new story with new beginning

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Jan 2, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

hello everybody

First of all

Wish you all a very happy new year!!

i am here with a new story with a new twist so here we go

this story begins with payash engagement

Payash engagement happens but khushi doesn't let out the truth about shyam

she informs everybody about her broken engagement and the fiances betrayla

la comes to know about arnavs love for khushi and pushes both of them to get engaged

khushi , her family and shyam is shocked by the turn of events. shyam who even in his dreams didnt think of this possibility get jealous and decides to break this.

khushi tries her best to avoid this union as this will lead to more complications but is forced to accept for the sake of her jiji.

they get engaged.

then starts the real trouble for khushi as shyam starts to blackmail her.

on payash sangeet day talking to shyam in rm she is caught by arnav who blames her for all the troubles in his life and terms her as a gold digger, charmer trapping rich men into her claws.he draws a contract marriage between them and threatens to give the news to the channels if she doesnt agree to this.

khushi agrees to the contract for her jiji and family.

both marriages happen but khushis life turns bad to worse with both shyam and asr taunting her.every day becomes a living hell with asr's ill treatment and shyams constant contact

payal unaware of her sisters miseries leads a happy life with akash.

Jan 2, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

Then hell breaks out when one day anjali finds out this truth and whole gupta house is blamed and khushi being the center of it is thrown out of the house by arnav and anjali , mamiji waiting for an opportunity to push her daughter in law out of the house finds it easy . payal is also not spared, khushi feels sad as her jijis life is also shattered along with hers.Akash and mamaji being away in london doesnt know about this situation.

They return home to laxminagar, buaji cries at the sight of two daughters returning home like this in the middle of the night and asks them to come in payal gets in first and falls into the arms of garima and then when khushi tries to get in garima stops her terming her as bad blooded orphan.

Khushi is devastated by this venom spilled from her amma's words. and with those words she leaves gupta house too. nowhere to go khushi walks to the railway station she desperately wanted to get away from this all these events had made her weak broken and sad.

she had no family, no love, nowhere to go reaches the railway station and buys a ticket for the train which was going to start immly from the station. she didnt want to know where it was going to stop, she just wanted to get away.

payal crying and protesting at home runs behind khushi but finds her gone out of sight she doesnt find her anywhere returns home and calls her amma a selfish woman and refuses to even live in this house anymore only to be stopped by buaji who asks her to wait till akash returns.

Jan 2, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

Days passby arnav broken and sad coz his love had cheated him though his heart told him she was innocent his asr attitude told him that she was the culprit. so he didnt bother to call or enquire about khushi. he thought once again he was proven right this girl was a gold digger and he had always known this.

Anjali was still in confusion whether shyam was innocent or culprit this thought kept nagging her untill one day when she meets kamlaji accomplice of shyam

Anjali:namaste app toh shyamji mere pati ki client hai na

Kam:namaste ji haan

Anjali:kya aapka case solve hogaya appka compensation sub mil gaya

Kam: ji mil gaya

anjali: ji ek baat poochen aapse kitne dino se aap meri pati ko jaanti hain

kam: ji kareban do saal se kyon pooch rahi hain

Anjali: bas aise hi, acha toh ab hume jaana chahiye ayiyega ek din ghar pe(turn to leave)

kam: ek minute

An:ji boliye kuch chahiye tha aapko sharmayiye mat humse boliye

kam:feel guilty for misleading this kind lady)mujhe aapse kuch baath karni hain aapse

an:ji boliye na

kam:ye aapke pati shyam se thoda sawdan rahiye ga woh ache insan nahi hai

an:kaisi baat kar rahi hain aap himmat kaise huyi aapki woh humare pati hain

kam:woh aapke pati hain aur jaane kitno ke pati rahen or kiton ki rahchuke hain

hum issliye bol rahe hain kyunki humne unhe ek ladki ko phasane me madath ki thi

yaad hai aapko ek din humne aapse paise liye the woh paise uss ladki ke liye angooti lene ke liye tha, aur uss ladki ka naam bhi kuch khushi kumari gupta tha, ek baar unke pita se bhi humne baat ki thi koi rani sahiba ka naam leke.

jahan thak hume paata hai shyam ek saanp hai toh iss saanp se aap bachke rahiyega

aapke saare paise aur accounts bhi check kar lijiye jaane kitne withdrawls kiye honge unhone.

saying this kamlaji walked away from anjal

Anjali was shocked calls arnav and tells him the details. he rushesh to pick her up from the market. As soon as they reach rm they check shyams whereabouts and other details through a private agency and finds all the details wat shyam had provided had been a big lie. he was already married thrice and had kids out of the those marriages and all these had been for the money.

anjali was the fourth one easily managed and his engagement with khushi and living in her house as paying guest was also revealed.

Jan 3, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

Asr realising his mistake and all the wrong things he had done to khushi and her family reaches gupta house only to be told by payal that khushi had left the place the very she was thrown out of rm.

Anjali , nani and mamiji beg payal to return but she turns it down saying that she will return there only when her sister is found and respectfully brought back to that house.

akash stands by payal and says that he will not come back to rm untill khushi is found. he decides to stay with guptas to support them.

Shashi who is able to speak now practically shouts at arnav and garima's ignorance.h

shashi:did you ever love my daughter,y didnt you even think for a moment about ur wife and her love before throwing her out of the house

arnav: is speechless just hangs his head in shame

shashi:did she have any meaning in your life , if money and di only mattered to you then y did yuo marry her.

my khushi soul deprived of every love in this world only wore a smile to make others happy. how can you ever term yourself as her husband and speak about truth and love. get lost get lost i say go marry your money and power which will keep you and your family happy dont come here anymore.

you are not the one to ruin her life we are all her equaly responsible for that

Asr broken stood on the doorstep for a long time with no thoughts or visions but his khushis he didnt know where to search for her.

he remembered her words in the mandir that day that you will realise one day and that day i will not be there to see it

with all his power and money he couldnt get her to stay with him for the first time in his life he stood helpless and lost.

New day another sunshine khushi woke up leaving everything behind her all her past washed away as she stood under the shower in her new house. after boarding the train she had realised that it lead to simla and was offered money by a kind old lady to purchase the ticket to simla.

this lady had also got her a job in a small restuarant run by her brother a widower.

Jan 3, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

khushi started to work in that restuarant making lucknowi food and sweets. The place came to be known as famous for jalebis. soon the business was a hit and owner offered khushi a part of his part. he had actually started treating her as his daughter as he didnt have a family.He had secretly written his property and hotel in her name but didnt want to disclose this yet. he found her to be self dependent person and this money issue will hurt her thus thinking he had hid the fact from her.

she enjoyed everthing here the sister and brothers love towards her, security and freedom she liked most.

Though deep down she was not full happy her family had pushed her out of their lives, especially her hubby. she had pleaded them to understand her but in turn her own amma had termed her as a bad blood.

Life was lost khushi had decided to die but thought some day truth will come out and clean her name this will be good for jiji if not for her. She missed everybody. She didnt want to return back to the house which held only insults and sad memories yeah she wanted to live, live for her children which she was carrying.

her only hope in which was left.this also happened accidentally during their 4 months marriage term of hatred.Then the day she found out that she was carrying was the day the hell broke loose in her life.Everything turned upside down the day she wanted her husband badly she was denied the right even to own his name.

khushi sighed thinking about the past she was 7 months pregnant now knew that she was carrying twins. she was happy that finally she is going to have a family of her own her blood.

Jan 3, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

Life was also lost for asr who woke up with a start and name everyday on his lips it was khushi.his love his only love had left him just like his mother.Nobody knew her whereabouts detective agencies were just trying but really couldnt locate her.Whether she was alive or dead no one knew.

He hoped and told to himself that she would be alive. He quickly washed away his sorrow which tried not to show to his di and family. he was broke every bird could tell this even his rivals and employees could see this. Though he gained financial success every minute without didnt bring him slightest happiness.

Asr walked down to the mandir where his di was doing arathi stood there for long praying in front of devi maiya that one day his life his khushi might forgive hime, give him a chance to make up for all the wrongs he had committed.

But then he knew there was no forgivance for the dreading things he had committed still he prayed for her health and her well being ever since he realised his mistake he had turned into a staunch believer.

Jan 3, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

Though family members knew the reason for this change couldnt help to see this arnav so whithered.Whereas akash had stared practically living in gupta residence against all rants of his mom and dadi. his dad supported him. He wanted to stand next to payal and her family.though he promptly came to office and worked not as a owner but as a employee.Mami had worn down too when the truth came out of shyam and then the shock of akash leaving rm had been the final blow on her.

Anjali was under a shock and depression for many days shyams truth was out and she had filed a case against him and divorced

Jan 3, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

sorry guys i stopped abruptly coz there was a power shutdown :P

so here we go again

Anjali was under a shock and depression for many days shyams truth was out and she had filed a case against and divorced him. Finally after many therapies and medications she had started to speak again and started to believe in god again but this time for chote and his wife. she prayed to get them back as a couple.

Today her heart started to beat faster than usual but kept calm.Anjali had to go for her final checkup today. Arnav and Anjali reached the hospital around 9:30 the appointment was at 9:45, as they walked into the hospital corridor both bore different memories in their mind.

Arnav was thinking about khushi who had run up to him and hugged him after the nainital trip.while anjali remembered her amputated leg and the recovery.

Anjali had gone into the consultation room for the checkup while arnav waited for her in the corridor, when a lady doctor walked upto him and smiled.

Asr turned to see Dr.Nalini Sinha smiling at him.

Nalini:hello Mr.Raizada

ASR: Hello...err.... do i know you?

N:oh i am sorry but my name is Dr.Nalini Sinha, Am a Gynic.

Asr: Oh ok nice to meet you with a puzzled expression with this encounter

N:so how is your wife?

is she taking her medications properly? she seemed pretty weak when she came to me for the sonogram and i had advised her to take a lot of bed rest or she might get into complications during her delivery.

She was pretty nervous that day and had come alone, guess you must have been pretty busy right. But right after that checkup she has not turned up here. Err... Are you consulting any other doc i guess may be private gynic to take care of her at home.

It must be her eighth month now that too with twins so when is the baby showers?

Mr.raizadaa.... Mr.raizada... are you listening.....

Asr:Stood speechless too shocked with this news didnt know how to react whether to be happy or sad. He had thrown out of the house when she needed him most,needed to be tended more tenderly than his plants.

his thoughts were broken by nalinis constant calling

n:mr.raizada is everything alright

asr:oh yeah i had forgotten something no nothing to worry

n:so see i have her sonogram report with if you can collect it from the reception i will call and inform them

saying this she left him

Asr:collected the reports and smiled after a very long time it was his khushi who had given him the joy of becoming a father for two two babies. he then thought y she had not told him about this y did she hide this fact.then remembered to see the date that was the day when she had gone out on the pretext of going to the temple and visiting her parents. but when he had gone to pick her up in the evening her buaji had told him that she hadnt come here for weeks.

he had taken it wrong he hadnt trusted her talks when she came home he had blamed her for being with shyam and trapping other rich men.

she had pleaded with him to listen to her but no he was the mighty ASR who didnt want to listen who knew everything who decided everything he had broken the news of her being the other woman in shyams life to the family and had pushed her out.

Now she was gone out of his life like his hopes.

He ran his fingers over the report again to feel them to feel his love to feel his khushi , his happiness, his beliefs his only motto to live.

Anjali who had walked out of the consultation room saw arnav silently crying holding something. she quickly walked to him and put a hand his shoulder.

Arnav felt a hand on his shoulder he looked up saw his di standing with a worried look.

Asr:Di .... Di.... see this i am going to be a father of twins in a month's time

Anj:was taken by surprise and shock

She came up with many questions how? Why? didnt khushi tell you us was the first question but she got her answer when she saw the date and fell to the ground crying.

Jan 3, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

hey guys am back with the update

That was the day when Arnav had accused her of being a gold digger and other woman trapping her husband inspite of being married to him.

their memories wound back to the day

Slap.....slap....slap... anjali had slapped khushi several times in three minutes without even letting her to give an answer to the questions they had asked her.

Khushi's face held so many finger marks but all she did was to plead them to understand her situation.Arnav hadnt tried to stop anjali who was hitting his wife but merely looked furious for telling him lies.

Khushi had walked to arnav's table in the morning asking for permission to go and meet her parents that day.

He had at first ignored her but then her persistent silence had irked him and gave her the permission to go.Evening after leaving the office he had decided to spend some time with her and gone to pick her up from laxminagar.actually he was guilty for treating her so bad lately he had wanted to apologise to her.but then when he reached gupta house buaji had told that she hadnt visited them after the wedding at all.This had roused more doubts in his mind and had called up rm to check whether she was home.

She had not returned home till now where was she ,is she meeting shyam again, is she so desperately in love with him that she betrayed arnav his love?

He reached home in anger didnt answer to any of his di's questions checked where shyam was and di had told him that he was away for some case and will come back only next day.he went into his room and waited for her to return.

pacing around his room enraged by her lies arnav had turned into a monster again

when he heard her walk into the room softly

she was smiling nervously at him this enraged him more and more he roughly held her shoulders and started questioning her

asr:shyamse milne gayi thi....!

Jan 3, 2012

new story with new beginning (By akhil)

Kh:ji....! shocked and hurt by his accusing words

Asr:main tumse kuch pooch raha hoon kahan gayi thi kisse milne gayi thi...?

KH: ji woh hum... scared to answer his questions coz he was angry and she knew in anger he wouldnt use his brains at all even if she told him the truth


Kh:ji woh hum maaa.........and before she could finish her sentence asr dragged her to the living room where everyone was present

Asr:yeh dekho di maine pehle din se tumse kaha tha iss choti aukath ki ladki ko meri zindagise door rakhne ke liye par tumne suna nahi, ab dekho issne na sirf mera par tumhari zindagi ko bhi barbad kardiya hai....

Kh gasped at this statement tears started pouring down her cheeks no words came out of her mouth

AS everbody stood up to ask the reason for this asr pushed khushi towards anjalis feet and said iss vaishya se bhi batar ladki se maine iss liye shaadi ki ke yeh tumhari pati ke saath affair rakh rahi thi aur maine socha ke isse shaadi karke mai issko hamesha ke liye chup karvadoonga par nahi.....

par nahi issko toh apni aukath dikha ni thi DI yeh aaj bhi aapke pati ke saath affair rakh rahi hai... aur aaj issne apne ghar jaane ka bahana karke usse milne gayi thi, par iski buri kismat toh dekho maine isko pakadliya...toh woh ab innocent ki tarah natak kar rahi hai.......!

Anjali: didnt even think twice before hitting khushi (how could she do this to her she had believed her more than anybody, she had given her the freedom to be in the house inspite of her brothers warnings, but today she had proven her wrong, and she had tried to trap her loving husband, how dare she how dare she...)

how dare you? tumhari himmat kaise huyi humare pati par aankh dalne ki , chote ko dhoka dene ki arey humtoh samajthe the ke tum jaisi ladki humare chote ki zindagi mein khushiyan layegi par tum itni giri huyi hogi humne nahi soch tha...

nikal jao humare ghar se , zindagi se abhi.... phir kabhi tumhari iss manhoos shakal hume nahi dikhana.... jao yahan se tumhe paise chahiye na toh yeh lo hum tumhe dethe hain saying she went into the room and brought back a blank cheque and flung on khushis face ...

mamiji: hello hi bye bye humne toh pehle si kaha tha aap logon se iss phati saari aur uske behen ko andar aane naa den par humari bbaat ko toh koi nahi sunta bechare apne aakash bitwa ko bhi phaas liya inn dono behen no ne.. saying she pushed payal and khushi outside rm

abh kabhi bhi iss ghar ki taraf bhi aane ki koshish mat karna.....!

Khushi and payal had stood there crying and pleading them to understand their reasons but no avail...

That was the last time arnav had seen khushi or heard from her...

Arnavs phone buzzed bringing him back to the present , it was aman on the other side he had finished finalizing the deal, and the last meeting and taking over papers had to be done by ASR. Ar group was buying a estate in simla this belonged to the mehta groups for a long time with mehta's only heir sanjay had decided to shift his business to london wanted sell off his father's hometown property in haste hence had agreed to all the conditions of AR group and was waiting to finish it as early as possible.

Arnav and anjali reached home and gave the news to nani and mami.though overjoyed by the news they were sad.Now one thing was clear to everybody khushi was alive somewhere on this earth and it will be for her babies. while others were happy about this news asr was worried about her health condition which nalini told him about.where is she? how is she? He wanted to be with her beside her taking care of her. OH God give me some way to find her was the only prayer he had in his heart.

But this had to wait for a two days he would finish his business deal and then hire some detective agency to locate her. he had to find her now at any cost.

So next day arnav had to travel to simla along with aman to finalise the deal.Arnav boarded the flight to simla, the flight landed at jubberhatti airport 26km away from shimla town. from here they had to drive to the estate. Car had been sent by sanjay to receive ASR and aman.

As the car climed up asr's thoughts ran back to the day when he and khushi had gone to nainital.her getting lost in the jungle and her laughter antics everyting came back to him... she would have loved this place....this was the main reason for him to buy this estate...he remembered her talking about he snow and her laad governor teasing taunts on him.... sighed how lonely he had become without her laugh and love.

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