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Jan 4, 2014

Chapter 20 - Test of Trust.....will they win??? (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 13 times)

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Chapter 20

Test of trust....will they win???

Days rolled with rituals going on everything was perfect and today was the most important day for them today is there Mariage

Girls were in Zoya room and Boys in Asad room as first wedding was of there's

Khushi Rose and Madhu make Zoya ready in beautifull red dress with red jwelery and make up. She was looking absolutely stuning

"wow Zoya you are looking stunning yar Asad bhai will surely stop breathing when he will see you"said Khushi cheerfully

Zoya blushed deeply giving her cheeks more red colour

"Stop.....stop stop Zoya if you will blush here like this then what will hapened when Asad will see you"said Madhu winking at Khushi making Zoya blush and shy

"enough....stop embarasing her look how shy she is"said Dilshad smilingly who just entered the room

"phopi look na this girls they are teasing me"said Zoya faking sadness

"ok ok now stop being faking sad we will not tease u"said Khush

Dilshad came and hug Zoya

"you are looking beautifull like angel dear may Allah bless you with all happiness"

then Dilshad looked at Madhu and Khushi and smiled

"you two are also looking beautifull i think in wedding attire you will look like angel"

"n yes take her and come soon molwi sahab will be hear at anytime"

Madhu Rose and Khushi noded after Dilshad went they sit with Zoya for some time when Zoya got a letter and ask Khushi to read it

it reads

Miss Zoya Farooquie,

I know you are getting married to Mr Asad Ahman Khan but i want to tell you that he is having affair with other girls inside the package you can see some of his photos then you can decide what you want

Your well wisher

Zoya was shocked so does others. They took the pics out of parcel and saw Asad pics with other girl.

Zoya : no my Asad can't do this i know him he is not deciever it must be croped

Madhu take the paper and wonder who send it and why when suddenly he got vision of a man in wearing a hooded and parcel was in his hand. Madhu opened her eyes in fear she was not able to see the face Khushi and Zoya looked at her with questioning look while she told them what she saw. Zoya mind went back in last night incident and she told Madhu Khushi and Rose about this

Rose : whats hapening with us guys

At the same time in Asad room

Asad was teased by Rishab and Arnav when he got the parcel the same thing was written on the letter which was written in Zoya letter except the fact here Zoya affairs were written and also Zoya pics with men

Asad : my Zoya cant do this i know her she is not deciever she loves me only me

Arnav : you are right Zoya is not like this

Jacob : yeah i too know her she is not like this

Rishab took the pictures while looking at them he got vision.

A man was looking at the pictures and smirked. It were different pictures Zoya with men while Asad with Woman

Man : now this marriage will be stoped by this fake pictures

Rishab opened his eyes and touch Arnav shoulder for support as he gasped for breath. Boys looked at him with questioning look and he told them what he saw

Arnav : hey last night something hapened with me too

Asad : what

Arnav told them and they were shocked

Rishab : wait in vision there were Asad pics too means Zoya

they all looked at each other

Asad : but ami will never let us enter in girls room

Jacob : but i can enter right

Rishab noded and Jacob almost run in Zoya room and closing the door he looked at startled worid girls

"dont believe in this pictures Asad also got same look"

Girls looked and were shocked then Jacob explained them and they understood why this hapening

Precap : A chandeliar fell where Asad and Zoya nikah was hapening and traget was Zoya and Asad both as it was directly on them


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Jan 5, 2014

Chapter 21 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 18 times)

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Chapter 21

They win Zoya has full trust on her love on her Asad and so does others has on each other

Khushi Madhu and Rose took Zoya downstair. Asad looked at her and forget to breath. Girls smirked and told this to Zoya who blushed in veil

Rituals take place everything was perfect. Time rolled and it was Nikah time

Khushi was thinking about Zoya and Asad and was smiling when she closed her eyes welcoming the vision which was not unnoticed by Madhu and Rose who exchange looks

Nikah was hapening when Chandeliar fell on Asad and Zoya

Khushi opened her eyes with fear gripping her. Madhu and Rose looked her with questioning look while she just looked where Zoya and Asad was sitting and chandelier on them

Khushi told Rose and Madhu everything and when again they saw up there fear was coming true

Khushi ran and save Zoya while Madhu and Rose save Asad. Everyone were horrified as chandelier fell breaking into million pieces. But the good news was Nikah was done

"ya Allah what hapened this"said Dilshad

Khushi went to Dilshad

Khushi : dont wory khala everything is fine just rope was maybe lossely tied

Dilshad noded

Dilshad : atleast am happy that Asad and Zoya are married now and they didnt get hurt

Zoya noded

"now make Madhu ready took her in guest room"

"but khala why guest room"asked Khushi confusedly

"because i think she will be better there and also away from this mischevious guy.....i saw jake entering Zoya room"said Dilshad eyeing Rose

Rose blushed

They took Madhu in guest room and Make her ready in beautifull red colour heavy lehnga

Khushi put her hand on her shoulder and seeing Madhu in mirror she smiled and said

"you are looking gorgeos just like i said to Zoya Rishab bhai will also forget breathing"

"right"said Zoya

Madhu was blushing while Rose said

"ofcourse he will just like Asad and dont worry Khushi your time also Arnav will forget breathing after all you three are like beautifull angel"

Khushi blush with Madhu and Zoya and said

"you are also not less rose and also its Madhu marriage right now not mine ok"

"so what Khush after Madhu its your turn"said Zoya

"ok ok now close your mouth and ask khala should we come with Madhu or not"

just then Dilshad came and after hugging Madhu and some talks she ask Rose to come with her. Rose went with her. Time went but still Dilshad didnt call Madhu so Zoya went for Dilshad. Now Khushi and Madhu were in room

"Khushi am thirsty"said Madhu

"here is no water and i can't leave you alone wait till Zoya came"said Khushi

Madhu : but am very thirsty it will took some minutes please

Khushi melt in her pleading face so she agreed and went away

Zoya : phopi should we come with Madhu or not

Dilshad : yeah take her in some minutes till then mandap will be completely ready

Zoya : but phopi why didnt you guys make it before

Dilshad : we could'nt made it before na as first wedding was your's so we have to make nikah place

Zoya noded and was going towards Madhu room when she was taken away in store room when she was about to scream for help she hear voice

"sshhh dont scream Zoya its me Asad"

Zoya looked at Asad and raised her eye brow in questioning look

"look you told me i can't see you till our nikah now nikah is done then how can i keep distance with you"

Zoya : oh really

Asad noded

Zoya pushed Asad and said

"not till Khushi and Madhu get married"

with this Zoya ran away gigling at Asad condition

Khushi was going to kitchen when she saw Zoya taken away by Asad and after some time runing with gigles she smiled knowing Zoya very well

"poor Asad bhai"thought Khushi

just then she remember Madhu and was going to take step further when she froze on her place and closed her eyes

A man was standing outside the house near guest room with smirk he throw athe burning match on curtain and slowly but steadily whole room catch fire with Madhu trapped in it

Khushi opened her eyes breathing heavily because the scene was horified. She turned and was about to run back in Guest room when she felt a tug on her wrist she turned still in fear of Madhu

Asad came out of room just to see Khushi closing her eyes and then opening with fear he get to know she saw another vision

"what did you saw"asked Asad

Khushi was still in shocked state and also fear has gripped her completely 3rd time she is seeing vision and everytime it is true then this time also. So She stammered while telling Asad

"Asad.....Madhu.....guest"she said breathing heavily in fear

Asad was not understanding but then guest room fire and curtain make some sense. He took Khushi and ran in guest room like air leaving Zoya boggled and opened the door. Madhu was startled at sudden opening of door. She stood up confused at Khushi and Asad sudden arrival

Asad looked around at every curtain while Khushi looked at a particular curtain. Curtain of window

Khushi saw that it was catching fire slowly she held Asad arm and pointing towards curtain she said

"bhai there that cur...curtain fire"

Asad and Madhu looked where Khushi was pointing. They saw curtain enveloped in fire slowly. It stuck Madhu that Khushi saw a vision of this fire

Asad ran up to curtain the whole curtain was envolped wiith fire and others curtain were also getting fire.

Zoya also came there and seeing the fire she remembered her nightmares fire she gasped and was getting fear. She start to breath heavily and took wall support

Madhu and Khushi including Asad saw her she was losing herself they get why she is behaving like this. Madhu and Khushi hold her for support and noded to Asad to stop fire somehow and they will took care of Zoya

Asad looked at fire again it was increasing time to time. He looked here and there for water but there was not any he looked at curtains and start to quench the fire some how with his hands but to there shocked as soon Asad run his hands over fire the whole fire extinguish in such way that it was looking it never caught fire except of that burned curtains which shows that it actully got burned

Asad turned and looked at three who were shocked to core

trying to digest the fact of fire nightmare and sudden fire extinguishing Zoya remember Dilshad words

Zoya : ohh i completely forget Phopi wa saying to bring Madhu in some minutes and in all this that some minutes ended now we should go with Madhu befor.....

".....before ami came and got woried by knowing and seeing this burn curtains"completely Asad

Zoya noded and looked at Khushi for approval Khushi too noded and make Madhu face hide in veil just then Rose came

Rose : guys came with Madhu....

Rose stopped seeing Asad and burned curtain

Rose : what hapened here

Khushi : long story will tell later now come we should take Madhu now before Khala came

Rose looked at them and noded. They took Madhu down though Madhu face was hidden by veil still Rishab was mesmerized seeing her beauty his angel HIS MADHU

"look Madhu your husband forget to breath"said Rose

"i told you"said Khushi smirking

Madhu was blushing hard under the veil


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Jan 13, 2014

From Starmuski (By Asyalover270) (Thanked: 16 times)

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Chapter - 22

Madhu got married with Rishab without any trouble now it was Khushi’s turn. Khushi was also taken to the same guest room. Girls told everything to Rose and Asad told boys everyone were horrified, confused and many more emotion were playing.

Rose : now let it be guys and make Khushi ready before Arnav himself came for making her ready.

Girls giggle while Khushi blushed hard.

"Shut up Rose.” said Khushi with shyness

" Aye Haye!!! Look at her cheeks they became so red that too without any makeup! “ said Madhu

Zoya Madhu and Rose shared a hearty laugh while Khushi blushed more harder than before.

"ok ok now we should make her get ready “said Zoya

They make Khushi ready in Pink beautiful lehnga. Khushi was looking extremely gorgeous.

"Woah! Khush you are also looking breath taking beautiful l" said Zoya

"Ready to take the breath of Arnav. “said Rose giggling

"Enough guys! “said Khushi blushing.

"Yeah you and your enough.“said Madhu sarcastically.

At the same time.

Man was scared. He failed two times. He saw his mobile screen which was flashing "Boss". With a trembling hand he received the call.

From the other side(boss) : You failed second time. How could you ? Just because of you two couples of the4 got married. Now do you know it means my destruction got written half that too just because of you dammit !

Man : Boss....boss gi… give me last cha...nce I will succeed th…his time.

Boss: Second chance? Really? Shut up and came here right now.

Boss cut the call. The man looked at the mobile  screen with fear. Now he has just two ways run away or go to his deat.  But running away will also lead him to death as his boss will find out and surely give him a painful death. He gulped hard and made his way towards his death which got  written on his second failure.

At mansion

Madhu Rose and Zoya took Khushi towards mandap while the same happened with Arshi Arnav forget to breath and Khushi got teased by her three best friends


Sorry guys only this much today actually it was part of before update but I was not able to write it that time so wrote now

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NOTE - The whole thing is clearly written by Muski but I am posting it as she cannot due to some circumstances which arose. The whole credit goes to her and I have not written a bit of it. To all our readers I have a request that Kindly dedicate all your praises to Muski as this is solely written by her and I am not a part of this update.

Thank you !



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Jan 14, 2014

Chapter 23...At your service ! (By Asyalover270) (Thanked: 14 times)

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Caribbeangirl - Sorry for the previous update but I am sure to make it up by this one. And I hope you got the reason for our delay and short updates by reading the reply I gave to komal.


Chapter 23

Shocked Beyond The Line

Soon the priest started chanting the mantras and told Arnav to tie the mangalsutra around Khushi's neck and fill sindoor (vermilion) in her partition (maang). He did as told and the couple stood for the saat phere (seven rounds). With each phera they took they promised each other something or the other along with the vows the priest told them to take. At the end of the seventh and last one they became officially and ritually each others soul mates.

Dilshad exclaimed bidding the last guest a goodbye.

"Uff ! I am too tired after all 4 marriages in one day is not an ordinary thing. You all also must be tired plus you guys are newly married now go and enjoy your first night as husband and wife." She said the last line with a hint of cheekiness and naughtiness in her tone.

The 8 of them went and sat in Asya's room. But as soon as they entered they were welcomed with a gust of fog and darkness in the room. And they all blacked out one by one.

After a few hours

They all were in a deserted room lying unconscious on a sofa with a chair placed in front of the sofa with a man clad in a white gown and white beard along with white hair was sitting. He chanted a mantra waving his wand and all of them were back to their senses.

On seeing an unknown environment and man they all exclaimed together "Where are we and who are you ?"

The gentle and generous face of the man smiled forming wrinkles on his face and said "I am Calvin. I have been waiting for you people to turn 22 years old and get married since you were babies and the future was predicted. "

Asad questioned " What ? What future are you talking about and I don't understand a thing neither do my friends. Will you please elaborate."

Calvin smiled and started telling his tale "Long time back me and my friend went out to teach magic which at that time was very famous. With the knowledge we held we easily got jobs in the magic school. Their we met your parents.*They were shocked at this*Yes don't be shocked. Your parents held the power of magic and got admission in the school. In the school they were exposed to the darkest of the secrets the we had chained beneath us. In my class their was a boy named Charmcaster*All chuckled even Calvin*He never said a word or ever talked but was the best in learning and performing tricks with magic. We always wondered the reason but never pondered much over the thought. On the last day of your parents school where they were presented the certificates and medals and the most important they graduated from the school and we teachers enchanted each graduated child due to which they could use magic any moment. But Charmcaster never showed up that day. Later we came to know that he was sent by the Black magicians who were the natural enemies of the Good. Their Leader came to know about the secrets of our magic and we were left with nothing and our town went in to the hands of the evil. That day a future predictor *don't know the exact word* told that some students of the school will give birth to 8 children who will kill the evil and when the children get married and turn 22 they will posses special powers. That day the destruction of Demonio was written. When you were born Demonio started sending people to kill you but each time your parents defended you. But they knew he wont stop until he succeeds so they all left you in a orphanage and died protecting you but Dilshad being the brave one kept Asad with her and Rashid died protecting them. Dilshad moved to Forks after adopting you all because she thought he will stop searching for you. But unfortunately my child was wrong. They all are behind you once again. You are the ones who will destroy him to ashes. And if I am not wrong you guys might already be having signals of your powers and some dangers which were stopped in the nick of time."

They all were deeply shocked knowing this revelation. They wanted their normal life back which was now not going to come back. They all were more schocked when Calvin revealed that Dilshad knew all of this and she still holds magic. Calvin told "Zoya can hear what others are thinking. Asad can control the elements of nature. Khushi can see the future. Arnav can heal anything back to normal by touching it. Madhu can track the owner and history of anything she touches. Rishab has the shield due to which no magic of the bad people will work over you. Rosalie can become a hologram and allow things to pass through herself. Jacob can become invisible. You all can develop your powers over time as Zainab*Zoya's mother*did. She had the power of giving immense powerful shocks. At first she had power only in her palms but over time with her practice and determination she developed the shocks in her whole body and became more powerful than before. Now you people can run faster than anyone and have strength more than anyone. You have to be careful now because sometimes unknowingly you may apply your power and the palefaces from which we have to keep this a secret will come to know that you are different. Be extremely careful and from today I declare you the saviors of the world. I will now enchant you and you will be back in your room. Remember you may need to fight anywhere and anytime. Your soul mission now will be to protect the good and defeat the evil. You have to track down Demonio by the help of your powers and intelligence."

With this he chanted a prayer and they were all back in Asya's room.

When they all woke up they were different from last time. The colour of their skin had become pale-white,their skin had become ice-cold, and, their eyes had become golden-brown.

Their was now a great danger and a great mission ahead of them.

Now the questions which arose were - Will they succeed? Will they go through all the barriers and reach Demonio? Will they be able to kill him?

Only time had the answer.


Guys I Hope I made up for my absence with this update. Do comment, like, read, and most of all enjoy !

Kainat_Khan - I hope you know now what powers they all have. If any more questions still thrive in your mind feel free to ask. We will be more than happy to help you out.

See ya soon !

Love ,



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Jan 20, 2014

Chapter 24 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 19 times)

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Chapter 24

Demonio break the crystal ball in anger

"how could he told them how can he? Now they will be carefull and with there that powers they can easily fight with me damn i have to do something they should not know there powers"

then he did some magic

In Asya room

all the 8 friends come to conscious and felt there head heavy for a moment

"aahhh its hurting"said Madhu

"same here"said others

soon they felt relief from pain then looked at each other

"what hapened some times ago"asked Rose

"don't know"replied Arnav

"why did we fainted"asked Khushi

"don't know" came the same reply from Asad

"ok now let it be guys and we should go in our rooms now and you guys also enjoyed your night"said Rose naughtily while girls blushed

Everyone then went in there room all this while Rose was there to make every girl go in there new room then Rose also went back in her room

Calvin looked all this from crystall ball

"damn this demonio how can he do this now it will be trouble I can't make them remember everything untill they themselves tried to or they get there whole powers damn it"

Next morning

After getting ready everyone bid jacob and Rose bye as they were leaving back to there homes after it they come at dining table and sit on there respective seats when suddenly Dilshad exclaimed

"stop....what's wrong with you guys haa sit together na now you are married"

"no we will not sit with them"said Zoya

Rishab : what but why

Khushi : because.....

Madhu : why should only we girls leave and start new life boys should also leave there somethings

Dilshad : means

Khushi : means that why should in everything we compromise they should also do the same and as we leave our rooms they will leave there seatss and will sit near us

Zoya : correct

Boys looked at each other and burst into laughter

"why the hell are you guys laughing"asked Khushi

"because this so funny we leave our seats"and so Asad burst into laughter

Girls give them deathly glare which make them shut

"phopi if they want then they will sit with us chair near us or else forget it"said an angry Zoya glaring at boys

"fine"said Boys

Boys sit near girls while girls smiled victorosly

soon Dilshad went away after having her break fast after Dilshad went boys straightly looked at girls angrily while girls completely ignored there stares and keep on eating

"why did you girls do this haa"asked Rishab

"what did we do"said Khushi

"what did you guys do Asad we need to tell them"said Arnav with his most dangereous smirk for girls

"right bro"

Girls were getting afraid but didn't showed it

"yea..h tell u.s"said Zoya stamering

As boys were about to hold there hands girls stood up and start to go away but boys were too fast they hold there wrist and coming near them hold them from waist

"what are you doing phopi will come"said Zoya

"am just telling you what you guys did"said Rishab

"in this way"asked Khushi

Asad noded in yes

"okay we know we didn't did anything and it was only you who came and sit with me"said Madhu

Girls pushed boys and ran away while boys stood there looking at them

"how can they just took away all the blame from them and put it on us"said Rishab

"they are girls dude....."said Asad

"....they can do anything"completed Arnav

Trio looked at each other and shook there head hopelessly

Precap : Khushi smilingly recieved the call on telephone but what she heared make her eyes grew wide and reciever almost fell from her hand

Feb 7, 2014

Chapter 25 - finally out of bag after bigg delay (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 19 times)

Sory sory sory am extremely sory for late update but what to do I don't have internet coverage here and Manal is also little busy as her exams are coming near so it get little hard to update extremely sory for this much late update

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Chapter 25

Everyone were sitting in hall talking and laughing

"Khush we should talk about our honey moon to Aunty or else maybe we will remain here what say"whispered Arnav

Khushi blush

"shut up Arnie"whispered back Khushi

"what shut up its our..."

Before Arnav completed his words telephone rang and Khushi stood up nervously

"i i'll see it"saying so Khushi almost ran towards telephone

"weird"murmered Arnav

Khushi smilingly recieved the call and said


but what she heared on other side make her eyes grew wide and her smile faded with horror on her face. Reciever almost fell from her hand

Everyone were talking when Khushi come there with pale face everyone stop talking seeing her knowing something bad hapened

"what hapened Khushi who was it why you are looking so pale"asked Arnav worriedly

Tears threaten to come out and finally a lone tear fell on her cheek

Khushi replied tremblingly

"Rose Jake d...died in acc..ident"

everyone were shocked. They sit on there seats with thud tears flowing

What hapened in there lives they yesterday get married after that fire thing hurdles and today there friends died....!!!

Everyone attended the funeral and after it head back to home all were silent sad shocked many emotions were flowing in there heart

there Calvin was also shocked with the death of Rose and Jake at the same time he was angry too

"accident my foot aahhhhh i have to kept quite by my steps that Demonio is wining I have told them the truth now its there turn to remember it and fight or else making then or trying to make them remember will cause great damage I have to wait more and the ridiculous part I can't help even damn it"

precap - Dilshad - i think you guys go for honey moon


i know it was sad one that too after delay but what to do this part was meant to be aded for further progress

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Chapter 28 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 24 times)

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Chapter 26

15 days later after the death of Rose and Jake

it was fine day everyone were sitting in hall drinking tea when sudenly Dilshad speak up shocking eveyone

"you guys should go for your honey moon"

"what are you saying ami how can we it has just been 15 days Rose and Jake passed away how can we go"said Asad in utterly shock

"yes Khala we can't"agreed Madhu

"look the one who has to go is gone we can't do anything but it doesn't meant that we suffer just because they passed away look at me Asad after your abu passed away did I stop smiling? Did I stop enjoying? No na because I know the one who has to go go we can't do anything yes I accepted that I was sad at that time so you are but we have to move on hmm?"said Dilshad with so many emotions

everyone were silent they didn't knew what to do though they want this but.....

they looked at Dilshad and then at each other and then they smiled giving Dilshad a nod

Dilshad smiled

being the naughties boy in boys Rishab asked Dilshad

"so aunty what is our honey moon destination i am sure you planned it too with tickets right"he said with naughty smirked

"some one is very much exited huh"said Dilshad naughtily

"ofcourse aunty we are after all its our honeymoon na"said the second naught boy Arnav

Girls were shocked to see boys so free about it that too infront of eveyone

"Arnavv"said Khushi

"yes darling"

Khushi could feel the redness spreading on her cheeks she was so much shy she slowly whispered

"behave yourself Arnav we are sitting in middle of everyone"

"so what"

"but ami we will go at same place i mean we all will go at same place"said Asad suddenly

"what but its your honeymoon not your so called trip"said Dilshad

"yeah i know but ami we will feel better look ami we will spend time together too and will be going at different places all alone but if sometime we will feel alone then we will be able to get a good get together"explained Asad

"yes phopi Asad is right"said the most emotional girl our Zoya

understanding them Dilshad looked at other two couples who noded in positive with grin too so Dilshad agree

"but ami whats our destination"asked Asad

"you guys will find it when you will get your ticketes till then bye"saying so Dilshad went in her room

Honeymoon plan was just an accuse the truth was Dilshad wanted the couples to be out of the mess out of the reach of Demonio will she be able to keep them safe? Only time has answers

Feb 14, 2014

Chapter 27 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 24 times)

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Chapter 27

Next day

As sunlight peep through the open windows and touch girls faces they woke up there eyes half opened strecthing there arms they said

"good morning"

not getting any reply they open there eyes completely and looked here and there but didn't find anyone

"where did he went"said trio together in there own rooms bed

After getting a quick shower they came out of there rooms and saw each other

"do you know where Arnav/Asad/Rishab is"said Khushi , Zoya and Madhu together and looking at each other they got there answers

"where the hell did they go at this time?"said Madhu looking the time at her wrist watch

"don't know"said Zoya

Before they go further with there converstaion they heared Dilshad calling them for breakfast so they go down at dining table

Taking there respective seats they asked Dilshad

"khala where did Boys went"asked Khushi

Dilshad undertsanding there situation hide her smile and with straight face replied back

"yeah they went for work"

"WORK"said girls together

"yeah"said Dilshad making fake confused face

"but phopi didn't you said that we will not be going to college or for work atleast for 2 months"said Zoya throughly dissapointed

"yeah but they were not ready to listen me and were very stubborn to go so I allowed them"

"here they can they go for work on this day and also how could they go leaving us alone that too when we are planing for honeymoon how unromantic they are before marriage always find way for getting near us always being romantic but now look it has just beein half month and they forget today day and left for stupid work....."and so on girls keep ranting and cursing boys under there breath

Dilshad was enjoying the situation there angry faces make her smile and to her luck due to anger they didn't see her smiling or not so felt fishy


so what do you guys think? Where are boys? What is Dilshad hiding? Whats the real reason behind girls anger?

keep on thinking and guessing till then bye

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Chapter 28 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 28 times)

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Chapter 28

Girls stood up and entered in there rooms in foul mood

"what does he think himself huh"said angry Khushi closing the door

as soon khushi turned she collid with a hard pillar but then she noticed it was some man before she scream she was gaga. Khushi eyes were closed but when she hear a voice she opened her eyes to see it was Arnav only

same thing was hapening in other 2 rooms too

Madhu : Rishab you

Asad : yes me

Khushi : i don't want to talk to you

Rishab : why

Zoya : you....urgghhhh don't want to talk to you

Arnav : reason

Rishab : ok I have something which will cool down your anger

Khushi : whats it

Asad went on one knee and taking out a rose and said

Arnav : happy valentine

Madhu mouth opened

Khushi took the rose and blushed little

Rishab stand straight and going behind her he closed her eyes with a piece of cloth

"what are you doing Asad"asked Zoya touching the piece of cloth which stopped her vision

"some where special"told Arnav


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Chapter 29 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 18 times)

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Chapter 29

Asad and Rishab took Zoya and Madhu in there own cars some where while girls keep on saying "where are you taking me?" "Should I open the eyes" in return they answers same "you will come to know soon" "no"

Arnav took Khushi on terrace and going behind her took away the blind fold from her eyes. Khushi touched her eyes and as soon her vision was cleared her mouth remained opened seeing the terrace and only word came out of her mouth


"it its beautifull Arnie"

whole terrace was decorated beautifully in red and white colour roses and what not in middle of it was a table and around it was two chairs

Khushi turned and looked at Arnav no words were coming out of her mouth she just hugged him

"did you like it"asked Arnav

Khushi broke hug

"no I don't liked it infact I loved it"said Khushi cheerfully

Arnav hold Khushi wrist and led her in middle. He streched chair for her and she sit on it while Arnav went on other sides and sit on the chair

Arnav looked at Khushi who was admiring the terrace while he her

"i didn't bring you here to see the terrace I bring you here for spending some time with you"said Arnav

Khushi smiled and looked at him lovingly

Arnav touch Khushi hand they looked at each other

"I love you"said Arnav

"I love you too"said Khushi in trance looking in his eyes


Asad stopped the car and went on other side he make Zoya come outside the car. Zoya could hear some commotion but was not able to point it out. Asad opened the blind fold while Zoya looked around infront of her was a beautifull ocean and near it was a sitting arrangements for them it was so simple yet elegant

"how's it"asked Asad

"beautifull"said Zoya while admiring it

"so come"said Asad extended his hand

both went and sit on chairs

"when did you do it"asked Zoya

"uhm when ou was cursing me for going to office"said Asad smirking

"means....."asked Zoya

"yup i was not at office infact doing all this arrangements and Ami knew it"told Asad


Asad noded

Rishab took Madhu in some hotel terrace. Rishab opened the blind fold and Madhu looked around dumbfounded

The whole terrace was decorated with ballons flowers even there was way of flowers towards the middle of terrace where table and chair were

"wow Rishab its breath takingly beautifull"exclaimed Madhu looking around

Rishab come from behind and holding her from waist led her towards already arranged table both sit on chairs

"it means the whole day you was doing this"asked Madhu

Rishab noded looking at her

"only for you"

Madhu blushed while Rishab hold her hand both looked at each other

"i love you Rishu"said Madhu

"i love you too"replied back Rishab with same passion as Madhu

All couplesa have quality of time without anyone disturbance they have there candle light dinner only there and after it they danced too in which they remained lost in each other


i hope you guys liked it sorry am not so good in such stuff and hope its long one too though not so lo

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