FF: AsYa's love story...

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Nov 10, 2013

FF: AsYa's love story... (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 64 times)

FF: AsYa's love story...

Hey guys,

One request please don't stop reading it in the middle, please dont forget that its an AsYa FF even i hate ZoYaan to the core and love AsYa a bit too much ;P so please to all my dear readers, read till the end of the update before leaving it...


Zoya Farooqi:a bubbly and chirpy girl who "loves" Ayaan and wants to marry him. She knows him for 1 year. She's an orphan, but lives with her foster family, her Zeenat and Anwar. Even though she had them, even with all the love they gave her, she never felt "home", she's still craving for that and wants to get this feeling from the LOVE of her life.

Asad Ahmed Khan:a very successful businessman, he's nice and kind hearted man, but hates liars and betrayers. He never had any relationship with a girl, ueven though they are his fans. He loves kids and his younger brother Ayaan very much.

Ayaan Ahmed Khan: a young man, too flirty, hates Asad. He's carefree.


Why?? Why did it felt so wrong?? Why did it felt as if something bad is gonna happen??Today is her wedding day, and she's marrying the man she "loves", Ayaan (sorry but BEURK!). So why?? Why is she restless?? Why?? "Talking" to him last night, made her even more restless!


Last night:

Zoya was feeling very restless, she couldn't sleep in peace, she felt that she's doing something wrong by marrying Ayaan, but why??

So she decided to call him.

Zoya: hello Ayaan??

Ayaan: (breathless) h...heell...hello...

Zoya: (confused) Ayaan, why r u breathless at 11pm?? Now dont tell me that u were jogging!

Ayaan: (moaning and still breathless) mm..n..noo... I... I was just...clean...cleaning my room...

Zoya looked incredusly her phone with a confused frown on her face.

Zoya: Ayaan, i am sure that u have a maid who cleans every room in the morning, so why r u cleaning yourself that too at 11pm??

Ayaan: actually...the thing is...that..yes...that i messed up my room so much that Ammi told me to clean myself or else...or else she will tell...umm..Bhaijaan! (said "Bhaijaan" bitterly)

Zoya heard how he said Bhaijaan, she always knew that Ayaan didnt like Asad, but he never told her why??

Zoya never met Asad, whenever she wanted to, Asad was on a business trip for the first 6 months she knew the Khans and the rest of the time neither she, neither he got the occasion to meet each other. And she understood that he was a businessman hence he has a busy schedule, also she didnt want to look at his picture which would be innapropriate in a sense that he is going to be her husband's brother, and even Ayaan wasnt very comfortable when Zoya would ask about meeting Asad.

But still, Zoya knows that it's wrong to judge somebody over somebody else's point of view so she never said something about and when she asked Ayaan: why does he hate Asad?? He would avoid the question and somehow change the topic...

Zoya: so... Asad reached for our mariage??

Ayaan: uhh... No... But he will be there for tomorrow...

Zoya: Ayaan, what's your problem with Asa...

Ayaan: (cut off) have to clean up... Bye.


Zoya: (thinking) nothing to worry...it's normal...u r the bride...that's why u r restless...

Zoya kept chanting this in her mind, then Zoya's friends and Zeenat came and after teasing her brought her downstairs, where everybody were mesmerized by her beauty. Asad was between mesmerized and shocked seeing her. Zoya who was all the way looking down for not falling with the lehnga looked up and had the same expression as Asad in the eyes while looking at him...

Asad:(to himself) what a tragedy man...the only girl u had a liking towards...is going to be married to your brother...

Zoya:(to herself) what is he doing here?? (Happy to see him)

FLASHBACK: Asad's pov:

1st encounter: 6 months ago:

I was coming back home earlier than usual because i had not so much work in the office and could do it from home. Even if it was just 5pm, I was so exhausted and driving mindlessly, there was not so much traffic which was a good thing, then my phone rang, i was about to answer it when i felt my ear, my bluetooth wasnt on my ear but in my glove box, searching through my glove box...finally...then i looked at the road i saw a 5 years old boy in the middle of the road, one second before i put the brake, a girl in her 20's came rushing from the other side of the road in front of my SUV and grabbed him in her arms and rolled over to the other side of the road.

I pulled the brakes and rushed outside the little boy was still in her arms.

Zoya: (to the boy) r u ok beta?? R u hurt somewhere??

The girl was looking at the little boy's body as if searching for any wounds... The little boy was in tears, scared... The girl hugged him... He was crying...

Zoya: shhh, u r ok, dont worry u r safe...

Then she realised that I was here...she turned towards me... I was mesmerized looking at her face...she was very beautiful...

Zoya: (angry) Allah Miyah, what's wrong with u??!!!!!!!!! When u dont know how to drive a car, why do u even drive?!!!!!! God forbid, if something would have happened to this boy, what would u say to his parents?!!!

I think the fact that i love kids, made me do the next thing...i was on my knees, where the boy was hugging the girl's leg, looking at me scared...

Asad: hey buddy, i am sorry... I know its my fault...and u should be angry at me, look at me i apologize...in the "murgha" ("hen") position("murgha" position: i was holding my ears with my hands who were passing inside my legs)

I was happy when i saw him release the girl's leg and laughing at my position...by the corner of my eyes... I saw that the girl was now trying very hard not to smile but finally broke into a little, cute smile...

Asad: (to the boy) so now u forgive me??

I asked with the best puppy face that even my Ammi never refused...

Boy: ok fine...

Asad: so now, can i have a hug from u, buddy? So that i am sure u forgave me...

I didnt even finished my sentence when i realised that he was already in my arms...i smiled at him, then kissed his head...the girl looked impressed...then i remembered something...i broke the hug and went to my car and came back with something behind my back to gift him...both of them looked confused, then i kneeled in front of the boy...

Asad: look what i have for my buddy...

When i showed the chocolates, he threw himself at me for another hug..i chuckled...then i saw the girl licking her lips looking at the chocolates...i couldnt help but smirk looking at her expressions...i broke the hug and open the chocolate's cover for the boy and gave him...i got up and opened the chocolate's cover for myself and started eating it...the boy saw the 3rd chocolate bar in my hands...

Boy: Bhaiya, why dont u give the chocolate to Dii??

I smirked looking at the frown and the pout on her face...

Asad: Buddy, look at your Dii's face, how much anger there is, do u really think that she will eat something sweet like chocolate?? Look at her face, it's looking like she's gonna eat me up...

Zoya: (bursted) OH REALLY?!!! Do u think that i am some kind of monster for eating u up!!!

Asad: i'm sorry, how can i forget?! You can't eat me because i'm too SWEET for u!!!

I couldnt help but burst out laughing looking at her face...she was RED...TOMATO RED...i could imagine smoke coming out of her ears...but the next thing i saw made me feel guilty...tears...i think that it was rude how i laugh on her...she was about to go but i grabbed her wrists...i felt a current but ignored it...

Asad: (guilty) i am sorry...i think it was rude how i laughed...

I left her wrist and she turned around, she looked surprised...seeing me in the "murgha" position again, holding my ear with my hand who was passing between my leg and my other hand forward with the 3rd chocolate bar, not to forget my best puppy face ever...it seemed that she was trying hard not to smile, but finally showed her cute dimples...we were staring at each other, she finally took it...and quickly swallowed it...i couldnt help but stare at her, i was just mesmerized with her antics...the Boy's voice broke my trance...

Boy: Dii, now hug Bhaiya, to say that u forgave him!

My eyes widened and she chocked hard on her swallowed chocolate...i started to rub her back...

Asad: r u ok??

She nodded, then the boy pushed her on me...i could feel her warm and soft hands on my chest, over my fast beating heart...then she broke the hug, she was looking flushed...cute...

My ringing phone broke my trance...it was Ammi...she was worried of where i was and i said that i was on my way...and hung up...

Asad: uhh...do u know his parents?? I mean that we cant leave him like this...

Zoya: no, i dont know...(to the boy) Beta, how did u reach here?? Where is your Ammi??

Then a woman in tears came and took him in her arms, hugging him...

Woman: (relieved/angry) my son, Ishaan, where did u go??!!!

The Girl stepped forward...

Zoya: (angry)Allah Miyya, what's wrong with u?? U r angry at him for where he went?!!! I ask, where were U?!!!!! As a mother it is YOUR responsability to know where he is and what he is doing!!! He's just 5 YEARS OLD!!! Anything could have happened to him!!

I got guilty again...but the strange thing was the Girl was crying while shouting on the mother...as if she was in pain for the child...as if she knew what were those moments he has been through while he wasn't with his mother... She was at the verge of breaking down...i held her arms with both of my hands...then she put her head on my chest...i signaled the mother to go, she went...i didnt know what to do...should i hug her?? But what if she misunderstand my intentions?? But she's crying!!

Finally i caressed her head, and put my arm lightly around her back...after sometime, she calmed down, then she pulled back, and wiped her tears...

Zoya: sorry i have to go...

Before i could say something she ran away, i was left confused by her reaction...

But the biggest thing was how i behaved?? I never interacted like that with a girl before?? What had gotten into me??


Asad: (thinking) That was the very 1st time encounter between us before many others...But now i'm heartbroken(sadly)

Zoya: (thinking) that day...i met him for the first time...

A beep broke her train of thoughts:




Note: i told u guys, this is not a ZoYaan FF but an AsYa FF. Please tell me if u liked it i would love to know ur response.

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Dec 24, 2013

CHAPTER 2 (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 40 times)

Hi lovely people Big smile ,

Yes i finally updated this ff LOL i'm sorry for not updating it but i wanted to finish my other FF: A hope of love revelation... first but i have updated so that u dont forget this one Wink and yes i have changed the text that Ayaan send to Zoya Embarrassed enjoy Wink




Zoya felt numb, she re-read the text at least 10 times before breaking into tears and falling on the ground.

The girls around her couldnt stop their questions as "what happened?!" "Why r u crying?!!"

Everybody were alarmed seeing her like this, Zeenat rushed towars her and when Zoya saw her she completely broke down, Zeenat immediately pulled her into her arms and Zoya was uncontrollabily sobbing, Zeenat was getting very worried and asked "what happened Zoya?!!" But she only got more sobs in response. Zoya hugged her Appi with all her might.

While Anwar got onto his knees and put a hand on her shoulder trying to calm her down "Bacha, what happened?! Dont worry, dont cry my baby, i will fix everything! My bacha i will do anything for ur smile, but u have to tell us what happened?!!"

Meanwhile Asad and Dilshad came near her, Asad felt really bad seeing her tears, he wanted to kill the person who was the reason of her tears.

Dilshad was really worried for Zoya, she got some water and gave to Anwar for Zoya.

"Come here princess, have some water" Anwar said to Zoya.

Zoya broke the hug, her eyes were blood shot red because of her crying, the tears were still rolling down her cheeks, she felt humiliated being ditched on the day of her own wedding and that too how?? Via a text!!! A bloody TEXT!!! And for whom?!! For the girl she HATED since childhood!!!

These tears were killing Asad, all he wanted right now was to take her into his arms and sooth her. He was getting frustrated to know the reason behind her tears.

Thats when a girl picked Zoya's phone "Ya Allah!! Ayaan ditched Zoya for someone else!!"

Everybody looked towards that girl while Zoya sobbed even more.

"What rubbish!!" Asad said and snatched the phone from her hands and read the text. His jaw clenched and wanted an explanation RIGHT NOW!!!

Asad tried Ayaan's number continuously but his phone was switched off, Asad tried his number again but he got no response, their flight must have taken off.

"Ya Allah!! Now what will happen to her? Who will want to marry her knowing that she's ditched woman!!" said another middle-aged woman.

That was it for Asad! "ENOUGH!!!" he roared.

"U can shut me up but how will u shut the world's mouth?!!" she said sarcastically.

"I agree! The world will say that she's a burden for her family! And it will be difficult to get her married again!! Who will want an almost married gir for their family?! On top of that, she's an orphan, only Allah knows whose blood she has running in her veins!" said another woman next to the first one.

"I SAID ENOUGH!!! IF U UTTER ANOTHER WORD FROM UR MOUTH I WILL FORGET THAT U R A WOMAN AND THAT TOO OLDER THAN ME!!" roared Asad, he couldnt tolerate such words for a girl who has such a pure heart!

The women's words rang into her ears, all she could hear in her ears were the word BURDEN! She felt so betrayed, cheated.

"Zoya is not a burden, she's our daughter! We love her! And the person who wouldnt want to marry her because of what happened today wont be worthy of her!!" said Anwar proudly.

But Zoya couldnt register his words in her mind BURDEN kept ringing into her ears.

"It's easy to say Anwar miya, but we r not in a fairy tale, it's easy to say but where will u find such a person?! The world is judgemental Anwar miya, it wont get quiet easily!! In our society if a man ditches a woman, its always the woman's fault!! Who will marry her a girl who has been ditched on her wedding day?!" said another woman from the crowd.

"I WILL MARRY ZOYA!!!" roared Asad, gaining everybody's attention along with Zoya's. "I'M READY TO MARRY ZOYA!!" said Asad softly looking towards Zoya.


PS: i hope i didnt offend anybody here writing this, offending anybody wasnt my attention.

Dec 31, 2013

CHAPTER 3 (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 36 times)

Hey guys,

Yes i updated it didnt turn out the way i wanted but still i hope u enjoy Wink


"I WILL MARRY ZOYA!!!" roared Asad, gaining everybody's attention along with Zoya's. "I'M READY TO MARRY ZOYA!!" said Asad softly looking towards Zoya.

Zoya was dumbstruck , she didnt know what to say, minutes ago, she thought that she was going to marry Ayaan, and now Asad says that he will marry her. She really had no answer to that...

"I..i..how..i.." stuttered Zoya in a low voice while looking at Asad with eyes which lack sparkles, a contrast to whenever they met before.

"Zoya, calm down, come with me i want to talk to u in private" said softly Asad, leading her to a room.

Zoya obediently followed him and once both were inside and Asad closed the door, she broke down again, she crashed herself on the floor while hiding her face in her delicate arms on the bed.

Asad got really worried and marched towards her and sat on the floor next to Zoya and he held her by her shoulders and made her face him, when she looked at him with sad tears filled eyes, Asad's heart broke into a million piece and the next second she crashed on his chest, crying, sobbing and burying herself further into his chest as if it would heal her and strangely it was working. Asad embraced her with his arms around her, soothing her, whispering sweet nothings into her ears, without even realising he dropped a kiss on her head.

Zoya continued to cry into his arms for many minutes more and then Asad broke the hug, still holding her by her shoulders, he wiped her tears and nodded his head in "no" signaling her not to cry and it was working, as if whatever Asad was saying uncounsciously Zoya obeyed.

"Zoya, why r u crying? I'm sure its not about Ayaan that u r crying right now, its something else i can see it in ur eyes, so tell me, why r u crying? Is it about what those hypocrites women said out there?" asked softly Asad to a broken Zoya, who looked at him as if he was an alien.

"Now dont look at me as if i'm an alien, i can read u like an open book, because ur eyes r the mirror of ur pure soul, i dont know about others but i can read ur eyes Zoya" said Asad softly to a Zoya who was looking down. Slowly Asad made her look into his eyes.

"Zoya u dont have to worry about such women in ur life because they r not worth it, such women r jobless, all they want is a subject to criticize a view or rather a person, so if u keep listening to such women u would never be able to be happy, if u know that u r true, Allah knows that u r true then why care about anybody else?" reasonned Asad.

"Its easy to say Asad but its harder to live with these taunts and that too when u r a woman, because sadly our society is so old-thinker that they still think that womem r the weaker ****" said Zoya shattered to a visibly deep thought Asad.

"Thats also true Zoya, but it doesnt mean that it lets u ruin ur own life! Its UR life so why would u live UR life according to the society!" said a confused Asad.

"I agree with u Asad, i know its my life and i have every right to live it the way i want but i love my Appi and Jiju i cant let them be disrespected because of me! But i cant even marry u, i cant let u ruin ur life because of me! U deserve THE BEST in ur life! And i'm sure u can find somebody better than me!" said a frustrated Zoya to Asad who was facepalming himself.

"Zoya i understand what u r feeling for ur Appi and jiju and i respect it. But Zoya, i really think u should get ur eyes checked" said Asad while sighing sadly.

Zoya furrowed her eyebrows confused, one second ago they were talking about the wedding and now he's suggesting her to get her eyes checked, was this man for real??

"What do u mean?? I am not understanding what u r saying about my eyes, i can see everything clearly!" said an exasperated Zoya.

"U r seriously blind Zoya!" to which he got hitted on his arm by Zoya. "Ouch! Ok, ok, i explain, till now i thought that even u would have realised but it seems that u r an idiot" said Asad while faking being hurt and rubbing his arm, but when he said this he got another little punch from Zoya.

"Please tell me clearly what the HELL u r talking about?!!" glared Zoya while shooting daggers at Asad through her eyes.

"Even Mrs. Sharma noticed!" said Asad pouting, sighing while nodding his head from left to right.

"Asad if u dont tell me CLEARLY what u want to say i'm leaving RIGHT NOW! And who's this Mrs. Sharma?!" threaten angrily Zoya but instantly when she said this, she heard 3 words from Asad who left her gaping.

"I LOVE U ZOYA!" confessed Asad, then sighed, as if a huge burden had been lifted from his chest.

"Yes Zoya, I LOVE U, i dont know how?? When?? Why?? I just know that since i met u, i felt a strong pull towards u...and Mrs. Sharma is my neighbour who i come across only once a month or maybe once after 2 months" confessed Asad while looking deep into Zoya's eyes who was looking at him with her eyes wide.

"I didnt agreed to marry u because of Ayaan, i agreed to marry u because i know that u r the person without whom i wont be able to live! Without whom i cant see my future!" continued Asad while holding her hands into his.

"Zoya, if u marry me, it doesnt mean that u have to love me, because ISHQ PE ZOR NAHI, so i cant force u to love me, but we can at least give this marriage a try, because if we dont try, we will always be regretting thinking "if i had marry u then..." and if we do but it doesnt work we will at least know that we tried" reasonned Asad softly to a Zoya who looked at him incrdulously.

"But Asad, we cant just play with our lives like this, marriage isnt a joke!" said Zoya to Asad who chuckled.

"But if we will be always thinking seriously how will a person enjoy his life! Life is for being enjoyed not for staying alive! Remember, it was u who told me this." replied a smiling Asad to a thinking Zoya.

"We cant say anything without giving it a try" continued Asad.

"But dont think that what i said outside that I WILL MARRY U is something i'm imposing u, not at all!! I said that to let u know that u r not a nobody-will-marry-u, but my proposal is still on, I WANT TO MARRY U but the decision is upto u and no matter what i will respect ur decision" said Asad smiling lightly, while exiting the room letting her take her decision calmly.

Zoya still couldnt believe her ears, did she just heard Asad saying I LOVE U to her?? To HER?!!

Zoya didnt know what to think, what to say, what to do...

She only met Asad a few times, could she marry him?? Just like that??

Zoya was in deep thought, then she remembered when she met Asad the second time...


5 months ago: ZOYA'S POV:

I wass thinking about the man i met a month ago (Asad) i was smiling thinking about his antics, i had this sudden urge to go to the Dargah, so i decided to go there.


I drove there and once i reached there, i couldnt help but feel angry at what was going on.

There were blind children more like teenagers outside the Dargah begging with a pot, suddenly there were 3 young people (goons) who came and pushed them on the ground and then laughed, they were about to leave, but before they could, a man with glares (Asad) grabbed their shoulders tightly, making them turn around.

Thats when I realised that the man was the man she met a month ago (Asad).

The man (Asad) said something to them with his jaw clenched, which made them fearful, the Man (Asad) made the blind teenagers stand up, and he put his hands on the head of one of them, then those 3 goons apologized to the young teenagers, then those goons picked up all the money they made fall from the teenagers' pot to the Man's saying (Asad's). Then those goons ran for their lives.

I couldnt help but smile at the Man's kindness (Asad's), and i kept looking at them.

After that, the Man (Asad) took the guitar from one of those teenagers and started singing one of my favourite song: TERE BIN SANU SONIYA. (The song that Asad sang in the 1st episode of QH).

The Man's singing brought the attention of everybody around him and everybody kept some money in the pot.

I was grinning while hearing him singing, he had a beautiful voice, i prefered his singing than the original one.

After finishing the song, the Man (Asad) gave the full pot of money to one of those teenagers, and all started to cry to his gratefulness, he wiped their tears and kissed their foreheads. Their was a little girl (blind) who came towards the Man (Asad), with the help of his voice, and hugged the Man (Asad), he smiled and hugged her back while dropping a little kiss on her head.

This scene brought tears to my eyes, happy that there were still some people out there who didnt forgot humanity, at that exact moment i felt something towards him, RESPECT.

Then i decided to finally enter the Dargah while putting my dupatta on my head. I offered some chaddar and flowers to the Maulvi there and i sat there, i was about to start my Duaa but the sight in front of me made me stop what i was doing.

In front of me, there was the same Man (Asad) who was doing his Sajda (bowing) with his head covered with a handkershief, and then he sat properly , closed his eyes and holded his hands in front of him, asking his Duaa.

I didnt know why i was staring at him, his peaceful face wasnt letting me tore my eyes from him, after staring at him for some minutes, i closed my eyes and started my Duaa, after asking for peace in her Duaa, i opened my eyes, and i saw him (Asad) staring at me, we were lost into each other's eyes.

Then we got back to reality, stood up and exit the Dargah.

"Hey, what r u doing here? Oops, stupid question!" said the Man (Asad) scratching the back of his head, while i smiled.

"Hmm, it was very nice of u, what u did for those children" i said awkwardly to fill the silence between us.

"Oh that was nothing, some people think that they r better than others so they misbehave but i cant tolerate such disgusting behaviour" replied the Man (Asad).

I didnt know why but i wanted to continue to talk to him, whenever i would talk to him, i feel a kind of relief, of peace.

"By the way, i'm Zoya" i said with my right hand raised to be shaken.

"I'm Asad, i'm glad to finally know ur name, we talked a lot last time, i mean the 1st time we met but didnt even introduce ourselves" said Asad smiling while shaking my hand.

I felt AGAIN the current i felt when i touched him for the first time and i'm sure he felt the same bacause he was looking at our hands, we stayed like this for a moment but then realised and let go of each other's hand.

I didnt know why i wanted to talk to him, to be with him, but Appi called to know where i was because she was worried, so she told me to come home, so i obliged and said my bye.

I returned home thinking about him all the way.


Zoya came back to reality then thought about something that her Appi always used to say "dont marry the person u love, but marry the person who loves u..."

Ayaan used to say "i love u" to Zoya but he never did something sweet for her or something to show her that he loves her.

But Asad, she didnt met him so many times before, but still he said that he loves her and that he wants to marry her, he wants to be commited to her, and her to him, he didnt even wanted to hear a word against her, and Ayaan, he was because of whom, she had to hear insults, she decided that she would agree to marry him.

Zoya came outside, in the hall, all eyes were on her, Asad's eyes were searching into her eyes an answer, a positive answer.

"I'M READY TO MARRY ASAD" declared Zoya much to Asad's joy.

Asad felt as if he was the happiest man on Earth.

They proceed the wedding rituals and both sai QUBOOL HAI to each other...


Pheeeww! Finally!! I didnt like this chapter much, i think it sucked but still do leave comments

Jan 3, 2014

CHAPTER 4 (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 38 times)

Hey guys,

first of all i wish u all happy new year 2014!!!!!! and yes here is ur new year gift;D enjoy


After the wedding rituals, there was a lot of crying from Zeenat and Zoya, after all they were like mother-daughter, because who said that relationships can only be build by blood and not by love?

Zoya was crying, she didnt want to be separated from Zeenat, but she had to go...to her husband's house which from now on would be hers too, she decided to give this wedding a try, after all, she wasnt in love with Ayaan but still she agreed to marry him, actually she liked Ayaan, not a liking like love but liked as a friend, thats why she agreed to marry him, because there was "no-risk" of being married to a stranger, to a person with whom she couldnt spend her life with, she always have been scared of being left... Thats the reason behind her cries when she got to know that Ayaan left her... In her mind, she had accepted Ayaan as her husband... So when he left her, her fear which came only in her dreams, became true in front of her...

But then, Asad was there for her, he stood for her, the thing Ayaan never did for her even after confessing his "love" to her... Asad always made her feel a feeling of relief, of peace...of being protected, safe after that day...


3rd encouter: 4 months ago:

Zoya went to her friend's hotel who came visiting India from New-York, she met her after so long that she didnt realised the track of time, it was already 9 pm! So she left from there and was driving home, when her car broke down in a dark street, she felt so angry at her luck! Then she decided to call Anwar but unfortunately there was no network!

So she had no other ways but to walk till home!

Zoya was wearing a white anarkali suit, started to walk, she felt a little cold but she had no sweater, she was hugging herself out of cold while walking.

Zoya was continuing to walk but she felt lost, it was very dark and she felt helpless, she wanted to cry but she didnt because she knew that crying wouldnt help either, she continued to walk...

After 5 minutes, she came across 3 young men, who looked a lot like hooligans, she didnt wanted to ask them but she had no others ways.

So she asked them what was the name of the street they were on...

"R u lost?? Do u want me to drop u home??" said the one of the goon smirking to a visibly scared Zoya who started taking steps backwards while they were taking steps towards her.

"Did u see ur face?? As if a hot chick like her will go out with a burnt potato like u?! Come with me babe, i promise u will love my company!" said one of the goons who seem to be the "leader" of their groop, while looking at her with lustful eyes and a smirk.

"Dont come near me! I'm telling u, u will regret it!" replied Zoya trying to not be seem scared but she was frightened.

All the goons broke into a fit of laughter, throwing their heads back, she took the opportunity and ran from there. When they saw her trying to run away, one of them tried to grab her from her shoulder, tearing her sleeve from her shoulder, she didnt even bother to turn towards them, she ran for her life.

The goons ran after her, then Zoya tripped over her feet and fell down, tearing and bruising her knee with blood coming out of it. They caught her, made her stand and threw her dupatta away, while she cringed and begged to stop, they laughed at her for thinking that they would leave her. They tore her other sleeve completely, they started to tear one of the drape of her anarkali suit.

Zoya cried, shouted, begged, she tried to get herself free, but their grip was too strong for her.

They were tearing her suit.

"Dont u think that 3 men against 1 girl is unfair?!" fumed Asad in his grey suit with a grey and black checked tie and his hands locked behind his back.

Everybody turned towards him, Zoya sent a thankful prayer to her Allah Miya.

"Lets play fair, you 3 dry bones against me!" said Asad while picking her dupatta and marching towards Zoya.

Asad detangled their filthy hands from her arms and put her dupatta on either of her shoulders then took off his jacket, placing it on her shoulders, then he bent down and tied his handkershief over her knee, he stood up and hugged her side-ways, preventing her from shaking.

When Zoya felt his arm around her shoulder, she stopped shaking and looked at him, he just wiped her tears and gave her an assuring smile.

"Hey Hero, stay away, we saw her first!"

When he said that, Asad directly punched that filthy man's jaw hard, making him fall back, hurling "She's not an object to be anybody's property!"

Asad loosened his tie and rolled his sleeves up till his elbow and looked at the 2 other with fire spitting his eyes, they tried to run away but Asad kept his hands on a shoulder of both, turning them around.

"So, where were we? I said me against the 3 of u, but one of ur friend is already lying unconscious, and u both r running away?! I'm done with one of ur gang's member but what about both of u? I believe in justice so i dont want both of u being jealous of ur friend lying on the ground, so lets start?" said Asad with a huge grin, while both hooligans were scared to death looking at his biceps.

"What r u looking at?? Oh them?? Do u know how i got them?? By beating people up!" told Asad while grinning at them and patting their scared heads.

"Please leave us, we promise to never look at a girl in a bad way ever, but please leave us!!" begged the 2 men.

Asad just grabbed their collars tightly and made them collide into each other forcefuly hardly. "Women r not any less than men! They have a right of being respected as much as men! But scum bags like u can never understand that! And ur intentions make me want to shed all ur blood from ur filthy bodies!!!" fumed Asad while continuing to make them collide even when they fainted he continued waiting for some blood to come out, finally he left them when they were motionless.

At first, Zoya was admiring him for what he was telling, shouting at them but then Zoya looked at Asad wide eyed as if asking him how did he managed to do that, he shrugged ans smiled while scratching the back of his head, but she still continued to stare at him in shock.

"Zoya, why r u looking at me like that? I'm feeling shy." said Asad to lighten the mood, she looked at him who was looking down and stealing glances at her.

After a few seconds they looked at each other and burst out laughing. Zoya couldnt stop laughing, while Asad laughed but then looked at her angelic face and was mesmerized by her AGAIN.

"Ok, ok enough, i'm not a joker for u to laugh at me like this!" pouted Asad but only he knew how much he was happy that she was laughing and not in some kind of shock or crying.

"But Zoya, uhm what r u doing so late at night outside? I mean that uhmm its not safe..." asked Asad nervously not wanting to make her cry, but he wanted to scold her from roaming aroung this late and that too in such dark streets, anything could happen if he was not here!

"Actually my car broke down in the middle of the road and i couldnt call my Jiju because i had no network, so i started to walk, but it was dark so i didnt understand where to go, i was scared, lost... and then...then i saw them...i didnt had a choice but to ask them...and..and they..." Zoya couldnt continue talking between her sobs because Asad pulled her into a hug and hushed her.

Zoya clutched onto his shirt tightly, thinking about what could have happened to her if Asad wouldnt have been there, she snuggled even more closer to him, hiding in his chest, while Asad consoled her, hugging her back tightly, knowing that she would want some comfort.

After some time they broke away from each other.

"Since both of our cars r on strike, yes mine too broke down thats how i got here, i will walk u home" said Asad.

"No its ok, u must be getting late too, i will manage..." replied Zoya, only to have a dimple smile.

"Zoya u have to know something about me, and that is that i'm very stubborn, so i wont let u "manage" to go at ur home, so dont argue and come i will walk u to ur house." said Asad to Zoya who agreed.

Zoya took a step forward but regret taking it because it hurted her knee even more.

Asad immediately was at her side, holding her around her shoulder and asked worried "r u ok?"

Zoya nodded but Asad didnt left her shoulder, supporting her, they continued to walk further. Asad wanted to scoop her into his arms but knew that Zoya would be uncomfortable.

They started to walk in silence.

"Zoya, r u planning to kill me??" asked Asad after moments of silence.

"Why would i want to kill u?" asked Zoya very confused and frowning at him.

"Because , u r not talking! I mean u r in some deep thoughts, and i am getting bored" pouted Asad.

"Tss, tss, tss, poor baby..." replied Zoya with fake sadness, while he smirked.

On the way, talking to him, he felt her shiver and pulled her closer to his chest, holding her, she put her head on his chest, while he rubbed her shoulder with his hand to keep her warm, and smiled looking down at her innocence face.

They both talked about everything yet nothing and finally reached Zoya's home, they parted from each other awkwardly.

Zoya was about to take off his jacket but Asad stopped her.

"Dont! I mean keep it, i dont mind, i mean ur clothes..." stammered Asad nervously, not able to choose his words.

"Thank u Asad" said Zoya and placed a kiss on his cheek, not knowing what she was doing.

At that Asad's eyes got wide and looked at her thats when she realised what she did and started to blush, she was crimson red.

Asad kissed her cheek too, which got her eyes wide, while he just smiled and said that "i dont believe in keeping debts" he winked at her and left grinning from there.

******FLASHBACK ENDS******

Asad holded her in his arms to stop her from crying. As always, she hid into his chest, and he made her sit in the car, she kept on crying while Asad was just holding her, comforting her, after a lot of crying, she fell asleep on his chest, he caressed her face and dropped a kiss on her forehead and he promised himself to do his best to keep her happy.

When they reached home, Asad didnt wanted to wake her up since it had been a long day for her, he just scooped her into his arms while she snuggled into his chest, and took her to his room, he layed her down on the bed and caressed her face, he kissed her forehead and left after covering her with the duvet.

He came into the hall and made some phone calls, after those calls Ayaan got disowned from the Khan family and had no bond them.

It was true that Asad loved Ayaan like a father would love his son, but that was before betraying somebody, Asad could forgive anybody but not liars and betrayers, and if they would hurt anybody Asad loved, and Asad loved Zoya, he would never ever forgive that person, even if the person turned out to be his own brother. Asad was a nice guy but it didnt mean that people could misuse his kindness...

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CHAPTER 5 (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 42 times)


After the call, Asad told Dilshad his decision, which didnt shock her further because she knew that Ayaan was very wrong and what he did was unforgivable. A mother cant be angry to her son for long, but when that same son didnt care of what his mother, the woman who gave him birth will be going through because of him when he will leave her without asking her, if not asking, telling her but no, he didnt find it necessary to tell his own mother that he's going away, didnt even let a mother hug her son to her chest because he was going away from her. And as a woman, even by mistake she couldnt forgive him for what he did, he left her on her wedding day and that too by a TEXT MESSAGE!

And on the other hand there is Asad, a mature, responsible, caring, loving, kind and intelligent son, who will never go against his mother, because she means the world for him, when Asad loved somebody, he loved with all his might, he will do anything to protect them.

Both were her sons, both got the same amount of love, they have been brought up the same way, so why, why were they so different?

"Ammi, i dont want the mention of Ayaan in this house from now on. Zoya is now MY wife and a part of our family, and i know that the mention of Ayaan would make her uncomfortable , so..." Asad said while leaving his sentence incomplete for his mother to understand him, to complete him.

"But Asad, tomorrow Najma is coming back from her fashion designing course in Paris, what will we say?" Dilshad asked Asad and he said that we will see that tomorrow.

"Ok now Asad, go and wake Zoya up, here is your food and hers, both of you need to talk, so have dinner in your room, even i'm tired so i'm going to sleep"said Dilshad while handing him 2 plates of biryani.

He took them and went towards his room.


Meanwhile, Zoya woke up and saw that she was not in her room, of course how could she be? After all she was married now.

But she couldnt deny the fact that the room was breath-takingly beautiful (same as Asad's room in KV).

Zoya felt a bit awkward, after all, she was married and she was on her wedding-bed, even though it wasnt decorated with flowers, she did felt awkward. She didnt know what to do, she was still in her bridal-dress. She knew Asad, she was comfortable with him, but that was before knowing their nikkah, before knowing about his feelings. It was awkward for her to behave the same way as before, she felt odd now being HIS wife, Asad's WIFE, before becoming Mrs. Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. "Wow, the name seems powerful!" And she chuckled at her own thinking.

Then she heard footsteps, she knew they were Asad's, she quickly layed down again and pretended to be asleep.

Asad took a deep breath before opening the door and when he did , he couldnt help but smile at how cute she looked while sleeping, he came near the bed and put the plates on the side-table while he sat on his knees on the floor facing her with a little smile , then called "Zoya." She didnt respond so he shook a bit her shoulder while calling her out "Zoya..wake up..come on, you have to eat.."

Zoya turned around still pretending to be asleep, making him face her back. "I'm not hungry..."she said in a sleepy voice, thats when her stomach grumbled and he chuckled.

"Really? Ok, dont eat i will eat these 2 plates of biryani myself and it wont be hard since biryani is my favourite dish..." Asad tried with a smirk.

Zoya's mouth watered, if there was something that she couldnt resist was biryani, she just loved it, it was her favourite dish too and when her stomach grumbled again, she sat up and turned towards him, only to see him crossed-arms with a devilish smirk on his face and eyes filled with amu****t.

Zoya pouted and turned her face away, Asad chuckled at her expressions then sat up on the bed in front of her, she looked away.

"Ok, ok, here is your plate" said Asad making her smile, when she was about to take her plate, Asad pulled it away from her, making her pout again. "Before eating, go and change, you must be very uncomfortable in this heavy lehnga , Allah only knows, how you slept in this..." continued Asad while making faces.

"No, i want to eat before, i'm hungry!" Zoya exlaimed while trying to grab the plate from Asad, but he pulled it away.

"Hungry?! Says the person who just said "i 'm not hungry..."" Asad said while mimicking her voice and she gasped and sat on her knees on the bed with her hands on her hips.

"I dont talk like that!" Zoya said while pointing a finger at him while he reciprocated her, sitting on his knees on the bed facing her.

""I dont talk like that!"" Asad mimicked Zoya again and she was getting angry so Asad thought about stopping it.

"Ok, ok, sorry! But i'm serious, first you go to change, then you eat, because seeing you in this heavy dress and all these ornaments is making me uncomfortable, i wouldnt be able to swallow my food" said Asad while she giggled.

"Tss, tss, tss, too bad for you Asad! I want my biryani now!" Zoya said mischievously and he raised a brow.

"Really? Ok, then you can always try to take it from me!" He smirked and pulled the plate up his head, in the air with his hand.

Zoya struggled to take the plate from him, he was taller than her, then while trying she jumped and collided with his chest, making him lost his balance and he immediately grabbed Zoya's waist, preventing her to be hurt, he fell backwards on the bed with Zoya on top of him, and biryani falling on them, while the plate landed next to them, both were staring at each other, then the chicken piece fell on Asad's face, making both of them burst out in laugh, unknowingly making his grip on her waist tighter.

They couldnt stop laughing, where in films we see flowers falling on the hero-heroine, here, BIRYANI was falling on them and the chicken piece was the cherry on the top!

Then Asad calmed down and looked at Zoya who was still laughing freely, her smile warmed his heart, hoping to always keep her this happy. Zoya looked at him who had stop laughing and was looking at her intensely, he had rice on his cheeks, on his eyelashes, on his eyebrows, on his forehead , in his hair and the chicken piece on his throat. He looked so funny, she couldnt help but burst out in laugh looking at him, but then she realised their position and tried to get up, but Asad's arm was around her waist, gripping on her, she tried to get up only to fall back on his chest, when she fell back Asad came out from Lala-land and realised that she was trying to get up but his arm was preventing her.

Awkwardly, Asad removed his arm, thats when he noticed her blush, "she's so cute!" was all his heart saying.

Zoya tried to get up again, but still she was falling on him again and again, even though his arm wasnt around her anymore, he chuckled which made her blush even more, then he grabbed her shoulders and rolled over her, so that he was on top of her and she was under him, now she looked like a tomato! He grinned at her and shook his head so that all the rice fell on her, she closed her eyes tightly and this time it was him who laughed at her, then he got up.

"Cool! Now you cant do anything else than going to change!" He laughed while looking at her who was pouting, then he forwarded his hand so that she could get up with his help.

Zoya didnt know why she wasnt able to get up herself, maybe because she's hungry since morning, so she didnt argue and took his hand, he pulled her and she directly landed on his chest. Asad blowed on her face, so that some rice fall down. "Biryani!" He whispered.

"We should have a shower" said Zoya, Asad's eyes widden, thats when she realised, what she said rather what it sounded, she was RED! "I..i mean.. i then u...or u then me..."

Asad smirked but didnt say anything not wanting to make her even more uncomfortable.

"Uhm where is my suitcase?" Zoya asked trying to sound normal while she was very embarassed, Asad was speechless, he didnt know where it must, even if they brought it or not.

"I dont know" Asad said while looking down in a low voice.

"What do you mean by you dont know?!" Zoya asked while getting agitated.

"Zoya, please, its late now and we cant go to Appi's place for your suitcase at this hour, and asking them to send your suitcase will look odd" Asad said calmly.

"Then what should i do?!" Zoya was exasperated now, she sat on the bed with her head in her hands.

After sometime, Asad spoke. "I have a suggestion, please dont be mad! Think about it before lashing out on me" he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and continued. "Wear my clothes..." He said while expecting her to shout at him but surprisingly, he didnt heard anything, he opened his eyes only to see her blushing, he sighed in relief.

Asad walked up to his wardrobe and took two of his white kurta-pyjamas which he uses to wear at night, he walked back to her and saw her removing her ornaments, he cleared his throat and gave her the clothing.

"You can use the bathroom i will go in the guestroom's bathroom" said Asad and she just nodded.

He was about to leave but then turned around and saw her struggling with her earing, he walked back to her and stood just behind her, then asked softly. "May i?"

Making Zoya realise that he was just behind her, close behind her, she was fidgeting with it since 5 minutes so thought of letting him help.

When his cold fingers touched her skin, she felt a current through her spine, he detangled the earing and left it on the dressing table and left silently.

Zoya had her eyes closed since he touched her and she was trying to control her breath, she didnt know why was he affecting her so much.


Asad showered and was wearing his famous kurta-pyjama, when he got back into THEIR room, she was still in the shower, thats when he remembered the mess that they created on bed, he looked at it and was shocked to see the blanket curled in a side while the bedsheet was covering the bed and there was rice all over the bed with the chicken piece in the middle, pillows covers were also dirty, so he thought of "doing the bed".

When he finished arranging the bed with a clean bedsheet, another blanket and clean pillow covers, thats when a click brought him out of his thoughts, he looked towards the door to see Zoya in his kurta with her wet hair dripping water on her shoulders and was wearing a black tights, he was just mesmerized by her beauty.

When she came out, she saw him fresher, glowing and it seemed that he just arranged the bed.

"Uhm, the kurta's pyjama was too loose so i wore again the tights i wore under the lehnga." Zoya explained while looking down, thats when he snapped out of his thoughts.

"Its ok, now come, you were hungry? Here have your biryani!" Asad spoke smiling, filling the awkward silence much to Zoya's relief.

Zoya was about to sit on the bed.

"STOP!!" Asad shouted, Zoya got alarmed and stood up. "Zoya, do you want me to become a maid?" Asad asked sadly, while she was getting confused.

"Uhm...no..why?" Zoya asked in confusion.

"Because if you eat here, i will have to change the bedsheet again.." Asad smiled sadly and she frowned.

"What do you mean by that?! You mean that i'm messy?!" Zoya asked angrily while putting her hands on her hips.

"And what if i say YES?" Asad asked mischievously while smirking at her, she gasped and ran after him around the room, while he laughed at her for not being able to catch him. Exhausted, both decided to stop and sat on the couch while laughing.

Then Asad got up and went to heat the plate of biryani, thats when he saw that there was nothing left to eat, all the wedding dishes were distributed to guests at the wedding hall. Asad took the plate and went into the room handed Zoya the plate.

"You eat, i will just come back" said Asad while getting up.

"But where are you going?" Zoya asked him and he was trying to find an excuse.

"I will just bring some water" Asad said while getting out of the room. Asad didnt want to stay in the room because if he would, Zoya would want to share her plate knowing that he didnt ate yet, but he wanted her to eat the full plate because he was sure that she didnt ate since morning, her face was givint it all away, her eyes were twinkling when she saw the plate of biryani, how could he let her share her plate with him, when she, herself was hungry since morning! He couldnt let that happen, thats why he left while making an excuse.

In the room, Zoya was wondering about his strange behaviour, when she was about to have the 1st spoon of the rice, she saw the full jug of water on the side-table. Now she was sure that there was something fishy with Asad, without having the 1st spoon she got up , grabbed the jug and opened the room's door and she saw him making himself coffee while rubbing his stomach, she went to him quietly and stood behind him.

"Asad!" Zoya called him and he, startled gasped, she giggled.

"Zoya, what are you doing here? Go and eat." Asad ordered Zoya, who raised her eyebrows while looking at him.

"Actually, i wanted to have water before eating, and since this full jug, seemed empty to you, i came to show that there is water in it" she said sarcastically while showing him the jug.

Asad hung his head low.

"Why did you lie, Asad?" Zoya asked seriously.

"Nothing, i just came to have a coffee" said Asad casually, while avoiding looking in her eyes.

"Asad! I said stop lying!" Zoya said angrily.

"Voh...actually...there is nothing else left to eat..." Asad said in a low voice.

"So? Its ok, we can share!" Zoya stated obviously, while he shook his head.

"But you didnt ate anything since morning!" Asad exclaimed, thats when it dawned upon her that he didnt want her to fall ill and she smiled.

"Ok, you wont eat the biryani so i will cook you something!" Zoya said excitedly but her excitement made Asad feel something wrong.

"Zoya, did you ever cooked?" Asad asked in a low voice, scared of the answer.

"No!" Zoya replied grinning. "But there is always a first time!" She continued while he looked at her wide-eyed.

"You know what Zoya? I think there is still some chicken in the fridge, i will heat it and eat it..." Asad tried to escape but he was caught once again.

"Dont lie there is no chicken in the fridge!" Zoya replied while pretending to be hurt.

"Asad, i was joking! I can at least cook some noodles!" Zoya said this determinedly and Asad smiled and nodded.

Asad helped Zoya in the kitchen , cutting vegetables to add with the noodles.

When it was cooked, they put some in a plate and walked back to their room not wanting to disturb Dilshad.

Both sat on the couch and started eating their respective food.

"Masha Allah! Try these noodles! They are just perfect!" Asad said happily.

Zoya reached with her fork into Asad's plate while he reached into hers.

"Delicious!" Both said in unisson and giggled, then went back to their plates.

After eating, there was the awkwardness of the sleeping arrangement, both didnt knew what to say or what to do, it was just something that they didnt thought before.

Asad didnt want to make Zoya uncomfortable by sleeping on the same bed so he took his pillow and a blanket from the cupboard and placed them on the couch while Zoya was looking at him.

"You can have the bed, i will sleep here" Asad said softly.

"Asad, i dont know about you but i consider you as a friend" started Zoya and he nodded saying "me too".

"Ok, and you agree that in friendship there is TRUST, because without TRUST, there is no relationship possible" Zoya continued while Asad was getting confused at what was she talking about.

"Zoya, what are you trying to say?" Asad asked softly looking tired.

"Look Asad, i know that both of us didnt know that both of us will get married to each other TODAY! And i dont want you to change your daily routine because of me, after all you are a businessman and you have a lot of work to do in your office all day, its a tiring work for which you need to be fresh and have a good night sleep, so i was thinking that you...if you could sleep on the same bed because you are tall and the couch is small, and it doesnt look very comforta..." Zoya blabbered nervously but was stopped by Asad' s hand on her mouth and he smiled.

"Do you know that you are too cute when you are blabbering nervously?" Asad started and Zoya started to blush. "I will sleep on the bed, only if you have no doubts about me..." Asad continued softly and let go of his hand on her mouth.

"I TRUST YOU Asad..." Zoya said softly to a now smiling Asad. "Thank you..." This was Asad's only answer.

Both were staring at each other, then Asad took his pillow from the couch and put it on the bed. Both layed down on the bed and switched off the lights, Asad fell asleep after some time but Zoya was far away from sleeping, thinking about whatever happened today, she turned to see Asad's peaceful face sleeping, he was her angel, who saved her...


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CHAPTER 6 (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 32 times)

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After laying down on the bed, it didnt take much time to Asad to fall asleep, he came back this morning from London to assist his brother's wedding but instead, himself got married, that too to the girl he loves, he was happy and promised himself to keep her happy too, he fell asleep with a sweet smile adorning his face.

Zoya went through so much since morning, and now that she thinks about it, her conversation on phone with Ayaan yesterday night, when he was breathless, moaning and gasping... (1st chapter) she felt disgusted realizing what was happening and was glad to not had married him. Ayaan was now her past, that sad chapter which will be always engraved in her memories besides she never ever loved Ayaan, he used to be just a good friend who proposed her telling her "You dont know how much i love you Zoya..." but it was the end of that chapter now her present and future everything is going to revolve around Asad.

She married him, her guardian angel Asad, he was always there to save her from any kind of trouble and yes he was NOT AT ALL like Ayaan...

Asad was sweet, caring but without any hypocrizy, it was his nature, always smiling, making people around him happy which brings a smile on his own face, she had an angel as her husband, soon even she fell asleep...

In the early morning, it was still dawn, Asad woke up lying on his back, feeling something wet on his throat, thats when he realised that there was a weight on all the left side of his body, he slowly opened his eyes and found Zoya stuck to him with her head on his neck literally drooling in her sleep and she was almost lying on his left side body while her legs had encircled his preventing him to move away from her without her waking up, seeing her so close , he felt something for her, he turned a little making her come nose to nose with him, he just stared at her , she was beautiful even in her sleep, her face looked babylike innocent, seeing her like this was not less than a treat. Then he noticed a lock of hair was disturbing her sleep, gently, as lightly he could, he tugged the lock behind her ear while slowly caressing her cheek, she stirred and Asad closed his eyes, while Zoya opened hers.

When Zoya opened her eyes, she was quite shocked to see Asad so close, but what was more shocking was to see that her legs were encircling his legs not letting him move, when she looked up, all she saw was a sleeping Asad with something wet on his throat with a rosy mark...wait that was her lipstick, so it means that the wetness around the lipstick mark was undoubtedly her drool, HER DROOL!

Slowly Zoya released his legs, Asad was about to open his eyes but then he felt her soft fingers on his throat, he was controlling his breathing not letting her know that he was awake.

Zoya was trying to wipe the drool and the lipstick mark but when it wasnt going, she rubbed lightly now wanting to "wake him up", when the mark finally went, she was about to turn away and get up from the bed, but as soon as she turned away, Asad put his hand around her, which landed on her stomach, she gasped when he touched her, it was a kind of current which passed through her, she felt him getting closer to her back, soon his front touched her back, he nuzzled her hair on the back of her head, stil eyes closed and even she closed her eyes feeling his nose nuzzling her hair, she was wondering if he was awake, and she got her answer on the next second.

"Playing with my senses early in the morning, Mrs. Khan?" Asad asked in a husky voice still eyes closed , Zoya was shocked to hear that he was awake, blush immediately crept up her cheeks and she realised how he called her, he called her "Mrs. Khan" and it sounded... Nice, good, beautiful...

"Voh...i..u.." Zoya stuttered while he smiled.

"Not fair Mrs. Khan, you got to play with me and that too when you thought that i was asleep..." Asad started nuzzling his nose in her hair again, her eyes closed tightly, controlling her breathing and more heat creeping on her cheeks while hearing and feeling what he was doing to her. Asad didnt realised that he may have crossed the bondaries that Zoya said last night, but it was also true that here mere presence made him go unpredictable. Asad pulled her hair away from her neck, and placed a kiss over her throat, she gasped and closed her eyes tightly.

"I already told you once that i play fair so i dont keep any debts" Asad said huskily near her ear.

"Asad.." It was all that Zoya could say, or rather whisper.

On hearing her whisper, he took it as a sign to stop, he opened his eyes, reality came back crushing onto him. He losened his grip on her stomach but not letting her go completely letting her choose if she wanted to stay like this or if she wanted to go...

Zoya was in dilemma, she wanted to get up but didnt wanted to leave the warm and comfortable arms of her angel, Zoya knew that Asad wouldnt cross his bondaries without her agreeing, so what was the harm in wanting to lie in her husband's open arms for her?

When he was about to completely let go of her, she closed her eyes and turned around moving closer her head to his chest but not resting it there still shy to do so while he was pleasantly surprised, he opened his eyes momentarily to look at her but her face was hidden with her hair and his chest. He took this as a sign that she wanted to lie in his arms, he closed his eyes and grinned to himself and pulled her by her waist closer to himself, making her head finally rest against his chest, near his heart, and his hands around her waist trying to pull her closer if it was even possible both took a long sigh as if expressing their contentment of lying in this position. In the comfort of his arms, Zoya went back to sleep, while Asad shifted closer once again while sighing and he too, went back to sleep, after all it was still dawn...

Falling asleep in such a comfort after years, made them wake up a bit late, but the best thing was that neither of them were regretting it, actually they didnt wanted to quit the bed, because it would make them lose each other's close, warm and comfortable presence.

Zoya looked at the clock and stood up on the bed startling a still-sleepy Asad.

"Allah Miya! Its already 10am! Asad wake up, what must be Aunty thinking?! Asad! My clothes! You said that you would make my suitcase come!" Zoya was nervously saying whatever was coming in her mind, "Now, how will i go in front of Aunty?! I cant go like this! Its not approp..." She got interrupted when Asad pulled her down, she landed on top of him.

"Shhh!" Asad said while placing his index finger on his lips, "Calm down and look next to the wardrobe." Zoya looked there to see her suitcase over there, blush crept on her cheeks, "i promised you that i will make it come and i always fulfill my promises" Asad said softly while looking into her eyes.

A knock brock their trance, "Asad, wake up, you have to go and pick Najma up from the airport!" Dilshad said loudly at the other side of the door.

When Zoya heard Dilshad's voice, she got up and took some clothes from her suitcase and was rushing in the bathroom but Asad grabbed her arm before she could go inside.

"Yes Ammi, i'm coming!" Asad shouted back and turned back at Zoya.

"Zoya, i'm getting late, i have to pick Najma, please let me go first." Asad requested Zoya.

"Oh really?! You were the one because of whom we are late and now you want to go first?! No ways! I'm going first!" Zoya argued.

"Because of me?! And how was it because of me?" Asad asked trying to occupy her and started taking clothes from the wardrobe, but Zoya wasnt a fool, when he went towards the wardrobe, she entered the bathroom and locked it.

"I'm not a fool Mr. Khan! Zoya-1 and Asad-0" Zoya said giggling in the bathroom to Asad on the other side of the door when he had started banging the door of the bathroom, he had a sly smile on his face and walked to another room's bathroom with his clothes.


Zoya was wearing:

Zoya was very nervous to face Dilshad, after whatever happened since yesterday, she was pacing the room.

Zoya was scared that what if Dilshad held against her that Ayaan went away because of her, what if she (Dilshad) says that she had married Asad only to save herself and blame her of destroying her other son's life, she was hell scared because it was Asad's mother, Asad's world revolved around her mother, what if his mother started hating her and blaming her for what happened to her.

Zoya had been close to Dilshad ever since their first meeting but she had also saw that Ayaan was very pampered by Dilshad, that she loved her son a lot, what if she taunts her that she jumped from a brother to another, creating a rift between them.

Then a knock broke her trance, she thought that it was Asad and rushed to the door but when she opened the door and saw Dilshad, she felt very uncomfortable, she was nervous to see her only and when there was that knock, she expected that it would be Asad, but it was the person she was the most worried to face, Dilshad.

Dilshad smiled softly at Zoya, Zoya was unsure what to say? How to react? She just smiled back but it looked more like a grimace.

"Can i come in, Zoya?" Dilshad asked after a moment, Zoya smacked her head inwardly, but just nodded vigourously to Dilshad while siding to let her come in.

Dilshad sat on the bed and patted the place next to her, telling Zoya to come and sit, she sat next to her, fidgeting with her dupatta, Dilshad placed her hands onto Zoya's, Zoya looked at her but there was only an apologic expression on Dilshad's face and tears threatening to roll down, shocking Zoya.

"I'm sorry Zoya, i'm sorry... Because of Ayaan, you had to go through so much!" Dilshad's tears rolled down thinking about what this gold-hearted girl has been through because of her son, "He destroyed your life! He made you take a huge step in your life that no girl would like to take in haste! I'm sorry Zoya..." Dilshad cried.

Zoya looked at Dilshad in wonder, she had been scared to face this woman, who was apologizing for whatever happened to her because of his son? She was still in disbelief which prevented her to react but Dilshad took it as her being too hurt, she was about to take back her hands but before she could, Zoya realized what Dilshad was saying and assuming hearing no response from her, Zoya took Dilshad's hands in hers and teared up.

Zoya hugged Dilshad startling her, Zoya's tears were rolling down her cheeks, relieved of her MIL's thinking and she kept whispering "Thank you Aunty!" That confused Dilshad even more, why was she thanking her, but still she hugged her back.

After some time, Dilshad broke the hug and wiped Zoya's tears, smiling warmly at her, Zoya felt Dilshad's motherhood even more magical than before, she could see in Dilshad a loving and caring mother.

"Beta, why were you thanking me?" Dilshad asked confused, while Zoya looked down.

"Actually, i was scared of your reaction about all this..." Zoya started, "I mean with everything that happened since yesterday, with Asad marrying me, i mean, i thought that maybe you would hold me responsible of being away from your own son and...i...its...maybe think that i am destroying your other son's life..." Zoya was interrupted by Dilshad's soft voice.

"Zoya, whatever happened wasnt your fault, you were the victim in it, not the one who conspirated all this, what Ayaan did was disgusting, insensitive and unforgivable... And on that i'm on your side, because the son who didnt even care about his own mother's respect and honour and did all this doesnt deserve any forgiveness from the people he hurted while doing so..." Dilshad started confidently, "And about your wedding with Asad, i dont have any problems, because the moment i saw you i knew that you would light up my house which will turn into a home...about Asad, i trust him, he's not impulsive and i know that both of you knew each other before exactly knowing how you were related, i wont ask any questions about that because its your and Asad's personal matter, a husband-wife's personal matter in which a mother has no rights to say anything... But when Asad made the decision of marrying you yesterday, i saw a glint in his eyes, as if making the best and biggest decision of his life without any doubts, without any second thoughts, just confident of his decision, knowing him, he will do his best to keep his word whenever he promises you something.

Dilshad's words were touching her heart so warmly, she loved this woman.

"And yes, if you call me "Aunty" once again, i will start treating you the same way, MIL's treat their DIL in soaps!" Zoya laughed, "i want you to call me "Ammi" because you are my daughter before being my daughter-in-law.". Dilshad told Zoya, who didnt know what to say but just nodded quickly before launching herself in Dilshad's open arms, crying of delight of having a mother, of not being an orphan anymore...


Meanwhile Asad reached the airport and was waiting in the terminal for his baby sister, eager to see her after a year of separation.

Najma was wearing:

Najma was walking searching for her Bhaijaan and when she spotted him she left all her luggage and ran to hug him, she missed him so much!!!

Najma was always the only sister of Asad and Ayaan, hence she was very pampered by both of them, she loved them both a lot but her Asad Bhaijaan always had been the favourite one.

Asad hugged her back equally happy to have his baby back with him, he missed her like crazy, there wasnt a day which would pass without missing her presence.

"I missed you so much Bhaijaan!!!! Najma started.

"I missed you too my round round Tamatar!!" Asad teased while grinning, she smacked his arm.

"Ok, ok sorry... Now lets go home, Ammi was waiting for your flight to land since morning!" Asad said while taking her luggage.

"Finally i will be home! I missed you, Ammi and Ayaan Bhaijaan a lot!! By the way, where is he? Why hasnt he come?" Najma asked while walking behind him.

Asad stopped when he heard her take Ayaan's name.

"Najma, Ayaan is not a part of our family anymore and i dont even want to hear his name at home, understood?!" Asad said coldly, a tone which he never used with his family.

Najma was in shock, disbelief was written all over her face, how could she believe that her Asad Bhaijaan didnt consider Ayaan Bhaijaan as family anymore, when he used to be spoilt as much as her, ok a little less by Asad Bhaijaan, something was DEFINITELY wrong, wasnt it Ayaan Bhaijaan's nikkah yesterday with that girl she talked on skype once, Zoya... she couldnt attend it because of her flight being postponed.

Asad saw her state and just took her hand and brought her to the car, he didnt wanted to make a scene and was least interested in talking about Ayaan.

"But...wasnt it Ayaan Bhaijaan's nikkah yesterday?! And what about Zoya?!" Najma asked very confused while Asad stopped dead in his tracks, stiffened and turned to face her.

"It wasnt Ayaan's nikkah yesterday but it was mine and Zoya is MY wife not Ayaan's!" Asad said it with so much confidence that it took Najma back.

Her Asad Bhaijaan was married?! What the hell was going on?!!! She needed answers and knew that she wont get any other by Asad when she saw his stiff posture.

Both got into the car and on the way back Asad tried to do a little conversation asking about how was her course and all.

She would just reply by monosyllabe still thinking about the happenings. The rest of the road trip remained silent with Asad thinking about Zoya and Najma's meeting, what will happen? While Najma looked out of the window, confident about getting to the truth, she wanted to know who the hell was the person who created a rift between her brothers?!


Precap: what will happen when Najma would meet Zoya and assume her as the one who broke her family?


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CHAPTER 7 (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 31 times)

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Asad and Najma finally reached Khan Villa, when they entered, they found Dilshad and Najma laughing loudly sitting on the living room's couch.

Asad's heart warmed seeing his Ammi and HIS wife laughing together, with each other, he could ask only that even Najma, his Tamatar gets along well with Zoya, then he would be complete to see his life's most important women together, in a home with them, just all together.

****Najma's POV****

When i entered, i saw her Ammi laughing with Zoya, my so-called "Bhabhi". I had talked with Zoya only once or twice on skype, at that time, i found Zoya to be a very sweet girl, i was happy to get such a nice "Bhabhi", but now how could i see her "sweet"? After all, wasnt she supposed to marry Ayaan Bhaijaan? But no, she ended up with Asad Bhaijaan, why? Maybe it was her plan, maybe she was there only to play with my brothers, hadnt she already did so much?! She had created a drift between her brothers! Asad Bhaijaan, the brother who was always pampering his siblings, who got every month a new bike to his brother, now cringed even at the mention of him having a brother! What did she do?! She broke my family! What if, what if i would be the next one? What if she tried to create differences between me and Bhaijaan? I wouldnt be able to live without Ammi and Bhaijaan, no, i wont let her do that! She cant separate me from my family... But what if she does?

****End of the POV****

Najma got closer to Asad and grabbed his hand tightly while giving almoste-crying looks to him. Asad just smiled and side-hugged her while placing a kiss on her head, thinking that she must have been missing them.

Najma hid into his chest and wiped her tears and gave a brave look to Asad.

"Thats like my baby!" Asad smiled at her and hugged her, he missed her so much that tears escaped his eyes.

"I will always be your baby, Bhaijaan, just promise me!" Najma said into his chest, Asad hugged her even more tightly.

"Of course you will always be, i promise! Love you!" Asad placed another kiss on her head and wiped their tears.

"See, you made THE Asad Ahmed Khan cry!" Both laughed through their tears.

"You are THE Asad Ahmed Khan to others, for me, you are my Bhaijaan, my Abbu, my support and my best friend!" Najma replied while looking into his eyes, he smiled.

"And nobody can ever change that!" Asad said softly.

"Promise?" Najma asked.

"I promise my Baby!" Asad smiled and caressed her cheeks.

Thats when they noticed their surounding, Dilshad and Zoya were crying looking at the beautiful bonding between these two siblings.

When Najma looked at Dilshad, she rushed into her arms and cried, how much she missed her Ammi! Dilshad was just caressing her hair.

Asad went to Zoya and saw how breath-taking she was looking but then he made faces while looking in her eyes, Zoya asked him through her eyes "What?" Asad just gave her his handkershief, she chuckled but took it, she wiped her tears but he was still making faces then he gestured her to smile, she smiled and shook her head, he also smiled.

"I missed you so much, meri Bachi!!" Dilshad was now making her suffocate with the tight hug.

"Ammi, let her breath at least!" Asad laughed only to be elbowed by Zoya who glared at him.

"Asad, you got your hug but not me!" Dilshad said while loosening her grip on Najma but still hugging her.

Everybody laughed, Dilshad let go of Najma and both wiped their tears.

"Najma, let me introduce you to her, she's Asad's wife, Zoya, and your Bhabhi!" Dilshad introduced Zoya, she liked the way she has been called as "Asad's wife".

"Hi Najma!" Zoya said happily.

"Hi." Najma replied disinterestedly, Zoya's smile got wiped off her face, but before anybody could say anything, Najma continued, "Ammi, i'm going into my room to have a bath, i'm exhausted because of the flight, will try to relax!"

Najma said that while rolling her suitcase with her into her room, everybody looked at each other awkwardly, uncomfortable with Najma's behaviour towards Zoya.

"Ammi, I am going into our room, i didnt slept well last night because your daughter-in-law snores!" Asad said while faking a yawn, trying to ease the tension, but he knew that he will have to talk to Najma and explain her.

Zoya gasped in shock and Dilshad giggled.

"I SNORE?! I DONT SNORE MR. ASAD AHMED KHAN!" Zoya shouted while keeping her hands onto her hips.

"Oh yes, you do! I wasnt the one doing "kha...khaa.." last night!" Asad smirked.

"Haaawww you are such a liar, Asad!" Dilshad laughed at both of them and left from there.

"Asad - 1 and Zoya - 1, now we are equal!" Asad winked and brushed her nose with his index finger playfuly and went into their room.

Zoya's jaw dropped and looked at his retreating back and went behind him, she entered their room and saw him tapping on his laptop, sitting on the couch, she decided to let it go and she sat next to him.

"Asad?" Zoya asked thoughtful.

"Hmm.." He replied still tapping onto his laptop's keyboard.

"I dont think that Najma likes me..." Asad stopped tapping, shut the laptop and placed it on the table, then turned towards Zoya and placed his hand on her joint ones in her lap.

"Zoya, she needs time, she just arrived, she had a long flight, and she even said that she was exhausted, dont worry, she will be ok with you..." Asad reassured her, smiling at her, he knew he just lied to her and was also feeling bad about it, but he also knew that he would talk to Najma and explain her the whole situation and what Ayaan did...

Zoya smiled and asked if he wants to have something, he smiled back and asked for coffee, she went into the kitchen and saw Najma drinking water there, she smiled at her and started making some coffee for Asad.

"How are you? Did that bath relaxed you?" Zoya tried to make some conversation, Najma looked at her with hatred.

"Cut the ****! Asad Bhaijaan and Ammi are not there! Your sweet words wont work on me! For me you are the only reason behind Ayaan Bhaijaan is not here! You are the one who created a drift between my brothers! You are the reason because of whom Asad Bhaijaan doesnt even want us to mention Ayaan Bhaijaan in this house! You are the reason because of whom i lost one brother! I HATE YOU! You are trying to trap Asad Bhaijaan for his wealth, isnt it?! I HATE YOU! YOU ARE JUST DISGUSTING!" Najma replied shouting at Zoya, who couldnt believe her ears, who couldnt stop her tears from rolling down.

"What an actress! Dont show me these crocodile tears, they dont affect me! Now i know what you are going to do next, you will go and tell Bhaijaan everything, isnt it? I never ever saw such a disgusting woman ever! Why dont you just go in those kothe, i know men would pay anything to spend a nigh.." Najma couldnt continue because she got a slap on her face by Dilshad.

When Najma started shouting, Dilshad and Asad came to see what was going on, when they heard what Najma was saying, Dilshad couldnt stop herself from slapping Najma, while Asad was hugging a numb Zoya, tears had stopped long ago, she was just standing there, lifeless.

"How dare you say things like that Najma?!! Thats not the way i brought you up! And how could you say that to another woman being a woman yourself?! Today i'm ashamed of you Najma, you ashamed me!" Dilshad scolded a still in shock Najma who has been slapped for the first time that too by her mother! For whom?! For a girl who just came yesterday!

Asad ignored Najma right now, he was more worried about Zoya, he would deal with Najma later, he was trying to make Zoya react, he was hugging her tightly but she was just standing there, then her legs gave up, thats when he noticed that Zoya fainted.

"Zoya! Zoya, wake up! Zoya! Please wake up Zoya!" Asad grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her.

"Ammi, please call the doctor!" Asad scooped her into his arms and took her to their room, he lay her on the bed, covered her by the blanket, took a glass of water from the side-table and started sprinkle some water on her face.

"Zoya, please open your eyes... Zoya please! Zoya!" Asad was pleading her to to wake but to no response, he couldnt see her like this! He just took her into his arms.

"I am sorry Zoya! it wont happen ever again! I broke my promise! I broke my promise to keep you happy! I broke my promise to never let you cry again! I'm sorry!" Asad had taken her into his arms and had pressed his cheek against her forehead, a tear rolled down from his eyes on his forehead.

Zoya felt a warmness all around her, but why a darkness? Maybe because she had her eyes closed, but why was she scared to open them? Maybe because she was scared to open her eyes and to find herself alone, this was her biggest fear, the fear of being left alone, this fear had followed her since childhoud, since her parents died, she felt the same yesterday when Ayaan had "told" her that he was leaving, but then Asad was there, he held her hand, he took her, he accepted her, not as a burden, but because he loves her, and today, when Najma insulted her, she was too numb to react, she was getting insulted by Asad's baby sister, did she had a right to say something? But when she kept insulting her, Dilshad Ammi was there, today she had told me that she would be my Ammi before being my mother-in-law, and she came, she was there, to protect me, to protect her daughter, i'm not alone... Then i felt Asad with me, he was there hugging me, telling me that he was there, that what she was saying was not true, that she was saying this because she didnt know the truth, that was when the darkness engulfed her, the last thing she heard was Asad shouting her name... Now she could still feel him near her, was he really there? Or was he her imagination? Could he be still by her side? She was afraid to open her eyes only not to find him, she wanted him with her, he was the only one on whom she could rely on, she wanted him only him, with her... Then she felt something wet on her forehead, it was tingling her, she could smell HIS cologne, she could feel his arms around her, he was there! HE WAS THERE! BY HER SIDE! He didnt leave her! He didnt left!

Slowly she opened her eyes only to hear Asad, cursing himself for not being able to fulfill his promise, of keeping her happy, of not letting her cry...

'This man was really too much! He had promised to himself to keep me happy, and now he was cursing himself for having failed? But he didnt know that HE was the only reason she was smiling since this morning!' Zoya thought.

Zoya hugged Asad back, keeping her head on his chest, Asad realised that she was now counscious, he pulled back and cupped her face into his palms and asked through his eyes if she was ok, she smiled and he pulled her against his chest again, hugging her tightly.

She felt good in his arms, she felt safe, she felt that she was not alone, she felt that he would always be there and she couldnt ask for more...

"You scared me..." Asad whispered with his closed eyes, in her hair, while hugging her tightly, and Zoya, she was just lying on him not wanting to let him go.

"I am ok..." Zoya whispered back, hiding further into his chest.

Then the room's door swung open with a very worried Dilshad and the Doctor, Asad and Zoya sprang apart, Dilshad saw Zoya counscious and rushed to her and hugged her.

"Meri Bachi!" Dilshad hugged her tightly.

Thats when Zoya remembered Najma, she had been slapped because of her, now she would really think that she (Zoya) was here to break her (Najma's) family.

The Doctor started to check on her, "Where is Najma? Is she ok?" Zoya asked worried.

'This girl will never stop amazing me, she just fainted but she was asking about someone else's health' Asad thought.

Dilshad stiffened, "She's ok, she's in her room..." Zoya relaxed.

The Doctor finished examining her, he told Asad that Zoya just had a moment of weakness, because her blood-pressure got high, but else she's absolutely fine.

Asad was relieved, but now he had to talk to Najma...


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CHAPTER 8 (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 29 times)


Before leaving the doctor asked Zoya to take rest and gave some sleeping pills to her so in no time, Zoya had fallen asleep but still holding tightly Asad's hand, fearing that he would go away. Dilshad had also left. Asad was caressing the back of her hand with his free hand, then lay next to her on the bed, feeling the bed deepening Zoya went closer to Asad, snuggling into his chest, he smiled and placed his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to himself and then he didnt even know when he, himself had dozed off. Even though, he knew that he had to talk to Najma but right now, he felt more important to stay with Zoya, almost guessing about her fear of being left alone, and by his presence, he wanted to tell her without uttering even a word but letting her know that he would always be by her side, he wont leave her, whenever she would see by her sides, she would see him, always and forever...


Dilshad saw Najma coming out of her room, seeing her, Dilshad got up and went into her room, ignoring Najma. Dilshad was too disgusted by her daughter's words and deeds that she couldnt even stay in the same room as her!

Najma got hurt with Dilshad's behaviour towards her and once again went back into her room crying on her bed, letting her pillow soak with her tears, she couldnt understand why were they all against her, after all, wasnt Zoya's deeds obvious of her intentions?! But still, in a day, or rather in a night, Zoya had won her family's heart at that point, that they chose to trust her, rather than trust their own baby! She couldnt stop crying and cursing Zoya for what spell she had threw on her Bhaijaan and Ammi, that they had thrown her Ayaan Bhaijaan out of the house and even banned his name of being taken in their house.

Now she was sure that her Bhaijaan will take Zoya's side, and Zoya, she would be successful to distance her from her Asad Bhaijaan ! But he promised her that she will always remain his baby ! Will he get into Zoya's words and stand against his baby ?

All these thoughts were making her cry even more, she wouldnt be able to bear this, wouldnt be able to bear being away from her own family ! She cried, cried and cried, then fell asleep, exhausted because of the time difference, and all the happenings and shocks she got once she reached India ! She got to know that her older brother married his younger brother's would-be wife, she got to know that her always pampered brother is being hated by their older brother who always loved them more than he loved anybody, she got to know that her big brother and mother were not even ready to hear their pampered brother/son 's name, then when she, herself, said those truths to the person behind all this, she got a slap, for the first time in her whole life she had been slapped, that too from whom, from her own mother and has been ignored by her father like brother, for whom, she always have been the first one to come, the one who comes before anybody, but today she had been completely ignored by that very same person !


Asad was in his sleep, he saw Ayaan in his dream, in fact, he saw his himself, his Ammi and Najma, he was seeing his own childhoud, with his mother crying of his father passing away at the age of 5, he saw his siblings crying and asking about where their father was, Asad being more mature than his own age, understood that his father passed away and he even cried after putting his siblings to sleep. thats when he had decided that he wont only be his siblings' brother but also love them as a father would, he will give them everything so that they dont even miss the presence of their father. Asad saw how they grew up, how he took care of them whenever Ayaan used fall from his bicycle hence used to bruise his knee, how he cried. He saw how he used to always take Najma to school making her sit on his shoulders, and how much she used to cry not wanting to come down and go into the school. Asad saw how they grew up together, how they had made another life for themselves, how Najma remained the brother's princess, their little baby, how happy Ayaan was when Asad had gifted his first bike, he used to sleep cuddling with his helmet. Then, gradually Ayaan started to distance himself from him, how Ayaan had stopped listen to him, or how Ayaan had started to do things that at the end he used to be scolded by their mother, but still Asad was always there to protect him from their mother, how he used calm his mother down and how she used to complain about him pampering them too much, but still, even though Ayaan used to do such things, Asad used to always forgive him, he loved his siblings very much that he didnt even noticed that Ayaan had started to have a hatred against him. Then, there was that Ayaan who ruined a girl's life, a girl who had been waiting for him, the day of their wedding ! Ayaan had dumped that girl on their wedding day that too forget about facing, or forget about even calling her but just by sending her a text, A BLOODY TEXT ! Ayaan had never did such a big immaturity and that was his biggest mistake that Asad couldnt cover up by ignoring or whatever ! Asad was very disappointed, because what Ayaan did was not how Asad and Dilshad brought him up ! Ayaan had not the right to show that this was how they had brought him up ! But that was not the reason behind Asad's anger towards him, his anger was because Ayaan had promised a girl that he would marry her but then he dumped her after the festivities had begun, on their wedding day, not caring about the embarassment that girl and her family would be through, not even caring about his own family's embarassment all because he was too scared, or because of another excuse but because he found another girl with whom he believes to be in love with, the same way he had been once "in love" with that very girl he was about to marry. But even then, Asad wouldnt have got married to that girl who his brother was about to marry even if he would have to face non-stop embarassment, he respected that bond of marriage too much, to disrespect it, but here the girl was the girl with whom himself had fallen in love with, Zoya, not even knowing that, that very girl was already commited to marry his brother ! Zoya being the girl had angered Asad even more, because from the few times he had met Zoya, he knew that she was pure and a gold-hearted girl who for sure didnt deserved what Ayaan made her go through, Asad remembered her tears, her breaking down, her insults ! Everything was making him go crazy !

Thats when he woke up with a jolt, sweating, when he looked at his side, he saw the empty bed, he was now getting scared, what if she left ? What if Najma's words affected her to the point of her leaving ? Leaving this house ? But most importantly, leaving him ?! Asad got up from the bed and when he was about to open the knob of his room door, he heard another door click open behind, washroom's door, he turned and saw Zoya getting out of the washroom while wiping her hands with a mini-towel. He rushed towards her and embraced her, he hugged her so tightly with his eyes closed, wiping away all his frustrations, fears and tensions, replacing them by relief.

Zoya was just too shocked to react at that moment, she was getting out from washroom and the next second, she was in Asad's arms who were holding onto her waist tightly, not letting her go. She didnt understand what was happening, but still hesitantly hugged him back. Thats when she felt something humid on her cheek, she didnt understand what it was.

"Asad, are you ok ?" Zoya asked worried and confused to Asad who hugged her even more tightly. "Asad ?" Zoya was trying to pull back to be able to look at him in the eye, Asad realised that Zoya was pulling back, thats when reality came back crushing him. Asad loosened his grip and she pulled back to look at him in the eye, when she saw a sweating, looking exhausted and tensed Asad like this, for the first he looked... weak ? "Asad ?" Zoya asked again but this time she was getting worried about him, he looked disoriented, there was sweat all over his face, thats when it struck her that he had a nightmare. Zoya grabbed him by the arm and led him to the bed, making him sit, she poured a glass of water for him and handed it to him, he only took few sips before handing her the glass back.

After putting it down on the table, Zoya sat next to Asad who was lost into his dream's thoughts, she put her hand on his shoulder, "What did you see ?" Zoya asked softly, he came back to reality and only whispered, "My life..." Then Asad, shrugged and told her not to worry, he smiled to assure her, but she was not really convinced, but shrugged too.

Both came into the living room and saw Dilshad cooking something in the kitchen, so they went in the kitchen, "Hmm, smells good ! What are you cooking Ammi ?" Asad asked while grabbing an apple and sitting on the kitchen's space work, munching it, Dilshad shook her head, thinking that Asad will never change. "I'm cooking your favourite 'achar gosht'", Dilshad replied smiling at him, Zoya was just standing there, witnessing a sweet moments between a mother and a son. "By the way, how was the biryani? I couldnt taste it last night!" Dilshad asked, Asad and Zoya looked at each other, remembered what happened with the first plate of biryani, and burst out laughing, both couldnt control their laugh, Dilshad was looking at them confused, Asad choked the bite of apple he had taken, due to the laughing, and Zoya was holding her stomach while laughing. Dilshad looked at them and smiled contentedly.

"By the way, Zoya, do you know how to cook ?" Dilshad asked and Asad smirked, "Yes i can cook few things..." Zoya replied nervously. "Zoya, Ammi is not asking you about cooking noodles !" Asad laughed and she pouted. Dilshad went to Zoya and caressed her hair lovingly, "Shut up, Asad ! Dont you dare, to say anything to my daughter ! What if she doesnt know ?! I will teach her, her Ammi will teach her !" Dilshad warned Asad playfuly and then looked at Zoya lovingly, who was just overwhelmed to have mother's love, Asad looked at his mother and wife, and couldnt help but smile while looking at them, "So, for a start, i would like to have a cup of coffee, and then since i'm very foody, you will have to learn how to cook 'tandoori chicken' ; of course 'achar gosht' ; 'palak paneer' and not to forget 'biryani'!" Asad said while grinning like a fool to Zoya who had her mouth open due to the number of dishes, while Dilshad already started to make his coffee, smiling at their cuteness. "How do you expect me to learn to cook all this, when all i have ever cooked is noodles?!" Zoya asked him in disbelief, he smiled, "Dont worry, you will be trained by the world's best cook! So, you will learn to cook and that too with THE best!" Asad said proudly looking at Dilshad who pecked his forehead, Zoya smiled. "Actually Ammi, please make another cup of coffee for Najma." Asad asked politely and the room got filled with uneasiness and awkwardness.

After a moment, Zoya handed him the cups of coffee, he got near her ear and whispered, "Asad-2 and Ms. Noodles-1!" Then left, winking at her then smirking at her shocked face.


Asad knocked on Najma's door, then entered with her permission, she was seated on her bed with some fairytales that Asad used to read to her and an open of their childhoud pictures, when she saw Asad, she wiped her tears.

"You must be hating me, right?" Najma asked with a broken face.

"Najma, it's impossible for me to hate you, but yes, i am very disappointed..." Asad said before taking a long sigh and sitting on her bed with his sister, whom felt like crying, and in seconds, she broke down, it didnt take Asad much time to hug her and to comfort her, she hid into his chest, feeling safe and scared that if she would let go, he would be away from her forever.

"Stop it, Baby Tamatar! I didnt change, i still cant see tears in your eyes !" Asad said to which she hugged him even more tightly. "Baby, do you want me to become some juice? So, stop squeezing me like this !" Both laughed and Najma let go.

After a moment, Asad handed her, her coffee and asked, "Baby Tamatar, do you remember when i used to tell you fairytales? So today, i'm going to tell you a story... Once upon a time, there was a good prince, he was very nice, and one day, he met a beautiful girl with whom he friendshiped, then someday, that girl got another girl friend, so she started to spend more time with her than the prince, the prince who had started to miss her presence, got possessive and gave their friendship the name of love, it was not love, he gave it that name, because he started to miss his only friend, so then he proposed her saying that he loves her and that he wanted to marry her, the girl who was an orphan, knew that someday she would have to leave her foster-parents who were very nice and also pestering her to get married as she was now in marriable age, not that they wanted to get rid of her, not at all, they loved her very much... So that girl thought about his proposition, even though she didnt loved him, she knew him well, and knew that she could spend her life with him, she was scared about others, as she is an orphan, she was scared that she would get rejected, so she took the "safe-decision" of agreeing and marrying him, she thought that for her too, that she would gradually fall in love with him, she tried, tried and tried, but no, then she started to say to herself that she loves him, she was trying to convince herself that she had fallen for him, but still no... Then came their wedding day, the girl wasnt any special happy about it, she was just going with the flow, then at the moment when the prince had to make his entry, the girl got a text from him, saying that finally he wasnt in love with her but with another girl and that he's leaving the kingdom right away... Then you can imagine the girl's state, she cried, cried and cried, after all that was exactly the reason she agreed to marry him because it was "safe", but people insulted her only, for being jinxed and an orphan and what had happen to her was what she deserved..." Najma couldnt stop her tears.

"Poor girl, she wasnt at fault at all, and that prince is such a jerk!" Najma said at the end with disgust.

"That girl is Zoya, that prince Ayaan..." Asad let the bomb out, Najma had her eyes-wide open and her jaw dropped because of shock and all the colour drained from her face...


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CHAPTER 9 (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 35 times)

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All the color drained from her face, she couldnt believe this, 'would her Ayaan Bhaijaan really do that? Impossible! But could Asad Bhaijaan ever lie? Never! He hates lies and liars, it means that its true... Her Ayaan "Bhaijaan" ruined an innocent girl's life?! She knew that he was still very childish, but this?! How could he do something like that?! How dare he?! Didnt he had any sister?! If he didnt want to marry Zoya, he could at least come to her and seek apology, but no! He sent her a text! A BLOODY TEXT! Then on top of that, she was blaming a poor innocent who was not even at fault, just took victim of her "Bhaijaan's" faults! And she said horrible things to her?! How could she do that?! Without knowing anything, she just blamed her for everything?! Even if she was angry , her words were not right! They were disgusting! She was disgusting!'

Najma was blank for a moment when she heard what Asad told her, then her tears were not stopping, they were flowing continuantly and kept repeating, "I'm horrible!" Asad's heart broke seeing his Baby Tamatar like this, she was really very wrong, but her intentions were good, she just wanted to protect her family from any kind of danger, of trouble... Asad took her and comforted her, he placed her head on his chest hugged her and kept caressing her hair while whispering that whatever she did, her intentions were good, after a moment she calmed a little but tears were still rolling down her cheeks, soaking Asad's shirt.

"Bhaijaan.." Najma started carefuly.

"Hmm.." Asad replied still caressing her hair.

"I realised that i was wrong, and i will apologize to Zoya and Ammi, and also pacify them, but i would like to know something..." Najma started with guilt written all over her face, then continued, "..please dont take me wrong, but as far as i know my Asad Bhaijaan, i know that, he's not impulsive, he wouldnt take such a decision just like this, and i also know that you respect the bond of marriage too much to disrespect, then why did you marry Zoya?" Asad could understand her point of view, after all he wasnt like this...

"I love her..." These three words answered all her questions, all her doubts, explained everything. Najma pulled away, she was shocked ! The man who was never interested in any girl was in love! That was really something! Her shocked face turned into a huge grin with amused eyes, which made Asad uncomfortable and embarrased at the same time.

"Oye hoye, love and all, huh?" Najma asked teasingly and raised a brow, Asad grabbed her ear, "Teasing your Bhaijaan, huh?" Asad said while she made faces, "Please, ok i'm sorry, please leave my ear!" Najma pleaded, he left them and she rubbed her ear pouting, she looked so cute, he pinched her cheeks and she smiled, "Since when?" Najma asked softly, he sighed, he could never hide something from his Baby, because along with being his sister, she was also his best friend... "I dont know, i mean that it just happened, i dont know, how? When? Where? But i know that it happened... Actually, i knew her since before, but i didnt know that she was commited to... So, we coincidently met a few times before, and i started to had a liking towards when i met her first, gradually this liking turned into love without realising myself..." Asad said staring at nothing in particular, but remembering all the times they met before and a little smile crept onto his lips, Najma was looking at him in awe. "Does she know?" Najma asked and Asad nodded, "I confessed minutes before the nikah.." Najma was getting excited, "And what did she say?" He smiled, "Nothing... She was still in shock, because of everything that happened, but at least she stopped crying..."

Asad looked at Najma and saw her looking at him dreamily, proudly, "You are not getting married !" Asad declared looking at her and she gasped in shock and wonder. "What?!" She asked with a frown and a mouth which was in "o". "You heard me, you are not getting married!" Asad said while standing up from the bed, even Najma got down, "But why?" She asked with her hands on her hips, pouting, he rolled his eyes and started to walk away, she followed him, "Because you are too young!" Asad said while opening the door. "What?! I'm 21!" Najma exclaimed loudly, "Exactly! You are only 21! So i wont get you married!" Asad said looking upset, "Ok, but you will let me, when i would be 25, at least?" She asked, they had now reached the dinning area, where Zoya was putting the plates. "No ways, not until you are 35 or 40, i think 40 will be perfect!" Asad said with a sad-face, Najma gasped while Zoya was confused at to what they are talking about. "Bhaijaan!" Asad was now seated at the head of the table and even Najma took a chair, while Zoya placed the cutleries and Dilshad was in the kitchen but listening to the conversation. "Najma!" Asad tried to irritate her while mimicking her voice, Zoya and Dilshad tried hard not to laugh at Najma's expressions.

"Asad, stop irritating her! By the way, why are you both bickering?" Zoya warned Asad, who held his hands up, as if saying "I did nothing, i am innocent", and asked with a little smile, before Asad could answer, Najma spoke, "See na Bhabhi! Bhaijaan is irritating me!" Najma complained while getting up and standing next to Zoya, but as soon as she said "Bhabhi", all the people in the house looked at her, Dilshad and Zoya were shocked, whereas Asad looked at her proudly, smiling. Najma smiled looking at Zoya's shocked face. Najma held her ears and made a puppy face, "I am sorry Bhabhi, i talked without knowing anything, i often talk before thinking, i said horrible things to you, shouted on you, when you deserved nothing of all that, i accused you, i was disgusting with you, when you were not even at fault, i blamed you over things that happened because of destiny, because of other people's mistakes, i'm sorry Bhabhi..." Najma, Zoya and Dilshad started crying, tears rolled down their cheeks, when Najma saw tears in Zoya's eyes, she immediately hugged her, both cried in each other's arms and Najma kept saying sorry, Zoya hugged her back tightly. Najma pulled back and wiped Zoya's tears and laughed, "I'm looking horrible, isnt it?", making Zoya laugh too, who wiped Najma's tears, Asad was looking at them proudly, then Najma went towards Dilshad, who had come from the kitchen seconds back, Zoya looked at Asad gratefuly and he just pulled his collar up, making her giggle, then adjusted it himself, smiling at her softly.

"I'm sorry Ammi, i was wrong and i also disappointed you, i ashamed you, i fell in your eyes, i'm sorry.." Najma looked down, Dilshad smiled and hugged her. "You realised your mistake and apologized, thats enough for me.." Najma started to cry again and Dilshad southed her, caressing her head.

"Ok, now i want my 'achar gosht'!" Asad said making everybody laugh. "Bookhar!" Zoya muttered to herself but Asad heard it, "Really Ms. Noodles? Of course, i prefer eating 'achar gosht' over your cooked noodles, and they were horrible last night!" Asad said mischievously, while faking stomach ache, "But that wasnt what you were saying last night!" Zoya was getting angry, "Oh yes, i said that it was delicious, just to make you happy, i know, i'm very kind.." Asad smiled and rubbed his shoulders as if wiping dust, Dilshad and Najma were having a hard time not to laugh, Zoya's jaw dropped and she started to walk towards him, who stood up, Zoya walked to him, but he started running and laughing, she ran behind him, she pursued him in the living room, but he was running around the sofas. Dilshad and Najma smiled and both said, "Made for each other.."

Asad was mocking her for not being able to catch him, they were running around the "L" sofa, then ran to the dinning area, running around the table then, around Dilshad, who stopped them, catching them by their ears, "It doesnt seem like both of you, are grown-up adults and married!" Najma giggled at that, "Now both of you sit down and have dinner!" Asad and Zoya looked down while Najma was having a hard time not to laugh, Asad glared at her then smirked, "Ammi, please serve me first, or else our baby elephant will eat it all, isnt it Baby Tamatar?" He teased her and now it was Najma who was glaring at him, "Enough! Asad, stay quiet and eat! I dont want any other bickering!" They had their dinner in silence but they the 3 kept taking glances of each other. Finally, they called it a day and all retired to their respective rooms.

They changed, this time, Zoya changed into her own clothes, a kurti and patiala salwar (same as in the show). But Asad was sitting on the couch, with his laptop, working and catching up on his office work , where he didnt go today. Zoya went to the bed and before lying down said, "Asad, its late, come and sleep", "I have to catch up on some work, you sleep, i will finish this and come", he smiled. Zoya lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling, then turning and seeing her husband, Asad, working on his laptop with a little frown, he looked tired too, but very handsome, with his short hair and locks falling on his forehead, making him even more handsome than he already is... What are you thinking Zoya?! But cant deny the fact that he's really handsome...

"What are you thinking about?" Asad asked with a sweet smile, still looking at his screen, he caught her staring at him. "Huh..erhh... Noth..nothing...hmm just like that!" Zoya stammered and he smirked, "Dreaming about me, Mrs. Khan?", he looked at her, "Yes, i mean no! Not at all, i was only..." Asad couldnt hide his grin and didnt wanted to because he could see rosy blush creeping up her cheeks which he wouldnt want to miss at any cost. "Dont worry, my wife is allowed to dream about me" he winked at her playfuly while placing his laptop on the table, finally having finished his work, and walked to the bed, getting on the bed, next to her, who was turned towards him and lying in foetus position, he pulled the duvet on her and himself, both snuggled into it.

After a moment, Zoya spoke, "I'm glad you are Ayaan's brother..", Asad looked at her confused, not understanding what she meant, "Because if you were not, today, i wouldnt be your wife." Zoya continued while blushing, and Asad couldnt help himself from grinning, "its true that i felt bad because of Ayaan, i feel bad for having lost a good friend, but if i hadnt lost him, i wouldnt had the chance to have an ange...i mean to have you as my husband." Zoya finished feeling very shy, and all blushing, its true that Asad didnt like the mention of Ayaan between them, but right now he was elated, because she said things that really touched him. "Oye hoye, is my wife blushing?" Asad asked mischievously and she smacked him on his arm and turned away still having a shy smile, thats when she felt Asad's hand on her stomach, her heart skipped a beat the next moment, when he pulled her towards him, it made collide her back against his chest, automatically, her hand entwined with his, on her stomach, "Seems that you dont have any objections, Mrs. Khan..." Asad whispered huskily into her ear, she turned again into his arms and rested against his chest and he had his arm around her shoulder, when she fell asleep, Asad lightly kissed her forehead and whispered, "I love you, Zoya, and i know that one day, you will love me as much as i do.." He smiled seeing her rubbing her nose on his chest, and closed his eyes, soon he fell into a deep slumber too.


Asad and Zoya were sleeping peacefuly, Asad hugging Zoya from her back, both had a sweet smile on their faces, as if able to live a life time like this, in each other's arms.


Asad's phone was ringing but he was still in his slumber but that woke Zoya up, "Asaaad!!" Zoya groaned, but he was still sleeping, his phone stopped, slowly she turned into his arms, he smiled feeling her facing him, slowly he opened his eyes, and saw Zoya smiling, "Good morning." Asad said in his husky-sleepy voice, "Asad, answer your damn phone!!" Zoya groaned when it rang again, and detangled him from her, to pull the duvet on her face, but she could still hear it ringing, "Asad, if you dont answer/silent/switch off your phone, i'm going to kill you!", Asad picked his phone and saw "Prasad" flashing on it.

"WHAT?!" Asad whipered-shouted, "Oh ok, i will see and inform you, now remember one thing, dont ever disturb me early in the mornings again, understood? And yes, i'm sorry Prasad for when i answered the phone. Bye." Asad hung up, slid himself down on the bed, and removed the duvet from Zoya's face and saw all her hair on her face but she still had her eyes closed, he started to put them back behind her ear, "Zoya.." Asad started, "Hmm.." , "Tomorrow is Valentine's day, so my foreign clients are throwing a party and since they are very important, i have to go but i have to go with my valentine, so, i may sound like a teenager but will you be my valentine?" Zoya giggled, she actually felt like a teenager right now, she opened her, smiled and nodded then she hid her head into his chest, felling shy, while Asad grinned, he felt like a lovestruck teenager who got his first date.


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CHAPTER 10 (By Sheherbano) (Thanked: 33 times)

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Asad grinned happily, then felt her snuggling against his chest, realising that she is still sleepy, he smiled and covered both of them properly with the blanket, she went back to sleep while thinking about the last time they met before their nikah.


Today wasnt a normal day, it was the death anniversary of Rashid. Najma was still doing her course in Paris, Ayaan knew about the date but didnt care as he doesnt remember his Abbu, so why acting to be sad, when he's not ? On this day, Dilshad always made sure to take place a Quran Khuwani, for the peace of Rashid's soul. On this day, she would always be sad, and after finishing the Quran Khuwani, staying in her room and watching their family's movie where Rashid used to seat Asad on his shoulders and going to have walk with him, playing with Asad on his back to the "ghora" ("horse"), seeing him kissing a little 2 years old Ayaan, and picking up in his arms a baby Najma...

Meanwhile, Asad used to say that he was going to office and stay late due to meetings, when in reality, he would spend the day at the grave of his father, letting tears rolling down under his aviators, then removing them and crying his heart out while praying to Allah, to bless his father for paradise, but never complaining about taking his father from him, because he very well knew that Allah takes things from to return it with something better, and that Allah tests only his loved humans. After the graveyard, he would go to his sponsored orphanage and gifting toys and clothes to the children there.

Today, Asad was standing in front of his father's grave with a pained look, as usual he spent the morning there, prayed and left for the orphanage. Being a successful businessman, Asad didnt had much time for himself, neither to give much to others, but whenever he would get time or the opportunity, he used to visit the orphanage, giving joys to those children, who like him, lost people dear to them. Those toys and clothes for sure couldnt replace the void of their parents' love but it used to bring a smile on their innocent faces for sure.

When he reached the orphanage, he took some of the and asked the guard to bring the rest.

Inside, all the children were playing with Zoya, when the guardian, Mrs. Kapoor, annouced to the children that their Asad Bhai has come. All the children cheered and ran to the entrance while Zoya was wondering who was this Asad, could it be her Asad..wait, WHAT?! No, that nice and kind guy who helped her, named Asad...

Asad had just reached the entrance, when all the children came running towards him with a lot of hustle bustle, he smiled and removed his aviators, then bent down and tried to hug all of them at the same time, Mrs. Kapoor smiled seeing the cute scene in front of her, they never got so happy when someone else came, but when their Asad Bhai would come, none of the children would not be happy ! Zoya was shocked to see Asad here, but what he was doing brought a big smile on her face.

Asad was oblivious to the fact that there were other people there, but he didnt even care if they were annoyed with all the noise, at least there was a smile on these innocent children who laked of love.

"Hello buddies ! I'm sorry for not coming earlier, your Asad Bhai had a lot of work, but look, to apologize, i brought for all of you !" Asad said happily seeing the children smiling.

"Yaaayy !" All the children were very happy. Asad distributed the but asked in return a kiss on his cheek and he would kiss them back then give the gift.

When he finished distributing all the he saw that there was a little 3-4 years old girl left, but he didnt know her, he asked about her to Mrs. Kapoor and got to know that her name was Asma and that her parents left her here a week ago since they didnt want her anymore.

Asad went towards her and picked her up in his arms, "Hello princess Asma !", she giggled and said a shy hello, "I'm Asad, will you be my friend?", "Ok, but even i want a gift !" Asma said excitedly, but Asad was speechless, there were no left, and neither he wanted to wipe that smile off his face, what to do...

"Here's ! Your Asad Bhai forgot it in his car !" Zoya came from behind, smiling at both of them and handed it to Asma, while Asad was looking at her surprised, he didnt realised that Zoya was here untill now, he was mesmerized by her smile, her beautiful brown orbs like eyes, her cute button nose and her killer dimples, she was just angelic...

"Thank you Asad Bhai !" He came back to reality when Asma kissed his cheek and gave him a bright smile, he smiled back at her and kissed her cheek too, then he let her go.

"Hi..", "Hey.." Both didnt know what to say.

"Umm..do you come here often ?" Asad asked trying to make some conversation, "Umm..ya, i try to come at least once a week...they seem to love you very much..", he smiled, "Yes, i love them as much as they do, i try to come but always get stuck with office work, so whenever i come they become very happy.."

"Oh, Zoya, looks like you met this orphanage's sponsor, Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan, he's because of whom these children live in such good condition..." Mrs. Kapoor came and introduced Asad thinking that Zoya never met him, but Zoya was just pleasantly surprised with this revelation, "Mr. Khan, this is Ms. Zoya Farooqui, one of our volunteer in this orphanage." Asad brought his hand forward, grinning, "Hello Ms. Farooqui !" Zoya chuckled and shook his hand, "Hello Mr. Khan !"

When Mrs. Kapoor walked away, they went to the garden where all the children were playing with their new toys, Asad was elated that his pleased the children, even if it was a sad day for him, he could bring a smile on these innocent children, both went and sat on a bench near the children.

"They are looking so happy, these children who lost their parents in a way or another are smiling and happy knowing that they will probably never meet their parents again... How?" Asad voiced his thoughts staring the children, Zoya smiled sadly.

"Because they know that being sad wont help them to get anything...they know that they have to adjust here...but still the orphanage is also like a big family, here they have plenty of brothers and sisters, a kind woman like Mrs. Kapoor, as a mother..." Zoya replied also lost in her thoughts, remembering her childhoud in this very orphanage, when she turned her head she saw a tear almost rolling down his cheek but before it could, Asad wiped it off, she got worried and placed her hand on his shoulder while asking, "What's the matter, Asad? Why are you so sad today?" She asked softly, Asad was shocked to see that she caught him, he looked away and after a moment, spoke.

"Today is...my father's death anniversary..." Zoya's heart skipped a beat, her grip on his shoulder uncounsciously tightened, "My mother cries all day, i cant see her like this, my brother and my sister are not really bothered since they dont remember him as well as i do... On this day, i tell my mother that i go to office but the truth is that i am not that strong that i can bear my own battle against the sorrow of my father and also hold my mother together on this very day..." Asad hid his face in his hands, Zoya moved closer to him and rubbed his shoulder trying to sooth him. After a moment, this time Zoya spoke.

"I used to live here, i'm an orphan.." Zoya started and hearing what she was saying, Asad immediately let go of his head, Zoya let go of his shoulder and looked straight ahead staring into nothing, "My biological father was horrible with me, he always cursed me and also my mother for letting me come to this world, he used to hit me, he tortured me...just..just because i was a girl and not a boy..." Asad's breath itched and he held her hand which was holding the bench as if, if she wouldnt, she would fall, he held her hand tightly giving her support, she looked at him teary-eyed but gratefuly, "Then one day, my mother had enough of him beating me up, she dropped me here and never came back to see me... After a week, in the newspaper there was the news of "Mrs. Zainab murdered by her husband, and the husband, himself suicided out of guilt" ..." Zoya sobbed and this time Asad hugged her tightly and rubbed her back soothingly, "After few months, some of my distant family came to me and adopted me, she was my cousin, i left from here with her, then later she married a man, named Anwar, he became my Jeeju but both always treated me like their own daughter, but still i always felt and still feel that i dont belong there, with them despite the fact that i love them very much..." Zoya whispered against his chest while Asad just hugged her more close to himself and wiping the tears which escaped his eyes hearing the story of her life, she broke down in his arms and hugged him back, Asad caressed the back of her head and let her cry her heart out.

After a while, Zoya realised their position and also that she broke down in his arms, she immediately pulled away startling Asad, she looked everywhere but not at Asad. She got up and was about to go away when Asma came running towards them. "Zoya Aapi, Asad Bhai come we want to play with both of you !" Zoya was about to deny but Asad spoke, "Of course princess ! We are coming..." When Asma went away, Asad got up and stood next to Zoya, "You dont need to feel uncomfortable around me just because i know your past, i respect you even more than before knowing what you went through and still manage to smile, and live a normal life." Zoya felt a little better and smiled at him where he was also smiling at her. "We wont get anything by being angry all our lives, on the contrary you can smile and enjoy it..", Zoya replied smiling.

All the children and Asad and Zoya decided to play "aankh mein choli". They began with Asma being band-eyed, she tried to go here and there, wherever she could hear noises, then purposely but acted to be caught, when Asma caught him, she giggled, he removed the band from her eyes and picked her up and tickled her, she laughed whole-heartedly while Asad and Zoya were laughing along with her. Then it was Asad's turn to be band-eyed, Zoya tied it and made him spin around and giggled while he whined, Asad heard noises from the right, he went towards the left so that everybody get gathered up on the right, then he went towards the right, all were gathered in the corner, children pushed Zoya forward for not being caught, making her fall on Asad who lost his balance and both landed on the grass with Zoya on top of Asad.

"Wow Ms. Zoya Farooqui you litterally knocked me out !" Asad laughed and Zoya blushed for the double meaning, all the children were giggling on their Asad Bhai and Zoya Aapi. Zoya stood up and helped Asad up, he removed the band and asked smirking to the children, "Who's turn?", "Aapi !!" All cheered for her, but she was denied, "Forget it, friends, your Aapi is too scared to lose, isnt it Ms. Farooqi ?" Asad challenged her, "Oh really?! Lets see then who will lose !" Zoya accepted the challenge and turned around letting him tie the band on her eyes, then, purposely he spun her around just like she did to him and then stood far from her, letting her run behind the children, while he jist stared at her, mesmerized, thats when he noticed that that she was getting into wet mud and could slip anytime at that moment he shouted Zoya', startling her, making her slip, Asad ran towards her and caught her in his arms before she could fall, Asad stared at her, then removed with his free hand her band, both stared at each other with Asad still holding her in his arms, thats how Mrs. Kapoor found them when she came outside, she smiled and sent a prayer for them, before coming forward and clearing her throat, Asad straightened Zoya, both blushed and got embarassed for being caught in this position, then Asad's phone rang, it was Dilshad telling him to come home, so he said his bye to all of them, but before he could go, Asma stopped him and gave him a drawing that she made for him, it was a drawing of him and Zoya holding hands, he smiled at her and kissed her forehead, then made his way towards his car but turned aroung once to see Zoya who was standing with Asma in her arms, playing with her, he continued his way towards his car, smiling at the drawing.


Asad smiled to himself thinking about that day and Zoya woke up, "Good morning again sleepyhead ! I think i will have to stop working out or else it will get too hard for you to sleep on me, not that i object having you all over me, of course..." Zoya blushed hard and smacked him on his chest, he grinned looking at her blush, she was about to get up from the bed but before that he grabbed her yanking her on his chest, encircling his arm around her back, she again blushed and complained "Asaaad..", he chuckled, "Ok wait..", with his free hand, ge reached the side-table and open the first drawer while she stared at how handsome he was, even though he just woke up, she blushed, thats when he found it, "Look at this... Asma gave me this drawing the other day..." Zoya looked at the drawing and smiled, Asma drew two figures holding hands and wrote their name down the figures, it was really cute, Asad looked at her for a reaction, she was smiling, then she whispered, "Perfect...", he grinned and kissed her cheek, "Great minds think alike !" Zoya blushed at the kiss then giggled at what he said.


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