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Oct 3, 2013

WHEN WILL THE DIRECTORS LEARN ??? (By Raani82) (Thanked: 12 times)

This is not done-and I'm disgusted.

Pages and pages have been written about slapping scenes on TV shows, still they make it look

like normal behaviour and the girl has to accept it. He has no right to touch her- or even slap

her and a simple sorry to follow is simply not acceptable!!!!!! 

And Niranjan saheb is an Educationist, trying to revolutionize the society by opening

institutions giving more opportunities to youngsters. All that is fine. But it seems like an

askewed sense of responsibility. His own children are suffering and unable to cope with

problems and he looks least bothered about it. We never see him talking to his daughter or

his sons trying to solve their issues like how Atul does. Only the brother seems concerned

about what is happening in the house. Hope the CH's come with good explanation regarding

this. Allowing the wife to run the house is a different matter but he is equally responsible for

his children's well being and life as well.

Wonder why the parents never contact their daughter and don't seem to know of her

condition. Such a famous person's daughter goes for an abortion and the docs quietly do it.

Something doesn't connect . 

And the bahu feels insulted because she has to clean the mess she made. You mean to say if

you are rich you should not do any work- like cleaning and stuff. What nonsense! She herself

should have cleaned it in the first place instead of waiting for her MIL to admonish her like a

school teacher. For Hindus food is Laxmi if it is spilled or dropped on the floor it should be

cleaned immediately and also people can step on it and create a mess . They have made it look

like a big issue first between saas bahu then between husband and wife

Another big blooper- in the temple the priest says- vasthram samarpayami-and gives it to

Aastha. Samarpayami is when an offering is made to God or Goddess- when you are giving it

as a prasad you bless the reciever. How did the director miss that????

There is still many more but enough for now.

Wish these minute things are kept in mind to avoid irritation when seeing an episode.

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