Jhukaa Aasmaan (COMPLETED)

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Nov 28, 2013

Zhukaa Aasmaan (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 33 times)

Character Sketch:


28 years old. He is residing in India, with his parents and sister. He is a successful businessman and eligible bachelor of India. He has all shades of emotions, but it depends on the person. He is very caring and helping person for his family. He is very rude and arrogant boss for his employees. He is an angry young man. He hates poor people. He thinks, poor people particularly girls will, can do anything for money. They don't want to struggle in their life. They want to enjoy everything. So, for that they will, can try to trap any rich guy.' So, he hates them.


22 years old. She is staying in Sydney, Australia. She completed her medicine. She is very friendly in nature. She lost her parents in accident. She is working in a hospital. She will, can help anyone who is in need. Either they are rich or poor. She never minds that. She/he is a human being. That's more important for her. She has a friend, NK. She had big crush on Indian Business Tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada. She never misses any news about him in world business news. She known him from the days she used to stay in India with her parents. After her parents' death she came to Sydney with the help of NK.


Very cute and friendly person. 27 years old. He knows Khushi from their college days. He is four years senior to Khushi. They are very good friends. He is working as a doctor where Khushi is working. After completing his medicine in India, NK came to Sydney for higher studies. After Khushi's parents' death he helped her to come to Sydney for further studies and settlement. He and his family like her a lot.


Khushi: "WHAT!!!? How can they do this NK Bhai? How can they deny my Arnav Ji? How can they say that they are not going to treat him anymore? No, they can't do this to Arnav Ji. They have to treat him. He is improving right? Then how can they say like that? Please NK Bhai, help me. Please help me in making them understand. Please..." she is crying badly.

NK: "Khushi, just relax doll. Relax. Please don't lose your hope. Everything will be ok. We will talk with senior doctor ok. Just relax"

Both Khushi and NK went to senior doctor's room and asked him about Arnav's case. He is not at all ready to give further treatment to Arnav. But Khushi almost all begged him for treating Arnav. She literally fell on his feet saying, Arnav is the person she is living for. If something happened to him, she can't live anymore.' The hospital staffs are very much shocked to see Khushi like this. Everybody knows how easy going and strong she is. But seeing her in this condition, remaining staff also requested the doctor to keep Arnav for further treatment. The doctor also felt bad for her condition. Nobody knows how important that patient to her.

Doctor: "Ok, for now I'll give the permission. But, it is only for one month. After that i can't help you. You have to agree with me. I'll remove him from this hospital. We don't know anything about him or his family. At least we don't know his name. How many days we will keep him here? But, seeing you both like this, I'm allowing him for only one month. This one month personally I'll take care of him. I'll observe his condition. Then we will see. Ok now, everybody get back your work. You two come with me, in my room now."

By hearing the doctor's words, NK and Khushi looked at each other. They went to his room. They are very happy about the decision of him. They thanked the doctor for accepting to give treatment to Arnav.

Khushi: "Thank you doctor... Thank you so much. Thanks a lot"

Doctor: "It is ok Miss Khushi. But remember one month, only one month. After that i don't take it anymore."

Khushi: "No sir, you are really great that you accepted for one month. We hope he will be ok at that time. Thank you so much once again"

Doctor: "Mr NK, why I'm having this feeling that you both know that patient? Does u know him? Then why didn't you tell his details to police"

Both NK and Khushi gulped hardly with tension. They both looked each other. They don't know what to say. Both remembered their promise to each other that they won't reveal Arnav's identity to anyone. Because, police said that Arnav was attacked by some man out there. They thought that those people are his rivals. If they reveals his identity, may be it is dangerous to Arnav. So they kept quite. But now, when the doctor asked them about knowing Arnav's identity, they don't know what to say. Before Khushi could say, NK thought something and said

NK: "No sir, we don't know his name or his details. But we know him. Khushi loves him very much. He is Khushi's secret crush. When we went to some movie on few weeks back, we saw him at the theatre. Immediately she fell in love with him. You know, love at first sight... we are trying our level best to track him. At least we don't know, whether he is resident here or not. But, after seeing him here in this condition, we are really got shocked. We don't know what to do. But, you really helped us. A big thanks to you sir. And one more thanks for accepting for his treatment."

With NK's answer doctor was fully satisfied. He said to Khushi with so much concern in his voice, "its ok, don't worry Miss Khushi, he will be fine, i personally will take care of him. Now you both go to ur work."

Khushi: "thank you so much sir. Thanks a lot. And uh... sir can i stay here in hospital after my duty hours to look after of him. Can I have your permission for that? Please sir, I can't stay calmly at my home by leaving him here. So, after finishing my work hours I would like to stay near him. Please sir" seeing Khushi in tears, both NK and doctor felt bad. So, doctor gave her permission instantly. By bidding thanks to doctor they left the room and went to complete their work.


Khushi: "Sir, please don't say that again. He is doing good right? He is improving his health. So, maybe we can see some more days..."

Doctor: "Miss Khushi, you do not understand the situation. He is perfectly alright. You can take him with u. There is no need for staying here. He is perfectly fine physically. His health is stable. But only one thing, he is not in his conscious. For that we can't do anything. U can take him to your house; I'll prescribe you some medicine. Make sure that he takes them. Then after some days he will be fine and will gain conscious also. As a doctor you shouldn't get tensed like this. NK, you tell her. No need to worry about him. You can take him with you. If there anything then you can bring him here at any time. Ok."

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Dec 6, 2013

Zhukaa Aasmaan Part 1 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 29 times)


She came back from her thoughts of her past with the ring of her mobile. Seeing NK on screen, she got little bit worried. Just now she left the hospital. If it is not an emergent, he will never call her until she reaches. After reaching home safely she gives call to him letting him know that she reached safe. But now what happened? Why is he calling her? Without wasting time more, she lifted the phone and said

Khushi: “Hello”

NK: “Khushi, don’t ask me what, when and how? Just start immediately from where ever you are. Come to hospital, as fast as u can. Don’t take my words easily. Please come fast.”

She got down the bus in next stop, crossed the road and hopped another bus to hospital. She wants to call NK and ask him what the matter is. But, maybe he will busy with the patient. She doesn’t want to disturb him. So she leaves that thought. But to her surprise, NK called again and asks where she is.

Khushi: “NK relax, I’m already in bys. I will reach there in few minutes. Tell me NK, what’s the matter? Why are you sounding worried? I never see u getting worried for some random patient? What’s wrong with you?”

NK: “Khushi... I can’t say anything now. Just you come as fast as u can. Please...”

Khushi is hell confused now. She is unable to guess what’s wrong with NK. Suddenly she remembers something and asks him

Khushi: “NK, r mamma and papa safe? Where are they? Tell me NK... Where are they?”

NK: “Khushi... Khushi relax... They are fine. Its something else. Just u come fast”

By hearing his words she felt little bit relaxed and says: “I’m at the gate... coming in few seconds...” with that she cut the call and ran inside.

Now NK is getting worried for his friend. What will be her reaction by seeing the person in ICU? His tension is increasing second by second. In the meantime, Khushi came where NK stood like a statue near ICU, without any expression, except worry. By seeing BK Khushi got more worried.... By holding NK’s hand she asked

Khushi: “What is it NK? Why are you this much worried? Who is there in ICU?”

NK looks at Khushi with much concern in his eyes; he holds her hand and took her to ICU, and showed the person who is lying lifelessly. By seeing the side NK showed her, she got the shock of her life. She felt like, she lost her breath. Her heart stopped from beating. Her all senses are not in the situation to react. She is feeling numb. She is feeling dizzy. She is feeling helpless. She is feeling like her life is going to stop. By lost her conscious in NK’s hands before saying “Arnav Ji”

NK, who is standing behind his friend, caught the hold of her. He pattered her cheeks to bring her to conscious. He called one nurses and asked her to bring some water. Khushi gained her conscious with the sprinkles of water on her face. She immediately remembered what she saw few minutes before. She got panicked and tried to run from the door to her Arnav Ji to stopped by her friend.

Khushi: “NK, I need to go. Arnav Ji needs me. Please NK. Let me go.” She pleaded NK.

NK: “sure Khushi. We will go there, but not before you took this injection. You are in a shock Khushi. You have to take your medicine. Come on, let me give you this.”

Khushi: “Not now NK. First I need to go to Arnav Ji. What happened to him? Why is he here? In that state! Who brought him here? Who did this all to him? Tell me NK. Tell me. Aaaahhhhh....”

While she is shooting her question, NK asked the nurse to hold Khushi. After confirming nurse’s hold on Khushi is tight, he injected her medicine on her hand. Every day Khushi will take her injection by herself. But, today she is not in her senses to take the injection by herself. After injected her, NK hold her tightly and took her to ICU. She wants to go inside, but stopped outside the room after watching doctors doing treatment to Arnav’s wounds.

Being a medical house surgeon, she can understand the condition of Arnav. She can understand how critical his condition is. She got panicked by seeing the monitors attached to Arnav’s body. All the readings – heart beat, pulse rate – are dropping down. She is restless. She turned to NK and asked “what happened to him? Tell me NK Bhai... what happened to him?”

NK: “I don’t know Khushi. May be it is an accident or something. When I’m coming from canteen, i saw some police. And also I saw some of our staff are running in a hurry. So, i thought it is an emergency case. So, I went there to help them if they need. But after seeing the patient, I couldn’t believe what I’m seeing. So immediately I called you. I don’t know what happened to him.”

Khushi: “Police? Police brought him here! Where are they? Are they here still or not? I want to talk with them. “

NK: “What?! You will talk with them!!! No, Khushi. You couldn’t. I won’t allow you to go and talk with them. At least not in this state. Please doll, please listen to me. I’ll gather the information about what happened to him ok. So, please calm down.”

He can’t see Khushi like this. She is very dear to him. She is his best friend. She is very easy going girl. She is very friendly and helpful. She will, she can help to anybody who are in a need. They are her friends, strangers or enemies. She doesn’t care. She is very kind hearted girl. She loves Arnav from her MBBS days. From very first day of college, Khushi and NK became good friends. He is super senior of her. When she is preparing for her first year, NK is preparing for his finals. In very few days they became best friends. They shared wonderful bond between them. They don’t have any secrets in between them. From those days, she had a big crush on young business man of India, ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA, who is lying on the bed almost lifelessly inside the ICU.

She is very crazy about him. She knows almost everything about him. His likes, dislikes, his favourite colour, his favourite food, his favourite Black coffee, his favourite person – his elder sister Anjali, his gadgets – iPhone, apple note book and iPod and last but not least Lavanya – the girl he is dating with. In fact she knows about his business deals.

She is a medico, and also is a fashion designer. She also did her bachelor degree in fashion design, coz he is a fashion designer. She is crazy, isn’t she? Every time NK used to think, ‘how can she manage all these things?’ Doing MBBS is not an easy task. But she is doing MBBS along with fashion designing. Morning after waking up, she used to read business news about Arnav while having coffee, after having coffee she used to collect all the paper clippings about HIM and HIS work. We can build a museum with them. And while having breakfast, she used to see the news about HIM. After coming to college she will attend her classes and she will go to library to read the news about HIM in other news papers and business magazines. She got caught by the librarian for cutting the paper clipping of HIM. She got punished for this also from the dean of the college. Dean suspended her for one full day classes. But she remains same. And next, when she meets NK, she used to talk about HIM mostly. If NK didn’t show any interest she used to beat him.... badly.

In any of the break time, lunch, tea break she used to talk about HIM or read about HIM. After college she used to study about her fashion designing. In weekends, she attended the classes for that. But, STILL she is the intelligent student in the class. In every test, semester exams either it is MBBS or it is Fashion Designing, she is in top 3 students. Once all the students of her class mentioned their doubt about her ranking in exams. They asked the faculty to give her a test alone. She accepted challenge and in front of the faculty and some students she gave the test and scored 95% marks. After that nobody question her. She became famous in the college with her crazy crush about ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.

NK, after finishing his MBBS, he left to Australia for higher studies. But, he is in touch with Khushi. They used to talk with each other every day. How many days, weeks. Months and years are gone, Khushi remain the same – the crazy fan of ASR. When she is in final year MBBS, she lost her parents in an accident. She left alone. After hearing the news NK, flow back to India to support her. She became dull. At that time also she took the support from Arnav, by reading articles about him, by seeing his photos and talking with his photos. Once NK scared by her mental state by thinking she might do something to her. He asked her the same. But she surprised him with her answer.

Khushi: “don’t worry NK Bhai. I won’t do anything to myself. I’m perfectly fine. I’ve my Arnav Ji with me. You no need to worry about me. You go and continue with your job. I will be fine.”

For few seconds, NK thought she lost her senses. But, no she is in her senses. She is deeply in love with her Arnav Ji. It is not at all a teenage crush. It is pure love. He sighed in defeat, and left to Australia not before making her agree and promise to come there after finishing her MBBS. NK’s parents also called her and asked her for the same which she agreed

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Dec 26, 2013

Zhukaa Aasmaan Part 2 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 25 times)

After completing her MBBS with a very good percentage, she flows to Australia. Days, weeks, Months and years are gone; continents also changed; so many people left, so many people came. But, Khushi remain the same – the crazy LOVER of ASR. After coming to Australia also she didn’t stop her day activities about ASR. Readings the news and collecting paper clips about Arnav... is going on and on... she stayed in NK’s house for some days. NK’s hospital management has agreed to take her as a house surgeon in their hospital. They ask her to give a test, for which she happily agreed and successfully completed. The management directors are very much impressed by her marks and talent. So, immediately they welcomed her into their hospital as a house surgeon. After joining in hospital, she made NK and his family to agree about her stay in separate room. She searched one single bedroom furnished apartment for her, and moved in.


She is really crazy about Arnav. She is deeply in love with him. Anybody will say that by seeing her room. Her room filled with all his photos. In fact she took care about the things which she has in her room according to Arnav’s likes. Colour of the room, curtains, arrangement of furniture – for this entire she paid extra money to the owner of the house. She used to say, “NK Bhai, what if Arnav Ji come to my room and don’t like it? I can’t take it anymore. I want him to feel like he is at home. That is why; I decorated this room with his favourites.” At that time NK used to tease her, about Arnav will come to her house, it is impossible. But Khushi is confident that one day her Arnav Ji, will definitely come to her room. But, what’s going on now. Where she is? What she is experiencing? What HE is doing there in ICU? How can NK make his friend normal? If something happened to Arnav, he is not sure about Khushi’s future. He turned and saw his friend resting her head in his lap. Her sobs subsided little bit. But she is still crying for Arnav. Then, NK turned her face to see him. He nodded his head as saying everything is going to be ok and don’t cry.


At the same time... doctor comes out of the ICU... Seeing the doctor, both NK and Khushi ran to doctor... But before they reach the doctor, they saw two police officers talking to doctor. The doctor is saying about Arnav’s condition. Both of them got alerted and listened carefully what doctor is saying...


Doctor: “He is in serious condition... we can’t say anything before 24 hours. His injuries are very deep. His right hand and left leg got fractured, they are not serious; but he had one injury on his head, which one is very deep... we did the operation and kept him under observation. We have to wait 24 hours more. Now his pulse rate, heart beat and blood pressure are not stable. Once they got stable, then it is easy to treat him whether he gain conscious or not. But for now... he is in serious condition. And by the way... what happened to him?”


Officer:  “Oh... sad to hear that... when we are patrolling we saw somebody attacking him. We don’t know who those people are. Neither we do know about this person. Our team is working on this. We think he is from India; we are trying to collect his details. Once we collect, we will inform his family to take care of him. But till then, you take care of him and let us know if any improvement is there. Ok... then for now we will take your leave. Inform us...” after saying this, police men left the hospital.


Hearing this conversation, Khushi break down into tears. NK immediately dragged her side from the sight of doctor and police, and caught her tightly and hug her. He tried to console her. He hushed her by saying, “Control yourself doll... everything going to be ok. He will be fine... just relax doll. Don’t cry. He needs you now. Please don’t cry doll...” He can’t see Khushi in this state. But, also he can’t do anything. “Really will he be fine? Do you really think he needs me?” said Khushi by hearing NK’s words.


Nodding his head NK said: “yes, he will be fine. And I’m not thinking but I’m sure he needs you. Because other than you nobody can take care of him well. Just relax yourself, and be strong doll. Nothing is going to happen to him. We will take care of him. Ok. And we will talk with doctor also. You just be strong. And what if your Arnav comes to conscious and asks me that why didn’t i take care of this sankadevi. Then what should I say? And I’m sure Arnav won’t like this crying Khushi, he only likes that cheerful, bubby and full of life Khushi. If you are crying like this, you will get weak doll. Then who will take care of Arnav? You have to be strong for Arnav... your Arnav Ji. You got that... you understand what I’m saying...” NK knows well, how to bring Khushi back from any situation. Just we need to bring Arnav to the scene, and then she will be definitely fine and normal. NK did the same thing here also as always.


Khushi, who is listening to NK’s words carefully, nodded her head as she understood what NK said. Immediately she wiped her tears and said to NK


Khushi: “yes, Bhai... you said correct... I’ve to be strong for Arnav Ji’s sake. Otherwise who will take care of him? No, i always will be there for him. I don’t want him to feel, he is alone. No... I won’t cry... thanks Bhai... thank you for making me understand the situation and my duty... No, I won’t let Arnav Ji feel alone.... I won’t let him feel... I won’t... I won’t...” she kept saying like as she is in some trance. Seeing her condition, NK’s eyes get moistened. He hugs her tightly and says “That’s like my doll. My doll is not weak. She is a strong girl... i know...” and closed his eyes in pain and thought ‘i know Khushi... you are a strong girl. You will do anything for this man. You will go to any extent for this man. Sorry Khushi I need to bring you back to normal state. That’s why I said all those. I don’t know what future is waiting for you. Rather than hoping and praying to god to save him, i can’t do anything Khushi. Please forgive me.’ With that tears rolled down from his eyes.


Khushi, who is saying ‘I won’t’ continuously, felt some wetness on her hair. She immediately held her head up and saw her only support, NK, crying. Immediately she cups his cheeks and says “Bhai, don’t worry... he will be fine... you don’t cry... nothing will happen to him. He won’t leave us. He doesn’t dare. He can’t leave us. I won’t let him... If he wants to leave us, he has to come behind me. You don’t worry about it. I will take care of him.”


NK, who is listening Khushi carefully, felt like chill ran down in his spine. What he just heard... he pulled Khushi from his hug and asked “what did you just say? What I heard just now?” seeing confused Khushi in front of him he again asked “what the hell do you mean ‘If he wants to leave us, he has to come behind me’... tell me Khushi... what are you thinking in your bloody mind”


A small smile appears on her lips by understanding what NK is asking... she nodded her head and says “I mean it NK Bhai... If he wants to leave us... he has to come behind me. If he is going to die today then I’ll be already dead. Because, rather than him I don’t have anybody in this world. I can’t live without him. He is my life... he is my world. Sorry to say this... But I can’t help it Bhai. Without him, I don’t have any life ahead.” She said this with a smile through her tears.


Watching Khushi like this, with lots of love for Arnav in her eyes, NK felt proud of his friend. At the same time he felt sad for hearing those words from Khushi. He just wants to make everything alright... but he is helpless... he made Khushi to sit on the chair and said “No doll... don’t say like this... everything will be fine... as u said he won’t dare... please don’t say like this... please... we need you with us... i don’t want to lose my little sister like that... please don’t say that again. I want to see you happy with your love... and I’m sure you will...” with these both hugged each other and cried their heart out. Both NK and Khushi shared a bond like siblings.  


They broke their hug and went to ICU to check about police and senior doctors. For their luck nobody is there. Immediately they went inside ICU too see Arnav’s motionless body. Khushi tried a lot to control herself from breaking down where she is somewhat successful. She gulped her tears and touched his cheeks. This is the first time she is touching him. In fact first time she is seeing him directly. Till now she saw him through media. He is more handsome than those pictures and videos. She smiled painfully for her weird thoughts. She wants to hug him; she wants to remove his pain. She bent to Arnav and said in whispering voice ‘I will do... I will remove all your pain Arnav Ji. Don’t worry. I always will be there with you. You are not alone. We are with you. We know you will get better and you will be fine soon. And you will go to your sister Anjali Ji... But I’m really sorry... I don’t know her phone number, I couldn’t reach her to inform about you. I’m really sorry.” Nobody around them get any doubt about Khushi’s talks. Because, she is the one who talks with patients as they are her family members.


NK, who initially get tensed with Khushi’s words, relaxed himself by seeing nobody observing them. He gets surprised to see everybody is busy in their work. But later he remembered how Khushi talks with every patient. That relaxes him more. After some time, he disturbed Khushi and said “Doll, we need to go outside. If anybody comes here it will be problematic. And it is not good for Arnav’s security.  Come... we will go...” He held her hand and takes her to outside the ICU. Khushi silently follow him, and after going outside she asks him “Why Bhai? Why u did said that it is not good for Arnav Ji’s security? Will I be the reason for his condition in any case?”


Shocked is the condition of NK. He didn’t know Khushi will take his words like this. No, he doesn’t want her to misunderstand him. He has to clear her doubts. So, he said, “No, Khushi... how can u think like that? See as others say, walls also have ears sometimes. If anybody hears his name and the attackers get to know he is here, and then think... what will happen? What if they again attack him? We have to take care of him. We have to keep him safe till he get fine. And you, don’t you dare to contact anybody related to him. It is not safe... do u understand what I’m saying? Just use your tiny brain at least now doll... We can take care of him. Ok. Don’t worry... if you want to talk with him, go and talk but don’t use his name... ok...”


Khushi being Khushi get panicked by hearing NK’s words. She moved here there and checked around her, to confirm that nobody heard her talks with Arnav Ji. Then she went to NK and says “you are correct NK Bhai... i didn’t think about this. Now onwards i don’t use his name... but how will I call him, when I was talking with him? As he is a very angry man why can’t I call him ‘Lad Governor’ what will you say NK Bhai?”


– Khushi – she know how to relax others. Though she is tensed, sad and worried, still she tries to bring smile on others face... that is Khushi. Sensing her trail to relax him, NK felt like blessed to have Khushi as his friend. He cupped her cheeks with tearful eyes and says “He is your Arnav Ji, you have all rights to call him whatever you want. But one thing... stay happy always... doesn’t lose your hope... he will be fine... I really think you have a bright future with him. With your Arnav Ji. Just be happy always with your love.” Saying this he kisses her forehead and said again “And one more thing, tomorrow I’m going to talk with the senior doctor about your work. And I’m going to request him to allot you, ICU duty. Is it ok with you?”


“Thank you Bhai... thanks you so much... why on the earth i will have problem with that? No never... thank you... thanks a lot...”


“Ok then... Now you go... You already finished your shift. And you need some rest. You already very tired. So, just go home, take your food, tablets and relax yourself. Don’t think about anything. I’ll be here and will take care of him. Ok. No need to worry...” said NK.


Khushi don’t want to go home by leaving Arnav in this condition. But she agreed to NK’s word that he will be there to take care of Arnav. She turned to ICU to see him once again, and leaves from there with lots of pain in her heart and tears in eyes, and mostly with lots of hope about future... who knows what going to happen....


for reading this story of mine...

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Jan 13, 2014

Zhukaa Aasmaan Part 3 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 20 times)

Mean while the senior doctor has a meeting with some of his employees and other doctors. When NK and Khushi are talking with Arnav in ICU, the doctors are discussing about the case of the patient admitted in ICU by police.

“His condition is serious; we can’t say anything before 24 hours.” one doctor Mathew said.

“Yeah, poor soul, he don’t have anybody from his family. We don’t know whom or how to inform. He looks like some business man. If he is famous in his country, then may be their family members will recognize him by seeing news, and will come here to claim him” another doctor Stella said.

“It is not going to happen...” said senior doctor and head of the hospital Dr. Alex, leaving everyone in the room surprised.  

“What doctor? What are you trying to say?” asked Mathew.

“Yes, there is no chance for his family members to watch the news. Because, the news not even covered by the media here itself. The police officials took care of that. Then how can his family will see the news in his country? This is impossible” said senior doctor Alex.

“Sir, this is ridiculous... how can they do this? We have to inform his family. Otherwise who will assure us about his treatment and how will he get support from his close ones?”

“Yes Sir, Dr. Mathew is correct. We have to treat him for his further recovery. But how can we proceed for further treatment without his family’s permission? We need the signatures from his family. We can’t take risk doctor”

“Hmmm, let me talk with Police. It is going to be critical situation. We can’t do the treatment either we can’t leave him like this without doing treatment. I’m totally confused what to do” said senior doctor. After he gave a call to the police officer, who, admitted Arnav in hospital. He had informed him about the condition of Arnav and required permission from his family for further treatment. And also he suggested about the news telecast in media. But the police officer is not ready to give this news to media. He said “No doctor, it is not at all a good idea to give the news to the media. This news may affect his security. He will be safe in the hospital, till the news come out. And we don’t have permission for letting media know about this. We are trying to catch that people, who attacked your patient. We will do catch them. Till that time, you take care of him and do the necessary treatment for him. Don’t bother about the insurance and permissions and all. We will take care of that. Just do your duty.” Said the officer and dropped the call.

Hearing officer’s words, the Dr. Alex let out a sigh and turned to his colleagues and says “there is no hope from the police. They are not ready for letting the media to know about him. And they said we can continue the treatment and they will take care of everything related to insurance and all. So, you can continue the treatment.”

“Doctor, I have an idea, why can’t we ask NK or Khushi about this patient? May be they know about him? If they know, then we can call their family directly and inform them. Then it won’t give any news to media also.” said Dr. Stella

“Yes doctor, I agree with Dr. Stella. It won’t affect his security. He will be safe here. Why can’t we follow her suggestion?” asked another doctor Mathew.


“No doctor... just think once... he needs his family now. He needs the person who can take care of him with complete attention. And who can talk with him in their language. It is very necessary for him.  Somebody should attend him completely. Other than family members, who will do this? He is in serious condition doctor. He needs support. Just think once” said psychiatrist Dr. Paul.

While thinking deeply about what doctors said, Dr. Alex nodded his head in agreement. He called the nurse and asked her to bring NK and Khushi.  Nurse went to bring them. The doctors are waiting for them with hope.


After Khushi leaving, NK went to continue his duty. He went to some patients and did the check up for them. When he is checking the blood pressure for one patient, one nurse came to him and said that Dr. Alex is calling him. Immediately NK gave the work to the nurse who is assisting him and left for Dr. Alex’s cabin.

When he entered the cabin, he saw Dr. Alex sat on his chair and some other doctors along with psychiatrist. He wished Dr. Alex and others and then he asked

“Sir did you call me? Sister said that you asked me to meet you? Is everything ok sir?”

“No NK... everything is not ok... NK we want to ask you something” said Dr. Alex

“Sure sir...”

“NK did you see the patient in ICU? Who was admitted by police this evening? Police are of opinion that he may be from India. Do you know him in any chance? He is looking like a business man, so we thought if he is well known person that you or Ms. Khushi may know him. So, we are asking you”

NK is feeling tensed. He doesn’t want to reveal Arnav’s identity with doctors or any others. As he and Khushi decided, he said

“No, sir... I don’t know him.”

“Oh... is there any chance that Khushi may know him?” asked Dr. Mathew

“And is he from India?” asked Dr. Stella

“No sir I don’t think she knows him. Yes he is Indian.” NK said.

“How did you know he is Indian? You said you never saw him”

“Yes I never saw him. But I know how Indians are. He has a sacred thread around his wrist. And he has a chain with the locket of Indian goddess.”

“Oh... ok” Dr. Alex remain silent

NK is really getting tensed. He wants to know is everything ok or not with Arnav. He can’t take any bad news from doctors. If any bad happen means how can he face Khushi? She can’t take the news. He can’t take anymore tension. So, he blurted out “What happened sir? Why are looking tensed? Is everything ok with that patient?”

“For now it is ok NK... but we can’t say anything now. Where is Khushi?”

“What do you mean ‘for now’ sir? Is he in danger?”

“We can’t say anything now NK. But one thing I can say, that he needs his family now. He needs someone who can talk with him in his language. He needs someone who can take care of him like his family. He needs psychological support. If we can’t provide that, his recovery may take time or he may not recover. But, the need of his family is must. That’s all I can say.” Dr. Paul said.

“Then, why can’t we ask Khushi to do this work? She has a habit of talking with patients as they are her family members. Then why can’t we give her duty to take care of this particular person? She may get success. Maybe with her help that patient will gain conscious or at least we can improve his condition.” Said Dr. Stella.

NK never felt like this. He don’t know whether to feel happy for Khushi, that she is going to get chance to stay close to her love; or feel sad for her that she has face to this state of Arnav. His thoughts disturbed by Dr. Alex’s words “May be you all are right. I think Khushi can help us. NK... where is Khushi? Is she gone to her home? I think today she had morning duty....”

“Yes sir, she went to home. I don’t think she can come now due to her hectic duty today. But still if you need her, then I will call” said NK sounding like that patient is not at all important for them. Bu they doesn’t know what he is going through inside.

“No... No... No need. Let her come tomorrow morning. I will talk with her about this. You all now go to your work. Yeah, but remember, you never allowed to talk about that patient anywhere. The police officer said strictly to maintain secrecy about this particular person. I hope nobody of you will cross the order. It is not good for you. Do you understand” said Dr. Alex.

By nodding their heads as they understood what doctor said, they went to their duties not before checking Arnav’s condition. NK wants to inform Khushi about the happenings in hospital. But he stopped his trials by seeing the clock, which turned to 1 am. He prayed for his friend and her lover. He prayed god for Arnav’s health and betterment. He hoped for Khushi’s better future.


When the sun rays came into her bedroom through the glass doors of her balcony, she rubbed her eyes and stretched her body. She remembered yesterday happenings in hospital. She remembered Arnav, her Arnav Ji’s condition. She jumped from the bed and went to washroom to get ready. She wants to go to her Arnav Ji. She came out and got ready and started having breakfast. When her eyes caught the clock, she jumped from the chair, and left the breakfast and ran to her work.

After reaching hospital, she directly went NK’s room and dragged him to the ICU. Her eyes welled up with deep emotions in her heart. NK consoled her and took her to his room. He wants to inform her about yesterday his meeting with Dr. Alex. After reaching his room, NK made her sit on chair. Sitting next to her, he told everything. And he told her “See doll, this is happened yesterday night. Today after reaching here, Dr. Alex will talk with you. But you have to be very controlled. You shouldn’t lose your control or temper. Be careful. I already told them that we don’t know him. So, you better remember this. I will be with you. No need to worry. Ok”

Nodding her head Khushi asked about Arnav’s condition. She also asked about his treatment how it is going. She asked her doubts about her upcoming meeting with Dr. Alex. She took some suggestions and warning from NK.

When they are talking, one nurse came and informed that Dr. Alex is calling both of them. NK nodded his head to nurse and took Khushi with him to Dr. Alex’s room.

“Good Morning Doctor” wished NK and Khushi

“Good Morning NK... a Very good morning Ms. Khushi... come have a seat.”

“Thank you Sir. Ah Sir, NK told me that u want to talk with me about some patient” asked impatient Khushi. She controlled her emotions when NK held her hand under the table. The doctor nodded his head positively with little surprising expression in his face.

“Yes, Ms Khushi. i want you to do one work.”

“Sure sir, tell me” said Khushi.

“Come with me” said Dr. Alex getting up from his seat. He went towards ICU followed by fully tensed NK and Khushi. When they entered ICU... both NK and Khushi were shocked to see the sight in front of them. Without thinking anything, not bothering her surroundings, forgetting NK’s warning, Khushi ran inside frantically, with overpowering fear, pushing NK and Dr. Alex to side, while saying “NOOOOOOOO”




I hope you people liked it... If you feel it is not good then - Onions and tomatoes are welcome.

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Apr 22, 2014

Zhukaa Aasmaan Part 4 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 22 times)

When NK and Khushi went to Dr. Alex’s room, Dr. Mathew and Dr. Stella was called by nurse, who is in duty in ICU, informing them about Arnav’s dropping heartbeat and pulse rate. Both the doctors rushed to ICU, to check him. When they entered inside, they noticed the importance of the treatment they should give him. Immediately they gave all the necessary medicines in the form injection and treatment. But nothing worked. They really tried their level best to bring him back from that stage. But they know all their trails going to be vain. The doctors sighed deeply and discussed with each other about what treatment they can try for last time. So they did that what they discussed and decided. As a last attempt they gave him electrical shock for bring his heartbeat back (I don’t know the particular name of that treatment... sorry). They tried.... again tried.... again tried.... and again tried... but nothing happened... they increased the power for shock. When they going to put the equipment on Arnav’s chest, they stopped from hearing a “NOOOOOOOO...”

Everybody turned their heads to the source of the shout. And every person in ICU including NK got their shock to see Khushi in this condition. She ran inside and pushed the doctors, who are trying to give shock to Arnav. NK cursed god for keeping his friend in this situation. He immediately ran to Khushi, who is getting panic and shouting at doctors and held her tightly.

“What the hell are you doing to him? Why are you doing this all to him? He is fine, nothing will happen. Why are trying to hurt him. He needs rest that’s all. Don’t do this to him. Please he can’t bear that... please I beg you don’t do this to him” said Khushi while crying badly.

NK, who is watching her along with others, dragged her before other doctors come out of their shock.

“No Bhai... please leave me... I want to go to him. I can’t see him like this. They are hurting him. He needs me... just leave me Bhai. Let me go to him. It is really painful for him. Please Bhai... let me go” Khushi cried her heart out.

NK tried a lot to control her but he couldn’t. To bring her back from her panic state, he slapped her hardly. Khushi fell back on the floor with the intensity of the slap. NK immediately grabbed her in his arms and tried to calm her. “shhhh.... It is ok doll, he will be fine. Relax... they are just treating him for his own benefit. He will be fine...”

“No NK Bhai... what they are doing it will give pain to him. My dad said it pained him a lot after gaining his conscious, when they gave same treatment to him. He said it will be unbearable pain. Please stop them Bhai. He can’t bear it. Please stop them.”

NK tried to console her, where somewhat he is successful saying “Relax doll... if we don’t do this we have to lose him. If it gives pain also, it will be good for him. Trust me he will be fine. And please control yourself. You are making things hard for him. If anybody knows that we know about him, it may affect his security. This is the same reason police also not ready to reveal his accident to media or his family. Try to understand Khushi. Please control yourself before him. Otherwise you will lose him. You will lose a chance to be with him. Try to understand Khushi. And try to be strong for your Arnav Ji. You have to be strong for him. He needs you now. Please....”

Khushi heard everything what NK said. She is crying her heart out by holding NK. After some minutes, NK made her cool down and took her to the ICU.


Everybody who is watching the retreating figures of NK and Khushi came out of their shock by hearing nurse’s words.

“Doctor... we are getting late. He is losing his life. We have to do it.”

With that, Dr. Mathew nodded his head and started his treatment. Dr. Alex also helped them. After trying too many times, they are not successful in bringing his life back. They are worried about the patient.


After reaching ICU, both NK and Khushi noticed that Arnav not gained his heartbeat back yet. The doctors are still giving him shocks with required intervals. One doctor is injecting him medicine. NK very well knew the condition of Khushi after seeing all this. Therefore, he held her tight in his arms. Dr. Alex observed Khushi’s condition. But he didn’t say anything to her. He knows that this is not correct time to question. At present patient condition is more important to them. So, he helped doctors in treatment.

Khushi is observing everything with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t see Arnav in this state. Suddenly she remembered the doctor’s word when her father in same condition as Arnav. She also remembered that Arnav is a diabetic patient. At the same time Dr. Alex came outside, she immediately ran to the doctors

“Doctor... please tell them to check his sugar level. When my father survived this situation, the doctor told me that my dad’s sugar levels dropped to the level, which affected his conscious. With that affect, he also faced some problems with his Blood pressure..., which caused his heart to miss the beat. Then the doctor treated him to control his sugar level along with this treatment. So, why don’t we try this on this patience doctor?” asked Khushi with lot of hope in her heart. But she didn’t show those emotions in her face. She tried her best to control her feelings, which make NK feel proud about his doll.

Dr. Alex looked at her for some time thinking about her earlier reaction. However, he couldn’t find any expression in her face except professionalism.

“Doctor... maybe we can consider Khushi’s suggestion. It may help the patient,” said NK.

Dr. Alex came back from his thoughts with NK’s words. He brushed his thoughts. He nodded his head and took both NK and Khushi inside ICU, with that he can observe Khushi. NK, who is observing Dr. Alex, guessed his intentions. He immediately held Khushi’s hand and stopped her

“Remember... controlling is must now. I think Dr. Alex is doubtful about us. He is observing you... don’t forget that your one single mistake may cause danger to your Arnav's life. Control your emotions” saying this he led her to ICU.

Nodding her head, Khushi enters ICU. After seeing Arnav in that condition, she couldn’t control herself. Seeing her Arnav Ji in that situation, her eyes welled up with tears. Before Dr. Alex turn back fully, she wiped successfully. Dr. Alex searched for any pain or emotional expression in Khushi’s face, but he found nothing. His thoughts were broken with Dr. Mathew’s words.

“Doctor... I think we are losing this patient. It is really difficult to save him. His body is numb. It is not at all responding.”

Dr. Alex looked at Khushi, who is watching everything without any expression in her face. “Are you sure Ms. Khushi? I mean about testing his sugar level.”

“Sir... I’m just suggesting what happened to my father. I thought it may save the patient. If you are fine with this, then leave it Doctor”

Alex and NK didn’t expect these words from her. They little bit surprised to hear these words from Khushi. Of course NK know her intentions. But, still he surprised. Alex, who is searching any kind of emotion in Khushi’s face, surprised to see this Khushi. ‘May be I’m thinking more than necessary about her. As a sensitive girl, she reacted in that way I think’ thought Dr. Alex, “No... Nothing is like that Ms. Khushi. I’m just thinking... hmm ok leave it” he turned to other doctors and ordered to check Arnav's sugar levels. When they checked, his sugar levels are indeed low, in fact dangerously low. Immediately they injected him some glucose and started other treatment what they did few moments back. After treating him for long time they found the changes in his heart beat, pulse and blood pressure. After some time Arnav’s heart become stable. Everybody in that room sighed in relief. But two souls, who are holding their breath, felt like all the energy drowned from their bodies. They relaxed instantly by sitting in the nearby chairs, outside the ICU.

All the doctors came out with relief in their faces. When Khushi and NK heard their footsteps they change their facial expressions in normal. After coming out, Dr. Alex looked at Khushi to find any expression. But nothing he can. “Good work Ms. Khushi... I really appreciate your wise thinking. It is really need to a good doctor. Without being panic thinking about the solution is a good characteristic of a good doctor. You did well” saying this he pattered her shoulder.

“But Khushi, how did you know about his sugar levels? You said you don’t know about him” asked Dr. Mathew.

“I don’t know about him doctor. I just suggested this because; my father crossed this same situation. So, I thought it may help him also. That is the reason I said that. Nothing is to do with this patient in this” said Khushi controlling her inner self to go inside and check with her Arnav Ji.

 ‘She may not know anything about this patient. I think she is little bit tensed about the situation. If she knows this man, then, how can she act this normal?’ thought Alex, who is observing Khushi. He came to a conclusion that she doesn’t know anything about this man. He sighed little bit and said “So, Doctors... as Ms. Khushi crossed this situation with her father, I think she can handle this patient well. So I’m thinking to give her the responsibility of this patient. What do you say?”

“It is really good idea doctor.  We trust her. She can do this” said Stella.

“Good. Then, Khushi... from now onwards your duty is changed to here. And one thing, you have to be here in your full time. If you want you can take any help from others. I am relieving you from other duties. Taking care of this particular patient, till he become well, is your responsibility. And Dr. Paul said there is a way to bring him back. So, first you talk with him then start your duty here. But don’t forget you have to be here full time and be careful. Because, police are involved in this. They said, till they give next orders we have to take care of him. The responsibility is yours. I think I’m clear enough for you” Dr. Alex observed each and every point of Khushi’s face to find any hint for her expressions, hoping for the last time.

“Sure Doctor. I will work as per your expectations. I will take care of this case. And I will put all my time and efforts here. Thanks for trusting me” said Khushi in fully professional way.

Nodding his head, Dr. Alex asked everyone to go for their works, also asked NK to meet him in his cabin. NK followed him hoping for the best.


I dont know how many of you remember this story... In fact I dont know how many of you 'know' this story. But I updated it. I'm trying to write AKL update now. I will try to post that one also...

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Jul 3, 2014

Zhukaa Aasmaan Part 5 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 30 times)


“NK... I need you to say the truth. Is there any chance for Khushi to know that patient?”

NK tried hard not to show is shock and fear in his face.

“No... Doctor... I don’t think she knows him”

“Then, why did she react like that? And what is that sugar levels?”

“Sir... whatever she said about that is completely true. Her father crossed that situation when he met with accident few years back. But for her bad, he didn’t survive for long. She was very much close to her parents. When they died in car accident she couldn’t take that news for long. She is very much disturbed and scared that time. Still she is scared of fast going vehicles. If she sees any accident or any patient in emergency, she will react like this. She was in some trauma. We consulted a doctor there. After we brought her here also, we took her to Dr. Jayson, which he suggested some course of medication for her. And he assured us that she will be fine after sometime and she is perfect for doctor profession. But he suggested us to keep her away from accidental cases for time being. That’s why I requested you to give her duty in children’s ward. It helped her a lot. She is far better than what she was. After a long gap, she saw an accident case so she again remembered her parents. That is why she became panic and reacted the way she shouldn’t. I’m sorry for that. But trust me doctor, she is far better. She took very less time to come back to normal state. This is a very good sign as Dr. Jayson said” said NK. He know whatever he said, it is the truth behind Khushi’s medication. “If you still doubt her, you can ask Dr. Jayson about her health condition” he added.

“No... No... I just want to know why she reacted like this. But I never expected, behind her smile she hide this much pain. Poor girl. Now my doubts got cleared. Hmm NK... do one thing... you be with her. She may need your help in attending that patient. You are like her brother, so she will be comfortable with you. Ok... I’m relieving you from other duties. You both take care of that particular patient. Am I clear to you?” said Dr. Alex fully convinced after hearing NK’s confession.

“Thank you so much Doctor... thanks a lot... I really wanted to be with her. Thanks a lot. And I will make sure that we both will take care of that patient. Thank you once again” said NK with a smile crept on his face

“You can go now” said Dr. Alex


He almost ran to Khushi, to tell her what happened between him and Dr. Alex. He knew Khushi will be waiting to know about this. He knew his doll. He slowed down after seeing Khushi outside ICU. He didn’t know what she is doing here. She should be inside the ICU with her Arnav Ji.

“Doll... what are you doing here? Why aren’t you inside?”

“I’m waiting for you Bhai... I’m scared to go inside alone. I don’t know how I will react seeing him. What if I hurt him in the process of expressing my fear and pain? I don’t want myself to cause pain to him. At least, not for now.”

“Pagal... Why will you hurt him? That is the last thing you can do for him. Ok leave it. Come we will go inside” he dragged her inside the ICU where Arnav was kept.

Khushi entered with wildly beating heart. She is panting badly. She looked at NK, who assured her to carry on but not before saying

“Don't forget about Arnav Ji’s safety. One mistake from our side, it will affect his life. So, we should take care of that. If you want to talk with him, do it as you does with other patients. Ok? Is it clear?”

Khushi nodded her head to assure NK, to take care of her Arnav Ji. He pushed her little towards Arnav’s bed. He stood near the door while Khushi moved to her life – her Arnav Ji.

She stood there looking at him. This is first time she is looking him directly. Till now she watched him in news papers, magazines or televisions. She doesn’t know how to take this situation. Whether she should be happy for seeing him directly or feel bad for seeing him in this condition. She controlled her tears with a lot of effort. She turned back to look at NK, who mouthed her to go to her Arnav Ji. Nodding her head she went forward towards him. His face is calm. His breathing is little below normal. His heart beats are little low. His condition is stable. She sent a silent thanks to Devi Mayya, her goddess.

She raised her hand and touched his cheeks. But the next moment, whatever the changes came in Arnav’s condition took her breath away. His heart beats rose instantly up. His breathing went fast. His face has shown restlessness. The room filled with the loud voices of the machines, attached to Arnav’s body.

NK immediately ran to him to check, while Khushi stepped back to give space to NK. But when NK check, nothing was wrong. He looked at Khushi, who is stood there shockingly.

“It’s ok doll. Nothing is wrong. Maybe, there is some disturbance in his breath. Don't worry. He will be ok... you can talk with him” said NK

“I think I made him troubled”

“Oh no nothing like that. it’s happens sometime. It will take time for his body to gain normality. We have to careful and patience. Ok? Come talk with him”

Nodding her head, she went to Arnav and whispered

“Arnav Ji...”

This is another moment, NK and Khushi got shocked. Same response... raised heart-beats, uneven breath, and restlessness in his face. When NK touched his wrist to check the pulse everything went normal. Both NK and Khushi looked at each other. Suddenly NK’s mind got something. He immediately grabbed Khushi’s hand and asked her to touch Arnav. She looked at him confusedly. But he is serious.

“Come on doll. Do it... I need some confirmations. Come on do it” ordered NK

“Confirmations? What confirmations you need Bhai?” she is hesitant for a moment.

“Don't waste time Khushi... just do it” he controlled his curiosity.

Khushi looked at his tensed face and nodded her head yet confused.

But when she touched his cheeks the result never changed. Same response... raised heart-beats, uneven breath, and restlessness in his face. Khushi immediately took off her hand from Arnav’s cheeks. NK touched Arnav’s cheek but everything is normal. NK asked Khushi to call him.

But again the response... raised heart-beats, uneven breath, and restlessness in his face... is same when she whispered his name while her tears pooled in her eyes. She immediately sat on the floor crying silently. NK also called ‘Arnav’ but everything is normal again. His face lit up with new realisation. He immediately ran to Khushi and hugged her tightly.

“Why are you crying doll? What happened?” he knew what she is thinking now.

“I made him troubled with my touch and voice. He is not comfortable with me. I hate myself.” she cried her heart out.

“Pagal... you didn't do anything wrong to him. Actually you helped him. Oh My God... doll... you did it”

Khushi looked at him confusedly. She couldn’t understand what was happening.

“What why are you looking like that? Didn’t you understand? He is responding to you”

Still she is in shock; her mind is unable to understand.

NK led her to Arnav and kept her hand on Arnav’s cheek. Immediately his heartbeats rose. He removed her hand and kept his hand but there were no changes in Arnav’s heartbeats.

Khushi looked at NK shockingly. NK nodded his head in assuring.

“See doll... He is hearing us. But he is responding to you, to your touch... It helps him to recover fast. You can bring him back soon. Only YOU can do that. He is responding to you Khushi... your Arnav Ji is responding to you”

NK is almost jumping like a kid.

Khushi looked at him and Arnav, as she is watching some tennis match. She is shockingly surprised at this new revelation. She looked at NK

“He... He... I mean... Arnav Ji... my Arnav Ji... is responding to me? But Bhai he never knew me. Then how can it possible?”

“When you are touching him with lots of love, he might have remembered someone who is so close to him, and their touch. It’s happens doll. That is the reason Dr. Paul wanted Arnav’s family members to be here to bring him back, to heal him completely, to make his health normal. Now he needs someone who can assure him that he will be ok. He needs someone who can stand beside him for him. When you touched him, his mind recognised your LOVE towards him. It might have given his mind a secured feeling. His mind might have felt that he is not alone here. And his mind might want to reciprocate your touch. But his body couldn't help him. That is the restlessness on his face. He is a strong man doll. He definitely will be ok. For that you have to be strong for him. For that you have to be with him. For that you have to be his strength. Then it will be easy for him to cross this worst stage of his life. You have to fill his mind with positive words.”

 “Of course... Bhai... I will do whatever I should do to bring him back fine and healthy. If anybody says that I should die to bring him back, I’m ready for that. I want him to be safe and sound, fine and healthy. More than him, nothing is important to me. I will do whatever you say Bhai. Tell me Bhai... what I should do?”

“Shh... nobody is asking you to die for him. Pagal ladki kahike... if you do that, then who will take care of him? Haa? You shouldn’t leave him at any cost doll. You should be with him all the time. And nothing different you need to do. Just try to talk with him. Just try to relax him with your words and touch”

“But Bhai... when I touches and calls him, his heart beating is going fast. I’m scared Bhai. What if I do anything wrong?”

“You will never do that Khushi... he is your life. You have to take care of that. Just do whatever you do when YOUR heart beat goes up. Just make him relax. Just make him feel home with you touch. Are you understanding what I’m saying doll?” asked NK impatiently.

“Yes... I do...,”

“I know you can do this. All the best doll... But one thing you have to remember. Don't forget to make it looks like normal to other people. Ok?”

Nodding her head, she looked at Arnav, who is lying on bed lifelessly. Tears formed in her eyes. But she wiped them and got ready to her mission – bringing Arnav Ji back.



I dont know is there any logic in this or not. But I wanted to write this and I did. If anybody dont like my works, they are free to stop reading. I'm not forcing anybody to read....

Whoever likes my works, thanQ so much each and everyone for your wonderful response and support... thanks a lot....

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Jul 12, 2014

Zhukaa Aasmaan Part 6 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 37 times)

What’s going on? Who are these people? How they know me? I never ever heard these voices. And what was that with this girl? Who is this Doll?  Why is she mentioning me as HER Arnav? Who is she to me? And what’s happening when she touches me? I don't know why my heart beats raising. It felt so real. I felt like home. Her touch was so soft and innocent. Why do I need it more? And her voice... it’s so soothing. Why do want to hear her all the time? Why her voice giving so relaxation to my mind? Who is she? Who is she to me? How she knows me? I don't think I heard her before. But who is these people? Does this world still have innocence? Can I trust?’

His mind is restless. He doesn’t know what’s happening around him. He can hear her. He can feel her. He tried to remember what happened. But he can’t get anything clearly. He saw in his mind some people hitting one man on the road. He knew that one man is he, himself. His head is paining like hell. He just wanted to press his head tightly. But he couldn't move his hand. He doesn’t know what’s happening with his body. ‘Why can’t I move my hands? And my legs... what’s wrong with them? Wait a minute... I am not able to open my eyes even. My lips... no... No... Nothing is happening... I can’t move an inch. What’s going on? Where am I? Who are these people? And where is Di? Why am I not hearing my family’s voices? And why this so called NK asking her to careful? What’s going on around me? Where am I? I need to know... I need to get myself as soon as possible’ his thought were disturbed with soft touch following by same soothing voice. He again felt his heart beats rising in a pace. He felt two hands cupping his cheeks and the same voice comforting him. He heard her talking with him

“Hush... Arnav Ji... Relax... Please relax... I’m here... Relax... Don't think anything... Just relax... everything will be ok... Relax...”

He don't know why but he felt relax.

“I know you don't me. But I know you very well. Very well means really very well. From loooooooong time...”

He felt her hands left his face and held his palm. Her thumb is rubbing his palm’s back. He felt nice.

“Are you feeling nice? Do you like when I do this? Are you feeling relaxed?”

He is surprised. ‘How did she know what I’m feeling?’ he thought

“I know Arnav Ji... I can feel your thoughts. After all I knew from looooong time... how cannot I understand you after knowing about you?”

It surprised him more. He just wanted to see her. He just wanted to ask her – how she knows him and who is he to her. But he couldn’t.

“Oho... Arnav Ji... I said you doesn’t think much... I will answer all your questions once you will come to conscious. Till then don't think much... just listen to my blabbering... ok?”

‘kaha phas gaya hoon main?” thought Arnav.

“I know... I know... but you have to listen to me... don't feel bad Arnav Ji... I won’t eat your brain much...”

‘Much!!” thought Arnav

“Ha much... because I have to eat your brain at least little to bring you back. I can’t see you like this Arnav Ji... its killing me. I can’t see you like this”

He can hear the change in her voice. ‘Is she crying? But why?’ he thought and then he heard her sobs.

He felt his heart clinch at her sobs. He don't know why but he doesn’t like this whoever girl crying. He wants to console her. But he couldn't.

“Sorry Arnav Ji... I know I shouldn’t talk like this. But I’m sorry I just carried away... fine...         leave it... As I know everything about you, you no need to tell me anything. I will tell about me. Before that... can you open your eyes Arnav Ji... at least can you try?” she asked

He tried sincerely. But he couldn't.

“No problem... in face you are lucky. Because if you have opened your eyes... you must have to see my face, which may give you heart attack. So... don't think badly if you can’t open your eyes. Ok?”

‘Is she trying to not let me feeling bad about my condition by degrading herself? What is she?’

“Really Arnav Ji... nothing happened to you... just you met with an accident and some scratches, wounds and two fractures. That’s all... don't worry... Dr. Alex sir ne kaha ki... you will be fine in few days. But Arnav Ji... I want to say sorry to you... because I couldn't call Anjali Ji to inform about you. Here all are saying if any news about you being alive comes out, it will harm you, it’s really dangerous to you. I can’t take any risk when it comes to you Arnav Ji. If you get angry on me also I’m fine. But I can’t take any risk. I’m sorry. Once you come to normal, then I will inform Anjali Ji. When police brought you here they said they didn't find any mobile, lap top or anything else at the place you had been attacked. So, I don't know whom to inform. I don't even know Aman Ji’s number also. Sorry for that...”

‘What the hell is she talking? How did she know about Di and Aman? Who is she? And what’s that about my safety and she can’t take risk? Why is she so sad about my condition? Is it fear in her voice when she said about my safety? I need to know...’ he thought. Suddenly he felt lose of her touch. He tried to open his eyes. He felt helpless.

“What's going on? Did you start your job?” he heard one new male voice.

“Yes, Dr. Alex...”

“So... did you find any changes?”

“No doctor. I didn't. But I will surely inform you whenever I find”

It surprised Arnav. He couldn't understand why she is not saying anything about his reaction to her touch. He heard Dr. Alex leaving from there after talking with so called Doll and NK. After that he again heard NK asking to his Doll

“Doll will have anything? Will you come to canteen?”

“No Bhai... I can’t leave Arnav Ji alone and come there. You go and come.”

“Ok fine... just close the door properly. And be careful while talking with him. Don't let anyone to know about him. Ok? Be careful” saying this NK went from there.

“Ji Bhai...”

After NK left the room, Khushi closed the door and came to Arnav and sat opposite to the door. She held Arnav’s hands and said

“I don't know you can hear me or not. I don't know I should believe when NK Bhai said that you are responding to me. I can’t believe that my words will affect you. Because I know... you deserve much better. But Arnav Ji... here I want to clarify one thing to you. When I saw you here in this condition, I felt like someone stabbed my heart. I wanted to see you... be with you...  wanted to console you... but the police’s words stopped me. They said we shouldn’t bring out your identity. And when Dr. Paul the psychiatrist asked me and NK bhai about you to inform your people I said I don't know you. I said that because I’m scared. What if something happens to you in the process of informing to your people? I can’t afford that Arnav Ji. Do you know how difficult it is to see you like this? I don't want this to continue to long time. I want you to be back to your ASR mode. I want you to rule the business world as before. Please Arnav Ji... come back soon... please...” she couldn’t control herself more. She cried her heart out holding his palm in hers.

Arnav felt bad about her. He is feeling restless whenever he hears her sobs. He wants to console her, but don't know why? He heard her continue...

 “And when I got panic seeing you fighting for your life, Dr. Alex comforted NK Bhai and expressed his doubt about me knowing you. But NK Bhai controlled the situation saying about my past. And also he said that I don't know you. That is the reason I didn't say anything about your reaction to my touch. How can I? What if Dr. Alex doubts me and asked me again? I can’t control myself more than this Arnav Ji. I may cry in front of him and I may tell the truth who you are to me. Then, after listening to me what if he ask me about your family to inform about you? What if something happens to you then? But I don't want this. Please Arnav Ji... Try to understand me... I can’t keep my life at risk. Once you got well then I will ask sorry to Anjali Ji... If you say then, main kaan pakad ke bhi maafi mangongi. Aur, I will touch Anjali Ji and other’s feet also. But please don't be angry on me. I know you hate people who lie and try to cross their limits... but I can’t help Arnav Ji. For you I will do anything.  I don't want anything from you Arnav Ji. Seeing you from far is more than enough for me. I just wanted you to be safe and sound all the time. Nothing else... Please aap jaldi se vapas aajayiyen... bas...” she cried silently holding his hands.

She wiped her tears urgently when she saw the door gets opened. She relaxed in her place seeing NK entering into the room. He brought some meals for her. but she readily rejected that food.

“Come on Doll... Have this food. I don't want to listen no for this”

“No NK Bhai... I’m not feeling like eating anything. Please don't force me... please”

“Not feeling like eating? If you won’t take food then, who will take care of your Arnav Ji?”

“Who will? What the need for other? I’m here to take care of him. I will take care...”

“You? Without eating? I’m very well known how you will manage yourself without food. How many times I fed you food when you fainted. So, don't say any stories to me. Come and have the food”

“NO... I don't want to eat food where my Arnav Ji is not having. I will have my food with him once he comes to conscious”

It’s surprised both Arnav and NK.

‘If I leave her like this, definitely she will avoid food. It’s not at all suggestible for her. She is weak. She already skipped her meals yesterday. She didn't even take water from whenever Arnav joined here. I have to make her eat something. Otherwise it won’t be good for her’ thought NK

‘What’s this girl? Why is she behaving like she knows me very well and I’m a very important to her. And her previous confession about not informing Di; asking sorry and all? What is she? Who is she? Can I trust her? Why am I feeling weak whenever she cries?” Arnav’s thoughts disturbed by NK’s shout


It brought tears in Khushi’s eyes. She looked at NK who had stern face but feeling bad for his doll. She took the food from his hand

“I hate you...” said Khushi and went to the corner crying. Sighing deeply NK sat on the stool next to Arnav’s bed and held his hands.

“Hi Arnav Ji... I’m NK, Khushi’s friend. Wait a minute; did she mention her name to you?”

‘So... her name is Khushi... nice name’ thought Arnav. He heard NK continuing

“NO, right? I know... she is crazy. But she is innocent... she don't know anything about this cruel world. She only knows how to love people, how to give happiness to others. She only knows whatever she has; she has to give it to others. She never ever thinks about herself. It makes me fear about her future. You are the only hope for me regarding her future, her life. Because she is nothing without you. You never ever can guess one person will love you this madly. If something happens to you... that is the last minute she will alive in this world... she is...”

“What are filling in my Arnav Ji’s ears? Nobody needs you here... get out... I hate you...”

“Did you see Arnav Ji...?” NK bent he head to Arnav’s ear and whispered “trust me when I say she is innocent. I never ever see this innocent in my life. She is rare piece. When you will see you will accept my words” he turned to Khushi “Fine I’m leaving now. But don't call me whenever you need” saying this NK went towards the door.

“Nobody needs you here. I’m here for my Arnav Ji...”

“Yeah I know...” NK said teasingly.

“Get out...” she said gritting teeth.

Arnav felt like smiling.

“Don't worry Arnav Ji... Don't hear him. And don't trust whatever he said. He is lying to you. Don’t make yourself tense. Relax... ok?”

Arnav smiled inwardly and thought ‘I think NK is right... she is sounding innocent and interesting. I can’t wait to see her’





Sorry if I disappoint you...



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Loved it
Jul 17, 2014

Jhukaa Aasmaan Part 7 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 36 times)

“Don't worry Arnav Ji... Don't hear him. And don't trust whatever he said. He is lying to you. Don’t make yourself tense. Relax... ok?”

Arnav smiled inwardly and thought ‘I think NK is right... she is sounding innocent and interesting. I can’t wait to see her. But what he means when he said “You are the only hope for me regarding her future, her life. Because, she is nothing without you. You never ever can guess one person will love you this madly. If something happens to you... that is the last minute she will alive in this world... she is...” how can this possible? Who is she? And her behaviour, her talks? She talks like she knows me from long time. But I never saw her before...” his thoughts got disturbed by one male voice



“What’s going on? Is there any changes in patient?”

“Sir...? Is it possible to get that change in few hours in a patient who is in this stage?” she asked innocently

“Um... no... but I thought... you might get that change. Its ok... I just...”

“Oh... I will try sir... I’m talking with him. Without knowing his name or any other details its getting difficult for me to talk. I don’t know how to call him... but still I will try my best to bring change in him.”

“Ok... good, but let me know if you finds any changes” saying this, he left from there.

After Dr. Alex left from the room, Khushi turned to NK, who came with Dr. Alex and asked “But Bhai... can I know what is happening with him? Please tell me Bhai... I can’t even ask doctors. He is responding to my touch and my call also. But why can’t he move? Why can’t he open his eyes see me? Please Bhai... I’m scared. Tell me... please tell me that Arnav Ji will be fine. Please Bhai... I can’t see him like this. Please...”

“Shh... Doll... Relax... he is fine... His condition is stable. He is in between consciousness and coma. He can hear our words, but he can’t respond. I heard when doctors talking about Arnav Ji. After checking his brains MRI, Dr. Alex said, some part of the brain which helps body to move is numb. We have to make that part active. With touch or talks – whatever it shows the affect we have to use that method. That’s the reason Dr. Paul asked about his family. But we can’t do that when his life is at risk. You have to work little hard Khushi. Don’t make it too long. Try to remind him about his successful deals, the awards he got, his personal life and whatever you know... just help him Doll. He needs you now... you are the only chance to bring him back.”

“I will do Bhai... but I can’t see him like this. Do you know how handsomely he walks? Do you know when he walks how the people will look at him? He is such a vision Bhai... handsome, arrogant, ruthless and the ASR. Oh God... I can’t see him like this” she cried

‘It’s impossible for me to understand the things happening here with this girl. Who is this? How did she know about me? What did NK said ‘whatever she knows about me, she should remind me’? What that means? How can she know about my life? Who is she?’ thought Arnav.

“Shh... Doll everything will be fine. Your Arnav Ji also will be fine. Ok... relax...” NK hugged Khushi and sent a prayer to god to make Arnav fine for Khushi’s sake.

Later that night, after having dinner, NK went to staff room to sleep where Khushi stayed with Arnav in ICU. Nobody of ICU staff feel strange with Khushi’s behaviour towards the patient. Because she does that with all the patients who is in need. So, without any hesitation she stayed with her Arnav Ji.

Throughout the night Khushi took very good care of Arnav. She gave all the medicines, checked his BP, heart beat and pulse every hour and noted down to give the information to Dr. Alex. Its night around 2, she noticed some change in Arnav’s BP and heart beat. She immediately called NK and informed him about Arnav’s condition. NK immediately came running there and checked with Arnav. He just needed an injection which NK gave. When he turned to Khushi, he saw the freaked out expression on her face.

“Doll... it’s just nothing... don’t you know it’s common for critical patients? How can you forget to give him injection? And why did you called me for this simple thing? How can you be careless? Why didn’t you give the injection to him? For god sake he is your Arnav Ji Khushi... how can you...” he stopped hearing her words

“I’m scared...” it’s low whisper. “I don’t want to hurt him. I can’t. I thought what if I do anything wrong? If I call you and if you treat him then he will be safe. I can’t trust myself when it comes to Arnav Ji. I don’t want him to hurt. Sorry for bothering you. Next time I will other doctor. But I can’t trust anybody in Arnav Ji’s matter except you including my own self” her eyes have tears in them

NK felt bad for shouting at her. He walked near her to console her. But she moved to Arnav held his palms in her and said

“Sorry Arnav Ji... I know the injection I should give you. But I can’t trust myself when it comes to you. I don’t want you hurt. Believe me; NK Bhai is very good at this. He is experienced in this than me. He is good doctor. He will take good care of you. Sorry if it hurts with the late in treatment. Sorry...”

Both Arnav and NK felt bad for her.  Khushi felt Arnav’s hand getting tighter in her hold. She looked at Arnav shockingly.

“Arnav Ji...” she called him. She turned back to NK and said “Bhai... Arnav Ji... please check him once”

“What happened Doll?” NK immediately went to them and started to check Arnav. But he felt nothing wrong. “Tell me Doll. Did you feel anything strange? Why did you say to check him? What’s wrong?”

“Bhai... I felt Arnav Ji’s hold on my hand. He tightened his hand on me. Maybe he is trying to get hold on his senses. Bhai please help him. Bhai... Arnav Ji...”

“Shh... relax... I... I... I will check... you just hold his hands... no... leave it... let me check...”

Khushi nodded her head and left Arnav’s hand to NK to hold.

NK held Arnav’s hand lightly “Arnav Ji... please... I can’t believe what this crazy girl saying. Ye kuch bhi kehti hain. But Arnav Ji... I don’t want to take any risk and I don’t think your Khushi will say rubbish about YOU. So please if she is right show me some sign. Please... if not for me for Khushi, for your Khushi. Please Arnav Ji... I can’t see her like this. Look at her. She is scared... she is crying...” and that worked. When Arnav heard Khushi crying immediately his hold on NK’s hand tightened little... NK looked at Arnav and held his hand tightly. “Thank you Arnav Ji... thank you for this. Now I can assure her about your return. Then she will live her life” he turned to Khushi “Doll come here... come hold his hand... you can feel his touch... comeon...”

“No Bhai... I don’t think he like to touch me. He hates outsiders”

It made NK and Arnav surprised.

“Are you mad? Why he hate you? After whatever you did to him, how can you think that he hates you?”

“Bhai... he is Arnav Ji... my Arnav Ji... I knew very well about him. Don’t argue with me about this. Please... you too stay here. If he needs you should be here.”

“Then why did you do all these things till now... will he like if he knows that you served him when he was in unconscious state?”

“No... Never... I never thought that. And he never does that. But it’s just... I couldn’t stop myself from helping him. How can I NK Bhai... he is my Arnav Ji. I can’t leave him like that at the same time; I can’t be the reason for his anger. I know anger hurts our own self. So, I can’t hurt him. I don’t want to be the reason. I always wanted to be his happiness. But I know it never will happen... in this life.

“Then what about your love? In all these years you were loving him like a mad girl. And now you are saying you both will not make. Then what about you? Can you live without him?” NK couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I never expected anything from him. And truth to be told He and me are poles apart. We never can’t make together. These years I lived seeing him in magazines and media. I can spend rest of life like this... and I will do that. But I can’t hurt him. He is my life Bhai... how can I hurt my own life?  It never will happen. When he gains his consciousness... I will leave him for sure. I have my Arnav Ji in my heart.”

They both forgot that Arnav can hear them. Arnav is surprisingly shocked to hear these confessions. He never ever thought that people like Khushi lives in this cruel world. He never ever thought that there is a girl who can love him immensely and leaves him for his good. He never ever thought that he will get such an innocent love in his life. He never thought he after knowing who he is, a girl will leave him and go away from him. It never happened. Every girl he faced till the day, they all are behind his money, his fame. He never ever thought this world has Angel like Khushi. ‘No... I can’t lose this love. May be it’s difficult for me to reciprocate her feelings. But I can’t lose her without trying. I won’t get this innocent love for me other than this girl... Khushi... may be MY KHUSHI. I can’t lose her,’ he thought, his clutched bed sheet tightly to make NK or Khushi to notice his reaction. But it was gone unnoticed by both of them.

“Doll Are you crazy? Do you even know what you are talking about? How can you say this? How can you leave him like this?”

“I’m not saying I will leave him. I will be here all the time till he recovers. I will be there for him whenever he needs me. He can ask anything from me and he can come to me whenever he wants me. But without his will, I never ever can force my love on him. I decided this long back, when he dated with Lavanya Ji. If he loves someone else or if he finds his happiness in someone else then how can I snatch that happiness from him? I shouldn’t do that because I love him. and I won’t do that. I will give whatever he wants. If staying away from him gives him happiness then I’m ready to be away from him”

“But what made you think that he hates you?”

“I have a reason for that. But I don’t want to tell anybody. I don’t want anyone feel bad about him. There are some circumstances made him feel like that. Sorry Bhai... I can’t tell more than that. Please leave this topic again. You sleep on this bed and look after Arnav Ji. I will go to staff room. But please take care of him. for my sake... Good night...”

Both Arnav and NK shocked to hear her words.

‘What made her think that I will hate her? And what circumstances she is talking about? What did she know about me? No... I can’t lose her... I need her... I want her...’ thought Arnav. He is feeling like go to Khushi and make her understand that he is searching from long time for this innocent love. He wants to clear her doubts about accepting her. He doesn’t want to stay in the room where Khushi is not. Its suffocating him. ‘Please Khushi... don’t leave like this as my mother left. I’m searching for this love from years... please...’ he thought and drifted into deep slumber with the effect of the medicine.

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Aww... LOVED IT...
Jul 27, 2014

Jhukaa Aasmaan Part 8 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 35 times)

It’s been 10 days Arnav admitted in hospital. One morning his senses woke up with a touch on his skin. He can feel the difference in this touch. ‘It’s not Khushi.’ But he heard her

“Please sister, do carefully. Dr. Alex said we have to take good care of this patient for some reasons. He won’t allow any negligence here. Do your work with utmost care. I will be observing you. I don’t want any discomfort to patient. Do you get that?”

He can hear her commanding on that particular sister. ‘So, she is still avoiding touching me’

The sister, who is cleaning Arnav's wounds, nodded her head and continued her work. She never saw Khushi this serious before. So, she thought this patient is some important person. And she brushed her thoughts before leaving the room.

“Whenever I needed you I will call you. Don’t go far” ordered Khushi. Nodding her head sister went from there. Khushi came to Arnav and sat beside his bed

“How are you Arnav Ji...?”

‘What’s wrong with you Khushi? Why are you behaving like this’ he wanted to ask. But his body didn’t allow him. He tried to fist his hand slowly letting her know about his response. In these 10 days a lot of improvement in him. He showed little movements of his body. But still he can’t do all the things he wanted to do. Khushi looked at his face then his hand.

“Don’t Arnav Ji... it will hurt you. Please... relax... you will be fine. Relax...”

“What’s happening Khushi?” she heard Dr. Alex voice. Immediately her heart beat raced up. She immediately stood up and turned back to answer him

“Nothing sir... I’m just talking with this patient. I just saw some changes in his hand movement. So I’m trying to make him respond to my talks. I just want to confirm whether he can do or not.”

“Oh... Really? That’s really good news. Let me check” Dr. Alex rushed to Arnav and held his hand. But he didn’t find any change in Arnav’s hand. He looked at Arnav’s face. Dr. Alex opened Arnav’s eyes and checked. He also checked the BP, heart beat and pulse ratings which Khushi noted before. There is a constant stability in numbers. He looked at Khushi

“Good sign... I think this person must be a strong willed man. Seeing this progress, I think it won’t take long time for him to come to conscious. I think your talks are working Khushi. Good going... keep it up” saying this Dr. Alex left the room.

“I wish the same doctor” she whispered.

Arnav can easily catch the sadness in her tone. He couldn’t understand what’s bothering her.

“I know what you are thinking Arnav Ji... I’m fine... I’m happy that you will be fine and will leave to your family in coming days” said Khushi after Dr. Alex went from there. Still her tone is sad.

“Every time, I wanted this, your happiness with your loved ones. I never wanted you to stay alone or stay away with your family. I’m sorry for making you stay here far from your family. I and NK Bhai only thought of your safety that time, nothing else. I didn’t have any other intentions by keeping you here. I just wanted...” she couldn’t continue as her heart filled with sorrow.

Arnav can hear her low sobs. He felt a tug in his heart. He wanted to console her. He couldn’t understand what’s bothering her. And what she is talking about. Suddenly door got opened and NK came inside. Khushi rushed towards him and hugged him tightly.

“Doll... what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Arnav... is Arnav Ji fine? Oh god... what’s wrong? Tell me... you are scaring me” panicked NK


“Yeah Doll tell me... what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Is Arnav Ji fine?”

“Yes he is... actually he is getting better. Dr. Alex said, in few days when Arnav Ji gets his conscious he can go home,” saying this she burst out into cry. NK couldn’t understand what she is saying.

“But... yeh to Khush hone ki baat hai, nahi? Then why are you crying?”

Arnav tried his best to hear their conversation. But they are talking really in low voice.

She kept crying on NK’s chest. It’s really difficult for her to take this news. She looked at NK face and said in low voice.

“Of course I’m happy. But Bhai he will go... I will be all alone again” she cried her heart out making NK gasp loudly.

“What?” he whispered.

“Ha... Dr. Alex said he can go home to his family, to his loved ones far from me, leaving me all alone here, in this world. He will go... he can go...”

NK hugged Khushi tightly not able to see his Doll in this broken state. A lone tear escaped from his eyes. He knows tomorrow or later, Arnav will go to his family. But they never think that time will come this early. They never thought about this. They never thought what Khushi will do after Arnav goes back to his family. What will be his reaction when he sees Khushi? If Khushi is saying that Arnav will not like her presence when he gets conscious – then he will. Because, more than Khushi is, nobody knows Arnav well. NK sighed in helplessness holding Khushi closely to his heart.

Arnav knew something is wrong with Khushi. But he couldn’t figure it out. Arnav heard NK saying after few murmurings.

“Do you want me to talk with him once he gains his conscious?” NK asked after Khushi sobs little calm down

“No Bhai... I don’t want to force him in anything. Don’t worry... I’m fine. And I will be fine. Don’t worry. I’m used to it”

Arnav felt like pulling his hair in frustration and irritation. He very well know whatever murmurs he missed that is the reason for Khushi’s this  broken state. He tried to open his eyes but as usual he couldn’t. He felt helpless. ‘What she meant when she said she don’t want to force me in anything?’ thought Arnav. For the first time he is feeling helplessness. He is feeling anger rising inside him on him for not able to move. He wanted to clear every mess happening here in this very room. He can’t take this anymore. He is hell irritated with Khushi’s behaviour. She is not even touching him. She is talking with him but not with that feel. He is craving for that feel, the feel in her talks, and the feel in her touch. He wanted to feel HER. But she is not the same as before his improvement.

“Mr. NK, Ms. Khushi, Dr. Alex is calling you both in his cabin” informed the nurse.

Both NK and Khushi looked at each other. Khushi went to Arnav “Hum abhi athe Arnav Ji”

Arnav noticed that, Khushi never ever left him unattended. Wherever she went whatever she done, whatever she does she informed him. Now also she is informing him. But still he can feel sadness in her tone.

NK knocked the door to get the permission with “Come in”

Both NK and Khushi walked into Dr. Alex room and wished him and Dr. Paul who is seating there.

“Sir... you called us”

“Yes... take your seats. I just wanted to talk something about that patient. Just now I received some of his reports. It’s quite good news. He is showing a lot improvement. And as we took some readings of his brain yesterday, it shows a very good result. Khushi you did really a good job in talking with him. He is responding in unexpected way. So, seeing all these results, it may not take more time for him to come to his normal state. It’s really good improvement”

Throughout Dr. Alex’s words, Khushi held NK’s hand under the table really tight and tried her maximum to not to sob. Luckily Dr. Alex didn’t notice the moist in Khushi’s eyes. He looked at NK when he heard his question

“But sir... you are saying he will be fine. There is lot of improvement. And he will come conscious in few days. But that we couldn’t see any movements in his body. I mean he is trying to move his hands but he is just trying. He is not at all opening his eyes, he not even able to open his mouth. And we are not sure he is really responding to our words or his movements are just coincidence when we talk with him. I’m really confused doctor” NK expressed his, Khushi and Arnav’s doubts.

“Good question NK. Here I will say one thing. It happens when a person affected with paralysis stroke”

“Paralysis?” NK and Khushi almost screamed. They couldn’t believe what they are listening.

“Yeah paralysis. When part of the brain is damaged after a stroke, messaging between the brain and muscles may not work properly. Paralysis or muscle weakness is sometimes referred to as “movement” impairments, and they affect up to 90 percent of stroke survivors who lose or have impaired motor function. Paralysis or weakness can affect any part of the body. This same happened in his case. When he was attacked by those attackers, they hit him hard on his back side of head. It affected his brain to give commands to some parts. It will take time for him to open his eyes and mouth. And also... his right hand and right leg. But there is nothing to worry. As we I saw the reports, I can surely say that he will definitely come to normal. There are lot improvements in particular part of brain which was affected by stroke. The neurologist also confirmed that. He will be normal in few days. There is no need to worry. But for that he needed good support from his family. Once he comes to conscious we can ask him to call his family and we can inform them about his condition to take care. Till that happens you both have to take care of him” finished Dr. Alex.

Dr. Paul continued “And one more last thing, which I wanted to tell to you both. When I observe you both are doing good job in talking with that person in your language. But I never saw you both make him feel your touch. Why is like that? Didn’t I say that it will help the patient to get his senses back? Then why aren’t you doing?”

“Nothing particular Dr. Paul, we just didn’t go to that point. I afraid to say that may be we never took that part of your suggestion seriously. I sincerely ask your apology for our negligence. But I promise that we will do that now onwards. And we will do whatever you asked us to do. And we will do our best to bring that person back to normal”

“Hmm... ok fine. Now you can go. And today we have an appointment with the officer which admitted that patient. He wants to talk with us something about this patient. We may know his details. I will call you if you needed here. Now go and carry on with your work”

“Sure sir... Thank you...” with that both Khushi and NK walked out towards the room where Arnav kept.


“Did you hear what doctor said Doll? We have to help Arnav Ji. We have to help him to get his full senses back.”

“But Bhai... Paralysis?”

“Yeah... from some days I’m thinking the same – when Arnav Ji can respond to our talks then how can he not able to talk? Or why is he not even opening his eyes? So, this is the reason – Paralysis. But don’t worry dear... he will be fine. As he is already trying to move his hands we can hope for him. Don’t worry... now just we have to make him try to gain his senses completely. Ok? Don’t worry everything will be fine. Your Arnav Ji will be fine” said NK

“But I’m getting scared Bhai. I’m really tensed about this paralysis thing. Please Bhai help my Arnav Ji. Please help me to bring my Arnav Ji back. Please...” she almost begged

“How did you think I won’t help you? Of course I will. We have to be more careful now. Ok? And I don’t want Arnav Ji to know this now. Once he opens his mouth or eyes, we can tell him. What’s say?”

“As you say Bhai. I just needed him back safe and sound, fine and healthy”

“Fine... now come let’s go inside the room. May be he is waiting for us”

Nodding her head, Khushi followed NK to Arnav’s room.




((((I don’t know whether paralysis will affect eyes, ears and nose or not. But as much I know it affects mouth and other parts. I don’t have any fair idea of medicine. Please don’t take anything seriously what I wrote/am writing/will write. It’s just my imagination. If you want to read about Paralysis you can check with these links: ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stroke ; I am sorry if you feel I hurt any person(living or dead), medical student or doctors with these. I never have any intentions to hurt anyone. I’m just trying to write my fiction with ARNAV and KHUSHI with MY OWN imagination...))))



Thank you so much for your SUPPORT, LIKEs and COMMENTs. I’m really surprised to see the response I’m getting for MY works. Anyway thank you.

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Aug 5, 2014

Jhukaa Aasmaan Part 9 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 45 times)

When they enter into room, they sensed Arnav’s tensed body. NK immediately ran to him and held his hand

“Arnav Ji... Kya hua? Aap ithna pareshan kyun lag rahe hain?”

NK sensed Arnav’s grip is tightening on his hand.

“Arnav Ji... Relax... everything is fine. Relax... don’t stress yourself” said NK. But there is no change in his body

NK looked at Khushi. She looked at Arnav’s hand in NK’s hand. She can also feel the tension in Arnav's body. She moved to NK and held Arnav’s hand. Immediately Arnav’s body got relaxed. They both can notice that. NK and Khushi looked at each other. NK smiles and said in low voice

“Dekha Doll... How your touch does magic on your Arnav Ji? He needs you Doll. Don’t leave him. Take care, I will be back in few minutes after attending this call” NK left the room seeing his mobile vibrating.

Khushi sensed Arnav’s hold tighten on her palms.

“Don’t Arnav Ji. You will regret it. Don’t depend on me. You won’t like me once you open your eyes and see me and after knowing who I’m. Don’t do this. I don’t want you to feel bad. I don’t want you to think low of me. I don’t want to do this. But all the doctors and NK Bhai told it’s necessary. I’m helpless Arnav Ji. What more important for me is you, your happiness and your fine condition. For this I will do anything. But please don’t depend on me, don’t like me. Please it won’t do any good to you” saying this she left his palm.

Arnav wanted to shout at her for her crazy talks. He couldn’t understand what’s wrong with her. He heard a sound from his side. But he couldn’t make it what sound that is. He got panic when he heard the door opening sound followed by NK’s loud voice


NK ran to Khushi, who is lying on the floor unconsciously. He immediately checked her and asked the nurse who came there with his loud voice, to bring some injection. After the medicine gone through her nerves, Khushi opened her eyes to look at tensed NK along with some scared nurses.

“I’m fine...” she whispered.

“No you are not” retorted NK “Are you eating your meals correctly Khushi? Are you having enough sleep?” he didn’t get any reply from her making him furious. “For god sake Khushi, how can you neglect your health like this? Why aren’t you taking your medicine and food?”

“Bhai? Are you calling me Khushi?” whispered Khushi in hurtful voice.

“I need answer nothing else. Tell me, how can you neglect your health like this? Why aren’t you taking your medicine and food?” asked NK. His voice is very low and too intimidating.

But she kept silent. Before NK says anything they got a call from Dr. Alex. They both went to doctor’s cabin to see other doctors and three police officials. Dr. Alex asked them to sit. After that he introduced them to those police officers. After formal introduction one of the officers said “We got the custody of the attackers yesterday. It is completely professional rivalry. But they couldn’t say the name of the person who exactly asked them to kill this particular person. They said this patient name is some ASR, and he is from fashion world.” Khushi held NK’s hand tight hearing about Arnav’s details. The officer continued “When we interrogate these attackers, they said some two persons came to their boss and had this deal. Their boss asked them to do and they did. We are still searching for their boss, who was gone to underworld. But we didn’t get any details of his family and all. We just came to know about his name. Our people are working on his family and other details. Maybe will get information soon. His name is ASR. If anybody comes and claims him, you can give him to them. But don’t forget to take the details from them. We don’t think he is still in danger. So, if you get any information about his family you can inform them. Ok... we will leave then. If you need anything give me a call. Thank you so much for your cooperation” saying this, three officials shook their hands with doctors and left from there.

“Doctor... That is a kind of good news. We can send him now. It’s such a relaxation for us. Phew...”

Before NK understand and could stop Khushi, she blurted out “How can say that doctor? He is not in a state to move. He needs our care. How can you think like that to send him from here? And more over, we don’t know about his family or anyone. Then where you will send him?”

Everybody including NK looked shocked at her.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Doll...” NK tried to stop her saying further

“Bhai... don’t stop me. How dare they think to send him out from here in this condition? How can do that Bhai?” she again shouted.

“Doll... what’s wrong with you? Kya kehne jaa rahi hon? Kyun ye sab keh rahi hon? Sabko shak hojayega. Hosh main aao Doll” said NK in Hindi not giving any chance to the doctors.

“Nahi Bhai... ab nahi. Aise kaise soch sakthe hain ye log? How can they send him out of the hospital? He can’t even open his eyes for god sake” she shouted in frustration.

Before NK take control over the situation, Dr. Paul asked “Why are you reacting this way Ms. Khushi? What’s the matter with you?”

“Doctors... you can leave now. If I need anything I will inform you all. Please don’t take any decisions before I say anything. Just continue your treatment for ASR. You may go now” turning to Khushi, Dr. Alex said “Mr. NK and Miss. Khushi, I want to talk with you people. Stay here”

After all doctors left the room, Dr. Alex asked Khushi and NK to sit. When Dr. Alex asked doctors to get back to work that is the time when the reality of her blabbering hit Khushi’s head. She looked at NK, who is looking at her angrily. She lowered her head fearing for what will happen. Her heart is thudding hardly.

“Hm... so, Ms. Khushi, can you tell me what’s going on here?”

Khushi looked tensed. NK held his breath and looked at Khushi. ‘I can’t cover her now. She spoiled everything. How can she behave this irresponsible?’ thought NK

“Ms. Khushi, I’m asking something. May I know what’s going on? When I asked you both you said you never knew him. Then can you tell me how can I take this?” Dr. Alex is serious. He turned to NK and asked “I thought you will never lie to me. But you disappointed me Mr. NK. I never expected this from you”

Without thinking anything, once again Khushi blurted out “There is no mistake of him when he said we don’t know. It’s me who fell in love with that unknown man” both NK and Dr. Alex looked at her shockingly.

“Doll? What are you saying?”

“Bhai... Please let me talk”

“But... what are you saying?”

“Truth” she turned to Dr. Alex and said “When NK Bhai said we don’t about him that was true. Now, when I said I love that person, that’s also true. I don’t know when I fell in love with that patient. But I love him to the core of my heart. I won’t let anyone to hurt him. He is my life. I will do anything for him. I will go to any extent to see him safe and sound. If you are thinking about money for his treatment, let me deal with it. You can take my full salary as payment. If it is not enough, then you can take my future salary also. I will work till the account gets clear. But please don’t send him from here before he get cured completely”

NK with thudding heart and Dr. Alex with surprised expression looked at each other. They heard her continue “He is the only one person I have in my life. If something happens to him, then there is no need for me to live. Please Doctor, try to understand my point. He is not in the state of moving out. He is not even able to open his eyes. We don’t even know his family details. Then how can you think like that Doctor? How can you do this to him? To me?” she whispered her last words with tears drenching her face.

“Does NK knows this?” asked Dr. Alex

Before NK says something Khushi answered “No... He doesn’t. I never told him about my feelings. Bhai don’t know” she said what she wanted to, even though some part of it is true and some part of it is a blunt lie.

NK understood what Khushi trying to do. If hospital authorities want to take any action for Khushi’s behaviour she is ready to take all the punishment. She doesn’t want anybody to punish him. She is safe guarding him, his career. His heart went for his Doll.

“But Doll...”

“I’m sorry Bhai... I know I should say this before. But... I’m sorry” she cut the discussion there. She turned to Doctor Alex and said “Sir... please think about this. Please don’t send him. He can’t manage outside. He is not in the condition. Please... please... I beg you. Please give the treatment. Please allow him to get well. Please...” she sat on her knees before Dr. Alex and folded her palms resting her forehead on her palms. She is unable to control her emotions. She cried her heart out. Dr. Alex felt bad about her. He made her stand and said “Don’t cry child... I will talk with the other doctors and ask them to treat him. Don’t worry... he will be fine. I will send him once I confirm he is perfectly alright. Ok? Now go and sit with him. This tears wont suits you. Stay happy always”

Nodding her head she thanked Dr. Alex and went to Arnav’s room almost running. NK followed her.

Khushi ran to Arnav, who is waiting for Khushi to come back. she cupped his cheeks and kissed his forehead

“Don’t worry Arnav Ji... I won’t let anyone to hurt you. You will get treated. I will see to that. You will get cured. Don’t worry... you can go to you people, your family and your loved ones. I will make sure of that. Don’t worry... nothing will happen to you. Nothing will happen” NK couldn’t see his Doll. He went to her and touched her shoulder. Khushi turned back and hugged NK

“Bhai... nothing will happen to Arnav Ji. They will treat him. They don’t need to think about anything. I already said them to take my salary for his treatment. And I’m serious about that. Then they won’t stop his treatment, right?”

Nodding his head NK asked “If you are giving your full salary to his treatment what will you have for yourself Doll? What will you eat? What about rent? Most importantly, what about your treatment with Dr. Jayson? You have to take the course still. Then how will you get money for all these?” He knows the answer. But still he hoped for different answer. He knew his Doll well.

“Don’t worry Bhai... I will manage. Anyway... you are doing night shifts and will be with Arnav Ji. Then I will go and do some job at night shift. And Saturday and Sunday are there. If I work in weekends also I can earn some money. That’s enough for me and also I can give him healthy food. He is important Bhai. Not me... if something happens to me then you are there to take care, right? Then what’s the need to think about me? I can give my everything to him. If it needed my life then I’m ready for that”

“KHUSHI...” shouted NK followed by glass breaking sound

Both looked at the cause of sound. It made them surprised. Both looked at each other and ran.


A/N: I don’t have any fair idea of medicine. Please don’t take anything seriously what I wrote/am writing/will write. It’s just my imagination I am sorry if you feel I hurt any person (living or dead), medical student or doctors with these. I never have any intentions to hurt anyone. I’m just trying to write my fiction with ARNAV and KHUSHI with MY OWN imagination...))))

Thank you so much for your SUPPORT, LIKEs and COMMENTs. I’m really surprised to see the response I’m getting for MY works. Anyway thank you.

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