What Makes You Lose Readers?

Dec 3, 2013

What Makes You Lose Readers? (By Karmachameleon) (Thanked: 39 times)

What Makes You Lose Readers? 

Disclaimer : This post is not to make anyone feel bad. It's not to show that I'm Ms. Know-It-All. My views are mine and you are not forced to follow them. If you think this will help you then it would make my day. Feel free to drop your opinions. I'll love to hear them. 

Are you a writer? Have you posted your fictions on MeD? If the answer is Yes then you may proceed cause the post is for you! 

You write stories and get low replies, try what you can but the case is still the same?  

You come back from a break and Whoosh! Your readers vanished, you have low response and you are not encouraged to write anymore? 

Why does this happen? What goes wrong? Are you making a mistake or Is there too many silent readers? 

Lets study this closely but before that let divide the situations into two. 

Case One : Writing a fiction & Low response. 

Case Two ~ Back from a Break and Readers disappeared. 

Case One ~ Reasons & Solutions  

Are you writing your first story on MeD? 

If it is then wait patiently let the story's theme flow and get readers hook but if its your first story but its already on 15th chapter with barely there readers then maybe there's a mistake you are making. Let's see what it is. 

Presentation of a Story

How do you present your story? Do you put nice preview picture and preview? Do it if you dont.  

Are you keep quotes in your story? Maybe you should. One with each chapter. 

Do you have banner to excite readers? Do keep one if you dont! 

How are you formatting your text? Don't add too many colours with each paragraph. Its very unappealing. 

Are you adding gifs and pictures? Don't upload too many. It will cause the page to open slow and makes the reader to retreat quickly. Let the reader imagine the scenes rather than showing it to them.

do you have a nice title for your story or Are you using the same as others? Find a unique one for your unique story!  

Writing Style. 

Everyone has a different one. Let's see how you begin a chapter. 

Do you start a chapter with dialogues or description about the scenery or direct from the point of view of a character or someone's emotions? Think about it. 

Are you literally introducing all the characters in the beginning? Somehow like this- 

"Alice was 34 years old smart and witty lady who loved to write and paint. She was friends with her neighbors and loved her children dearly. Lucas was a 45 year old grumpy man. He loved money and money and money. He hated children. He used to spank them when they would ask for 'Trick or Treat' on Halloween. No one loved Lucas. Maria was a 7 year old lovely girl with two piggy tails and fickle on her cheeks. She loved ice cream and loved to help her mommy. She hated Mean uncle Lucas too but who knew her life was going to change soon. "

Uh Oh. 

This makes your story boring. No one really likes to read introductory beginning. Do NOT introduce your characters like this. Write the actual story, keeping the character's habits in mind. Let your story introduce your characters itself. Let the readers understand them, feel them, love them. 


Loves to write but have a terrible grammar? Maybe you can use online proof-readers. =)) 

Carefully proof-read your whole story. Read your entire whole story to ensure that it sounds like something you would say, and that it fits with the personalities of the characters you are using.

Are you using Phone-language? 

Believe me, nothing is more annoying than this- 

"Arnv leaned dwn to kiss kushi gudnight but not B4 confessing how much he luvs her. she smiles and says i luv u 2." 

Try, try very hard not to use phone language. It makes your story unappealing. 


Try as many different characters as you can. Readers won't like reading same ASR the Arrogant *ss or  I'm-too-crazy-to-care Khushi again and again. Arnav doesn't always have to be short tempered. He can be fun loving as well. He doesn't have to be a business man. He doesn't have to say 'What the-?" He can sell balloons and say 'for goodness's sake.' 

Khushi doesn't always have to like Jalibees and Salman Khan. Maybe She likes Brad Pit and Kheer. She doesn't always have to say 'Devi Mayyia Raksha Karan.' 

You see what am I talking about? Its your imagination. Your story and your character. Build it as you like! 

Plot/Story Line. 

You were standing by your window and you get the idea of Khushi being a librarian and Arnav a book worm and they fall in love in a library, you adore the idea and decided to quickly pen it down and post it but have you ever stopped and thought about this? 

How will they fall in love? 

Who are their parents? How are their families? 

Why is Arnav attracted to Khushi? 

Is there more to Arnav and Khushi apart from being a librarian and book worm? What are their lives apart from that? 

What will happen after they fall in love? 

Try to plan your story before you begin. This avoids the chances of you being blank about the story in future. It avoids writer's block. Makes points or list down ideas in Ms.word 

Somehow like this- 

1) Arnav's decided to go to a library and borrow some books. Its vacations from University anyways. 

2) Khushi is an orphan thus she has to pay for her own expenses and studies. She's working in a library during her college vacations to make some money for University. 

3) Arnav met Khushi and is attracted by her beauty. He wanted to know more about her. 

4) He names her 'Cheeni' (Sugar)  cause she's too sweet for her own good. 

You see? Its not very hard. Practice makes a man perfect. Keep trying and you will succeed. 

What kind of Story are you writing? 

Are you writing an adventurous story where Arnav is tracking down a serial killer who perhaps killed his sister? 

Are you writing a simple love story with no twist and turns. Eyes locks. Dhak Dhak. Acidity and Blink, They are love? 

Are you writing an emotional story where Anjali is abused by her husband finds her strength, her true identity? 

Are you writing a psychological thriller where no one knows who's insane and who's not? 

Are you writing a horror story where the ghost under the staircase chopped Akash's head off? 

Think about it. 

Now the question is how would you attract your readers? Put twists and turns to get them hook. Write romantic stuff and leave cliffhangers. Everything depends on what type of story are you writing but be careful while putting cliffhangers. Do not put too much of them. Too many twists and turns can confuse a reader, let them digest the previous one. 

Maybe Arnav does find the serial killer and now what will he do? Poor he fell in love with the serial's killer's sister.  Maybe Anjali reborn from her ashes but will she find true love or she's too wounded to trust anybody now? Did Payal dreamed about Akash's heading getting chopped off or did it really happened? What will the Raizadas do now? Change the direction or goal if you are intending to keep your story going.

Decide on a key element. 

Okay, so what are you changing? You can bring something new into the story, change something present in the story, or get rid of something. And what is it exactly you would like to bring in/change/take out? I'll pick two example key elements to my twist: Love and injury. 

Use your Imagination. 

Do I need to say more? 

Advertise your Fan Fiction. 

Maybe there's nothing really wrong about the way you write. Maybe people doesn't know about your story or how wonderful and different it is. 

Try dropping your story link in the main page's comment box with your story name. 

Try Roost with Readers and give a short synopsis. (RWR can be found in my Dairy) 

Find a genre that you're absolutely comfortable writing about. 

Is it Teen Fiction? Romance? Or perhaps Horror? Write what you WANT to not what you think READERS would like to. 

Don't be rude, sarcastic, or mean to anyone, even if they seem like pains in the necks.

 Try being the exact opposite and you'll gain lots of followers and readers - remember, treat other people the way you want to be treated.

Author's Note. 

  • If you absolutely must add an Author's Note, try to be kind. If you act mean in your Author's Note, you could lose potential reader. Do LET them know when you are going on a break or editing the story or simply appreciate their comments. Do REPLY to their comments as well. Make them feel needed. 

  • Never attempt to bribe your readers into commenting or by threatening not to finish the story.

Have patience.

 Fame on MeD doesn't occur in one night. Let your works slowly achieve the number of views/votes you desire, even if it takes a long time. Remember, there are many writers/readers out there!

Case Two ~ Reasons and Solutions- will be posted based on request in comments section! 

May 25, 2017

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