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Oct 21, 2013

Arnav-Khushi-Life (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 63 times)

Soft moon light, twinkling stars, cool breeze... slight fog is covering the roads due to winter season... It’s a pleasant night in Delhi. 

Raizada Mansion

The climate is soothing; but Mr. Akul Singh Raizada’s mind was disturbed. He is thinking deeply about his elder son’s future, as he got the information from his sources saying that how much his son getting spoiled with all the unnecessary habits...

When he is in deep thoughts, his wife Mrs. Akshaya Singh Raizada came to the terrace. After seeing her husband in deep thoughts, she remembered the phone call which he got at the time of dinner. After receiving the call, he became furious. But he didn’t give any answers to the questions asked by his family members. They thought its may be work related. But after seeing him as tensed more than furious, Akshaya got little bit worried and wanted to know what will be the reason for this. She kept her hand on his shoulder, he turned back to see his wife. After seeing her so much worried, he asked her to sit beside him. She sat and asked him

“Why are you looking so tensed? Is there anything bothering you?”

“Hhmm.” He nodded.

“Is it work related? Is everything fine in your office?”

“No, it’s not work related.”

“Not work related? Then what was bothering you? Is there something I should know?”

“Hhmm... It’s about our son Arnav...”

“about Arnav...? What about him? What was that to worry about him...? Is there anything wrong at the college?”

“In two year he will finish his studies... So, I’m thinking to hand over my business to him... I’m sure he will be successful businessman. I don’t have any doubt about my son’s capability...”

“Of course he will be successful... u r there to guide him. But what is bothering u still?”

“After giving the responsibilities of my business I want him to get married...”

“Oh, that’s a good thing... I hope we can convince him about marriage... and I think he will agree with us if we find a nice girl...”

“There is the problem... I asked my sources to keep an eye on him... like what is he doing at college? With whom he is maintaining his friendships and all... but I didn’t get any good signs from my sources... They said he is completely spoiled...”

“Spoiled???? What u r saying?? What do u mean spoiled???”

“I was saying what my sources said... They said althoough he is a very brilliant student, he has all the bad habits like smoking, drinking, racing and he is a complete womanizer... See, with smoking and drinking, we hope any girl will adjust... but what about addicting to women... will any girl adjust with that? Do u think they will? And, what about races... if he is that much addicted to races, then how will he able to successful in business?? He is pouring that much money in his habits... Is this a good sign??? With one year in college made him like this... then think about later... two years remaining in graduation and two more years in Post Graduation... how will he be...?”

“Oh!! Come on... he is a student still... why are u thinking that much about these things... Once after he finishes his studies he will be fine... Now he enjoying his life... let him... when it comes to races, he won’t get that much time after taking the business in his hands... And when he knows the importance of health and wealth, he will stop the habits which will be spoil his health, wealth and his reputation...”

“And what about marriage...?”

“As I said before... we will convince him... He will agree with us if we find a nice girl for him...”

“Nice girl...? For Arnav...? Do u really think anybody will give their daughters to a womanizer? I don’t think so?”

“What do you mean that?”

“I mean nobody is ready to give their daughters to Arnav... I already asked my sources to get the opinion on Arnav from some of the families from where I was thinking to get their daughters as our daughter-in-law... Then the person from my source team went to those families like a man who wants to give his daughter to my son...  but in returns nobody give him a good opinion on Arnav... everybody said he is a spoiled brat of mine...”


“Hmmm, Yes, u heard it”

There is a complete silence between them. They come back from their trance with the ring of his mobile... In between, their maid Hari Prakash came and said to Akshaya that Nani is calling her... so she left...

Gupta House, Lucknow

“NO, I don’t accept... Khushi will continue her studies here in Lucknow itself only” objected Garima.

Shashi asked “Oh... Garima what is this now? How many times we discussed about it..? You are again saying this?”

Madhumathi (Buaji): “It’s ok Garima; Shyam and Keshi will be there with her... no need to worry.”

Khushi: “NO, I am not staying with jiji or bhai buaji... I will be staying in hostel...”

Buaji: “WHAT?!!!”

Garima: “That is why i’m not accepting this. I don’t want her to stay alone there”

Shashi Gupta: “Khushi will stay in college hostel. And that is final”

Buaji: “Garima is right. It is not a good decision Shashi. How can she stay alone in hostel? She can’t handle the people there. And she can’t stay alone there with unknown girls, NO I can’t accept....”

Khushi: “Oho come on buaji... I can take care of my self... don’t worry about me... anyways jiji and bhayya are there... and morning and evening also I have classes in University. If I’m spending more time in travelling it will be difficult for me to attend the classes and return home on the time. I can’t reach home early in the evening. Coz my evening classes will end at evening 8 ‘O’ clock. If I have any problem I can call them... and I WILL call them.”

Buaji: “No, I won’t accept it... She has to stay in either Keshi’s house or with Shyam. If she doesn’t want to stay with them then I myself will stay with her...”

With that Khushi looked at her father who assured her with his eyes, like as he is saying ‘everything will be fine’. After fighting, pleading, crying and blackmailing or what not for long time... Buaji and Garima accepted for Khushi’s stay in hostel...

Khushi is very happy about her admission in UM... She is going to take a graduation course in music (B Music)... She is very interested in music from her childhood. She wants to become a singer... when she is a girl; she learnt music as hobby from senior and famous singers... Due to her father’s business, they travelled so many states... with that she learnt both the south Indian (Karnatic) and north Indian (Hindustani) classical and light music... Her interest in music grown with her... she is very talented. With that she got the scholarship in the University. So Shashi Gupta decided to send her to the University... she is eagerly waiting for the day to join in the University... at last the day has come... Tomorrow is the day after long wait to go to Mumbai...

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Oct 22, 2013

Arnav-Khushi-Life (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 72 times)

“What the hell”, said Arnav with irritating tone. Today is the first day of college after vacations. He started early to reach the college. But due to his driver’s fate, he didn’t check the car’s condition. When Arnav reaches some of the distance to college, two of the car tyres are got punctured... he cursed his driver. He waited for cab, but didn’t get any. Coz, most of the students studying in university prefer walking, cycling or riding their own vehicle in campus from their place either it is hostel or their home. Remaining students prefer public transport that too mainly buses. There is less chances for cabs and others than buses. Arnav got irritated. He thinks ‘Arnav Singh Raizada in a BUS!! Unbelievable. I hate that driver and I’m going to kill that idiot.’ With that he hopped up a bus which goes to Fine Arts department which is in far end of the campus. Suddenly he felt his heart beat increased. He thought may be this bus journey (only for minutes also) is irritating him, and after sometime it will come normal.

All the students in the bus got surprised to see the mighty ASR in bus. All of them gasped to express their surprise which is more irritated the great ASR. And he took one seat which is available near him, and he didn’t bother to see whose beside he sat. After few seconds, the TC comes and asks him to ticket. Then Arnav removes his wallet and gave TC 1000 rupees note and asks him for ticket. With surprised look the TC said: “Ticket to Fine Arts department is 14 rupees. Give the change. I don’t have change for 1000.” With that Arnav got more irritated. And with his arrogant mind he started fight with TC.

Arnav: “What the! Don’t you have change for 1000? How can this possible? Check your wallet; you surely will have the change. Coz I know how many students will catch the bus for university.”

TC: “Really!!! You know how many students will catch the bus for university, but don’t you know who are catching the busses are only students. They will have the passes or only gives maximum 20 rupee notes. Nobody will give even 100 rupees. And stop arguing with me and give the change or leave the bus.”

With that Arnav gets more irritated and opens his wallet to give the change. But, he didn’t find any change. He never caries lesser notes than 500... In fact he never thought that, he will need the change. He thinks and turns to TC and says with his rude tone “See I don’t have any change. But, I want to go to department right now. So, just give me the change and ticket”

TC: “Then, Why did u hop the bus? And anyways I don’t have change just leave the bus” said and turns to driver to stop the bus.

Before Arnav says something, he heard a voice from his side, saying “It is ok bhaiyya. I will give the change. Just give him the ticket.” With those words a girl gives the change to TC who gave ticket to Arnav later. Arnav was totally dumb at the minute. He is completely lost his senses by seeing a beautiful girl with most mesmerizing smile. He thinks ‘how can anybody have this much amazing smile?’ He came back from his trances with her voice.

Girl: “Here, your book. It slipped from your lap when u r fighting with TC” she giggled.

Arnav: “Ahh thanks. Actually my car tyres were punctured. So, I have to hop.” He doesn’t understand why he tells her about his situation. He never gave any explanation to anyone.

Girl: “It is ok. No need to tell.” With that she goes to get down the bus. Suddenly she turns back and says with most amazing smile “have a nice day, don’t fight with any other. Bye”

Girl got down and the bus moves forward, then the reality hits Arnav and he tries to reach the girl. But she already left. He is angry on him for not asking her name and department. He cursed his mind. He thought “She got down the bus at last but one stop. So either music or painting or sculpture or HIS department means fashion designing.  Whatever it may be she is definitely Fine Arts student. And he never saw her before in the fine arts premises. Is she fresher? Need to find out.” When the bus reaches its lost stop, he hopped down the bus with a smile on his face and thoughts of the Angel in his mind.

All his friends shocked to see the arrogant ASR smiling. When he saw them, he got an idea about how to find that Angel. Immediately he asked his friends about fresher’s party.

Arnav: “Guys when the fresher party is?”

Akash: “Bhai!! R u asking about fresher party? Unbelievable...”

Arnav: “Shut up Akash... just tell me when the party is?”

Anjali: “Chote... May I know why r you so interested in fresher party? You never interested in that... We asked u so many times. But you denied our request and don’t want to be part of it. And that too about bachelor degree fresher party? What happened suddenly?”

Aman: “Exactly Anjali... I agree with u. He is not interested even his fresher party. But suddenly what happened.”

Arnav: “Come on guys. I asked just like that. You people only said that party will be held. Right? And the classes are also going to commence from tomorrow. So when are you planning the party?”

Actually Arnav don’t want to say anything about that Angel, whom he met few minutes back. Because, he knows if he says anything about her, nobody will leave him, and everybody will start teasing him. Because he never interested in any particular girl. He never interested in love, relationship or marriage things. His view, opinion and thinking about a girl are completely different from others. He thinks girls are interested in his money, fame for their own purpose. No girl will genuine to trust. He trusts only few ladies in his life, his Nani, his mother, and his sister Anjali. He is the most handsome, rich and powerful guy in the college. Though he is first year PG student, but he will affect every student like he is the senior student of the college, from his bachelor degree days. Every girl dreams about him. So, he behaves according to girls’ behaviour. But, when it comes to that Angel, he feels like he never felt before. He felt like something is pulling towards her. He felt like she is very important in his life. He wants her in his life. He is feeling like, with her he is complete. He doesn’t want to think about her like what he thinks about other girls. She is pure. Her smile is divine. Any one will forget their tensions, sorrows and pains just by seeing her smile. She is goddess of beauty. She is Angel, HIS Angel...

Akash: “Hello, bhai, where u lost? What are you thinking about?”

Arnav: “Nothing, thinking about party”

Aman: “Ok fine, but for party we have to take permission from Dean.”

Arnav: “Why?”

Aman: “Because, this year he is not ready for fresher party. Last year from your batch...”

Arnav: “What!!! My batch? My department?”

Aman: “I didn’t say your department. I said your batch. I mean engineering; Arts departments’ students gave some complaints. So this year he doesn’t want to repeat that. So he is not ready for.”

‘Oh god, if Dean don’t accept then how can I find my Angel? I have to do something about this. We have to get the permission from Dean’ Arnav thoughts and says, “Chalo we will go and ask him once again. If we take responsibility, I’m sure he will agree.”

Aman: “Are you out of your mind Arnav? This is not any +1 or +2. This is university. How can u take care of full university responsibility? There are nearly 2000 fresher will be there. How can you take care of everyone? Its impossible.”

Anjali: “Yes, Chote. Aman is right. Its very difficult to take care of each and every student.”

Arnav: “hmmmm. Ok then, we will ask permission up to Fine Arts and Management departments. Coz we r fine arts students and you both are Management (he pointed to Akash and Aman). At least for two departments we can take responsibility, right?”

Akash: “I agree with bhai. Then come let’s go to Dean Office. If he agrees means we have to do many preparations.” With that he starts to dean office along with others. On the other hand Arnav has a small smile on his lips, which is surely noticed by Anjali. She thinks ‘why is he smiling now? Something is there, need to find out’


She is thinking about the man who fought with TC in bus. He is handsome. But he looks like rude, arrogant person. He looks like rich. ‘I don’t know how people don’t have 10 rupees with them? It’s strange. He doesn’t have change, but immediately he started fight with TC? He is really lad governor. But something there in his eyes. Why I’m feeling like something is pulling me towards him? I need to stay away with him. Hope I never see him again. Hay Devimayya, please save me.’ With those thoughts... she went for searching office to submit her details. She asked some people about the way and went to office, which is next to Dean Room... When she entered there, she saw so many students near the Dean Room... they looked like they are arguing for something... suddenly her heart beat increased. She thought maybe she got tensed with new atmosphere of University.

“Hey Devimayya... It is my first day in college, but here something fishy is going on... I think these are seniors. What if first day classes gone with this... I heard, in Universities, students will do so many strikes for their rights and demands... what if they are fighting for something now?” she thought but Khushi being Khushi she said loud, with her index finger in her mouth. By hearing this someone said “exactly, you heard it right...” with that Khushi turned back to see one girl and one boy of her age...

Lavanya: “Hi, I’m Lavanya; this is Nanda Kis****...”

NK: “Oh come on Lavanya, its NK, not Nanda Kis****...” and turned towards Khushi “Hi I’m NK... I prefer NK...”

Khushi: “Hi, I’m Khushi... nice meeting you”

Lavanya: “Nice meeting you too... which department?”

Khushi: “Music”

Lavanya: “Oh great... we are theatre arts”

Khushi: “Theatre Arts... that’s means acting...!?”

NK: “Yeah... acting”

Khushi: “are wah... that’s great...”

Lavanya: “Where are you from? I don’t think you are from Mumbai...”

Khushi: “No, I’m not from Mumbai. I’m from Lucknow...”

NK: “Then where are you going to stay? Any relatives are here in Mumbai?”

Khushi: “Actually sister is staying here in Mumbai and my brother is staying in Pune with their families. But I’m staying in university hostel...”

NK: “Lavanya also staying in university hostel only. May be you can request your warden, then you both can share one room...”

Lavanya: “nice idea NK... I will do that... what about you Khushi? Do you have any problem in sharing room with me?”

Khushi: “No, Lavanyaji. I don’t have any problem.”


Hi... here is my next update... thanks for ur comments and likes... i'm lil bit scared about the response.. sorry for making arnav as womanizer... but trust me. i won't degrade arnav any where. coz i'm also deadly fan of arshi.

and this is my first story so suggestions are welcome. pls do tell me shall i continue or not...

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Oct 25, 2013

Arnav-Khushi-Life (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 62 times)


Dean: “Ok ok. If Aman, Arnav, Akash and Anjali are ready to take responsibility, then I’ll give permission to you. But only for your departments that means Fine Arts and Management. But if anything happens, I don’t spare you. I will suspend you four. Hope you got that.”

All four: “Thank you Sir, you have our word. We never get you down. We will take responsibility. Once again thank you sir.”

Dean: “Ok, now you people go. I will send permission letter to your department heads.”

With that Arnav, Akashi, Anjali, Aman and other students went out to inform their classmates. When coming outside from Dean’s room, Arnav feels his heart beat increased. Immediately that Angel comes to his thoughts. He rushed outside and searched there to find his angel. But he didn’t find her. Everybody got surprised for his weird behaviour. 


They came out from their talks with the shouts from Dean’s office... “I think they got what they wanted...” Lavanya said. Khushi said ‘bye’ and went to office.  Seeing her retreating figure, “she looks very innocent” said NK. Lavanya opens her mouth to talk while nodding her head and stopped by someone saying that, “Oh! Who is that ‘she’, looks so innocent?” NK and Lavanya turn back to see their siblings.

“Who is that girl, NK bhai?”

“DI... she is the beauty with innocence...” said NK to receive a hit on his back from his elder brother. “Oh... Arnav mere bhai. How are you? I miss you a lot” said NK with tension mixed smile. “NK, this morning only you met Arnav at our dining table. Didn’t u remember? Then what happened in this two hours that u r missing chote A LOT? And how many times I told you to call him bhai? He is four years elder than you” said Anjali, who is the elder sister of Arnav and Akash and  NK. “Di... you know I love him... really I can’t stay without...” stopped NK by hearing Arnav’s words, “NK, Enough. Stop it. Zip up your mouth. You already talked too much.”

“Oho come on NK. Stop it.” Said Lavanya and turned to Anjali and said again, “She is our new friend Di from music department. Her name is Khushi”

“Khushi?” asked Aman and Anjali looking at each other.

“Yeah, Khushi. Very nice and sweet girl” said Lavanya.

“Anybody will lose themselves with her smile. She is very innocent” added NK.

With that comment Arnav mind went to that Angel whom he is searching from morning. He came out from his thoughts by hearing, “Ok enough everyone. Its time for our classes. Lavanya, you have introductory classes right? Then why are you waiting here. You also go to your class room and can you introduce your new friend I mean Khushi to me? I want to meet her” said Aman, who is elder brother of Lavanya, Akash’s senior. He is the person who will control all his juniors in his circle.

Anjlai: “Yeah, I also want to meet her. Lavanya can you introduce her to me also?”

Lavanya: “Sure Di. Bhai tomorrow morning before classes I will introduce her to you people. Coz, today evening she is going to settle her things in hostel. I’m sure you people will like her.”

After this small discussion everybody went to their class rooms to attend their respective lectures. Throughtout the day Aman and Anjali were very restless. Arnav, Akash, NK and Lavanya got confused with their sibblings behaviour. Not understanding whats wrong with them.

Arnav’s father Akul Singh Raizada and Aman’s father Suraj Mathur are childhood friends. They studied together, grown together. Later growing up they started a small business. After some years with their hard work the business went to well known to people. Now Akul and Suraj want their elder sons to take the lead after completion of their studies. They are waiting for the day. Anjali, Arnav, Akash and NK are the children of Akul singh Raizada. Aman and Lavanya are the children of Suraj. There is 8 years gap between Aman and Lavanya. In between them Suraj lost his one more girl child. When Aman’s mother giving birth to Lavanya, one of their maids took the girl and demanded for money. Police caught that maid, but failed to catch the kid.  Aman likes his lost sister very much. He spent only two years with her, but still he is very fond of her. Till now he didn’t lose his hope about his sister. He thinks that she will come back to them. He is waiting for that day.  

Here, in office room Khushi went to music department clerk to submit her documents of her previous studies details, scholarship letter and remaining necessary documents. Then she went to her the class room, which held little bit far from office building. She is very happy to day... She entered in class room to meet her class mates. She introduces herself to everybody.

Payal: “Hi, I’m Payal”

Khushi: “Hi, I’m Khushi”

Khushi: “Nice meeting you”

Payal: “Nice meeting you too”

Khushi: “I’m from Lucknow, where r....?” she stopped with the entry of some other students in to the class room.

Senior: “Hi, my name is Rahul. I’m third year student of music. We are here to inform you all about fresher party will be held this Saturday. And Dean gave permission only to Fine Arts and Arts departments. So, its strictly for students of these two departments only. We don’t want any other department students here. Please make sure you are not mentioning anywhere and not bringing any other department students. I hope you people got what I’m saying.” Saying this he turns back, and sees Khushi, and asks, “Hey, what’s your name?”

Khushi: “Khushi”

Rahul: “Where are you from?”

Khushi: “Lucknow”

Rahul: “Where are you staying?”

Khushi feels uncomfortable with his looks and Payal gets irritated with his behaviour with Khushi, and says

Payal: “She is staying with me in my house with my parents.”

Rahul: “Who are you?”

Payal: “My name is Payal. She is my cousin.”

Rahul: “Ok...” with that he left the class room with all other senior students.

Khushi: “Why did u say like that? I mean I’m your cousin and staying with you and your family? I’m staying in hostel”

Payal: “I don’t like his behaviour and looks. So, that is why I said like that.”

Khushi: “Oh, Ok. Thank you.”

Later, music department peon comes and announces about the fresher party and introduction class with the head of the department and faculty. After lunch, all the first year students of every department had an introductory class with their respective faculty and HOD, at their respective class rooms. Which indicates, the classes will commence from the very next day of the introductory class, except Saturday (which is decided as fresher day), and their syllabus and achievements by previous students and all.

Evening at girls’ hostel

Lavanya: “Please madam, she is my best friend. We both want to stay together. Please accept it madam. Please, please...”

Warden: “You joined here just three days before, you started demanding?”

Lavanya: “Please madam, accept this. Please”

Warden: “Ok, you both can stay together. By the way what’s your name?”

Lavanya: “Khushi, from Lucknow”, she is very happy for staying with Khushi. They both went to their room for settling down. Lavanya helps Khushi for arranging her stuff in the room. Khushi called their parents and told everything what happened that day and told about her new friends Lavanya, Payal and NK. Then Lavanya also talked with Khushi’s parents and says that Khushi will be ok there, no need to worry. With that phone call everybody in Khushi’s house relaxed. Here Khushi also settled in her room comfortably with Lavanya. In no time they two got close friends.

After finishing their dinner both the friends came to their room. Lavanya notices that Khushi became dull. She knows the reason. “Khushi, don’t you tell me about your family and friends?” asked Lavanya, trying to bring her to normal mood and she succeeded. Then Khushi forgets about her home sickness and started telling about her likes and dislikes, jilebies, golgappes, hobbies, friends, family and about everything and asks about Lavanya.

Lavanya: “My name is Lavanya. I’m from Delhi. I joined in B.T.A (Bachelor of Theatre Arts) my brother also studying here. He is in management Department. He is doing his PH.D in management. His name is Aman. My parents are staying in Delhi only. My father is doing business in fashion industry with his friend.”

Khushi: “Your brother also studying here? Great... you won’t be lonely here.”

Lavanya: “yeah, he is very caring and understanding person. Anything if I want immediately he will give me that... really I’m very lucky to have a brother like him. Hey I forgot to tell you, my brother and Anjali Di wants to meet you. Tomorrow I want to you meet them. I think you don’t have any problem with that. Do you?”

Khushi: “No, I don’t have any.”

Lavanya: “Ok, then, tomorrow in the evening you will meet them.”

Khushi: “Ok”

After that some time they talked about movies, sports, college and more. And went to sleep peacefully dreaming about their future.

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Oct 31, 2013

Arnav-Khushi-Life (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 53 times)

Next day morning Lavanya, Khushi got ready for college, and left little bit early. Lavanya wants to introduce her new friend to Aman and Anjali. She already informed Aman and Anjali about their meet. Aman and Anjali also got ready and left for college. When Lavanya Khushi reached college, Aman and Anjali are already waiting for them. Aman is getting frustrated with the time his sister taking.

Anjali: “Cool down Aman. She will come”

Aman: “You know Anjali that I can’t. I’m eager to meet her. I want to confirm is it she or not?”

Anjali: “I know. You are eager. But it will take time for them to come. Just relax. I hope you’ll find what you are searching.”

Aman: “I don’t know. I will find or not. But I....”

Lavanya: “What you will find or not Bhai? What you want to find?”

With this, Aman and Anjali turned back to see Lavanya with a fair slim figure with most innocent face.

“Choti” both Aman and Anjali whispered.

Both Lavanya Khushi looked at them confusingly, and said “Choti? Who is Choti?”

Then Lavanya said, “Bhai, this is Khushi, my friend. Not any Choti. She joined yesterday in music department.” And turned to Khushi and says “Khushi, he is my brother Aman. And this is Anjali Di, NK’s sister.”

Khushi: “Namaste.” with confusing and surprised expression in her face. She is not sure why they want to meet her. And asked the same...

Khushi: “Lavanya told me that you two want to meet me. May I know why? And why did u call me Choti after seeing me? And why did u both get shocked to see me?”

Aman, who is lost in her innocence, was not able to answer her questions. Anjali, who understand him well, took the lead to control the situation. She pressed Aman’s hand lightly gesturing him to come to senses. After, she turned to Khushi and says “Nothing. Yesterday when we met Lavanya and NK after classes, they both praised you to like nothing. So we want to meet you. When coming to shock... we didn’t expect Lavanya brings you this early. Rahi baath surprise ki, we remember one of our close one by seeing you. We used to call her Choti. Sorry if u feels bad about this.”

Khushi: “No, not at all. It is just curiosity to know, that why I being called by another name. You know, if anything comes in my mind then I can’t control myself to do or say about that. Now I want to know about what u said. So I immediately said those words. Sorry. And may I know who that Choti is? That too if u don’t mind”

Aman, Anjali and Lavanya smiled at Khushi’s words. Aman and Anjali both liked Khushi instantly by seeing her bubbly and cheerful nature. Aman is waiting for Lavanya to go from there. He wants to talk with Khushi alone. Luckily, Lavanya got a call and excused herself and went little far. Aman sighed in relief, and turned to Khushi.

Aman: “It is ok Khushi. You can ask anything to me. Choti is my another sister.”

Khushi: “Sister? You had another sister? But Lavanya didn’t say anything about her.”

Aman: “No, she didn’t remember her. When I lost my sister, Lavanya is just few days kid. My mom went to trauma after losing my sister. So, my dad said nobody should talk about her in front of my mom. As Lavanya was kid, she used to be with my mom always. So she never hears about my Choti. After that also we never mentioned to her about our sister.”

Anjali: “When we see u, we got remember about her. So, immediately we said Choti.”

Khushi: “You also know about Choti. How?”

Aman: “Our fathers are friends and business partners. So, we used to stay in neighbouring houses. And as Anjali is just one year younger than me, she remembered my Choti.”

Khushi: “Oh yeah, Lavanya told me about your relation. Don’t worry Bhai. Your Choti will come to you. Hope you don’t mind if I call u as Bhai.” Khushi don’t know why she called Aman as Bhai. And she doesn’t know how much happiness she gave to Aman.

Aman, who is overwhelmed, by listing Bhai from Khushi said “No, not at all. U can call me Bhai, whenever u wants. And can I call u Choti?”

Khushi: “Of course Bhai. U can call me”

Lavanya finishes her call and come to them and says “Khushi come we will have our breakfast and we have to go for class.” With that both the friends went to canteen. But Aman wants to talk with her more. Wants to ask about her, her parents, her family. When Aman is talking with Khushi, at the same time Arnav and brothers enter in college. NK and Akash saw their Sister and Aman are talking with one girl. But they can’t see the girl’s face, coz they r facing her back.  But NK can notice that girl. So, suddenly he says “KhushiJi”. With that shout Arnav also turns the side NK was seeing. When she sees the girl, he felt like he already knows that girl. He wants to see the girl. So, he moved there. When he is nearing her, he feels his heart beat rising. Immediately he got remember the Angel whom he met two days back. So, to see her he increased his speed. But, his bad luck, before he goes there Lavanya took that girl away. He cursed Lavanya for that.  He went to them with Akash and NK. He wants to ask about that girl. Before he could utter a word, Akash himself asked for that.

Akash: “Who is that girl Di?”

NK: “KhushiJi. I said you yesterday about her. Didn’t u remember?”

Anjali: “NK, how can u say that she is Khushi?”

NK: “Yesterday I met her, right Di? So, I can identify her.”

Anjali: “Ok, she is Khushi Akash. She is first year student from music department. She is very nice girl.”

NK: “I said it, right? She is very bubbly and sweet girl.”

When all the four Aman, Anjali, Akash and NK are talking about Khushi, Arnav is thinking about His Angel. He doesn’t know why? But his heart says this Khushi is his Angel. So, he wants to meet her at any cost. So, he is thinking how is it possible? Suddenly he got an idea and turns to others and says...

Arnav: “Ok enough everyone. Now listen to me. As fresher party is coming in days, I’m thinking why won’t we go to first year classes and introduce ourselves with them. It will help new students feel comfortable with seniors.”

Anjali: “Good idea Chote. It really helps them. Then, today onwards till party day we will go to our juniors and got introduced with them. And make them feel comfortable.”

Arnav: “Yeah Di. We will. But a slight change I want to mention here. Nobody will go to their department students till party day. Means no fresher will know about who are their actual seniors.”

NK: “Means? I don’t understand completely”

Arnav: “When will u understand completely about anything?” said sarcastically.

Anjali: “Chote... leave him. And explain us.”

Arnav: “Ok, Di. Here I am. Nothing is there to confuse. You are an interior designing student, so u are not allowed to meet your juniors till the party day. U has to go to other departments like music, theatre arts and management which are NOT related to your department. And Aman and Akash as they were management department, they can go to any of the fine arts department. Coz fine arts department is completely different from theirs. And theatre arts students can go to management painting and sculpture department. So there shouldn’t be common topic when we are introduced with them.”

Akash: “But why like this? I mean what need to be going to different departments?”

Arnav: “Simple Akash. We can meet our juniors at any time in next coming days. But we won’t get time to meet other department students. So just for change I thought about this. If u guys have any problem with that we can drop the idea.”

Aman thinks something, and says “Arnav, actually it is a good idea. No need to drop this. And u already said who can go to which department. But u didn’t say anything about which department u r going to?”

Arnav: “Thanks. And I can go to music department. Coz, its not related to my fashion designing.”

Aman: “why only Music department? You can go to management and all fine arts departments except painting and fashion designing, right?”

Arnav: “Yeah, I can go to Management department. But, not all the fine arts departments. Coz, as I said painting is related to fashion designing all drawings and all. Like that only, sculpture also has drawings stuff. And applied arts related to designing. And photography and theatre arts related to modelling. So I can’t go for them. As I already said to Di, that she and her department can go for management. So, I decided to go for music department. That is all.”

Aman was mesmerized with his explanation. And thinks that ‘how Arnav make others accept his decision. He knows how to bring others into his path.’ Aman is really happy about Arnav. After some discussions everybody decided that tomorrow they will go to first year students. With that everybody started to their classes, when Aman stops Arnav and asks. “Arnav... is there anything I should know?”

“What is that about particularly” asked confused Arnav.

Aman: “About music department. Is there anything else I should know?”

Arnav understands what Aman meant. And he knows like his Di, Aman is the one who can understand him well. Maybe more than Di. Aman and Arnav shares a good bond between them. Although there is a gap between their ages, still both are good friends from their childhood. And wants to grow it throughout their life. So, they decided to share everything with each other. When Arnav recollect their promise to each other, he smiles at Aman and says...

Arnav: “Yes, there is something you should know about. But, not now. I’ll tell you once after I make myself confirm/sure with it. Till that day just close your mouth and stop thinking about that. I don’t want anybody know about this. I think u got what I’m saying.”

With that Aman laughed out loud and says “Arnav u will never change. In these years u r same as before. U doesn’t want anybody tease u, but u want to do the things which others feel to tease u. U r unbelievable. And don’t worry I don’t say any word with anyone regarding this matter. But, I can’t wait more... please make it fast. I’m eager to see her.” Aman turns back with smile and went to his class leaving surprised and smiling Arnav.

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Nov 10, 2013

Arnav-Khushi-Life (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 48 times)

Next day, Arnav woke up little bit early and went to his jog. He is very much excited, eager and tensed. He wants to meet her. What if she is not she? What if she is she? How can he take the situation, when she is in front of him? What to talk with her? How to introduce himself to her? How she will react with seeing him? Will she talk with him or not? How she will behave with him? Is she remembers me? Will she recognize me? Arrrrggghhh so many question. He is very much disturbed with these thoughts. So, he wants to go to college as fast as; as early as he can. Seeing him in such a hurry, his siblings are got confused.

Anjali: “Chote!!! What happened? Why are you in so much hurry today? Where are you going this early morning?”

Arnav: “Di, today I have some important work there in college. So, I want to start little bit early. Akash, u take Di and that monkey (NK) with you. Today as I’m going early, we can’t go together. Hope u doesn’t have any problem with that.”

Akash: “How can we have problem with that Bhai? Don’t worry. We will go together. But, why are u going at this time to college?”

Arnav: “what did u mean by this time? Whatever it was. I’m leaving for college. Bye. Take care of Di.” With he said bye to his siblings and went to college. Today his heart is beating like hell. He thinks that ‘my heart is beating like hell today. What will happen when that Angel will come in front of me? Arrgghh, she is making me crazy’. A small smile appears on his lips. Thinking about his angel, he moved to college.

After parking his car, Arnav almost ran to music department. But for his shock, disappointment or some other feeling, Department door are closed. He ran his fingers in his hair with frustration. ‘What the hell is wrong today? Why the doors are closed? What happened to lecturers and students? Where is everyone?’ he thought. At the same time department peon came there to open the classrooms. Arnav immediately caught the peon and asked him.

Arnav: “What the hell? Where is everyone?”

Peon is fully aware of the person who is standing in front of him and asking some questions. Well how can anybody won’t know about great mighty ASR. But one thing he is confused with ‘why this mighty ASR is asking about MUSIC department? Why is he so much irritated?’

Arnav: “Answer me damn it.”

Peon who is heard about Arnav, came back from his thoughts and says “ASR, this is the normal time we will open the classrooms. Before lecturers will come we have to clean every class rooms and keep all the necessary things in the rooms. I’m not at late. I’m on time. But why are you asking about this department? Do u have any work with the faculty?”

Arnav is now more irritated, frustrated and confused with the answer. So, again he asks “What do u mean U r on time? Is this the time to open department? I’m standing here from past 10 mins. Only 20 minutes are less to start the classes. How can u this irresponsible?”

Peon utterly confused with Arnav’s behaviour and says “What? How can you say that I’m late? And what did u mean by 20 mins to start the classes? It is still 7.45 in the morning. Classes will start at 9 AM. We usually open the department at this time only. Check the time once. And please I have to go. It is getting late for my duty.” With that peon went to his work.

“What the hell? Check the time? How can he say that my watch is wrong?” thinking this he looked at his watch to get the shock. Yes, it is 7.45 AM indeed. He really shocked about this. He didn’t know how to react for this. He thought ‘is he this much eager to meet her? Is this really HIM? Is this the reason his siblings are confused in the morning?’ he recollected morning incident at his house. “That is why everyone in house is normal. They were not ready. What is happening to me? Why am I this much eager to meet her, see her and talk to her? Is she worth of it? I don’t think. I have to move from here. No need to meet her. Anyway i will meet her in fresher party. Then what is the need to come here in the morning? Just leave it.” Thinking this he went to his car at parking lot. And again said to himself “Anyway I came early today, why to waste time? I will go and check with auditorium for fresher day party. And I'll check her after 9 AM. She will come on that time. Gosh why am I again thinking about her? Ok, i will go know” he left for auditorium.


Khushi wants to reach college early. Coz, today she has language class. She wants to search the class room. She doesn’t know where is language class will be held. She asked some students and went to her classroom. Today, all the first year students of Fine Arts departments have combined language class. Second year onwards they won’t have any language classes. They will have only their particular subject classes related to their course. So, she along with Payal went to big class room. There they both met their friends Lavanya and NK.

It is already 9AM. Arnav wants to see the girl. So, he reached the music department. When he is coming here, peon came to him and says that the co-curricular teacher wants to meet him. And ask him to come to the language room. Arnav says ok and turn to music department. When he reached there, again he saw nobody is there in the class room. He went to department and asked the peon of the department about students’ whereabouts. Peon got surprised to see ASR again, and informs him about combined language class. With that information, Arnav ran to language class, and stopped at the door to see the strength of the students.

Suddenly Khushi feels her heartbeat increased. She thinks may be her friends can hear her heartbeats. She checks here and there for something. And sees that same man from the bus stands at the door of the class room. She surprised to see him there. She forgot about her surroundings and keeps looking at him. Arnav also feels his heart beat increased. He knows she is here. He thinks that ‘it is really difficult to find her in all. I can’t search her here. How can I see her.’ their chain of thoughts got disturbed with the voice of lecturer.

Lecturer: “Come in Arnav. I’m waiting for u. I want to introduce u to the new students of the college. Students he is Arnav, one of the brilliant student of the college.” And turns to Arnav “Arnav I want to talk about party on Saturday, meet me after the class. How are preparations going on?”

Arnav gave a nod to students and says “everything is going good sir. We are awaiting the day, to meet our juniors. And I’ll wait outside or meet u in staff room. Sorry for disturbing the class.” With that he leaves the class.

Khushi: “So, iss lad governor ka naam Arnav hai?” (So, this lad governor's name is Arnav?)

NK: “Yeah, his name is Arnav. My elder brother. But why did u say lad governor?”

Khushi: “Your brother?”

NK: “Yeah, my brother. After Anjali Di, he is in line. After him, Akash Bhai and then me. “

Khushi: “Oh, ok.”

Lavanya: “But u didn’t say why u calls him lad governor?”

Before Khushi says something, lecturer asks some questions to everybody about their departments, their interests and others. The lecturer ‘Radha Krishna aka RK’, who is in early 30s, wants to make students comfortable in his first class. He is a language lecturer and also co-curricular head. He need to interact with these students frequently for the events comes up in the future days. He doesn’t want any student feel uncomfortable with him. The total class went on introductions with fun and jokes at healthy atmosphere. Each every student of the class immediately likes their lecturer. He is the lecturer, the girls will dream about. He is the lecturer the boys feels jealous. But both girls and boys want to impress him. He smiles about this.

“Hayeee... he is very handsome yaar. OMG look at his smile. I’m going to die” says one of the girls.

“Yes, he is” acknowledges Lavanya, who made NK angry with that comment. He didn’t like the thought Lavanya praises some other man. He doesn’t know why he is feeling like this. Khushi observes this and smiles inwardly. After language class everybody went to their respective classes. Khushi wants to see lad governor. Till now she doesn’t know that he is the student here. But, when she saw him at their class. She wants to see him, meet him and talk with him. She thought may be NK will help her in this. Here Arnav become very restless. He tried his best to go her class. But, RK didn’t leave him. Arnav is frustrated. They had some discussion about fresher party.

After finishing his meeting with RK, Arnav went to search the girl again. He is very much surprised of himself. He is really confused about his own behaviour. That too for a girl. He is becoming more n more eager to see her. When entering to department he saw two girls crossing parking. Immediately he recognized the retreating figure of that particular girl. He also knows that the second girl is no one other than Lavanya. Without leaving a second he ran to them. He called Lavanya to stop. Khushi heard someone calling her friend. She knew whose voice is that. Immediately panic ran into her body. She thought before he comes she has to leave from here. She don’t know why she is feeling scared for this lad governor. Actually she is feeling some odd feelings about him. She is confused irritated scared and feeling helpless. Before he comes there, she says to Lavanya “Lavanya I need to go to room immediately. You carry on with your friend. I’ll meet U there” with that she ran from there.

When Arnav sea that girl running he got more irritated. He ask Lavanya “why she is running like that? And who is she?”

“Who is she!? Dont U know. Didn't U meet her? She is Khushi. Leave her Bhai. Tell me why u called me?” said and asked Lavanya.

“Khushi!?” a small smile appears on his face. Now he knows that she is SHE. His Angel. His KHUSHI.

Lavanya confused with his behaviour and asks “Bhai what happened? Why are u not talking anything? Why did u call me? And why are u smiling like that?”

Arnav don’t know what to say. So he said he wants to talk about something. But maybe this is not the time. So, I will talk later. Saying this he led her to parking and dropped her in her hostel. Hoping for a glance of his happiness. After leaving Lavanya he left for his home.


Hi friends, sorry for the late update.. I'm lil bit busy. And here is the update(with out proof reading). May be U people will not like this. Coz, I'm not satisfied that much with this. If U don't like this, tomatos, eggs and onions are allowed to break on my face... but pls be there for me... ThanQ for reading this boring story... Have a nice time...

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Nov 16, 2013

Arnav-Khushi-Life (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 49 times)

Arnav woke up with the thoughts of Khushi. He checked the time, its 4 in the morning. He completely became crazy with her thoughts. He is smiling. He is not getting angry on anyone. He felt like he is not an arrogant, rude ASR not any more. He wants to control his feelings. He doesn’t want to be with anyone.  He doesn’t want to think about any other person rather than Khushi. He wants to think about his future. With Khushi. HIS Khushi. With these thoughts, a small smile appears on his lips. “Today at any cost I have to meet her. I know, yesterday she ran coz of me. She still remembers me. She is scared about me. But still, I will meet her. Khushi... get ready to meet me. I’m coming”. He got ready and went down for breakfast.  When he saw NK there at dining table, he again thinks about taking help from NK and Lavanya. “Before that I need to meet her. If she is not ready to talk with me, then I have to make her talk with the help of NK and Lavanya. First, today I will meet her, then I will decide what to do” he thought.


She woke up suddenly by hearing that somebody calling Khushi...

She checked Lavanya, who is sleeping peacefully. She thought may be its Payal. She realised that she was wrong by seeing the time. Its 4 in the morning. She checked her mobile, but there is no any call or message. She still remember the voice. She knew its not Payal’s or any girl’s voice. She surely knows its a male voice. A man’s voice. She felt the voice very familiar. But she is unsure whose voice is that. She try to clear her doubts but she couldn’t. She thought for some time and went to sleep again. But immediately she felt like hearing the same voice saying Get ready to meet me. I’m coming... she got scared by these thoughts. She don’t know why she is feeling like someone is talking with her? She is confused. She thought for some time then drifted into deep sleep.

Khushi woke up with the shouts of Lavanya. “Khushi wake up. Its already 8 in the morning, what happened to u today? Why r u still sleeping. Come on, get up fast.  We r getting late to college” Khushi opened her eyes lazily to see Lavanya shouting at her. She doesn’t know why Lavanya shouting like that. 

“Lavanya Ji, why are you shouting at me like that? Why are u looking restless. Is everything ok?” Said Khushi with so much concern.

With that Lavanya’s irritation got increased and yelled at Khushi saying “What is this Khushi. Did u forget that today we have to reach college early? Today senior students will come to our classes for introduction. They already informed us to come in time. We should not be late. But here u r asking me that everything is fine or not. Come on get up and get ready fast.”

By listening Lavanya’s words, Khushi got panicked and rushed to washroom to get ready. She is very much tensed to meet her seniors. What if, that lad governor come to her class to meet her classmates? With that thought she felt some unknown feelings run in her mind. She brushed the thoughts and got ready and left for college with Lavanya. She already wasted so much time, but not anymore. They reached the college by time. They bid bye to each other and went to their respective classrooms. After reaching the classroom, Khushi saw some new faces and she knows they are senior students. She feeling little bit tensed about the raging and all the stuff as she heard about a lot about these. She is really scared about raging. After entering the class, she saw her classmates including Payal. Payal immediately drags Khushi to herself and showed her one of the senior who is looking at Khushi.

Senior: “Is this the time to come to college?”

Khushi didn’t like his behaviour and glare at her. She is feeling uncomfortable with his looks. Payal who observed this uneasiness of her, pressed Khushi’s hand and asked her to relax with her eyes. They again heard the senior saying or we can say shouting,

Senior grabs Khushi’s hand and asked again: “Hey you, what’s ur name? I’m asking u, is this the time to come to college?”

Khushi already irritated with his looks, now got more irritated with his touch and shouting on her. By holding her hand he started to rub her shoulder. Nobody in the class noticing this except Payal. Because, all the remaining juniors of the class r engaged by the seniors. Khushi got angry and said

Khushi: “I came at correct time only. Classes will start at 9 am in the morning. And now its only 8.45. I’m not late. Don’t shout at me like that.”

Senior: “how dare u? U r giving me back answer!! And didn’t we say u have to come early today?”

Khushi: “u only asked me to answer, and then I gave the answer. Then why r u feeling so irritated. Hah... tell me? And yes, u said to come early, but i don’t want to come early. That’s why i came on normal time. What the need to come early? I came to this college to study, not for this....”

Before she completes her sentence, she stopped by some other students who come to the class room. They saw the students and one of them asked the seniors,

“Hey Rahul, what r u doing here? Didn’t we say u can’t meet ur juniors before fresher party? Then what are u doing here in this first year class? And what r u behaving with them? Just leave her hand”

Rahul: “Akash Bhai. Hhmm... I... I... I’m here to introduce myself to juniors. Just to make them comfortable here, you know... “

Khushi: “Is this the way making comfortable your junior students by shouting at them?”

Payal: “Stop it Khushi. Leave it.”

Akash: “It is ok now. Everyone go to Ur classes.” With this he sends Rahul and his classmates and turns to Khushi and says, “See miss, u can’t shout at ur senior like this. U should give respect to them.”

Khushi: “My name is Khushi. And how can u say this? He is misbehaving with me, and u r saying i can’t shout at him? Don’t I have right to self-defence?”

Akash: “Oh... did he misbehave with u? Sorry i don’t know about that.”

Payal: “didn’t u see him touching and rubbing her shoulder awkwardly?”

Akash: “No, i didn’t mean it. I thought he is just holding the hand. I’m sorry for that. I’ll ask him to keep distance with u guys. Don’t worry. He is not good one. I know. I’ll take care of him. U guys take care of urself near him. And you people (turning to the whole class), get ready for meeting the seniors at 11 am today. Don’t worry. Nobody is going to rag u or tease u. Its just a friendly introduction meet. that’s all. But, u people are not allowed to meet your department seniors before party. You will meet Ur seniors in party. Ok. And once again don’t get tensed. Its only friendly meet. Get ready to meet them. All the best.” Saying this he turns to Khushi and says “Ok, bye, take care.”

With that Akash left the classroom and went to his siblings to inform about the incident.  All the students including Payal and Khushi got relaxed from his words. “I hate that Rahul. He is an idiot” said Khushi. “Yes he is” said Payal.


Akash went to canteen where his siblings are gathered. He is very angry on Rahul, who misbehaved with Khushi. He doesn’t know why, but when he sees Khushi and Payal he felt like protecting them. He doesn’t know why, but he wants to inform his siblings about this incident. When he entered in canteen, Arnav, Anjali and Aman were surprised to see very cool Akash in angry state. Arnav went to him and asks,

Arnav: “Akash, what happened and why are u looking so angry? Is anything gone wrong? Did anyone say anything to U?”

Akash: “Bhai, I hate that idiot. I want to beat that rascal Rahul. How dare he misbehave with them?”

Aman: “What? Rahul! You mean music department third year student Rahul?” Aman felt something bad. And he has a feeling like this incident related to the girl whom Arnav liked.

Akash: “Yes, i mean it. I want to kill him. How can he behave like that with such an innocent girl? But one thing is good. Khushi did correct by giving back answer to him. But without knowing the truth i shouted on her.”

The name Khushi sent alarm to Arnav’s brain. Immediately he got angry and asks Akash about the whole incident. Then Akash told him everything about Rahul and Khushi’s argument. Aman got little worried about Arnav. Arnav is in full rage on Rahul, he wants to beat him. He thought ‘how dare he touch Khushi. How dare he shout at Khushi?’ Aman understood what’s going on in arnav’s mind and went to him and asks him to control himself. He assures Arnav that they will teach him a lesson for this. He tried to calm Arnav and somewhat succeeded. Arnav want to go and see her. He wants to make her comfortable. He wants to make her feel that she is not alone in this university. He turns to Aman, who smiles at him as saying ‘everything will b fine’. Arnav also smiles and wait for the clock to turn to 11am.

Khushi, who is busy in her thoughts, came back by lecturer's entering. he asked everybody about their knowledge about Music and their studies... he started the class with some theory lessons about Music and important composers. He asks some questions to the students. When he is asking questions to the students, Khushi is the one instantly, actively and exactly gave the answers. Lecturer very much impressed with her. And ask the students to prepare some notes on history, source and elements of music. Its 10.15 am, when the lecturer left the class saying that next class won’t be held. Coz, senior students want to talk with the class as an introduction. Khushi wants to listen some music as more 45 minutes are there for introduction. So, she selected one of her favourite playlist in her iPod and started to listen through her headphones, and went to garden area. Payal tried to talk with her and stop her, but stopped to see much immersed Khushi. She doesn’t want to disturb her friend. but still she said her to come in 45 minutes. Nodding her head Khushi went to garden.

The 45 minutes time ran like 45 seconds. Akash came to the class including Arnav, Anjali, Aman and some other senior students. He introduces all of them to the class. He asks to the students to introduce themselves to seniors. When everybody giving their introduction, two pairs of eyes are searching for some. One is Arnav’s – searching for HIS Khushi. And one is Aman’s – observing the expression on Arnav’s face. When Akash introduces Payal to them and asked her about Khushi. Arnav got alert. Then Payal said to Akash that Khushi went to garden. She will come in few minutes as she already called her. At the same time they heard somebody talking loudly and laughing. When Arnav heard that voice, he knows that voice is hers. Now he is confirmed about his angel. With a smile he turned to the door to see her. There she is... an angel, with most beautiful face. With most mesmerizing smile. With most innocent eyes. His Khushi. A broad smile came on to his lips. Aman, who is observing Arnav, caught the change of his expression and immediately turned to door and saw Khushi there and thought ‘is Arnav smiling at Khushi? Is Khushi is the girl about whom Arnav was talking yesterday?’ he is confused but happy. Very happy to see Khushi there.

Khushi, who came there with Lavanya and NK, stopped there at the door by seeing some new faces. She can’t see Aman, Anjali and Arnav as they are behind some of the students. When she saw Akash, she understood they are seniors. She smiles at Akash as she wishing him. He took her to his siblings to introduce him.

Akash: “Khushi Ji, here are the seniors whom i’m mentioning in the morning.”

Khushi: “Anjali Ji, Aman Bhai...!!! You are here... nice to meet u. How r u?”

Anjali: “Hello Khushi Ji... we came here to introduce ourselves to u people.”

“So, you also from Music department?” asked Khushi

“Didn’t you know, u can’t meet your seniors till fresher party? Didn’t Akash say that seniors from other department will come to ur class? Didn’t u remember? if u remember then hw can we r ur seniors?”

 Khushi turned her side from Anjali to see whose voice is that. When she saw the person she got the shock. What she fearing it came to reality. “The lad governor” she murmurs.



i didnt proof read... if any mistakes are there sorry for that... let me know hw is it... if u dont like tomatos and onions are welcome...

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Nov 19, 2013

Arnav-Khushi-Life part 7 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 42 times)

Arnav with a smile, walk forward to reach her. Khushi who got tensed stood there like a statue. She don’t know y she is feeling like that. She noticed that her heart beating strangely. She feared that may be others will hear her heart beat. Arnav who is in different state, smiling like mad and walking to her. Aman, who observed Arnav, stopped him by holding his hand. When Arnav felt somebody hold on his hand he  looked at the person with angry expression to know who stopped him. Aman by nodding his head negatively, showed the entire class. With that Arnav came to his senses. He is very much well known that what happened to him. He smiled inwardly knowing his angel’s effect on him. Aman observing Arnav with smile and turned to Anjali. By seeing her brother’s behaviour Anjali got confused. But she thought she will ask him later about what’s wrong and what’s going on her brother’s dangerous mind. Thinking this she turned to Khushi and says.

Anjali: “No Khushi Ji. We r not from music department. I’m from interior designing.”

Aman: “Choti... how are u? And I’m from management department. I’m doing my PhD, and Anjali doing her PG. And this is Arnav. Anjali, Akash and NK’s brother. He is doing his PG in fashion designing. Akash is doing his bachelor in financial management. And u knows about Lavanya and NK.”

With this information Khushi gave a heart whelming smile to all the seniors as wishing them. She turned to Payal and introduces her to all. While talking to all she steels glances from Arnav, who is smiling at her. Seeing her smiling all the time, Arnav including Aman, Anjali and Akash felt very nice at their hearts. By seeing Arnav smiling Khushi felt something in her stomach. She felt like she is developing some kind of feelings on him.  With that thought her pearl coloured cheeks turned into red colour.

Each and every second Arnav’s eyes are on Khushi only. He felt mesmerized by her beauty. He is feeling something in his heart about this girl. He wants to go to her. Hug her. He wants to take her in his arms. He wants to hold her in his arms securely. He needs her in his life. Aman who is watching the reactions of the great mighty ASR, come to him and asked

Aman: “At least now, is there anything I should know, Arnav?”

Arnav by hearing Aman’s words turned to class, but keeping his eyes on only one person, said

Arnav: “Ok everybody. Today is Thursday, and day after tomorrow I mean on Saturday the fresher party will held. So I... I mean we all request u to come to the party. And I personally invite YOU to come early to college, and go late to home to check and enjoy the preparation of the party.” He stressed the word YOU by seeing Khushi. But Khushi being Khushi she didn’t understand or notice the invitation she got from the great ASR. She is very much excited about the party. She is jumping like a child by hearing about the party. Its not that, she didn’t know about party before. But she is very happy by hearing the party will held in two days. She is waiting for that. By observing her excitement, Arnav and Aman understood she didn’t get what Arnav tell. They easily understood that she didn’t notice the invitation is for her. By smiling Arnav asked every senior to leave. But Aman and Anjali wants to talk with Khushi. So, they stayed in the class room, when Arnav left the class room along with Akash and other students.

Anjali: “Khushi Ji, u said aman can call u as Choti. So, can I also call u the same?”

Khushi: “Of course Anjali Ji. U can call me Choti as Bhai. I don’t have any problem with that.”

Anjali: “thanQ for that. And u can call me DI as my brothers and Lavanya calls me.”

Khushi: “Ji”

Aman: “Choti, we want to talk with u about something. Can u come with us to the canteen? If u have any problem with that its ok.”

Khushi: “No Bhai. I don’t have any problem with that. U both go, I will come in a minute.”

By nodding their heads Aman and Anjali left the room for canteen. By turning to confused Payal, Khushi says;

Payal: “Khushi, is that senior ur brother?”

Khushi: “No, Payal. He is not”

Payal: “Then Y are u calling him Bhai?”

Khushi: “Coz, he lost his sister a long time back. By seeing me he remembers her it seems. That’s why he wants to call me as his sister Choti. He asked me is there any problem with that. Y it will b problem? So, i said ok to him to call me Choti. That’s all”

Payal: “Oh... that’s it. I thought he is ur brother. But he is nice. And Anjali Ji also... she is very friendly. We are lucky to have seniors like them. Not like that Rahul.”

Khushi: “Oho Payal... y r u thinking about him? Just leave that. Ok. I’ll come in a moment. I’m going to canteen to talk with Bhai and Di. See you soon. Take care”

Saying this, she left for canteen. When she is walking to canteen, suddenly somebody came from the back and collided with her. She is about to fall that person held her hand. She opened her eyes to say thanks. But seeing that person, she tried to escape from his hands. She is feeling scared. But his grip is very tight. Very strong for her.

Khushi: “Rahul Ji, what r u doing? Leave me, I said leave me”

Rahul: “NO. I won’t leave u. What u did to me in class before my classmates, it is not forgivable. How dare u to back answer Me.? How dare u to shout at me?”

Khushi: “Leave me. I said leave me. Otherwise I’ll shout again. If some lecturers see u, they will punish u. Leave me...”

Rahul: “Don’t dare to do that. If u do that, I’ll make sure that u will get punishment for that. Just shut your mouth and do what i say.”

Khushi: “What do u think, if u scare me like that, I will do what u say? No way. Leave me.”

With that Rahul got irritated more, closes her mouth and then drags Khushi to the back side of the building. Khushi tried to relieve herself from his grip but he is very strong for her. She felt helpless. She wants to shout and call anybody but cant. When Rahul about to enter in dark room with Khushi, he felt somebody’s hand, he turned and got scared to see angry Aman and Anjali there. When Aman and Anjali are waiting for Khushi in canteen, Payal came there for Khushi. not seeing Khushi there she asked Aman about Khushi.

Payal: “Aman Bhai where is Khushi? She forgot her mobile in the class room. I want to give her.”

Aman: “Payal, Khushi not yet come here. We r waiting for her only.”

“What? Didn’t she come here? She left class 15mins before to meet u guys. Where will she go?” says panicked Payal.

Anjali: “Payal, don’t worry. May be she went to wash room or she is talking with somebody there. We will wait here for some time and will see.” Saying this Anjali turned her left to see Rahul dragging Khushi to somewhere. “Aman, See... its Khushi...!! Somebody is dragging her somewhere.” By seeing that side Aman recognized Khushi and that person who is dragging her...

“Rahul” said Aman angrily and went to follow Rahul. Anjali and Payal followed Aman. At the same time Anjali got a call from Akash asking her where are they? Anjali explained him what’s happening there. They saw Rahul is taking almost dragging Khushi into dark room. Aman immediately ran to them and stopped Rahul by his shoulder. Akash came there along with Arnav, NK, who don’t have any idea about what’s happening, got shock to see Khushi in Rahul’s grip. Khushi tried to free herself from Rahul’s grip again. In that process she bites his hand with her full strength. Rahul felt a sharp pain on his strong hand. He got angry on Khushi for what she did to him. Immediately he slapped her hardly. In next second Rahul felt his cheek was burning with sharp pain. And he felt few drops of blood falling from the corner of his mouth. When Aman and Arnav saw the slap, which was enough for them to lose their control. But Aman is little bit late to react. Before he start from where he is standing, surprise to see Arnav reaching there and hit Rahul hardly. With that slap Rahul felt his head is spinning. In this tension, he left Khushi’s hand. While Akash and Aman took the hold of Rahul, Arnav immediately drags Khushi into his arms and with so much concern in his voice and eyes Arnav: “Khushi... r u ok?”

But without answering him, Khushi fell into his arms unconsciously... seeing unconscious Khushi in Arnav’s arms; Anjali is the first one to run towards Arnav. She pattered Khushi’s cheeks to wake her up. Arnav also tried to wake her up. But they failed.

Anjali: “Chote... first we have to take her from here. Akash come help Arnav to take Khushi to class room.” but without waiting for Akash, Arnav lifts Khushi in his arms and walks to class room, leaving everybody shocked for few seconds and follow him. He tried so much to wake her... but he couldn’t. He felt slight pain in his heart by seeing Khushi unconscious. He doesn’t like her in that lifeless state. He wants to see her happy, naughty like all the time. After entering the class room, Anjali and Payal took her from his arms and tried to wake her up. He don’t know y, but he wants to take her into his embrace and make her comfortable. Then suddenly he remembered the person who is responsible for her condition. He turned and went to Rahul who is in Akash’s hold. He drags Rahul aside and started to beat him again. Rahul went almost unconscious with this continuous beating from Arnav. Aman noticed it and stopped Arnav for further damage.

In between NK went to bring some water. Anjali sprinkled some water and pattered Khushi’s cheeks slightly. With that water effect Khushi gain her conscious and opened her eyes. Seeing her eyes open Arnav rushed to her and asked

Arnav: “Khushi, Are u ok?”

Everybody surprised by Arnav’s behaviour. They never see him this much concern about anybody other than his family members and Aman. Seeing his concern Khushi broke down in Anjali’s arms. Anjali consoled Khushi by caressing her cheeks. When Anjali touched her cheek Khushi hissed in pain. Due to Rahul’s slap, her cheek swelled. And corner of her lip got tore with the intensity of slap. Everyone gasped by seeing Khushi’s pain. Anjali and Payal looked at Khushi with tears in their eyes. By seeing Khushi like this, Aman got angry and went to Rahul. Catching his collar he dragged and took Khushi to the dean room. Everybody, particularly Arnav shocked to see this side of Aman. Aman is a balanced man every time. He never loses his temper. But now, seeing Khushi in pain he is unable to control himself. From the first time he saw Khushi, he remembered his sister. He doesn’t know whether Khushi is his lost sister or not. But he feels like she is his little sister. He feels like she is his responsibility. He wants to take care of her. He is feeling like he failed in protecting her. So, he wants to clear this thing now. Entering Dean’s room he throws Rahul in front of Dean. The dean was surprised to see this.

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Nov 23, 2013

Arnav-Khushi-Life part 8 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 48 times)

Dean: “Aman, what’s this? What are you doing? Who is this and why u r manhandling him like that in front of me?”

Aman: “Sir, He is Rahul. Final year student of music department. He tried to misbehave with my sister. When she didn’t accept his assault and tried to rescue herself, he slapped her badly. Actually I want to kill this idiot for behaving like this with my sister. But, as a senior student I know what I should do and not. So, I’m surrendering him to U. Its your decision to take action on him.”

Dean: “Ur sister? Where is she? I want to talk with her”

Anjali: “Here she is sir.” Anjali came inside with Khushi.

Dean: “Khushi!? Aman is Khushi your sister? Really? If not, why are u defending her?”

Aman: “Sir, for defending some innocent girl, there is no need for any relation. I feel her like my own sister. That’s all. And in this situation, what’s to do with my relation with Khushi? Are u going to take any action on that idiot or not? Just tell me that”

Except Anjali everybody including Dean in that room got surprised to see Aman, this possessive about some random girl. Seeing this concern about her, Khushi ran to Aman and cried her heart out.

Aman: “shhh shhh Choti... calm down... its ok... everything will be fine. U r safe now... relax”

Dean: “Khushi... what happened? Tell me. What Aman saying is that true? Did Rahul tried to misbehave with u? Did he slap U?”

Khushi looks at Aman, Anjali and Arnav. They nodded at her as saying ‘its ok. Tell everything’. Wiping her tears, she nodded positively. And told him whatever. Then Dean turn to Rahul and asks explanation. By now he is very well known about what will happen when he agrees the truth. Hee very well know about Aman, Arnav and their angry... as like it is not enough, now the Dean also joined with them. If he agrees with them definitely he will be suspended for some days. So, he better avoid the truth. But here, he missed one thing, that how much Aman, Arnav and others likes Khushi. Thinking about his suspension, he again got angry on Khushi. Giving angry glares to her, he started his action.

Rahul: "No sir, I didn't do anything. She is the person, who is irritating me from yesterday. When I went to their class to introduce myself with my classmates, she is the one who gave me back answers. I just asked her to learn to behave. But, after that she misbehaved with me. She said that she wants to ruin my career. For that she went this low. Sir believe me, she is not good girl. She shouldn't be here. She is one bad remark for our collage. She...." after that he is unable to continue his ugly words. He felt his all teeth came out from his mouth. Before he could understand what happened, he again took one more shot from Arnav. By hearing all these accusations, Khushi stood with shock. Tears are rolling down on her cheeks. She felt like insulted, embarrassed. She wants to lock herself inside the room. Listening the accusations on Khushi, Payal and Akash came inside and told everything they witnessed in the classroom. Hearing this Dean turned to Rahul and gave him a tight slap. Then ordered his staff, to bring the suspension letter for Rahul.

Rahul: “No sir, they are telling lies. This Payal and Akash are her friends. So definitely they will defend her. And this Akash is also against of me from so many days. Don’t believe them sir. Please don’t suspend me. She is the one to be suspended.

Arnav: “Enough... if u r saying correct then,” pointing his finger on Rahul’s cheek “how this happened?

Rahul: “she only bet me.” Being tensed by getting suspended, he is unaware of the fact that he, himself doing the damage of him. Arnav carefully brought Khushi in front of Rahul. By holding her close to his body by hugging her side ways, he showed her cheek and asked “then how this happened? Did she beat herself?” then only Dean saw the damage, that idiot cause for this poor girl. Then Arnav turned to Dean and told him that he is the person who bet Rahul. If Aman wasn’t there he would have killed him for hurting her. By hearing these words from Arnav, Khushi felt like she is safe. She is in secured hands.

Dean: “Enough Rahul. I heard a lot. U r suspended for two months. If I see u in campus for next two months u will be dismissed from ur studies. Remember, I won’t spare you. Get out from here”, then turns to Khushi, “Sorry Khushi. It shouldn’t happen. I will take more care about the safety of the students. You are the most precious student. Till now we never gave scholarship to any student of the fine Arts department. You are the first student. I know u r talented... we never lose student like you. You don’t worry. U will be safe here. You have a great support here. Your Bhai and Arnav are enough for everything. I hope they will never leave you.

Aman: “Leave her? No way Sir, WE never, ever do that.” He stressed the word WE seeing Arnav. Arnav understood what Aman means. By nodding his head he said “never”. Anjali is observing all this with a shocked expression. And now she is very curious about her brother’s behaviour towards Khushi. She wants to ask Aman, coz he is the one with whom Arnav will share all the matters. Smiling inwardly, she comes front and says “Thank you so much sir, we will take care of her. So, sir shall we take your leave?” By nodding his head, Dean gave them permission to leave from there... While coming from dean’s room Khushi said thanks to Dean and turned to move outside. Suddenly she felt dizzy by continuous crying. When she about to fall, she felt two strong arms are holding her securely. Till now she is completely aware of this touch. She can recognise his touch. A warm touch. She looked up and said thank you. When their eyes met with each other, they felt something in their hearts. Till now Khushi is in Arnav’s arms. She is clutching his shirt tightly. She doesn’t want to go away from his hold. Arnav also holds her tightly in his arms. He doesn’t want to lose her. He wants to secure her. They want to stay like that. They both forgot about the people around them.

They don’t know what is happening to them. They are holding each other and came outside. Their trance got broke by Anjali’s voice.

Anjali: “Chote...!!! U can leave Khushi Ji now. Nobody is there to hurt her. And she will be fine.” Hearing her words both Arnav and Khushi left each others arms and moved aside feeling embarrassed.  

Aman came to Khushi and asks: “Khushi are you ok? Is it paining a lot? Sorry Khushi, sorry for coming late. I didn’t expect that idiot will do something like this. I’m sorry for not being there with u. I shouldn’t left u there like that. I... I’m sorry Choti

Khushi nodding her head negatively, she tried to talk. But due to sharp pain in her cheek she is unable to open her mouth. She felt helpless. Tears rolled down from her eyes. Seeing her pain everybody felt bad. Understanding her pain, hugging her side ways, Anjali said to Aman.

Anjali: “No Aman. Its not your mistake. There is nothing u can do with that. It happened like that. Don’t feel bad. Don’t think low about yourself.

Suddenly Khushi hugged Anjali for understanding her completely, and turned to Aman and nodded her head as Anjali is saying correct... but Aman is not ready to agree with them. He wants to say something, but Khushi stopped him by closing her ears and nodded her head sideways, as she doesn’t want to hear anything. By seeing her gesture a slight smile came on everyone’s lips. Watching the smile on everyone’s lips Khushi clapped her hands with a smile and led them to the canteen. Even though she is smiling only two persons can understand her pain, behind that innocent smile. Aman and Arnav.

In canteen everybody sat and having their snacks and tea. Aman, Anjali, Akash and Arnav sat at one side of the table. NK, Payal, Lavanya and Khushi sat at another side of the table. Arnav and Khushi sat at the end and opposite to each other. Arnav is steeling glances from Khushi. Khushi tried her level best, to bring everybody from what happened few minutes back. Everybody is really surprised to see Khushi’s behaviour. Everybody thought ‘she is the victim for what happened. But she is behaving like nothing happened.’ They know the answer. Khushi don’t want anybody to feel sad about her. Aman felt proud about Khushi. He wants to confirm about Khushi. His heart says she is his Choti. But he want to know confirm. So, he asked,

Aman: “Choti, how many members are there in your family?”

Khushi, tried to talk, but still her cheek is paining like hell. If she tries to talk, tries to part her lips its still bleeding. She flinched with pain. Anjali tries to console her. Khushi with a smile says in low voice,

Khushi: “Its ok Anjali Ji, I’m fine. Thank you.” And turns to Aman “Bhai, in my house my babuji, amma, buaji, bhayya, jiji, my little sister and me. My Bhai lives in Pune with his family and my jiji lives here with her family. And amma, babuji and buaji and my little sister lives in Lucknow. She is in her +2. But why are asking this Bhai?”

Aman: “Nothing Choti. I asked just like that. Just to know about u and ur family.” Seeing sudden change in Aman’s expression everybody surprised. But only Anjali can understand the pain, what Aman is feeling. By seeing him like that she felt sad and without thinking she asked,

Anjali: “Khushi Ji are u own daughter for your parents?”

With that question, everybody particularly Khushi got the shock of their life. Shock is the understatement.  Aman, who came out of shock, pressed Anjali’s hand to stop her from questioning further. Khushi is the last one to come out the shock, she doesn’t know why, but she had tears in her eyes. She doesn’t know what to say. She doesn’t know why Anjali ask like that. By seeing everybody’s shocking faces Anjali got the fact that what she did. Everybody had an expression like asking her with their eyes what’s the matter with her? For their answer, Khushi asked Anjali,

Khushi: “Anjali Ji, why did u ask like that? Why did u ask that I’m my parents own daughter or not? What made u think like that?” she is at verge of crying. Till now nobody asked her such type of question. Seeing her like that Aman and Arnav got angry. Arnav immediately went to Khushi to console her and Aman held Anjali’s hand and asked her in low voice,

Aman: “Anjali, what’s wrong with u? Why are you behaving like this? Can’t u wait for some time? Why are you asking this question to her? We shouldn’t go fast. We have to build trust first. What if she left us or won’t talk with us? We can’t lose her again Anjali. We have to be very careful. If Khushi is our Choti, we have to be very careful to bring her back. Do you understand what I’m saying? Please Anjali don’t take any step, which push her from us. Please.” Nodding her head, Anjali really felt guilty for asking such type of question to Khushi. She doesn’t want to make her feel sad. But seeing Aman like that she wants to do something which will give happiness to Aman. But she realised that thinking about Aman, unintentionally she hurt Khushi. She did wrong.

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Nov 26, 2013

Arnav-Khushi-Life part 9 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 52 times)

Khushi felt some one’s hand on her shoulder. When she saw the person, she doesn’t know why, but her eyes filled with water. Seeing her tears, Arnav immediately sat beside her and held her hand, nodding his head as he is saying ‘don’t cry’

Khushi holding his hand and asked: “Did I say anything wrong about my parents? Do you think I’m not their daughter? Am I bad girl? Then why Anjali Ji asked like that?” she don’t know why she asked him like that. She doesn’t know why she wants to know about his thinking about her. But she asked. The situation happened in the morning with Rahul, already made her weak. She became weak due to non stop crying. Actually there is no need to react like that. But she is not in a condition to think straight. She badly misses her parents. This is the first time; she is staying far from her family. She is already feeling lonely, now Anjali’s words added more fuel to her home sickness. By hearing her words, everybody felt bad. By holding her hand and hugging her side ways, Arnav said,

Arnav: “Shhh... Khushi... don’t cry. Nothing is like that. You are a good girl. We all know about that. Don’t think low about yourself.”

Seeing into his eyes Khushi asked: “then why Anjali Ji asked me like that?”

Arnav: “hhmmm may be to bring u back from the morning incident... may be to tease u. She is your senior, right? So, maybe she is ragging you. What Di? What will you say?”

Cursing herself and thanking her brother in her mind, Anjali went to Khushi and said: “exactly... I’m just teasing her.”

Looking at both brother and sister, Khushi asked Arnav innocently, “Really? Are you saying the truth that I’m not a bad girl?” Seeing her innocent face, Arnav felt like hug her. Take out all her tensions, all her sadness. By nodding his head he said

Arnav: “Yes, Khushi... indeed you are a good girl. That’s why Aman called you as his sister, Right? Otherwise normally Aman won’t mention any girl like that. So don’t think that you are a bad girl. I trust you.” Saying this he tightened his grip on her hand. He don’t know why he said that he trust her. By seeing everybody smile at her and hearing his words, Khushi felt something in her heart. She felt like she is at home. Her eyes filled with tears of happiness. Immediately she hugged Arnav and said: “Thank you, thank you for being with me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for understanding me. I’m feeling like I’m at home. I’m really lucky to have you all as my friends. Thanks a lot.”

Seeing her hugging Arnav, including Arnav everybody got shocked. Noticing the silence around her, Khushi broke the hug and turn back. Seeing the faces of everyone, Khushi got what she did. She felt embarrassed. Moving aside she told to Arnav “I’m sorry Arnav Ji, I... I... I’m really sorry. I’m just very happy about u all for being with me. Just i want to say thanks. That’s all. Please don’t think otherwise. I... I’m really sorry” Seeing her state, Arnav said “It’s ok Khushi, no need to worry... we understand... so, just chill...”

“Come on Khushi Ji, nothing to worry about it... its just natural...” said NK for getting angry glares from Aman, Anjali and Arnav.

Anjali went to Khushi, holding her hand and said: “Khushi Ji, I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt u. I just want to bring u from the morning incident. I don’t want u to feel sad about that. That’s why I tried. But, sorry I took wrong way. I shouldn’t ask u that question. I didn’t mean what I said. I shouldn’t talk with like that... I’m really sorry... It won’t repeat... please mujhe maaf kardeejiye.” Anjali had tears in her eyes. By seeing Anjali, Khushi felt bad. Immediately, she hugged Anjali

Khushi: “Firstly its not Khushi. its Choti. Did u forget, that u asked me permission to call me as Choti?” Anjali nodded her head in a ‘no’. “Then, why are you calling me as Khushi? Please Di, i understand your motive, don’t think bad of yourself. I know you never want to hurt me. Yes, I’m sad, but I’m happy also. I’m sad about morning incident. But I’m happy coz; i have u all as my friends. I really happy about that...”

Anjali: “But still Khus... oh I’m sorry. Choti... I shouldn’t do that. I shouldn’t say that. I’m feeling guilty. I’m really sorry.”

Khushi: “Then. I will do one thing. I’ll call that Rahul and ask him to do everything. And Aman Bhai and Arnav Ji will beat him again. Then we will again go to dean sir room. Ok. Then I will become sad again. Then you do whatever you want. Is it ok with you, Di? If I say this to that Rahul, he will do immediately.”

Everybody looks at Khushi with shocking faces. Seeing their faces, “What? Why are you looking at me like that? I don’t want to repeat all those. I’m saying just to relax her. Don’t see me like I did a mistake. But yeah, I’m sure about what I said, that that Rahul....”

“Chup bilkul chup... you are saying all the rubbish. Crazy girl” said Payal.

Khushi: “Of course I’m. You know Payal, I’m very strong girl. I will accept and agree the truth with dare.”

Payal: “And may I know what that truth that U r accepting with dare is?”

Khushi: “That’s only, I’m a crazy girl.”

With that every one burst out their laughing. Hearing the laughs Khushi felt relieved. Seeing Arnav, Khushi’s heart swelled in happiness. She lost in his laugh. She stared him for long. Aman’s words brought her back.

Aman: “Yes, you are really crazy girl Choti. But I’m glad that we met this crazy girl. Otherwise we definitely miss you. What did you say guys?”

Nodding her head including all, Anjali said: “Yes, you are correct Aman. We agree with u.” And turning to all, “Ok every one, its late already. we have to leave. Tomorrow is big day. Only one day is there to welcome new students. We have to do lots of things.” Looking to Aman, Arnav and showed them Khushi “Choti, I want u to come with me for some shopping. I don’t want to listen any excuses. Chote you come with us.” Saying this she holds Khushi’s hand to hear her scream in pain. Everybody got alerted with her scream. Anjali immediately left her hand to see what’s bothering her. Anjali got shocked to see Khushi’s wrist which is completely turned into black colour and swelled like nothing. Khushi started crying due to unbearable pain. Akash ran to the counter fridge and brings ice. He immediately put that ice in his handkerchief and held it on Khushi’s hand. Payal supported her by holding Khushi in her embrace. Khushi kept her head on the shoulders of Payal and rested for some time and tried to control her pain. After sometime with the effect of ice, the pain comes to normal. After that, Khushi composed herself and turned to everybody and said:

Khushi: “Once again I’m sorry for bothering u all. Sorry for spoiling your mood. I’m really sorry”

Arnav: “Shut up Khushi. You are not bothering us. Do you understand that? Don’t you dare say that again.”

Aman: “Ha Choti... Arnav is right. Don’t think like that. We all are friends, right? Then why are you thinking that you are bothering us? Its not like that.” Turned to Arnav and says: “Arnav if you don’t mind, can u please take Khushi to hospital? I have to go to meet my HOD now.”

Anjali: “don’t worry Aman. I’ll take Khushi to hospital along with Chote. And will leave her at her hostel. Come on Choti.”

Khushi: “No, its ok. I’m fine now. I will go to doctor tomorrow for sure. Di you don’t need to take any strain for me. I can manage.”

Without hearing what she is saying, Arnav carefully took her right hand and dragged her to the car. By giggling Anjali followed her brother. Opening back seat of his car for her and almost all pushed her inside the car. After closing the door, he said to Khushi “just close your mouth and sit quietly. I don’t want to hear any word from you. Got that?” Khushi nodded her head as she got. “Good” saying this he went to driver seat and turned to his sister and smirked to her. Anjali, who is watching all these and saw her brother smirking at her, she nodded her head saying “Unbelievable”. After settling in their seats with seat belts, he started his car to the hospital.  

After reaching hospital, they took Khushi to the doctor. He examined her and prescribed some painkillers, ointment and antiseptic injection. Anjali and Khushi waited outside till Arnav brings the medicines and gives to nurse. Seeing syringe in nurse’s hand, Khushi got panicked and tried to escape. She ran from there by screaming a big NO. Anjali and Arnav got surprised by her behaviour. But Arnav came back with her scream and he also ran behind her. She is little bit slower than Arnav. He caught her in his hold, but still she tried to escape.

Arnav: “Stop it Khushi. its just an injection. They are not going to kill u. Just stop this and come there, take the injection”

Khushi: “NOOOOOO... I don’t want any injection. I’m fine. Please Arnav Ji. See I don’t have any pain in my wrist. I’m perfectly alright” For proving Arnav that she is fine; she pressed her wrist and hissed in pain. Seeing her like that Arnav felt bad for few seconds. But he being ASR, lifts her from her waist, and brought her to nurse. With the fear of injection Khushi started moving her legs and started to beat Arnav’s hands which are on her waist. But her tiny hands couldn’t create any pain or effect on his manly strong hand. She noticed that her beatings are not effecting him. So, she stopped struggling in his hand and leaned back on his shoulder and turned her face to plead him to leave her. At the same time Arnav also turned his face to her to stop from her blabbering. Unexpectedly when they turn their faces, their lips got brushed slightly with each other.


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Dec 5, 2013

Arnav – Khushi – Life Part 10 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 60 times)

She noticed that her beatings are not at all creating any effect on him. So, she stopped struggling in his hand and leaned back on his shoulder and turned her face to plead him to leave her. At the same time Arnav also turned his face to her to stop from her blabbering. Unexpectedly when they turn their faces, their lips got brushed slightly with each other.

Both were shocked at the time. They are looking at each other’s eyes with the shock. Arnav felt something in his heart. He is feeling like his heart is going to burst out with its increased beats. Khushi’s condition is also same. She felt her heartbeat is getting increased. She felt somebody will hear her heart beat. She can clearly notice Arnav’s increased heart beats at her back. Suddenly she felt butterflies in her stomach. They both came out of their trance by the call from Anjali.

Anjali: “Chote, bring Khushi here. Nurse is waiting.”

Khushi again got panicked and started pleading Arnav again. But Arnav brought her to the nurse and held her tightly. Seeing her condition, nurse said with a smile: “Don’t worry, it won’t take time. I won’t hurt u. It won’t be painful.” With that she applied the spirit on Khushi hand.

“Won’t it hurt? How can u say that? It’s a needle, right? Then how it won’t hurt me? I now every injection will hurt badly. Please don’t give me that. Please.” Turns to Arnav and Anjali “Please, I don’t want injection. Arnav Ji please tell her to stop. Please.” When she is talking with Arnav, nurse inserted the needle into her. Khushi cried with the pain, she pushed herself into Arnav’s chest to save herself from the injection. Anjali and Arnav felt bad for Khushi. The doctor gave her this injection for blood clot in Khushi’s wrist. It will be painful, because, its a very powerful injection and it can’t be given fast. They have to inject the medicine very slowly [Writer’s word: trust me guys, there is such type of injections for some problems. I also took once for getting hurt in learning bike. But i didn’t cry like Khushi ;)]. It took almost one and half minute to inject the medicine into Khushi’s body. All the time Khushi is crying like a kid.

After finishing injection, Khushi is still in the same condition. She is still hugging Arnav. Arnav loosened his grip on Khushi’s hand and rubbed her back soothingly and said: “Its ok Khushi. its over. Relax. You don’t cry like this. You need this injection. Its necessary to bring your blood clot to normal. Otherwise it’ll be more painful for you. Trust me. It will be ok.”

Hearing Arnav’s words Khushi got angry on him. And pushed him and turned to Anjali. And cried her heart out by hugging her and said: “I hate him Di. He is not a good boy. He is really bad boy. I don’t want to talk with him. It is really paining Di. It is badly paining. Because of that Rahul my left hand is already paining. Now because of this injection my right hand also paining. How can i manage my works with both the hands paining? How can comb my hair? How can i eat my Jilebies?” with the thought of not able to eat her favourite Jilebies, she cried more. “I can’t eat my Jilebies anymore. You are the reason for all these. I hate u Arnav Ji. I hate you. You made me cry today.”

Arnav: “What the!! Are you crying due to pain or not able to eat your so called Jilebies?”

Khushi: “Both, but mostly not able to eat Jilebies. They are my stress busters. I’ll feel my mother close to me when I eat them. I’ll eat them whenever I feel lonely, sad, tensed, frustrated and what not. But now I can’t eat them due to this pain.” She said all these by seeing into his eyes, with all the tears in her eyes.

Arnav didn’t like the tears in her eyes. He doesn’t know why he is feeling like that. He wants to wipe the tears. Without hesitating and thinking about what his sister will think, he went to Khushi and wiped her tears. Pulling her in his embrace, he said: “I’m sorry Khushi. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to reduce your pain. That’s all. See, how much you got hurt? This injection will help you in reducing your pain. Ok. Now, stop crying. We will leave you in hostel. You take the tables after your dinner. You will be fine by tomorrow. Ok?” all the time Anjali is observing both of them. Particularly Arnav, her Chote. She felt like Arnav have something is there to do with Khushi. She has to ask her brother. While she is thinking all this Khushi said,

Khushi: “But my Jilebies?”

Anjali laughed out loud, when Arnav smiles at the innocent figure in his arms. Anjali takes Khushi near her and says: “Khushi tomorrow I’ll bring you Jilebies. Ok. Now we will go to your hostel and will leave u there... then....” before she completes Khushi stopped her by saying

Khushi: “Di, u said that u want to shop something. U asked me to accompany u. Then what happened?”

Anjali: “Its ok Choti, You need rest. I will manage. I’ll take Chote to shopping with me.”

Khushi: “No Di, I’m fine. Just now nurse gave me that stupid injection right? The injection works fast than tablet. Then I will be fine in few minutes. I can come to shopping with u. Now let’s go for a shop”

Anjali: “But, Choti....”

Arnav: “Its ok Di. She will be fine in few minutes. Anyway it won’t take that much time. I’m sure she won’t get tired. You just don’t worry. We will leave her in hostel in safe condition at right time ok. Come, let’s go” He wants to spend time with Khushi. He wants Khushi near him. He wants to make sure she is fine...

With that they went to one big shopping mall. Khushi is really excited to see the dresses bought by Anjali. She helped Anjali by selecting the right dresses for her. She liked the dresses and saris in the shop. Sales girls showed her some dresses to buy. Anjali also asked her to take some dresses.

Anjali: “Choti... why don’t you also take some dresses? Anyway day after tomorrow is fresher party, then you can wear this dress.” She showed one red dress which is looking very beautiful by its embroidery work on it.

Khushi denied politely. She knows her limitations. Khushi’s father is not poor and also not rich. He is earning money enough for his family. But still, he gave his family members whatever they ask. He never said to his children to think before spending money. But, Khushi is well known about her family’s financial condition. She knows her father has so many responsibilities on him. So she doesn’t want to be burden for her father. She doesn’t want trouble her father. She is happy with what she has.

Khushi: “No, Di. I can’t take. Because, I have already did my shopping in Lucknow. My babuji brought me so many. I had lot of new dresses with me. Its not that, my babuji will say something if I buy. I don’t want more. If I had even more, then it will be more problematic for me to choose which dress I should wear every day. I don’t want to waste my time or babuji’s money on this. So, please Di. I can’t take. Sorry.”

Anjali and Arnav are surprised about her thinking. She doesn’t want to trouble her father, at the same time she don’t want anybody think bad about her father. She loved her father. She is really a responsible daughter to her father. Arnav and Anjali both looked at her amazingly. Their respect towards her is increased. After that, they finished all the shopping. Throughout the shopping Arnav stole glances of her. After shopping they went to food court which held in top floor of the mall. Arnav went and bring coffee for him, orange juice for Anjali and Khushi. And some snacks for all. After finishing their snacks they left for Khushi’s hostel.

After reaching hostel, Khushi tried to open the car door. But, she felt pain in her hands while trying to open the door. Arnav quickly got down from the car and opened the door for her, helped her to get down. Saying thanks to Arnav, she bid bye to Anjali and Arnav. Before going to his side, Arnav turned back and called,

Arnav: “Khushi”

Khushi turned back and says: “Ji, Arnav Ji”

Arnav: “This is for you. I’m sorry for what i did in the hospital to get u injected. I’m really sorry. And I thought you missing your family. So, I brought u this. I hope, you will like it.” Saying this he handed over her one box. She opened the box and saw the Jilebies in it. She is very much happy to see Jilebies. With so much excitement she said “JILEBIES” and she took one Jilebi into her mouth immediately, without saying any thanks to Arnav. By closing her eyes, making  gesture with her fingers as saying wonderful she said  “hmmm yummy... hey Devi Mayya, thank you so much for giving us this wonderful sweet. Ha... i love this. Its really delicious.” Arnav and Anjali, who is witnessing this crazy girl, are burst into a big laughter. Coming from her tasty land by their smile, she looked at the siblings and gave an innocent smile. And feeling embarrassed she said,

Khushi: “Thank you so much Arnav Ji, thanks a lot. You don’t know how badly I want these Jilebies now. Thank you so much. And I’m really sorry for behaving like an idiot now and in hospital. And thank you once again for being with me. Thanks a lot.”

Arnav: “Its ok Khushi. Take care of yourself. Good night. Bye. And yeah, don’t eat all the Jilebies now. It won’t be good for your bruise. It may harm you.”

By nodding her head, Khushi turned to leave. But she stopped again by hearing Arnav’s call and turned back

Arnav, who went to his car, turned back and called Khushi and said: “I think after getting the Jilebies you are not angry on me. Hope you won’t hate me anymore.” He winks at her and sat in the car and started towards their house.

Khushi is very much shy by Arnav’s words ‘hope you won’t hate me anymore’. She smiled and ran inside by singing ‘aaj mousam hey suhana, Arnav Ji ki jilebi khaane ka bahaana... la... la... la... la... la...’ she went to her room and throw herself on bed  smiling crazily and thinking about the things held between she and that lad governor.

Here, in car Arnav also smiling like a mad man. Anjali, who is observing her brother with shock in her face, asked her brother,

Anjali: “Chote!!! You are smiling!!! Are you ok? Is everything fine with you? Is there anything I should know about?”

Arnav: “Of course, I’m fine Di. In fact, I’m more than fine. And particularly about what you are asking? I didn’t understand your question.”

Anjali: “Is there anything i should know? Is there anything particularly you feel about Choti?”

Arnav: “What made you think that I feel something about Khushi?”

Anjali: “Your behaviour to Khushi. You never took any care of anybody rather than our family members and Aman. You never smiled this continuously. You are looking very happy. You are behaving very close to Khushi. You bet one guy for hurting her. You almost cried by seeing her unconscious. When you saw her in her classroom, your eyes shined like stars. You have a smile on your lips at that time to till now. I never saw you like this. What’s going on Chote? Are you in love with Choti?” she asked very excitingly.

Arnav: “Oh come on Di. Don’t start this again. She is a crazy girl. Anybody will feel happy by seeing her actions. In fact, you are also smiling like me. Aman, Akash, and NK also like Khushi. They also reacted like how i reacted in the morning. Is that mean they also in love with Khushi? Anybody will feel bad by seeing her in that condition. We all are staying here with our families. But she is staying far from her family. That’s why i took little care. Nothing is more to that. You don’t think more and conclude as this love stuff and all. Now we reached, so stop. Ok”

Saying this he parked the car inside the gates of their huge mansion. He came to Anjali’s side and opened door for her and held her hand to help her to get down. With Arnav’s answer, a very disappointed Anjali said: “But, Chote... you never behaved like this to anyone before... I just...”

Before she continues, Arnav said, “Di, its nothing. If something is there, I definitely will tell you. You will be the first person to know about my feeling, if I had any. Ok? So, now just relax. Come let’s go inside.” With that both the siblings went inside to see eagerly waiting Aman for their return from dropping Khushi. He wants to question Arnav about Khushi’s health and Arnav’s behaviour towards her.


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