OS:Diabetes made us meet again

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Nov 11, 2013

OS:Diabetes made us meet again (By V1184) (Thanked: 76 times)

Hi everyone , am here with my 4th OS.It is for a competition.Hope you like it and Support me like before.



My OS starts after Arshi's contract marriage.

It's been 2 months of their marriage and Arnav will know the true face of Shyam when he saw him misbehave with Khushi.

Later, Arnav realised his love for Khushi when he saw her crying all night because of him..that idiotic Shyam and thought to take revenge from him.

He gathered all proofs against him and wanted to expose him on 6 months celebration of their marriage.

He came home happily and went directly towards their room....

Khuhsi is sitting there lost in her thoughts of Arnav......thinking why did he marry her?Why has he brought her to this place where her biggest enemy is happily enjoying her husband's property and ill treating her unknown to anyone.

Seeing her like this , Arnav felt as if someone is piercing his heart with thousand pins and decided to confess his feelings today and went to freshen up.

He came back after making all his arrangements.

Khushi is still in her thoughts...She came out of her thought when she felt someone's arms around her....it is none other than our Arnav hugging her.

"what happened to him?today he is hugging me?is it dream or real?"she thought not believing this.

Arnav said ," Don't think much Khushi it is not your dream.I have kept a packet on the bed.Go and get ready soon.I will be waiting for you."saying this he went to the poolside and thinking about Khushi's reaction when she will see his surprise for her.

She went to freshen up and she opened the packet which is on the bed and she was surprised to see a beautiful lehenga in it.


She quickly wears it and comes to the poolside where Arnav is waiting eagerly pacing here and there.

He saw and lost in her beauty. Khushi was surprised to see him in a dashing black sherwani suit.

Arnav :

He says her to come with him and she quietly goes because she knew that one day he will realize his mistake and come to her.

He took her to the wall on poolside and opened a secret door...which lead to the backside of RM.She is shocked that she don't know about this though she spent a lot of time there.

He said ,"not only you no one in the house knows about this"as if he is reading her mind.

And he went to the car which is already arranged there for them as per Arnav's order.

They both went to Arnav's farmhouse which is also not known to any of the Raizadas.

It was very dark there and suddenly lights came and she found Arnav on his knees holding a bunch of red roses.....saying I LOVE YOU Khushi ,will you forgive me?

Khushi was overwhelmed by this and hugged him and said "i know arnavji that there will be a day when you will know the truth.thank you arnavji for believing me atleast now i too love you.........."

It was the happiest day for them.They have spent a lovely time and came home at late night htrough the same door.

After few days,Shyam who was observing the happiness and arnav's closeness to Khushi gotto know that they have settled things between them.So he decided to separate them and he kidnapped Khuhsi..

He took her to a seclusive godown in the outskirts of Delhi.

He treated her very badly and he blackmailed her that he will kill Arnav if she won't give divorce ti him and marry Shyam.

As Khushi already knew that Arnav very well know the true face of Shyam , she somehow managed to escape from him and ran away from there.......to some unknown place.

After escaping from him , she directly went to the main road and went towards an unknown path where a new beginning of her life started.She didn't want to return as it is dangerous for him.

She met her friend Madhu there and told her everything about her love her enemy and her kidnap....

With the help of her friend , she came to Mumbai and joined in Terna Medical College,Nashik to finish her MD.Yes, she did MBBS and stopped her studies as Shashi is not well she came back to Delhi.

Arnav's situation in Khushi's absence:

Arnav has shown all the proofs against him and put him in jail.He never talked to anyone and became the lonely,rude and arrogant heartless ASR.

He searched for her everywhere around Delhi but no use.He never bothered about his health and took his medicines irregularly.It affected him badly.And he is suffering from Diabetes more than earlier.

Few years later:

Khushi became a specialist for Diabetes and she is currently in US to treat some foreign patients.

Arnav who is suffering a lot came to Mumbai for his treatment as his doctor suggested to.

He came to the hospital where Khushi is currently working and the doctors decided to call her as his condition is serious.

Khushi came there immediately and studied his reports.

She checked him and treated him with full sincerity and concentration.

He came to normal condition after few days.

Khushi is scolding herself for his condition whereas arnav is happy to see her back.

Later , Arnav on his discharge date asked Khushi,"Will you marry me?....and promise me that you will never leave me"pleasingly.

Khushi happily agreed and said "am sorry arnavji because of me you have to suffer a lot"

He replied " no Khushi not at all"saying this he hugged her and then came a voice from behind.

"Hey Nannav,noo you can't marry Khushiji like this"

Both are shocked and uttered "What the!"at hte same time.

He said "without anyone's blessings and engagement how can you marry her?"

Then comes the whole family from behind....all Gupta's and Raizadas there.

And to everyone's surprise Arnav takes out a ring and asks Khushi to marry him.(in a filmy manner)

Later,they are happily married....and lived together forever.


Here comes my stupid OS to an end.Thanks for reading this till the end.I hope i didn't bore you all.Please comment and hit 'thank you' button if you like it or even hate it.So that i can improve my writing skills.Please ignore all typo errors.


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