Jhukaa Aasmaan (COMPLETED)

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Dec 9, 2014

Jhukaa Aasmaan Part 20 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 64 times)

She sat there crying for long time. She couldn’t understand what to do. She knew Arnav Ji is here. She can feel his presence. She wants to go to him. She wants to check whether he is fine or not. She wants to ask about his health. But she can’t. When she remembers his words, before leaving with Aman, she can’t go. She doesn’t have strength to face him after whatever he said. She can’t give any tension or pain to him, can she? And most importantly she promised him that she won’t cross his path in his life, she won’t disturb his life, she will never ask for him to come back to her and she will keep that promise. She never wanted to make it difficult for him. If she goes to him, he might talk with her, he might help her, but he can’t be with her, because she knows that he is in relation with Lavanya. She doesn’t want to create any problem in their lives for her happiness.

She decided, she decided that she will keep her promise – for Arnav Ji, for NK Bhai, and for her, for her health, for her heart. She knew, if he comes to her, she can’t let him go this time. She already lost him. If he comes then she might not let him go. Then she might ask him to stay with her, which she doesn’t want to happen. If she asks him, and then what if he thinks she is selfish? She is not selfish, at least not in the matter of Arnav's happiness. She sighed deeply and left to attend one child brushing her thoughts about Arnav Ji.


“Relax ASR... let’s meet Bhabhi first, then we will think about her reaction. Just relax... and I don’t think Bhabhi will like this weak ASR”

“Aman... what if she is angry on me?”

“You deserve that ASR. Sorry if I hurt you. But whatever you said to her, I’m sure it had hurt her badly. But at the same time, I don’t think she will be or she can be angry on you. For now, you just relax and prepare yourself for talk with her in normal peaceful mode. If Bhabhi is not ready I think we can take help from NK” Aman tried to make Arnav understand the situation.

Arnav entered the hospital along Aman, with thudding heart. His eyes automatically searched for the person, his heart craving for. But to his disappointment his eyes couldn’t find her. When they found one nurse, both rushed to her to ask about Khushi

“Sister, can I meet Ms. Khushi?” asked Arnav.

“Mr. Arnav!!! How are you? I’m glad that you are here” said very excited nurse.

Controlling his frustration and irritation he answered the nurse and asked about Khushi. But before she could answer one voice answered them

“No, you can’t meet her” said NK

Both Arnav and Aman looked at NK with mixed emotions.

“NK” saying Arnav hugged NK with so much happiness “How are you NK?” asked Arnav

Not able to disappoint him, NK also hugged him back and answered “I’m fine Arnav Ji. How are you?”

“I’m fine NK... I am here to meet Khushi. Can I meet...” he was cut by NK’s firm voice

“NO... you can’t. Sorry to say... please stay away from her. Whatever happened to her till now, that’s enough for her. Her heart is not in a state to take any more heart breaks. Sorry... but you can’t meet her” he is not harsh but firm.

Both Arnav and Aman got shocked hearing NK’s words. They never ever expected this rejection from NK. They thought he will help Arnav in getting Khushi.

“NK... you are misunderstanding me. I won’t hurt her; in fact I can’t hurt her. I’m here for...”

“Do you know what she went through after you left? Do you have any idea what state she crossed after losing you once? Do you know how much treatment she took to come back to the state she is in now? Do you know what effect your last words had on her? Do you know how much she is hurt? She never ever tried to use you or your money. But whatever you said, I can never ever forgive you for your blunder Arnav Ji. You never knew about her love, how much she is crazy for you. She is just... leave it... you can’t understand. See Arnav Ji... I really respect you, because Khushi respects you. But that doesn’t mean I will allow you hurting my sister. I won’t let you to meet her. You can go now. If you want you can meet Dr. Alex and please leave” this time NK is little harsh on Arnav. He is scared of Khushi again getting hurt. He saw all the worst situations Khushi faced. He never wanted her to experience again all those situations alone.

Aman easily noticed the rising anger in Arnav. He held Arnav's hand to control him and said to NK “NK... I know why you are saying all these. I can understand your fears and love towards Bhabhi. But trust me, ASR really needs Bhabhi. Just give him a chance to talk with her. If she is not ready to go with him or forgive him, then I will take him from here and I can promise you that he will never disturb Bhabhi again. Please NK. Just one chance..., if not for us, for Khushi Bhabhi. She deserves to be happy”

“I’m sorry... I don’t want to take risk anymore. I can’t trust anybody on Khushi. You can go now” that is the big blow for Arnav's anger. He lost the control on his anger and blurted out

“Who the hell are you to say this? What right you have in her life?”

“I’m her only family she has” NK is not ready to give up

“She is a damn orphan. She doesn’t have any family. I’m her family, nobody have any right on her. SHE IS MINE... YOU JUST BACK OFF” shouted Arnav.

“Don’t dream Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. She was never your family and she will never. You just get out from here before I call the security” NK shouted back equally. Everybody came there after hearing the argument.

“How dare you NK? How dare you say that? She is mine... nobody can change that” Arnav held NK’s collar.

NK turned to Aman and said “This is the reason I can never accept him to meet Khushi. She is innocent. She can never handle this anger. She needs love, she needs care, and she needs proper support which Arnav Ji can never give her. So, please leave from here. I can’t let you meet her. Just think that you never met her. Please leave...”

Before Aman or Arnav can say anything they heard a little whisper like voice


Both Arnav and Aman shocked to see Khushi's condition. Arnav heart stopped beating for few seconds seeing Khushi's lifeless appearance. She lost all her charm and glint in her eyes. Even though he saw her clearly only for some time, he still remember her full of life state. Her voice lost that enthusiasm. He can clearly understand what his words and absence did to her. He can clearly understand how his departure affected her.

“Khushi...!”  Arnav whispered

Aman shocked to the core to believe the person in front of him is indeed Khushi. He never expected Khushi will become lifeless. His eyes got moist seeing Khushi's state. That is the moment he understood Khushi's love for ASR. That is the moment he understood what is ASR in her life. That is the moment he understood what place Arnav had in Khushi's heart. That is the moment he understood how lucky Arnav is to get this pure and innocent love. He silently prayed god, to give Khushi wonderful life. She deserves all the happiness, love and care in this world, isn’t she?

“Doll... Why are you here? Do you need anything?” asked NK

“No Bhai... I just heard your voice in high volume. So, came here to check with you. What’s wrong Bhai?”

“Nothing dear... you go inside and take rest. I will come there and talk with you” ordered NK

Khushi looked at Arnav and then at NK pleading for the permission to talk with Arnav. But seeing NK’s firm expression, she left from there dejectedly looking at the floor. Arnav ran to her and held her upper arm to stop her

“Khushi...” his voice is completely new to everyone including Arnav “Khushi... what’s wrong with you? Why are you looking this vulnerable?”

“Doll... you go inside, I will handle here” said NK

Nodding her head Khushi left from there controlling her uncontrollable love, pain and hurt. She almost ran inside the room and closed the doors. She sat with a thud on the floor and cried her heart out.

“What the hell is this NK? How dare you to send her from here when I was talking with her?”

“Aman... Take him from here. Please... I don’t want any ruckus here in hospital. If authorities come to know about this, it will be difficult for Khushi. Please take him” said NK before leaving from there to console his sister. He knew her state; he can understand her pleading eyes to get one chance to talk with her Arnav Ji. But he knew what to do for her and what is good for her. So, he denied the permission with unspoken words which she understood clearly. He felt sad and proud for his sister’s love for him and Arnav at the same time.

Arnav and Aman couldn’t understand what just happened. Aman thought to talk with NK separately. Before Arnav create any problem there with his anger, he took Arnav away from there to their car.

Arnav mind couldn’t forget Khushi's face. He never expected her to be in this worst condition. He felt like killing his own self for saying those words to her and hurting her. He closed his eyes while sitting on the bench in the hospital premises. He can understand how much she needed him and how much she wanted to talk with him. He knew, if NK wouldn’t stop her, she would have ran to him. He can see that desperateness in her eyes to talk with him. He felt bad for not being with her when she needed him most. His eyes got filled with tears guessing her situation after he left her. He remembered her love and care towards him, he remembered everything about her. Tears flow from his eyes shocking Aman.


“I did a blunder Aman. She is innocent; I shouldn’t have said those words. She is desperate to talk with me, to come to me. But she is scared of getting hurt. She is stopping herself, because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. She is in vulnerable state Aman. I had hurt her to the core. My words killed her, but not her love towards me. Do I really deserve that pure innocent love Aman? Didn’t she deserve the happiness in her life? Can I give that happiness to her? Will she be happy with me? I can’t hurt her Aman. I really needed her in my life. I really wanted her to be happy in her life. Please Aman... trust me... I’m not a bad person Aman. It’s my experience which made me rock. I love her Aman. She is my life. Now I know her importance. I will give whatever she needs, she wants, she asks and mostly she deserves – the pure love, care, respect and support. I will become her everything Aman. Trust me Aman... please help me. Help me in get back my Khushi. Please help me in making NK understand that he can trust me on his sister’s safety. She is his sister, but she is my life Aman. Please help me...” Arnav cried his heart out. Not able to console Arnav, Aman hugged him tightly and shed tears.



“Bhai...” Khushi ran to her brother and hugged him tightly crying her heart out “What’s the need for him to come here Bhai? Why did he come here? Please Bhai help me. Either I don’t want to lose him or I don’t want him to be with me. I don’t want him to feel suffocated; I don’t want to create any problems in his life. I don’t want him to feel burdened about me. I want him to be happy Bhai. I can live anywhere in the world in any situation when he lives in happiness. If he is sad, then I can’t live anymore Bhai. Please make him understand and send him away. If I go before him, I can’t let him go. I promised him that I will never cross in his life and will never contact him in any matter. Please Bhai... ask him to leave from here ASAP. Please...” she expressed her feelings towards her Arnav Ji to her brother.

Seeing his sister in this worst situation, NK felt bad. He never saw her this much crying even after loss of her parents. That time she took the support from Arnav indirectly. But now, when she is going to lose Arnav itself, it’s really difficult for her to stay alive. He can understand how much she is suffering inside her heart. Closing his eyes with determination NK said “Shh... Doll... don’t cry dear... He already left. everything will be fine. I will make everything fine. If you want him to go away then I will make sure he will go. Don’t worry... I’m here for you” he will give what his sister asked him. She is his priority. He made her take her medicine prescribed by Dr. Jayson, as he knew her mental condition. After making sure that she is somewhat okay, he left from there to check with his patients. He asked one nurse to be with Khushi.

When he is leaving to his cabin, he saw Arnav in garden sitting on the bench. He went to them to ask them to leave. But when he reached them he heard everything Arnav said to Aman. He saw how Arnav cried like a kid craving for his mother. He couldn’t believe that the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada crying like that on his employee’s shoulder. He felt his head spinning. He held his head and sat there on another bench. He looked at Aman who is consoling Arnav. When Aman meet his eyes, he kept his card on bench and signalled Aman to call him. Seeing Aman nodding his head NK left from there.


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Dec 12, 2014

Jhukaa Aasmaan Part 21 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 70 times)


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Aman couldn't understand why NK signalled him to call. Saying some excuses Aman left Arnav and went to bench and took the card. Keeping the card safely he went to Arnav and take him to their company guest house saying they will meet Khushi next day. Not having any courage to fight with NK and not having any strength to see Khushi in that situation Arnav left from there.

After completing their dinner, both Arnav and Aman left to their rooms to get some relaxation from the happenings of the day in the form of sleep. Immediately after entering the room, Aman dialled NK's number from the card. He wasn't surprised when the phone got answered in first ring.

"Tell me NK... what's wrong? Is everything fine with Bhabhi?" Aman directly started the topic

"I need to talk with you Aman Ji. Can you meet me tomorrow?"

"Is it about Bhabhi? I can't leave ASR in this situation alone NK. I'm sorry. But if you are free, can I meet you now itself? ASR is asleep now"

"It's completely fine with me. Let's meet in some restaurant"

"I will meet you there in few minutes NK" they kept the call and left to respective place to talk

"She is in vulnerable state Aman Ji. I don't want her to face Arnav Ji. She loved him more than herself. She worships him, she adores him. I don't want her believes to shatter. She is thinking that Arnav Ji is really good and kind hearted person. I know that she had an idea about Arnav Ji's anger, but when I saw him today morning in hospital in his anger and rage, I'm sure Khushi can't see him in this worst condition or can't digest that. If she sees him like this in his anger, I'm sure that her heart can't take. She can never guess him like this towards her. I'm not angry on him Aman Ji. I knew he might have some bad experiences. I am just worried about Khushi. I want her to be safe and fine"

"But, do you really think if you let ASR meets Khushi Bhabhi, she will suffer more?"


"What!? How?"

"Yes Aman... she will suffer. First let me tell you her mind condition from the starting. I know her from 5 long years. She was my junior in MBBS. She was in second year MBBS when she lost her parents in an accident. I went there to console her for her loss and give her strength. But what I saw there shocked me to the core. Even though she lost her family, I found her completely normal. I thought she lost her mental state. I asked her about her normal behaviour and I got shocked hearing the answer she gave me. You know what she said? She said while smiling "Don't worry NK Bhai... I have my Arnav Ji with me. I can manage"

"What? Three years back?" asked shocked Aman.

Smiling seeing Aman's shocked face NK continued "Actually her crazy crush for Arnav Ji started when she saw him first time 6 years back. From that time she collected all his paper cuttings, magazine cuttings. Do you know she even got suspended from college three times for cutting the papers in library and steeling the interviews and articles about him? She even did Fashion designing in evening because it's Arnav Ji's profession. She always took support from him indirectly whenever she needed one heart to share her grieves. She always used to talks with Arnav Ji's photo. She always got solace in Arnav Ji by holding his photo to her heart. She used to get panic attacks when she lost her parents. After completion of her MBBS, me and my family brought her here and made her meet psychiatrist. He prescribed her some medication. But the main thing which helped her to come out from her state is Arnav Ji.

When she saw him on hospital bed here, I thought I will lose her this time for sure. She again suffered with panic attacks seeing him almost lifeless. But somewhat I can convince her to be strong for Arnav Ji. I never wanted to lose her Aman. She is innocent. She is in love with Arnav Ji very blindly. She never wanted Arnav Ji to be with her. She always wanted his happiness. She said if he is happy with Lavanya Ji then she never will ask him to be with her. She did all the service here to him for her satisfaction - thinking she is lucky to serve him, thinking at least for once she became useful for her Arnav Ji. She thought once he left her she can live with his memories. She prepared herself for living alone with his memories for her lifetime. But when he said those words that day and left her - that is really a big blow on her love, believe and trust. She was shocked hearing Arnav's words and completely shattered. After that her health got disturbed. She thought Arnav distrusted her, she thought if he couldn't trust her then there is no need to live"

Aman gasped in shock. He got tensed to hear the worst. But he didn't stop NK

"She decided to die. But she didn't do anything in that sort, you know why? because Arnav Ji never liked cowardice. So she lived normally, but Arnav Ji's memories and his words never left her. She began to get panic attacks again. But this time there is no Arnav Ji for her to console. It's really became difficult for doctors to control her. She was admitted in hospital for nearly one month. Doctor warned me about her health. If she sees Arnav Ji again and if he leaves her again then it will be difficult for her to survive. Her heart and her mind may not able to take that this time. She might lose her mental balance. Or... or she might lose her life. She might not even take the news of Arnav Ji needed her in his life and Arnav Ji coming here for her. She is not that much strong now. She can't even take good news in a shock. That is the reason I prepared her for not thinking about Arnav Ji. I prepared her to not to meet Arnav Ji. Trust me Aman Ji, I never angry on Arnav Ji. I really respect him for his nature, his hard work and success. But here, Khushi is most important for me than anything. I can't risk anything in her matter."

"But why are you saying all these to me?"

"Because Khushi said, you are a good friend to Arnav Ji and he will listen to you, because she knows you, because she trusts you in Arnav Ji and I trust her believes. I thought you will understand Khushi's condition and make Arnav Ji understand to leave Khushi for her fate and go. I don't want to lose my sister Aman Ji. Please try to understand her mind and heart. She is not in good condition to lose Arnav Ji or to get him anymore. She will die if he leaves her and she will die if he agrees to be with her. But the difference is first one is in sorrow and second one is in happiness. But she can't take anything now. Please Aman Ji. Please save her" that is the moment NK burst out crying. He couldn't control himself anymore remembering Khushi's sufferings.

"Sh... NK... relax... we will think what to do. I will try my best to save Khushi Bhabhi and at the same time ASR. Both are important for me NK. Relax... sh..." Aman tried to console NK. He couldn't understand how to react in this situation. He really felt helpless to hear NK. He sat there dejectedly looking at completely shattered NK. NK looked at his side feeling a hand on his shoulder. Both NK and Aman got shocked to see Arnav there

"Arnav Ji..." whispered NK

Arnav hugged NK tightly. "I'm sorry NK... I never wanted to hurt her. I never wanted to leave her. Trust me... I needed her that time. But when she didn't allow me to talk with her, and when she didn't stop me from going and when she got ready to send me to my family, I couldn't stop myself from shouting on her. I was confused that time. I needed her help that time. But she was not ready to help me; she was not ready to listen to me. That made me say those words which I shouldn't. I said she only thinks about her promise, she never thinks about me. But trust me NK I was hurt more than her for saying those words to her. Now, I'm not here to live my entire life without Khushi. I am here to take her with me. I'm here to give her what she deserves - love, caring support and respect. On the other side - I need her in my life NK; I need her love in my life. I need her support in every second. I can't live without her. Please trust me... I need one chance to correct my deeds, to correct my words, to correct myself with her help. I want to live my life happily with her. Please NK... give me one chance. Please..." Arnav pleaded NK while tears forming in his eyes

NK hugged Arnav tightly crying his heart out. "Sorry Arnav Ji... I don't want to her to be hurt. She is innocent Arnav Ji. I don't want to lose her. That is the reason I declined you to meet her. A lot of things happened after you left Arnav Ji. Please... try to understand my words. I was never angry on you. I want my Doll to be happy all the time. If you leave her she might be sad for some time, but if she sees you happy with your family then she will definitely be happy. Please Arnav Ji... leave us here and go... please..." NK pleaded him

Sighing deeply Arnav asked NK "NK... Can you marry your sister to me? Can you give permission to ask her forgiveness? Can you allow me to serve her? Can you allow me keep her happy throughout the life?"

Aman and NK looked at him stunningly.

"Don't look at me like that. I already said I can't live without her. I want her and I need her in my life. I want to marry her and with marriage I want to tie her with me. I don't want anyone claim her as theirs. She is mine... ONLY MINE." He said in frustration and irritation

"But... Lavanya Ji...?"

"I never loved her. I thought I loved her, but we didn't. She is with me for my money and I'm with her - I don't know for what. I already informed my Nani about my decision of marrying Khushi. She is happy with my decision. If you want confirmation you can talk with her. Don't worry, I will handle Lavanya. She is easy. You just think about my request. Please NK... I can't live without Khushi. Please for once, let me get what I want. Please NK... for once let me know what love is. For once, let me live. For once give a chance to become a man, in fact a human. Without Khushi I can't do all these. If I want to become a human being, only Khushi can help me, no one other than her. Please NK... give me one chance, please... one chance to get my Khushi, my love and my life. Please..." Arnav asked NK with folding hands.

Both Aman and NK looked at each other shockingly and hugged Arnav with their might making Arnav move few steps back.

"I do... I do... I DOOO... Arnav Ji I'm so happy... thank you... But Arnav Ji... Khushi's condition is..."

"I heard everything you said to Aman, NK. Don't worry; I will take care of Khushi. Making her healthy is important for me more than her. I think I know how take care of her in this situation. But please, can you take me to her psychiatrist? I need to talk with him before I meet Khushi. This time I'm not ready to lose her at any cost. But I need you both in this."

"Of course ASR, I will be always there for you. I will do whatever you say"

"Same here" said NK. The trio hugged each other again and sat there thinking about next day to do things.


Next day morning...

"If you are going to be with her in all the times, and not going to leave her, then there won't be any difficulty if you stand before her. She is weak because you left her; she is in vulnerable state because she lost you. She is not fine because she is feeling alone without you. You are her medicine Mr. Raizada. Only you are the medicine which can heal her. She may get shock knowing that you came back to her. Don't give any stress to her. Try to keep her happy with your return. Make her understand that you are not going to leave her and you will stay with her all time. She needs affirmation and confirmation. She needs your support, you love, your care and mostly she needs YOU... I wish you all the best in getting your Khushi. This is my card you can call me whenever you needed. But I suggest you to be here for some time. She needs to adjust with you before you take her to your family. And at the same time she also needs the support from Mr. NK. Let her understand the happenings. Let her understand that she has you. Give her time to become normal. Don't force her for anything related to you. Her heart or mind can't take. But don't lie to her about anything. If she will know later, it will affect her seriously. Don't worry; she will be fine with you. You are really lucky to get pure and innocent love like hers. Nobody can get that. All the best"

After leaving Dr. Jayson's clinic they drove to NK's hospital. The trio remembered Dr. Jayson's words, which made them relaxed. Trio sighed in relax and sat in cafe.

"What next?" asked Aman.

"What's there? Let's go to inside and meet Khushi. I can't wait or waste more time to meet Dr. Khushi" smiled Arnav.

"Umm... Arnav Ji... she is not a doctor now" said NK in a low voice

"Means?" asked Arnav

"She is babysitting in children ward. Authorities didn't allow her to be a doctor or nurse here. They didn't want to risk with Khushi's health conditions. As I requested them, they allowed her to be in children's ward. I managed to make them agree to give Khushi my time slots. I can't leave her alone anywhere. So...,"

"Sh... NK... don't give explanations, you were never in fault. It's me, who should be sorry. I am..." Arnav controlled his anger towards authorities and felt a tug in his heart thinking about Khushi's condition. He knew how much she loves her profession

"Oho... stop you both. Why are thinking about the past days? Just think about how to convince Khushi Bhabhi and how to talk with her. That is important now" Aman chided. They smiled looking at each other. Arnav was beyond happy to meet Khushi. NK is happy but worried as Aman. They left from cafe towards the children's ward.



"Bhai... Where did you go? Why didn't you say anything to me?"

"I went to meet someone. How are you? Did you take your medicines?"

"Yes, I had my food and medicines don't worry"


"What Bhai?"

"Woh... did you meet I mean... as you saw him..."

"Bhai... I respect you. I know why you restricted me. I know why you didn't want me to meet him, because you are worried for me. You never wanted me to get hurt. I can understand your opinion Bhai. Don't worry; I'm not going to meet him without your knowledge. I know Bhai you want me to be happy. You please don't worry about that also. When I see Arnav Ji happy with his love and family I will be happy without doubt"

"Don't you want to meet him? Don't you want to talk with him?" asked NK feeling bad to restrict his sister

"I do Bhai... but I promised him that I won't cross his path again. I promised him that I won't show my face to him. I promised him that I will not be a reason for his loses or problems in his life. I know if he sees me or talks with me and finds me that I needed him in my life, he might think that he should help me because I helped him. But Bhai, I never helped him. I did my duty as Arnav Ji's Khushi. I wanted and want to be useful for him. I never wanted him to feel bad about me or feel like he is indebted to me because of what I did to him. I wanted him to forget me and live his life happily. For that I shouldn't go before him, because I know, my presence never gives him happiness. I never wanted to or will want to make him uncomfortable with my presence Bhai. So, don't worry... I'm not going in front of him"

"What if I need you Khushi? What if I need your support in my life? What if I'm not happy without you? What if I'm not comfortable with the person I thought I'm in love with? What if I found that love is not real? What if I found you are my life? What if my family wanted YOU?"


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Jhukaa Aasmaan Part 22 (LAST) (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 66 times)

“What if I need you Khushi? What if I need your support in my life? What if I’m not happy without you? What if I’m not comfortable with the person I thought I’m in love with? What if I found that love is not real? What if I found you are my life? What if my life is worthless without you? What if I found that I will get solace in death when you are not with me? What if I found dying is better than living without you?”

The next second, the words came out of him, Khushi ran to him and closed his mouth with her hands nodding her head negatively, pleading with her eyes to not say anything in that sort. She kept her head on her hand which is in on his lips, cried her heart out. The trio felt like crying seeing her in vulnerable state. NK sat there holding his head in his palms. Aman leaned on the wall not able to see the pain one innocent soul bearing. Arnav closed his eyes in guilty and pain.

Khushi touched Arnav's face, chest and hands all over vigorously to feel him. Suddenly Arnav felt some weight on his body. Though it’s not heavy, but it alerted his mind. He immediately held Khushi tightly seeing her unconscious state.

“Khushi... Khushi...” he got panicked. He sat on the floor holding Khushi to his heart.

Arnav's panicked state alerted the other two men in the room. NK rushed to him to check Khushi along with Aman. After checking Khushi, NK asked Arnav to help to take Khushi to hospital.

“What’s wrong with her NK? Is she fine? Why did she faint? Answer me damn it” shouted tensed Arnav. But NK didn’t say anything

They went to Dr. Jayson’s clinic. After seeing unconscious Khushi, Dr. Jayson admitted her immediately and started treatment. He gave her another injection and kept her in observation. When he came out trio rushed to him

“I already said to you to not to make her excited. I said to be careful when you are talking about anything. I also said a very little thing will affect her health. Small words which we think, may affect her health badly. She is really disturbed about something. She is very hurt. I can’t say till she comes to conscious. I didn’t expect this from you all. I thought you both will take good care of her. I’m disappointed with you both” said Dr. Jayson in a little harsh voice with NK and Arnav.


The trio felt really tensed about Khushi non responsive state. Arnav felt like he is losing his life second by second. He sat there praying to god to save Khushi for the first time.

“Come back to me Khushi. Please don’t leave me. I need you... please come back... I can’t lose you Khushi... please...” thought Arnav.

The trio rushed to the room hearing noises from Khushi's room. The scene they saw inside, when they enter inside make Arnav and Aman rooted to the spot. NK rushed to panicking Khushi and held her tight.

“Sh... Doll... relax... relax...” he tried to control her, but he couldn't. Dr. Jayson entered the room after nurse informed him. Seeing Khushi in that state he too rushed to her and tried to control her.

“Doctor... can I bring the injection for her?” asked nurse

“She already took so many. It won’t do good to her. But we don’t have any other option. Go bring fast” he tried to control Khushi “Ms. Khushi... control yourself. Khushi listen to me... Khushi... see your brother is here. Don’t worry for anything, you will be fine”

“But he is not fine. I need to find him. I need to go to him. Bhai... Bhai... Arnav Ji is not fine Bhai... please try to understand. He is suffering with his life. He may die Bhai... I don’t want to lose him. Bhai... please take me to him. I need him safe and fine Bhai... please... Please...” said Khushi, thinking she saw Arnav in her dream.

“Khushi... listen... Arnav Ji is fine. He is here only... relax... nothing happened to him and nothing will happen. You relax... sh...” tried NK, not understanding why she is saying like this after seeing Arnav fit and fine.

“WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND...? MY ARNAV JI IS NOT FINE. HE IS SUFFERING IN HIS LIFE. I NEED TO GO TO HIM. HE NEEDS ME. I’M GOING NOW. DON’T DARE TO STOP ME,” saying this Khushi tried to get down the bed which made NK more worried for her. She became furious and hysteric to go to Arnav. Suddenly Dr. Jayson slapped Khushi hardly making her fell on the bed. Both Arnav and Aman came out their shock seeing Dr. Jayson slapping Khushi. Anger rose inside Arnav and he ran to Dr. Jayson, held his collar and dragged him aside.

“How dare you? She is my Khushi. How dare you to slap her?”

“Arnav this is part of treatment. If I won’t slap her she won’t be normal” Jayson said in high voice to make Arnav understand “She needs that” Dr. Jayson said. Arnav pushed him little and went to Khushi. She is crying hugging NK. NK is consoling her saying Arnav is fine.

“Khushi...” called Arnav in small voice, unable to bear the guilt and the pain she is in. The next second he found himself in a tight hug. He also hugged her tightly not letting her go. Being in his arms for sometime without crying, Khushi looked at him with tearful voice.

“Arnav Ji...?” she called him rather questioned him.

Understanding her doubt Arnav replied her nodding his head and said “Yes, Khushi... I’m here... with you... forever. And I’m fine too. I’m not going to leave you for my life time. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

“Of course it will. If you are with me then everything will be fine as before. I know that... “

Smiling sadly at her, Arnav held her hugging sideways keeping her head on his chest. She hugged him tightly by his waist she closed her eyes and drifted into to sleep. Everybody sighed in relax. Arnav sat there with Khushi where NK, Aman and Jayson sat there on the sofa thinking about Khushi's behaviour few minutes back.

“This is worst panic attack she got till now. I never saw her in this condition. She might have lost her life, if Mr. Arnav is not here. I’m glad that he is here” said Dr. Jayson holding his head in his palms. Both NK and Aman looked at Arnav, who is looking at Khushi with so much love, tension and fear. The trio went out from the leaving the two tired souls.

Arnav looked at Khushi's sleeping face. He can see her trust, believe and love towards him. He closed his eyes in guilt for hurting her. Wiping his own tears he held Khushi so close to his heart and drifted into sleep. He wasn’t tired physically, but emotionally he is, he never thought Khushi will be in this worst condition of her life. He cursed himself for being the reason for Khushi's condition. He prayed God to make her normal again. He promised himself to be great support to Khushi in all the times. He promised himself to take care of her at the most. He promised himself to give her all the happiness she deserves. He promised himself to give her all the respect more than anyone can get in this world. Thinking all these, he shifted into sleep.

He felt something smooth on his cheeks followed by a soft “Arnav Ji” He opened his eyes and looked at the worried face of Khushi

“Khushi... are you okay? Why are you looking worried?” asked Arnav sitting properly on the bed

“What will happen to me when you are with me? But tell me are you fine? Why are you here? Did you come here to meet Mr. Alex? Are you fine? Are you feeling any pain on your head or somewhere else? Tell me Arnav Ji? You are scaring me now” said Khushi in hurry leaving Arnav speechless. He never thought that her belief and trust for him will go to this extent. She is in vulnerable condition and in that condition also she is thinking about him... HIM... ‘Do I deserve this pure and innocent love?’ thought Arnav.

“Arnav Ji... please tell me” she is on verge of crying. He immediately held her tightly in his hug and said

“Shh... Khushi... I’m perfectly fine after seeing you. Don’t worry... relax... Khushi... I want to say something. Will you listen calmly and don’t get panic? Please its little important” seeing her tensed face Arnav again said “Relax Khushi... trust me... I’m fine, don’t worry” getting the nod to continue from Khushi, Arnav continued saying “I’m sorry Khushi – for hurting you, leaving you and pushing you in this vulnerable condition. But trust me I never wanted this to be happen. That day actually... I never wanted to leave you. I’m not saying that I loved you that time. But I didn’t want to go. When you didn’t give chance to me to talk and asked me to go, my anger took control on me and I said what I shouldn’t. I’m sorry Khushi.

But living these months without you beside me, made me understand what I want, what I need, whom I need in my life and what is who. So, I’m here... before you, with you. I’m confused Khushi... I need your help in this. What to do now? Where to start? How to... I mean... I... me and Lavanya... we... Why can’t you understand my problem damn it? Without saying any word you used to understand my mind, then why can’t you understand now? Do you know how difficult it is for me?” he said in frustration not able to put his feelings and worries in words. Sighing he continued saying “I thought you will understand me easily. I can’t word my feelings Khushi. You have to understand my every unsaid word. It’s your duty to understand me. I don’t know how to live happily Khushi. Nobody helped me in any way. I never learnt or I never knew what life is. Except my Di and Nani, I never saw anyone liking me leave alone loving me. I had so many experiences with... with...”

“Poor people” said Khushi

“Yes... I had bad experiences with them. I lost my baby brother, because of one girl who belongs to them. She betrayed him. ‘Don’t trust poor people’ were the last words of him, which printed strongly in my mind. I thought everyone are same, but when I saw you here, I’m confused Khushi. Before gaining my vision I thought you were a... a...”

“Rich girl” sadness is clearly visible in her voice

“Yes... seeing your caring nature and dedication towards your work and love and respect towards me I thought you belong to rich family. Sorry for that. But when I saw you in your house, I was confused Khushi. But I never hated you. I was confused thinking how can poor girl this much pure, how can one mere poor girl love some other to this extent, how can one poor girl this much innocent and good. I was really confused Khushi. I wanted to ask you, I wanted to talk with you, I wanted your help. But when you said me to go with Aman, I was hurt. When you denied listening to me I was helpless. It made me angry. And I said all those hurtful words to you. But you know what Khushi? These two months I spent hell of time with your memories and the hurtful face of you. I wanted to come here running. But I couldn't because of my health.

Without my knowledge I started comparing everyone’s love with the love you showered. But I didn’t find anyone near you. That’s when I realised, not all the poor people are bad, that’s when I realised this love, care, affection and feelings are nothing to do with the status. It’s completely with heart. With you coming to my life, I realised the importance of heart. And I realised, till now I never had a heart”

“You have a heart Arnav Ji. Otherwise you wouldn’t have come here; you wouldn’t have give respect to your sister and Nani. You have a heart. But you never concentrated on that” said Khushi with a small smile.

Nodding his head Arnav said “May be you are right. But one thing I’m sure Khushi... I need your help. I need you in my life for every second. I need your support. I need everything of you for me for my whole life. But how, I don’t understand. I need your help. Can you help me? Please Khushi...” Arnav held Khushi's hands in his and looked at her with hopeful eyes.

“Where is NK Bhai?” immediately Arnav understood what Khushi feeling. Smiling little, he went out and brought NK inside along with Aman.

“What?” asked NK seeing confused face of Khushi and smiling face of Arnav.

Khushi looked at NK and Arnav and again NK.

“What’s going on? Can anyone say?” asked Aman not able to control the curiosity

“She needs your permission NK, to come to me, to become my wife, to be my support. As you didn’t allow her to talk to me, she wants your permission to get her love” said Arnav.

NK looked at Khushi surprisingly and understood her dilemma of saying yes to Arnav and no to him.

“What you decided Doll?” asked NK seriously making Khushi gulp

“Nothing” said Khushi


“I never wanted to go against you or Arnav Ji. But now, I’m really confused to think anything. Till now I never faced this situation. Arnav Ji never said anything from his photo where you suggested me a lot things. But now, Arnav Ji is here and asking me to help him and you said not to meet with him leave alone helping him. I am confused to decide what to do and whom to listen. Can you both do one thing?” she asked hopefully looking NK and Arnav. Seeing their nod she continued “Can you both talk and come to one decision and make it easy for me? I really needed that now. I want to listen to you both. But I... I... couldn’t because... can you understand what I’m saying, what I want and what I’m thinking? Can you both please help me?” said Khushi looking at her hands which are in her lap with so much helplessness.

Aman went to Khushi and pattered her head and said “It’s your life Khushi. You have to decide about you. Nobody can decide what you want in your life. You shouldn’t depend on NK or ASR for the things in your life”

“But what if I can’t without them? What if I can’t live going against them? What if I can’t live without their support? What if they are my life? What if I’m unable to make decisions without their support? What to do then?” asked Khushi innocently

“What if they won’t come to one decision and force you to follow their words?” Asked Aman. Both NK and Arnav are curious to know her answer. NK somewhat can guess the answer where Arnav can’t

“Then, that is the last second of my life. I can’t go against of anyone of their words. I want them in my life. I can’t lose them. If they both can’t trust each other and can’t come to one word then I will kill myself. I can’t do anything without their interest, I can’t go against their words and at the same time I can’t disappoint any one. So it’s better to stop living” her voice is low but her meaning is firm.

NK closed his eyes in very well known pain, of knowing how much love she has for Arnav and him. Both Arnav and Aman were shocked to know the answer. Arnav never expected this answer from her. He thought she will say that she will go with Arnav or NK. But this answer... he never expected. He stood there numbly seeing Khushi's expressionless face

Aman felt proud seeing Khushi's love towards her brother and ASR. “Then it’s their responsibility to make everything easy for you. It’s their responsibility to make you comfortable with their decisions. It’s their responsibility to give you what you want. I wish you a happy and peaceful life. Thanks for coming into our lives” saying this Aman turned to Arnav, NK and continued to them “I hope you both will complete your responsibility. I hope you both will give her what she wants”


“It’s okay Bhai... If you both are not comfortable with each other, then I’m perfectly fine with that. Don’t worry... I will be fine once I leave from here. I never wanted to be burden for anyone. You both can relax... and Arnav Ji... don’t worry NK Bhai will help in all the ways. He is nice man. NK Bhai... Please look after him. He is a confused soul every time Bhai... he needs you”

“Finished saying all the things you thought in your tiny brain?” said Arnav holding her shoulder tightly while controlling his anger not to bash her. Khushi nodded her head looking at him confusingly which make Aman laugh


“Sorry ASR... But look at her... she can’t even understand your sarcasm. She is so innocent ASR”

Sighing deeply NK said “Doll... I’m sorry for making you think in this way. I always wanted you to be happy and safe. Till now, I thought you can’t be happy with this ASR. But when I knew he is ASR only for world where he is Arnav for his family and mostly for you, then I don’t have any objection of you going to him, for him, and with him. If you are happy with him that’s all I wanted. I was just worried for you Doll, I’m not a monster to keep you away from your life. Go... get your love, catch your love. He is waiting for you. He needs you in his life. Go... enjoy your life. I wish you will get all the happiness you lost. I wish you will get a family and I wish you will get...”

“Arnav Ji...” said Khushi with so much happiness and tearful eyes. NK nodded his head and was hugged by Khushi. He reciprocated the hug and held her tightly patting her head. “Take care Doll... Be happy all the time. Don’t forget that you have a brother here. If you need me at anytime, I’m just a call away... you know that, right?”

Khushi nodded her head and said “I will never need you Bhai... I will never step into any problem with or without Arnav Ji. As he will be with me...” Khushi looked at Arnav who said – always forever – and continued “I won’t have any problem, you don’t worry. But I will miss you Bhai. I... I...” unable to say anything she hugged NK and cried her heart out. The men trio also shredded their tears seeing Khushi. Both Arnav and Aman can understand their bond. Nobody can say that both NK and Khushi are not blood related.

“Sh... Doll... don’t cry... relax... I will meet you in India when I come there. In fact for meeting you I will come there. Don’t cry now... it won’t be good for your health” he turned to Arnav and said “Arnav Ji... I really appreciate if you can spend your more days here till Doll completes her treatment. She really needs that and it’s important”

Understanding what NK saying Arnav nodded his head and accepted his stay.

“But Arnav Ji... What about your work? And... Huh... what about Lavanya Ji? Oh My God... I forgot about her. No I can’t come with you. I can’t snatch her life and love. I can’t come with you. Sorry Arnav Ji... I’m sorry” she begins to get tensed about Lavanya.

“Sh... Khushi... relax... I am not her love nor is she mine. She needs my money, that’s all. But I need love Khushi, your love. I can’t give that place to anyone else. At the same time, my family was never happy about her and our relation. When I said about you to Di and Nani, they were really angry on me for leaving you here. Di is not talking with me now” he said in a low voice. “Di and Nani only made me understand your importance in my life. So, I said everything to Nani about my feelings. She is really happy about us. She wants us to be with each other till the end. Will you be with me all the time till my last breath Khushi? Will you be mine forever? Will you be my companion throughout my life? Will you be my wife by marrying me, Khushi?”

Khushi looked at Arnav with wide eyes and open mouth seeing him proposing her for marriage. NK and Aman’s state is not any different from Khushi's.

“Khushi... answer me damn it”

“But Lavanya Ji...” she said in low worried voice

“Don’t worry Khushi... she can never be in your life. I know how to send her out of your life. I had proofs. Don’t worry about her, if you are okay with ASR’s proposal then say it. I’m there to take care of Lavanya” said Aman

Everybody looked at Khushi who is in deep thoughts with thudding hearts, because they know Khushi will never get ready to do this if she is not convinced with Aman’s words.

“Doll...?” “Khushi...?” NK and Arnav called her.

“Khushi... I’m waiting here”

Khushi looked at the men to get some assurance. Aman nodded his head understanding her dilemma. Not able to control the curiosity Arnav held her hand and said in a little high voice

“Answer me damn it”

“...” she said something in low voice which no one listened

“WHAT?” shouted the trio

“YES...” she also shouted in equal tone and hugged Arnav, hiding her shyness.

“YEEEEE” Arnav heard and found himself in a tight group hug. He took few seconds to understand what happened. When he understood, a broad smile adored his face.


“OF COURSE YES DAMN IT... I WILL MARRY YOU...” said Khushi making everyone relax.

After few moments of group hug, Aman said to Arnav “ASR... you stay here with Khushi. I will take care of everything there. After you come there we can send that Lavanya out of your lives. And Khushi... don’t worry... everything will be fine. You have ASR with you along two brothers” he pattered her head.

Overwhelmed by his words, Khushi hugged Aman and said a low ‘Thank you Bhai’

After the emotionally exhausted situation, they made Khushi sleep for some time to get time to plan the things. Aman said his doubts about Lavanya having other life, enjoying with Arnav's money with her husband. That is the reason she is not ready for getting married to Arnav. Arnav and NK were shocked to listen. They three discussed about how to get rid of Lavanya from their lives. After discussing, Aman went from there to leave to India to take care of everything mainly to take care of Lavanya’s thing. He never allows anyone to disturb or intrude in his best friend and Khushi's life.


After a month

Today is the day; Dr. Jayson confirmed Khushi's perfect health. He expressed his happiness to get her normal self back. He saw the instant change in Khushi's behaviour after Arnav's arrival. He understood Khushi's love towards Arnav completely. He also instructed and suggested things to NK and Arnav in taking care of Khushi. He assured them that as long as Arnav will be with Khushi, she will be completely fine. After thanking Dr. Jayson they left from hospital to NK’s house. Aman already vacated Khushi's house and shifted her things to India not missing at least one thing. They stayed one day in NK’s house and left to India with NK.


After reaching India, they went to Khushi's parents’ house. Both NK and Khushi will stay there till the Lavanya thing gets cleared. The trio – Arnav, Aman and NK doesn’t want Khushi to face Lavanya. When they reached Khushi's house they found Arnav's family except Lavanya there along with Aman. Anjali, Nani and Mami rushed to Khushi and engulfed her in a tight group hug which made Khushi scared and startled. She looked at Arnav who is smiling at her. She also smiled a little and took blessing from all. After enjoying the time with Khushi all the Raizada’s and Jha’s left from there hoping to see Khushi in their home soon as their bahu.

Both Arnav and Aman proved Lavanya’s truth – being married and staying with him for his money and enjoying her life with her husband with Arnav's money – to the family and threw her out of their lives. Aman said that he got doubt when he noticed the bank account transaction where money went to other individual account from Lavanya’s. Immediately he worked on that and found that Lavanya is married and that is the reason she was never ready to get married to Arnav. She is ruthless and arrogant towards all the family members because she thought family will make Arnav leave her. Before they do anything in that sort, she got succeeded in filling Arnav's ears with words against the family taking his ‘Hatred towards people’ as a key point saying they are thinking to get marry Arnav to a girl from some poor family. Everybody gasped in shock knowing Lavanya’s true identity where Arnav fumed in anger. 

Arnav threw her out of the house warning her if she do anything to him or his family he will make sure that he will send her and her husband to jail


The day of Arnav and Khushi's marriage

They successfully completed all the pheres and all the rituals. The priest announced them as wife and husband for seven lives. They both took the blessings from the elders and wishes from the friends. Arnav, Aman and NK shared a group hug keeping Khushi centre of their hug. Everybody laughed out loud in happiness seeing their love towards each other. Khushi shouted for air to breath, as she felt breathless because of the three strong men’s tight hug. Laughing loudly the trio left her to breath. Everyone thanked god in their heart for this moment. All the Raizada family, Jha family, NK’s family, Aman’s family along with relatives left the venue sending Arnav and Khushi towards their destination – Khushi's house

Arnav wanted to start their life in her house with her parent’s blessings. So, he asked Aman to arrange their first night there in Khushi's house. When Khushi entered the house she felt overwhelmed with Arnav's love towards her. It’s really getting difficult for her to take this. Sensing her overwhelmed state Arnav hugged her from back and kissed her temple to bring her back to normal condition. Khushi turned back and hugged him tightly

Both hugged each other tightly, hoping and wishing for their beautiful future together, Promising each other silently not to leave others at any circumstances, promising each other to support in each and every situation of their lives.

“I LOVE YOU ARANV JI...” confessed Khushi for the first time leaving her all the fears of losing him.

“I LOVE YOU TOO KHUSHI...” he never thought confessing his feelings to the person who deserves will give immense pleasure and relaxation to our soul. He kissed her for the first time on her forehead with all the love and care he had for her. With that kiss, they started their beautiful life together, forever...

This is it....



And there won't be any Epilogue as I don't know what to and how to write. I'm not comfortable with Epilogue thing. SORRY for that.

Thank you each and everyone one for your wonderful support. I never thought one would like my stories. But... I'm lucky indeed to get you all...



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