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Sep 29, 2013

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE SHOW SO FAR (By Raani82) (Thanked: 8 times)

IPKKND-EPB started amidst much controversy and uproar over the use of the name of our favourite show.

But undaunted SP continued the show- kindling the curiosity of the fans and slowly many of them who vowed not to watch the serial is slowly being drawn to it. First victory for the makers.


The story so far has moved along smoothly. The scenes that lead to the misunderstanding about Astha were depicted well. Anybody in Shlok's shoes would have reacted the same way- thinking she lied her way to get free passes to enter the auditorium, giving him his wallet just when the train is moving away from the platform. creating a scene which was aired for public view, Shlok humiliated publicly - and Astha oblivious of the reasons behind his anger.

Now he is planning to humiliate her in public in a only way possible. Make her stay in the same room with him. His plans obviously going to backfire.

The mystery surrounding -the sons' anger towards their mother, the father refusing to interfere in that matter though he notices his sons reactions, the elder being aloof, the father showering extra love and care on Shlok, Shlok's past, his mom's hand behind it, Niranjan's brother's attitude  of not missing an opportunity to criticize his brother and his bhabhi-keeps us interested.


A typical Maharashtrian family- father a righteous govt employee, mother a loving homemaker-trying to be strict but fails to, because of her mother in law's support for her daughter. It happens in 90% of Indian homes, where the boys especially, escape from their parents by hiding behind their grandmas,

who don't allow the parents to bring up their kids like they wanted to. But this grandma is different she supports her DIL when Astha crosses her limits. And Astha a beautiful face you see next door ready to lie her wayand that too with no regrets to get things done her way. I even like her friend Gowry who supports Astha every time she gets into trouble.

On the other hand Shlok's house. An aristocratic mother with all the typical misgivings of a women's role in a house and her obsession with the importance and respect given to her husband to the extent that she doesn't even want her name to be uttered before her husband's. Nobody serves even water to the guests without her permission.

A typical bahu who has no voice in that house, and often has to be reminded by her MIL as to who is the deciding authority - this happens often when it is a marriage of convenience between two families- yet to be known, probably she will tell her story when Astha enters that house as her co-sister.

We can see the love and care shared by the brothers, the friendly rapport and support extended by the elder towards his younger, the hate if I can call it towards their mom and their immense respect for their dad. I liked the subtle way they showed how the elder son stays back always- that staying away from the activities,  his way of showing his dislike to the happenings around him , non-verbal- whereas Shlok stays in front puts across his views vehemently leading to war of words between mother and son. 

It is obvious that his mother has made such a great impact in his life for him to consider all women are weak.

Niranjan Agnihothri - the great man, with large heart, loves his sons and his wife ofcourse- doesn't waste time to express his appreciation be it the small dainty shoes of his grand daughter or Astha's sincere efforts to set things right. Leaves the running of the household completely in his wife's hands and doesn't interfere just like his wife doesn't interfere in his business. As if an invisible line drawn between them each deciding not to cross it. 

Niranjan's brother exactly opposite to him a critique - lets see what the story holds for him. 

The typical son-in law of a rich and powerful business tycoon, trying to establish his name ,trying hard to prove himself-that he is better than his brother in law. I bet he has an important role to play in this show- a negative character perhaps.


Let me start from the best according to me so far.

Niranjan Agnihothri- a man of few words, very expressive - the charisma in him makes the people around him to stand in awe and wonderfully brought by the actor. subtle expressions, surprised to see his grandchild's shoes in the wrong place but managing the situation in front of Atul, immediately understood by his wife, a disappointment shown when Astha's father refuses his proposal, helplessness when failed to make his son stay back, a guilt when talked about his anniversary in front of Shlok,a smirk when comes to know that Shlok has taken Astha to Kholapur-all wonderfully done.

Shlok Agnihothri- an angry young man, hates women, hates his brother-in-law more- but has got a soft corner as well- he sees reason even in his anger- liked it when he curses himself for giving into the old ladies' feelings,and failing before Astha, guilt written all over his face after saving her from the auto driver and a wordless apology after that. He brings out all the right expressions at the right time ,so far so good but I'm  waiting eagerly for better performance from him.

Astha, she is doing what is required of her role- not to her best i would say. But it is early times surely she'll improve. And the scene where she escapes from the auto driver, her cries and screams did make me cry thinking what that Delhi girl in the bus and other girls like her would have gone through. The scene after that was worth watching again. Her desperation in the hotel room - her one statement "I want to go home...." did something to my heart as well.

Anjali Agnihothri- man ,really I pray and sincerely wish no Med ian should get a mom in law like her. She perfectly matches the image of an modern aristocratic lady with outdated gender bias. very well done.

All the other cast, Astha's family members, friend, Shlok's family, I even liked the servant maid with her small role who is playing her part well.



The very fact that a vm has been made with IPK-2 song with Arshi in it tells you enough.

Kuada.... wonderful track ....the voice of the play back singers suits both  Shlok and Astha.

 The song has already become very popular by now , and even the instrumental part of it and in the previous episode where only the notes are sung is great to listen to.

On the whole the music is good. Not blaring...


I simply  loved the last two episodes  especially because of the wonderful photography and lighting.

 The scene where he is driving to Kholapur the background scenery looks like he is really driving on the actual roads. And in the dark room in the hotel, with minimum or no light they have shot the scene. I liked the candle light reflections on their faces. Something we see only in movies. And not to forget her reflection on the glass and his expression- wonderful wonderful.

So far I've loved the lighting, the hues, even the make-up and not to forget the sets.

Let's hope this show holds something good in future for us.

So far I've written only what I loved about this show, What I find missing and what I didn't like I'll write in my next


please leave your comments, all are welcome.


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