OS: Home Alone

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Oct 18, 2013

OS: Home Alone (By Tainar) (Thanked: 88 times)

Lightning flashes across the sky as loud claps of thunder makes her jump.  Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada does not scare easily but she places a hand over her thumping heart.  DHAK…DHAK…DHAK…DHAK.  The house is eerily quiet and dark except for the occasional flashes of lightning.  Due to the heavy thunderstorm, the power just went out.   Now she’s not the type to get scared easily but Khushi is all alone in the house and she is terrified of the dark. 

THUD…THUD!  Her eyes widen with terror.  Khushi now knows she’s not imagining the distinctive sound of heavy footsteps.  There is indeed an intruder in the house!  Her breath hitches in her throat and she flattens herself against the wall near the stairs.  She quickly looks around, trying to think of an escape plan.  Khushi briefly closes her eyes and folds her hands in prayer. 

Hai Devi Maiyya raksha karna!  Please save me from this rakshas.

She opens her eyes and notices the shadowy figure closing in on her.  He has found her!  Khushi notices a large object in his hand.  Though it’s not visible, she deduces it to be a weapon.  Terrified out of her mind now, Khushi lets out an ear splitting scream and just runs.  She has no clue where to go but runs…runs to save her life from the demon out to kill her. 

Hai Devi Maiyya raksha karna!  Hai Devi Maiyya!  Hai Devi Maiyya!  Hai Devi Maiyya!

She can feel her pursuer’s heavy breathing as he too runs after her.  THUD…THUD!  Khushi can feel that with each step he is slowly catching up to her.  Unable to think what she can do to protect herself, she ends up at the breakfast room.  She hides underneath the table and hopes the man, the monster, would give up pursuit and go back to the hellish place that he hails from. 

Khushi silently chants her prayers to Devi Maiyya.  She places her palm over her wildly beating heart and wills it to calm down, lest the monster can actually hear the wild thumps.  The pursuer slowly approaches the table and Khushi knew that her hideout has been found.  She clamps her hands over her mouth to stifle her scream and slowly backs away. The enshrouded figure slowly bends on the other side as Khushi backs out from under the table.  She runs towards the kitchen with the demon once again hot in her pursuit. 

She quickly looks around for a suitable weapon and picks up the butcher knife from the knife stand.  Though she is terrified, Khushi is ready to fight her tormentor.  She is done being terrified!  How dare the intruder chase and terrify her in her own abode?  No…Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada refuse to be scared so easily.  The shadowy figure enters the kitchen and slowly approaches her as she backs up against the wall.  She gulps to control the bile pushing up, back down her throat. 

Devi Maiyya please give me strength!

Khushi (shakily holds the knife up and speaks in a trembling voice):  STOP!  Don’t…don’t (steadies) don’t come any closer!  (Waves the knife in the air) I have a knife and will use it if I have to!

The figure just ignores Khushi’s command and continues to slowly approach her, with the menacing object in his hand.

Khushi (gulps down her fear and shouts):  I swear on Devi Maiyya that if you come any closer, I will kill you!

The lights suddenly turn on and the shadowy figure is revealed to be none other than her Laad Governor holding a bat in his hand.

Aarav (lowers his hand from the light switch):  Hi mom!  (Walks up to Arnav and father and son duo hi fi each other) Happy Halloween!  How did you like our surprise?

Arnav (smirks and throws the bat on the floor):  Yes Khushi…how did you like our surprise?  I believe someone told me today that she won’t be scared to be home alone on Halloween.  (Smirks becomes more pronounced) Now what do you have to say?

Khushi just stares back at the bada and chota Laad Governor, her fingers tighten around the knife.

Aarav (gleefully):  Ohh dad it was such a brilliant idea to trick mom into thinking the electricity went out!  Where did you get it?

Arnav (clasps Aarav’s shoulders):  My boy…I played this trick on your mom before and she fell for it last time as well.  (Looks at Khushi) Why are you still standing there Khushi?  (Opens up his arms as an invitation) Come here…you. 

Khushi glares back at them and wonders if she can plead insanity for murdering two arrogant, insensitive, beastly Laad Governors!


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