Akash’s marriage? She doesn’t even realize what I’m going through. Damn!”




 “Just shut up  Kushi”


They reached Gupta house. Both could feel the tension in the air Inside the house.


Arnav looked at his grandma, sad , teary eyed but with determination. “Nani shall we leave?”


“Daadiji, tomorrow’s engagement…….? asked Garima softly.


“Will go on  as planned Garimaji. Now the matter is in our hands , we will deal with it accordingly. Now we take your leave. We will meet you tomorrow. Namasthe!”


Arnav followed her out. Both were silent , inside the car, their minds filled with their own thoughts.


Nani more worried on how she was going to control Arnav till their weddings.

Arnav was worried about his di, Kushi and how to break the news about his decision to call off his engagement to Lavanya.


His thoughts were running wild. “ Damn, Kushi  engaged to Shyam? Has he touched her, did they get close?” The very thought made him grit his teeth. He didn’t understand himself. Was he angry because that son *********** has cheated di or because he would have got close to Kushi?

“Why why Kushi of all women……? He blurted loudly.


Nani was shocked “ What? If It had been any …”


“I mean  ….. hnnnn…what if he had married her …?” He said quickly. For the first time nani noticed  something new on his face. Is it possible he is feeling something for Kushi.?


“When Devi Mayya’s blessings are there, nothing wrong will happen  chote.! And it is better we wait till the weddings are over. Till then we will keep a close watch on Shyam. By then we can think of a plan to deal with him.”

Before he could protest, she changed the topic

“I’m ashamed of you chote !  You had locked UP a girl in a room a whole night, and Payal bitya’s wedding got cancelled .  Do you even realize what trouble you put them through?”


“Nani do you even know how many crores I lost because of her?”


“Chote , that loss has not brought you to the streets. You can earn that money in a year or two . Unlike them, they had to sell their house and shop and shift to Delhi because of you..  And who better than us can understand the pain and loss a family suffers when a daughter’s wedding get’s cancelled.?”

Realisation dawned on Arnav. He felt guilty.


A smirk crossed nani’s face as she saw a worried Arnav.




“Chote see how destiny brought Kushi to our door step.”


“It was not destiny Nani, she was foolish enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not once but twice.” Said an exasperated Arnav.


“ But it was you Chote who released the clippings to the media. If it was not for you, she never would have met Shyam and never would have left Lucknow.” “It was you who made her sign a contract and made her life miserable in the office. If you … had not brought that Miss Kasyap home Anjali would have never brought Kushi to RM”


For the first time he realized that things had happened out of his control.



Both got apprehensive when they reached RM. The reality stuck them. How are they going to face  Anjali?


“Devi Mayya , please help us.!”

“Nani , Chote…… Where were you two? What happened? Chote why didn’t you answer my calls?” “Di….”

“Shanth… Anjali bitiya..”

“Saale saab, you know how worried your sister gets, and I hate to see my Rani sahiba like this. “


Arnav moved forward with clenched fists, gritting his teeth. Nani immediately held his hand which went unnoticed by the two standing in front of them.


“Anjali bitiya I just remembered your nana’s brother’s grandsons and their families have to be invited tomorrow . So I went to meet them. Prashant wanted a day off so I took chote with me. That’s all.”

Arnav looked at his nani surprised. How easily these women lie to get out of a situation, Typical Kushi..ish., he thought.


“That’s good nani. “  said Anjali. “I was really worried.”


Arnav turned to go towards his room. Anjali looked at him , questionably. Then followed him to his room.






 “What is it chote?” 


“Nothing di ….”


“ Chote you had been crying, I know”


“Nothing di ..I’m fine leave me alone. Please.!”


“Chote , tomorrow is your engagement … I don’t see any excitement in you,  Are you happy chote?”


“Di please leave me alone”


Anjali went out . Worried. From the morning things have been going wrong.


Arnav threw his coat and vest. His tie bearing the brunt of his anger. How did he miss it? So much happened and he had no inkling. How beautifully he has played his game.


“SHYAM MONOHAR JHA!! I will not leave you! You have caught the tiger by its tail. Just you wait.”  


Dec 11, 2013

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - CHAPTER 4 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 107 times)




Kushi was sitting all worried , her mouth full of jelebies her hands holding a plateful of jelebies.


“oh oh what now Kushi?  You are upset again.” Asked  Payal

“Zhi  Zhi ….”


Tears welled up in her eyes. She gobbled up the jelebies. “Ji Ji once again I’ve  created a problem before your wedding.  I’m so sorry jiji”


“ Pagli, you are in no way at fault Kushi. Stop blaming yourself. I’m very happy now Kushi . Nani and Arnavji will take care of things.


“That is the problem jiji, that Laad Governor , always walks with anger sitting on his nose. Can’t trust him to handle Shyamji. “  Kushi was muttering to herself.


“I’m only feeling sad for Anjaliji, such a nice lady! She doesn’t deserve this. Kushi stop muttering and go to sleep.”

“Jiji give me 10 minutes. GOod Night jiji.”



Arnav was pacing up and down his room.  He tried to remember all that happened since he met Kushi. He was searching for some loop, some slip, something , where  he could catch hold of and follow the lead to trap Shaym.


His mind was playing the well memorized events  from day one.

His face was a sight to see. A smile, a smirk, anger, worry, pain guilt all expressions passed his face as he was reminiscing the events.


Then came the part when they had all gone to Kushi’s house to seek Payal’s hand for Akash.

Her babuji’s weird behaviour when he saw di.


“Yessss” He immediately called Kushi.


“Arnavji? Why is he calling now? So late.. Devimayya Raksha karma, raksha karma..raksha karma”


“WHAT THE….? Kushi shut up and listen to me now!”


Kushi jumped up and almost dropped the phone she didn’t even realize she had pressed the talk button.


“Laad Governor ! you are calling me in the middle of the night to say shut up. AAP Shut up”


“Kushi enough, now listen to me carefully. Remember when we came to your house to fix Akash and

Payal’s marriage. Your babuji became sick suddenly. I think probably he was trying to tell us something.  Ask him if he knew something about Shyam before .”


“Arnavji , but babuji is sleeping now, how..”


“NOT NOW KUSHI! Ask him in the morning. Try to find out something.” said Arnav really irritated.


“Arnavji even I was thinking the same. I’ll try to find out Arnavji.”



 “What…? He cut the phone.  Just like that he cut the phone. You laad governor, you just…” She started to dial his number.


“Kussi, switch off the lights and go to sleep titaliya…We have lots of work tomorrow.”


“Ji buaji….” she cut the call midway and went to bed.


Arnav was still looking at the phone ..bewildered.  Her ‘Arnavjis’ were causing some sensation in his stomach - a pain as if someone was wringing his intestines.


And surprisingly he was beginning to sort of like it.


Arnav got up early in the morning. He got ready for his daily jogging routine.  His mind was alert and was all ready to face the new day. He had to chalk out his plan for today. He had not a minute to waste.

 First he was waiting for the call from Kushi, a small thread of hope to hang on to.


Again he was trying to bring back to his memory all that happened for the past few months. His feet were trying to keep up with the speed of his racing mind.  How come none of the family members ever noticed the change in his behaviour? If he was cheating on di, he should have shown his disinterest on her, how come di never had an inkling about him? what is it? What is it that is still  making him  come back to Shantivan?


Sudden phone calls, sudden disappearing acts, mysterious clients – sudden expenses-

Expenses……..expenses…….. his legs slowed automatically , he was trying to catch his breath he saw the first sunrays of the day dawn on him.


Yesssss !!!!He caught on to the second rung in the loop!


He turned and jogged back home.


Kushi got up and rushed to her dad’s room. He was still sleeping.  She went back.

As she was helping out the other ladies to prepare for the evening function she kept checking on him every 10 minutes.


She recollected the events that day. How she introduced one by one. Nani, mama,mami, Akashji, Arnavji then finally Anjaliji. It was then her dad started convulsing.  She remembered how he kept shaking his head.

Later, how he pulled out her ring.


Arnavji is right ! Babuji was trying to tell me something that day! She hit her head. “ Kushi you idiot, you were drowning in the misery thinking about that Laad Governor,  you didn’t bother to pay attention to what your dad was telling you! All because of you……. Laad Governor!”


“Babuji good morning, how are you feeling today?” Shashi Gupta shook his head and smiled. Kushi saw that the smile did not reach his eyes..


“Don’t worry babuji! Everything will be fine. Devi Mayya hae na! Babuji shall I ask you something?”


Shashi shook his head.

 “Did you know before about Shyam?”

 His eyes opened up and shook his head vigorously in the affirmative.

 “That he was married?”  asked Kushi surprised.


“To Anjaliji?” “Haaaaaan”

 “Before my engagement?” He shook his head in negative and rolled his eyes up and down..

 “After?” “Naaaaaa”  “


“Even before the engagement? Then why didn’t you tell us babuji?” “Wait a minute! Before Diwali you became sick. After that you never moved out anywhere.  After Diwali I got engaged“


Her dad was looking at her keenly, nodding his head, encouraging her to arrive at the truth.

Her eyes suddenly became huge. “That means you knew about him before you became sick..”


He nodded vigorously.  Her eyes welled up. “Babuji, the truth was too much a shock for you, that you had a stroke, isn’t it?”


His eyes showed desperation.


She ran out of the room, to call Arnav.


 Arnav got ready to go his office. He was waiting impatiently for Kushi’s call


“Come on Kushi! What’s happening?”


He got his call after few minutes.


“Arnavji….. you are right. He knew about Shyamji before.” Arnav was concerned when he heard her voice. He knew she had been crying


“Kushi….. tum teek hun?” No answer


 “Kushi answer me. What happened?”


“Arnavji….. babuji got the attack  only after he came to know about Shyamji.”


“Kushi, I….. you….”


“Hai re Nandhkis****! Titaliya, so much work and you are on the phone! When will you learn to be responsible!”


“Coming buaji! Arnavji I'll talk to you later.”


Something came out of this.


Still he didn't know how this information is going to help him proceed.


Dec 16, 2013

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - CHAPTER 5 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 106 times)




He went down for breakfast. The whole family was already there! All excited.


“Good moooor…….Chote……. you are going to office today? No way, this is not done!” rebuked Anjali.


“Di, just a small work cropped up. I will come back in an hour. Where’s Lavanya?” He asked looking around, worried.


“Harre wah, chote! Hmmm my darling brother has started showing concern for his bride.”    Said Anjali happily and only got a stare in return from him.


“Bhai! Anything important, shall I also accompany you?”


“No, no, Akash, nothing that I can’t take care off. You stay around.” 

His expression changed as soon as he saw Shyam coming down.


“Chote what do you want, juice or coffee?” Asked nani to distract him.


He waited for the pleasantries to be over.


“Di, did Kushi or Payal  tell you how their babuji got a heart attack all of a sudden?” asked Arnav his eyes never leaving Shyam.

Shyam who was buttering his toast looked up suddenly, saw Arnav looking at him “hmmm Saale saab  pass me the sugar please.”

     “ No chote, why?”

“No just like that! Wonder how he will manage today.”

“We will see to that he is comfortable chote don’t worry.” Said nani.

“Okay di , nani .. bye I’ll see you later.” He walked off.


“Chote bi na, even today he has to go to office.! Glad at least you decided to stay back.” Said Anjali looking at Shyam.

“Anything to make you happy Rani Sahiba” said Shyam silkily. Nani glared at him. 


Arnav went straight to his office room, took out his laptop and his old phones out.

He started to check his bank account and the company accounts and the money that had been transferred to Anjali’s accounts in the last six months.   

He wanted to check her accounts online. Opened the memo pad on his old phone and checked the username password of her accounts.

He punched in the required alphabets and numbers.

“What the…….”  Invalid username, password. These were all lifetime passwords.

How is this possible? He was the only one using these to do the transactions.

Di never bothered to check her accounts. He was taking care of everything. Even her check books were with him.

“Aman I want to know the bank transactions of di’s accounts . Get me 6 months bank statements.”

“ASR, that is not possible. You know..”

“Aman, I want them now. I don’t know how you do it.”


After few minutes, his phone beeped. “Yes Aman,”

“Sir , the bank manager  wants to talk to you.”

“Hello, Mr. Raizada, you are our valuable customer, I’m obliged to serve you. But sorry, the bank rules doesn’t allow me to reveal the bank details of another customer.”

“Mr.Bhatia you very well know about us. Anjali is my sister. “

“Sorry Mr.Raizada, Mrs.Anjali Jha is also another valuable customer for us. We cannot disclose the details. On request from her we will surely do it. Have a good day Sir!”


“Aman, then I’ll get di to tell them to provide me the details.”


“ASR, what happened? Why after all these years?  You never used to check her bank accounts apart from checking if the money is transferred every month, any problem?


“I’m doing this to protect her dammit. I need to know. Ill ask di myself.”


“Sir, sorry to interrupt you, don’t you think di will be worried and upset that you are suddenly checking her bank accounts?”


“I’ll talk to you later Aman.” He cut the call.


Aman was right. Di will surely get upset. And if Shyam is behind this he might become alert.


DEAD END. **** **** ****    


For the first time he realized he was playing against a smart cookie.!


            Meanwhile a phone call to Shyam Manohar Jha “He’s checking on your wife’s bank accounts. But it will not be long before he finds out. I’ll be moving out in a month’s time.”


             Shyam cut the call. Why was Arnav suddenly interested in Anjali’s  bank            transactions?

            Has Kushi said anything to him? But if he knows the truth he will not be quiet like this.             He decided to wait it out.


           In Shantivan ,  people were busy with the evenings preparations. Anjali and Akash ,               busily giving instructions to the caterers and the flower decorators.


          “Hari prakash, bring a cup of tea to my room and ask Prasanth to come to my room”                Said nani and went back to her room.


           HP came  with a cup of tea. “ Hari prakash where is your cousin brother Om Prakash                nowadays ?


         “Nani his wife is working in Mr. Aggarwal’s house in Rohini , OP is around doing odd                jobs for them.”

         “Ask him to come here immediately .I have some work for him,. Remember no one                   needs to know about this.”

         “ji naniji”


          Prashant entered the room. “Ji nani?”

         “Ask the mechanic to service  Manohar’s grey car, and get it ready in 2 days.” Said nani.

         “Grey Esteem? But naniji, all the three cars are already serviced and ready. Why the old            one now naniji?

           “Prashant do as I say! And don’t tell any one about this. This is strictly between you                 and me. Pretend as if you do not know anything. Understood?”

           “Ji nani”  “Get it done now.”


Arnav came back to Shantivan , all worried and preoccupied. “How do I find out about di’s credit cards? Shall I ask her directly? No , it is not the right time now.” Looking at her happy face he walked back to his room. As he passed Anjali’s room, he paused.


He thought of entering her room to check her purse. He had never done anything like this in his lifetime. He found it very odd now.


“What the…..! Why should I behave like a thief in my own home?”

He thought the better of it and walked straight to his room.


Shantivan looked all lighted and decorated. And evening saw all types of people , all excited and happily gibbering away  Its not everyday they get to see the most celebrated bachelors of the city getting engaged.


Arnav entered La’s room “Lavanya, I’m so sorry! Its because of me you have to face all this. I’m really sorry!”

“ASR, don’t blame yourself. It was I who behaved with eyes closed, refusing to accept the truth.”

“Come ASR, lets face them together.”


Arnav entered the hall amidst loud greetings and cheers.

Lavanya  looked visibly  upset while Arnav ‘s eyes were searching for only one person.

And finally when Kushi entered RM, he caught his breath. His eyes refused to move away from her.







Dec 22, 2013

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - CHAPTER 6 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 107 times)




There she was with her family, looking so beautiful, in a pink and blue dress. Locks of curly hair were disturbing her and she constantly kept moving them from her eyes. His eyes were all over her and controlled his urge to just move those hindering locks away from her face.


He hardly heard what his guests were talking to him.


Nani and Anjali came to invite them. Anjali immediately caught hold of Shyam who was trying his best to avoid them, “ Buaji, aunty, uncle , this is my husband Shyamji.  Ji this is Payalji, and ofcourse you know  Kushi… these are her parents.”


Nani was staring at him, “They are such a wonderful family, and I need not say anything about these wonderful girls. Have you seen them before daamadji?”

“ji naani, I …how ..” Shyam was stammering, embarrassed, and all others were quietly enjoying his discomfort.

“You travel to Lucknow often , so I just wondered if you had seen them or heard about them before.”

“Namasthe,….. namasthe Kushiji.”


Arnav saw from the distance Shyam greeting Kushi and trying to talk to her.  His eyes if they had the power could have burnt him down.

“Hello Arnav!! Finally you are also caught in the web that is going to drag you down to hell! Ha… Ha… Ha….” Came the bellowing voice of the DGP.

“Hello uncle ! Glad you could make it. Lavanya, this is Mr.Kohli, our family friend. His father and my nana were very close friends.”

“Hello, miss Lavanya, Congratulations! Now I know how this stubborn bachelor changed his mind. Even a rock will fall for such a beautiful face, how can Arnav escape? Ha ..ha .hha…”

“Thank You, and nice to meet you, uncle . Excuse me! “ Said lavanya who was quite embarrassed and  she quickly moved away from there.

“You know Arnav I had to hold secret meetings and post extra policemen all over the city, ask me why?”

“Why uncle?” asked Arnav, though his lips were moving his eyes were following only Kushi.

“To avoid suicides and any unforeseen circumstances only!  I took extra precautions because the most eligible bachelor in town has broken the hearts of thousands of girls and their mothers who looked at you as their prospective son-in-law.”

“Uncle, I have an urgent  and a serious matter to discuss with you “ said Arnav who suddenly realized that DGP Mr.Kohli was another rung in the loop he can hang on to.

“Yes Arnav, what is it?” the police in him immediately sensed the urgency in his voice.

“Uncle, I want a favour from you. I want you to..”

“Uncle, namasthe how are you? Where is aunty and Raagini?. It’s a long time since I’ve seen them” said Anjali, coming towards them with Shyam.

“Uncle I’ll talk to you later”  said Arnav  and quickly moved away.


“Anjali dear, how are you?


Kushi was dressing up Payal, doing the last minute touch up.

Why was Laad Governor looking at her like that? And she didn’t fail to notice the anger in his eyes when Shyam came to see her.  “hey Devi Mayya, please protect all of  us from his anger today. I’ll offer special Prasad today if the functions go well.”


She badly wanted to meet him alone and give her gift to him. Why has Lavanya ji changed her dress.? This dress wasn’t the one she had originally planned, what happened?


“Kushi, ……Kushi……. Is it okay now? Can we go?“ called out Payal, loudly.

“Yes jiji, you are looking beautiful! You wait here for five minutes I’ll come right back” She ran out, saw Arnav standing near the pool and walked towards him.


         “Arnavji…. “  he slowly turned towards her.  She caught her breath; she couldn’t look straight into his searching eyes.  “Congratulations Arnavji! I couldn’t wish you properly the other day.  

       This is a  small gift from me for you. And thank you so much for bringing my jiji and Akashji together.”

 “Kushi I…” he desperately wanted to tell her something…. Something to make her look at him, but something was rolling between his stomach and throat, not allowing words to come out. “Damn…”

 Kushi looked at him, that fleeting moment he caught something in her eyes, “I must go jiji is waiting  for me.”

She ran off, afraid the torrent which she was holding with much difficulty will break the barricades and start cascading down her cheeks.

 “Did I miss something, what did I see in her eyes? Why did she look like that?” Arnav was bewildered. These feelings were not in his control anymore.  He took a long breath;


He walked towards the gathering preparing himself to face his family.

  “Nani, di , I want to talk to you all, only family please! Others carry on!”

  “What is it chote?” asked Anjali concerned.

    He took them inside and told them that he was breaking his relationship with Lavanya. As expected  

   Anjali and nani became emotional. “Di we decided it was the best for both of us . We cannot continue this engagement. But I don’t want this to spoil Akash’s happiness. Come let us begin the function.”

“But chote….. Lavanya? “

  “Di I promise you she will be fine. Don’t worry! Come others are waiting.”

  All of them left the room, after much discussion and convincing done by Arnav. . Except nani.

 “Nani… everything will be fine, don’t worry.”

    “Chote look at me! Have you taken this decision because of Shyam? Don’t spoil a girl’s life by taking  hasty decisions.”

 “Nani we had decided even before we came to know about Shyam. And you are right nani, I don’t  want to make lavanya’s life miserable by marrying her. And she understands me very well.”

  “But chote , I was so happy you had agreed to get married. Think again chote. We’ll take good care of  Anjali. Your marrying Lavanya will not in any way put a dent to our effort to keep her happy always."

 “Nani I know that and I am seriously not interested in marrying her. She deserves someone much better than me, nani. “

  “Nani come lets go down. Our guests are waiting. And most important your grandson is getting engaged today. Be happy.”

 “Chote , you are also my grandson. I want you also to have a family of your own and be happy.”

  “I will, nani I will.” Said Arnav dreamily.

  He gently guided her downstairs.


   Meanwhile,  Kushi was giving her gift to Lavanya. “Congratulations lavanyaji, a small gift from me. Hope you like it.”

   “Thank you Kushi!” said La, her smile did not reach her eyes

  “What is it Lavanyaji? Why are you looking so upset? I’m sure that Laad Governor didn’t spare  you today as well. Just wait I’ll not leave him.”

    “And why are you wearing this dress? Where is your engagement lehenga we bought that day?”  remembering all that she had to go through while selecting her dresses.

    “I didn’t wear it because there is no engagement. simple.”

     “What! How? Why? Now I know this is all because of that laad governor. I’m going to give him a  piece of my mind”

 “Kushi listen, it is nothing like that. We both agreed to break our engagement. And don’t start anything now Kushi in front of others. Think about Akash and Payal’s engagement.”

 Kushi became silent for a while, “I don’t believe it, I know how much you love him, and you are protecting him isn’t it? I’m not going to sit quiet. Just you wait.” So saying she stomped off.

Lavanya smiled sadly, “lucky girl, you don’t even know what is in store for you. Unlucky me, to be the first one to know that ASR is finally in love, but not with me”

 Kushi walked slowly towards her family. She was looking so worried, ” Is it because of me and Shyam that he broke his engagement? No, No … I must stop him before this goes public. I must tell him how much Lavanyaji loves him. He can’t do this to her.”


To her dismay, Arnav was already on stage, wishing Akash and Payal and announcing his breakup with Lavanya.



Dec 23, 2013

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - CHAPTER 7 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 92 times)



When the announcement came , Lavanya, looked down, holding an embarrassing smile, nani and Anjali had tears in their eyes, Shyam cared a hoot about who his saale saab married or did not marry, mama was confused, mami  wishing she could stop Akash’s engagement instead. The Guptas stood there dumbfounded and Kushi ‘s face was unreadable.


Akash and Payal exchanged rings, the elders of the family blessed them followed by the wishes from their friends.


Music started and people started dancing. Kushi and Lavanya were also pulled in. Once she heard her Salmanji’s song her mood lifted and she forgot herself and started to dance.

 Lavanya tried to keep up with her, but failed to when she saw Arnav admiring Kushi from far. 

 Nani also didn’t fail to notice her grandson admiring Kushi. Is this why he refused to marry Lavanya?

 Then she turned a little left and froze- Shyam was standing there and openly admiring Kushi.

 Anjali, who was standing to the left of Shyam, saw nani’s expression and was wondering who nani was glaring at. She tried to follow her nani’s stare and then

 “Anji, its long time since I’ve seen you. How are you dear?”

 “Hi …. Hello Renu.”


All the guests started moving towards the food that was being served. Arnav was moving around taking care of his distinguished guests, all the while his eyes never losing sight of Kushi who was hovering over Lavanya as if protecting her from someone.

 He didn’t miss the glare .

“Wonder what drama is cooking up inside her silly head. Why is she staring at me like that as if to burn me down.” thought Arnav.

 “I spoke too early I guess”

 “Uncle what do you mean?”

 “About the most eligible bachelor getting engaged”  Arnav smiled.

 “You had something important to discuss with me Arnav. Has that got something to do with the announcement you just made?”

 “Of course not uncle.”

 “I want you to use your authority to find out about a person, his activities, his investments in fact everything about him.”

 “Who might I ask is that unlucky rival?”

 “Mr.Shyam Manohar Ja.”

 “ Your own brother in law.! Why Arnav?”

 “He’s cheating my di , us  …uncle. I want to know every damn thing about him. Can you? Can you do that?”

 “Cheating? Meaning?” 

 “I’ll explain later.” said Aranv looking sadly at Anjali happily talking to Payal and Akash.

 “I’ll try. I’ll definitely keep you posted.”

 “Carry on Uncle,  don’t forget what I just told you.”

 “Sure Arnav”

 Arnav walked towards Lavanya “Lavanya , come I want…”

 “Now what else is there to tell her Arnavji?”  Asked Kushi angrily.

 “Kushi its okay , he  just wants to tell me something”

 “No Lavanyaji I will not allow this man to hurt you any more.?” said Kushi.

 “Lavanyaji can you come here for a minute?” called Anjali.

 “yes di.

 “We’ll talk later ASR.”

 Arnav caught hold of Kushi’s hand and took her to the pool side.

 “What’s wrong with you Kushi?”

 “Only you can ask that Mr.Raizada. You break a girl’s trust, hope, you crush her feelings under your feet and ask me what happened?

 “Kushi you do not understand.”

 “Yes I cannot understand. I never understood you. But I know one thing for sure , you must have been the one who took this decision to end the relationship.” Said Kushi with anger pouring from her eyes.

 “Kushi when you don’t know anything that happened…”

 “I can very well imagine what would have happened, Mr.Raizada. Do you even have any idea how much Lavanyaji loves you? How bad she will be feeling, how distressed a girl’s family will be after a relationship gets broken? How can a girl ever learn to love and trust a man after this?”

 “Listen Kushi..”

 “What you have done to her is wrong Arnavji, I’ll never forgive you for that.”

 “Kushi Lavanya will surely be…”

 Suddenly ,  a surprised and shocked look came on her face.

 Arnav, “What?...”

 “Is it because of me you broke the engagement?”


 “Is it because of Shyam, you did this.?”

“No Kushi I ..”  A relieved Arnav started but , the words got stuck, he couldn’t continue when he saw the tears pouring down her cheeks.

 “Kushi? Kushi? Tum teek hun?”

 “Once again I’m responsible for stopping a marriage Arnavji. It’s all because of me.”

 She ran away from there wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

 Arnav just stood there flabbergasted.


After the guests had left, Kushi stayed back to help Lavanya with her packing and to accompany her to the airport.

 After much convincing she started to help Lavanya to pack.

 “At least now tell me the reason why you broke up Lavanyaji, like last time I’ll do something to bring you together.”

 “Its okay Kushi I realized some relationships do not last how much ever we try hard to mend them. This is one such relationship Kushi”

 “I know how much you love him Lavanyaji”

 “But ASR..?”

 “But one thing I’m sure of,  one day surely, a prince will come on white horse to take you away lavanyaji” said Kushi happily.

 “haan let me see how your Shyamji will come on a white horse to take you away., Kushi”

 “Kushi what happened?” asked Lavanya, when she saw her turning away quickly.

 “What to say Lavanyaji, same pinch…” said Kushi showing her empty ring finger.

 “How ? Why? Kushi?”

 “Same like you said, some relationships are not meant to last.” Said Kushi

 Lavanya for the first time understood what Kushi  meant when she was talking about destiny.

She realized that a powerful hand was holding all the strings and making us puppets dance to it’s tunes. She smiled pensively.

 “But I’m sure Lavanyaji a Rajkumar will come on a white horse to take me away, one day. And let us promise to each other that we will attend each other’s wedding.” Said Kushi happily.

 “No Kushi I will not be able to attend your wedding. But thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I would never have become the person I am now without your help.”

 No lavanyaji,…”

 “And I want one more help from you Kushi. Take care of ASR. He doesn’t even know what he wants, you are the only one who can tell him what he doesn't want to hear. “ Kushi just stood blank, not understanding a word what Lavanya was trying to say.

 “God!!! wish I could do something to make these two realize their feelings.” Thought lavanya.

 “Come Kushi, let us go outside.”


She bid a tearful farewell to all the family members, and was ready to leave.

 “Lavanya let me drop you at the airport,” said Arnav.

 “No ASR, please don’t make it too tough for me. Its okay, I’ve called a taxi. It would have arrived.”

 “And ASR , don’t blame yourself for whatever that happened. I’m also equally responsible. One more thing ASR, when love comes your way, hold on to it. Never let it go. It is much better than hate ASR.. Bye, take care.”

 Guptas were greatly relieved that the function went off well without a hitch. They felt bad for Lavanya. Buaji was so proud of her sankadevi who transformed Lavanya into who she is today.

 Kushi returned home from airport . Payal was all ears to listen to side of the story as to why the engagement was called off. But nothing useful came out of the conversation.

 Kushi was feeling all guilty , and that increased her anger  on Arnav. “Laad Governor!”


Dec 25, 2013

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - CHAPTER 8 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 93 times)




HP entered nani’s room the next morning. 

“Naniji, Om Prakash is here to see you . Shall I call him in.?”

“Yes, bring him in. Be careful, see that nobody sees him.”

“ji naniji, all the others are in their rooms only.. I’ll be careful.”


After sometime Om Prakash came inside nani’s room. “HP you go take care of breakfast, I have to talk to OP alone.”

“ji nani.”

“Om Prakash I have some work for you. It is not the type of work  you are used to.”

“You know naniji, I’ll do anything for you. Our whole family is indebted to you naniji.”

“I want you to do 24 hour surveillance on a person. You can use our old car, the grey one. And here take this phone, I have fed all the numbers you need.  Remember call and talk to me only, nobody need to know about your work. In case of emergency call only chote. Did you understand?”

“ji nani.” said a surprised OP. “And who should I be watching nani?”

“Shyam Manohar Jaa”


“you are shocked isn’t it? Hope Devi Mayya doesn’t give me more heart aches than she already has!”

“Be very careful, OP, he is not the kind of person we think he is. He should never know that you are keeping an eye on him. Remember keep this to yourself only. I’ll tell everyone you have come here to help us with the wedding work. You can start the work from now “

“Ji nani, don’t worry I’ll take extra care. “


Nani was still pondering over the events of the past few days. Joy and misery coming alternately.


Arnav agreeing to marry Lavanya, Akash choosing Payal as his life partner, then came the earth shattering revelation about Shyam, then Arnav breaking his engagement with Lavanya.  She wondered if she will ever be able to see her grand children happily settled in life.

Any other weak hearted old lady would have lost it.  But she made herself strong for her grandchildren.. Her aristocracy did not allow her to wilt under pressure. She sat there pensively.

 She smiled -a small light at the end of the tunnel – Arnav’s expressions and reactions whenever he saw and talked about Kushi. She sat up straight. There was only one way to know and make him talk about his feelings.

She reached the breakfast table. All the others were already at the table.

“Manorama, when is NK reaching India?” she asked excitedly.

“Hello hi bye bye- saasuma you remember!!!!!! He is coming in a few hours time straight from Sydney. I’m so excited!”

“Bhai! Don’t we have a meeting today? The clients would have already arrived. We are late.” Said Akash all of a sudden in a hurry.

“Akash, relax they are already taken care of. Aman is there with them . Meeting is only at 10.” Said a surprised Arnav.

“Noooo bhai! we have to go now Aman called me just now.” Tried to signal with his eyes.

“What the….!" said Arnav quickly getting up and trying to take out his phone. “Why didn’t Aman call me?” he started walking away, quickly Akash followed him. Anjali could hardly try to conceal her smile.

“Bhai, Sydney......  NK....!!”

“oh  ****! Thank you Akash .Come lets get out of here fast.”


“Anjali have you called the dance teacher? What did she say? When is she coming. We have to inform Kushi and Payal isn’t it?”

“I’ve called her nani. She will be coming now. I’ve asked Kushi also to come.”

“Hello hi bye bye!!! Why do we need a teacher now. We can all dance very well without her.” Said mami.

“We can all dance Manorama! But you ? You need a teacher, don’t you?” teased nani.

“Saasuma I can dance much better than her. Hello hi bye bye! Anyway my NK is coming I’m in no mood to dance.” so saying she moved away.

“Nani we know she is scared of that teacher.  Why are you teasing her? Remember  for new year how she scolded her last time?”

“of course Anjali, how can I forget? Manorama’s face was a sight to see.” laughed nani.

They heard a lot of commotion outside. And they knew the reason for that was none other than NK.


He made a grand and noisy entry as always. “Maasiji, hello! How are you? Wow look at you! You are looking more and more beautiful as years go by.”

“Hello hi bye bye ! NK bituwa, truly truly I’m beetiful na?” said mami

“Bye bye ? Bye bye to who? Me? What maasi I came just now and you are saying bye bye.”

“NK bhai , don’t mind mami. How are you?” said Anjali.

“Di, how are you? You look gorgeous as always? I’m fine di.”

“Namaste nani, hi jijaji! How are you?” “Where’s nanav and the bridegroom?”

“They will be coming back soon. NK bhai. You go take rest and then you have to come down for dance practice  for sangeet. The teacher will be here soon. She is very strict you know. “

“Oh ! Big Fat Indian Shaadi ! I’m so excited! I don’t want to miss a thing.” Said NK and followed HP towards the guest room.


After some time Kushi came to RM. Shyam was there , Anjali was coming down the steps calling out to him and gave him some money , don’t forget to give me the accounts.  “Oh , my daily pocket money. Of course!  Rani Saiba anything you say.”   Shyam looked at Kushi sadly and walked off.   

    Anjali  said she had phone calls to attend to  and asked Kushi to check the saris the sariwala will be bringing. And she warned her that he has hearing problems.

   And to her surprise she saw NK carrying the decoration screen clothes.

 Not bad! Even such young guys are into sari business. But why is he bringing very few saris that also in his hand.

  “I’ll help you. Is this all?”

“What?” said NK a little flustered looking at the beautiful girl..

   Immediately Kushi understood, “ Why only very few saris? Where are the others?” shouted Kushi into his ears.

“ow…ow.. others. Others will be coming now. Masterji, why don’t you check my dance steps instead?” said NK and started dancing in front of her.

 And When Arnav and Akash entered RM they were stunned by the scene in front of them..

 NK dancing in front of  a confused and embarrassed Kushi.

 “What The……” he walked towards them.  NK finally stopped, “Nannav mere bhai how are you? Akash nice to see you buddy.”


“What the hell are you doing NK? And don’t call me nannav!”

“NK bhai what is all this?”

 “Shhhhh this is the strict dance master . very strict. She started shouting at me.” Said NK

 “Who me? But aren’t you the sari wala? Anjaliji said you will be coming, and since you can’t hear properly I shouted at you?

  “so you are not the dance teacher?”

  “Enough…….” “NK that is not the dance teacher , she is Payal’s sister. And he is our cousin NK”

  “OH… hello I’m Nandhkis**** , people close to me call me NK for short.” Said NK excitedly stretching out his hand.

   “oh I’m Kushi.” Said kushi holding his hand. Arnav’s eyes slowly narrowed looking at Kushi holding NK’s hands. Though it was only for few seconds It looked like ages and NK was not ready to let go of her hand.

   Arnav was fuming, and he said “If you are done with your introductions , NK will you allow her to complete her work.”

“I’ll call you naneji, you know my buaji will simply love you.” Said Kushi laughing and walking away, NK excitedly following her. “is it?”

 “Don’t they make a perfect pair bhai- NK and Kushiji.” Commented Akash and walked away.

 Arnav was fuming, he couldn't understand himself he simply stood there looking at Kushi and NK laughing and happily walking away together.

Dec 25, 2013

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - CHAPTER 9 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 84 times)

Chapter -9


Dear readers , Kushi gate crashing Arnav’s party were  the 2 episodes I hated the most. Kushi behaved so cheap and I never knew the Delhites had such cheap taste. And  any guy in ASR’s place would have blown his lid off.  And Kushi’s justification for her behaviour is equally idiotic. Payal is a matured woman, she has chosen to marry Akash – she has to deal with the ups and downs and joys and sorrows of her life. Even though her intentions were good Kushi has no right to interfere in Arnav’s party.

This is purely my view.

Now the story.






  Arnav slowly turned and walked back to his room. His mind and body not at tandem. His legs refusing to move forward. Twice he turned and looked he could still hear their voices. NK blabbering away and Kushi laughing.

“Damn ….”


“Akash, Akash, …” “Bhai what is it?”

 “I need to discuss  about an important matter.  I think Payal’s family is now our responsibility . We have to see to that, that uncle gets the best treatment available in Delhi. I’ve asked doctor Suresh Menon to refer him to a good doctor. Make sure he gets all the reports by tomorrow”

“Bhai, I wanted to talk about that matter…” Akash said hesitatingly.

“Then why didn’t you tell that before. Look Akash, nothing is more important to me than di and you. If you think you have to do something you just go ahead and do it.  Or you just have to ask … Akash.”

“I know Bhai.. you are carrying all the burden, I didn't want to trouble you further.”  Akash almost choked with emotion.

“Anything for my family Akash. And one more thing I’m hosting a ****tail party – for you and Payal. Inform her , and tell her about it.” said Arnav smiling, trying to lighten his mood.

“Thank you so much bhai….” Said Akash, hugging him.

“You’re welcome. Carry on. Don’t forget  to send the reports to Dr.Menon.”

  After lunch the family was gathered in the study. “Nani, I’m organizing a ****tail party for

  Akash and Payal tomorrow. At Hyatt.”

 “Chote, sorry we are going out so count us out.

   “No problem di.” He didn't want to see Shyam anywhere near him, lest he forget to control himself.

“Nani, the dance master  called me , she’ll come after 2 days only. She will be busy till then. “

”okay, Anjali bitiya.”


“Naneji what is he talking about,  ****tail means?” whispered Kushi.

“****tail means  combination of  many…”

“sweets and food.” Said Kushi excitedly.

 “No Kushiji, combination of drinks, tall glasses, beer, whine vodka,rum……”

 “Awwwww…. Sharabbbbb….. laad governor ! How can he do that?

 Arnav was in the room, busy making arrangements  or rather shooting orders  to the event managers for the next day.

 Nk entered-  “I’ll talk to you later, network trouble…”said a slightly irritated Arnav.

 “Nanav, I know you are such a sweet guy, with a big heart…..”

 “What is it NK? Shoot… I don’t have much time to waste.”

 “Nanav, don’t you think it will be fun to add some extra flavour to your ****tail party.”

 He could hear the prompts from outside. “That stupid girl is incorrigible”


 “You need some desi food, desi music, desi girls…..desi dance….” gestured NK, mimicking Kushi.

 “No way. It is my party. And it will be according to my wish. You can come out now MS.Kushi

 Kumari Gupta. What do you think? That I will not know whose stupid ideas these are?”

 “Arnavji, all I want to ..”

 “Don’t waste your time with this girl, NK. And I would suggest you  better stay far away from her as possible., she’s a bit crazy.”

 “You mean..” NK gestured, circling his fingers near his temple. Arnav nodded.

 “AWWWWW…” Kushi just starred at him and stomped off.


 Kushi was feeling restless the whole day. Her sister was not used to such kind of parties. In fact her family was not used to. She has seen such parties in movies only, where people dance in pairs to English music. And the pairs keep changing.

“Will Arnavji also dance with many girls? Laad Governor… all the girls will go fall on him. Why should I bother. Akashji.. will he also. NO no… Akshji will dance with my jiji only I’m sure of that.”

She couldn’t control herself, she had to find out, she called him.

“Haaan bolo.”

“Arnavji, what I want to say is, tomorrow’s party, will there be music and dance?”

“Yes of course, what stupid question is that?” barked Arnav

Kushi’s eyes widened, “That means you will also dance with other girls?” she bit her tongue.

“ME… dance.. What the…?”

“No no Arnavji, I want to say that…”

“What is it Kushi?” said Arnav little exasperated.

  “Jiji and I , that is,  jiji is not used to ….i’m also not used to ..such” stammered Kushi

“Then don’t come. By the way I never invited you .” he said and cut the call.

 She looked at the phone, “How dare he... cut the call, and he is not inviting me.  Who does he think he is?” She walked slowly back to her room.

 “Anyway you are not wanted in their family anymore Kushi , so why should you expect him to invite you. Especially , after knowing about Shyam and me. It is better you stay away Kushi Kumari Gupta.”


Arnav sat there thinking about the call. “Me dancing with girls..? Why did she ask that? Crazy!”

But there was a point in what she was saying. He went to Akash’s room.

“Akash, call Garima aunty   and get Payal’s close friends phone numbers. We’ll invite them also. She shouldn’t feel lonely and out of place tomorrow.”

“Brilliant idea, why didn’t I think of this before. I’ll call Kushiji now..”

“No.. don’t call her, call aunty. Kushi is … is not coming for the party tomorrow. I’ve not invited her.”

“But bhai..”

“Its my party Akash, I decide who I invite. Call aunty and then invite her friends. Let it be  a surprise…. For Payal” said Arnav sternly.

He took the phone out and called the event manager. There was a change in his plan.

 Nani was listening to this. “Kushi will not be coming there, let me see how. I have to begin my game now.”

OP come to my room.”  “is there anything to say.”

“No nani. Shyam babu went out only once, he waited in the hall for jiji and borrowed money from her. He looked very sad then. Kushiji was also there at that time.

“Where did he go?” asked nani curious .” Nowhere., he just went out, smiling to himself ,  to the nearby saloon, read the news paper for sometime and came back home. He was inside the room the whole day Anjali jiji was also there most of the time.”

“oK go. Call NK”  said nani “why is he borrowing money from Anjali.? Strange. Sad at first then smiling?“

 NK came in.

“Nani , whats up?”

“NK babua I want you to help me.”

“Sure nani . Tell me.”

“You are taking Kushi bitiya to the party tomorrow. “

 “oHHHH that’s great! I’d love to.”

“Wait! I have not completed yet.  You have to make  Arnav jealous.” Said Nani, waiting for his reaction.

“What nani!  Wait a minute- nannav…. Jealous…. of me…… that’s a joke nani. That’s impossible!”

“Say this is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” said nani smiling.

“nani tell me clearly, what is your plan?”

“NK take her to the party tomorrow, dance with her, talk to her, make her laugh…do something that will make chote sit up and take notice.”

“OK that sounds interesting. Nanav and Kushiji- great pair- anything for you nani.”

“It’s between us only, this secret. And one more thing- Be careful! Later don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! Kushi is fire- don’t go too near  you’ll get burnt.”

“Nani you are scaring me, she is fire and I’ll get burnt and nannav he is a bull-dog, he’ll rip me to pieces. And poor me I’m caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.”

“All the best NK!”

“Thanks nani, and I need your prayers as well.”

Next day morning, Payal was getting ready to go to a parlour. Kushi was to accompany her. She was still feeling bad that Arnav did not invite her

Her phone buzzed,"Namaste, naniji."

"Namaste Kushi bitiya! Getting ready for the party is it?"

"Nani jiji is getting set, i'm not coming  tonight."

"No no Kushi you have to go today. Payal will feel very lonely without you. "

"But naniji... Arnavji said.."

"Leave chote to me. I'll ask NK to take you to the party. If I request you to go you will go isn't it?"

"ji naniji."

"Good.You also should look beautiful tonight. Don't forget now you are also a part of our family bitiya."

"Thank you naniji! I'll definitely come." said Kushi with tears in her eyes.

"What is it Kushi?" asked Payal.

"Nani asked me to go along with Naneji for the party."

"I told you .They will not leave you like that. You were only unnecessarily worried."

"Pagali... come lets select our saris."

Kushi followed her happily.

Dec 28, 2013

THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - CHAPTER 10 (By Raani82) (Thanked: 113 times)


Chapter-10 -THE ****TAIL PARTY

 Next day evening, Payal and Kushi got ready to go to Arnav’s party.

Payal was looking so beautiful. Elegant  and simple. Kushi was also looking very beautiful in an ink blue sari .

The Guptas were so proud of their daughters.

“Kushi you are accustomed to their ways. You will be knowing many of them. So always be with Payal. Don’t leave her alone.”

“Buaji, Akashji is there naa… he will not leave jiji’s side and I’ll be an unwanted intruder there. After sometime jiji herself will ask me to leave her alone…. With Akashji.” Said Kushi , pushing Payal with her hips.

“Buaji this is only an excuse, when the music starts nothing is going to keep madam from dancing.” replied Payal, not to be left behind in the banter.

 “jiji…. “

“Hai re nandhukis**** ! keep my children always happy ! And may both of you be together and happy like this always!” blessed Madhumathi.

 “Don’t worry jiji, Arnav bituwa has taken care of everything. I am sure Payaliya will enjoy today. Our Kushi too.” Said Garima.

 “These people don’t know about that laad governor’s videshi … I mean ****tail…party. God help jiji.” muttered Kushi.

 Door bell rang and Akash was at the door.  “Namaste, buaji, aunty ,uncle Namaste!” Quickly his eyes went towards Payal and got stuck there.

“hmhmhm…” coughed Kushi   “Akashji you have the whole evening to look at my jiji, first accept our good evening at least!”

“Good evening Kushiji! Nk is bringing the other car to take you to the party.” said a flustered Akash.

 “oh okay! Bye jiji take care. See you soon.” Said Kushi.

“Buaji don’t worry we’ll take good care of Kushiji and Payalji !”

“I have no doubt about that bituwa. God bless you!”

At the party

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Good evening Everybody! Let’s welcome the most beautiful couple Akash and Payal.” announced Arnav.

“Yehhhhh” claps all around.

 “Drinks are served. Enjoy the party everybody!” said Arnav.

People  came to wish and greet the couple. Akash introduced his friends to Payal.

“Payal…just a minute.” called Arnav “Go …go   “said Akash. He knew the surprise that was in store for her.

“Payal I have a surprise for you. Look who have all come here.” Arnav said

Payal saw her class mates and best buddies with their husbands standing there in a group, with a huge bouquet and smiles on all their faces.

Payal just couldn’t believe her eyes. She was too stunned to speak.

“Helloo  Payal…. Hearty congratulations! Congratulations to you too Akashji.” they all shook hands with him. “Hello Payal, enough of starring ! Payal" shouted her friends and all hugged her

“ Renu, Gouri, Sush, chamki….. how come ? how did you all?...” Payal was too dumbstuck

“Payal, your jetji  called us and informed us. He also arranged a vehicle for us and made sure all of  us reached here on time.”

 She had tears in her eyes then slowly “Arnavji. Akashji… thank you soo much!”

“You‘re welcome.! All of you please enjoy !” Arnav left.

 He was too embarrassed to see Payal’s grateful expression. He smiled with a sense of satisfaction, that he has indeed done a good job of making Payal feel at home.

“Akashji how did you get to know about them.”

“It was all bhai’s arrangements. I called your mom and got their numbers. Bhai did the rest. Simple.”

After some time, Arnav came back to the couple , “Akash where is NK ? I haven’t seen him.” Half expecting Akash to say he was not coming there.

“Bhai , he’s bringing Kushiji with him, but he must have been here long time back. I wonder what’s holding him.”

“WHAT!!!!!!???????"    he pulled Akash aside.

“I told you Akash I did not invite Kushi for this party then why is he… damn!”

“Nani asked him to take her bhai. Bhai it is okay!”

“It is not okay Akash. Now, where the hell are they? Why is he so late?”

“Bhai relax. Look who’s there. Talk of the devil….”

“What the…..” Arnav clenched his fist and moved towards him. He just stopped……

There Kushi was standing behind him , looking gorgeous,  slight breeze blowing the curls in her forehead in  front of her face.

He couldn’t remove hIS eyes from her, he saw her , a bit hesitant  and shy, her dove eyes  moving and taking in the beautiful ambience , the people around, at the same time searching for her jiji. Then he saw her eyes rest on the food court-her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the chat stall-

“Gol guppe…!”

“What?” asked NK

 Arnav immediately made a u-turn and walked the opposite side. He wanted to get far away from her. He dreaded the look of glee she will be giving him. He was so sure that she will not miss an opportunity to put him down in front of others saying in fact boasting that it was her idea to include  some Indian cuisine as well. That’s why he made sure she will not be there.

“When did nani start making plans of her own? And Nk? How dare  he?…. damn”

Though he was greeting and talking to his friends , his eyes were always on Kushi and he made sure he stayed at the opposite side of the hall. He avoided her like plague.

 Kushi,  meanwhile , was also surprised to see the Lucknow people. Again Payal and her friends explained how Arnav  had made all the arrangements.

She saw how happy her jiji was. And the food, oh wow. - was simply superb.  She had already attacked half the items. She wanted to thank Arnav and she started looking out for him.

Arnav immediately realized she was looking for him and made himself inconspicuous. He was gritting his teeth, he didn’t miss how NK was following her, talking to her standing so close to her.  The moment he left her, for sometime, there were two or three other guys ready to take his place. She was smiling and talking to all of them. Making him burn.

 Entertainment started- South East Asian Classical music followed by a graceful Thai classical dance.

The crowd simply enjoyed it. Arnav could see the appreciation in their eyes and in the way they were reacting to the music.

After a small break  the band started playing jazz bollywood numbers. Just instrumental-

The crowd so far quiet, slowly became alive. Some of Akash’s friends came to the centre and started dancing. Soon Akash and Payal were pulled in and then Payal pulled Kushi in- followed by NK.

They all started enjoying. At one stage Payal and Akash moved away, happy and flushed. They were  thoroughly enjoying the evening.

NK very well knew Arnav was somewhere there watching them.  So he didn’t miss a single opportunity to go close to Kushi and dance.

After few minutes many of them moved away. It was only Kushi , NK and three other guys. She was dancing so beautifully and gracefully. The other guys were just taking cues and following her steps.

She moved from one guy to another – they were holding her – 2 or 3 steps with each guy and finally the music came to end.

The whole crowd erupted. They  crowded around Kushi- appreciating her- her face was crimson red

She was taking short breaths- talking, shaking hands at the same time.

Her eyes were also searching for Arnav. It was the most wonderful evening she had ever enjoyed in her life.. She must thank him. Where is he?

“Akashji, where is Arnavji? I haven’t seen him at all.” She asked.

“He must be somewhere here.” said Akash. ”Payalji, would you like to have something? Come lets go.”

NK also took her for dinner.  Still she couldn’t find him.

 The party came to an end. The guests started leaving one by one.

Kushi went and quickly stood near the entrance.  “Arnavji must come there. I’ll surely meet him.”

Arnav saw Kushi standing he stood bidding the guests good bye, and just avoided turning ot her side.

“What’s wrong with him? Why is he behaving like this?” she thought and slowly walked towards him.

“Arnavji.. I just wanted to tell you ,  how happy …”

“Ms.Kushi Kumari Gupta"  she could see the clenched fists and anger in his eyes. She didn’t understand.

“You surprise me each and every time. You come to the party uninvited, and make a showpiece of yourself. Were there enough guys for the evening or should I have brought some more ? Are you satisfied?”  

"After all that happened... let me think a week ago? and few days back you were crying how hurt and depressed your family was and today you laugh and dance with strangers."

He just couldn’t control his anger. He hardly realized what he was saying. The happenings of the past few minutes were something he couldn’t digest at all.

 “Arnavji...."  Tears gathered in her eyes.  “Why am I not surprised hearing you speak like this?” she was gulping air and talking, tears pouring down her cheeks.

“I’m used to hearing even harsher words than this.  Either you don’t know to talk politely or people have not taught you what politeness is.  Anyways, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all these wonderful arrangements you made for my jiji. My dancing may have irritated you, but in my small way I was trying to make my jiji happy. That’s all.”

 He immediately turned away,  clearly not able to see her tearful face anymore..

“Why?  Did I say something wrong? It is my mistake, I completely forgot you are  Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada.  After hurting people you never apologize. It was your party your people, almost all of them danced and I just joined them. And i needn't remind you that your relationship also broke exactly a week ago.” she wiped her face and walked away.

He knew he had to apologize to her. He went after her.

“Kushi come I’ll drop you.”

“Kushiji…. Where were you all this time? Come lets go!” came NK running towards her.

“NK  you come home in your car. I’ll drop Kushi at her place in mine” said Aranav, calmly, he could see the anger in her eyes. And she was ignoring him. The evening was taking its toll on him.

“Naneji, come lets go”

“Kushi I SAID I WILL DROP YOU GET INSIDE THE CAR.” Said Arnav tone rising.

“Naneji, I will not get inside his car. If you can, please come otherwise I will take an auto.” so saying she walked away.

Arnav just kept starring at her walking away. This is the last thing he expected from her.

“Nannav what happened? Why is she behaving like that? Just a few minutes back she was so happy. Why Nannav?” he ran behind her.

Arnav had no answer for his questions.


Later in the night, Anjali was sitting with nani and chatting away.  She told her about Kushi’s broken engagement. nani acted surprised.

“Nani. Akash  told me the party was super hit.  Payal enjoyed it so much, it seems. And Kushi she was dancing so beautifully everybody kept talking about her only it seems. Good that you asked her to go nani.”

“She is also a small girl Anjali. And at an early age she has faced so much in life.  She is more mature than girls of her age. I’m happy she went to the party and enjoyed . It would have definitely given her relief  from the pain she has gone through.”

“Yes nani, poor girl.”

Nani  made sure her chote who was standing outside heard what she said.

Arnav was furious.  It was not enough  seeing this NK with Kushi, now its past 2 in the morning, still he has not returned  after leaving Kushi.

“Pick up the phone you damn it”

NK heard the phone but purposely didn’t pick it up. He cheered Kushi up, and had left her long back.

He was waiting a few yards outside RM and whiling away his time listening to music.


It was time to go inside and face the bull dog.

As expected Arnav came rushing towards him. “ where the hell were you Nk?”

“owww owww.Nannav you very well know where I went, what question is this?”

“Why didn’t you answer the damn phone?

“Oh  that, I kept it in silent mode. I didn’t want any disturbance you see. When you are on a date with Kushiji, who wants the damn phone to ring?”

“Next time,  if there is next time,  make sure your phone  is  not on the silent mode.” He said threateningly and walked away . His temper was way beyond his control now.

Nk looked at Nani who was standing outside her room and gave a thumps up sign. Nani smiled back. 

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