Nov 15, 2013

OS:CHASING DREAMS (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 99 times)

It feels like I am walking on a little path, both sides are dark mountains and valleys. I am walking towards a  light in the distance. Walking, and walking, I am seeing that light diminishing. I am seeing myself walk towards the end of the love, the sad end.

''I love you more than I loved you before. I love you more than I should love you,But I must leave. I am losing myself. It is painful that I can't see myself.'' Kushi whispered to herself as she was walking along the road.

Kushi entered her apartment she had just rented. A feeling of crippling emptiness washed over her and she tumbled into bed where her sobs made her body convulse.

All the hurt and the grief finally connected with her body and she felt every insult every hateful word that had been utterred, tear into her flesh like a rabbid dog.

She cried.

She cried for the mess she was in,she cried for the love she lost before it even really began.She cried for the raizada's.she cried for nani. She cried for Arnav.

Finally her tear ducts ran dry and a new resolve was formed. She would make things right.She would not go back to that house though it would kill her to not see him but she cant live where nobody trusted her. a false allegation due to which her own family shunned her.she felt betrayed somehow. she wished arnav had heard every bit she spoke on the terrace last night but he heard what shaym wanted to say. arnav had assumed her to be the gold digger and insulted her in front of everyone. to save payal's marraige she was ousted from the house.

She called her one and only friend preeto in mumbai.''preeto i am coming to your house.can i stay?''

She had started adusting in mumbai. kushi embraced the solitude and the creative atmosphere preeto's lakehouse offered. kushi started writing a book.

''So...'' preeto said as they sat on the porch one particularly hot afternoon

''So...?kushi prodded as the sentence was never finished.

''He broke your heart did'nt he?''

''No it was'nt like that.he loved me i am sure of that though he never confessed but he did'nt trust me enough.it sounds weird i know.''

''Damn right it does.kushi how can he love you and not trust you?''

''no preeto you wont understand he considers his di as his mother and anyone will think like that but i had false hope that he will trust me on this but at the end of the day he never did. i am not angry preeto'' kushi whispered with a sadness in her voice that spelled years of age and wisdom.

''He was never mine to begin with. besides i have come to realize i am wasting my lifee persuing a career at AR designs that is'nt my passion. what ever happened in my past has unlocked something for me.i want to write and i have a story to tell.i dont care if i have to support myself by doing odd jobs if i can dedicate my spare time to my true passion.''

kushi told preeto about evrything that happened in her life up till now.

''He thought you had a affair with that pity excuse of a human shaym?''

preeto shrieked

''how could you be so naive kushi you should have cleared it up from day 1.''

kushi shrugged.

''Dont give me that young lady. you are not 16 anymore.if u go around making stupid decisons there will be repurcussions.''

'' know i messed up preeto but he should have trusted me''

5 years later.

when Kushi finsihed the novel she had been working on at the lake house she sent out her draft to several publishers under an alias.Eventually she found an editor willing to take a chance on her and months later she found several finsihed copies of the product.

She still felt incomplete. She had wished arnav was here to hold her hand through,to smile,to laugh,to cry with her through. She had dreamt million times that he would be with her during the book signing ceremony.He would watch her with a smile on his face and his eyes would reflect the pride he felt at her acomplishing her dream. DREAM. isnt that what she had been doing for last 5 years. She had penned her incomplete lovestory but she had changed the ending.she had given her characters a happy ending that she never had. the happiness she longed for and she could never get.

their lives were now worlds apart, separated by time, circumstance, and the unbridgeable chasm of money.

in mumbai  arnav was the same man he was before but now his eyes held the pain of his lost love. 2 years later he had confronted shaym and had him jailed for fraud and  for building a scam to takeover raizada empire.

he had tried by hook or crook to find kushi but nothing turned up. he felt angry at his power at his money.when one thing he so desperately wanted and his status could'nt get him that. he did'nt know he should wallow in self pity or look out for her. some times he gave all hope. he still thought how had that girl managed to change him to the extent that he was no more the ruthlesss tycoon he was once famous for.

He could never imagine there would ever be a women to capture his heart infact he was sure he did'nt had one but that girl had managed to thread her way into his emotionless heart and mae him feel emotions that empowered him,overwhelmed him.he had began to quetion everything he believed when he met her.

and years later his one pathetic mistake made him loose her again. she had eyes of an angel once he gazed into them,he found himself unable to look away.her pure soul was hidden beneath those chocolat orbs and now he desired to fall into them forever but she was lost far away from his reach.  and her voice oh her voice it could start a war or stop one.it was like mermaids drawing sailors by the sound of the sirens. he could'nt had resisted her even if he tried. she was beautiful,she was fragile.standing by the poolside he strenthene his diminishing resolve. now no matter who tried to separate them he would find her this time.he neeed her now. he needed her stubborness to remind him that he was not alone in this world and if he were to tackle it alone,it owuld be alright because kushi would stand beside him.he was not afraid as long as he could have her. NK came and tapped his shoulder''nannav you need to see this''

''leave me alone nk''arnav growled.

but NK ever the daring one shoved a book in his face.

kushi stepped into her car and asked the driver to drop her off at the airport. she was suppose to go to Atlanta for a book signing though it was on a small scale but she knew it would open many doors for her in the future. she reached for her locket and saw his picture. she smiled a little. in that moment she knew she was a fool to stay away all these years. she had destroyed herself by punishing him.  

but hse could'nt go back now maybe he  had move on or maybe he still would'nt believe her. she wiped her tears no use crying over her past. she was about to start anew.she needed to start fresh. she had been told by preeto that a certain Mr Chopra was gonna meet her on the airport to accompany her.she had only met the man once but she wished she could travel alone.he was way too much talkative.though the old kushi kumari gupta would have beaten him at talking anytime but alot had changed over the years.

kushi looked around the airport hall looking for a familliar face.in the crowd.

suddenly there was a announcement


 kushi felt the floors sliping away from her feet. it could'nt be no. they  must be talking about another kushi she told herslef but she knew it in her heart that this one was her laad governer. Unknowingly she started towards the cofee shop. how does he look like now.is he fat,he must be thin. has his eyes changed at all or are they the same dark brown orbs she had dreamt about.

she looked around the cafe and when she spotted him she could'nt help but her whole face lit up. HE was down on one knee holding his ears and behind him a huge banner said ''I AM SORRY FOR WHAT I DID BUT DONT FORGIVE ME PLEASE PUNISH ME.''

how could she punish him. he is asking for forgiveness that means he knows about shaym and how did he find me here.

In that moment she decided to let go of her past and carve her future into the fairytale she always wanted. and her prince charming was always arnav. it will always be arnav.

she ran into his arms.they clung to one another for dear life only pulling back to talk.

''There's no way i am letting you go now.''arnav murmured to her.

''Kushi marry me please.''

''i know its not as romantic as u want but..'he reached into his back pocket and produced an antique looking ring and slipped it on her finger. ''it was maa's. she would have wanted you to have it and i wanted you to have it. so do you want to get married to me?'' his question was simple but his face reflected his insecurities.

''Nani,Di what will they say?''kushi whispered to shocked to react.

''they repent every second of that night.''

kushi opened her mouth again to say something but close again.

''running out of excuses are'nt you?''arnav smiled

''i'm just overwhelmed but the answer is YES''.

6 months later:

nani brought a glass of orange juice''kushi bitiya you dont care about your self at all.''

nani sat by her side and held kushi's hand. ''kushi bitiya i am so proud of you to have a heart to forgive us and come back. and you finished your book and got a name for yourself,you are very brave my child to return.''

''it was'nt bravery nani,''kushi said her heart full of warmth.''it was love. when its real you cant walk away.''

''that is very true bitiya''


''kushi'' she heard arnav calling her.

''i should leave you two alone''nani whispered.

''good after noon mrs raizada.''arnav whispered and hugged her from behind.

''You will never get tired of saying that will you?''kushi laughed

''never.''he kissed her cheek.''it reminds me that now i have you all to myself.you are mine''

kushi blushed and pecked him on the cheek and ran away.

''what is this kushi you still gonna do that after marraige?running away like that.people will think i forced you or something.''

kushi laughed whole heartedly. she finally had the man of her dreams and her life was'nt any less than a fairytale.

At the end of the day it's about how much you can bear, how much you can endure. Being together, we harm nobody,being apart, we extinguish ourselves.”

i know it may not be best like other writer but i tried my best so plzz leave ur comments..do u like it?

ferb i hope i did a good job and once again very sorry for being late.

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everyone a huge thankyou for reading and liking. and hugs to all those who took time to leave a comment. it means a lot. honesty i did'nt thought it would be so well recieved but thankyou everyone.

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