Fragrance of Love (I)

Nov 30, 2013

Nanak's Arshi World - My Index (By Nanak) (Thanked: 38 times)

Fragrance of Love

Welcome to My Index

I welcome everyone who are checking / going through my world of Imaginations or Index. I hope you guys will be entertained by my works, Thank You.

About Me

Hi, my dear readers and members of this beautiful e-family Myeduniya. I'm Nanak and Nandhulovesak of Myeduniya and I'm very glad to present my works in front of you. 

There isn't much about me other than that I am a member for Myeduniya for years now and I'm a writer here. I work here as a Admin too as well as have hold few competitions. I'm a certified Arshian, IPKKND rules my heart which resulted in my rows of stories. Any more Information about me, you guys can check in "About Me" of my Diary. Thank You.

My World Of Fictions

I don't know how or when but I have managed to build myself a world for my fictions. A small desire to write a story based on Arshi resulted in my number of works, One Shorts to Fan Fictions. I'm really debt of Arshi and Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon for bring out a thing in me which I was not aware of.

My Fictions based on

Barun Sobti as Arnav Singh Raizada and Sanaya Irani as Khushi Gupta



Kim Hyun Joong 

Jung So Min

Hyun Min

Arshi Fictions

Arnav and Khushi are the persons who made me realize my potential, so here are my works for them. Hope you all like it.

Fan Fictions ( FF )

Devil and Angel - The Hateful Love

Short Stories and Shots ( SS ) ( S ) & ( TS )

On Going

Heart of Stone - A New Journey of Life

Enemies In Love

Arshi SS That College Life

SwaSan TS Journey Of Love

Shots The Vampire's Prey


Journey In Chocolate Land with Chota Bheem

Three Shots - Love Can Conquer At Anytime

Two Shots - In Search Of You

A Walk Into Clinic changes into trap

#Shots Gaia's Tale

One Shots ( OS )

OS I am Alone but not any more

Os A Extra - Ordinary Journey

Os Heart Breaking Separation and Joyful Reunion of Arshi:    

Os My Runaway Bride


Os Love Story with Twist

Os A day out with friends 


Os My Sister I am Proud of her 


A Life with them.....My tribute to our dear Arshi

Os In A Minute I Fell In Love

Os MeD Day Celebration ~ Pati aur Patni Ka Dhamaka 

Os A Sweet Bonding 

Os Darshan Raval Ki Diwani

OS The Devil Book

OS That One Day

OS Always Thinking Of You


OS The Enchanted

One Shot on Aastha and Shlok

Os We can fight but not now

Crossover Arshi and Aashlok One Shot

Os Is this a....!! 

HyunMin Fictions

Fan Fictions ( FF )

HyunMin aka Kim Hyun Joong (Korean K-pop Idol, Actor, Model) and Jung So Min (Korean Actress, Model) are the couple I can say I'm totally into after Arshi. Playful Kiss is one of the cutest Korean drama, I just fell in love with that. When I watched Playful Kiss, that time I was not in Myeduniya not only because of my exams but also few stuffs. So that time this HyunMin couple give themselves for my imagination. And I started writing in a website 'Asianfanfics' with them, so here it is.

Love Caught Me

The Blissful Life

( The Link for Blissful Life is in the comment section )

Copyright Issue - I seriously advice that don't plagiarize any of my works. I'm a MeD and AFF writer nothing more but still It is my very own ideas and imaginations and request not to share the anywhere without my consent cause my fragrances (stories) are only for sniffing and not for buying (plagiarizing), Thank You.

~ Nanak ~

Nandhu and AK Forever Friends

IPKKND Forever

Aug 15, 2015

Coming Soon (By Nanak) (Thanked: 7 times)

Hi, dear MeDians, I'm posting teaser for my coming up creations.

OS Don't dare to dare Khushi Gupta

If you dare, try daring Khushi Gupta. If I were you, I would rather not.

Who dares who the most? Lavanya Mithal dares Khushi Gupta the most.

Who loses the most? Lavanya Mithal loses completely. 

From when this daring going on? Ever since they turned 7, the daring is going on.

Now this time, the dare is bigger, anyone can win, anyone can lose. May be Lavanya taste the fruit of loosing or Victory. May be Khushi taste the fruit of victory or losing.... Or May be they both taste the same fruit? Will History repeat or new history will be made?

OS The Vampire Woods

Have you ever heard about the Anglo-Indian boy who went missing in the woods of Arcata? 

I shouldn't have come back here after what happen three years back - Khushi.

The Hunt will face an End now - Arnav.

Will Khushi able to survive from her predator? Will her nightmare face an end? Will the Predator Arnav let go off his prey?

OS Finding a four clover tree

An angry and annoyed girl friend is as dangerous as a bomb. Who knows what happen if we make a wrong move? Will Arnav able to woo his girl friend? Oh yes, he can. He had did that always. But this time, is it going to be easy? Only Khushi has the answers.

So there is three OS in the row. Hope It will be up soon and entertain you guys, Thank You.

~ Nanak ~

Nandhu and AK Forever Friends

IPKKND Forever

Sep 26, 2015

The Reposted stories (By Nanak) (Thanked: 5 times)

Hello my lovely dear readers, Nanak here. I know I have worked on only Vampire OS, don't worry guys, remaining will be out in distant soon too.

I'm reposting two of my stores, Devil and Angel and That College Life, so here it goes.

Devil and Angel - The Hateful Love

Arshi SS That College Life

Thank You.

~ Nanak ~

Nandhu and AK Forever Friends

IPKKND Forever

Dec 20, 2015

New Addition (By Nanak) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hello Guys, I'm with new addition to the Index, Let see what I have,

SwaSan TS Journey Of Love

OS The Enchanted

Shots The Vampire's Prey

#Shots Gaia's Tale


A Walk Into Clinic changes into trap



Nandhu and AK Forever

IPKKND Forever

Mar 29, 2017

New reads (By Nanak)

Like A Heart Beat

Shots Gaia's Tale is completed now, please do have a look.

Nandhu and AK

IPKKND Forever

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