OS-A Guilty Love

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Dec 7, 2013

OS-A Guilty Love (By Kalai) (Thanked: 136 times)

“The door flung open and there stood our mighty ASR…. With anger spitting in his eyes he went near the girl who looked so frightened. With his each step forward that girl moved backward clearly scared of what’s happening with her and how she got in this mess.


He furiously held her shoulders and yelled “Who sent you to spoil my image….” Without waiting for her reply “How much they gave you…” he pierced her heart with his sharp stare/words. “Nobody… I…I…” her words stuck in her throat due to his arrogant closeness.


“I know… what you girls do to survive…” his nasty words made her tears to well up in anger. “Open your damn mouth…” he yelled pulling her closer. “Enough… don’t spill whatever comes in your mouth… why can’t you listen… I came here by mistake…” She tried to defend.


“Don’t dare to talk to me like that…” saying this he pushed her away. “Now tell me the truth…” he yelled. She steadied herself “For God’s sake… What am saying is the truth… I came here to meet my jeeju… but I…” she’s so exhausted.


“So you don’t tell me when asked nicely rite…” his anger instantly changed into a smirk… She couldn’t get his change. “Okay… tell me how much you want… after all you are not that bad…” saying this he started to close the gap. She got shocked “Stay there…. Don’t come close…” she almost warned him. “Wow… are you threatening me…” still holding that smirk he took a step.


That’s it… she took the wine bottle and hold the glass piece after smashing the bottle in the nearby table. “Don’t…” she looked him furiously. “What… are you kidding me… come on… stop this drama… I will give double the money…” he smiled wickedly as he thought his move will make her spill the truth. But she “What do you think… if you got money… you can buy anything… yes we don’t have money… but we won’t sell our selves like this… we will die instead… “Saying furiously that glass piece checked her wrist making it to bleed heavily.


He didn’t expect this. “What the hell…” he tried to hold her. “No… don’t come… else” she held that piece straight towards her stomach. “You… don’t” he’s so furious on himself but before that her body collapsed in the floor due to her bleeding wrist. Next thing… she got treated and sent to her place with the address in the file which she brought.


His men’s conveyed that what she uttered was true also her sister’s marriage was stopped.  Arnav felt so guilty that it was all coz of him…. His adamant nature… He thought to check her once but his guilt halted him doing so. He returned to Delhi and tried to concentrate in his works but her face… her words… everything haunted him so badly that he didn’t want to lose for that girl…. So he started to London to take care of his business there”.


Arnav came out from his thoughts and opened his eyes due to his cell’s ring. “Yes Aman… did you find her…”….. “What… they shifted to Delhi three years back…”…. “Damn it… can’t you get more….” Yelling this he hung his cell. His landline rang and gave info that the next candidate is on the way to his cabin.


Yes… Arnav has returned to Delhi few days back as he couldn’t stay away from her. He has slowly realized that he has finally fallen in love with her. Now he’s taking interviews for his PA post.


“May I come in Sir…” hearing that voice, “Yes…” he turned his chair towards her. The file from her hand fell down and Arnav stood in surprise. He also noticed her smile changing to hate/anger. The girl whom he’s trying to track is standing right in front of him.


“You…” uttering this he checked the list on his desk and read “Khushi Kumari Gupta” he smiled knowing her name. “Yes… and I don’t want to work here…” saying this she picked her file and tried to turn. But Arnav caught her so fast and pulled her. She bumped on him and steadied herself struggling to free her hand.


He checked her wrist and saw the scar. He felt that scar slowly by rubbing his finger on it. “Leave me…” she shouted in anger. “Marry me… Khushi…” he said calmly shaking her to the core. He looked straight in her eyes. “What… are you crazy… leave me….” She finally freed her hand and almost ran away from him. The whole office watched the scenario not knowing what had happened.


“This time I won’t let my Khushi to go away from my life….” He said smiling wickedly. It’s not so easy to make her fall for him. But he is the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada…. Rite…


He talked directly with Shashi and apologized to the whole family. Fixed her sister’s marriage with his bro Akash after knowing that they were actually in love. Then he asked Khushi’s hand for him. She refused first but Arnav kept on trying and slowly she too realized his love for her.


Now…. She’s in Arnav’s room… He held her wrist and kissed her scar… Yes… it’s their Suhaag raat…. 

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