Did you guys see the alarm on Anjali's face????

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Oct 30, 2013

Did you guys see the alarm on Anjali's face???? (By Raani82) (Thanked: 19 times)

This show is really turning out to be very interesting.

 I'm very sure now of the plot planned by the duo father and son- 

And Anjali is caught in between these two. 

Oh what a villian Niranjan is turning out to be! And it is only his brother who has sensed his motive.

I think,

Even the burning of the papers I bet is a well planned drama - 

Niranjan signalling to his wife to bring up the matter and asking for Avdut's signature, as always the adarsh patni taking the blame and the bad name, Niranjan at the last moment playing diplomatic.

Their plan to stop the marriage - by sending the parcels and anonymous letters fell flat on their face. Anjali doesn't like Astha so she want's to stop the wedding, Niranjan's idea is if the wedding breaks off, after much publicity Avdut will be at his mercy and he can blackmail him to sign the plot all the while remaining honourable in the eyes of his sons. But till now all his plans have failed.

 Because Shlok has his own score to settle with Astha and Anjali. So the burning  of the file and earning the trust of the Kirloskar family, is important to him. I didn't miss the light smirk on his face yesterday when Astha said " you are my life!" Surely revenge is on the air. He wants to bring astha to his home to dump her later and to get back at Anjali as well, and it is obvious he is ignorant of his father's hand behind all this. Will it be Astha who reveals the truth that his father and not his mother who is behind everything that happened these days??

And coming back to the heading,

Did you guys notice Anjali's expression when Niranjan invited them for the Ganpathy puja?

I think she has guessed what his plans are for them, and she is really scared now.

Is it a death trap for Avdut? The blame can be easily put on blackmail  letters. only future will tell.

About one thing I'm really really happy about this show is the family members do not suppress any information from one another.

So from the precap I guess Astha comes to know about the threatening letters and Shlok once again will blame his mother for everything.

Now who is the new entry - Shlok's aunt, and what is her role going to be? Another Subadra dadi?????oh no not again!!!!!

 Or is she the devil woman Kalindi always speaks about?? I guess not because Niranjan would have surely known Kalindi then!

or will she be the only support for Astha apart from Jyoti and Bharat??

And i'm sure the future holds much more interesting episodes for us.

And one more thing I take back my words in my last write up , that there was a big blooper of Jyoti not being there for her bro's engagement. the matter was settled within a few episodes. 

Thank you one and all for taking time to read this.

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