Oct 16, 2013

POEM : "Barun Sobti, You are awesome!" (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 24 times)



I saw you once,but

once was all it ever took;

I saw you first, landing

on a helicopter, dude. 

I saw you play, the role

of an angry hot person,

so perfectly, that none could

seize up to your level. 

I saw you cry, and

I too wept along with you;

Your laugh was so contagious

that I broke into all smiles.  

You stole my single heart

and my emotions go on a ride,

when you appear on screen

with that attitude of yours.

I flipped the dictionary pages

from the beginning to its end;

in search of that one perfect word

to suit you, through and through.

You are "Awesome", Barun Sobti

You are incredibly awesome.

You have given this word,

a complete; whole new meaning. 

You are "Awesome", Barun Sobti

You are amazingly awesome.

And there is no other word

apart from this one, awesome!


P.S : It may be a little stupid, but I would love to hear your opinion too! 



Oct 18, 2013

Poem : Before you ... ( Context : Arnav writes a poem to Khushi ) (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 15 times)


Title : Before you...

Context : Arnav writes a poem to Khushi 

Before you, I wouldn't believe

I wouldn't believe,

Even if my own relatives whispered

Before you, I would just discard

I would just discard,

even that very thought.

It was all before you happened;

that all changed now,

And with my eyes closed 

I trust in the unseen; undetectable,

only because you happened

Like water in the dry desert;

blazing fire in the vast ocean;

life in a dead cold lifeless body,

which was me; yes lifeless before you

Before you came around 

into this small world of mine

where a word never was heard of,

that word I never believed on.

But, you slipped it stealthily 

and smiled knowingly.

Before you, it was just utopia;

an unrealistic dream, before you.

From the subconscious mind

you dragged it all out and

placed it in front to gape.

Hard and cold, that was me

before you appeared,

an emotionless fool, before you.

But, no longer, no more;

You changed it, you changed me.

Showered in your unduly love,

drenched I was in your essence 

from not only head to toe,

but my entire frozen heart. 

Before you, I never knew

I never realized ever;

Now I believe without doubt

Soul-mates do exist,

true love is an unexplainable bliss

As you are to me, my dear.

- Dhaks



Till the next time.


Oct 18, 2013

Poem 3 : Confused, speechless, and memory (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 13 times)


TITLE : Confused, speechless, and memory. 

Context : Khushi's POV 


I am

Out of mind

And full of thoughts

Crazy, stupid, restricted,idiotic, flirtatious

My heart going bang

With every beat

In hyper



It is

My talkative mouth

For the first time

Silent, dumb, voiceless, dumbstruck, sullen

Yet lips wide open

A reflex reaction

To this



Blanking off

A Jelabi popped

Into my retarded brain

Moulded, heated, sweetened, crispy, hot

My hand drawing patters

In invisible air

To forget 




Another poem in a same day ! What to do... I was feeling so uneasy, and off, and so wrote another one right now.

Hope you all enjoy it. 

Let me know what you think of it, it doesn't matter even if it is negative. 

Until next time,


Oct 19, 2013

Poem 4 : Hello Hi Bye Bye ll Context : Poem by Manorama mami (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 7 times)



Context : Poem by Manorama Mami when the organisers don't accept her application for beauty                  contest. 

Hello I tell to people close to my heart

Hi follows it before I can catch

And I don't try to stop it

Fearing I would sweat my 

face; spoiling its beauty.

Enrol I did into Miss World contest

After practising how to walk

in style and the requited gleam

But, they sent we away

telling I was like an aunty.

Stupid people I shrugged them off

As I opened my make up bag

More lipstick I applied on and

With tip top I walked back

My head high, glasses on eyes.

Bye I shouted to those evil ones

Another bye rushed by

And this time I didn't stop

Because they deserved it all

All my bye's and no hello hi. 



I literally fell of my seat laughing at this. 

Did you people find this humorous? Let me know!

Until next time.

Smile :)

Oct 20, 2013

Poem 5 : Whose fault ? ll Context : Poem by Payal (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 8 times)


TITLE : Whose fault?

Context: Poem written by Payal on the day when her marriage breaks off


Whose fault is it,

the catastrophic disaster of my life?

Who is to be pointed at,

for the endless tears I had shed?

Is it that of the groom's?

For he couldn't take a stand.

Or is it that of his family?

For they were too greedy.

Is it that of the bride, me?

For I couldn't realise the true he.

Or is it that of my family?

For having brought this proposal.

Is it that of my sister?

For she went against our elders' wish.

Or is it that of that stranger?

For he held my sister captive.

Who is to be blamed?

Who is the main culprit?

Is it the time or my fate?

Or is it because this wasn't meant to be? 

I have no answers,

no explanations either.

Only questions, and lots

Of heart wrenching sorrow.



Poet writes: 

Who is to blame you ask?

Blame the director.

Blame the script writer.

They should be burned

with that blame on their names. 



Finally, I got this out of my system ! Finally that is .. uff !

Don't forget to tell me what you think of this little rant of mine ...

Until next time

Smile :) 

Oct 20, 2013

POLL - On who do you what the next poem ? (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 5 times)

I have been debating on who should be my next character.

please vote and help me out !

Voting: (Total Votes: 8)

Shyam (Votes: 4)
Arnav's mother (Votes: 1)
Anjali (Votes: 3)
Nov 10, 2013

Poem 6 : The Black Scorpion ll Context : Poem on Shyam (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 7 times)


Poem 6 : The Black Scorpion

Context : Poem on Shyam


In the dark starless night

a creature crawled on the creepy path

dragging its eight cra*py legs

with a rhythm unnoticed by folks.

He slipped stealthily into the blankets

the thickest ones available around

and lay their silently against its nature

bidding on time for the attack.

Raised he his poisoned tail

pierced its stinger deep

into that poor sleeping victim

inflicting pain sudden and strong.

He swayed his sides to its original

the ultimate black, in colour and heart

within and from the out

blending with the merciless crimes along. 


By Dhaks

I know this poem is DIFFICULT to be understood. God! It took me ALL THESE DAYS to get this right .... 

Here is the SYNOPSIS :  ( Read this after you have once read the poem...and then again re-read the poem ) 

This is a "Personification" poem. Here the Scorpion is personified as the main lead, Shyam.

Para 1 :

The dark starless night refers to the gloomy times in the house of Raizada that came with the deaths of Mr and Mrs. Raizada. 

Shyam nature is being portrayed from the beginning itself. He is explained as "creature taking creepy routes" He is degraded from his human status and is said to walk on the worst paths possible ie. deceit. He is mentioned with the imaginary 8 legs ... each denoting his intesity of power towards evilness. his advances where unknown to anyone in the family.

Para 2 :

He choose the best person for his plan ( slipped into the blankets ) and found out the weakest point of her, Anjali which is love and that became his biggest strength and covered him ( the thickest one )  He didn't pounce into his evil plans. He waited for the right time. ( bidding time silently )

Para 3 :

When the time came he showed his true colours ( raised his poisoned tail ) He hurt the ones who trusted him with all his life ( pierced its stinger deep ) Anjali was totally unaware of this and was helpless case ( hence, considered as sleeping victim ) The broken heart and tears shed intensified the sorrows for Anjali and he was the case ( inflicted pain ) 

Para 4 : 

Till now he had remained in undercover trying to stay as a good husband, an act, but now that his true nature was out, he needn't do it anymore. He took on to his real character ( swayed to his original ) He is being resembled to a scorpion which is pitch black in colour and stings helpless victims and so is considered heartless. A bite from scorpion is lethal and is a merciless kill as it is so painful. Any kill is considered a crime, and so does the deeds done by Shyam.


I would really be hurt if I don't get enough response for this poem and the effort I put into this!

Please leave in your thoughts. Is the explanation enough or are there any doubts still??? 

Do you think this can be made much better???

Until next time,

Smile (:

Jan 29, 2014

SONG : All was a lie (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 6 times)

All Rights Reserved &copy



I am waiting

for this moment to fade

I am dreaming

for you to come by.

I am waiting 

for this moment to pass

I am wishing

this all was a lie.

All was a lie....a lie soon to die.

Nothing seems the same

Not without you here.

Why don't you come back

Why don't you come back

to me... to me?

You locked your doors

and pushed me out

Switched off your heart

and now I am lost.

Now I am lost... lost in the dark.

I am still waiting

for this moment to fade.

I am still wishing

this all was a lie

All was a lie... a lie soon to die.

Why don't you come back

Why don't you come back

to me... back to me?

I remember that day

when you said you wanted out

I didn't want to believe you

and see where I am right now.

You wanted to save me 

protect me from the truth

You lied to me about not loving me

but that is not the only thing you lied

How could you lie to me?

Now I feel this all as a lie

All a lie...a lie soon to die.

I want you to come back

to stand by my side.

I want nothing more

but to be in your hands.

You said you hated me

more than your life

And I loved you lots

to let you go by.

Now I know it was a farce

to save me from heartbreak

But you have gone wrong

I am broken beyond repair.

I am waiting

for this moment to fade

I am hoping

your heart beats again.

Why don't you comeback

Why don't you come back

to me... back to me?

I have many questions

and only you have the answers.

I want you back to life

to tell this all was a lie.

All was a lie...a lie soon to die.


This is my first attempt at a "song" ! Hope it is 'readable' !!!


Dhaks :)

Apr 5, 2014

Song : Your trend...yum (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 1 times)

SONG : Your Trend ...yum


That fine one day, in Summer

the longest hour of year

If sweat drenched shirt and messy hair

are anything that yells yum and wow

You set a new trend, a new style.

You stood out in the crowd...stood up

You caught my eyes... lalala

You set your own trend, a new one.


I posed in the front; for you to notice

But you cared less; I could see

You passed right by my side

Brushing my arm in turn

Not a word;not a wink

If it was your plan all along

It worked and fireworks burst

You got me a notch down

You rose a step higher.

You stood out in the crowd...stood up

You made my heart flutter...lalala

If sweat drenched shirt and messy hair

are anything that yells yum and wow

You set your own trend, a new one.


I followed you around for days

like your shadow in light

like garden bee on mission

A garden bee on mission

U'r my nectar, my honey pie

the sweetest person alive.

Your new trend, your own style

set you apart from all others

'coz it was you, I saw you

You were you, the true you.

You stood out in the crowd...stood up

You have my heart ... lalala

Your sweat drenched shirt and messy hair

are everything that yells yum and wow. 

Hot and bothered; yum and wow




hehehe..... let me know what you think *winks*



Jun 29, 2014

Journey to love (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 1 times)

Journey to Love

I started on a journey,alone,

not heeding my friends or my peers,

that journey I intended to proceed

until I end up discovering the truth

the ultimate truth of our existence

behind this life and beyond.

I came upon the Lion King

and saw him pounce his prey

it reminded me of power;

to survive against the weaker.

The blood made my stomach clench

and in my journey I continued.

I passed the river valleys

and saw school of fishes

they reminded me of unity;

to be together all along, support each other.

The water I saw, didn't quench my thirst

and in my journey I continued yet again.

I walked into a funeral 

and saw the relatives shed tears

it reminded me of sorrow;

the deep pain inflicted even after death.

The silence felt intense and suffocated me

and I walked away just as I walked in.

I ran into a monastery monk

and saw him preach, preach, preach;

it reminded me of restrictions;

the set to bind you and tie you down.

I felt trapped in a golden cage for a second

and I ran from there to escape it.

Lastly, when I no longer had the power to go any longer

Regret I did for not bringing my friends, no support,

the loneliness crept into me, unseen tears,

and even without any chains I felt tied down, restricted.

I fell into a hopeless pit, and turned to return back

when I heard a free spirited laugh echo all around.

I stopped in my tracks, went near to look closer

Wrapped in a single blanket were two souls

a broad smile lingering on their faces

as they laughed loud for the world to hear

I caught three words in the air; "I love you"

and they leaned forward to share the bliss.

I returned back satisfied, my own face lit in dark

my journey finding its end with new insight into life.



Disclaimer: The views expressed above are member's views and this website does not comply with it. The views expressed may not be factually correct. Incase of any issue please contact us/report it to us.

Finally back...and here to stay!