TS: Fight with Destiny

Nov 2, 2013

TS: Fight with Destiny (By Tainar) (Thanked: 26 times)

~ It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. ~ William Shakespeare


Turmoil, it seems it has latched onto to him and is happily feeding off him like a parasite.  Trouble just seems to follow him like an awestruck fan.  RK roughly pushes his hair off his forehead and sighs in frustration.  It has been exactly two weeks since he was nearly stabbed to death due to his team’s carelessness.  Though he is recovering well, it is very frustrating that he still hasn’t recovered fully.  The wound and the resulting stiffness, the thumping pain along with doctor’s orders to take it easy is just simply making him cagey.  More so than usual, his temper is always on the surface.  Ready to ferociously fight and bite off anyone’s head brave enough to be near a wounded, angry lion.

RK sighs again in frustration as guilt settles on his bones in place of blinding anger.  Once again he has yelled at his biwi, his Madhu, and made her cry.  But damn!  The woman can be so infuriatingly frustrating!  He has noticed Madhu’s odd behavior since he woke up from the coma.  One minute she is ready to throw herself into his arms and in another she is cold and distant.  He knows she is feeling immense guilt due to the stabbing.  And he has done all he could to reassure her that it was just a freak accident and she’s not at fault.  But biwi is just plain stubborn! 

But guilt or not, RK does not understand and refuses to understand why Madhu is keeping her distance from him.  Dammit!  They just finished shooting a romantic scene for the movie and he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to thaw her ice.  But no biwi just pushed his hands away and walked off.  He tried to control his Incredible Hulk like temper but in vain.  RK stalked off after Madhu, fooling himself that it is with the intention of “discussing” her issues.  But once the green monster is out, reasoning and having a discussion is OUT, and shouting and stomping is IN.  Just as usual, the ground shaking, roof top raising, shouting match left biwi in a pool of tears.

The guilt sets deeper into RK’s bones as he remembers his tear strained face.  It pricks his heart that he has once again hurt his Madhu, though unintentionally.  Only 20 minutes has passed since the fight, but it feels like hours, days.  RK had screamed for pack up and on his way home when it hits him that he should not have yelled at Madhu.  He knows that she is still in shock and should have been more understanding. 

RK stands in front of the green room, his hand hesitantly poised to open the door.  As he stands there, he internally debates how to handle the situation, how to bring his sweet, caring, loving Madhu back.  He reaches out to turn the door knob but it is opened from the other side. 

Roma faces RK and glares back at him, her eyes ready to shoot rays at him and burn him alive.  She immediately shuts the door behind, not giving RK the opportunity to enter.  Roma Malik, aptly Lady Bhim, has a lot to say to this fire breathing Superdragon.  For two weeks now, she has seen her Glycerine take verbal abuses and she has not done much.  Well that is about to change!

Roma quietly signals RK to follow her, as she does not wish for Madhu to hear and become even more distraught.  Though RK would rather go in and speak to Madhu, he quietly and obediently follows Roma.  Perhaps he can get some insight into her behavior.  They enter his changing room and face each other, one ready to combat.

Roma (places hands on her hips and glares):  Superstar…I have half a mind to take Madhu away to live with me so she can get some peace and quiet!

RK (crosses his arms and glares back):  Don’t you even dare Roma!  She’s MY BIWI and she is not going ANYWHERE.

Roma (snaps):  Well bloody well act like her husband!  Stop shouting at her and making her cry at every opportunity.

RK (frustrated):  Dammit!  She’s my biwi…you think I enjoy hurting her, making her cry?  But why the hell is she drifting away from me?  Is it because of guilt?  I am tired of explaining to her that she was not at fault.  Madhu needs to snap out of it!

Roma (claps her hands):  Waah…!  Superdragon…(sarcastically) Superstar RK has spoken.  If he says snap out of it then biwi should salute, nawh, bow down and immediately follow his orders.  (Angrily) Do you have any idea what she went through while you were in coma?  Any idea?!?

RK (sighs):  Roma…I know…

Roma (interrupts):  No you don’t know!  You don’t have a damn clue how she felt to know that you were hurt with a knife, by her own hands.  The pain she felt that she stabbed her own husband.

RK (shouts):  She was acting a scene and the fake knife just turned out to be the real deal.  How the hell is it her fault?

Roma (snaps):  You think I didn’t try to calm her down and explain it to her?  But your (sarcastically) very loving family took turns blaming my Glycerine for putting you nearly on your deathbed.

RK (alert):  What do you mean?  Did Pabho say something to Madhu?

Roma (angrily):  Yes!  Your darling Pabho claimed that she knew she wasn’t wrong  about Glycerine’s nakshatra, that she will bring about your destruction.  My Glycerine can’t even harm a fly and she will bring about her own husband’s destruction?  Is that any sort of thing to say to a woman already distraught and traumatized?  Ohh but your darling Pabho wasn’t done.  She told YOUR BIWI that she should have taken the knife and stabbed herself for trying to almost kill you?

RK (clenches his fists in anger):  Pabho said that to my Madhu?

Roma (continues):  Yes…you’re Pabho didn’t leave any opportunity to verbally abuse my Glycerine.  Even Radhaji held her responsible for your condition.

RK (shocked):  Maa?

Roma (tears in her eyes):  I thought Radhaji loved my Madhu like a daughter.  But that day she proved me wrong, she sees Madhu as nothing more than just a daughter-in-law.  Forget daughter-in-law, she doesn’t even consider Glycerine as a human being!  She was frantically praying to Bappa to save your life and I was about to join her but Radhaji approached her and…and…SHE SLAPPED HER!

RK (shouts angrily):  Maa slapped my Madhu?!?

Roma (continues):  She accused Glycerine of being responsible for EVERY SINGLE bad thing that has happened to you since you two met.  She broke my Glycerine’s heart and I could do nothing but stand from a far and be horrified.  How can Radhaji accuse her of being responsible for things that were not even in her control?  How can her nakshatra be bad when her heart is so pure? As if that wasn’t enough, they wouldn’t even allow Glycerine to see you.  And that jethani of yours…Dipali…what is her problem, huh?  How dare she make Glycerine feel guiltier for not checking the knife during the scene?  Who the hell is she to say anything?  As if your family’s torture wasn’t enough, Glycerine braved the media and put up with disrespectful and hurtful questions.  She put up with the fans rage because they held her responsible.  Police interrogated and arrested her, sealing that she is guilty in her mind.  No one let her be in peace, everyone accused her.  Now you tell me how is she supposed to react, be when these wolves attacked my an innocent, vulnerable lamb? Huh?  Do you have anything to say RK?  (At RK’s silence) I didn’t think so.  I am warning you Superstar…don’t you dare hurt my Glycerine again.  (Imparts, as she walks away) And for goodness sake be a husband and save her from the vultures in your family!

RK’s mind is reeling with the information that Madhu went through so much yet didn’t utter a word to him.  For a moment, his anger is directed at her for keeping quiet.  But quickly it reverts to his family.  He thinks, derisively, what family?  His is mostly a bunch of hooligans it seems.  Even the ones he thought want what is best for him.  RK feels betrayed.  His Pabho and maa tried to separate him from his life, because of bad nakshatra.  He doesn’t give a flip about such nonsensical superstition.  His Madhu can never be his destruction.  She is his salvation.  Enough of sitting idly, it’s time to show his parasitical family that anyone who attacks his biwi becomes his enemy.  Right Kameena is back and ready to set the world on fire for his biwi.  Ahaan.


Part 2 will be up as soon as it is written. Hope you enjoy this post and please ignore any grammatical errors. I didn't proofread.  Thanks!

Nov 9, 2013

Changing Banner! (By Tainar) (Thanked: 9 times)

Nov 11, 2013

TS: Fight with Destiny - Part 2 (By Tainar) (Thanked: 22 times)

He has been plenty patient when it comes to his pseudo-family.  But no more, they hurt his biwi, the only real family he has left in this world.  It hurts RK that his Pabho and his maa just turned on Madhu and tried to separate her from him.  Do they not know that she is his life?  Do they not care what would become of him if he ever lost his Madhu?  He thought at least Pabho understood him and would be supportive.  But she is the biggest proponent in destroying his sanity, his life by creating a rift between him and his Madhu.  The respect he felt for Pabho is now utterly and completely gone.

RK looks towards the closed door and closes his eyes in guilt.  He can still hear Madhu’s muffled sobs coming from the green room.  Clenching his fists, RK wonders when he will learn to put a license on his mouth before he utters hurtful s**t to Madhu?  He starts towards the room.  First thing he must do is apologize to her and second take her back to RM and establish once and for all that no one better dare not mess with his biwi again.  Or they won’t live to see another day.  Just as he is about to turn the door knob, his phone rings.  Irritated with the interruption, he answers the call ready to blast the caller for disturbing him.

RK (angrily):  This damn well better be for a good reason or consider your pack up done!

Joshi (unapologetically):  RK sir I have information regarding the investigation that you are having me conduct privately.

This got RK’s attention and he listens attentively to Joshi as he fills him in on details.  Never even in his wildest imagination did he ever consider that his family would stoop to such a level and be so treacherous.  Sure he has always expected the Bhattias to be a rather unscrupulous lot, but he certainly did not expect them to stoop so low.  RK stares at the door and as much as he wants to go in and apologize and comfort Madhu, he has some pollutants to clean out of his home. 

RM – Half an Hour Later

RK pours a generous portion of scotch into his glass and gulps it down.  He messages his shoulders and grimaces at the stiffness and the dull ache.  At the sound a knock, he turns around with a feral smile gracing his lips.  It’s action time.

RK wipes the smile off his face and angrily asks the knocker to enter.  Sikky, with a worried expression on his bandar like face, walks in timidly.

Sikky (plasters a big smile on his face as he wrings his hands):  RK mera bhai…you wanted to see me?

RK (turns back around and pours himself another glass of scotch):  First of all Sikky Bhattia you and I are in no way related, so don’t ever call me bhai.  (Turns around and faces Sikky with a smirk) I can’t have my image unnecessarily tarnished by being related to you.

Sikky (angrily):  Oy…RK!

RK (continues):  Neither should people interrupt Superstar RK when he is speaking.  (Derisively) Certainly not someone like you, who has neither fame, fortune and intelligence. 

Sikky (angrily):  Arre…you call me to your room to just insult me?!?

RK:  Yes I did call you.  As for the insults, (quirks his brow) well you are worthy of it Sikandar Bhattia.

Sikky:  Oye RK…

RK (interrupts):  I haven’t given you permission to speak just yet. 

He takes a sip from his glass and places it back on his wet bar. With predatory grace he approaches Sikky and towers over him. 

RK (dangerously):  You have only one chance to speak the truth so do not even dare to lie or you know what I can do.  Were you at the studio the day I was stabbed? 

Sikky (sputters):  Ye…I mean…N…what…why are you…

RK (menacingly grabs Sikky’s collar and fists his hand):  The truth Sikky!

Sikky (terrified):  Y…ye…yesss.

RK:  Did you switch the fake knife with the real one?

Sikky starts whimpering and RK gives him a good shake.

RK (threatens):  You are testing my patience Sikky!  DID YOU SWITCH THE FAKE KNIFE WITH THE REAL ONE?!?

Sikky (bursts open):  Yes…yes…yes!  But only upon Amar uncle’s instructions.  I didn’t think it would do any real harm.  Daddyji and Amar uncle have been hatching to stop your filming.  I promise…I didn’t think the knife switch would be so dangerous and nearly fatal for you.  (Wails) I was just following instructions.

RK (let’s go off Sikky’s collar and asks in disgust):  What about the studio fire?  Did Kukku Bhattia plan that too?  Don’t even think about lying now because we have it CCTV footage.

In fear, Sikky confesses everything that he unknowingly along with Kukku and Amar committed against RK.  After confession, he falls down at RK’s legs and begs to be shown mercy

RK (pulls away in disgust):  Show you mercy after what you almost tried to kill me?  No Sikandar Bhattia you will definitely get your punishment.  (Becomes thoughtful) But I will ask for a reduction in your punishment if you confess in front of the family and clear Madhu’s name.

Sikky (mutters to himself):  Sikky always gets punished…I don’t know how wife gets away with things.  She planned fake nivarans with Pabho against bhabiji and my wife gets off scotch free.

RK stares at Sikky and wonders if he should get his ears checked.  Pabho?  Fake nivarans?  Pabho?  His Pabho? 

RK (grabs Sikky’s collars again):  What the hell do you mean by fake nivarans?

Sikky (scratches his head in confusion):  What Nivaran?

RK (grits his teeth in anger and tightens his hold on Sikky’s collar):  Sikky!  You just said it about Dipali, Pabho and fake Nivarans.

Sikky (shrugs his shoulders):  Ohh that.  I heard wife and Pabho talking many times. They are as close as thieves.  (Muses) They thought I didn’t see and I didn’t think much about their conversations.  Let me see if I remember…for the first nivaran, they had bhabiji go to some mountainous temple that they built just for that purpose to complete her nivaran.  But Pabho hand wife didn’t want bhabiji to complete so they set rats on her.

RK drops Sikky’s collar and clenches his fists in anger.  He remembers clear as day the condition of Madhu’s feet that day.  Closing his eyes in guilt, he berates himself for not asking her how and why she became injured.  Rat bites…they could have been infectious.  RK feels his temper rising at the ploy to harm his biwi.  He thinks back to the day after Karva Chauth and is now 100% convinced that Madhu caught a cold because Pabho and Dipali convinced her to participate in another Nivaran.  His Madhu endangered her life all because of the nonsensical belief in superstition, in that nakshatra.  All because his Pabho has her convinced that her stars are aligned to only bring about his destruction.  Pabho took advantage of his biwi’s innocence and beliefs and used it against her.  It pains him greatly that she did not even care that by harming Madhu she is hurting him.  RK has already lost respect for Pabho but now he does not even feel a shred of love for her.

He stops reminiscing as his ears picks up commotion from downstairs.  RK cannot hear the exact words well but can hear Madhu’s tearful, pleading voice and Pabho’s vehemence. 

RK (turns towards Sikky):  Are you ready to give the performance of your life and confess yours and your rotten father’s sin in front of everyone?

Sikky (mutters):  Does not matter anymore, either way I am dead.  If I don’t confess, this RK here will kill me.  If I confess, daddyji and Amar uncle will kill me.  Uff!  Everyone is always after my head.

RK (smirks):  Ahaan…I will kill you if you don’t cooperate.  Now come with me downstairs for today’s special.

They head downstairs with Sikky following RK hesitantly.  He controls his rage as he hears Pabho taunt his Madhu and telling her to leave him.  Not a chance in hell Pabho.  RK joins the melee and claps his hands.

RK (quirks his brows and pretends that he didn’t hear a word of Pabho’s venom): Excellent all of my “esteemed” family members are present in this room.  I have something special to announce.  (Looks deeply into Madhu’s eyes) Biwi…come stand by me as I make this announcement.

Madhu (looks at Pabho and hesitates):  RK...

Pabho (pretends concern):  Rishab is everything okay?  (Cautiously) What special announcement do you need to make?

RK (mockingly):  Pabho…a little patience please.  (To Madhu) Biwi are you going to come here using your own two feet or you waiting for me to pick you up in my arms and bring you here?  (Smirks) Hmm…your hesitation to come here clearly tells me that you want me to take you in my arms.

Madhu quickly comes near RK and glares at him.  He puts his arms tightly around his shoulders and pulls her to his side in a protective side hug.  She looks at his arms around her shoulders and at Pabho’s censorious expression.  Madhu struggles to move RK’s arms from her shoulders but he just ends up tightening his hold.  She glares at him for being uncooperative, insensitive lout but he just smiles at her and winks.

Pabho (getting irritated, asks sharply):  Rishab… (Gentles her tone) what is it that you wanted to announce?  (Looks around at others) We all would like to know.

RK (quirks his brows and smiles mockingly at all):  Dear family of parasites... Today’s a special day for the Bhattias.  This includes you too Pabho.  Welcome to RK Mansion’s Special, the Day of Judgment.

Next will be Part 3 then prologue. Hope the update is not a disappointment. Please do comment and hit like. Thank you!  

Nov 20, 2013

TS: Fight with Destiny-Part 3 (By Tainar) (Thanked: 19 times)

Silence.  Total, complete, utter silence reign the room as the occupants digest the words of Right Kameena.  With a devilish smirk to rival his handsome visage, RK looks around sardonically, waiting for one of them to finally speak up. 

Radha (confused):  Rishu?

Dips (stutters):  Day…Day…(swallows convulsively) Judgment?  RK…I don’t understand…I mean…we haven’t done anything to warrant such a treatment.

Kukku (mutters):  Kameena and his dialogue baazi.  (Glares at Sikky) Hmm…I hope this ullu ka patthe didn’t do the stupid thing and confess his crime.

Pabho:  Rishab?  Is this the way to speak to your family, to your elders?  I didn’t give you this sanskar.

Madhu (glares up at RK):  RK…stop this nonsense and release me.

RK (stares down at Madhu):  Biwi?  (****y smirk) Shut up.  (Looks up at the rest of the family, ignoring fuming biwi still secure in his arms) Good now that I have all of your attention, let’s get down to business.  (Raises a brow at Dipali) Super flop actress…you shouldn’t be asking what you did wrong because then the list would be endless.  Nawh…you should instead ask what you didn’t do wrong.  (Smirks) That list would be incredibly short...no…not short…nonexistent.  So there you go Gutter Queen come flop actress, you have your answer.  Your crimes are too numerous to list.  So do us all a favor and just shut up.

Dipali (crocodile tears):  RK…why do you say such hurtful things to me?  I have always wanted what the best for you but you always misunderstand my intentions, my words.

RK (glares):  Superstar RK did not give you permission to speak.

Pabho (shakes her head):  Rishab.  Is this the way to speak to your bhabi?  The way you are behaving, you are insulting the sanskar I instilled in you.

RK (smirks at Pabho):  Pabho…Pabho…it just makes me want to laugh to hear you say sanskar.

Pabho (offended):  Rishab!

RK (quirks his brow):  What sanskar are you referring to Pabho? 

Radha (interferes):  Rishu…why are you being so rude to your Pabho?

RK (ignores Radha and continues):  Tell me Pabho.  What sanskar?  Are we speaking of the same sanskar that allowed you to get into bed with the devil and make my biwi’s life hell?

Pabho (angrily):  Rishab!  Tell me clearly what are you accusing YOUR Pabho of?

RK (pretends to be shocked):  You don’t know Pabho?  I thought your venerated Guruji would have seen a vision and warned you?  No?  Guruji couldn’t do such a simple task for his most devout follower?  Tsk…tsk.  Very bad of Guruji.  Pabho you are lucky that I am in such a good mood, I will tell you.  I know that you and Dipali are cohorts in duping Madhu.  All those nivaraans you two planned to calm her supposedly bad Nakshatra were just a way to break my biwi.  (Angrily) You endangered her life so she could fail in those “tests” and walk away from my life.  (Tightens his hold on Madhu and looks into her surprised eyes) Did you really think such acts would work Pabho on my Madhu?  No.  My Madhu is made of much sterner stuff than any Nivaraans you and that super flop actress can ever come up with.  She loves me with her whole heart and being and will do anything to ensure my safety and good health.  (Looks back up and glares at Pabho and Dipali) And you took advantage of Madhu’s feelings and tried to break her.

Radha (reels back in shock):  Didi?  Is this true?  (Shakes her head in disbelief) No Rishu…I can’t believe that did would purposefully try to harm Madhu.

Kukku (lets out a low laugh and mutters):  Truly…living in this nautanki house, why waste time and money to go to movies?  Saala Kameena is always creating some drama.

Pabho (tips her chin up in defense):  Rishab I won’t deny that I teamed up with Dipali and made up those fake nivarans to push Madhu out of your life.  (Ignores Radha’s gasp) But I did it for you Rishab.  I did it for my son.  Granted my way is wrong but sometimes you have to be wrong for the greater good.  (Points accusingly at Madhu) This girl will destroy you and as your mother I could not, cannot allow that.

Radha (tears running down her eyes):  Didi?  How could you?

RK (angrily):  Pabho I have told you many times before that I do not believe in superstitious nonsense.  Know this…Madhu can never be the cause for my destruction.  How can she be when she is the reason that I live?  She can never be my destruction because she is my salvation.  She turned a janwar like me into a human being.  I believe in my Madhu and her love over all else.

Pabho (angrily):  Rishab!  Stop being so stubborn and listen to me carefully.  I trust Guruji above all else and if he said this girl will destroy you.  Why can’t you understand?  I just want you safe.

RK (laughs harshly and screams):  Joshi!  You can come in now with our “good” friend.

Joshi drags in a terrified Guruji and shoves him to the ground.

Pabho (offended):  Young man?  How dare you disrespect such a learned, wise man?!?

RK (chuckles):  Joshi tell Pabho about her very wise, learned guruji.  (Out of the corner of his eyes he notices Dipali slowly backing away) Super flop actress…you don’t have permission to move.  (Smirks) Your presence for the drama is a requirement.

Dipali (nervously):  Umm…RK…(puts her hair behind her ears) why would I…I mean where would I go?I was…umm…walking a bit to stretch my legs.

RK (ignores Dipali):  Joshi…?  Are you waiting for an invitation to continue?

Joshi:  Sorry RK sir.  (Points at Guruji) Sir this man is a fraud.  For years, has been taking bribes from people so he “foresees” a future that suits the briber’s purpose.  (Grabs Guruji’s long hair and yanks hard) Confess now that you didn’t see Madhu ma’am’s future but it was all a lie.  Tell everyone who paid you to speak against Madhu ma’am! 

Guruji (winces in pain and speaks in a trembling voice):  It’s true…I didn’t see anything about Madhubala’s kundail.  She doesn’t have bad nakshatra nor will she be the reason for her husband’s downfall.  (Points at Dipali) She found out that I was summoned by Pabho to come and look at Madhubala’s kundail.   This woman filled me in on Madhubala’s past and paid me 10,000 lakhs to lie about Madhubala’s nakshatra. 

Joshi (explains):  RK sir…I was suspicious of Dipali ma’am that she was involved with Sultan.  So I started looking into her background.  A few weeks ago, I saw 10,000 lakhs leave her account and was transferred to an untraceable account.  It took my best analyst weeks to figure out that the account belonged to this (spits out disgustedly) Guruji.  Not only did she pay Guruji to lie about Madhu ma’am, I was finally about to confirm my suspicions.  (Point accusingly at Dipali) She was in cohorts with saala criminal Sultan.  During that time, she had four large transfers, totaling 1 crore, into her account from another untraceable account.  We finally managed to go through all of Sultan’s encrypted files and we were able to trace that the money transfer were from one of his accounts.  She was in bed with the snake while pretending to be supportive your RK sir. 

Madhu (tries to free herself from RK’s hold):  How dare you Dipali?!?  How dare you?!?  I am going to kill you…you bloody b**ch!

Dipali (sputters):  No…no…no…lies.  They are all lies. Someone…someone…has set me up.

RK (quirks his brow):  Joshi…don’t you have an arrest to make?

Joshi (grins): With pleasure RK sir.  (Strides over to Dipali and handcuffs her) Dipali Bhattia you are under arrest for fraud, aiding and abetting a criminal and criminal intent.

RK (smirks):  The super flop actress finally gets the role that most suits her, a criminal in prisoner’s uniform.

Pabho (angrily):  Guruji?  I trusted you and this is how you repay my blind faith in you?

RK (to Pabho):  Rather like how you betrayed my trust Pabho, right?

Pabho (raises her chin):  So Madhu is not your destruction.  But still she is a Kundra bahu working outside the house.  Can you imagine what people are saying?  I stand by my conviction that this girl is not right for you. 

RK (angrily):  And I will stand by my conviction, with my love.  Patil and Mangesh has already packed up your bags, I want you out of my house and out of our lives this instance.  (Madhu opens her mouth and RK gives her a warning look) Biwi…!  (Returns his angry glare at Pabho) I have already made arrangements for you to return back to the ashram.  Joshi take Dipali away and drop Pabho off at the train station.

Pabho glares at Madhu and storms out of the house.  Patil and Mangesh follow her out of the house will her luggage.  Joshi drags a pleading Dipali and Guruji out with him. 

Kukku (chuckles and mutters):  Saala kameena does know how to put up a good entertainment. 

He takes a few steps when RK’s commanding voice stops him on his track.

RK (turns to glare at Kukku):  Parasite Sr. where do you think you’re going?  (Smirks) I am not done…yet.

Kukku (starts sweating, glares at Sikky and mutters):  I have an idiot for a son.  Ullu ka pathe confessed to that Kameena thinking he will get mercy.  Idiot…now all he will get are my kicks and policewala ka beatings.

Kukku (pleads to Radha):  Radhaji…are you listening to how your son is speaking to me? 

However, Radhaji is in no condition to respond.  The shock of her didi’s betrayal has left her heartbroken and speechless.

RK (angrily):  Kukku Bhattia…appealing to your Mrs won’t save your hide this time.  (Glares at Sikky) Sikky…speak!  Confess your crimes.

Sikky haltingly lists to all of his, Kukku Bhattia and Amar Behl’s crimes.

Madhu tries to push RK’s hands away, the junlgi billi in her wants to shred Sikky and Kukku Bhattia into pieces.  How dare they nearly kill her husband?

Madhu (glares at RK as he tightened his hold and turns to snarl at the Bhattias): How dare you?!?  RK has put a roof over your worthless heads and you eat food at his table.  But you betrayed him, tried to halt his finances and then tried to kill him?  How dare you?!?  (Glares at RK) Leave me RK…I won’t spare these parasites today!  These parasitical bandars need to get their as*es handed to them!  What idiots bite the hand that feeds?

Madhu continues to struggle out of RK’s tight hold.  She really wants to wrap her hands around the Bhattias necks and strangle the life out of them.  As she continues to struggle, the police come in to arrest the Bhattias.

Kukku Bhattia falls down at Radha’s feet and claims that Sikky is making things up.  But she has had enough of everyone’s lies.  She just walks away from him and stands next to RK, sending a clear message to the Bhattias that she will always support her son.

RK (to the inspector in charge):  Inspector sahib you can take the parasites out of my house any time.  My biwi and I want to breathe fresh, clean air. 

Radha looks on unhappily, heartbroken as the Bhattias are taken out of the house, out of their lives forever.  RK tugs at Madhu’s shoulders to steer her away from the scene.  But since he has slacked his hold, she easily comes out of his hold and walks up to Radha. 

Madhu (cups Radha’s face and wipes away her tears):  Maa?

Radha (lowers her gaze):  No beta.  Don’t make me feel anymore ashamed than I already feel.  I turned against my own daughter so this is a punishment I must bear. 

Madhu:  Maa I won’t deny it.  I was hurt when I lost your support at the hospital.  (Radha sobs) But I understand too.  You are a mother and you were worried for your son.  Pabho and Dipali played with your emotional, vulnerable state.  I understand maa (smiles) and if you don’t stop crying now then this daughter of yours won’t forgive you. 

Radha (wipes away her tears and smiles):  What are you made of?  How can you understand and forgive so easily?

RK:  I should ask Bappa… why he forgot to give her a brain when he sent her down into this world.

Madhu (hands on her hips and turns to glare at RK):  Mr. Rishab Kundra…I will have you know that besides my good looks I am also very smart.  (Notches up her chin) Certainly smarter than you!

RK (smirks):  Ahaan.

Radha:  I agree.  My daughter is very smart.  Bappa gave her both a brain and a heart.  (Smiles) Padminiji must have fed you a lot of honey that you have such a sweet disposition. 

RK:  Ahaan.  Now I have to argue with sasuma for feeding biwi so much honey and making my biwi so sweet and forgiving.

Madhu (angrily):  RK…

Radha looks at RK.  She has so much to say but has no courage to say what is in her heart.

Radha (smiles to hide her pain):  I have come to a decision.  You two are newly married and need privacy.  (Madhu blushes and RK smirks) So I will leave this house so you can spend as much time together as possible.

Madhu (objects):  But maa…

RK (interrupts):  I will have Bittuji make arrangements so you can go on somewhere…for a few months…maa.

Radha gives a 1000 watt smile as all the pain in her heart washes away.  Her son acknowledged again and there is really nothing more she can ask for in return.  She knows that their relationship is still on thin ice and does not want to do anything that would destroy it forever.

Radha:  Then it is settled.  I will go on vacation for a few months.  (Cups Madhu’s cheeks and smiles naughtily) And when I come back, I expect to hear some good news.  Okay?

Madhu (blushes):  Maa!

Radha laughs and thinks what a joy it would be the day she becomes a grandmother.  But for that to happen, she really must leave them alone.

Radha (looks at RK but speaks to Madhu):  Madhu you call me anytime this son of mine misbehaves and I will come down in a jiffy.  I am going to my room now…so much needs to be done before I leave. 

Madhu smiles slightly at Radha’s changed disposition.  She turns around and RK is beside her, looking down at her with much intensity.

Madhu (slightly raises her brow):  Pati?

RK:  You heard maa.  She wants little Jungli Billis and Right Kameenas running around in this house.  (Smirks and leans down and whispers ****ily) And I am ready to fulfill her wish.

Hi all. Please excuse any grammatical error. I didn't review and edit. Too exhausted to do so.  Hope you enjoyed this update as Right Kameena and Joshi bajofied the parasites. Epilogue next! Thanks all for commenting so far on the story. I shall respond to them in a bit. 

Jan 19, 2014

Fight with Destiny - Epilogue (By Tainar) (Thanked: 12 times)

Madhu (slightly raises her brow):  Pati?

RK (smirks):  You heard maa.  She wants little Jungli Billis and Right Kameenas running around in this house.  (Leans down and whispers ****ily) And I am ready to fulfill her wish.

Madhu (lightly hits RK’s chest):  RK stop it.  Behave.  (Looks at RK’s injured shoulders with concern) Plus I am sure the doctor wouldn’t want you to do strenuous activity like m…(blushes profusely)…umm…you know….

RK (grins wickedly and pulls Madhu closer):  Go on Biwi…the doctor wouldn’t US do WHAT?

Madhu (glares):  You know what I am talking about Rishabh Kundra!

RK (continues to grin):  I am not a mind reader biwi.  So please go on and enlighten me with what is on your mind.

Madhu (annoyed):  Pati.

RK:  Biwi.

Madhu (frustrated):  Make love, you daft man!

RK (laughs and sweeps Madhu off her feet):  Ahaan.  (Winks) You little minx.  Biwi…I will fulfill your wish and make love to you all night long, (smiles wickedly) it’s the least I can do as your pati. 

Madhu (looks around embarrassed):  RK put me down now before anyone sees us!  (Gasps) And what about your shoulder?

RK (laughs):  My shoulder is fine biwi.  (Winks) Don’t worry…the doctor gave clearance and said I can do any strenuous activity.

He carries a squirming and protesting Madhu up to their room and shuts the door with his feet.  RK sets her down and locks the door, smiling inwardly.  If anyone dares to interrupt them tonight, it will be their last day on earth.  Turning around, he stalks towards his irate biwi.  She bites her lips and he groans silently, the woman is a bloody siren and he is going to die of wanting her.  To hell with the dull ache on his shoulder, it is nothing compared to remaining unfulfilled. Damn! He wants her now…hard and fast!

RK pulls Madhu closer and starts nibbling her soft, swanlike neck. 

Madhu (gasps):  R…RK…I think (breathes heavily) we need to talk first.

RK (trails his lips up to her jaw line, leaving trails of wet kisses on her highly sensitized skin):  Not now biwi.

Madhu (breathlessly):  But RK…

RK (gently bites her earlobes and whispers hotly):  Biwi…shut up.

Madhu (clutches RK’s shoulders and presses against his hard chest):  RK…I really think…(sighs) we…should…

RK (sighs and grabs Madhu’s face):  Biwi you’re just not going to shut up on your own are you?

RK does not give her a chance to respond as he slams his lips on top of hers.  He uses his thumbs on Madhu’s jaw and with both his tongue and thumb, cajoles her to part her lips.  The kiss starts out playful but within seconds they are straining against each other and moaning into each other’s mouth.  After he has kissed Madhu thoroughly, RK breaks free so they can both catch their breath.

RK (quirks his brow):  Still want to talk biwi?

Madhu (tugs RK’s head down as her lips graze against his, she whispers urgently):  Make love to me now pati.

They kiss each other passionately as they frantically start taking off each other’s clothes.  Their moans and groans resonate within the walls of their bedroom as they fulfilled their desire and found pleasure in each other’s embrace.

Madhu snuggles up against RK’s chest as he tightens his hold around her shoulders and kisses her forehead.  In their urgency, they ended up making love on the floor beside their bed.  Reluctant to move, RK reaches up and grabs the blanket off the bed to cover their bodies. 

Madhu (snuggles even closer and looks up at RK, her fingers caressing his hard chest):  RK…

RK (stops Madhu’s fingers):  Biwi…unless you want me to take you again, stop petting me.

Madhu angrily moves away but RK pulls her back into his arms with a chuckle.

RK:  Just kidding biwi.  You’re too easy and fun to tease.

Madhu (glares angrily then snuggles against RK and rests her head on his chest):  Hmmph…you my dearest pati are a devil.  (Smiles) But you are my devil, always and forever.

RK (leans down and caresses Madhu’s face):  Damn straight I am always yours and will always be with you!  You better get it inside that pea-sized brain of yours.

Madhu (angrily pushes away from RK):  Excuse me RK?  Pea-sized brain?  I am much smarter than you thank you!

RK rolls over on side and balances on his elbow.  He yanks Madhu back down beside him and gently caresses her cheeks.

RK (smiles slightly):  Yes biwi.  Pea-sized brain.  (Angrily) What else would explain your decision to distance yourself from me?  Huh?  Dammit!  How dare you even think about going away from me?!?

Madhu (reaches up and caresses RK’s cheeks and whispers):  I am sorry…it’s just that…

RK (interrupts angrily):  You believed in all that **** about nakshatra and that you are bad for me.  Biwi you should have had more faith in our love. 

Madhu (leans up and kisses his jaw):  I do have faith in our love.  I have faith in you RK.  (Tears start flowing from her eyes) But I couldn’t help but feel that I was responsible for the stabbing.  How could I not have checked the knife?  How could I stab you?

RK (wipes away her tears):  Hush biwi.  I don’t want you to ever think the stabbing was your fault again.  Understood?  And don’t you dare ever believe that you are a bad for me!  Without you in my life, I would still be drinking myself into stupor.  Hell I would probably be dead by now given how reckless I was.  The point is Madhu is that you saved me from my inner demons, from my self-destructive behavior.  You are my salvation not my destruction.  (Smirks) And if destiny ever tries to intervene and say otherwise, I will fight it till it backs off and packs up.

Madhu (leans up and kisses him as fresh tears trail her cheeks):  I love you RK.

RK (wipes away her tears and kisses back):  I love you too biwi.

RK rolls Madhu over on her back and hovers above her.  He leans down seductively and whispers into her ears.

RK:  Ready for round 2 biwi?

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