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May 9, 2015

Arnav - Khushi - Lfie Epilogue (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 59 times)

So, here is my surprise to my old (who followed AKL from the start) readers





"KHUSHI STOP RIGHT THERE!!!" shouted both Arnav and Shyam.


Khushi, who is running around the house with her nephew - Sowrya, looked back at Arnav and Shyam and mocked them keeping her tongue out.


"I can't believe this is happening here. We are getting late for the function and she is running around the house. She is not getting ready and she not letting me to get ready Sowrya. I'm seeing two kids here. What to do Arnav?" Shyam is hell tired running behind Khushi


"I don't know Bhai... I'm tired of thinking. When I'm getting tired with this running, how can she run around, that too holding a kid? She looks so thin and has so much stamina... Unbelievable..." Arnav said sitting beside Shyam.


As Khushi is thin and small figure comparatively than Shyam and Arnav, she is running, jumping on couches, moving in between chairs, and crawling under the table easily to escape from Shyam and Arnav.


"Ahh... Mommy Ji... my ear... it's paining... Ahhh..."


"Then what do you expect me to do? Why are you irritating them? Why are you not letting Shyam to make Sowrya get ready? And why are you still not ready? Don't you remember that you have a performance?" asked Saritha


"Then what else I have to do? They both are trying to put that boring suit on him too. For god sake he is just 5 year old. Why can't they allow him to live as a normal child? They both are already wearing that boring suits. I don't allow them to spoil my nephew..." Khushi is adamant.


"What the!!! Khushi I'm the chief guest of the function. And do you expect us to dress up in casuals?"


"For the god sake we are going to music awards function. Who will dress up in this boring suit for that function? Okay I agree you are chief guest so you wore that... but what about others? Why in the hell all men wore these suits? And I never asked you to dress up like Salman Ji. I know you can't. But that doesn't mean you can dress a five year old in that boring suit. I won't allow that"


"Oho Khushi... Arnav, Shyam... at least you two leave the issue. Why are you both making this as an issue? We know how stubborn she can be sometimes. Just let Khushi dress up Sowrya, how she wants. Khushi you go and get ready yourself and make Sowrya ready. We are getting late..."


"Ji Mommy Ji..." Khushi left from there not before showing her tongue to Arnav and Shyam and muttering something like "He didn't even know how to enjoy the life... Lad Governor kahike. He is spoiling others also"; under her breath making both Shyam and Arnav shaking their heads and smile.


 "Thanks Mami... if you didn't come... we couldn't make it up to function. Thanks..." Arnav saying this hugged Saritha.


"I can't believe after getting married for three years you both are still fighting. What do I do with you both?" said Saritha holding her head.




All the Raizada-s, Mathur-s came to the venue. There is so much excitement in every one. They entered into the hall and occupied their seats. After waiting for nearly 20 minutes, the host came and gave the introductory speech


"Hello ladies and Gentlemen... a very good evening to you... thank you so much for coming here. We are really proud to organize this function. As you all knew this function to be an award function, I want to invite few successful men and women on to the dais. Before that, I want to tell you one thing - the thing is, generally when we decides about the award to whom we should give, we will inform the winners before hand, because they can make their presence here. But now, we didn't inform anyone about the result. We just want to surprise the nominees. We want to see the happiness on their faces. So, let's start the function" all the audience, nominees and their families, friends and guests clapped loudly


After that the host invited the organizers, honorable guests.


"Now, the chief guest... when some people suggested him for the chief guest, some other people objected. But when we show them about his hard work and successful career they didn't have any word to object him. He is the man of perfection, he is the meaning of hard work and he is the meaning of success. In other words - I mean in the girls' point of view - he is the meaning of hotness, he is the meaning of killing looks, he is the meaning of handsomeness and he is the meaning of the Man' in girls' life. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I want to invite the winner of the young successful business man of the year award for the five consecutive years Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada to the dais" the full auditorium roared with loud applause. Arnav who sat with his family, stood and walked towards the dais while smiling slightly. His eyes are twinkling with the pride which only belongs to him. He waved his hand towards audience and occupied his seat.


After initial introductory speeches of all the members on the dais, the award function started. In between the awards there are some performances by nominees along with other singers, music directors and the dancers. Khushi also performed there as she is one of the nominees; which is unknown to her. When she performed on the stage, the whole venue became silent listening to her voice. Everybody felt happy for having her back. Mr. Shah also presented there to see his favorite singer - Khushi's performance. He thanked god when he came to know about Khushi's return. He rushed to Khushi's house to see her by himself and confirm that she is alive. He again took her in his films after making her accept with the help of Arnav, Shyam and Aman.


"Now this is the time to announce the best male singer. I request Mr. Muthyam (just random name. don't think about him) who himself a great classical singer, to announce the name of the winner" the host said


Then Mr. Muthyam came to the dais and announced the winner. After giving the award to the winner, the host thanked him and continued


"Now is the time for best female singer. I request Mr. ASR to announce the name. Mr. ASR, please..."


Arnav went to the dais with a thudding heart. He always wanted his Khushi in the list of nominees. But Khushi never accepted that. He doesn't know why but he knows that Khushi is not comfortable in this matter. So he or his family or her family never forced her in this decision of hers. He just wants her to be happy and he just wants himself to be the reason for her happiness, nothing else. He sighed deeply and took the cover from the host. Before he sees the content the host said


"Mr. ASR, I request you to control your emotions and not to show them on your face or your expressive eyes - remember if it is DISAPPOINTED result also you shouldn't show it in your face. I want you to say the result in my ear"


Not understanding much, Arnav nodded his head with a sigh. Arnav opened the cover and saw the content. Nobody can guess the result by seeing his face. There is no expression on his face. He looked at the audience and said the result in the ear of the host


"Hmm... so... that is the result..." the host sighed deeply and looked at Arnav "I can understand your feelings Mr. Raizada... sorry for keeping you in this situation. We are sorry..."


The total auditorium became silent - pin drop silence. The host continued


"Whatever is the result, whoever is the winner... we have to give the award to them. I request Mr. ASR to give the award to the winner. Let me call her... the winner is..." after giving a slight pause the host continued "When she started her career nobody knows her. She was someone from the background. But when her songs got released, she got so much appreciation from the critics. How much sudden her entry was that much sudden her fall back was. When she came back, she was a sensation... after she came back, after being a sensation she never wanted to participate in this award thing. She was never interested in taking awards. She always wanted to sing for her happiness. But this year, we or she can't object or reject or decline to be the nominee in the list. It's completely listeners' choice. We got so many requests about her to take her in the nominees list. She didn't know that she is in the list; she came here just to perform. She has a beautiful voice..." the host was disturbed by the audience to tell the name of the singer. So the host continued "Okay... okay... I understood your anxiety... the winner is..." the host turned to Arnav and said "ASR the winner name in three, together... are you ready?" Arnav nodded his head


"Three, two and one... KHUSHIII(A/N Obviously :P)" both Arnav and host shouted her name. Khushi sat there numb with wide eye. The venue roared in a celebration with the happiness of all the audience, Raizada-s, Mathur-s.


Host requested Khushi to come to the dais. Seeing her not responding, both Aman and Shyam held her hands and took her to the dais. When she is on the dais, Arnav hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear "Congrats angel... we won... thank you..."


Khushi looked at him teary eyed. Arnav nodded his head


"Mr. ASR" the host gave the award to Arnav to give it to Khushi


Nodding his head and gave her the award. Khushi took the award and looked at the audience, who are clapping for her; who are celebrating her award. She again looked at Arnav then towards audience.


"Mrs. Khushi ASR..., few words please..." the host gave the mike to Khushi. The auditorium became silent again


"Thank you... for each and every one, who supported me, who liked my voice. But all this credit goes to Mr. Shah, who gave me chances by chances, thank you sir and Arnav Ji, Aman Bhai, Shyam Bhai, and my whole family - thank you so much for your wonderful support. I can't say more than this now. Please give me some time to digest this news, I am really..." she couldn't say anything so she folded her hands and rested her head on them and bent her head before the audience and said "Thank you..."


Once again the auditorium roared in a loud applause.




After a wonderful night, all the Raizada-s and Mathur-s returned to their house with so much happiness. After talking and sharing the happiness about the day events, every one retired to their rooms.


After entering the room and freshening Khushi went to the pool side and stood looking at the twinkling stars in the sky. Arnav hugged Khushi from back keeping his chin on her shoulder.


"Congratulations Mrs. Khushi, the best female singer" Arnav is more than happy today... he is overwhelmed with the happiness


Khushi turned back and looked at Arnav's eyes


Arnav cupped her face and kissed on her forehead


"I'm so proud of you Angel... thank you so much for giving me this immense happiness. I love you... I love you so much..." Arnav hugged Khushi tightly

"I love you too Arnav Ji... this is not possible without your support. Thanks for being in my life. Thanks for being my support. Thanks for being my anchor all these years... I still couldn't believe this... I love you..." Khushi reciprocated the hug with so much love.


Arnav broke the hug and looked at Khushi's eyes and the lips and then again at her eyes as asking permission for kissing. Khushi closed her eyes in pleasure and parted her lips slightly giving permission. Slowly Arnav kept his lips on her feeling the softness of her. They both closed their eyes feeling each other's closeness. They felt content, happy, relaxed, loved and completed. They both are immersed in each other, dreaming about their beautiful future.




Akul, Akshaya and Saritha and Suraj are the happiest parents. They are so satisfied with their children's successes. They thanked god for this wonderful children and life.


Arnav tied the sacred thread on Khushi's neck and filled her forehead with vermilion marking her, his; three years back. Both of them were madly in love with each other. Khushi took care of Arnav's every need. Arnav gave Khushi immense love. They both are just perfect, made for each other. As much perfect they both to each other are that much hell bent to irritate each other. They both loved each other from the bottom of their hearts and more than their own life. How much they may irritate each others, they can't live without the other. Without others their life is incomplete. They feel like their breath will stop in the next moment. They are inseparable, they are made for each other and they are each other's everything and they are nothing without each other.


Aman and Anjali were happy with their one and half year son. Aman became an over protective towards Khushi after her returning. He didn't think about anything before doing which make him feel that will give happiness to Khushi. Sometimes, he didn't think about Anjali, Lavanya or his parents when it comes to Khushi. Anjali is the one who fought with him all the time thinking his over protective may cause harm to Khushi or may make Khushi feel uncomfortable or may make Khushi feeling being restricted. But being an over possessive brother, Aman never listened to her. Aman even fought with Arnav thinking he had hurt Khushi. Do you know what made him think like that? One day after spending some romantic moments with Khushi and making her go red Arnav let her go to kitchen after hearing his mother calling Khushi. At the same time Aman came there to talk with Arnav regarding some office issue.  After seeing Khushi being red he thought Khushi was crying before he comes and held Arnav responsible for that and fought with Arnav embarrassing everyone. Shyam was the one who controlled the situation with ease making everyone relaxed.


Shyam settled well with the Mathur family. He is comfortable with his present life. He adopted his nephew and taking care of him. when his adoptive family, Arnav's family and Khushi asked him to marry for at least Sowrya's sake, he politely opposed them saying he already got married and not willing or able to give that place to another woman. Everybody understood his pain and never forced him for anything. Shyam became a big brother for Raizada and Mathur children. He took care of each and every one. He is very responsible with everyone, but with Khushi, he is little more responsible, protective and possessive.


Akash is spending his happy married life with Payal. Both Akash and Payal are the most cool and calm people in younger generations of the both Raizada and Mathur families. They both understanding, respectful and supporting towards the family. When Khushi had difficulty in adjusting with the family, Akash and Payal are the one who helped Khushi after Arnav, Shyam and Aman. They took care of whenever she faced problem in her life, whether it is Khushi's surroundings or her nightmares. They never showed any differences between the families. We can say both Akash and Payal are the bridge to the members of the both families.


NK was somewhat having difficulty in managing his married life with Lavanya. As she is the youngest one in the family, she always demands others' attention on her. After Khushi came to their family, she became some conscious about her place in the family. It took her some time to accept the truth that Khushi is their family member. She felt jealous after seeing her family concentrating more on Khushi than her. Even though Aman is never that possessive about her from childhood, she couldn't take Aman being over possessive about Khushi. It took so much effort to NK and Aman and all the Mathur-s to make Lavanya understand. Now as everything is settled, both NK and Lavanya are satisfied with their life.


Shyam, Aman, Arnav, Akash and NK are fulfilling their duties as board of directors of RM group of companies. Shyam is taking care of software department of all the RM group of companies. Arnav is taking care of RM fashion house and Aman is working as an assistant to Akul who is one of the CEO. Akash is working as an assistant to Suraj who is one of the CEO and also fulfilling his roles as CFO (Chief Financial Officer). NK, even though he is one of the board of directors, he never concentrated on management and all. Being a theatre arts student he concentrated on movies and modeling. He works with Arnav in RM fashion house whenever they needed him.


Both Akul and Suraj, created the businesses for their girl children. Khushi being a wonderful and famous singer helps Payal in managing their RM Music Recording Studios/Theatres. Anjali being an interior designer she is maintaining RM Interior Designing. Lavanya is maintaining RM Modeling Agency.

With that everyone settled in their lives. They are happy, content and satisfied with what they have and what they are doing. They are complete family a happy family


This is MY Arnav Khushi life...



Seriously and truthfully THE END.




I hope you all (AKL lovers) are satisfied with this epilogue. If it is not up to your expectations and if you feel like I spoiled the story, let me know I will delete this epilogue.


As I already mentioned that I don't know how to write the epilogue, please spare me with this.


Thank you for your wonderful response for this story. I really felt overwhelmed with happiness after knowing some people are reading the story again and again...


Thank you again...


Love you all...




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