Dead angel: Bond must be beyond the love

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Oct 6, 2013

Dead angel: Bond must be beyond the love (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 42 times)

This is a story... dedicated to my most beautiful dream which I had held in heart as a reason of life... but didn't get success to accomplish that...

Its purely imagination with my unfulfilled dream...

Its darkest fiction I have written... its not at all like any other stories I have wrote in past... so may be many are gonna disappointed if they expect same happy stories like previous here...

But yet I love this story as it touch my heart deeply... its one of the best imagination for me where I smile while living my dream...

I hope you people would enjoy it as much as I do!


A beautiful eve…

But somewhere deep silence in that evening… doesn’t know why…! But it’s not new for her….

Her whole life was like this eve only and might be that was the reason that every evening she has been coming here… at this beautiful sea s****…! Lonely…! And on the same place near the sand of that s**** she has been sitting with some deep silence in herself…! Might be she is just like this sea… who is deep inside, whose depth can never be found…! But yet inspite of having such huge waves of water from sky the whole sea water looks just beautiful dark blue plane surface… it seems like it’s so beautiful and amazing to go near… but only the person in boat could tell how hard it is to travel around the sea and overcome the force of waves…! Everyone seem like she is so silent… so beautiful… so deep yet sensible… something is definitely there which makes everyone to feel happy on meeting her, on watching her, on speaking with her… and to get her even a single handshake is like lottery of billion for so many more…!

Every evening she comes here leaving whole world behind… just lonely without any word in her mouth… without any movement of lips except just her eyes which are so much expressive yet deep and circles around them gives sense she is calm but yet has so many waves of emotions in herself controlled in herself only…! But yet her face has that shine which might be none could have ever imagined…!

She sits there in soft sand of s**** for a long time, keeps staring at the infinitely spread sea infront of her, her feet feels that soft sand like a cold hand of naughty baby girl is ticking there, her eyes keep glued at the evening sun rays playing on the waves of the sea, and slowly slowly her eyes losses their shine just with the every moment of sunset…!

Sometimes unknowingly her fingers runs over the soft sand of s**** and unknowingly something gets drawn by her…don’t know what…! She just breaths heavily with heavy waves of sea at some times and her fingers runs like brush around the plain surface of sand and just keep sketching something… but then at the last as darkness starts to hug the whole world around, her heavily working heart stops it’s heavily breathing and turns normal… just in the same state her heart was when she steps at the s**** few hours before…! Till that cold air of night starts to make her feel shiver, she gets up with dead heart and walks back along the same way where she has been came from…!

It’s the only routine for her…!


As she steps in…  the canteen hall of NDA training center cochin and immediately a smart active girl runs in her direction “where were you khushi? I have been waiting for you since last half hr…! I thought today again you are going to come after cateen time, and then either you will have to sleep without food, or else I would need to play some new plane to keep a plate of extra dinner for you…! God knows where you goes everyday…! Atleast you could talk to me freely that where you go everyday…!”

But khushi ignores her totally and walks upto table of plates arranged in canteen… takes a plate for herself and stands in queue to get food in her plate…!

“it’s totally foolish to talk to you and ask you where does you go everyday…! I am the only fool who keep caring for you…!” the girl is speaking out with anger while taking a plate of food for herself and standing behind khushi in queue…!

“khushi speaks out something…! What does you think, atleast let us know… not others but I am your friend and your must talk to me…!” girls is speaking out within anger…!

“who is asking you to care for me dipti? Just leave me alone and please no need to bother for me at all…! I don’t want that anybody should get worried for me…! So please don’t try ever…!” khushi speaks out and gets food in her own plate and walks upto the table at the corner where around her there would be none…!

Dipti gets irritated with khushi’s nature and walks in the crowded table of girls where others are busy in chattering and giggling with fun…!

“hahahaa… you know chrestina was all the time irritating Josef sir…” someone speaks out within giggle…!

“shut up swati…! If I won’t irritate him then do you think that the dead khushi kumara gupta will go to make his day?” chrestina speaks out with smirk and her sharp glance looking at the corner table where khushi lonely sitting and eating her food without paying any of the single attention to the anybody around…! Just while staring at the night sky out of the window beside her time to time while gulping down the morsel in her mouth…!

“will you all stop this topic?” dipti shouts at the girls with anger and threaten…!

“oh… so Miss. Dipti roy the only and only PA of miss. Gupta is here…! How is this? I thought you would like to accompany that dead body… Miss. Khushi kumara gupta…! Chehere pe to kabhi khushi nahi dikhayi deti… but her name is khushi kumari gupta…! Hahaha…” chrestina speaks out with smirk and more fun while answering dipti… “I promise you girls…! If some day I would found a smile on this dead body’s face then I will do whatever you will ask me to do dipti…! But till that better if you won’t ask me to stop my talk about whatever I want…! As it’s really wonderful topic to talk about that dead body… just interesting like postmortem gives a joy to learning doctors…! Hahaha…”

“without knowing about her… to talk something like this is not good job chrestina…! You must first try to understand why is she like this? And then best to do any statement for her…! Because as long as I know she will definitely smile someday…!” dipti speaks out with her pitiful gaze glued at khushi…!

“hahaha… dipti keep dreaming…! Hahaha… because you are talking about smile? Even if she will cry someday… I will surely follow your instructions…! But till that if you want to get our company then please atleast don’t spoil our fun…!” chrestina speaks with more smile shining on her lips…!

(after some time…)

Khushi finish her dinner and walks out of the canteen hall…!

And all the group of girls and boys notice this… and chrestina again makes a comment… “guys… atleast let’s be happy that she walks and does some movement rather than a body in coma…! Hahaha…” and boys and girls clap each other…! Dipti just lowers her head and takes a long breath with her eyes glued at the door from where just a while ago khushi has disappeared…!

"but one thing is true yaar... when she talks... it feels like a beautiful music is playing around...!"some male voice comments with joyful smile and all burst into laugh... but boys supports that voice saying "we do agree with you ishaan...!"


Girls please do read and comment... it's really a nice to read your replies :)

Thank you 

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Oct 11, 2013

Dead angel: Bond must be beyond the love (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 39 times)

 (in the huge grownd of Kochin NDA training school…!)The students in beautiful sky blue uniforms of Indian air force with their cheering faces running here and there…!

The girls in beautiful blue uniforms with dark navy blues pants and hats of proud on their heads with a logo of bird over that…!

Crestina walks over there with a group of girls around her and chirping “finally today on having final flying test on the sky of sea of Kochin we will be declared as officially Indian air force ladies…! And then whole sky will be our to touch it whenever we will want…! Today I am feeling like I have born to rule over sky…! That infinitely sky where none could dare to even stop me at any cost…!”

“yes… you are right…!” someone says I reply to her words…!

But crestina’s eyes glues on Dipti who is seeming restless and upset while looking at the direction of door of training hostel entrance time to time while peeping in her wrist watch in the middle so many times…!

“what happened dipti? Are you waiting for someone?” crestina asks with mischievous smile…!

“oh yes…!” dipti replies with sad tone “I am waiting for khushi…! She has not yet came even if now at any moment our final flying test will be conducted...!”

“she might have been in her room only by now…!” someone says…!

“no sukshma…! She was not…! I have just a while ago gone to her room but she was not there…! even I checked her uniform was not there means she must have been ready with uniform… but then why haven’t she reached here yet… is the only thing making me restless now…! Only god knows what goes up to her mind…! Even she never utter any word to me that where does she go or not…!” dipti says with worried tone…!

“hahaha… she must have been scared of final exam I must say…! And that’s why she has been run away without showing her face secretly somewhere so that none could ask her for final flying test…!” crestina says with smirk and smile… “many times I gets confused and questioned that if this girl is so wordless like dumb then why have she joined Indian Air force training…? There is not at all any sense in her choice…!”

“if you can’t say something good then atleast don’t utter something rubbish against khushi about whom neither you knows nor I do…!” dipti snaps crestina…!

“cresti… leave that dead body topic yaar…! Why to spoil our mood with some topic of that deadly body…! Just cheer up your mood…!” someone speak out with joyful and rejuvenating tone…!

“btw, what are you gonna do after today’s final exam?” someone asks crestina with curiosity…!

“I am gonna search a perfect love mate for me after this… who will enlarge the beauty of that beautiful uniform of Indian air force…!”crestina says with smiling gaze and dreamy eyes…!

“just Love mate is not no use dear… soul mates is needed in life… only then feelings could be perfectly respected and justified… so dream for have soul mate and not just love mate…!” dipti snaps crestina…!

Ctrestina growls at dipti and snaps her with the words “oh really? Then I must say your that dead body cum sweet heart friend need a perfect soul mate…! Then search someone for her atleast I hope if she will turn alive…! Why are you suggesting me? I don’t need soul mate…! I need love, status and money…! What if soul mate won’t able to give these three things to me? What is use of that? So best don’t waste you so valuable soul mate suggestions on me… go and give them to that dead body…!”

“keep in mind my words crestina that soul mates are those made for each other just like the sky and ocean who are like never to meet each other but yet will meet each other at that end of world where none could stop them from meeting each other…! So keep a wish to get best soul mate rather than love mate…!” dipti speaks out sharply and walks away from there saying “excuse me I have to stand in line for test…”


(at a ship of Indian Navy in the sea of Cochin…)

The hall full of officers of Indian navy with their white uniforms, and someone with a tall perfect muscular body gets up from his place and walks upto stage and an old man in same impressive uniform of Indian navy standing on stage gets a salute from that young man…! They shakes their hands and with smile old man hangs a new batch on young man’s pocket and whole hall gets echoes with the sound of claps…!

The young man walks back silently with his straight tall figure…!


All the navy officers gather around the young tall man…! All shook hands with him… but someone says “hey man… what is this? Atleast I thought you will  smile today… but you are not even bothering to give a little stress to your lips…! Kabhi to muskurade mere yaar…!” but the man is not at all ready to smile but he walks away from there towards the last end of ship where none could see him…!

He just shut his eyes with his both hands in his pocket while standing at the end of corner of the ship…!


“so… are you all ready for final test?” the head of the Indian air force training center asks all the trainees over there…!

“yesss” all shout out together with wide smiles on their faces…!

But before they could further do anything a person like peon runs towards the head with totally worried face in rush and whispers something in his ear… making head’s face totally in deep shock and fear and then anger deeply…. He runs his hard gaze over all the trainees present infront of him… and shouts with anger “where is Miss. Gupta?”

All girls looks at each other and then finally dipti says “sir, don’t know where is she…! Actually since last few minutes I have been trying to search for her but I haven’t found her in her room nor yet she has reached here…!”

And finally heads eyes turned into anger and just within moment her runs to the direction of planes arranged for the exam near by the ground… but then he and all the trainees found that a plane has been departed from there and finally move into sky “how could she even dare to stepped in plane without having a permission…! And how you people were so careless that some trainee has reached upto plane and started plane without giving any idea?” head scream out with anger… and runs in the direction of control room of kochin air port saying “immediately order her to move back with plane to the air port or else warn her that she will be punished for her such thoughtless crazy act…!”


“sir… she has switched off all the radio communication… and don’t know sir… why she is doing this…!” a controller says with worried tone…!

“what?” head shouts with more anger… “but atleast you could figure out that where is she going?”

“oh yes sir…” and controller then glues his gaze over the screen of display where he could get exact location of the plane…!

“sir… she is driving plane towards ocean…!” controller says with scared tone…!

“what?” the head shouts with more shock… “i have arranged their exam over there over the sea and that’s why I have brought all of them to cochin for this week… but that doesn’t means she should behave like this much careless…!”

“even now it looks like we can’t control her at all as she has gone lonely on drive…! What the hell going on to her head only god knows…!” head shouts with anger and frustration… “not only she but my heads will definitely suspend me if now this matter will be out….!


(at ship…)

The young tall man opens his eyes and look at the direction of the sky… he founds a plane flying in the sky… and he is just turns his back to move back to his place… but in the middle he stops with some deep feeling and turn back to look at that airplane again and just within a moment he found that someone has fall from the plane in deep sea and at the next moment even plane starts to move in some random direction and falls in deep ocean…!

“what the…” just the only words he whispers out and next moment disappears himself while jumping in deep infinitely ocean…!

“some accident has happened… someone has fallen from airplane someone says around the huge ship of Indian Navy and all the people over there immediately runs here and there with the hopes of help but someone screams… “I have seen Rear admiral Raizada jumping in ocean just a moment ago…!”

“what?” someone says with shock…!

“yes… he was standing at the edge of the ship and as soon as he saw that someone has been falling in the ocean from the air craft, then he has immediately jump up in water…!” someone days..!

All the people in uniforms gather around the edge of ship with prayers and waiting for the person to come back safely…! Till that someone leaves a small ship in ocean and 3 navy officers move with that ship in the direction where they had seen the person disappeared fallen from the airplane just a while ago…!


“hello… hello…”

“hello… jay hind…Cochin control room”

“jay hind… it’s Indian navy ship x2201”

“what can we help you?”

“just a moment ago we have seen an airplane of Indian airforce disappearing in ocean nearby cochin…! And a pilot also has fallen in ocean…!”

And a controller from Cochin airport shouts loudly “head… here is Miss. Gupta’s plane…! Disappeared in ocean…! Might be she has fallen in ocean…!”


“I am not able to find Mr. Raizada as long as gaze is reaching upto…!” some one in small boat says…!

“he is not the ordinary navy officer Mr. singh…! He is Mr. raizada…! Mr. arnav singh raizada Rear admiral who never knew failure in his whole life till today…! And that’s why reached upto the post of Rear admiral in such a younger age of 28years only…!” someone says with confidence…!

“eee look there is something looking like peeping on the water surface…” third one shouts while pointing at the some direction on water surface of infinitely ocean…!

And they move their boat over there with a high speed…! And they immediately pull that thing in boat… 

“Thanks god… you are safe Arnav sir…! We were totally scared…!” someone says while looking at arnav who is totally drenched and falls in boat along with khushi’s body below him…!

Arnav just lift up his head and his eyes gets mesmerized with the beautiful face of the girl under him…! A gust of wind hits on his face and he just blinks his eyes for a moment while staring at the girl in his embrace…!

“it’s lady pilot…!” someone says with surprised gaze…!

“might be water would have been filled in her lungs surely…!”another one says with guess… while bring arnav out of his trans…!

“Take boat immediately to ship… she need a treatment…!” arnav orders them…!

And he presses her chest while trying to make her throw out the water…! But with the throws up of water she breaths so heavily with the try to gain oxygen but as she fails to get that…!

“I must say sir she is felling to get oxygen…! She is not able to breathe…!” someone says immediately on finding her restless up and downs of chest in and movements in unconscious state… “but atleast upto taking her to boat she must get air to keep her alive…!”

Arnav looks at her face closely… and without bothering for anybody over there he moves closer to khushi and apart her lips and holds her mouth into his and blowing an air in her mouth…!


love u to all for lovely comments : sanchi, v1184, cool cat, Arshi_Fan12, Sa_Arshi, Vibhuti6 and Manu, meena

and all the silent readers for support :)

please do read and comment :)

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Dec 1, 2013

Dead angel: Bond must be beyond the love (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 31 times)

Dhak… Dhak… Dhak… he felt like someone is pulling his heart out of is body at that moment his heart touched against her while filling breath inside her body holding her soft chocolate sweet wet lips in his mouth… but at the next moment none realized what happened? Just everyone seen an extreme fire in the eyes of that unconscious pale body with anger and with a strong jerk she tried to throw arnav away from her and strong storm formed around the ocean just within a moment and with huge wide tide small boat got shaken badly making everyone unable to watch what happened further… and what was that…!

When they got ability to think on finding themselves alive on that tiny air boat… they could only find arnav unconscious on boat and that lady pilot is nowhere on that boat…!

“where is the pilot?”

“leave it now… just look at Rear Admiral Raizada…! It seems as if he is badly hit by something…! He looks so badly wounded…! just take R. A. back to Ship he need an urgent treatment he looks so badly suffered…!” said somebody while taking arnav’s head on his lap…!


(At some random land… a beautiful beach... a beautiful evening… A beautiful sunset… and none is there…! Tides are continuously hitting against the beach… and tide goes back to ocean…!)

“hey girls… I am so tired…! Come one let’s go to home… if someone will find us on this empty land at such a sunset it could be problematic for us…! We have escaped from hostel without permission to spend day at this beach… but if anybody will find us here that would be hell punishing for us so let’s move out of this beach forest before anybody could find that we haven’t gone to market but here in such a lonely place…!” says a tall beautiful girl…!

“Lavanya…! But if Dr. steve  will even come to know this, he would definitely drive out us from college… and let’s me tell you, it was your idea to be here secretly for your own interest… so only you will be whole responsible for any consequences…!” another one girl with extremely worried gaze speak out…!

“No problem…! Don’t be so scared payal…! You must understand that first thing I am so sharp that why just Dr. Steve but not even his shadow will get a gust of our any of this fun…! So just chill baby… No need to think for any consequences… just keep doing what I am saying…!” says lavanya…!

Payal look at lavanya with a bit anger and pouts “Only god knows why I am here in this white country with such a horrible girl…! Why only she is here as an Indian in university for medical? Can’t god send somebody else as a best friend for me? Why only these disasters have to be with me as an Indian? God swear… if any day I will find some another right Indian girl… I will never be a part of your any of such horrible day or night out plans…!” and with anger she starts to walk behind lavanya and all other girls giggles on hearing angry frustrated words of payal and speaks out “hey pay… don’t use faul words for our country…! You are here so learn to respect the place where you are now and not from where you are now…! Understand?”

Payal twists her lips with displeasure and speaks out “I am not using foul language for your country nor for you…! Just feeling angry for your unnecessary courage…! In India I must say lavanya would have never dared to do something like this… but here in your company she is going out of control and that’s really not good for you or for her…!” payal shouts with anger… “if anything wrong will happened to us…! Then who will be responsible? Will our future really be safe and sound then? You all are just behaving like 2year kid who does whatever he wants to without second thought of safety...!”

“Just shut up your mouth payal… and follow us or else go to the hell…! And never expect me to be scared of anything…! And I better know how to deal with Dr. steve so please stop your threatening...!” lavanya shouts back on payal with irritated tone…!

“pata nahi, papa ko kya yahi ek ladki mili thi kya ki muze iss ke sath bhej diya itne bade unjane Spain mein? kash Uday uncle ko lavanya ke sivay koi aur ek ladki hoti aur wo meri jaisi hoti sidhi sadhi simple… indian dresses pehenane wali…!” payal speaks out while staring at the lord ganesha’s locket in her neck... “kya ye videsi chidiya bandh di ganeshji  aapne mere pallu?”

“don’t irritate that poor soul now payal…! Enough of your words… or else I will definitely hit a hammer on your head…!” lavanya speak out while taking a pause in the middle of her walk and giving a hard angry glance to payal with her both fists on her waist…!

Payal look at lavanya with irritated gaze and twisted lips… and speaks out “thik hein… thik hein…! But ganeshji is not at all poor soul… I won’t stop irritating him as long as he won’t hear me… and my prayers…! Humph…!” and payal starts to walk forward crossing lavanya…!

Lavanya leaves a sigh of relief and while staring at sky speaks out “god… please send someone for this girl… or else surely I will be moved to asylum instead of doing Medical at medical college before my graduation…! cum se cum mere sar ki musibat to talegi…!” and walk finally following payal…!

All girls walk silently on the soft sand of beach with cool breeze hitting on their faces and pampering their open hairs to dance around…! Payal keep walking ahead with angry face and all other keep giggling and chattering with joy while walking behind her and heading in the direction of way where their cars are waiting for them…!

“aaaannn” payal’s strong scream brought all the girls to come out of their chatter fun world and everyone looks at her direction with confused gazes… payal has fallen down due to her sandle gets stuck with something… “Oh my godddd…!” lavanya says with totally surprised, puzzled and shocked gaze while running forward and going on her knees… “it’s some girl…! But how is she here?” she says while staring at the girl carefully…!

But suddenly at the next moment a wide smile appears on payal’s face and she speaks out while getting up and staring at the girl “ye to Indian lag rahi hein…! Usne to kitne sundar kapde pehene huye hein? Jese ki koi ladki nahi… angel ho…!”

“tuze to India and indian people ke aage pichhe kuchh dikhata hi nahi payal…! To tum ab shut up ho jawo…! Look at her, it seems as if she is here with tide…!” and lavanya holds her hand on nose of the girl… and her face gets worried…! She bents down and tries to hear her heart beats…!

“is she alive?” someone asks with curious caring tone…!

“her heart is beating but breathing is going extremely slow…! I don’t think she is able to survive…! Because it will take 5hrs for us to reach up to hospital… and if we will take her with us, then definitely Dr. Steve will hit us with his thousands of bullet cum questions for which if we will answer then surely it won’t be tough for him to figure out that we had come to this lonely beach without permission of our guardians and dean… and that’s why we found this girl here…!” lavanya says with worried gaze glued at the silent face of that beautiful unconscious girl…!

“par hamere punishment se to iss ki life jyada important hein…! Jyada se jyada we will be thrown out of our medical college… but what about this girl? Atleast she will survive naa?” payal says with smile…!

Lavanya hits her hand on her head and say “oh god… please give some brain to this brainless girl…! Utna kiya naa to bhi bohot hein…!”

“but laaa… who is she? We don’t even know abt her and even look at her costume and dressing sense it sounds so weird…! I have never seen any girl like this before…! Her face is glowing so much… like some angel…!” says someone…!

“Leave it yaar…! Look at watch…! It’s 6pm, and we are getting late…! Dr. steve won’t spare us if we will reach to hostel out of time…!” someone says…!

“are..? aise kese **** de iss bechari ladki ko? How could you even feel like to leave her?” payal says with angry tone…!

“shut up payal…! Laa, come let’s go… everyday thousands of people die around the world and if we will keep brothering for everyone like this then I think we will be definitely out of university just within few days…. No… no… just within few hrs as if Dr. steve will find us then be ready to face all consequences…!” says someone…!

And lavanya thinks for a moment…! And gets up from her place saying “come on let’s go…!” and she takes a step to walk away from there…!

Payal look at lavanya with shocked gaze…! And speaks out with totally astonished mouth “how could you so heartless lavanya? Is this our culture and values to leave some one lonely helpless, unconscious at such a horrible evening lonely on the beach to die? Will you do same for me if in case I will be on the place of this girl?”

Lavanya stops in the way and guilt fills her eyes… she turns back and look at the payal and say “look payal… please try to understand…! You and this girl are different…! I won’t ever leave you lonely…! I have been with you since childhood as your best friend and I promise I will be like that forever…! But please try to understand that we must leave this girl here… otherwise your dream to be doctor will be just dream forever…! And I know you won’t like that at all…! Isn’t it?”

Tear slips from payal’s eye and she speaks out with heavy tone “laa, it is true that I want to be doctor and that’s my only biggest dream and ambition of life…! But this girl’s life is more precious and important than my dream…! If today I will leave her here then that paper which I will take in my hand on the day of graduation ceremony I won’t be really able to stand on the stage with that degree because in the first step of being doctor I would have been failed… that is… to save every innocent life which needs me and my help…!”

Lavanya walks upto payal and say while squeezing her palm gently with sympathy “hey sweet heart…! Please don’t try to deviate my mind…! You know very well I can’t deny your any single wish…! But I really don’t want you or any of us to be punished for any of our this secrete plan…! It’s question of our future…!”

But tear slips from payal’s eyes and she speaks out with requesting tone “tuze meri kasam…! But please lavanya save this girl… let’s take her with us and let’s admit her to the hospital then I will do whatever you want me to do… I will never complaint again…! Promise…!” says while pinching her neck…!

“no payal… you are not getting what you are asking me to do…! This matter is about our future and we know the terms and rules mentioned in term papers stating rules and regulations of our university… we will be rusticated…!” lavanya tries to explain…!

“no…! don’t give me any reasons laa…! I won’t ever ask you anything from you ever, but please let’s help this girl naa la…!” payal says with requesting tone…!


“please no any word or excuse lavanya…!” payal cuts lavanya… “if you are true friend then please… just once…!”

Lavanya takes a long breath and shuts her eyes for a moment… the flash of payal’s dead dad’s dream his words to watch payal to be surgeon fills her thoughts and ear, while at the next moment payal’s requesting face, the unconscious girl’s innocent glowing face flashes in front of lavanya’s face and she takes a minute before saying anything…!




Payal’s heart beats loudly with her eager eyes glued on lavanya’s lips, her ears impatient to hear out to be words on lavanya’s colored lips

“ok…!”lavanya whispers while opening her eyes… and a huge wide smile appears on payal’s lips… just within a moment she hugs lavanya tightly and says “thank you… thank you… thank you lavanya…! You are genuinely my best friend…!”

“but I won’t take her to hospital directly and nor you would do that…!” says lavanya with serious tone…!

“what?”payal shouts with shock… “what do you means we won’t take her to hospital? She need an urgent treatment lavanya…!”

“look payal…! I had promised your dad to be with you forever as your shadow for your best…! And as your best friend I need to do whatever is best for you…! And you too remember what uncle had been expecting from you…!”she squeeze payal’s hand and says “he wished to you become surgeon and I want to make you surgeon at any cost…!”

“but he won’t ever like if someone will die due to my this dream…!” payal say with totally teary gaze…!

“Look sweet heart… listen me carefully now… I understand your feelings but I am not at all with the huge heart as you have…! I have selfishness for you… and I won’t ever let you do what risk you are willing to take…! So I have an idea, we will take this girl from back side of hospital where hardly somebody visits from the door of room where dead bodies are kept… so that we won’t be seen by anybody easily then we will leave her to the door of some hospital room so that anybody who will come there will find her easily and she will get treatment without letting anybody to know who have brought here and that we had some plan like this…! Ok?” lavanya says firmly…!

Payal look at lavanya with shocked gaze… “but lavanya…”

“no any more word payal…! I have accepted your words and you have to follow my words…! And that’s it…!” lavanya states while cutting payal in the middle…!

Payal takes a long breath and with teary gaze and lowered head she says “ok…!”

“Come on girls let’s take this girl to car…!” lavanya calls other girls and they all lifts up the unconscious girl in beautiful costume in their arms…!


All the navy officers are gathered around the bed… “how is R. A. Raizada now?” an old navy officer asks while stepping in the room with his breath hitting against his white mustache and making it to shiver with air for a moment…!

“sir, he must gain consciousness by now…!” doctor answers…!

An unconscious arnav is lying on bed with drips on his hand, and his all wounds covered up properly with white dressing… suddenly a wave on display goes high and arnav’s chests gets lift up with strong jerk and his back again falls down in bed with strong hit making everyone shocked with totally unexpected symptoms…! Doctors rush to his bed with worried faces…!

“what happened? Is he alright?” the old navy officer again asks with worried and confused face…!

“sir, don’t know why just simple wounds are making him to stay unconscious for so long…? I have never find any case with just wound to be unconscious like this ever before…!” says doctor…!

Once again arnav takes jerk up and falls back in a bed and his breath gets normal…

~~~~flash back~~~~

“you know arnav? I have heard that angels looks beautiful…! And nothing in this world is as beautiful as they could be…!” says a guy in blue shining costume and symbol of fish in his silver crown while heading with a guy tall, fair, handsome guy with broad shoulders and brown eyes, abeautiful golden crown with symbols of fish, shells and pearls on it…!

“just stop this topic aakash…! I am not at all here to hear any fairy tail or to dream for any fairy…!” a Arnav say… “I am here to spread our empire of Ocean around the earth surface as much as we can so that one day dad will be able to rule whole world…!”

“Already we have such a huge empire then why to keep again hopes for more? What is use of that? You are the prince of ocean” says akash…!

“that’s the difference between thinking of you and Prince of ocean…! As a prince it’s my duty to spread my empire as much as I could…! To protect and give prosperity to my empire is my responsibility…! And as much as our ocean empire will grow, our fishs, and other water creatures will get prosperity…!” says arnav…!

Aakash lowers his head with a thought “No prince…! You are not doing right… nor your dad…! You are just following your father’s words without really a deep own thought on that…! I wish if someday you will get to know everything is not for ruling and winning but for sacrificing and loving too…! Not everything should be won and ruled…!”

“just shut up aakash… you must go and please bring something special which could please my mom from earth till that I am going to observe the earth surface to take over soon…!” arnav orders…!

“ok… as you wish…” and akash leaves from there…!


“shooo… don’t do any sound… just come in secretly none is there except dead bodies only with great trick I made that watchman convince to bring a blood bottle so that he will leave from here and we could step in…!”Says lavanya on observing the room behind the door… “Bring her in…!” she orders and girls bring an unconscious girl inside…!

“now you wait all here let me study next section then if there won’t be anybody we will take her to next section…!” says lavanya…!

“hmm…!” payal nods…!

But suddenly they all hear a sound of shoes… and sweat forms on everyone’s forehead… “someone is coming…! We must run from here laa or else not even your ganeshji will be able to save us from punishments…!” says someone… “sorry but I can’t be part of this plan… I need to run out…!” and girl runs out of the room immediately…!

Other girls watch it and they also leave from the room one by one and finally only Lavanya and payal stays there…! As the sound of foot straps increases the heart beats of both of girls rise high with every single moment…!

“sorry payal but now I must say we must leave… or else we both will be caught…!” says lavanya with gloomy face…!

“but lavanya how could we…”

“please payal… look at this girl’s state, I don’t really think if she will really survive…! She is not even able to breath… must say she is dead surely… then what is use of our efforts? We tried hard as best as we could but her state was critical…! And now she is really not breathing at all…!” says lavanya…!

“but…” with teary gaze payal say…

Lavanya gets angry on payal’s reactions now… “payal today I am really suspicious that will you be really able to become doctor? Now on watching someone turning dead you are feeling so much pain then what will you do for your patients? You must be strong enough to tackle with such a sort of situations…! It is common in our field to watch someone turning dead…! You are just in first year but yet sweety you must turn to be strong now…! Don’t be so scared…!”

“laa, you are my senior and I respect your words as my best friend too but yet… she…” payal tried to explain…!

“Just shup up payal…!” lavanya shuts up the payal and pulls the girl’s body to nearby stretcher and puts her below that tucked under white cloth and pulls payal along with her and both run out of the morgue…!

Someone steps in with rush on hearing sound of foots from morgue… he looks around but none is there…! He runs his gaze around the morgue… whole room is full of dead bodies…! he runs his gaze to the another door… he goes there… and check if it is locked or not…! It’s locked…!


“Hoosh… thanks god we locked the door on time or else surely Dr. steve would have been suspicious…!” says lavanya while breathing heavily with sweat formed on her forehead…!


He takes a long breath…! Walks to the door of morgue to leave from where he had stepped in… but on the door he stops in the middle and turns… counts the bodies hide on the stretchers around the hall hide below white cloths… “63” he whispers… and dial a no. on his mobile saying “sir, yes all bodies are ready, send them to do final inspection…! If anybody is known then we will be able to trace the identity of those bodies…!”


Sorry girls for making you wait for so long...! I was busy with my semester studies and family function...! will try to update soon...!

please do read and comment...!

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Jan 25, 2014

Dead angel: Bond must be beyond the love (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 25 times)

“why he is not at all opening his eyes?” the head shouts with anger on the doctor.

“I am seriously not getting Sir, that what is going wrong? He doesn’t have fever really, and his breath is normal totally! Yet he is not at all getting consciousness!” Doctor says with worried gaze.

“Ok! Then just tell me, if you able to do right treatment for him or not?” The head asks clearly!

“Sorry, but it’s really sounding a bit totally unseen sort of case Head! I have never seen any of the case like this before! It’s 3rd day today, yet he is not at all opening his eyes!” Doctor says.

“then do you know any of the specialist who could treat him perfectly?” Head asks.

“Yeah, Dr. Steve from Spain!” Doctor says with hopes “he is the one I think could diagnose R. A. Raizada’s problem due to his interest in studying weird things around the medical field!”

“Ok! Then we will call him here!” says head!

“Sorry head, but Dr. steve is a bit weird person! He never like to work by anybody’s rules! He never goes away from his own place and hospital! And he manages his whole hospital and his medical school as per his own weird rules without interference of any government laws or rules! Means he cooperates with government, but never work under government!” Dr. says “so he won’t ever come to India on any of the request! If we want to get treatment for R. A. Raizada, then you have to take him there to Dr. steve’s clinic!”

“Ok! Then,Send him immediately at Spain! And btw, I need Mr. Raizada to even deal with Department of Navy of Spain about some ships and sea weapons! So it will be nice, if Mr. Raizada will be at Spain for treatment, so that as soon as he will get well soon, he could the process of deal and inspection of ships and weapons! He has good sense about these things! And I am sure that Dr. steve’s treatment would make him recover very soon! And even R. A. Raizada’s superb working has already made his special in the eyes of President of India! So even he has mentioned in his letter to send R. A. Raizada as the head officer of the team member for this deal at spain!” head orders the man with him!


“Doctor! Indian government has sent a patient with the orders of President of India to be treated under your observation due to its complications! And they are on the way to be at hospital from airport” a nurse gives detail to Dr. Steve.

Dr. Steve things for a moment and says “admit that patient immediately and inform me!”

“yeah! Sure!”


“Doctor, please check these bodies once, and then these will be sent for Post mortem and identification by officers of Department of Defense would take place!” a nurse requests Dr. Steve.

“Ok” He says while staring at the direction of empty ready room for a patient while thinking to himself and peeping in his own wrist watch “it will quite take a time for them to bring that patient here, till that I could finish my this checking!” and he heads in the direction of morgue!


(At morgue)

He heads in the direction of queue of the dead bodies arranged on stretchers all the morgue systematically with their few of the details which were came to know like age, reason and circumstances of the death, cloth samples, things found with dead body, date and time of death, blood group, regional details if any etc.

He fixes his stethoscope on his ears and one by one starts to check the bodies over there and tick infront of each no. on the writing pad under the column ‘Officially Dead’.




The horrifying silence and chilling temperature of morgue making whole atmosphere of room even a bit more horrible with the sharp brownish glance of Dr. Steve.

Dr. Steve, a person known as the king of weird things in himself also known as weird at the world of Doctors. Only he could manage such huge empire of weirdness due to his fast working style and his extra fast brain supporting him fully with the connections of things on the all the possible way to make so many impossible things possible… where none could hold his hand! Yet he manages every little task of that hospital with his own control only without trusting for anybody else… including the finally official declaration of the dead bodies too!

One by one the tick on that writing pad are increasing and smile appears on his mouth with that while thinking to himself “mean all the students are working honestly!”

He comes across a body and takes away the white cloth from the body… he check the pulse… and tick on paper infront of the body no. ‘Officially Dead’. And turns to head next… but suddenly at the at the next moment something tucked into his leg and he totally flats on the floor while trying to protect his head from not hitting on the floor but at the same moment his gaze reach down that stretcher and his eyes gets widen with a deep shock… a beautiful hand was the one to block his way and made him fall down! His gaze runs from the hand to the body lying below stretcher with totally surprised gaze. He looks at the girl’s whole attire from head till toe with totally unblinkingly and loudly screams “nurse… come here immediately!”

Nurse comes there with totally scared face and trembling hand “ye… yes Dr?”

He looks at her with a bit anger and speaks “who the hell put this body below stretcher?”

Nurse look at the direction of the body lying below stretcher with totally surprised gaze… “I… I really don’t know!” she says immediately with scared gaze.

“what?” he almost shouts a bit loudly than ever!

“ye… yeah… Dr! Jesus knows that I have seriously not seen this body till now! I seriously don’t idea that from where this body has landed here!” she says with scared tone!

Dr. steve takes a deep breath and while fixing his attire and white coat properly he says “if you don’t know, then from where this body has landed here? Obviously not from ceiling! Then from where? Who the hell brought her here? And why did someone keep it below the stretcher?” he talks to himself quite a bit loudly making it hearable to nurse.

“D… Dr. I… I have never seen this patient in our hospital!” she says with scared tone.

Dr. steve look at the nurse and then immediately turns his gaze upto the body over there. He stretches his brain and speaks out “oh yeah! I have never really seen this patient before in hospital!”

He immediately fix his stethoscope properly in ear and quickly move close to the body checking heartbeats “Oh… my god!” he whispers almost with deep shock… and turns to nurse while saying “she is alive! Nurse immediately ask wardboys to take this girl at hospital room!”

“what?” nurse almost with equally shocked expressions!


Ward boys are running with a stretcher immediately in the direction of the room gossiping each other as “This girl found in morgue!”and at the same time a stretcher arrives in the hospital from opposite direction with a defense people surrounded around that stretcher “Dr.  It’s Mr. Raizada… the Rear Admiral of Indian Navy sent here with the orders of President of india.”

Dr. Steve glares at the stretcher of Arnav… and signs them positively with his eyes “Ok! Plz follow me!”


“Oh! So this is the matter that he is not at all gaining sense inspite or having everything normal about his symptoms? “ Dr. steve says while checking the unconscious arnav.

“yeah!” the person in white attire of Indian navy says.

“was anything special came in his contact when he was on the boat to save that pilot?” Dr. steve asks.

“No! means he had almost saved that pilot and he came upto air boat, but she was not at all able to breath so finally he blew air in her mouth but don’t know from where suddenly atmosphere was  not at all good that day and so his boat was badly hit with tides and when ocean turned normal, R. A. Raizada was unconscious in the boat. Since that day he is in the same state.” The navy person.

“Oh! And other people with him? Are they also unconscious?” with a quite curiosity Dr. Steve asks while fixing a drip in arnav’s arm.

“No! Others were hit badly but all are ok! Except that pilot to whom R. A. Raizada had saved. She had flooded away with that heavy stroke. Might be she must have died in that strong tide.” Navy man says.

“Oh!” Dr. Steve says with a bit sad tone.

(after a while…)

“excuse me… if you won’t mind! I have put Mr. Raizada on drip as he is weak. And even I need to study his case till that I have to handle one more case so…” Dr. Steve says.

“Yeah. Sure. Thank you.” Navy man says.

And Dr. steve steps out of that room while instructing nurse “collect his blood sample and sent to the lab for tests”.


He steps in the room where nurses are running here and there… he fix his stethoscope and checks girl’s heart beats.

He gets surprised with the rate of her heart beats and recounts those while staring at his wrist watch. But again more confusion takes place on his face and he speaks out “Oh my god! When last time I had checked her heart beats at morgue those were extremely low, but right now those have tremendously increased suddenly! How could this happen just within few minutes? And her no. of heart beats per minute is so much more totally standard human heart beatings per minutes.”

He says to nurse “please bring a torch; let me check if her eyes are red or white? B’cos for sure this girl has some weird symptoms abt this unknown disease”

Nurse passes a torch to him and he opens the girl’s eyes with his one hand and observes them closely in the focus of torch with a whisper “Oh my god! What the hell wrong with this girl? Her eyes are totally blue! Neither brown, nor gray or black but its color is so different!” he talks to himself.

“Nurse; bring an injection and collect her blood sample and sent them for test! Because for sure this girl’s disease is not at all I have ever seen before. I need detail reports of all the pathological tests which will be conducted on these samples.” Dr. Steve instructs.


“Doctor…. She is not at all breathing!” a nurse rush into Dr. steve’s cabin!

“what?” he rush out while almost shouting!

“yeah! she is not at all breathing! She has almost stopped her breathing!” nurse says.


“Dead!” Dr. steve says with almost sad gaze and putting down her wrist back on the bed “now as soon as the reports from lab will be came here, immediately tag the details with her body and sent it to morgue!”

Two nurses exchange the glances and finally one says with daring “Dr. reports have arrived already 10 minutes ago!”

“Ok, then sent me one copy at my cabin and one tag with this body!”Dr. steve says normally!

Nurses again exchange the glances “but…”

Dr. steve stops in the way… and look at nurse with questioned glance “what?”

“Dr. according to reports, the blood group of this girl is not at all we can define!” nurse says with lowered head!

“what?” doctor shouts with almost anger “what do you means by cann’t be defined?  Have lab assistant made some mistake in test?”

Nurse lowers her head and says “Dr. he said… he has tested this blood 4 times due to his confusion but yet he has finally came to realize that every time he has got such results which are clearly reflecting there is definitely certain major problem in the blood of this girl, Which is not at all satisfying tests of any of the human blood groups.”

Dr. steve snatch the report pad from nurse and runs his glance on the report and his eyes gets widen… “take again a new blood sample from her body and  bring it to lab! I would test myself!” he says while heading out of the room and reading the reports again and again!





Time is going…

He conducts the test on the blood sample! And finally sits on the chair over there while putting his both palms on the head with a bit shock and tension!

“What happened Dr.?” nurse asks with confusion!

“Her blood is seriously not human blood!” he says while staring at the reports… “it has weird properties in itself!”

“means? Isn’t she any human?” nurse asks!

“I am not sure! But… might… be… not!” Dr. steve says with confusion!

“then… then… who is she?” nurse again asks with confusion!

Dr. steve thinks for a long while and speaks “Not sure! But I am feeling as if fairytails have come true! She… could… be… an angel! As her eyes are so blue that I have never seen something like that before!  And her blood is showing totally unpredictable symptoms and her undiminishing beauty even after death! Which are making me believe in one thing… she could be an angel? Because her body is so fresh even after so long time of her unconsciousness that none of the human body could be like this ever after death or sickness! But then how did she reach to our hospital morgue is the biggest confusion cum question for me!”

Nurse covers her mouth with both palms and says “but… but…. Angels can never die!”

Dr. steve leaves a long breath out and says “that’s the problem! That angels can never die and this girl is dead! But nurse… don’t send her body to morgue! Bring her to lab and take care of her body as best as you can! So that it should be as it is as long as it can! I won’t stop unless and until I would reach upto the base of this mystery! Till that I need to go to that Mr. Raizada’s room to see  his reports!” and Dr. steve goes out of the lab while thinking abt the results of the test which he has conducted recently!


Arnav’s body continuously jerks in a bed with sweat forming on his head continuously…. And nightmare hitting his brain…


“hahaha… I am surely gonna find you girls…! I am quite brilliant to catch you all even if my eyes are bound with blind fold…! After all I am also the princess of sky…! So don’t you dare to challenge me…!” says girl with blind folded eyes… with her hands stretched forward to catch the other members in her game…!

“Vaidehi…! Tera naam naa Vaidehi nahi…, khushi hona chahiye…! As you stay khush all the time…!” says someone among girls running here and there…!

“mera naam baad mein socho…! And don’t strain your brains for renaming me; my to be husband is enough to name me when he will step in my life…! Now you all must hide…! Or else I won’t play with you people any more… papa was not ready to let me come on earth but he allowed me to play and wander here just for a while so let’s enjoy and be back to palace soon…! Or else dad will show his wrath on earth…!”

“hahaha… btw, Vaidehi… you are the princess and as you are the only daughter of sky, you have a responsibility to spread your empire as long as you can…! Then instead of doing planning to grow empire why are you just playing blindfold games with us?” someone asks vaidehi while searching place to hide…!

“Vaidu answer her questions later first now search us… we are ready…!” says someone…!

“ok… ok…! I am coming girls; be ready…!”says Vaidehi…!

Samrudhhi runs but her ear rings make a sound due to hanging bells in it…! She stops in the middle and takes out her ear rings and hides them…!

“1… 2… 3… girls… I am coming…!” says vaidehi and walks here and there to catch her friends by hearing the sound of airs and follows the way where she feels like sound of bells is coming from…!

She feels weird and speaks “why this samu has gone to long from here to hide? But it’s ok sweety… I could hear bells in your ear rings perfectly no matter how long you hide…!”

Finally she holds something and speaks out loudly with wide smile… on feeling bangle like something on hand… “look samrudhhi I have caught you perfectly by hearing the sound of tiny bells in your ear rings… I know it’s you… now hear my answer for your question too…”

The tiny pearls and shells in his crown again makes sound resembling with bells again at the moment wind shakes the chains of tiny pearls and shells hanging near his ears with support of crown…!

He feels like his heart has disowned his body… and feels like its racing more than anything else like chasing something disparately to win…! His eyes forget to blink the moment he watch the perfectly delicate figure standing infront of him so closely holding his hand and her beautiful pair of lips moving so beautiful when she speaks in voice echoing around the air like sound of clouds and thunder during rain…! He forgets himself and just keep staring at her and her moving lips…!

“empire badha badha ke kya karna hein? Papa has already such huge infinitely empire then why to keep over thirst? Life is not about gaining and snatching samu… it’s about being living perfect life with our own life span that when we dies there should be a satisfaction of living every moment of our life for something good which will make us feel like we haven’t disrespect our life by wasting it in useless things…! I love my life more than anything else and I want to enjoy every moment…! I want to live my life for love, for truth and for justice…! These three things are only main principles of my life…! I want to love everything around the world so that I will never feel disgust for anything… and will care for that more than anything else…! And yes…” a pink shade forms on her beautiful soft white cheek within that moment and his eyes immediately catch it with narrowed eyes… “ I want to fall in love with someone whose even a simple eye sight will make my heart to race even fast than light…! Whose one kiss will be able to bring me back from even my death…! Whose one hug will make me forget the pain around the world and will take me to the heaven where none will take me away from him… and he will be only mine…! And you know what samu? If really someday I will get someone as my dream… then I swear I will give up my not only one life but next even 100 lives for him…!”

She smiles with lowered eyes… inspite of having blind fold on her eyes he could easily sense that she was fully shy and her eyes were lowered even with just thought for someone to whom she is waiting disparately…!

“and as I am a daughter of huge emperor that is the Sky…! I have huge responsibilities on my shoulders to run my empire perfectly… for that I need to be follower of truth and justice… only then my dad could rule over his empire for eternity…! Our lives have no end like humans… but then it doesn’t means that we should do whatever we want to as an bouncing ball without limits…! I am and will be with truth forever… no matter how hard situation will be… but I won’t ever leave it behind…! And justice is always there in my life for everything or everyone who need it truly…! Just to win and win is not life… to give something is life…! And dad has taught me same thing when every single year he orders clouds to burst on to earth in form of rain to give food and water for every creature on earth…! And I am always proud of my dad…!” Vaidehi says while thinking about her father and having a huge proud on her face…!

“btw, I hope now you have get perfect answer for your question that I am not at all interested in doing attacks and to win the wars to spread empire…! Mang ne kuchh nahi milta… if someone uses weapons and threatens to spread the empire then that’s just wastage of time and resources, energy and just give physical right to rule but the minds of things always gets hurt deeply…! But I have studied my dad and found from his example that by giving love to the world, by caring for the world without any war you get a right to rule on the hearts of people…! Whole world have a great respect for my dad and am gonna do same…!” and she smiles widely… “chalo… chalo… mein bhi kya bato mein lag gayi? Let’s end this game yaar… it’s too late… papa would have been waiting for me... or else he will be angry… so please open my blind fold dear… I will continue this game tomorrow now we must leave…! Otherwise papa will say ‘vaidehi beta… aapke liye to aab hatkadi dhundhni padegi joki aap ko bandh kar rakh sake idher udhar bhatkne se…!’[vaidehi beta… I need to disparately search handcuffs for you who will keep you tied from wandering around here and there…!]” she says and turns her back to him considering as if it’s ‘samrudhhi’ her friend…!

He runs his hard gaze on her tall beautiful slim figure from toe to head and move a step forward and opens her blind fold from behind…!

“samu, have you brought roses for me? I had told you yesterday that I love red roses on earth very much… then have you brought or have forgotten that also in game?” she asks while turning to look back at her friend… but her words stuck in throat only on finding some man there with his strong muscular body, broad shoulders and beautiful handsome face with his perfectly brownish eyes enlarging his male charm…! She immediately steps back 2steps with heavily beating heart which is running out of control and her face is red and blue with awkwardness and shy…! But at the next moment she gets angry totally on finding the blind fold in his hand… “who are you? And how you dared to touch me? How you dared to unfold my blind fold?” she speaks out in the sound like thunders and her eyes firing light lights in rain…!”

“arnav where are you?” someone’s voice falls on their ears and they both turns their eyes in the direction of voice… akash is there… who watch arnav and some extremely beautiful girl like angel in white and silver costume standing there close to him with some unknown spark in her eyes…! He immediately turns his back and says… “Sorry dude… if you would have told me that you are here to meet someone special then I wouldn’t have disturbed you…! Any ways you continue I will be waiting for you at beach…!” and akash leaves from there…!

Vaidehi gets totally shocked on hearing the words from aakash and then she turns her firing gaze to arnav and asks… “who are you man?”

“And why are here?”

“How you dared to touch me?”

“Does you know me?” she asks with totally confusion… “how could you even think that I will talk to you?”

“does it means you are here leaving your friend behind to meet me?” she asks with more confusion without taking even a breath within her questions…!

“but let me tell you I am feeling like to flew you away from earth as you dared to touch me and to unfold my blind…” but before she could complete her statement he pulls her against him with a strong jerk and puts his palm on her mouth while making her furious on finding that she is no more able to burst out her anger on the man who dared to touch her without her knowledge …! He hiss in her ear “just shut up Miss. … I had not at all touched you… but it was you who had hold my hand while chasing your some stupid friends and I think you are also stupid one who doesn’t even get to know that it was male hand and not some girl…! And you talk so much that I think hardly someone could get a chance to speak a single world…! Now I got that why during raining it creates a huge sound while thunder and rains…! If princess of Sky Empire is so much talkative then how could I expect peace from them…! I was just about to say but you were nonstop blabbering and blabbering… and that’s why I had no choice than obeying your order to open your blind fold as you were not at all leaving me…! I never tolerate anybody’s such harsh words ever for so long…! But I tolerate you just because you are the daughter of great emperor Sky…! And I respect him…! Or else by now I would have thrown you in ocean…!”

She feel angry and tries hard to get free out of his strong hold and to free her mouth to blur out her anger on the unknown man who dared to shut her mouth… the mouth of Princess of Sky…!

He smirks and speaks out “and now as per your nonstop questions… then let me tell you… I am Prince of Ocean… the only son of Ocean… Arnav mallik…! So mind your language when you will dare to talk to me next time…!” and he leaves her and walks away from there leaving her behind…!


Akash comes at the beach and smiles while staring at ocean… and speak out to himself “there is definitely some chemistry between both of their eyes the way they were looking at each other…! Hihihi… jo bhi ho… ladki badi hi hatke hein…!”

“Stop your rubbish talk!” arnav Mallik’s sharp voice falls on his ear “and follow me to be back to the palace”!

~~~end of nightmare~~~

“stop stop… please stop…” Dr. steve and his assistants trying to control arnav’s wild movements in deeply unconscious state! But finally his body fall peacefully back into bed with some deep dose of some injection by Dr. steve!




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Feb 26, 2014

Dead angel: Bond must be beyond the love (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 18 times)

“stop stop… please stop…” Dr. steve and his assistants trying to control arnav’s wild movements in deeply unconscious state! But finally his body fall peacefully back into bed with some deep dose of some injection by Dr. steve!

 “Dr… this injection…?” the nurse speak out with fear and great gasp in deep shock!


Payal rush in hospital while breathing heavily and running fast and faster… and she hits against the enquiry counter of hospital while looking at her wrist watch “mam… where is Dr.?” she asks.

Nurse looks at her wrist speaks out “oh my child! You know better that Dr. steve had ordered strictly to you that on money you should be at hospital early morning sharp at 7am, yet you have reached late here! Now I am sure doctor won’t spare you today. Why you behave so carelessly even if you know that doctor doesn’t like careless people about time and yet you did a late. Pchhh now pray your god to save you from his wrath. Go to room no. 300 immediately Dr. steve is there only!”

“pchhh ok! Thank you aunty!” and payal runs up stair immediately.


Steve studies the pulse and silent body of arnav and speaks out “yeah, I know it’s too much high dose… but for normal dose his body was not at all obeying… so I had no choice than giving him high dose to make him unconscious and reducing glucose level so that he can’t get energy to make continuous movements!”

At the door of room payal bites her nails and while praying devi mayya knocks on the door!

Dr. Steve’s facial expressions changes immediately and he turns to look at the direction of door where payal is standing in her Panjabi salwar kamiz with her head bowed down “So, miss. Payal when will you learn the importance of time? I had ordered you that you have to study a case today which will be admitted here first, yet you have reached so late!” he shouts with a bit low volume on payal.

“s..s….so….sorry sir!” she whispers while clutching her dress with trembling hand… “wo… wo…”

“just shup up your nonsense! And get in immediately and study the Mr. raizada’s case and give me primary detail within next half hour and you yourself has to carry all the blood tests on his samples not by lab assistant! Understood?” Dr. steve orders and he turns to the nurse and orders her “no need to help Miss. Payal, you come with me, it’s her punishment for being total 10minutes late! And unless and until now she won’t give me details of Mr. Raizada’s body condition right now she won’t get marks for her tutorials nor she will get any other case!”  and Dr. steve steps out of there with nurse “nurse, even if everything sounds ok, his reports are not at all giving any sense that what sort of problem his body has?  It’s sounds strange!” Dr. steve speaks out while studying arnav’s reports.

Behind the curtain, someone takes a long breath as a sigh of relief and holding a bottle of sample blood holding against his heart safely!


“it’s just b’cos of you la! I won’t spare you! God knows why this crazy girl has come to my fate, and now that’s this Dr. steve! Kuchh achha karo to bhi pachtao, kuchh na karo to bhi pachh tao… why devi mayya this is happening with me only?” she look at the bed where arnav’s unconscious body is resting… she twist her mouth and talks to herself “devi mayya… why have you me this case? Pchhh kaash wo ladki to mil jati which I had saved yesterday! Pchhh pata nahi abhi wo kaha hein? Aur bechari kis halat mein hein?” and she looks at the notepad and read the details over there while twisting mouth “Rear admirer Mr. A… Ar… Arnav… singh… Rai… raizada, Indian navy?” she whispers with totally surprised gaze while reading the name on notepad and she immediately transfer her gaze to the patient on bed… and with smile first and then with worried gaze her face gets confused “is… is he Indian?” and she immediately walks forward to the bed and puts stethoscope into ear and checks his heart beats and does some other checkups and takes his blood sample into test tube and heads in the direction of lab to taste it.

Someone steps in the arnav’s room and on finding another needle put on injection on the bedside table looks at arnav’s bandaged elbow giving the signs of just collected blood sample from his hand and he whispers “oh god! Again? Now who have taken blood sample? Pchhh! Kya aafat hein yaar yein? Ek ko roko ki dusra dimag khata hein! Duffer akash! Enough now run to lab and stop the person who is testing this sample! Or else none could protect arnav!” and he runs in the direction of lab.


He hides behind the door of lab and stares at the doctor in white coat standing with her back to him and testing something while muttering something under her breath within anger “pchh! Kya devi maya? Why only Indians have to face trouble? Bechara RA raizada! He looks such a brave and honest officer then why you have sent him here at such a maniac like Dr. steve? As if he has been sent here to Dr. steve’s hospital means it is clear that he is not at all really simply seek. Something is terribly wrong with him. And god swear Dr. steve, but I won’t let my indian man die so easily! You have given me a punishment naa? Then ok… no problem… I will do best study and will help in his treatment that this Mr. Raizada should be perfectly fine to again protect my india” and she add some solution in sample to test “and with a cherry on a top of cake none is here except me only? Pchhh!”

“oh god! This girl! Aakash now control her or else none could stop her from getting to know that arnav is not at all a human but he is something else which resembles with water creatures” akash speaks to himself.

And he keeps watch on the doctor standing against test table for a long while but she is not at all ready to leave from there… “oh god… when this girl will leave from here? So that I could exchange the test tube of blood?” askash talks to himself “pchhh… but first search for some other blood sample to replace that test tube duffer!” aakash talks to himself and looks here and there!

“uffsss! There was a test tube which I had replaced here already when that stupid lab assistant was testing. Now from where I could get other blood sample of replace arnav’s this blood sample? Search aakash… search!” and he flies to the one of the remaining part of lab behind white curtain… and he checks here and there for blood sample. And he gets nothing but something slips from his hand and it creates sound in lab… “hawwww!” payal screams with fear on hearing sound from personless empty lab… “kaun hein?(who is there?)” she calls with trembling hand! But none responses and he immediately flies to another curtain before she could peep in lab. He feels more anxious and restless for not finding any blood sample… and search for blood sample. But again he finds nothing… and he turns to leave from there but some powder bottle slips from his hand and he goes to hold it from falling down on floor quickly but yet that powder gets smelled in by him unknowingly during breathing… and he fails to control his sneeze… but he tries to control it’s sound and it changes it’s accent into some weird horrible sound.

Payal hears some sound from some curtain and she calls out again “who is there?” and with fear finally she steps in the direction of that curtain… but she finds nothing and none there and with long breath she again comes to her counter for further tests.

In meanwhile, he again jumps to another section… and finally he finds a test tube with blood sample in it at one of the small container tray and a wide grin appears on his lips now he peeps out of the curtain where payal is busy in again trying to concentrate and to control her fear with the previous sounds around the empty lab.

“Now let’s take some serious test of that doctor” aakash speaks to himself while looking at the test tube of blood sample in his hand with mischievous smile lingering on his lips. And he on purpose leaves a glass bottle on floor making sound of crashed glass.

“aaannnh!” payal screams with more fear… and on realizing from which curtain the sound was she rush there immediately while speaking “who the hell are you trying to scared me?” and within while aakash flies to desk and replace the test tube of arnav’s blood sample with the test tube he had just found sample blood and with smile he speaks to test tube in his hand “arnav… today I have seriously playing a game of hide and seek after so many years to save you my brother… hahaha that is too with the doctor! Bechari doctor! She would have been feeling if there is any ghost in this lab?” and he hears the sound “what’s going on? If none is here then how that glass bottle slipped from the desk? What is going on?” and with trembling hands she slowly slowly steps out of the curtain and while heading in the direction of desk she speaks out herself “is it some ghost?” but then she hit her hand on head and speaks to herself “you are totally duffer payal! How can you even think that ghosts exist! No not at all! But why again and again it’s creating sound in lab where none except I am here? Pchhh!  Is it means that… that… really here is ghost? Oh no! hey devi mayya! Bachaav!” and sweat drops forms on her forehead “payal, please finish this test session immediately and leave from here otherwise I don’t know what else could happen here!”

And aakash grins widely and immediately flies out of that lab within a moment with the test tube containing arnav’s blood.

And payal again heads in the direction of desk of lab for further testing.


“hahaha… dude… you can’t even imagine I have seriously done a lot of mischiefs today with that doctor. Bechari! God knows what she would have been thinking about my mischiefs! Hahaha!” but suddenly laugh disappears from aakash’s lips and his eyes gets teary… and he sits beside arnav’s bed and speaks to him “Prince arnav please get well soon! Why? Why is this going on? First I was dying to see when you will get your previous memories back, but now then what has happened in that one accident bro? that you are not at all ready to get well? Why? I wish if… if we wouldn’t have met her that day…” and his eyes get teary.

But suddenly from door he hears someone’s sobbing voice… some known girly voice… with sobs… “why devi mayya? Why you does this to me every time?” and aakash could sense that the doctor who was testing arnav’s blood was crying and stepping in the room… he immediately gets up from bed…!

“I had taken R.A. raizada’s blood sample… was seriously taking test… then if that blood sample is not at all satisfying the normal human blood tests I have been taught, is it my crime? Now how do I know that from where that blood is some angel’s blood which Dr. steve had? I am sure that Dr. steve is liar! He is trying to punish me! Otherwise how could Mr. Raizada’s blood could be some angel’s blood?” she is muttering under her breath and she wipes off her tears.

Somewhere at the window side behind curtain aakash covers his mouth with deep shock “what? Angel?” he whispers to himself and tear slips from his eyes… “what this? This doctor is saying? What it means? Means…? That… that… i… i… need to read… read those test reports!” and he flies from there within a moment.


“how the hell she got that blood? I had ordered you nurse that I want that dead body and everything about that angelic girl kept properly with special care then how she found her blood sample?” Dr. steve shouts loudly on nurse!

“But doctor god swears I had kept her blood sample carefully where none could find it. Yet I don’t know how did payal find it?” nurse says genuinely with plead.

“Does? Does it means? Dr. steve has some? Some angelic girl?” aakash whispers to him with deep shock “who? Who is that girl?”

“keep these reports carefully. And come with me let me see try some other dose to R. A. Raizada! God knows what’s wrong with this man? Everything is coming normal in his reports, then yet why he is not at all getting well? Why is he not responding to any of the medicines and treatments?” Dr. steves talks to nurse while handovering a file in her hands.


Nurse look here and there carefully, and puts a file in cupboard on finding that none is watching over here and she leaves from there while closing door carefully.

Aakash jumps in the room and open the cupboard on finding that none is watching him… and he takes out the files just a while ago kept by nurse and his eyes runs on the reports with more and more widen gaze… and totally opened mouth “Oh… my god!!!” he whispers with deep shock… “who? Is? Is she? DEAD?” he whispers with teary gaze “how? Is? Is she same or? No? how could she? Since last so many decades… so many decades he was craving for… craving for her just one look… to hear her one word… but it was clear that might be she is in such a form that none could even identify her. And now? Am I thinking right? Is she? I… i…. have to see her! See her at any cost!” and he immediately puts the file back to the place and thinks “I could come to know about her on following that nurse only or else Dr. steve only!” and he flies away from there within a moment.


Sorry for late update girls, please bear with it, thanks to all the readers and comment writer, due to lack of time I am not personally thanking you... so heartily sorry girls, but please don't forget to comment, i have read them all and i m thankful to you all!

Please bear with my irregular updates due to lack of time and my personal problems till next 6 months. 

I hope you would like to read this update.

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Mar 10, 2014

Dead angel: Bond must be beyond the love (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 17 times)

He peeps in from the curtain secretly and he finds a body tucked under white cloth carefully in a corner room with white curtain around… and the nurse steps in there to check if body is safe or not?

Aakash smiles and talks to himself “great! As now nurse is here it’s clear she has been here to check that some angelic girl only… god… don’t know what? But since the moment I have heard about this girl an unknown feel is touching my mind… is she? Is she same?” he thinks to himself.

Nurse finishes her some job and with sigh of relief she leaves from there and aakash heads forward to the stretcher and with scared heart he prays while standing beside the stretcher “god please… please do some miracle… please let turn my heart hope come true… now please don’t keep those two souls more apart… for how long they both have to crave for each other? They destine to be united… to be with each other even if their physical circumstances doesn’t really allowed to be together!” and he lifts up the white cloth from the body… and his face glows with a grin first… and he shakes that body “princess…. Princess please wake up!”

But there is not even a little movement in that body… and his faces turns dark with the just even single horrible thought touching his heart…  and tear slips from his eyes “No! she… she can’t die! She is an angel and she can’t die! Even if she has turned human… that doesn’t means she could die! it’s clear that nature doesn’t support such a sort of relationship… but god it’s not their fault that they had met, that they had felt their incompleteness completed in each other? That they had fallen in love? They are perfect for each other… Vai… Vaidehi’s one meet had changed the prince arnav, his life, his thinking… and when he had found his incompleteness in her… has found a new meaning of life in her eyes… in her dreams?”

And even a thought of arnav’s and vaidehi’s past… tears fails to be held on behind in eyes. He falls on his knees and burst into cry… with his face covered in his both palms.


“Again now test the blood sample… but god swear this time naa iss Dr. steve ko chup kar diya with tests to mein bhi payal nahi! He thinks as if I was cheater. As If I had not taken Mr. Raizada’s blood samples. Humph!!!” and she payal steps in lab.

She goes to test desk… just about to test… but she hears some voice… her hand stops with that… she hears carefully… and with some weird confused gaze she walks in the direction of curtains in the corner side… and her mouth gets covered with big widen mouth on finding a man fallen on knees and crying madly beside a… “this? This g… girl?” she whispers on finding the same girl’s body there tucked below white cloth to whom she had brought to hospital from sea shore!

Aakash lifts up his teary gaze on hearing girly voice… and on finding a girl in white cloth there with her totally gasped mouth he immediately gets up from his place… “who are you man?” payal asks with confused gaze.

Sweat drops forms on aakash’s forehead on watching her and hearing her question…  

“why are you so scared? Who is this girl? Do you know this girl?” she asks with confused gaze “why are you sweating so much?” but suddenly her eyes get widen and she asks with strong tone “am? Am  I thinking right? Means? Means you? You have killed her? And are you crying because now you think that you will be caught and police will punish you for killing her?” she asks with widen eyes! And she gets angry and speaks out “and Mr. you keep in mind that you are thinking right… because now none is able to save you from getting punished for killing her…! Because I am gonna give a statement against you and police won’t leave you!” she speaks out with a strong tone… “but the only worst thing is that poor girl to whom I had brought from sea shore to save has been got killed by monster like you! I wish if I could have stepped in her already and would have protected her… I…” but before she could utter something further she got pinned against the wall and her mouth gets covered with a strong wide palm of aakash and his red eyes stares her with such anger as if burning her whole body with his hard sight only.

“you stupid! Just shut up your chatter box of nonsense talk. You are uttering without any second thought! Don’t you dare to utter anything anymore… or else none could save you from me!” he warns her “I am not the insane to kill my...” and tear slips from his eyes… and his grip on her mouth gets loosen…

“your? Your to be wife?” payal asks with big walnut puppy like eyes while trumbling!

“what?” aakash looks up at her with again big gasp and anger… “just shut up…. You idiot…!” he talks out with anger while glaring her and her mouth covered with his palm “she is not at all my to be wife duffer... she was to… be… the daughter in law of Ocean! The to be wife of son of ocean… Prince Arnav’s to be life! And….” And tear slips from his eyes “and my…. to be sister in law!” he utters within anger unknowingly making payal totally gasp with shock… and payal falls unconscious in aakash’s arms with her head resting on his chest.

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Jul 27, 2014

Dead angel: Bond must be beyond the love (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 18 times)

Sorry for such a long gap in updates girls... but i m hell busy with my certain unexpectedly changed life... so i face hard to get time and patience to write anything... so please don't get angry and bear with my irregular updates...! i hope you wouldn't mind! it's the one long update for this story! i hope you would enjoy and reply me with your comments! thank you!

“wake up madam!!!” aakash says while shaking payal’s unconscious body!

Payal opens her eyes and on finding the body of that same girl who had been found by payal at sea shore lying next to her makes her panic just within that moment and she turn her head and finds aakash standing infront of her staring at her with confused gaze… “are you alright?” he asks with worried gaze and the flash back appears in front of her eyes with the words she had heard before falling unconscious… “she was to… be… the daughter in law of Ocean… to be wife of son of ocean… Prince Arnav’s to be life! And… and my…. to be sister in law!”

And she immediately look again at aakash with her face full of questions… she takes  a deep breath once… and asks him… “what… were… you… sa… sa… saying… before?”

Aakash looks at her with confused gaze… “hun?”

She takes again a deep breath while trying to gather all of her courage and speaks out “what… about…” she points at the direction of that girl’s  body… “about her?”

Aagash gets what she want to know… he looks here and there without bothering for answering her…!

She notices his gaze searching for something restlessly… “what are you searching for?” she asks while following his gaze!

“Bandage!” he says without looking at her but searching all over the room with his eyes!

“that is in drawer of table!” she immediately answers!

“Good!” he says and goes upto table and take out the bandage from table and appears in front of her as if a gust of wind which makes her eyes wide with deep shock and surprise… “you….?” she tries to ask… but before she can speak further… her mouth gets sealed with bandage!

“Now you can get all of your answers as it’s security for me!” aakash says while showing her buddle of bandage with smile “atleast you won’t create noise to bring whole hospital around me!”

“mmmmm…” she does a try to make sound…!

“just shut up Miss.” He read a name on her identity card carefully and speaks “Payal! B’cos none is gonna save you from me! First thing… I am Aakash! Arnav’s best friend!” payal’s eyes gets widen with deep shock… and she struggles to get free! But he just laughs and says “just shut up! Don’t you dare to do any noise! Better you just listen me carefully and help me what I want you to do!” and payal look at him with confused gaze full of question but she stop struggling finally on finding that she is almost tied by all the bandages in that room!

He notices that she has stopped struggling so he just finally smiles and says “good! Clever girl! So Miss. Payal… first thing… we are not at all simple humans even if you are watching us like in normal human attire! Arnav is not even human he is son of Ocean! And I am also from same world! But to let this known to anybody is risky thing for his safety!” he notice her gaze resting on the face of vaidehi… and he speaks out “oh! She is not at all even human! But she is not even from Ocean world! She is totally different… she is the daughter of sky! Head of all the angels! Princess of heaven!” Payal’s gaze rest on his eyes..!

He looks at the payal with a gaze to make her scared... and she gives angry glance to him... saying him "speak" by her only gaze and greeting her teeth with anger behind tie mouth in bandage!

"First of all you won't believe what I am going to tell you! But look... you are a doctor and it's your duty to save the people! Right?" aakash asks her!

She greets her teeth with anger first but then lowers her head while showing him to speak further by her expressions!

"So, it's your test now! I know you are a medical student... and you are even good nature doctor as what I have noticed! And so please listen me what I am trying to tell you!" he says silently while clutching a blood bottle in his pocket with hurt heart... "the patient whose  test you have been trying to conduct... means Mr. Raizada aka Arnav, he is not a human! As I have told you! And you have to accept this!" he says while looking into her eyes which are full of disbelief! "look don't give me such a looks! You have to accept this or else I don't have choice than making a drama to show that you are a insane person who needs to be at asylum!" he says with a mischievous grin while making her more furious... "so bolo! Tum sunogi?" he asks with smirk!

"mmmm...!!!"payal shakes her head with anger to show her disagree!

Aakash takes a deep breath and leave a sigh behind and with a pause of some deep thought he finally speak out... "you have no choice Miss. Payal than listening my orders or else I promise you that I will take you to my world if anything wrong will happened to Arnav! And I won't spare you at any cost for his and My to be Sister in law's loss!" He threatens her with strict warning words!

"Bhad mein jaaye tu... and tera arnav aur teri sister in law! Pehele to mujhe daraya! Phir achhi khasi uss raizada ko treat kar rahi thi to khud ne pehele daraya! Aur abh uppar se dhamka raha hein? Hey devi mayya kese bhediye ke jaal mein mujhe daal diya?" payal thinks in her mind with anger with closed eyes!

"It doesn't  matters for me with which name you call me! Bhediya bolo yaa shetan! I am like this only!" aakash speaks out with smile!

Payal look at him with totally widen gaze due to shock and disbelieve!

"I can hear your all the in mind talk also! I am not human! I am water creature! And I have all the power to hear human mind thoughts! So agree with me or else better you understand that I can do whatever I have said and none will even  come to know suddenly where Dr. Payal has disappeared from whole earth!" he says with smirk!

Finally payal stops struggling with a anger on hearing his words and on getting that she has been left with no choice than listening what he is willing to say!

Finally on getting that she is calm now... he sits infront of her on a chair and speaks out with a sigh of relief "look... You was right that what tests you had carried on blood samples of Arnav! But those tests weren't really taken on his blood sample!"

Payal look at aakash with a deep shock and questioned gaze!

"yes! You carried tests on my to be sister-in-law's blood!" he says while pointing at the direction of vaidehi's body lying on the stretcher... "she is not even human! She is like angel... a creature from sky! But not normal one! She is the daughter of sky! Princess of sky empire and so whatever tests you have taken are all perfect and right!"

"so I was right yet just due to these mysterious people I have been got scold by Dr. Steve! Kya devi mayya? Mera hi nasib aisa kyu? Whatever I go to do nothing makes anybody to believe even if I am right!!! Humph!" she thinks in a mind!

Aakash chuckles and speaks "Wesa nahi Miss. Payal! Dr. steve knows that the tests you have conducted are right! But he doesn't want to let anybody knows that Vaidehi isn't a human but an angel! And so he was angry on nurse with the thought how you got her blood? So relax! The matter is not what you are thinking! So please stop irritating your goddess! She can't help now... but you have to help someone right now! And that's is me!" aakash says with a serious tone... "please listen me what I want to tell you!"

Payal first time in this whole conversation look up to him into his eyes with a faith... and she notice how bluish eyes he has which are the most beautiful thing she has seen ever in her life! With just a mere meet of those deep eye contact she feels like something cool has  touched her heart... something icy cold... making her all the worries and fears to be away! And she smile unknowingly without her own notice behind the tied strip of bandage.. but suddenly when she get to realize that she has just smiled a moment ago unknowingly she look at aakash if he had seen her that smile? But on getting that he has no any expressions if he had noticed her smiling... she leaves a sigh of relief with a thought "thanks god! He can't see atleast behind bandage like he can read mind! Warna pata nahi kay hota!" and shuts her eyes with a satisfaction!

But at the next moment she opens her eyes and on finding aakash with a grin she feels like to bang her head on the table for talking her that unseen expression in mind!

"hahaha! Relax! You should trust me really! So if you have smiled then that's good thing for me!" aakash says while taking away her all the worries!

First ever in her life payal feels unable to face such a gentle words by some boy which makes her blush instead of getting angry! And she just smile behind the bandage tied on her mouth with lowered gaze!"

"Good! You are finally calm down and ready to listen me!" he says with smile of satisfaction!

"Payal I want to tell you whole matter so that you can help me!" aakash says while looking directly into her eyes and speaking out every single truth with all the trust and faith...  "First important thing is that... Dr. steves knows just one thing that Vaidehi isn't human! She is an angel! But I have taken all the care that till now he don't know that even arnav is not a normal human but different than that... a water creature! It's because I know that how lusty Dr. steve is to gain money by his special identity to solve mysterious and complicated cases all around the world! So I just want someone to help me to make arnav and vaidehi get back to their lives! And I think I can trust you!" aakash says while his gaze full of question!

Payal look at him with a bit confused gaze first... but then on meeting his ocean blue eyes she felt like to say 'yes' and she just lowers her eye lids finally signaling him 'yes' with her gaze!

He notice her lowered eyelids showing affirmation... and smiles with a formality... saying "then if I think I can open your mouth and you won't try to harm me or my both the people!"

She nods her head with affirmation again!

"Thank you!" he whispers while untying her mouth bandage!

"Mein zyada samhajti nahi logo ko! Pata nahi ki kispe bharosa kare aur kispe nahi! Par eik baat mein zindagi mein better understand karti hoon... that if someone is doing good thing... then I would like support him!" she says in a gentle tone making aakash shocked with her words... and for a moment he keeps looking into her eyes with great satisfaction "so please... don't say thank you! If you are doing right thing then by helping you, I know I am also getting a huge satisfaction by that tiny bit of help in good!  So I am not doing it free of cost that you should say thank you... I am doing this for myself... so I should say thank you infact!"

Aakash smiles on hearing her words and say "It's ok! That's good to hear! I glad that atleast someone is there to help me!"

"What you want me to do?" she asks finally while trying to bring up the main topic!

Aakash finally takes a deep breath in with a face full of stress! And he speaks out while looking into payal's eyes without blinking "first of all... as you got to know that we three aren't humans! So it's clear that to treat us isn't possible through normal treatments applicable to humans! So if you will study on arnav's and vaidehi's cases separately and secretly... then my brother and to be bhabhi will be saved and will get their lives back which has been snatched!"

"Look... Mr...."

"My name is Aakash!" he says while completing her statement!

She smiles and says "totally contrast to your species! Water creature and having name of sky!"

He also smiles on her statement!

"So, Mr. aakash if you want then I can do one best thing... why don't you take Mr. Arnav and Vaidehi with you and then treat them by expert in your health science?" she says with suggestive gaze!

Aakash's face darker with those words... and he speaks out "sorry! But that can't happened!"

Payal looks at him with totally confused sight and asks "why? Kya tumhare world mein doctor nahi hote? Don't you people have knowledge of your body science?"

Aakash look into payal's innocently questioning eyes... and he feels like to smile for her question... but he just take a deep breath and says "No! Nothing like that! But actually... arnav and khushi has been abandon by our society and kingdom! And so none of the doctor from our world can treat him or nor even any doctor will be ready to treat her due to fear of punishment!"

Payal gets totally confused with that more explanation and so she questions "means?"

aakash says "That's very long story! I will tell you that for sure completely but please trust me, that I am too much tensed about arnav's and vaidehi's lives that I just wish that time should not be wasted I can tell you whole thing in detail when these two will be really perfect fine! Right now I just want you to consider one thing that by helping me by saving arnav's and vaidehi's lives you don't know how great and sacred task you are going to do for which not only me but whole world of Love will worship you till the end! Arnav and vaidehi are two bodies with one soul! They love each other so deep but may be world will never understand the depth of their love! Intensity of their feelings is totally out of anybody's understanding! And so please just help me! Please try to search some best treatment and medicine doses which can bring back arnav... he is not just my best friend or prince of Ocean world but he is the brother for me! And that's the vaidehi who is reason of his life should also be get treated as arnav is like dead without her and she is also better to consider dead without him! They are meant for each other! They are like not just reason of life for each other but life for each other!" he looks at payal's emotional face and speaks with a requesting gaze "Only you can now do this! You can bring to separated heart pieces together to make that heart beat! B'cos many times on watching them I had felt that they have one heart which beats in the same rhythm!"

Payal once look at the direction of khushi's body and speaks out "but I need to get the true blood samples of both of them in that case! Only then I can do some research!"

Aakash smiles at her genuinely and speaks out "ok! Don't worry take this!" he hand over her a test tube full of blood which he had been keep holding in his trouser pocket since long duration safely "it's arnav's true blood and as you have already got vaidehi's blood sample on which you had conducted tests considering it as arnav's blood sample!"

Payal holds the two tubes of blood into her hand and walks away from there in the direction of lab counter... but after few steps don't know why... once she turns a little and finds aakash with a smile and sight of gratitude watching at her!

She just smiles to herself unknowingly and focus on her testing work!

For a moment she keep chewing her lower lip with worried face while keep staring at the blood sample holding test tubes infront of her resting on the table!

From a distance aakash hear her mind thoughts she talking to herself with worries about how and what to use for such a non human supernatural creatures! And so he speaks "Dr. Payal, important thing is that... arnav and vaidehi has been cursed by arnav's father... Aka as you people knows him by name Ocean!"

"What!!!"payal gasps with shock!

"Yep! And that curse had taken away arnav's and vaidehi's all the supernatural powers, and their memories since their birth so that they won't ever get to remember who they were, and their feelings for each other! They had been cursed to be human among all the other human on earth! And since so many decades they had been on earth in such form which none can ever get to know as their faces had been changed, their identities and locations were some such a strange that none can identify them! I had been searching arnav since last 29 years and after efforts of 29yrs when I came to know about him, I found him in such a condition that he wasn't able to identify me, nor he had been talking to anybody, just work and work all the time! And nothing beyond that! And I had not at all found vaidehi! But I found her here in the same hospital only when you presented her blood test reports as arnav's blood! And due that I found these two finally! So the problem is that arnav is with human properties while I don't know how? But as now vaidehi's true face is back and she is totally in dead condition, means something totally strange has happened with her; which has brought her back from human features to her true angelic features! Which is really surprising for me that how ocean's curse has changed? How vaidehi is back to her original identity and face?"

“Oh” payal says within deep thought!

so long she keep trying so many solutions but the blood samples gives no any reaction which takes her to frustration and worries!

Suddenly a sound of someone’s shoes makes her feel sweat gathered on her forehead and just within a moment before she can get any idea to collect her together a senior nurse steps in lab with her gaze full of question on watching payal’s forehead full of sweat drops!

“What are you doing here Miss. Payal?” nurse asks with narrowed gaze!

Payal looks around with scared gaze and breathing heavily… and speak out finally on finding none except her in that lab standing infront of nurse “Wo, Mrs. Transpol, I…” she looks at the blood sample test tube and speak out while trying to hold back her breath and scared expressions “I came late today for lab session so…” payal lowers her gaze while biting her lower lip between teeth!

“Oh! So you have been punished to do perform tests?”Nurse speaks out with a bit anger.

Payal lowers her head a bit more and speaks out “Y…E…P”

“You guys deserve it! Day by day your batch is getting more and more careless about your labs! I am gonna complain about your whole batch to Dr. steve!”nurse says while lifting her lenses a bit more up to watch at payal’s face properly!

“S…So…Sorry Mrs. Transpol!”payal says with lowered head.

“Ok! Finish your task immediate and go to class! We are gonna plan for your extra theory sessions for next whole as soon your semester exams will begin!” Nurse says in strong warning stone!

“Ok! Thank you Mrs.Transpol” payal says with a bit normal tone on leaving a sigh of relief behind when she notice Mrs. Transpol leaving the lab!

When she finds that the nurse has left from there she keeps her hand on heart and shut eyes while leaving a heavy breath out of lungs “huuuush! Thanks god!”

But before she can open her eyes she is startled by someone’s palm resting on her shoulder!

She turns back to look at the person with the hand resting on her shoulder! “you?” she asks with startled tone! “what are you doing here? And where were you? I thought Mrs. Transpol had seen you! If that would have happened then god swear but i would have been seriously died along with you! You don’t know how horrible she is!”

“Oh just shut up! Zip your mouth! And resume your work! Or else not that Mrs. Transpol but I will definitely kill you if you won’t help me now!

“What the hell are you?” payal look at him with shocked gaze and anger “here I am the only one to help you and you are threatening me to kill me?”

“Yeah! I know I am hell! I don’t want to know that from you! Just start the working immediate! Pleaseeee!”finally he says in frustration!

“good! Finally it sounds good to hear Pleaseee from you! I thought that if you are like such a monster then how is your friend and your sis…”but before she can complete her statement she gets a hard slap on her soft milky white cheek turning it red!

“Don’t you ever dare to say anything of my brother or… my… to be sister in law! I can tolerate whatever! But nothing about my brother and to be sister in law!” aakash speaks out with anger!

She looks up into his eyes with disbelief and on finding his bluish eyes turned totally burning red first time she gets even more scared!

“S…O…R…R…Y!” she speaks out “I… I know you are upset! I… I was just doing fun! I had not thought if you will take my words so seriously!”

Aakash shuts his eyes while clenching a fist! And while taking a deep breath in, he speaks out “I… I… am sorry!”

She immediately wipes off the tear scrolling down from corner of her eye and speaks out while turning her back to him and focusing her gaze on the lab table “It’s ok! I can understand! It’s obvious to be upset when our lovely ones feel to be distanced! Please just calm down and if you can then please just be careful that none should find you here!”

“Relax! None can find me. I can disappear on my wish!” aakash says while sitting on the one the beside lab table!

“You are like puzzle! At the start I had thought you are some monster when you had threatened me! But on watching your love, respect and care for your brother and sister in law I am feeling hard to belief if you the same one who had threatened me?” payal says while mixing the blood drop in a compound.

“shut up your mouth! And work with concentration!” aakash shuts her with a strong tone!

“aakdu kahi ke! Ek minute pehele to apne bhayi ke liye iss taraha worried the as if he don’t have anything except him in his world and how huge heart full of love and care he has! And at the next moment shutting me up as if I have killed his horse!” payal whispers to herself!

“I don’t need horse!” aakash’s husky voice falls on her ear!

“ummmm!” payal feels an extremely angry in that moment on getting that he has already hear whatever she whispered herself but she just keep looking at the results of test generated infront of her avoiding to meet aakash’s gaze who is smirking while noticing her state!


Payal shut her eyes in frustration while holding her head in both of her palm by support of elbows on lab table!

“What happened payal?” aakash asks while resting his palm on her shoulder as he notice her lost!

Tear slips from her eyes and while lifting her head up and meeting aakash’s gaze she speaks out “I don’t know Aakash! I really don’t know what should I do to treat arnav and vaidehi? I… I seriously tried all the possible things I know about such a sort of human symptoms and the tests to identify any of such a human diseases on blood! I don’t know what should I do?”

Suddenly a sound of foot steps come from door side and payal turns her head to watch at the direction of door to watch while wiping off her tears and in that rush her long hairs gets hit against the test tubes containing the blood samples of arnav and vaidehi!!! Both the test tubes slip from the table and the blood samples in those both tubes gets spill on the floor!!!

Payal covers her mouth and eyes shut on finding the blood samples spill near her feet “Oh no!!!”

“These damn girls! Can’t they tie their hairs?” aakash speaks out with anger and frustration while standing behind the curtain of one of the cabin over there to hide “may be they keep their hairs keep dancing freely just to spoil the works!!!”

“What’s going on Miss. Payal? Are you yet just doing simple blood tests?” Dr. steve asks with anger on finding payal lonely standing near lab table and then on finding the blood spilled around the lab floor he look up at payal with anger and speak out “God knows how you have been passed the entrance exam! And has secured a sit in my institute! B’cos there is nothing I think you can do properly! Not even just simple blood test!!!”

“S…o…r…r…sorry sir! Wo… i… i…” payal loses her words on feeling that…“to speak out the truth can cost arnav and vaidehi’s lives! Payal just shup up your mouth and better hear whatever getting to hear as a gift!”

“btw, you have already spilled the blood sample on floor! Now leave it! Or else you will again take 3 more hours in taking new blood samples and testing it! Perform it tomorrow! Now go to class and attain the theory session! I will be there in right 15 minutes!” Dr. steve orders!

Payal looks at Dr. steve with totally shocked gaze! She tries to speak “No sir! I… I… I am really sorry! I can really perform retests! Please just give me 15 more minutes! I really can do it!” she tries to convince the Dr. Steve!

“No Miss. Payal! Just go and attend the theory session! Or else you won’t understand the further lab sessions! So just collect your stuff and leave the lab immediate! Perform this lab tomorrow by coming earlier!” Dr. steve orders in his strong firm tone!

Payal lowers her head but with displeasure!

“I said LEAVE!!!” Dr. steve speak out loudly!

Payal gets scared and she immediately turns and collects her bags and other things with gloomy face…! She feels Dr. Steves’s hard gaze on her and so starts to walk towards the door of lab in slower motion!

Tear slips from her eyes with frustration! She talks to herself in mind saying “I… I… am sorry aakash! I am really sorry! I know you can hear me! I tried really my best! But I am really feeling guilty as due to me these blood samples have been spilled around!” and new fresh tears slip from her eyes “all the best aakash! I wish if I can help you! But I can’t! I can’t stay here more against Dr. steve’s wish! Or else it can trouble for arnav and vaidehi’s secrete also!

And finally she steps out of the lab with guilty heart!

Blood is flowing in the direction of slop of the floor…!

“Wardboyyyy!” Dr. steve calls!

Suddenly a boy in white cloths appears in rush “yes Dr?”

“clean up this mess!” Dr. steve orders!

“Ok Dr!”

All the blood drops flows in the same direction getting mingled and flowing in the same direction!

Behind the curtain of the one of the cabin aakash finally speaks to himself with frustration “I am sorry dude! I am really sorry!” and he disappears from there!


“I Love you!!!” arnav whispers while filling his sense and lungs with her body fragrance breathing in her long silky golden hairs!

She turns her head with disbelief in her eyes…!

“Vaidu! Don’t look at me with such gaze of disbelief! It’s really true! I love you! You are my only KHUSHI(happiness)! Will you like to be smile on my lips forever? ” her shining eyes meet arnav’s crystal blue eyes… with her soft lush pink lips parted a little with anticipation! She feels a strong jerk against her waist and gets hit against his hard chest! The distance between two perfectly tall and slim figures gets destroyed and lips gets pulled into tight hold!

~~~ sweat drops forms on the head of the arnav~~~

“I am really sorry arnav! I am really sorry!” aakash speaks out while shedding tears by the bed of arnav!

“I really love… you vaidu! Be with me like this forever!” arnav whispers while shaking his head suddenly!


“What??? How? How can you be so careless?” Dr. steve shouts with anger on nurse in the middle of the theory session!

“sun naa payal! Ye Steve kaa bachha itna kyu chilla raha hein suddenly? Kya iski biwi ne ise ghar se bahar nikal diya? Yaa iss ka beta biology mein fail ho gaya ki ye itna chilla raha hein?” someone whispers in payal’s ear!

“I wish your words come true and he should leave our class earlier today!”payal speaks out unknowingly while praying in her heart thousands of times!

“block all the gates of hospital and don’t let anybody to leave hospital unless and until checking won’t be finish! Ask each and every student, staff  and Doctors to gather in main hall! IMMEDIATE!!!” Dr. steve orders!


Aakash looks at arnav’s body in bed disbelieve and shock! “Arnav?”

Aakash notice extreme motions in arnav’s body… “arnav? Can you hear me? Arnav please hear me! She is here! I have seen her! Your Vaidehi is here!”

“Your Vaidehi is here!”aakash’s these only words echo in arnav’s ear even in subconscious state and his blood accelerates in his veins making the waves on screen of CRT display getting high!


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Aug 17, 2014

Dead angel: Bond must be beyond the love (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

“arnav…”she tried to manage the words to speak out of her soft lush pink lips!

“shhh…!”he whispered in her ear warmly making her feel his hot breath on her soft cheek… holding her delicate palm tightly into his fist and making her shiver with the coldness of hard mountain rock touching her soft back!

There was none around… it wasn’t really a place anybody or best to say any normal human being could reach upto to survive!

At the top of Mount Everest in the corner of rigid mountain… where sun rays could never dare to reach to make it feel hot ever and if it’s time of eve like that moment is… none could help than become dead chilled to become an ice! Where breeze could fly like chilling winter attack… where not even birds could dare to stay… where just a reflections of light could make things visible… where even just a little bee’s wings are enough to feel someone irritated in that heavenly silence around the infinitely spread huge mountains!

She felt everything perfect! So perfect that none could ever imagine! Could never dream for! Her innocent quizzical glance wander around the most handsome face closely making her feel her cheeks heat up with mere feeling of how handsome one could be! And no other thought except that face touching her heart, soul and brain as long as she could manage to look away!

She felt better to being close to the warmth of the coldest man she ever met! Inspite of being his cold blood today his presence had been making her feel him warmest thing she could hold to survive in this chilling atmosphere!

He once tightly squeezed her both palms while making her stand against the hard rock of mountain and she felt her open neck and back is getting frozen! But she forgot to keep her mind glued to that thought even for next moment when he put her both of the palms encircle his neck and her heart decided to break the cage! His blue eyes felt like most intoxicating thing she could ever consume to forget whole world around! And before she could make any defence to control the situation to make not to show how crazy all things have been driving her… she felt her ears got closed with both of his gentle touched palms and right thumb rubbing against the cheek bone making her shut her eyes with the influence he hold on her!

He stare at her every little movement like he has whole life depend on that only! And on watching her shutting her eyes with mere touch of his thumb on her soft burning red cheeks… he couldn’t control but kiss on her pink raspberry cheeks! He took his own time to enjoy the softness of that milky white cheek… and felt like this moment should never end… he should be there like this holding her in his embrace to make him feel complete… so warm… so cared… with the softness of bundled angel in his embrace and nothing there in his life than to enjoy the beauty in his own hand! Close to his heart… so close that if he can… he would replace that delicate thing with him on the place of his heart! But that doesn’t matter! Not now… and will never ever in future… she has already taken away that little thing in his chest from him making him feel suffocated without her!

“look honey…” arnav whispered in husky voice while getting out of his sweetest moment of kiss on her cheek… and finding effects of his gentle touch to her… as he felt she was still there standing with closed eyes never willing to let go of that moment!

He rubbed his thumb on her tiny chin and slowly her shining eyes full of love got opened slowly!

‘trust me sweet heart… I can’t be like this anymore! I want to vanish the distance among us! I want to hold you against me forever! I want to walk with you on every phase of life… good and bad, life and death!’ vaidehi look at him with scared glance on even mere word of death! And before he could say anything further she hugged him tightly like glue… ‘don’t say that!’ she talked with a little sob in his embrace…!

She rubbed her palms on his neck and speaks out with emotions ‘I never want to lose you at all!’

Arnav just smiles and while holding his arms tightly around her tiny waist securely he speaks out while patting her back gently… ‘relax angel! We are not born to die so easily! There is nothing to make us dead so long! But leave it… first listen me sweet heart!’

And he felt her getting more relaxed in his embrace with those words! She felt relieved! He felt a bit fine on feeling her movements stopped and she settled more calmly there in his embrace!

‘Vaidehi… you must have been wondering that why I would have brought to at this place… at such hours of getting dark… at such alien place where not even mere sun light could dare to reach! Where none is around upto thousands of feets downwards! But I really don’t want to ever anybody reach upto us the moment I will marry you!” and he took away her face from his embrace and while staring into her confused, quizzical glance but full of faith for him he speaks out “Yeah! I want to marry you! Would you like to be with me as my wife forever till ages to rule my life Miss. Vaidehi Ambar?” he proposed just within a moment with such a shocking strong confidence that she was just unable to cross verify the tells she had heard about how prince had proposed princess, or some boyfriend had proposed his girlfriend! She could just feel that it was strange… it was out of her knowledge to hear something like this so warmly, with so confidence get proposed by such a most handsome guy around the world she had met that is to at such a heavenly beautiful and peaceful alien location!

In the deep thoughts she herself forgot that exactly when a bright smile appeared on her face illuminating her face like moon rising from the mountains at such a wonderful evening!

It was the new… totally new for him to see something so beautiful picture infront of him! He was sure if she will be happy definitely on hearing his proposal… but wasn’t able to figure out how would she look at that moment… but right now… he was witnessing the most beautiful picture that he had definitely failed to predict before this moment!

Slowly she got out of her little moment fascinating moment… and felt that how strange is she behaving? How could she keep looking at him into his eyes deeply like there is no any barrier to stop her? And that mere thought made her feel shy! So deep shy! And while feeling hard to control her nonstop smile she just felt it better to cover her face fully with her both of the palms and once she shiver with her smile throughout!

He just smiled with amused glance on watching her blush! And hold her both the hands making her take them away from her face! But he was so correct about his guess that she won’t be able to meet his gaze like before she did in deep shock innocently to stare up into his eyes without any barrier!

He again chuckled crazily… “I am waiting for reply!” he said!

And she lifts up her gaze with deep shock unknowingly with widened gaze… “you!!! don’t my reply???”she asked in her usual ruling tone!


“ummm…” he said while folding in his both hands against chest and hitting index finger on his chin as if he is doing some deep thinking “I did know about your reply! But now wasn’t sure after talking to dad… that what will be your reaction!” he said a bit upset tone!

She sensed the coldness in his tone… he wasn’t doing it on purpose… but he was seriously in some deep confusion! Why?

She forget about everything of sweet moments of his proposal a moment ago and her forehead got narrowed with wrinkles of stress in that only very moment!

“what did he says?”she asked with worried face!

Arnav avoid to loop up to her eyes! He just hold his one hand on sword while other got clenched into fist and he turned his back to her!

“Arnav!!! Please don’t take my breath away! Speak out what happened?” she speaks out with impatience!

“Vaidehi…!” she could feel… he was very upset while speaking out at that moment! But she has no choice than letting him speak! Even if she was able to read anybody’s mind so easily as a part of her super natural powers, she wasn’t that much blessed to read some other supernatural’s mind! Don’t know why… but she felt to rest her palm on his shoulder even he wasn’t ready to face her! She just followed her instincts and squeezed his shoulder gently saying “you should speak! I am strong enough!” she said seriously!

“vaidehi… he said it’s against the rules of nature! Our union could cost high for whole world! We aren’t meant to be together ever! He said… water and sky can never be friends then… how could we think to get married?”

She wasn’t sure what to say further? She has been watching how much arnav cares for his father! How much he respects every single instruction of his word! And how much he loves his parents! Means is it that… that… he will leave everything behind for her sake? Is that why he has brought her so far alien location where none could reach upto them? And is he fool to think that his father will be silent on knowing that his only son is going to marry to someone against his wish? Not someone… but the princess of sky? Not 1,2… but many more questions were haunting her mind! But arnav was standing there with such a way as if he has committed some crime! Huge crime!

“then what you said? What you thought?”she asked finally while controlling her uncontrollable brain!

“I tried to ask him… what could be side effects? What could be the bad impacts of our wedding on both the worlds and human society?”

“what he said?” she asked again!

He groaned inwardly while fighting to himself! But he has to speak! He has to tell her! As much as he has every right to know this… she also has as being a heir of sky world!

“Vaidehi… our union won’t ever be able to so easy for both of the world to accept is the only thing we both know! But more than that… it could be turned to never give heir from us for our worlds! Not just mentally… but physically it’s never possible for nature to accept union of water creature and sky world creature! It’s breaking laws of nature so… nature will also never take behind to punish for the things! We won’t ever be able to have child!”

Vaidehi felt as if her whole life has crashed in those words only! There won’t be child through this wedding? No! it’s not possible! She is the only heir of sky world! She is the only future of her father’s empire! How could their world will survive without hire? And as she knew she has a huge responsibility on her shoulder to take care of future of sky world! Not for her to be a mother but more than that being only princess of sky… she has biggest responsibility and her this one decision is enough to make both of the empires… i.e. sky world and ocean world to become uncontrolled and being a ruler less! Both the world will be abandoned after them!

But she is an angel! Yes! She is! She can’t die! Never! Unless and until she won’t wish to die!

She lost in deep thoughts for a moment… and then while getting out of her own world she finally got back… she just lift up her head and while looking at arnav’s figure with his back to her… she asked firmly… “yet you came to me! Yet you proposed me! Yet you are ready to be with me forever! Yet you are ready to marry me! That’s enough for me! We need a child to take care of both the world! Not just for our sake to become parents! Right? We are definitely expect to have a little world of us with our children to make us feel proud, to make us feel happy, to make us feel blessed! But arnav… more than that our both worlds have more necessity for having a right person and power to rule in future! And that the only thing! It’s not so important if the future rulers of our worlds should be just our children… but more than that… it’s important that he or she should be a right brain and power to control it!”

She took a deep breath “arnav… I love you! Even I want to marry you! No matter even if I won’t be mother of our child… but it’s not that much important… as I could be a mother of someone who really would be able to justice the chair of sky world ruler and ocean world ruler! And I am sure… our nourishment, teaching and training to even a mere human as being a parent could make the human child to become strong enough to become perfect owner and protector of both of our worlds! And as long as I know… we aren’t easy to die! We have long lives… very long lives! But there will be definitely a time when we will feel to get a peace with a death! But that will be our decision and none other’s! but till that I am sure that we could decide the right future for our worlds!”

Arnav was unable to believe what he has been hearing… how right he was to choose her… to understand her…! She has been proving herself a best mate in this world since the moment he had meet her! Her thinking, her personality, her attitude, her gratitude, her ruling powers, her generosity and her care for not just sky world creatures but humans and ocean creatures too has been always making his heart flattered on her! He must had done very very very best… and so he has found her! He thought deeply and just turned his face to look up to the true angel side of her personality he has found today! She is the only right thing to justify the meaning of angel! Meaning of heir of some world! Meaning of some strange world’s to be queen and meaning of being his life partner as his to be wife! He felt so proud of his own heart for being so right to beat for her… and proud of his own brain for being right to choose her to be his wife!

It’s called as knots of souls and bonds of lives! He had been experiencing this statement true since the moment today she has started to talk! He was just unable but wonder for how perfectly he was sure that she will have been exactly thinking the way he had!

Yes! He had same thought! He had same feeling! And he knows he was right! Totally right! But on getting same thought from his only love… he felt as if nothing can be as perfect as they have been thinking! He was right and he knew… as long as she is with him… he could do any impossible to become possible! Anything can happened! And everything is possible in love and with efforts!


He just walked forward in her direction and couldn’t help but hold her tightly against waist and put a deep kiss on her lips! While making her his from soul in that only very moment of kiss!

She could feel it! This kiss wasn’t the simple one! It was the first ever time he had kissed her on lips and has made her feel as if there is no anything important for her now onward than him in this world! He had got his answer! His every single answer which he had been worried for! But there wasn’t any worry! There won’t ever be! He thought of himself while lifting her up from ground in kiss and whirled around with her both arms tightened around his neck!

It was so perfect! So perfect moment that he felt he has no need for any of the more formalities to fulfil to say with pride that “yes! This girl in my embrace is none other than my soul mate! My life mate! My wife!”

After a long kiss she finally got out of the moment… and found herself in air against the man she love holding her in his embrace and she felt like stars are bursting on them when he whirl her around him! She giggled loudly  while stretching her arms in air when  he whirled her again with joy! She bent a bit and made a tickle on his face with her long silky hairs dancing on his face! He just smiled broadly with satisfaction on finding shine in her eyes! She was the most beautiful thing he should admit! She was full of wonders… and luckily the statement he remembered made by his dearest friend aakash ages ago once on finding his deep interest in wonders “Bro… you are such a maniac around the world… who just feel happy with new and only new wonders and nothing else could make you feel special! I just wonder what should your dear wife should do in future when you will found her and feel that she will be the same girl as it is forever with you as long as you would love to live? How would you be really cope up with the same girl forever? I just wonder what that poor girl would do to make you glued with your whole interest in her?”

“hahaha…”he laughed on remembering that only crazy thought!

Vaidehi looked down upto arnav’s face… and she felt it totally strange to see him laughing so loudly without any special reason! “why are you laughing? What happened?” she asked with questioned gaze!

He just brings her down and says “aakash had once said… how would I deal with the same dull wife through out my life as I am too much addicted to hold my interests in only new things and full of wonders!”

Vaidehi looks upto his eyes and her eyes gets wide with a bit anger and shock…! Arnav couldn’t help but just smile with amused glance and pulling the wonderful girl into his embrace… and he speaks out while holding her tightly in his embrace speaks out “but now I have a definitely a true answer to give him… that my wife isn’t the simple one… but every time I found something new in her only which is not at all I have ever seen before and no doubt her that unique feature is enough to hold on my interest all over life for her!”

Vaidehi smiles in his embrace and wraps her arms even more properly around him!

“How could you even dare to think something like this? And who has given you a right to take the decision that who will be the next heir of ocean world?”a strong voice echoed in the heavenly beautiful silence like breaking the beautiful mirror making the couple standing over there in their own beautiful dream world to almost startled!

It wasn’t tough for arnav to realise who is it? But it was vaidehi who had never heard something sounding this much strong and ordering! The voice was so firm that she felt her body heat up with that mere voice only and she immediate get out of arnav’s embrace and found an aged man in white attire with white beard and blue shining eyes standing there with his white hairs… he wasn’t simple man! She could sense it immediate! Oh… that crown… shining with multicolour gems… showing the wealth… he! He resemblance so much the man she loves… arnav! Means… the man standing there at a little distance is none other than the arnav’s father… King of ocean!

Her lips got parted with lack of air… inspite of standing in most chilling atmosphere she felt her forehead sweating just on watching a mere strong personality standing so near by her and on feeling his hard gaze on her only! She felt it would be so better if she would disappear from here! But she can’t... inspite of having abilities to disappear! She has to face… for herself… for arnav… for their love… and for their bright future together!

“why are you here paa?”arnav said with irritated tone and finally turning to face his father standing behind him!

“you know it son! Don’t you?” king said normally!

“but I had not expected you to follow me!”arnav says firmly!

“aah! That’s not possible! I can’t take risk! Atleast not if it’s matter regarding you arnav! B’cos you are the only heir of Icean family and ocean world! And better you should keep that fit into your little insane brain!” ocean king says!

“and I have already said to you… that I have my own life also rather than just being a heir of ocean world and son of icean! And I have my own decision that I love vaidehi and want to marry her! Want to make her my life partner!” arnav says firmly meeting father’s eyes with same stubborn tone!

It was so new for her! Both father and son resemble in their every single aspect… except one… to accept her! Son wants to marry her while father is in all the best mood to refuse that wish of his only son!

“Papa I had said already what I had to say! And now it’s your decision if you don’t want to accept her as my wife then trust me I don’t even want to be your son, don’t want to be son of iceans and nor want to be heir of ocean world! You could get anyone as you wish to have hold of ocean empire to replace me!” arnav says with his arms folded on chest!

“Your life isn’t your arnav! You haven’t born in the family where you have just your family depend on you! You have whole world of ocean creatures depend on you and you can’t behave like this much selfish! You have no right to take decision which could affect millions of lives just due to you!” ocean speaks out in normal tone!        

Vaidehi wonders how could arnav dare to really stand so calmly infront of such influencing personality and could firmly stay with his own wish? She gets more impressed with his this new quality! It’s new side of him she must admit she has seen which she wasn’t known till now!

“Good to see you Miss. Vaidehi Ambar!” vaidehi comes back to sense on hearing her own name pronounced in firm tone by that impressive personality of ocean king! But she could yet sense the temperature of that tone which is enough to let her know it isn’t so good greetings! That is just a bit formal!

“nice to meet you Majesty!” she says politely while trying to keep her face expressions normal!

“You are more beautiful that the way I had expected you to be! And I really admire arnav’s choice to choose you!” king says firmly with normal tone and expressions!

But she isn’t even fool if she would fall for that praise! She just avoid to even give a mere smile but speaks out “Thank you! But you are definitely not here to admire me! And I think I have every very right to know what you are willing to talk to me?”

“smart girl” king says with smile “Obviously not? After all you are too the heir of huge empire and it’s obvious quality which borns with every heir of such huge empires! It’s blood quality need for world!”he says!

“Yeah! I am” she says with confidence!

“But sadly… yet I wonder how could you be so fool to not understand the side effects of your this once step on whole world? How could you be so selfish? I could understand if arnav is behaving so irresponsible way… but you too?” king speaks out with bitter tone!

“I respect you majesty for being carefully and worried for future of your empire! But trust me neither arnav nor I do are irresponsible either!” she take a deep breath and continues in strong tone “We have definitely taken a decision to get marry but we have taken even a right decision for taking care of all three worlds… ocean, sky and human! And I think our decision is correct in all the aspects! Just blood heir can’t have the qualities to control and run the empires properly! The ruler born with nourishment… a right nourishment and I am sure that anybody who would get nourishment from me and arnav will be definitely able to prove a right ruler for whole world!” vaidehi speaks out firmly!

“I thought you are really smart but you proved me wrong girl! Your beauty has covered that little unthoughtful brain perfectly!” finally king speaks out bitterly!

“paa you are taking wrong way!”arnav speaks out in normal hard tone!

“you are not asked to talk in between! Or have you forgotten manners arnav?”ocean speaks with fury!

“Neither I have forgotten manners nor the thing that the girl you are talking to is my to be wife!”arnav speaks out while taking a step forward and wrapping his arm around vaidehi’s shoulder!

Vaidehi felt embarrassed with that one little act of arnav! She felt it a bit shameless to stand there with arnav’s arm around her infront his respected father! But she just once lowered her head and took a deep breath in on thinking there must be a reason for arnav’s this act!

“Oh! So nice to see you so shameless boy! You mother should have been here to see her so obedient and nice boy to be like so irresponsible and rude!”Ocean says with disgust!

“Paa… don’t bring maa in this whole matter! She is not at all wrong about what she feels about me! She is right and even if she would have been here she must have understood my feelings in best way as my mother!” arnav defends his mother firmly “and btw, before talking to you… I have talked to her about everything of this! And she has supported me! She is just keeping quite because she respects you! Because before being my mother she has her responsibility as your wife! And I respect her for her decisions! So please just don’t bring maa among this!”

“and btw, I have already said… that I have right decision to select some right heir for our both worlds after me and vaidehi!”arnav finish finally!

Ocean King runs his gaze from him to the girl standing close to his son… “does your father know this?” ocean king asks with his hard gaze glued on vaidehi’s face!

“yep! He knew!” she says firmly!

“then is he ok with the side effects of this wedding?” ocean asks with more curiosity and disgust!

“No! he is not aware of it! But I know one thing about my father Majesty… that he would support my decision! B’cos so far in past before my birth… my father and mother had taken this decision which me and arnav have taken when they weren’t getting blessed with own child! But might be god was very much happy with them and finally after long waiting they had got me as child!” she says!

Ocean smiles weirdly… and speaks out “what the hell!” finally he looks straight to vaidehi and speaks out “keep one thing in your little head girl… that your father would have been ready for consequences but I am not! Nor my empire will suffer for both your foolish wish! I am not like your father could to let whole empire victim of your foolishness! So better you both should get this one thing in your little brains that you could never get united nor I would let you even you won’t be ready for this!” ocean finally speaks out strongly “I thought the matter would be solved with good words here before anybody would get to know about your relationship! B’cos trust me if any moment this news will come to know to our world… you will be one to regret for your decision vaidehi and I won’t be responsible for what you would suffer including arnav! B’cos even if he is the heir and prince of ocean world but if he would violet the rules of nature and would cross limits of his own honor then he would also one to suffer and I won’t stop anybody from that! Punishment is the right thing if someone mistakes!”

“Fine! We are ready for that then!” arnav says firmly while meeting vaidehi’s gaze!

Ocean king once meets both of gazes and speaks out “I think you both need a time to once take a little break and think on the decision you are taking! Or else be ready to face consequences!” he warns and disappears from there!


“I had warned you already but it seems you have burn your brains in love!” ocean king’s firm voice echoes in the walls of temple making everyone present over there startled!

All turns and watch the man in white sophisticated suit walking in the goddess temple with fury!

But he avoids all the glances on him… and just straight come up to the couple standing infront of goddess holding garlands in their hands and watching upto him!

“It seems you have taken all the best care to get marry as humans! Even looking perfectly humans with this attire! Nice choice! I am asking you last one time! Are you not ready to change the decision?” ocean king asks both of them with anger!

“Not even a bit back from what I had said!” arnav says firmly!

“Very fine!” ocean king says with regret and anger… “then be humans forever! It seems you are too much willing to being humans than what you are! and even you are getting marry in human temple! but I am here to make my word come true! I won’t let this union happened ever! You have to accept the punishment for the crime you have finally decided to commit! I give you a curse both of you will be human and won’t remember anything of your true lives! I won’t let you meet ever! You both will lose all of the powers!” and at the next moment before anybody else could realise the three humans who were there a moment ago standing infront of the everyone in temple gets disappear from there! Making everyone to wonder what it was???

~~~flash back ends~~~ and arnav jerks in hospital bed with sweating forehead and screams out badly with open eyes “Vaidehiiiiii!” making all the nurses, hospital staff and doctors to get startled with the intensity of that scream! And his eyes shining like blue gems which are so different than anybody could have seen before!


“I ask you where is that angel nurse?” steve asks with furious gaze while rushing in the direction of some ward “she was dead and yet she has disappeared from hospital lab! If someone stole her then god swear it is most ridiculous thing has happened for us to regret!”

“Doctor steve… Mr. arnav has gain consciousness but he looks as if he is some wonder around the world!” someone speaks out in rush while trying to breath and stopping himself from getting bumped into doctor while running with shock and scared gaze!

“what? He gained consciousness?” Dr. steve shouts almost with disbelief and shocked expressions full of his face “but how? When?”

“don’t know! Just a moment ago he was dead unconscious and at the next moment his eyes were open with deep blue flash and his scream calling some name ‘Vaidehi’!” the person in white dress answers while walking with steve in the direction of same ward!

“ok come let me see!” he says while walking in the direction of arnav’s ward!


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