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Oct 29, 2013

OS :ARSHI'S HAPPIEST HALLOWEEN (By Vsahi) (Thanked: 47 times)

“Arnavji! What r u doing? It is supposed to be a surprise Halloween party for them. Don’t spoil it by shouting.” Khushi whispered in a very very low whisper.


“U r still Unbelievable Khushi. They have gone out half an hr back itself” Arnav muttered in his husky voice as she asked.


“Ok Arnavji! Now tell me what’s ur plan for my Jelabi and Panipoori", she squealed in a shrill voice clasping her hands in excitement forgetting her previous comment to be silent.


Arnav as usual mesmerised by her innocent beauty. Khushi turned towards him not getting a reply and blushed to a beetroot red realising the look in his eyes and whispered, ”Arnavji! Why?...Why r.. r u looking like this??” Arnav pulled her towards him and caressed her cheeks make it to go impossible red. Khushi as usual lost in his touch but the task in her hand made her to murmur, ”Arnavji! V hav very little time. V have to pre....paare...” her voice trailed off as Arnav began to trail hid tip of his nose along her jaw line towards her neck.


Arnav chuckled seeing his effect still on her. Her thumping heart, her over working lungs, the blush, the stuttering. But as he expected his chuckle brought back her senses and his tigress Khushi who glared at him in anger. He muttered in his mind,

”This pagal lady still didn’t know that this form of her turn me on more than her shy form” and pulled her even closer to kiss her. But as usual their killer of romance ringed, interrupting his attempt.

Khushi tried to push him away and started to beat his chest with her feeble fists ,”U..U.. U...Arnavji! u always do like this V don't have time and here u r romancing not knowing the time and place.”


He ignored the call as he know who is calling and didn’t heed a little for her continuous blows instead pulled her more closer in blew words in her ears, ”As for as i know Khushi U too forgot the time and place. Isn’t it?”


‘Hey Devi Maiyya!! Here I'm in a hurry to prepare for the party and this Laard Governor is in full flirty mode” She muttered out loud making Arnav to muse at her antics as always.


Before the phone could ring further to make him hurry up, he left her and gave her the juice that he kept in the side table.


“First drink this Jhushi then tell ur plans, I’ll do it. V still have so much time till evening. They wont come till then.”


As usual Khushi couldn’t resist an eatable. So she took the glass and drunk it one go and told,” Thank u Arnavji! U r the best husband in the whoooole....wor..ld.. Why.. am.. I.. feeelin.. dizzzzy? Ar.. nav...ji....”


Thats all she knew. She dozed off. Arnav smirked and lift her up to place in bed. Now time for action and he went down to meet hid partners in crime.


When Khushi opened her eyes, she didn't know what happened? or where she is? She blinked her eyes to see only dim light coming from poolside lamp indicating her that the night has already begun.

She freaked out,”Hey DM! What shall I do now? How can I arrange the party now?” then the memories came flushing down and she shrieked, ”ARNAVJI!! Its him again. He tricked me by giving that juice sedating me. But why? I asked him many times in this whole week for this Halloween party but he was so adamant that it is very kiddish and childlike. Finally accepted today morning only because of emotional blackmail no no because of my smart idea but he is so so so so LG, he made me sleep. Now what shall I do? My sweet Jelabi and Karam Panipoori are already disappointed as they couldn’t get permission from Arnavji for Halloween Party. My poor bachoos what they asked? They just wanted to celebrate the Halloween party here in India as their cousin, my Paavbhaji is celebrating in London. Is that a big thing to ask? Laard governor...”


She came out of the bed and room by muttering these and stopped abruptly to see the whole house in complete darkness.


In these yrs she have made herself practised to darkness as her sunshine, her Arnavji is always with her. So the darkness didn’t scare her as before instead surprised fer.The next second the hall broke into Pumkin lanterns and red Chinese lanterns. The whole place is creepy and yet magnificent. She is so amazed by the settings and she knew who is behind all these,”Laard Governor” She now said it with full of love and pride.


She slowly walked down the stairs which has small pumpkin lanterns throughout the side railing thinking,”My Jelabi and Panipoori ll be happy surely”


Whan she came to the centre of the hall admiring the lanterns, suddenly she heard a bone chilling cry which made her to shudder and cry,”ARNAVJIII!!!!”


After a few seconds the sound trailed off and she slowly opened her eyes and ears. Next second a seven foot tall  white vampire came in front of her with a long black robe. She wailed out loud and turned to run from it but again wailed to see a witch with a wicked “He.. hee..heeee” showing its black teeth came in front of her. She ran away from there shouting, ”Arnavji! Arnavji! Help! Help! Ghost! GHOST!”. She sot stopped as she hit a familiar solid rock and then she knew she is safe. She hugged him tightly and chanted, ”Arnavji Arnavji!! There r ghosts in our home. Do something”


She didn’t notice the lights that were turned on as tried to get strength from her Arnavji’s embrace.


Her panic came to a halt when she heard loud laughter around her. She slowly turned around within his embrace to find people around her in weird costumes along with the two who scared her. Now she understood,” They r giving a surprise Halloween party for her. Not they but HIM” and she turned towards her Arnavji,who is in his usual wear yet looking like a king as always smiling at her with the non-stop growing love in his eyes and wished, ”Happy Halloween Khushi”.


Khushi melted inside so that her eyes got moistened. Their eye lock was broken by the yelling from the tall vampire and the witch ,”Happy Halloween Nani” and “Happy Halloween Dadi” respectively.



48 yr old Khushi turned away from her 55 year old Arnavji to glare at both of them,”U people could have given me a heart attack. U know?”


But she haven’t closed her mouth finishing the sentence, there came a lot of voices in disapproval.


“KHUSHI!” - - -a roar from Arnav who is standing beside her.


“MOM! Stop speaking like this” - - -a voice came from the stomach of the witch and next second letting down the witch from his shoulders came into view is Aarav singh Raizada, 34 yr old handsome hunk, succeeder of the great ASR dynasty.



“U r going to get beating from me Mamma”- - - a musical voice came from behind her and the owner is none other than 28 yr old Aarushi Singh Raizada dressed as a beautiful vampire princess, now Aarushi Singh Raizada Khurana (like mother like daughter, she didn’t wanted to leave her maiden name), a budding gynaecologist.



“Maaa!! How can u speak like this?” - - - as Aarav this manly voice came from the stomach of the white vampire and came from the black robe letting the vampire down is Aaryan Khurana, 33 yrs old successful surgeon and the ruler of the heart of great ASR’s daughter.


“Mummji!! Don’t speak like this” - - -a tearful voice came from a very beautiful lady dressed as a zombie princess, 29 yr old Poorvi Singh Raizada,a budding Paediatrician,best friend of Aarushi and the conqueror of the heart of ASR the second.

“U r not all going to change Khushi” - - -came a voice with a hit in her head from her Payal Jiji who is standing with Akash Jiju both dressed up as grey ghosts.

“Chote Nani why r u speaking like this?- - -a timid voice came from her Paav Bhaji, 6 yrs old Pari, daughter of Arohi Singh raizada, now Arohi Sharma daughter of Akash and Payal.(She and her husband Kis**** r now in Australia to tackle a business deal along with Nk, Lavanya and their son Shravan . So they couldn’t come to the party)


“Khushiji! Dont ever speak lie that”- - - said a 60 yr Anjali with a strangled voice dressed in a white saree ghost, second mother of Aarav, Aarushi and Arohi and hiding place for their children from their parents wrath.


Khushi was overwhelmed by the love the showered her with. She turned towards everyone, every member of her family standing there with weird outfits just to make her happy. Her sister had flown from London just for her stupid wish.

But there was no words from her Jelabi and Panipoori. She looked at them to find them bending their head down with tears in their eyes.She knelt down before them and hugged them both in her each shoulder ,” oho what happened now? Why r u crying?”


Her Panipoori, 5 yr old Apoorva singh Raizada, princess of ASR dynasty, daughter of Aarav and Poorvi, looked at her weeping,”Sorry Dadi! V just wanted to give surprise to U.. sorry dadi”


Her Jelabi, Aashish Khurana, 3 yr old prince of the ASR dynasty and son of Aarushi and Aaryan mumbled in his Jelabi voice, ”Hhan Nani..Chorry Nani.. B wanttet to gib suprise por u naat kart attab”


She hugged them both and shushed,”Oho betta ! I was just kidding. Ur friend Arnavji have took my heart 30 yrs back and gave me his heart. Do u think anyone can attack this LG’s heart?”


That made everyone laugh and Arnav rolled his eyes. But he still is angry on her for speaking like this. So even after the party started with candys and cake he didn’t speak with her.


Aarushi and Poorvi arranged for a fashion show and made Khushi to comment on everyone in her usual style. It was total fun but throughout the event Arnav replied her in one words only. Khushi realised his anger but as usual tried to ignore it by commenting and speaking over enthusiastically.


When all started to go to dinner place, she pulled him to the nearby room and told,”Arnavji speak with me na? U know I'm big pagal lady then why r u getting angry on me. Cant u forgive ur crazy Khushi?”, she asked with apuppy face holding her ears.

Arnav’s anger couldn’t stand a chance with her antics and chuckled,” Ur crazy Khushi” but holding her hands he told in a serious voice,”Dont ever speak like that Khushi. U r the only one who can attack my heart which I given to u completely, trusting u. Dont break it as it will be broken if u speak like that”

Khushi hugged him tighly with tears and told,”Sorry Arnavji”

After sometime she came out of the hug and asked,”U have arranged this party for me but where is my dress. I wanted to dress up like an Angel” she ended with a pout.


Arnav pulled her closer and said in a husky voice,”U don’t need a make up and dress to be an angel Khushi coz U r an angel urself” and kissed her forehead.


They heard claps and clicks from camera from the doorway and turned to see the whole family.

"Vaah!! Aarav V have to learn a lot from Dad in how to flatter ur wives? No one can beat our Dad in romance" said Aaryan with a hint of mischief in his voice.

"U r absolutely correct Bhaiya. This Akdu Aarav have to learn a lot from Dad", said a pouting Poorvi making everyone laugh.

Aarav hiding his laugh whispered in her ears,"Do u want another example for my roance like Appu. Poorvi dear?"

Poorvi blushed o a beautiful pink and aarushi as usual supporting her Bhai commented,"Seeing ur blush Poorvi, I think my Bhai have enough experience from Paapa. Isn't it?"

All broke into a thunderous laughter earing that and it echoed all over.


And ironically the Horror Halloween party took place very happily inside the walls of Shanthivan with their laughter which ‘ll reverberate forever.




I hope u people enjoyed. This is my first OS and I tried my level best. sorry I couldnt upload photos. I let it to ur imagination. I hope i didn't confuse with all the characters:):):):)



Oct 30, 2013

Thanks a lot readers??? (By Vsahi) (Thanked: 10 times)

@Sc12345 - Thank a lot for commenting dear:)) @Coolbakes - Dr di!!!! Thanks for ur loooooong msg. im overwhelmed by ur comment. ofcourse ur correct akka. can i call u akka.? but as u said., our profession ll always haunt us;-) and it took me a lot of time to type the introduction part as it can be confusing. so I tried my best to tell clearly. and thanks again for such a kind and long comment for my bakwas:-):-):-):-):-):-)???? @ Tainar - Thanks a lot for ur comment and for conducting this competition. Actually I wanted a break from the workload they r giving me in the hospital. so I wrote it while I was free in my duty. I have to update my stories but I always wanted to write a os and my wish came true coz of u:-):-):-)??? @ Arshika 37 - thanks a lot dear:-):-)

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