Supernatural Love... *completed*

Dec 18, 2013

Chapter - 10 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 21 times)

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Update 10

"From morning I was feeling something strange, before lunch when i went for drinking water....(she took deep breath) as soon I lift glass to drink water it broke up even I didnt apply any force and not a scratch came on my hand....its strange"told Zoya

Everyone were thoughtfull hearing her

"how is it possible that glass broke up when no force is applied on it and not single scratch came on hand"this thought was popping in every one mind

"its ok Zoya maybe the glass u used was little broken and with your slight force it broke up relax yar"said Khushi soothingly

"but scratch......"argued Zoya

"it is just coincidence Zoya dont be so much thoughtfull it doesnt suit your personality"said Asad

Zoya noded her head as if agreeing with them

"Zoya now a days you are using you pie brain a lot now use it little its troubling us, without any solid reason you get tense"complained Madhu

"oh really??? Wait there i will tell you"said Zoya coming out from Arnav arms

Arnav hold her hand and make her sit

"let it be kiddo and also.....she told the truth"

Zoya looked at Arnav with her mouth open. Arnav closed her mouth while other giggles

"Allah miah whats wrong with you guys I will not leave any of you"

saying so Zoya stood up took a pillow and start to beat Arnav and Madhu with it. With this all of them start to fight with each other with pillows messing the room

Hearing noices Dilshad came in Zoya room and exclaimed in surprise

"ya Allah what's hapening here all of you sit down"almost screamed Dilshad

everyone stop in their tracks and then sit down obediently

whole room was messed up with pillow feathers and other things scattered around

"now all of you will clean it"ordered Dilshad

everyone looked at each other and then at room

"we have lot of work"said Arnav

"so we are going"said Khushi

others agree with them and start to go as Zoya mouth open in O shaped

"stop stop we all did this together now help me also ok"ordered Zoya angrily

"look Zoya its your room not ours we are going"told Madhu

Before Zoya argue Dilshad speak up "koi kahin nhy ja rha. Tum sub Zoya ki madad kro ge(no one is going anywhere. All of you will help Zoya)"

saying so Dilshad went away

All of them helped Zoya. After this they get ready and went for there part time job


Author note ~ This is a hint for the upcoming twist. The twist is extremely dramatic. But we will not destroy the humour , romance and love between the couples. Are you guys still interested???

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Dec 20, 2013

Update - 11 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 22 times)

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Update 11

Next day

Everyone were having lunch

"oh yes, I remember khala tommorow is ria engagment she want that all of us come there even you"informed Khushi while chewing her food

"yes ami you should join us too"insist Asad

Dilshad heared them silently

"Asad you know na beta I dont like to go in some stranger parties"replied Dilshad

"what is this khala you everytime denied it means you will also not attend our engagment"complained Arnav

"your engagment!! are you serious Arnav? In your engagement I will be there everytime but unfortunately you guys dont want it now"complained Dilshad too with a cute pout

"who told you Khala? we are getting engage infact we were planing to get maried in few days as due to some problems we are getting holidays and we thought to get maried in this holidays, we can study after this"inform Rishab looking at Dilshad

Dilshad was on 9 cloud. What else she want?

"thats realy great! I will prepare for it just tell me when are you guys planing to get engaged?"asked Dilshad

In all this hapiness Dilshad didnt see girls reaction

Zoya mouth was wide open, Madhu who was going drinking water stop glass on her lips while Khushi who was going to eat stop in mid way spoon infront of her lips in mid air. Boys were trying hard not to laugh on their girls reaction

"uhm day after tomorrow"told Asad enjoying Zoya reaction

Dilshad was so much happy finally her children were ready to get marry

"ok i will go and prepare for it"

saying so Dilshad went away happily

"Zoya what hapened? I thought on listening this news you will blush like before but now its opposite"complained Asad smiling inwardly

"yeah Khushi what hapend? last time our mariage was fixed after 2 years but here after 2 days our engagement is fixed and instead of blushing you are giving statue pose"complained Arnav with a pout

Girls stood up from their seats

"ya Allah whats wrong with you Asad? you finalised our biggest day and didnt discussed with us?"said Zoya angrily

Boys tries to clarify but girls didnt hear anything and like last time stomped in their rooms but there was slight change this time they were red in anger. Boys went behind them and saw their girls pacing to and fro


Asad went in Zoya room and was satisfied to see that door is opened unlike last time he can see his to be WIFE this time

peeping in the room he saw his lioness ready to hunt. With silent steps he came in the middle as Zoya was so engrosed in her thoughts she didnt felt his presence and collid with a hard chest of her love

Zoya looked up and saw him

"now what are you doing here?"Zoya asked angrily

"I came to sooth my dear to be wife"said Asad with a grin

"oh really?"Zoya said in her signature tone placing her hands on hips

"oh yes now calm down and tell me what make you so much angry our mariage or me not telling you"asked Asad calmly

"what do you think yourself Asad? I want to study and here you are talking about mariage"Said Zoya with a pout

"so u dont want this mariage? ok am going and telling this to ami"said Asad smirking inwardly knowing the reaction

"no there is nothing like that its....its"stamered Zoya

"what is 'it' hmm? means you want this mariage?"said Asad hiding his smirk

Asad hold her waist and pulled her close. Zoya kept her head bow she was actaully blushing and Asad was enjoying this


Arnav saw Khushi pacing to and fro and blabbering something as usual. He went towards her while Khushi was too busy in her blabering, she felt her heart beat rising she turned to bombard on Arnav not knowing Arnav is right behind her, as soon she turned she lost her balance and before Khushi fall Arnav caught her like always

Cool breeze was blowing making Khushi hairs to dance in air while Khushi was closing her eyes in fear Arnav was too lost in her angelic face

Slowly, Khushi opened her eyes and saw Arnav lost in her she also was lost in his eyes


soon Khushi trance broke and she stood up making Arnav coming back in his senses by now Khushi forget her anger

"uhm Khushi are you still angry?"asked Arnav in a very sweet voice

"nope"said Khushi blushing

Arnav hugged her

"finally we are going to get married"


Rishab saw his Madhu scolding him, he stood at door admiring her when Madhu felt an intense gaze on her and saw him at door step

"Rishab what did u think yourself huh? took a desicion of my life without discussing with me without telling me how dare you?"scolded Madhu

Rishab was just smiling

"huh you are smiling how dare you?"Madhu said pointing her index finger at him

Rishab took her in his arms and her hands circled around his neck

"Rishab what are you doing put me down"said Madhu

"what do you think what am doing?"asked Rishab raising his eyebrow

Before Madhu could answer Rishab took her, make her sit on sofa and leaned, traping her from standing up

"Rishab!"Madhu said breathing heavily

"yes me!"

"now tell me dont u want this mariage?"asked Rishab

"I want it but......"

Madhu bit her tongue she actauly said it aloud her cheeks become red and she hide her face in Rishab chest while he smiled contently

Dec 21, 2013

Update - 12 - engagment (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 19 times)

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Chapter - 12

Days rolled with lot of teasing and shoppings. Finally the day of their engagment came. Nor girls neither boys were in their room they were preparing for engagment as the three couples as in six best friends were getting engaged on same day. There were very few people who were invited, some far relatives, some friends and some other people like neighbour e.t.c .

Girls were runing here and there while boys were with their bluetooth if needed ordering and working at same time. Suddenly, Madhu, Zoya and Khushi collid with Rishab, Asad and Arnav respectively.

Madhu, Zoya and Khushi shyly tried to move away when their loves held their wrist pulling them closer to them

"finally we are going to get engage"said Arnav

Zoya blushed

"excited happy or nervous"question Rishab

"all"shyly Khushi whispered

"really?"Asad asked with amu****t raising his eyebrow

"yes"Madhu said and pulling away herself from him ran away

Asad, Arnav and Rishab stood the place where they were standing smiling looking at the retreating figure of their loves. Then they turned and saw each other, seeing each other they realised same hapened with others

Dilshad went near girls

"arre Madhu and Zoya go and change and then make Khushi ready."said Dilshad hurridly

Madhu and Zoya noded while Khushi blush

Madhu and Zoya get ready in a beautifull yet simple saree they were looking gergeous they didnt weared much jewelry and make up as they have to change it when their turn of getting engage will come

After getting ready Zoya and Madhu went in Khushi room and seeing her smiling and blushing all in herself they understood that she is thinking about Arnav and is totally unaware of their presence. Both of them fake a cough making Khushi jerk and turned she saw them and felt relieved

"uhm Khushi there is still time in getting mariage you are engaging today not marrying so don't think to much"said Madhu smirking

"oh really am not thinking much and whether its engagment or mariage girls behave like this after me its your turn then I will see how you behave"Khushi countered back, backfiring Madhu's plan

"ok ok calm down yar and yes dont smile and blush this much Arnav is not still here"said Zoya

hearing Arnav name Khushi cheeks reddened

"shut up"said Khushi hiding her face

"ohoo looked at her face Madhu she look so beautiful while blushing"said Zoya smilingly

"are you guys done"asked Khushi trying to be strong

"ok ok calm down and come we will make you ready"said Madhu grining

Madhu and Zoya make Khushi ready.

"wow Khush you are looking so beautiful"said Zoya

Khushi looked at her reflection in mirror and no doubt she was looking gorgeous in her red designer anarkali. Red, her Arnav's favourite colour.

Thinking about Arnav, Khushi blushed, seeing it Madhu opened her mouth for teasing her but Dilshad came there

"did you guys make her ready"asked Dilshad

Seeing Khushi Dilshad stoped in her track

"my bachi(daughter) looked so beautiful! Dont know how will she look in her wedding dress?"said Dilshad with happiness

"Madhu and Zoya bring her downstair. Am going there only, rituals are going to start"ordered Dilshad while Madhu and Zoya noded

Madhu and Zoya brought Khushi downstairs both on either side. Arnav was already present there in his red sherwani matching to Khushi dress

On seeing Khushi, Arnav was mesmerized. Khushi slowly looked at him. Both were lost in each other eyes.


Khushi came and stood infront of Arnav. Soon ritual start. Arnav and Khushi exchange rings and everyone clapped. Khushi looked at her ring and smile, it was heart shape with ArShi engraved in it, then she looked at Arnav who showed her his plain ring with same ArShi engraved on it. Khushi smiled at Arnav and Arnav too.

After teasing Arnav and khushi it was Madhu and Rishab turn. Madhu was taken away by Khushi and Zoya

"so miss ready for being officially tied with Rishu?"Khushi asked winking

Madhu blushed at Khushi remark. She looked down shyingly, trying to hide her blush.

"oho, Khushi look at her blush! Remember someone was teasing you"Zoya said with mischevious smile

"yeah Zo, someone was teasing me on blushing and now look she is blushing herself"Khushi replied back

"now will you both stop it?"Madhu asked blushingly

"sure, sure we know you are excited to get ready and wear Rishab's name ring"Khushi said

Madhu gave them a stern stare while red colour still tinted her cheeks.

"cool girl cool."Zoya said and started to make her ready much to her relief

Madhu get ready in blue and white designer anarkali. Blue was Rishab favourite colour which eventually become Madhu's favourite too just like Khushi start to like red more.

Madhu was taken down with lot of teasing from Khushi and Zoya. Rishab was wearing blue sherwani matching to Madhu. Rishab was lost in her beauty when she descend the stairs. As Madhu stood by Rishab, she looked at him shyingly.

Rishab took the blue heart shaped ring and smiled looking at RishBala engraved in it. Everyone clapped as Rishab sliped the ring in Madhu's finger. Then Madhu took the plain ring and looked at the same word engraved on it, she smiled and looked at Rishab and then slip the ring in his finger.

After Rishbala engagement it was Asya turn they were taken away by their friends but their eyes were one each other

Zoya sit on chair and Madhu and Khushi stood behind her

"so now Zoya, what will you like to say?"Madhu asked and winked at her

Zoya looked down biting her lower lip, faint pink colour start to emerge on her cheeks

"OMG! Zoya you are blushing huh?"Khushi asked

"no no am not blushing"Zoya replied immediately

"woo woo Zoya, how can you say you are not? Or don't you like Asad tell me i'll cancel your engagement"Madhu said in serious tone

"no! No, Madhu who said that to you I love Asad"Zoya stopped as soon she realized what she blurt out

Khushi and Madhu start to laugh at her while Zoya looked down embarrased

Finally Khushi and Madhu make Zoya ready in designer white anarkali she was looking gergeous.

Zoya was taken downstair where Asad was waiting for her in his white sherwani. He looked at Zoya and was lost to see her in his favourite colour. Zoya looked at Asad and smiled seeing him in her favourite colour. Both of them has same thoughts that they liked same colour too

Zoya sstood beside Asad and passed him a smile. Ceremoney started and Asad make Zoya weared a white heart ring with AsYa written on it and Zoya make him wear a ring with AsYa on it. Everyone clapped with enthusiasm.

Dilshad smiled and giving the three couples her blessings she announced "since the engagement ceremony is over let's the party begin" Everyone shouted in happiness

And the party started with the love birds lost in each other.


Dec 22, 2013

Chapter - 13 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 18 times)

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chapter - 13

Slowly all guests went away and now it was just family. Tired with the all day event they sit on hall sofa with tiredy faces

"am tired"said Khushi feeling exhausted

"not only you Khush we all are tired"said Arnav with closed eyes

Khushi rolled her eyes but didnt reply

"now what hapened why so silent i thought you will retort back"said Arnav opening his eyes and looking at Khushi

"I already told you am tired dont have enough energy to waste on you"said Khushi

"stop it you guys today only you got engaged and now fighting with each other"said Dilshad tired of couples fighting

"not me khala only he was the one"said Khushi

"not me she said a stupid talks"said Arnav

"arnav it was you only who fight with her"said Madhu

"nope"said Arnav

Dilshad rolled her eyes

"now stop it and come for dinner" interfer Dilshad knowing where this converstation going

Others noded. All of them stood up and went for dinner

Dinner was completely silent as everyone were tired. After dinner they went in there rooms

Though all of them were tired but each friend each couple was lost in each other thinking about there mariage

Madhu was laying on her bed. She was lost in Rishab thoughts and has a cute smile on her face making her face glow in moonlight. Thinking about Rishab suddenly she saw a shadow lingring on her room window her smile was faded. She sit on her bed looking at window trying to see who is it

"who is it kon h wahn(who is there)"she said with a fear

slowly she took the bedsheet off from her and walk towards window with continuosly asking "who is there"

shadow was no where to seen when she reach near window. She opened the window letting the harsh cold wind touch her face. Madhu felt a strange uneasiness she peeped out of window and saw no one when she was about to close the window she saw something on it. Determined to find what is it and who's shadow was it she touch it but she got some vision she closed her eyes

as soon she closed her eyes she saw some one out of her window and when she was about to see that person face she opened her eyes in fear. She closed the window and sit on bed thinking what hapened just some time before calming herself she slept a disturbed sleep

Dec 24, 2013

Chapter 14....Fresh and Cool... (By Asyalover270) (Thanked: 18 times)

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Back to the story now....

Once again gaining up the courage to see what she saw Madhu closed her eyes and she saw....

A dark room with the silhouette of a man on a chair with a roll top on which his hands were resting. A spot light falls on him. But Voila ! Before that everything goes black and she opens up her eyes to see herself back in her room. Madhu started wondering "Ajeeb baat hai. Meine apni aankhein band karne par pehle to aisi daraawani cheezien nahi dekhi. Aaj kya hua mujhe ? Chal MadhuBala soon-to-be Mrs. Rishab Kundra zayada dimaag ke ghode mat chala. Chup chaap jaakar so ja.(Strange thing. On closing my eyes never before did I see such spooky and scary things. What happened to me today ?Common MadhuBala soon-to-be. Mrs. Rishab Kundra don't run your imagination horses too much. Go and sleep.)

She went and slept unmindful of what was to come their way.

The sky brightened up and a beautiful morning came with lots of surprises for every one.

On the dining table were 6 monkeys passing fruits and food to each other with mischief in their eyes and happiness evident on their faces.

Dilshad watched the faces of her children and prayed to the god "Ya Allah ! Mere bachchon par kabhi koi aanch na aane dena aur unhe hamesha khush rakhna(Oh Lord ! Please do not let any trouble confront my children and keep them smiling and happy always)"

Rishab called out to Dilshad "Aunty come and eat or else there won't be anything left for you too eat as these monkeys are gobbling up everything"

5 faces shot up from their plates with pure anger *the fake one ^_^*

Zoya shouted at him "Kyaaa !!! Tumne humein bhukkad bola ? Tumhari itni himmat.(WHAAAT !!! You called us hungry monkeys ? How dare you ?"

And there went her sandal flying in the air across the dining table and landing perfectly on Rishab's shoulder.

Madhu went near the sofa and threw pillows at him screaming "Khadoos tumhare paas itni himmat aagayi ki ab tum humein bhukkad bula rahe ho?(Arrogant. You got so much guts that you are calling us hungry monkeys ?"

The boys were holding him tight while he was being attacked from every side and not to forget Khushi had bathed him in Jelabi syrup.

After the humongous fight they all went to college speeding on the roads of Forks , Washington *as mentioned before they live here*

While they entered their college a eyes were on them once again. But now they were used to it. They all looked at each other and smirked thinking "How to change this ?"

P.S. ~ Sorry guys too tired and sleepy but due to My Teacher ! Muski ! I have to update coz she can't her net pack is finished. And I was feeling too lazy to proof read it soooo guys please don't mind the silly typos. If their are bigger mistakes.....I am really sorry guys.

Bye for now !

Love ,



Dec 25, 2013

Chapter - 15 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 21 times)

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Chapter 15

After collage

Everyone were eating lunch peacfully except from Madhu. Last night incident was hunting her. Arshi Asya and Rishab notice her restlesness

Rishab : what hapened Madhu

Madhu looked at him and noded reluctantly with a force smile

everyone except Dilshad get to know something is wrong but they kept quite after eating lunch they all were found in Madhu room

Khushi : what hapened Madhu why are you so restless

Zoya : yeah Madhu tell us

Madhu looked at both of them then boys her restlesness was increasing thinking how will they react

"umm do i send them outside"asked Khushi pointing at boys thinking maybe its girly talk

Madhu finally opened her mouth

Madhu : its nothing like that actully ummm yesterday night ahh yesterday night i saw a shadow lurking outside the window and......

"what who the hell was it did he harm you....."and so question goes on from Rishab side

sensing Madhu irkness Zoya stepped in

"and what hapend after that"asked Zoya ignoring Rishab question and his questioning look

"i went near window when i opened it i saw no one but something was there when i touched it i got a strange vision i dont know whether you guys believe it or not but i was actully in that vision going to see that man but before i do i was so terified that i opened my eyes after some time i again closed my eyes determined to know and again got vision but again open my eyes"Madhu ended in one breath

Everyone were thoughtfull

Arnav : maybe Madhu you saw a dream because of tirdness

everyone agreed with Arnav even Madhu too but again they saw thoughtfull Khushi who was in other world and didnt agree with Arnav

Asad : what hapened Khushi where are you lost now

no reply

Arnav : khushi

still no reply

Arnav went and shook Khushi

Khushi : haa Arnav what hapened

everyone looked at Khushi with strange looks this make Khushi uncomfartable

Khushi : what hapened guys why are you seeing me like this

Zoya : you are unbelieveble Khush we were talking for so long and you are lost somewhere and asking what hapened

"wo that actully i was thinking something"replied Khushi

"dont know what is hapening with this girls now a days.....let it be now spit the beans out"said Rishab

Khushi : its i think Madhu is right

Arnav : why so

Khushi : because........

".....because i too felt like some one is following us yesterday during Zoya engegment and then at night too i felt a Strong gaze we should not take this things so lightly there is surely something wrong"completed Khushi thoughtfully

once again everyone went in deep thoughts she is right they should not take things so lightly

Dec 28, 2013

Chapter - 16 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 15 times)

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Chapter - 16

Girls were sitting at Arnav room as boys called them because tomorrow is Zoya optan and Madhu and Khushi haldi after this function boys and girls will not be able to meet each other a per custon except Zoya and Asad but then they will also not free so there is no chance of there meet too

It was almost half hour since girls were waiting for boys and now they were irked of it

Zoya : dont know where these stupids are

Khushi smiled and replied "Zoya you know na they liked making us wait"

Madhu was at window looking outside and listening her friends cum sisters talk

Madhu : hey look there they are outside at road side

Zoya and Khushi came there and saw boys outside talking it was looking as if they are planing something while girls shook there head hopelessly thinking they must be planing to meet them everyday despite of all customs

Khushi moved on and touch some of Arnav stuff lovingly thinking about there future when like Madhu she also got a vision. Khushi closed her eyes getting the vision. She saw a car in full speed hit Arnav she quickly opened her eyes as fear gripped her

From far she look outside the window and saw arnav was almost on road she quickly ran out of the room towards Arnav while Madhu and Zoya were shocked at her beahviour but then they also ran behind her seeing her face which was covered with fear they get to know something hapened or going to hapened

"what hapened Khushi"asked Zoya as she was following her

"i have to save arnie"saying so Khushi kept on runing

Khushi ran at road side and saw a car which was actully coming towards Arnav fear gripped her again she ran and pulled Arnav towards herself. At first Arnav was shocked and confused but then he saw a car passing on road he understand that Khushi saved him before he say something Khushi start to shout on him

"cant you see anything have you gone mad or what and why the hell you were standing at road if something hapened to you then you cant even took care of yourself what did you think huh"

and Khushi go on and on untill Arnav closed her mouth with his hand

"calm down Khushi nothing hapened to me look"told Arnav taking away his hand from her mouth

Khushi hugged him with tears welling up in her eyes

"agar kuch ho jata to?(if something hapened then?)

"relax nothing will hapened till you are with me"said Arnav as he ran his fingers in her hairs soothing her down

Khushi calm down a bit and came out of his hug thats when Arnav questioned her

Arnav : by the way khushi why did you guys came here

Khushi remembered how she got vision but before she told Zoya questioned

"asked this bandariya(monkey) she is the only one who came here jumping and running saying she need to save you god knows what hapened to her"

Arnav and others looked at Khushi with questioning look

"actully it umm that....."Khushi stamered

Khushi look at everyone curious faces and sigh. She took a deep breath and tell in one go with eyes closed

"i was touching some of Arnie stuff when i got vision that he was hit with a car"

Khushi opened her eyes little and then completely

Everyone were looking each other in shocked and confusion. Asad was the first one to react

"whats hapening with you girls huh Madhu and Khushi getting some strange weird vision and Zoya is not also less"

"we dont know but its truth"said girls in unision

Boys looked at eachother and then there lady love they could see a confusion and truth in there eyes and then hugged there love

"we believe you...."said Boys in unision

".....there is surely something wrong"aded boys

Side Hugging there girls they went in house thinking whats hapening now-a-days

What do you guys think??? whats hapening with them???

Keep thinking untill we ourself disclosed it*wink*

Dec 31, 2013

Chapter - 17 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 21 times)

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Chapter - 17

Next day

as sunlight peep in every room of friends they also peep out there face from blanket and getting ready quickly they went downstair where Dilshad just arrange food. Seeing them Dilshad smiled as everyone sit on dining table Dilshad also sit on head chair

there was complete silent only voices they could hear was of spoon and fork colliding with plate Dilshad noticed this usually there is never this much silence so she asked

"aj kya hogya tum logon ko itni khamoshi. Is kamoshi ki waja mai jan skty hun? ( what hapened to you guys today this much silence. Can i know the reason behind this silence)"

Khushi looked up from her plate and saw her khala worid face

"nothing khala......umm khala should we go college today or not?"asked Khushi after little pause

"no way from today to atleast 2 month no college i already talk with your priniciple"

"wow ami you are super fast already planed everything" said Asad

Dilshad smiled and then again remembring there silence she said

" wait i remember after today you guys will not be able to meet is this the thing that is troubling you guys and the reason behind this strange silence"

Dilshad was right but not only this yesterday incident was also the reason but hearing Dilshad each couple look at each other with longing


Dilshad noticed that they are lost in each other. She smiled and fake a cough breaking there trance





said everyone in unision. Realising they said it together they stoped and looked each other then burst in laughter including Dilshad

"bs bs mai smjh gye(stop stop i understood)" said Dilshad smiling widely

"now eat after eat you guys need to help" said Dilshad

everyone smiled and noded

breakfast went smoothly in silence with couples stealing glances and after caught by Dilshad blush on girl faces and embaresment yet blush on boys faces but then who can stop them from looking each other

Preparation was at full swing girls were seeing stuff like flowers etc while boys were ordering things

Finally they decorate the whole hall with yellow and white flowers with lights. Whole hall was looking beautifull. Everyone stood in between the hall and looked around with satisfied smile

"perfect"said Dilshad

Dilshad : now Madhu Khushi go and make Zoya ready

"phopi can we wait for little as am tired of decorating it"said Zoya

Dilshad smiled and touching her cheeks affectionately she said

"guests will now start to come we cant delay and also at first they themselves will get ready na.....and promise at your mariage day you will not need to do this as that day i will call decorator"

Zoya and others smiled.

Dilshad : now go

Zoya looked at Asad and then went away. Khushi also looked at Arnav while Madhu at Rishab with sad faces and then they went away

Some where in darkness

a man was sitting on a chair while other was standing infront of him with bow head

"boss he got saved"said man trembling who was standing

"what"screamed other man shaking him more

"boss that girl his fiancée save him"told he with shaking

boss was in full anger. With a second that man was on floor dead. Another man came there with bow head

"take him away......and complete his work this mariage should not take place if it hapened everything will be on verge of destroyed and before it i will destroy you and remember the mistakes he done should not be repeated" he fired the orders while other noded and do as his wish


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Chapter - 18.....with surprises and fun (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 14 times)

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Chapter - 18


Rishab sneek out of his room and saw Arnav and Asad too carrying with there plan he looked at Arnav who's situation was same as his and smirked and went in opposite direction. Rishab crawl on pipes for reaching Madhu room as direct entry was not helpfull Madhu directly deny opening door while things were different for Arnav he actully got direct entry. Asad was not less he also got direct entry as they can meet there is not any ritual between them

so the only trouble was with Rishab he has to crawl and finally he reached near her window from there his destiny was balcony but before he move there he saw something sticky on window. He touch it. It was some strange thing he desperatly wanted to know who's weird thing is this as its not of Madhu for sure.

"what is it and whom is it can it be of that man about whom Madhu was talking" he asked himself wondering

Rishab looked at it deeply and closed his eyes as vision surface on him just like Madhu and Khushi but it was weird

The same man who was killed by his boss in the same manner flashed infront of Rishab with lurking on Madhu window.

Rishab opened his eyes in shocked. Poor he, He almost lost his balance on pipe and was going to fall when quickly he tighten his grip with a gasped of help getting Madhu intention inside the room

Rishab : oh god am gonna die

he said finally looking down which proved how much high he is making him afraid to core

Madhu was on bed when she heared Rishab pray. Incident of that night start to replay she sit on bed but didnt find anyone around gulping she went in balcony and there she saw a scene on which she could not help but laugh out loudly

Rishab was huging the pipe and clinging on it again and again looking down with continuos praying "god save me"

Madhu laughed out loudly which caught Rishab attention he looked at Madhu who was laughing continuosly seeing her angelic face laughing and moonlight falling on her glowing her face more. He forgot all his fear and got lost in her glowing face untill he heared some other laughing voice Madhu also controlled her laughter somehow. Rishab turned his face and in next balcony near the Madhu room there stood Arnav and Khushi laughing at Rishab condition at same time hearing voices Asad and Zoya also came out in balcony next to Madhu room.

Girls rooms were in row and Madhu room was in middle

Zoya and Asad could not get clear view of Rishab condition as Rishab was on other side of balcony but as Madhu walked little back they could see a little Rishab face which was covered with fear and embarrasment

Asya and Arshi came in Madhu room this time Asya got his clear view he wa now totally embarrased

"dude when you are so affraid then why did you take risk huh"managed to say Arnav between gigless

"ok ok now stop it and help me to come over there or you guys want i fall and broke my left hand and right leg"said Rishab trying to divert there topic

Madhu let out a loud gigle getting Rishab stunned stare

"sorry was just imagining you in the way as your left hand and right leg broken and you on bed"Madhu said trying to control her laughter

everyone else also gigle

"guys please first make me come there"said Rishab irritated

"Rishu you are not far just hold this window and come up it will be easy then getting hands or you forget this too"said Madhu making Rishab embarresed more

Rishab came up and then all sit in Madhu balcony. Cold wind was blowing making girls shiver. Boys look at them then smilingly they took out there jacket and wrapped around them. Girls looked at them lovingly and put there head on boys shoulder. Remaining there for some time finally they spoke

"by the way rishu why was you so much scared suddenly when you finally came to your destination"asked Madhu

Rishab remembered how he got vision and then what hapened with girls. Rishab thoughts were broken by Zoya voice who was looking her keenly and what she said was a blow for him. His jaws dropped

Zoya : what you also saw the vision just like Khushi and Madhu

Everyone looked at Zoya as if she grow horns

"Zoya what are you saying sweet heart when did he say that dont jump in conclusion dear"said Asad sweetly knowing Zoya that she can get angry

"no asad he was thinking this only i mean he said this only na"

"no Zoya i didnt said it......"said Rishab

before Zoya can say Rishab added

"....but i was thinking the same"

Everyone except Zoya were shocked. whats hapening here

Arnav : whats wrong with you guys huh first Zoya then Madhu then Khushi and now Rishab you too including Zoya who read his mind wow

Khushi : calm down Arnav and this is true so accept it and let Rishab tell what he saw

Asad noded accepting Khushi words then they all looked at Rishab who told them everything

Madhu : look i told you guys now see

Arnav and Asad noded

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Chapter 19...Signs of Danger (By Asyalover270) (Thanked: 15 times)

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Chapter 19

Signs of Danger

All were engaged..Oops ! *they are already engaged*All were immersed deeply in their thoughts when they heard a voice calling them.

"Asad , Zoya , Arnav , Khushi , Rishab , Madhu jaldi neeche aa jau. Khaana laga diya hai Rose ne.(Asad , Zoya , Arnav , Khushi , Rishab , Madhu come down quick. Rosie has set up the food.)"

They all replied in unison " Aa rahe hai(Coming)"

Once they reached down they saw a girl 5'6 tall. Black long, silky and thick hair in a high ponytail which lay above her waist. White silky skin and beautiful face.

At once they recognised their friend Rosalie Swift who went to India for spending some days with her family. She was the daughter of Dilshad's close friend Samantha Swift. She moved to Forks for her schooling. When Dilshad came to know this she immediately insisted Samantha to let Rose stay with them. Rose was a part of their gang. And not to forget her boyfriend , her better half Jacob Dsouza. He was also in their gang. He lived with his parents in their neighbourhood. They fell in love and confessed. Their parents know this and her happy with the choices of their children.

They all hugged her tight when she screamed gasping for breath "Yaar mujhe jaan se maarne ka plan banaya hai kya tum sab ne ? Kya mujhe saans lene ki ijaazat hai ?(Yaar have you all made a plan to kill me ? Do I have permission to breath ?)"

Immediately they all left her and she panted for breath. Once she regained her normal breathing speed she said "Guys can we go to your room I need to tell you all something serious ?"

They all at once got alarmed and nodded.

Once they reached her room she was bombarded with questions from all 6 asking her if she was okay and was something wrong with Jacob or their relationship. She got teared up seeing the love and concern all held for her. She said "Jacob or mein bilkul theek hai. Hamara relationship bhi. But humaare sath kuch din pehle kuch bht ajeeb sa incident hua.(Jacob and me are completely fine. And our relationship too is fine. But a strange incident occurred with us both some days back.)

They all nodded at her to continue.


Jacob and Rosalie were sitting in park. They were merrily chatting away when a ball was about to hit Rose. She covered her head with her hand to avoid the ball hitting her head but instead it went through her head and fell behind her shocking Jake*Jacob* and Rose to the deepest core of their hearts. It happened in a fraction of seconds. But the most shocking was that it went through Rose as though she had become some kind of hologram.

And the other day when Rose was waiting for Jake to open the gate. He opened the gate but she could only hear his voice but he couldn't be seen. On asking him where he is Jake replied that he was standing right in front of her. She rubbed her eyes and then he was back. She was shocked. But thinking it to be some prank of hers she did not ponder much on this.

###Flashback ends###

To say they were shocked was an underestimation. They were beyond shocked.

Zoya voiced her thoughts " Inke sath bhi ye sab hone laga ?(This started happening with them also ?)"

By that time Jake entered and asked "What happened ?

Rishab filled him and Rose with all the ill happenings with them. He also added that still nothing has happened with Arnav and Asad.

With all these chaos they all called the day off and went in their respective rooms.

It was midnight and Zoya started having one of her nightmares but thus time she didn't scream instead woke up sweating , scared and shaken up. She switched on her table lamps and fished out the jug for some water but unfortunately there was not even a single drop. Devastated she went downstairs not switching on the lights fearing she might wake someone up.

But she forgot that the rooms next to her could hear even a mere whisper and fortunately someone from one of the two rooms got awaken by the noise of the opening and closing of the door. He went downstairs and saw someone standing in the kitchen searching something.

Zoya was shuffling all the cupboards and drawers for a glass to drink water when she heard someone.

"Who is there ?"

She got scared by the voice and dropped the jug made up of glass on the floor.


Zoya got hurt on her hand and her wound started bleeding.

On hearing something glass like crash he switched on the lights and what he saw made his insides churn as though he could feel the pain.

He called out in a painful whisper "Kiddo"

Yes ! The person was none other than Arnav Singh Raizada. Her beloved big brother.

Arnav rushed to Zoya when he saw her bleeding hand and asked her "What happened Kiddo ? What are you doing in the kitchen ? That too in midnight !"

she replied back "Nothing Bhai. Just got another of my nightmares and wanted some water. But there was no water in my room. So I came down for drinking water."

He looked down towards her bleeding hand and saw that the bleeding had stopped and luckily the wound was not too deep. He rubbed his palm over her wound softly to wipe the excess blood but something extraordinary happened and the witnesses to the shocking incident were Zoya and Arnav.

As soon as he rubbed his palm over her wound the wound got healed and disappeared !


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