Two shot:Birthday Gift

Oct 1, 2013

two shot:Birthday gift (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 54 times)

Tomorrow  is  kushi’s  birthday  and  she  is  eager  to  know  about  what  gift  her  arnavji  is  going  to  give  her.

Next day  morning Kushi  woke up  and  saw  her  husband beside  her  sleeping  like  a  child.She went to  wash room  and came  out  taking  bath  wearing  a  gorgeous  red saree  with  matching light  jewellary  which  was  gifted  by  nani yesterday  and  came  down downstairs.

At  downstairs  all wished  kushi and she  took  blessings  from  nani.All gave  their gifts which they brought  for  kushi.

“kushiji did  chote  wish  u “asked  Anjali.

‘No Di he is still sleeping.  I am going to mandir di “said kushi.

‘ok kushiji but return back before  chote  leaves for  office”said anjali.

“ok  di  I will come back  soon” said kushi and  left  for mandir.

Here Arnav  woke up,got ready and came downstairs to  go  to  office.

‘Di I am where is kushi ? tell her I am going  to  office”said Arnav.

“chote  have ur breakfast  and go. Kushiji went to  mandir and she would  be  coming . wait for her.”said Anjali.

“No  Di . I have a very important meeting in office   I don’t have  time. I will be very  busy  today”said arnav and left  before anjali could say  anything.

Kushi  came back  from  mandir and asked anjali”Di  did Arnavji  wake up ? I will take coffee for him”said  kushi  excitedly.

‘No kushiji chote  already  left  for  office  saying  that he  has  an  important  meeting and  he  would  be  very  busy  today”said  Anjali.

Kushi face fell off hearing  it. Seeing  this  Anjali  said  “Don’t  worry  kushiji  I  think  didn’t  remember  ur  birthday because  of  work stress. As  soon  as he remembers  he  would  definitely  call u”said  Anjali.

“ok Di “said kushi  and  faked   a smile  but  she  was  hurt.

It was  afternoon  and  Kushi  waited  for  Arnav’s  call  but  still he  didn’t  call.

She only  thought  call and  called  him. As soon  as call lifted she  asked “Arnavji have   u  taken ur  lunch  and medicines”asked kushi.

“kushiji I am aman speaking. Sir is busy in  his  meeting so  I  lifted   the call and he has  taken  his lunch along with clients”said  aman

“ oh it’s ok Amanji”said kushi and disconnected  the  call.

It is evening when Arnav  came  by 7pm and  all members were in the hall. He said that he has  an important  work and not  to disturb him and left to his room without waiting  for any one’s reply.

Kushi became  sad  and felt  sorry  for her  but  didn’t  dared to talk  to  Arnav  as  he  was  already in work stress. If anyone of them go they would be burnt alive.

“kushiji  I will talk  to  chote “said  Anjali.

“No  di  it’s  ok. Arnavji  was in  more  work  stress  so  he  didn’t  remember my  birthday.”said  kushi. All new that she  was just  aying  these  words  to  console but  she  was hurt  and  all   were  angry  on   him.

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Oct 1, 2013

two shot:Birthday gift (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 139 times)

“No  di  it’s  ok. Arnavji  was in  more  work  stress  so  he  didn’t  remember my  birthday.”said  kushi. All new that she  was just  aying  these  words  to  console but  she  was hurt  and  all   were  angry  on   him.

 It  was  night  and  Arnav came  downstairs  for  dinner. All were  at  dining  table. Kushi  was  staring  at  Arnav  hopefully  to wish her. But Arnav didn’t even seemed  to  bother. Anjali who  was  sitting   asked “chote did ur work  finished ?”

“No  Di  still lot  of  work  is  pending”said  Arnav.

“Did u forget any  thing ?”asked anjali.

“No Di everything is perfect in the deal and I am sure we will win the  deal”said Arnav.

All were shocked  to hear  his  response. They  want  to  hit  their heads to a wall.

Here they  are talking  about kushi and he was saying about  his  bloody  deal.

Anjali when again going to ask him kushi  stopped  her by  hand  and  nodded  her  head  side  ways  not  to  ask anything.

After  completion  of  dinner  Arnav  silently  went to  his  room. Kushi cleaned the dining room and all retired  to  their respective  rooms.

Kushi  while  entering  into  room remembered his words  not  to  disturb him  so  she  silently  went  to  terrace  and was  watching  stars. She was very  hurt today.

“kkkushi “came  a voice  from  behind. She  turned  back  and  saw  Arnav  standing  there.

“what  r u doing  here ?”he asked.

‘Nothing  just  watching  stars”answered kushi.

“ok let’s go otherwise u will fall ill”said Arnav.

“ji”said kushi  and  went  from  there she was going at  front and arnav at her behind.

They went  to their  room  and  kushi  opened  it  and  her mouth went into a big  O seeing room

The whole room was  decorated with red  roses,balloons and candles  and  in  the centre  of  it was  placed written  on  it HAPPY BIRTHDAY  KUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA.

“This  is  my  first  gift  Kushi”said  Arnav. she  looked  at  him with  wide  eye. she  couldn't  believe  her  eyes.She immediately  turned  back and hugged   him with  tears in  her  eyes.

He  too hugged  her  back  and   said “shh Kushi don’t  cry  still there are 11 gifts left for  u “

 Kushi looked at him surprised as  well  as  confused. Then he went and  brought  a cake near her “this is  my  second gift cut it kushi” and gave her Arnav.

Kushi cut the cake and both  fed each  other.Arnav  gave  her  a red  roses bouquet and Said “Happy Birthday  Kushi. This  is   my  third  gift”

Now  he gave her gift and asked to open it. She opened it  and found her  devimayya’s  idol

“This  is  my fourth gift “said  Arnav.

Now  he gave her a box  and asked to open it. She opened and shouted happily “jelebi” and took a bite and said “Arnavji it’s  soo delicious”

“This is my fifth gift. I have prepared it with my hands”said arnav. Kushi  was shocked hearing this. He smirked seeing her reaction.

"U  made it!!"asked  kushi.

"Yes.i  tried  for  many  times  but  at last  by 11th  time  i  made  it  perfect"said  Arnav  sighing. kushi  laughed  to  this.

He gave  her another packet and she opened to find a new mobile in it.

“This is my sixth gift  kushi. I once broken in ur mobile so  I  thought  to give it  to  u I am sorry for that day kushi”said Arnav. Suddenly kushi remembered the day when they both were stuck  in his office  store room  and  how  he broken his  phone.

“thank u Arnavji “she said.

Then he  gave  her  a packet and she  opened  it  and  saw   a  red  saree which  she  wore  on  the photoshoot.

“this is my seventh gift  kushi. U look gorgeous  in  this  saree”said Arnav.

Now he  gave  her a box and asked her to  open it. She  opened  and  found a pearls chain.

“This is my eighth gift kushi. They were the same pearls  which I tored on the sheeshmahal’s incident day. I am sorry kushi” said Arnav. Kushi eyes welled up remembering incident and hugged him.

He  again  gave  her a box and opened was  shocked  to  see necklace  which she liked  but Arnav wore it to lavanya in front her(remember guys before their engagement kushi  likes it and Arnav willingly  wears it  to  lavanya)

“This  is  my  ninth gift  kushi. This necklace  suits u very much. I am sorry for that day for willingly  hurting  u”said arnav.

Then he gave  her a  packet  and she opened  it  and found a dupatta  which  he  tore  at his office parking area  when  it  got  stuck  to  his  car.

“This   is my tenth gift kushi. I really found  it hard. I searched nearly 8 shops for this  dupatta  today”said Arnav. Kushi  was  shocked to hear this and said “ but u told  that  today  u  have  an important work and evening  also u said not to disturb u then when u did it”

“yes this is the important  work I was engrossed from morning and in evening I  said so because  I  want to decorate  our  room. What do u think that I forget ur birthday. It never happens kushi.”said Arnav.

“but amanji said that u were busy”asked kushi.

“ because I said him to say that to u “said arnav.She immediately hugged  him  and  said

‘Thanku  arnavji.Thank u soo much”said kushi.

“gifts are still not  over kushi “said arnav and handover her a packet.she opened it and found some documents in it. She looked at them questioningly.“what is these papers Arnavji “asked kushi.

“This is my eleventh  gift  kushi. These documents are babuji’s shop  papers in lucknow  I have  cleared  all his debts and this shop and house is again urs only”said Arnav. Kushi was shocked to hear and felt happy for his concern towards her  family.

“Now it’s  time to  ur twelth  gift  kushi. It is  most  precious gift  any husband can give  to  his  wife” said Arnav and moved  towards  wardborde  and brought a cover and  gave  it  to  her.

She  saw  it  and  it  was her medical  reports which she did 2 days back and opened it and read as

Name:Kushi kumara Gupta Singh Raizada

Test:Pregnancy test


Kushi  couldn’t  believe eyes what she is reading.kushi  holding  her  tummy said“Arnavji this means that…”said kushi not able to say further. “yes kushi we are going to become parents “said arnav.

Kushi hugged him immediately  and he too hugged her  back.

“So kushi  how  do u like my gifts kushi “asked Arnav.

“Thank u Arnavji thanku so  much I like ur every gift very  much and coming to ur twelth gift  u r right it  is most  precious  gift  for  me. You are  the best husband  in  this  world. I love you Arnavji”said Kushi

“I love you  too kushi”


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