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Sep 29, 2013

OS:DIVORCE (By V1184) (Thanked: 113 times)

Hi everyone am back with my third OS.Its a silly thought that came to my mind.So please bear with my Os once again.


(bear my edit)

Arnav and Khushi are married.

They are the same LaadGoverner and Sanka Devi.

It is Khushi's Birthday and Everything went well.

But after her birthday party is over , our Arnav is as usual like ASR and he is busy with his first-wife the

one and only laptop.

Here Khushi is waiting for him to come and talk to her.

But no use our arnav is busy with his laptop.

Khushi waited for him for more than an hour.

So she lost her patience and is angry with Arnav because here she is waiting for him to leave his laptop and talk with her but he is not even looking at her

Khushi started the conversation like this .: arnavji..........arnavji.."

Arnav "hmmmm"

Khushi was irritated with his reply and thought to herself

"Hey Devimaiyya , Is LaadGoverner ko kuch aur kaam nahi hai kya jab dekho tab us dibbe ke paas beite rehte hai?Pata nahi ki yeh LaadGoverner ko kab yaad aayega ki uski ek patni bhi hai aur aaj uska janamdin hai aur kam-se-kam pucha bhi nahi ki mein kya chahthi hun Laad Governer" ( Hey DeviMaiyya doesn't this laad governer have any work other than sitting before his laptop everytime.Donno when this laadgoverner will remember that he had a wife too and today is her birthday.he dint even ask me wat i want?){i am not good in translation sorry for mistakes}

Arnav asked again " why khushi why u called me?need something"

Khushi said"Arnavji can i ask you something?"

He replied " yes khushi ask me what you want?" 

Anjali who was crossing their room heard his sentence and stopped behind the door to listen what khushi is going ot ask

khushi said " Divorce.....ha arnavji i want you to give divorce......"

By listening this anjali went to her room crying without listening the whole word from khushi

In Arshi's room :

Khushi "....to your first wife"

Arnav "What the!First wife?are you mad?"

She continued " ha arnavji ur laptop wahi to aapki pehli patni haina tabhi to jab dekho tab usko pakadkar rehte ho aap mere saath bhi utna samai nahi bitaate jitna us laptop ke saath bitaate ho isiliye aapko tai karna hai ki aapko kaun chahiye mein ya aapki pyaari laptop"    (yes arnavji ur laptop is only ur first wife na then only wenever u see u r with ur latop i think u might spent more time with ur laapy more than me so u have to choose between me and ur  lovely laptop)

Arnav told " what is this khushi? y r u talking like this? you kknow an how important that deal is am working for it and you..."khushi cut him in between and said 

"ha ha i know it for u deals are important than ur wife's birthday na then only you came here after the party is over dint even talk to me"

He was surprised to see khushi in sich anger so he said "ok will leave my laptop in office itself from tomorow is it ok with u?"

she was happy and hugged him saying"thank u arnavji i don't want your work to suffer because of me.I just want you to take care of yourself and i am just sad because i want you to spend time with me."

He said ' ok khushi i will not use my laptop when you are here"saying this he kept his laptop in the laptop bag and kept it aside.

In Anjali's room:

Anjali is all the time thinking and crying listening khushi's word divorce she donno what to do so she told Nani who told Mamiji.At that time mama and akash-payal are out of  station.

Next day Morning Raizada Mansion:

At breakfast table :

Arnav and khushi came down as usual and sat with the family present there.

Anjali sighed nani to ask khushi about this

Nani:Khushi bitiya why did you do like that?

Khushi dint understand what nani is talking about and she thought that she might be asking this because she applied cake on her face but dint utter a word

Mami added , ha phati saree whay did you do this to us to our arnav bitwa?

Khushi in confusion asked what are you all talking about?

Anjali said , khushiji i am sorry but yesterday i heard you asking chotte for divorce and started crying heavily

Arnav who is eating his break fast silently choked his food and said " diiiiii  what are you talking about?"

she said "why arnav?why are you still supporting her?tell me the truth arnav what happened between both of you that she has asked you to give divorce?"

Both khushi and arnav laughed hearing anjali's words and remembered their yesterday night's conversation.

Arnav told everything to her and anjali is embarrassed for her deed.She excused herself and went to her room and thought to herself "arrey anjali tu bhi na kuch bhi soch leti ho"she said hitting her head lightly(Arrey anjali you too na will think anything)

In the hall , everyone ate their break fast and are laughing remembering anjali's deed.At the same time anjali who came there asked Khushi's forgiveness and thought not to get any conclusion without knowing the whole matter.

*********************************************************************************That's it hows this guys?please tell me how this thought of mine penned down here because what i thought dint give up here will be waiting to know ur views and suggestions for this OS Positive and Negative comments are heartily welcome please dont forget to tap the "thank you "button.Please drop atleast a word which makes the writers happy.Thank you for bearing my thought 

all for ur support in my earlier attempts to write OS

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Nov 22, 2013

Thank you all for your support..... (By V1184) (Thanked: 32 times)

My OS will be nothing without your support and with the support from you all i have written this and am very happy as you all like this OS.to those who commented and also silent readers and those people who simply hit the 'Thankyou' button.Once again thanking you all..........bye have a nice day

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