Bring RK and madhu closer. Make more intimate. Now also showing ONLY eye lock tooooo much.

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Oct 15, 2013

Bring RK and madhu closer. Make more intimate. Now also showing ONLY eye lock tooooo much. (By kajal)

I think the director doesn't have any idea to take he story further. So he is using paboo as a villain to separate RK and  madhu. So far he had done very well, starting from RK revenge to till sultan's death. But now it's boring by Showing cheap rat ideas and paboo's evil thinking.

1.Paboo is not a sanyasi. She is one demon. Actually she has no power in that house. But she dominates Radha and Madhu. Madhu is the only one person has rights to stay in that house and has more attachment and love with RK. But this stupid Paboo tring to send her out. She doesn't know family value, love and responsibility ( that is why she became sanyasi), but she is preaching these to madhu and rk. So funny.

2; And by the way what RK is doing? So far he was shown as madhu's dewaana. How he is tolerating all these? Can't he see the difference in his wife's face?

3. The most important thing is that the show is famous for RK and Madhu's chemistry and romance. Before marriage RK and madhu wanted to maintain some distance, that is ok. But now mrg is over. Because of sultan they had seen diverse part also. The feeling of missing their love and getting it back are very painful and touching.  They have seen that also. Now producer and movie making problem. What has not happened in their life. They know how much they love each other. So how should be the LOVE and JUNOON between RK and madhu? It should be much much more than before. That is what rk also said "we love each other so much from today, so the kismat itself feel the pain to separate us".  What a line.....

Before eye lock sequences ok, but now show something else. They are married, so they should be little bit closer. I feel like now only they are behaving like unmarried couples. When they were close and doing romance a lot  before marriage. After mrg, in few episodes some romance were there and close. Atleast this can be followed now. But now also, eye lock and  somebody interfering their private time are not acceptable. If vivian doesn't want to kiss on screen, it can be showed as they showed in their wedding night and next day morning, (RK kissing her wife, covering with his coat ).

Now the director should show intense love between them. But i feel now the ishq and junooon appear less intense than before. We all know, how much RK and Madhu love each other. RK doesn't want and believe anyone other than his madhu. In that case the director should show more intense love and intimate scenes between them.

While taking revenge ad before mrg, RK was doing so much romance with madhu, now nothing. Now he has to show more and more affection and love to madhu. But It seems he has lowered it down. Their voice and appearance also changed. I don't like it. Probably madhubala audience also don't.


I don't want to see them get disturbed by bittu, padboo or by them self.  Now also showing eye lock always tooooooo boring. Show them as a happy couple, enjoying their mrg life. Though they are facing so many problem, their love is strong and there is no problem in that. Don't waste their chemistry and junoon.

If they show some scenes like this audience also feel happy.

This is my opinion.  What you all MADHUBALA fans say?

PLS.................. director consider our views also. Ultimately you are making this show or us only.

Oct 15, 2013

very good views (By page 3 )

You spoke my heart. I appreciate your views and I fully agree with them. Now-a-days their eyelock and intimate scens are boring. There is no spark as was in 2012 September, October, November and upto 10 December, 2012. Even their fighitng was very interesting and there was a spark. Remember, Mr.Tiwari 4th December, 2012 Karva Chauth episode. It was the best episode in which RK took care of madhu with love and passion. I used to watch that episode very frequently. Now karva chauth is coming very soon. Hope you will show something like that episode.

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