IPKKND Collab: A Symphony of Hearts - Updated on 24 1 2014 chapter 34

Nov 19, 2013

chapter28 (By Rdsyam) (Thanked: 101 times)


"miss gupta, ur teaching me manners"arnav spat angrily

"manners can be learned from anyone. And will u leave"she shouted back only turning now

Her mouth went wide seeing her dupatta stuck to the door knob and arnav standing almost a meter away from her, she looked at him and then back at the door and finally gave a sheepish smile

Arnav now understood why she was shouting all the time, he glared at her seeing her smile. How can she think me so low he thought fuming

"so u thought...."before he could finish that line his mobile rang

Kushi escaped the minute he took his cell out.

"hey devi maiyya, u are a saviour truely. Did u take a form of a phn call to save ur child. What all forms can u take"she clasped her hands praying quickly and walked away from there before he calls her back.

Here arnav in his cabin looked at the name and picked up the call

"yes aman"he said harshly

"sir, i fixed ur meeting with rahul."

"when?"he asked

"in the evening at MBFC, who said u have some other work there so i fixed it....."aman was cut short

"if it is in the evening, why did u call now" arnav cut the call still fuming thinking kushi escaped only because of this one useless call

The rest of the day passed without any confrontation between the two. Kushi managed to escape from his eagle eye.


In the evening at MBFC....

"oh hello, arnav singh raizada nice to meet u"rahul stood up extending his hand

Arnav stared hard before taking his hand"ur rahul, newly appointed"

Rahul nodded smiling,"u know i wanted to meet u long back, wanted to see the person who is doing so much for the poor and diseased" by now the two sat opposit to each other

"can i ask, why are u bothering my sister"arnav plunged to the point

"what??"there was shock filled in his face

Outside rahul's cabin manorama raised her hand many times to knock but constrained herself,'why is arnav bitwa here?'she asked this question to herself many times though she knows the answer.  

Morning arnav himself came to her to ask about rahul. He did mention about rahul giving flowers to anjali

'yes enough of thinking, i have to do this' she decided firmly and dialed a number quickly

"hello..."a sweet voice responded from the other side

"aah....., anjali"she finally found her voice

"mamiji...., is everything alright?" anjali asked surprised hearing manorama's voice from other side

"anjali...., arnav is here. He is talking with rahul"

"why?"anjali asked confused

"haa, u don't knows? For u only about some flowers"mami replied irritatingly

"what??" anjali placed her hand on her forehead remembering yesterday. 

"how can i ignore this ur my sist" his words rang in her ears again

Anjali cut the call and sat still thinking, he din't leave it. She started at once and left hurriedly

There at MBFC mami felt a bit relaxed thinking anjali will soon do something but now she must think about anju. Anju, today is her ninth birthday and they arranged a small party for the small girl. But anju is waiting for kushi to come, she asked for kushi countless times by now. 

Manorama quickly made a call to kushi and informed her. Kushi promised to be there in half an hour.


Here at laxmi nagar.....

Payal gazed into the mirror for the hundredth time. It din't go unnoticed by madumati

"are u going somewhere payal?" she asked

Payal was startled by this question, oh no i din't think about this, what should i tell her now she thought fidgeting with her dupatta. And when her cell rang she looked at her bua and then at the screen. Akaash

"ok ok u go, come back soon" 

Payal almost ran out of the house


"so ur saying that u gave her flowers just as a formality to get well soon"arnav asked raising his voice

Rahul only nodded, what is in this? Why is he making a fuss about this he thought inwardly

"chote he is right, he just gave it..." both turned to find anjali standing at the door

"ur here...."arnav asked looking puzzled,"then why were u angry, why did u throw them away?"he asked

"chote..., that...., some memories"she said hesitatingly and her eyes started to glisten. She doesn't want this conversation to take place in front of some stranger but what can she do now. Her chote took it so serious that he decided to talk with rahul

Arnav understood, he nodded. He looked back at rahul once and left from there followed by anjali apologizing rahul with her eyes. Rahul felt sad not because of arnav but for her. He can see a lot of pain in her eyes


Kushi had a bash with anju eating the cake and more than that applying the cream on each other faces. Anju and manorama chased her to take a revenge. Mami looked clown with that stuff.

Running away kushi dashed into a strong chest dropping a piece of cake on to the coat

"what the" arnav spat angrily wiping the cake only to see timid kushi in front of him. Kushi gasped backing away from him. Why is it always that she has to get right into the mouth of lions cage.

He glared at her but some thing made him split into laughter his mami, she was worth seeing. Kushi stood shocked seeing him laugh but anjali got a shock of her life. Her chote is laughing that too heartily. Anju who reached last of them all threw a piece of cake right at kushi but her short arm swung in the air the piece fell on his coat again.

Kushi gasped, oh poor child what will happen to her now she thought and slowly walked to her front standing as a barrier. Arnav took out a hanky and wiped it calmly, and then he walked to kushi, kushi gave no way fearing his anger. He crossed her and to her surprise he knelt down in front of the girl and plucked her nose smiling,"birthday..."he asked

The girl nodded cutely, 

"happy birthday"he smiled taking her tiny hand into his

Anjali gaped and manorama walked to her side and nudged her. Kushi forgot to blink. Anju caressed his cheek with her finger applying cream,"thanks"she said smiling

He stood up and turned to anjali,"shall we leave"he asked, anjali nodded,"mami are u coming with us"he asked

"no i have a little work"she said still in a state of shock

The two walked away, anjali went to the car as arnav talked with one of the doctors and started towards his car

"arnavji..."he heard her soft voice from behind

He looked at her, she is staring at him this time there is something in her eyes, he waited for her to speak

She silently walked forward and signalled him at his cheek, confused he wiped the other cheek. She nodded in negative and almost raised her hand but stopped herself in the last minute.

He looked at her hesitation and smirking he wiped the other cheek and left a confused kushi staring at him 

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Nov 20, 2013

Symphony of hearts Chapter 29- coolbakes!! (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 131 times)

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boy emoticon 008I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worstboy emoticon 014, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my bestboy emoticon 013.” 

? Marilyn Monroe

Anjali sat in the car quietly as arnav drove along the curved roads .... She turned a few times only to see his gaze fixed on the road and the famous ASR frown stuck on his face..... 

She outed as she turned back..... Her days with him were changing with time and she could not help but feel glad about it

Suddenly the car halted in front of a huge hotel

" Arnav...." Anjali exclaimed surprised and confused 

" lets have dinner here today" he said as he got down and she sat there gaping in surprise

he stood by the door waiting for her to get down and finally opened it himself " aren't you coming?" he asked his tone stiff

" yeahhhh........... chot..." she covered her mouth as she got down....

Instead of the usual piece of don call me like that there was a smirk on his face as he gave the keys to the valet in charge

Anjali rolled her eyes in suprise... was she dreaming?  He Smiled.. not fully but she saw that smirk...  She walked beside as the Manager rushed seeign ASR walk in without prior notice

" sir you here ?" the manager asked shocked and suprised

" Why? you don serve him?" Anjali teased as Arnav gave her an amused look as the manager smiled showing him the way...

" madam..you..... " the manager hesitated surprised to see a lady with the ASR

" i am hisss" anjali herself was scared of what arnav would react but to her surprise

" My sister... Miss Anjali..." arnav said as Anjali froze her jaw slacked open

" and he is Mr Rat**** the MD" arnav introduced as anjali blinked in surprise

" nice to meet you " she finally managed to say and they took their places......

The server placed their soups on the table and were about to leave when anjali called " He does not eat mushroom soup " 

Arnav looked up startled..  how did she know?.... he hated mushrooms for a fact

" sorry sir can i ?" the server asked as Arnav nodded his head and the server left

Anjali smiled sheepishly as she sipped her soup in silence........


" Hello Hi Bye Bye....Arnav or anjali together .... Sun rise in west aaj khushiiiii bitiya" Manorama said as she sat on her desk with khushi chuckling 

" wherever ASR is nothing can be normal mamiji" khushi chided then biting her tongue

" hhbb.. teasing beta in front of mummywa......." mamiji teased twisting khushi's ears

" rats" khushi screamed as mami left her ears and jumped back to find nothing..... she turned as khushi chuckled " hello hi by byeee mamiji" and ran out 

" Mental hogaiwa...... HHBB" mamiji smiled as she left home 

Rahul couldnt believe what just happened ...  why did arnav have to come all the way to warn him for giving lillies? sister does not smile when you joke and brother threats for nothing ? is this family in senses anyway ? Rahul smiled mentally as he heard a sound " welcomeeeee daddddyyyy"

Rahul turned to get the next horror .... there stood his mischievous 5 year old son RISHAB smiling still in his school uniform his shirt half tucked in and half out and ink spread all over....

he slopped into the sofa his hand on his head " Rishh whats this?" he asked tired of straining his voice

" see i filled your ink pen " the little master said proudly

" are the walls filled too ?"Rahul asked dreading for an yes

" little .. sorry" the kid smiled as Rahul faked a smile on his face crying inside over the fact of having to paint walls again.. 


Anjali quietly had her food though her gaze was fixed on her brother

" all fine?" she finally gathered the courage to voice her thoughts

" yeah of course .. My fav place " arnav said as he popped in a panneer piece

" i meant your health ?" she said mischievously

Arrnav smiled faintly " well ......... yeah...... woh.... i am ..." he gulped out half baked words

Anjali looked at him curiously trying to figure out  what he wanted to say when suddenly her eyes went wide as her gaze fell on the table at the corner

" I thought Rahul was" arnav trailed into silence seeing anjali blinking at a distance

He was about to turn when anjali screamed" choteyyy.......... the palak is awesomeee..."

" ae you serious?" arnav asked raising his eyebrows to his sister

" yeahhh" she said her gaze still fixed at the farther end

" but their is no palak in both our plates ?" arnav said amused

is it? anjali exclaimed as she looked into her plate

" eat the potato na.. see its right thereee" she pointed to his plate helplessly not wanting him to turn back

" what is wrong with you ?" Asr asked his eyebrows arched up in amu****t

" sir your special desert " a server placed a huge ice cream on his table as Arnav looked up shocked " excuse me.. i never ordered this " he said

" but i did" anjali immediately jumped 

" we are just starting and you want desert " arnav asked amused yet again

" jiiii..... one at start and one at end " anjali manged to blabber something....

In minutes another plate came to their table with a candle in the middle and sweets around

" now we for sure din order this" arnav said gritting his teeth

" you are Mr Raizada right?" the waiter clarified

" What the! Arnav Singh Raizada of course" arnav said placing the spoon down leaning back 

" sir then the order is in your name only " the waiter said confidently

" leave it na arnav..." anjali said tensed

"why are you hell bent in eating what you din order ?" arnav raised his doubts in suspicion at her weird behavior

The manage came to the spot seeing the confusion

" woh sorry sir ... actually there are 2 Raizadas today!hence the mistake ..." the mangaer apologized amusing arnav all the more

"one more.. who?" Arnav asked

" sir.... he " the manager pointedto the corner table and ans anjali buried her face into the table arnav's eyes popped out " AKASH...... or ..... thats payal rightttt" he whispered as the manager excused himself

so this is what you were hiding ?" arnav asked as he looked at a pouting anjali who nodded her head


" sorry sir.. but he din listen " told an old lady who halted in her tracks seeing Rahul's return

" its okay you can go " rahul said as she left

little Rishab saw his dad tired and walked to him " your tired daddy?" Rish asked placing his tiny hands on his dad's forehead

he couldnt help but smile at his bundle of sunshine in front of him

His son could send all his worries out of the door...... ever since his wife had passed away during Rishab's birth Rahul had been struggling to bring up his son....

" show me your pen ?" rahul smiled bright as he carried Rish to the washroom where the father son landed splashing water on each other drenching themselves laughing their hearts out


Arnav and anjali reached home as anjali kept wondering why arnav never reacted... Akash was not aware that he had been seen... he had happily drove away to drop payal.... there wasn't a huge progress but akash and payal had finally managed to strike the chord of being good friends.

As arnav and anjali entered mami called out " HHBB...... anav bitwaa is the metting still not over if offciewa?" 

" meeting " arnav asked surprised

" woh... mami... Akash called me ... woh foreign clients na.. so he has gone to drop them' anjali trailed away as arnav stared at her and mami walked away not bothering to reply wishing only arnav a good night....

Arnav felt bad to see it but anjali had no difference.... she walked away as Arnav went to his room....

The minute he walked out of the rest room there was a knock on the door

Anjali stood there smiling with the tray 

" come in....." arnav said softly to her surprise as she walked in and to his surprise instead of keeping it aside gave his medicine in his hand

" Thank you " he said as he gulped it down giving the glass back to her ... she looked at him her face glowign bright and happy

" arnav..... thank you......  for everything" anjali said as her eyes glistened

" Dont tell Akash we spotted him " arnav said softly looking at her

" are we gonna play trap ?" anjali asked excited as arnav couldn't help but smile 

" not really.. he would lay it himself.. like you did eating the desert you never ordered.. finding the non existing palak tasty " arnav said sarcasm flowing in his voice....

' As if you never get trapped by self " anjali said in a flow as arnav looked up " excuse me! when did i?"

" today at MBCF... doctor then cakeeee" anjali reminded

arnav glared at her as she closer her eyes opening one half at him as he smiled faintly and she broke into laughter....

he had never seen her smile so happily... He somewhere liked it.. he had not accepted her whole heartedly but he couldn't help but be happy for her as well..... 


She was about to leave the room when arnav whispered loudly " good nighttt"

" very good night " she smiled again closing the door behind her...

she rushed to her room all smiles and she thanked her gods above... he had not called her di yet..... but still this was one of her most happiest days ever!!


" papa.... get up na" khushi sai d as tears rolled down her cheeks as she strapped her hands across her father...

" he will talk to us soon khushi.. see na" payal assured her

" i hope so jiji.... good night bauji" khushi wished as garima nodded and teh girls left to bed


Next morning Arnav was busy with his back to back meeting scheduled with his clients.... his cabin was empty till noon.... and he was not expected till evening

" Nanhejii... we must make a note and party this non- laad governor day "  khushi said smiling bright to nk

" naughty naughty Khushijiii" nk said as the friends walked to his cabin to place the final files for appproval on ASR's table

" then what nanheji .. has this place evr been so peaceful? GET out.... Do what you say? Isnt it ready yet? huh" khushi sighed remembering Arnav

suddenly she also remembered how arnav had been to the MBCF ... and to her wonder actually smiled....

" btw nanheji how is your nannav at home ?" khushi asked jumping on arnav's table .. the cabin screens were pulled close as arnav wasn't there......

" woh... hes one ghussa wala fellow khushiji" nk sighed taking his seat beside

" hmm... something is wrongggg..... in mamiji's style.. INBESTIGATION KAREGA PADEGI" khushi said placing her hands on her chin

" but khushiji why do you and nannav always have a problem.. i mean this cold war kinda thing" nk asked curious

" oh o nanheji..... he is afraid what else ?" said khushi as she jumped down and sat on Arnav's chair....

She looked so tiny in his chair that she would sink in

" khushijiiii thats nannav's chair " nk stood up in fear

" shut up and sit nk" khushi spoke her voice stiff imitating arnav

nk looked perplexed with fear as khushi tried raising her one eyebrow like arnav but it din work ,,, she ignored it as she continued " What the! I don have the habit of repeating myself ... sit down " she said with utmost perfection as nk sat down immediately 

haha! nanheji.... i am only not scared.. why are you? she asked amused

" khushiji if nannav sees us na he will boil us for sure" nk warned khushi

" huh........ nannav this nannav that... what can he do? if he will make omlettes out of us .. don you worry i will fry him like a jelebi " the hawai in khushi spoke with pride

" you can khushijiiii" nk asked amused

"of course why not.... you wait and see nanheji i will chop him into pieces and fry him and  ?" khushi said as she rotated the chair  in confidence her back facing nk  as they heard a voice 

" fry and..." came the husky voice over as nk stood up his legs trembling and arnav placed his finger on his lips asking nk to stay quiet and nk walked out helpless asking the Gods to be with khushi

" and what else...... we will throw him to the rat" she turned as she saw arnav standing there his eyes glaring at her with anger

She stared in astonishment to find nk disappeared as she gulped the remaining words

how she wished it was like her usual dreams where she saw his scaring her away

" sirrrrr...." she stammered as arnav closed he door with his legs and before she could get up strapped him arms either side of her on the chairs handle trapping her from escaping

" wohh iii..." she stammered 

" you will throw me to the Rats is it " he whispered his gaze fixed on her torturing her very senses testing their patience

" no sir i was justttttt" khushi tried as he continued " what did you say? you will fry me liek your jelebis" he reminded moving closer to her

" you heard that also " khushi asked pouting ehr lips as arnav nodded his head amused " Wait.. theres more"arnav said leaning closer 

" and you said you need to investigate me... hey na... KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA" he said as he moved closer his face few inches away from hers his breath fanning her soft skin of her face

she couldnt take it anymore and pushed him with full force as he moved back and before she could realize opened the door and ran out in seconds never to look back....

He smirked looking at her retreating figure!


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Nov 23, 2013

A Symphony Of Hearts- Chapter 30 (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 109 times)

        A Symphony Of Hearts

Khushi was mumbling to herself. Thank God she escaped just in time or she would have become his prey for today. How foolish was her to sit in his chair and worst of all, uttering her wishes of frying him? “Devi Maiyya! I won’t talk to you. Why did you bring ASR there during that time? You wanted me in trouble, didn’t you?” She asked to blank air where her DM was supposed to be and pouted.

She never knew there was someone watching all her tactics from high above other than her best friend, DM; it was none other than the mighty ASR whose smirk was slowly turning into a smile. Yes, THE MIGHTY ASR was smiling at ‘His Khushi’.

 Later, in the evening when Khushi had finished her work and turned around to collect her things, she suddenly bumped into someone. The person was talking on phone and instantly uttered a ‘What The!’.

“Oh My god! I am dead today.” Khushi said looking at her boss who was whole-heartedly enjoying her expressions.

Arnav finally finished talking on the phone and was about to ask her about frying him, suddenly he heard a voice from behind, “Khushiji, if your work is done, I can drop you home.” It was none other than the very handsome and charming, Akash Singh Raizada who was offering a lift in hope to see his newly found love, Payal, once more.

Khushi who thanked Devi Maiyya now turned to leave. ASR fumed  in anger, why Akash had to appear at the wrong time? He could spit some more fire on her, couldn’t he? ‘No hurting her anymore Arnav!’ His Subconscious reminded while he agreed but that doesn’t mean he can’t taunt her, does it?

He saw Akash and Khushi leaving when he called from behind, “Akash, do you know someone wanted to fry me like Jalebi today. Then the person wanted  to throw me to rats. I am definitely not scared of them, am I Akash?”

Akash whose eyes widened in confusion suddenly saw his Bhai casting a look at Khushi and instantly knew what he was talking about and decided to join in, “No way Bhai. I am the one who is scared of rats. The person must be an expert at Jalebis, is it Bhai?

Khushi stood listening to the brothers teasing her while her cheeks turned into bright red. Akash and Arnav laughed at the cute and embarrassed expression she had on her face and laughed at her. Akash was once again shocked to see ‘The Mighty ASR’ teasing someone wholeheartedly and then laughing at himself.


Akash and Khushi reached Gupta House. The journey was unusually quiet because Khushi wasn’t talking at all, she was angry. Her cheeks were crimson in colour and she was fuming with rage. How dare they tease her?

She got down from the car, thanked Akash for the lift who was hardly listening. He was searching for Payal. Khushi who immediately guessed it and didn’t waste her opportunity to tease.

“Jiji nahi hain Akashji, she must have gone to the market.” Now, it was Akash’s turn to blush who didn’t give any reply instead started off the car and drove away fast. Khushi hoped that their relationship to move to the next level soon and they confess to each other.



The Dad-Son Duo played in the splashing water for a long time enjoying themselves. It was the best time of Rahul’s Daily Routine; some time with his son. It was true that he faced many difficulties while bringing up his son but nevertheless he loved him more than anything. Rishab was his reason to live.


After a lot of fun moments, Rishab had a bath and he came out of the washroom very well dressed and on the shoulders of his Dear dad. Rishab kept on narrating the events of his school, what he was taught but Rahul was hardly paying any attention. 

He was still thinking about why Arnav made a great deal on such a small matter. What were those memories about white lilies made her angry? What was the pain he saw in her eyes? His train of thoughts and questions were suddenly broken when Rishab shouted ‘Dad’. He had finally realized his dad wasn’t listening to his blabber at all.

“Yeah!” Rahul blinked his eyes once coming back to where he was. “Mom ko dekhne chale?” (Can we go and see mom?)

Rishab instantly jumped from bed nodding his head and held his father’s warm hands all set to go and see mom. Both of them moved towards the balcony. Rahul lifted his son up and both of them stood looking at the dark sky glistening with stars and the lone moon.

“Hi mom’, Rishab addressed his mom excitedly waving at in blank air and gazing at a sparkling star.

“Why is Ma always in the sky? Why isn’t she coming down?” Rishab asked the same question he had been asking on all the nights since he learnt to speak, expecting for his dad to say ‘She will come down’.

“Because she likes to be there.”, but today also the answer was same and inappropriate.

“Why? She does not like me?” the cute little boy who cuddled more closely to his dad asked pouting.

“No she likes you a lot Rish, that’s why she comes here every night to see you. But God loves her more and won’t allow your Ma to come down.” Rahul explained.

“God is bad.” Rishab said very disappointed. Rahul was suddenly going to correct him when another question shot him straight “Why it’s only my mom? Everyone else has got a mom, it’s only me! I want a mom too!”

“You have got a mom. Look up there.” Rahul repeated again pointing to a sparkling star above.

“No! I want a mom who will play with me, feed me, sleep with me, tell me stories and takes me everywhere I want to! I don’t want a mom who always looks at me from the sky and never comes down.” Rish said sadly and angrily looking at the sky through the corner of his eyes.

Throughout the five long years it was the first time he had fell short of words, he didn't know how to console his son. His need was obviously right; he was growing big day by day and he needed a mom for sure, a mom to care for him and love him. But Rahul never knew where he would find a mom for his son; he wished if his wife could come back.

He diverted his gaze from the sky to his son’s small eyes which where expecting an answer.

“Come Rish! Let’s sleep!”  Rahul put his son down, held his hands and took him to bed. Rishab for the last time looked at his so-called mother and mumbled to himself “Mom! I want you!”


A white mist surrounded the area, the scene was beautiful. Everything looked white, the grass, the trees and the house behind it.

Arnav immediately recognized the huge mansion behind as the ‘Sheesh Mahal’, where he spent most of his childhood. He has a 1000 beautiful memories related to it. It was the same place from where his mom left him.

Arnav scanned the area, the courtyard where once he fell down and his mom cleaned his wound; The tree around which he and his mom used to play ‘Hide and Seek’; the rose plant which he planted with his mom; the terrace from where they used to adore the beauty of nature.  Those beautiful memories always made him smile and it made no difference this time.

The beautiful memories were suddenly replaced by horrible and dreadful moments.


A Boy was crying in the corner of his room, his body shivering from head to toe. Arnav instantly knew that it was him, it was his childhood. He shivered when he again, heard shouts from the other end of the room. “Dad, please don’t beat mom.”

“Shut Up Arnav” His Dad shouted.

He could hear his mom’s screams and shouts too, and he couldn’t do anything. He felt himself useless, he couldn’t do anything, he just could watch his mom cry!

His memory chain came to an end when he heard his name being called out, “Arnav” He looked towards the Sheesh Mahal and saw his mom standing there, smiling at him. She, like the surroundings was wearing white, she looked pale and tired but despite all this, she looked pleased to see him.

“Maa”, he called out aloud and started walking towards her. He was immensely glad to have her with him, he was so happy that his mother is finally back.

But the image of his mother started fading when he walked nearer to her. She was going away, again! “Maa, please don’t go!” He screamed.

But it was too late, his mom was already gone. He felt heartbroken. He felt so much hate towards himself because he had once again failed to stop his mother from going. He felt a lone tear escape his eyes.

“Chote”, He again heard his name being called but this time from the back and he turned.

This time, instead of his mother, it was his sister, she was wearing the same dress as his mother and she too, was smiling wholeheartedly.

“Di…”, Arnav started walking towards his sister, smiling in the thought that atleast she was there.


“Chote..”, She called him again caressing his cheek.

“Di, promise me that you will never leave me like Ma did”, He asked with tearful eyes.

“I promise Chote, I will never leave you”, She replied and hugged her brother. Her warm embrace made Arnav feel so relieved and calm! He wanted to be in those warm hands forever.

The alarm clock suddenly rang and he opened his eyes to find the whole atmosphere changed. It was no more white but it was totally different. He realized it was only a dream; a dream he wished to have lasted forever.

The dream told him something, something his mom wanted to tell him. It told him that Anjali was going to be the new mom for him. It told him that he was supposed to love her as much as he loved his mother because she loves her exactly the way his mom used to.


The sun rose, spreading happiness into everyone’s life.

Khushi was the first one to wake up in the Gupta House, she was not feeling much sleepy and decided to make Jalebis.

Making Jalebis were Khushi’s favorite hobby, she always loved doing it and never to say, she never felt bored of eating them too. She can survive without water, but she can’t survive without Jalebis.


She never knew how much time went by, but she was only satisfied when she realized that there was a pile of Jalebis infront of her.

“Arree Sanka Devi, ye tumne kya kiya? Aaj kya problem hei tujhe?”, she heard her Buabji shout from the kitechen door.

“Nahi, Buaji, I am totally fine today! I woke up early and decided to make some jalebis.

“But what are going to do with them, uh?” She asked now scanning the jalebis and taking one for herself.

“Woh..” She was confused about what she was going to do with them, she won’t mind eating them alone but she was sure that her Buaji was never allowing her to do so. “Haan, I am going to take it to AR, to give my colleagues.”  

“Achcha, leave 10 or 20 here. Tumhari Jalebi ka taste hi kuch alakh hei.” Buaji said munching on the jalebis and Khushi felt proud.

“Thank You Buaji, Love you!” She said kissing her Buaji on the cheek!

“Sanka Devi!!”


Arnav entered the office extremely shocked to see all the tables empty and all of his employees bustling on one of the corners each of them chewing jalebis and commenting on them.

Arnav saw himself in the Jalebis they ate because Khushi was planning to fry him just like those jalebis.

“What the!” He uttered his trademark words which automatically traveled into the ears of all the employees sending shivers through their spines. It’s ASR!!  Akash’s and NK’s jalebis fell out from their hands and both of them let out loud gasps.

The crowd separated. All of them rushed to their tables revealing Khushi in the middle of them serving Jalebis to the AR Employees. Khushi sweetly said, “Arnavji! Aap aa gaya! I have got sugarless jalebis. Come! Have them!!”

Arnav walked to his cabin ignoring Khushi but was shortly followed by our Sanka Devi who was determined to feed Arnav her jalebis.

Khushi entered after him and said, “My Jalebis are the best Arnavji. You must surely have them.”


“I don’t want them!” Arnav said taking his position on the revolving chair.

“Please try one and you won’t  be able to stop yourself from finishing the whole plate. Trust me!” Khushi insisted placing the plate on his table.

He badly wanted to try one out but it almost meant `to leave his ego behind which is almost impossible. So he went with his usual way that is ‘Get out Miss. Gupta

“I don’t want clearly means I don’t want them Khushi! Get out! And get back to work! Now!” The whole ARD trembled with the loud roar of ‘The Mighty ASR’.

Khushi without annoying him anymore left the cabin immediately. Arnav made sure that no one was watching, took hold on a jalebi and stuffed it into his mouth. It tasted so well, she was true. He couldn't stop himself from eating more. He took another one and pushed into his mouth, then again and again it continued. Khushi secretly watched outside through the cabin’s glass and smiled at her egoistic boss.



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Nov 25, 2013

Chapter 31- A Symphony Of Hearts (By Angelina) (Thanked: 107 times)

Chapter 31- A Symphony Of Hearts

Written by: Angelina

Anjali walked around inside MBCF wishing all the donors a good morning.Dr.Rahul jumped infront of Anjali scaring her. "Oh Dr.Rahul, You!" sighed Anjali. "Yes, its me! Good morning!" Anjali smiles back in return for his wishes. Before she could make any excuse and leave, Rahul cuts to the chase and questions directly. His only doubt that he had been surrounded with since yesterday, that if she didn't like white lilies, and if she didn't why hadn't she told him that very moment he gave her that bouquet. Anjali goes totally blank and out of words when the question she wanted to avoid is being asked. She didn't really want to tell him the reason. Him- the stranger.

After a minute of silence, Anjalli decides to speak. "White lilies were my favorite, my fiancee used to gift it to me. We are no more together. White lilies remind me of him. Him being deceitful to me. And that made me tear up. And chote thought I was crying because of you. I am sorry for that." Rahul gets the whole thing. "Oh, no. I am sorry. I... I.." And before he could complete, Anjali says "It's okay. I have a lot of work to do. Excuse me!" and leaves. 

Rahul feels that he has hurt Anjali for no reason and feels bad about it. He knows what it feels like not living with the person one loves the most. He knows how difficult it is though easy it may seem. He suddenly felt a strong connection between him and Anjali -a similarity that binded them together.He wanted to go and hug her and tell her that she's not the only one who has been deprived of what is deserved. He wanted to console her. He wanted to, but couldn't in the fear of opening up his weak corner. And he didn't.


Arnav's done with eating all the Jalebi's leaving the plate empty, exactly what his Khushi had predicted. His Khushi made really tasty Jalebi's, he thought to himself. She is always good at everything and does what she says. Not a bit of imperfection, can he find in her. The only thing he doesn't like sometimes, is the way she revolts back to his hitler-ism but that is what makes her different. She has the capability to speak for herself and that rounds up to the full. He speaks out loudly. "I'm impressed, really!"

"Thank you, Arnav ji. May I come in?" The "ji" that was added behind his name, suddenly got him back to his senses and he blurted "Khushi!" without even seeing her yet. Not surprisingly, he finds Khushi standing near the door patting her shoulder. He signals her in affirmation, to come in. Khushi gets in and picks up her plate. "I told you, you'll like it." Arnav looks straight into her hazel eyes. Hard to express, he just gets lost in those eyes sometime, but he manages to speak. "Yes, they weren't that bad." Khushi smiles. "But don't be too happy, Ms. Gupta, Its time to review your assignment. I hope you're done with it." Arnav continues. "It'll be on your desk in the next 5 minutes." Khushi replies confidently and leaves.

After a bit of chattering with NK, and acknowledging, well laughing actually, on the fact that the great ASR ate her Jalebi's leaving his ego behind because he just couldn't control, Khushi picks up her asssignment and raises her head up to see what Arnav's doing. Albeit, he usually is engrossed in his work, this time, he was staring right at her. Khushi quickly gets up and runs to his boss's cabin. "Be quick, Khushi, otherwise he'll eat you like a hungry lion."

Khushi reaches his cabin and knocks the door. Being in his usual-self, he asks her to come in. Khushi hands over her assignment to ASR. Arnav flips through the pages, and if his facial expressions arre to be believed, he really likes the designs. Arnav suddenly gets up from his chair and goes near Khushi with full concentration into the file. Khushi, on seeing him coming further, takes a step back. Arnav gets confused and moves a bit closer and to his astonishment, she takes another step back. 

"Wait a minute, Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta, what's wrong with you? I'm not going to eat you up like a hungry lion." Arnav assures with a smirkish smile. Khushi's eyes widened. Did Arnav really listen to what she said while she was climbing up the stairs? Or was he now so used to her, that he understood what was in her mind before she even formed them into words?

"Okay, listen. All the designs are fine except this one. I didn't like it." He pointed towards a specific symbol on one of the outfit designs. There were hearts, beautifully encompassed and designed with passion. Khushi peeped in and smiled. "This is my favourite. It shows how two hearts are peacefully entwined into one another even though they are different. Black & white are not just colours. They show their own contrasting personalities. Though different, they are still together. Its.. It's like a harmonious symphony of hearts. For people who want to feel love, who need love, or who are in love. Its magically.."

"Bull ****! This is not going to work. Change it!" Arnav shouted in denial. "No! It's one of the most beautiful designs I have ever created, and I'm very confident about it. Trust me, love is what people want and this is exactly what's going to work." Khushi debated. "I'm afraid, you're mistaken Ms. Gupta. Love is not what everyone wants. People need peace, and love causes harm and destruction." Arnav responds. 

"I'm sorry, come again. Love causes harm & destruction? You are perhaps the first person on earth I met who says this." Khushi expressed out in resentment. "I do not want to discuss further, ARD does not design stuff that indicate emotions. We define people and aspire to give them a personality through their attire that shows what they are. Classy and smart. Not dumbs to fall in love. And that is the reason ARD is on the number 1 position."

"So you don't believe in love. No wonder, you've been so cruel." Khushi speaks in ignorance. Arnav clenches his fist. "I order you to change it now. No more discussions. You may leave." Khushi is not satisfied. "I shall, but may I know the reason why you don't believe in such a strong and true feeling- love?" 

Unable to bear more of her nonsense, Arnav holds Khushi's hands tightly, and pushes her towards to the wall. "Don't you understand, when I say it once? I DO NOT WANT TO DISCUSS FURTHER!!" ASR roars in anger. She shuts her eyes in pain.. Aaah! Arnav notices that he hurt her. He hurt her, yet again. He suddenly leaves hold of her hands with the red marks now turning purplish and the pretty face pouring out painful tears. He turns around, with a clenched fist, unable to see her cry. Harder was, the reason why she was crying, HIM.

'Why is it that everytime, I try to be normal, my anger takes over me? Why is it that I can't be not-cruel to her? Maybe, I can never change and I shouldn't. But why do I want to change firstly? For whom? For a middle-class girl who holds no importance in my life Why??' All these thoughts, questions and mixed emotions started running through his mind, the very next second he felt guilty about hurting her. 

He knew he was wrong somewhere. He knew he was changing and for whom. He just didn't want to accept it. Will he ever be able to? He knew he was falling for someone. No, not really. But his subconscious knew. There was still time for his subconscious to pass on the message to his heart. There was still time.

"What a S L U T time is, she screws everybody!" - John Green

To be continued...

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Dec 22, 2013

Chapter 32 – Symphony Of Hearts (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 83 times)

Chapter 32 – Symphony Of Hearts

Written by: Dpatel aka Dimple


Dr. Rahul was making his rounds around the hospital, checking on his patients, but the whole time his mind diverts back to Anjali’s face and her throbbing words.

“How sad and gloomy she looked. She really must have loved her fiancée and he broke her heart. It was clearly seen on her face while she shared her utmost grief with him. But why did she share her excruciating memories with him? Why did she? She could have made up another stories, lied to him but she didn’t.”

She sounded sincere and honest, just like his wife Khyati. She was an idealistic person with her sassy attitude, honesty, loyalty, strength, ambitious, and fighting spirit till the end of her life. She always stayed happy as best she could and never let sadness face her. At the end of the stage of her cancer she never gave up on hope. On her last death bed she had taken few promises from him, to live happy, never be sad, take care of Rishab, if he finds love again or has a feeling in regards to another person, then he should re-marry again, so that Rishab will have loving and caring mother.

He shook his head lightly to remove the thoughts that were brewing in his head. “Mother”, “Re-marriage”, and “Love” were the things he doesn’t want to think about it, Rishab was his utmost priority. His mind noted those three words he had jolted down, later to be used if needed.

One thing bogged him, to think about it.

“To tell him about her secret, to a total stranger how odd she must have felt.” Remorse took over his heart and mind. He didn’t want to hurt her and feel uneasy around him but he was delighted to know ‘White lilies’ were her favorite flowers. Point to be noted and scribble in the memory bank called ‘Brain’, to be later used when time needed.

Smile appeared on his face.

“Dr. Rahul why are you smiling,” Meena tugged his Doctor’s coat.

Rahul hadn’t realized he was smiling and looking goofy at the same time. He saw his facial feature in the mirror which was right in front of him.

“Was he trying to see his own reflection and see what kind of effect he has on her or vice-versa?” He didn’t know.

“Nothing Meena, and why are you out of your bed. Let’s go and lie down.” He held her by her arms making sure she doesn’t fall.

After few minutes Meena was in her bed safe and sound and Dr. Rahul tugged her in.

“Now stay here and don’t be running around. You shouldn’t be out of your bed. What if you might have gotten hurt? We don’t want it correct.” Dr. Rahul asked. Meena meekly shook her head.

Meena had bone cancer, so her bones are deteriorating within her body. One fall or one dump would cause excruciating pain for her and he can’t let it happen. She is fighting the last stage of cancer, just like his wife Khyati.

“Now sleep tight and I will be back to check on you.” With that said Dr. Rahul turned around and took steps towards the exit of the room.

Before he completely stepped out of the room, Meena uttered from behind.

“Dr. Rahul you should have seen you face. You look somewhat like a chimp or goofy.” She giggled, covered her mouth with her hand to muffle the sound.

Dr. Rahul turned around, and said “So you are trying to tell me I look like one of your Mr. Chimpanzee or Mr. Goofy?” He pointed to the stuff animals she had behind her who keeps her company. He had given those gifts to her along with others stuff animals when he had noticed she was sad and cheerless she didn’t have any while others had.

She nods lightly, still hand covered her mouth, but her giggles carried throughout the room.

“If I look like one of your chimp and goofy, then what makes me. Chimpgoofy, or Chipfy or Chipoofy…” Dr. Rahul started listed of weird combination of those two words and that made Meena laugh out loud.

“Sleep” He ordered but in light tone of voice. “I will come back to check on you.” Dr. Rahul turned around shaking his head and left the room. Glad he was able to place a smile on that little face.


Anjali on the other side was fighting her own demons. She hadn’t realized during her little outburst why she had mentioned about her fiancée to Dr. Rahul. Why she had told him about her secret that she shouldn’t have said. “

“To a total stranger.” She can’t fathom relate to it. Words just flowed from her mouth. She has to stay away from him.

“Was it his look? The sad one or was it the hurt? She had seen on his face, the guilt she felt, that made her speak out.”

She doesn’t want to think about him or her words at the moment. She knows how her life was before and now. Now, it’s better. Chote, I mean Arnav, have better relationship than before with her.

Thank God she left before he felt sorry and remorse for her, found herself drowned in his pity, it was a good decision she left quick before she makes blunter.


Khushi quietly leaves Arnav’s office without a word, leaving Arnav at his miserable state, rubbing her arms gently. She wiped her tears before she walks towards her cabin, not wanting anyone to see her crying and become a gossip talk on the block leading to more questions. She covered her red marks; curtsey of ASR, with her dupatta so would be hidden from naked eyes of others.


Arnav watched her turned around and left his cabin without saying any words to him. He saw the painstaking hurt on her face and hazel ones which was caused by him.

“Why? Why he does to her? Hurt her. He told himself he would try not to hurt her and end up hurting her. What if she believes in love and not him? What it makes difference to him? It’s just a design, simple and elegant one. Why he hated so much?” He walks towards his desk and slump hard in his leathered chair.

“Why he is so against love? Love? For whom? The middle-class girl who just left here, Arnav she would destroy you in the same manner sl*t screws a man. She is messing up with your head, with her charm, her innocence, her looks, and her beautiful angelic face. It’s the way to lure you in her world so that you would never leave her. Stay away from her as far as you can. Time waits for no one Arnav. Keep that in mind, it moves along.” His heart had different analogy than his mind.

“Arnav what rubbish are you talking about? She is not like that. Why in the world would you think about her in such a manner, compared her with the sl*t? How low could you get? When in the world you have seen she tried to lure you in her charm? She hasn’t done a thing. It is you who is attracted to her.”

“No I am not”

“Yes you are. Who are you kidding?”

While he was having his interior battle with his mind and heart, his phone rang and interrupted his battle to a standstill, for now.


Khushi closed the door of her cabin and pulled down her blinds of the glass windows that connect her to the outside world. She placed the file on her desk. She doesn’t want anyone to see her in her miserable state. She removed her dupatta which had enclosed her wounds which were caused by her Boss ASR.

The red mark now was turning purplish blue on her arms. She knows by tomorrow those wounds would be darker and in black and blue. She have to hide it from others, might have to…she would worry about that later.

“What if he doesn’t believe in love? She does, that’s all it matters. But why? Why he doesn’t believe in love? What happen in his life to draw this conclusion? Why he gets angry when talking about love? He doesn’t have to but he can’t stop a person falling in love with or have different perception about love?”

Her ramblings thoughts took over her mind. She wanted to speak and wanted to have personal chat with her friend Devi Maiya but now she brush the thought. She wasn’t going to let him win over her.

She quickly wiped her tears which had streamed down her cheeks, which she hasn’t realized. He wanted to change the design he should have one, soon.

She sat on the chair and thought for few minutes to think. How she should go about with her next design. Her heart and soul were weeping inside and out. She doesn’t know what she should design. After muddling for few minutes, she started to stroke the blank paper with her pencil.

Whatever comes to mind she carried away with the smooth strokes and after few minutes the design was completed and new creation was invented.


After attending to his phone call, Arnav glance down from his tower towards Khushi’s cabin. He noticed her door was closed and her blinds of the window were closed, from his view. He can’t see her that made him uneasy.

He thought, “Is she crying behind closed door or what?” He felt the urged to check it out. His need to make sure she is comfortable and at ease. He wanted to make sure smile always appear on her face rather than her weeping. He wanted to go there and hug her tightly, but he ruined it. He made her cry.

“But why the hell she has closed all her blinds? What the hell she is doing in there?” He murmured. Anger over took him; Must be due to not able to see her face with his brown eyes.

He marched down towards her cabin. He didn’t knock and didn’t think he needed. He is the Boss and he has every right. He barges into her cabin while she was exiting out of her cabin with the freshly new design in her hand.

They both bumped into each other and she was about to fall, but didn’t. Strong arms caught her before she lay flat on the ground.

“What the! Can’t you not see where you are walking?” He shouted out, still holding her in his arms.

“Can’t you not knock on the door when come in to other people’s cabin?” She equally hollered back at him. She held the file in her hand and with the other she placed on his iron chest and pushes him away from her. He felt good underneath her touch and he liked how her hand laid over his heart. “Don’t you have any manner? Did you left it in the non-love world?”

She was furious. She wasn’t going to take the shi* again from him today. She had it enough.

“What did you say Miss Gupta?” He yelled back. “It is My Building and My Company. I can visit any cabin in this building at any given time. Who are you to ask of me and stop me visiting it?” He was looking at her with gawking eyes, seething with anger.

Here he is trying to comfort her and she is firing back at him with her sassy mouth.

“I know I am not the owner of this building or the company, but as far as my name hangs outside this cabin which state ‘Khushi Kumari Gupta’ this is my cabin and you will knock on the door when you enter.” She answered in fury and put him in his place.

She wasn’t done yet. “What if I was…” She couldn’t complete the sentence as he gripped her arms again and the pain shoots in her veins.

“Ouch!” she muttered when she felt the pain. It was the same place he held her arms before. His grip was tighter this time than last time.

Forget tomorrow, pretty soon in next few minutes or in hours her porcelain skin would be disfigured with black and blue. It had already turned into purplish last time she checked.

His piercing eyes were staring at her teary eyes. Tears streamed down her rosy cheeks. He hadn’t still comprehended his hold was too tight on her and had no intension of leaving it easily.

“Arnavji, it hurts.” She meekly spoke.

Hearing his name from her mouth brought him back to his senses. He saw her tears cascading down her cheeks. He looked around to figure out what made her sob. He noticed his own hands on her arms, tightly gripped. He immediately removed his hands from her arms and composed himself.

Once again he hurt her.

“Why? Why he kept doing it to her? He came here to comfort her and here he is ended hurting her once again.”

His mind and thoughtless thoughts took over his minute brain. His thoughts were interrupted with her words.

She had stepped away from him and held the file towards him.

“Your File?”

In sarcastic manner she addressed the file as ‘Your File’. His Company, His Building, His Cabin, so must be His File. There was no name of hers on the file.

He glanced at the pointed file and took it in his hand. He was about to open the file when he noticed the bruises on her arms which she was covering it back with her dupatta without being noticed by him. She had turned around as soon as he took the file.

 He felt wrenched in his heart. He placed the file on her desk and walk towards her. He gently held her, which made her jump. He made her turned around facing him, inspite her resistance. She was sniffling underneath his gaze.

“Khushi” he spoke in husky voice.

Her name from his mouth is like soothing to her soul. Inspite of her defiance she lifted her gaze towards him. He wasn’t the same man as before. He was calmer than before, there was no shed of anger in his eyes or face, only she sees is pain and grief.

He noticed her hands were entwined with each other and pampering the bruises where he hurt her. He removed the dupatta which hide her bruises around her. Shock he was of the mayhem he had inflicted upon her. Her milky skin which was white before she entered his cabin few minutes ago is now purplish and blue. He is the executor of this inflicting pain of hers. Seeing his remorse and hurtful face made her weep some more.

Without thinking and analyzing his hands moved towards her face. He wiped the pearls with the pad of his thumb and index finger. His touch made her shiver. She felt like electric current scorching through her veins electrifying her nerves system to ensure they are in working orders.

He felt the urge to pull her in his arms. His heart took over his mind and so he did. He embraced her in his arms. She felt good in his arms. He thought he found his solace.

She kept rearing what happen to his man. One minute he was angry as the furious bear next moment calm as a hare. “Hey Devi Maiya would I ever understand this man?” She thought. She kept her words in her mind, she didn’t let it lose.

Speaking out loud meant, his arms wouldn’t be enveloping her. She found her comfort in his arms. It felt like home, her solace.

Time passed by as it should and for how long they stood like that no telling. Only noise surrounds them were thumping of their hearts which were racing rapidly. Both were rudely interrupted by the buzz on his cell phone.

Both got out of each other’s embrace gently, looking here and there. Arnav eyes followed on the door and were still closed. He felt relief. He didn’t want his employees sees him in this state, hugging Khushi.

To avoid the awkwardness between the two, Khushi walked back towards her desk and sat in her chair behind it. She wanted to make sure she had as much gap between them.

His cell buzzes again. Once again bring him more closely to the earth than heaven. He felt pang in his heart, his solace, his heaven is not with him.

“Make sure you eat Sir.” She mouthed softly, as she noticed he had grabbed the file from her desk and about to leave her cabin. His hand was already on the knob of the door.

“Why?” He stated, but didn’t turn around. He can’t face her. He was afraid what if she may ask why he embraced her. What if she file a se*ual harassment case on him? For man-handling her. He was afraid, afraid like a little boy.

Her gaze fell back on her desk upon him speak. She didn’t want to face him ever. But she couldn’t resist his question.

“Because you become crabby.” He turned around to have a peek. He was shocked by the choice of her word. “Crabby.” So she finds him crabby when he hadn’t eaten.

He saw her gazing down at the desk, rambling away. “When you don’t eat you are like a tiger wanting to bite head, and in the whole deal you bite my head. I am the one who has to suffer when you don’t eat….” Her words continued, Arnav heard his insult without a word and can’t take it anymore.

“Shut up Khushi.” He bellowed, she jumped in her seat. She forgot he was still standing there in her cabin.

“Stop you banter and do some work,” He mouthed and left her cabin as his cell was still buzzing in his pocket.

He answered his phone after fishing out it from his trouser’s pocket. When he entered the cabin with his file he had just finished his call. He was anxious to find out what design she had come up with.

He opened the file and was stunned to see her next new creation.

Instead of hearts, which was her previous designs she had placed stars as if it is weeping stars. Her heart and soul were weeping so what best design she could come up than falling stars. She started from the top as bigger stars and as it went lower towards the ground the stars became smaller and smaller, as if they were lost at sea when it reach the ground. It gave an illusion of weeping stars.

She marked her designed calling as “Falling Stars.”

He flopped on his seat staring at the design and what to make of this title. Somehow he understood the hidden meaning behind her design.

Khushi forgot to remove the previous design from the file. The other design was still there intact. Arnav once again glance at the heart design and the falling stars. He liked both designs.

“Symphony of Hearts goes hand in hand with Falling Stars.”

He called Aman. He handed the file to go ahead and execute their next new design for their next Fashion Show, "Symphony of Hearts."

Note: Please ignore my spelling and grammatical mistake. I have proof read it, but after reading over and over for a long time, words seems to jumble and appeared to be intact.

To be continued…

Thank your


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Dec 25, 2013

Symphony of Hearts, Chapter 33 by Moumita (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 60 times)

All it takes a word, a sentence to make the mistake and you regret it as long as you live. Arnav feels same way when he sees the close blinds of Khushi’s room again. But this time he doesn’t dare to barge in. He shudders at the thought what he might say this time.

He takes steps to move back to his cabin only to halt abruptly on his track when he sees NK is walking to Khushi’s cabin with something in his hand, which looks like food item, and goes inside without knocking and before the door swings back he sees the delighted smile on her face. And after that all Arnav sees shades of green and red.

If he enters without a knock then there is no problem... it is only me in the world she has all the problems with... and she can smile at each and everyone from that useless NK to the peon, it is only me she has that grim face reserved for.

Ranting so in is head he storms to her room with a mood to blast every fiber of her body and his stupid cousin NK, who has the guts to even eye His Khushi.

Inside the cabin NK looks intently at Khushi, who is toying away with a piece of jalebi, which is very unlikely her, has a distant look on her face and he asks concerned,

NK- hey Khushi I have brought your favorite and you still look upset. Tell me what is it?

Khushi (jerks back) - No Nanheji I am fine.

NK (narrowing his eyes) - Are you sure?

Khushi (smiling) - yes I am. You go finish your work or else you brother ASR will not spare you.

NK (shrieks) - That’s true.  Nanav can be really hard sometimes.

Khushi (mutters) - Tell me about it.

NK (confused) - Did you say something.

Khushi (smiling widely) - nope.

NK (leaving) - Ok I will be going.

By the time Arnav reaches her cabin door he sees NK leaving and gets irked for missing the chance of bashing him. But the main object of his anger is still inside so he crosses the last distance in long two strides and lifts his hand to grab the door knob.

His hand hangs in the air when he hears Khushi talking to herself, not quite audibly but enough for ASR’s ear,

I wish I could have told you the hurt and pain, the fear and grief, the bruises and scars...

but I can’t... not to you... not to anyone...

I wish You were here.

Arnav cracks open the door silently and see her sitting lost in her chair and rolling the hair clip in her fingers which she ones left with him on that chaos filled day, and the joy and elation was worth witnessing when he gave it back to her. It is evident that is not just mere clip but a memory of someone special who holds an important place in her heart...


But who?

Arnav is pacing furiously in his cabin pondering over the things he has heard while eavesdropping on Khushi’s self talk. He is sure he is the reason for her sadness and he is loathing himself for that beyond measure but he is also sure the person she addressed in her selftalk is not him but someone special who is no more with her.

The thought someone ever existed in her life for whom she has such adoration and affection and off course love, till date, gave him a unknown etching in his heart.

Who? The question reverted in his mind like a painful head-ache.

But why it has to be a guy... maybe she is talking about a girl, may be someone elderly in her relation, maybe a friend...

But his stupid heart is not convinced and content with the excuses...

Anyways whoever it is, the main concern is she is feeling sad and lonely for him and this time he has to do something to lift her mood without **** up...

With that decided ASR storms out of the room, only DM knows to do what!!


Anjali walks out of MBCF in hurry only to get bang headlong with the person coming from opposite side and to her utter dismay it is Dr. Rahul on who’s foot she has successfully stamped on.

Dr. Rahul winces painfully and jumps on his one foot holding the other one. Though Anjali is not in her fine mood still the scene before her reminds her of some of her once favorite cartoon characters and she couldn’t help the small chuckle escapes from her mouth.

On the other hand Dr. Rahul sobers himself and feels delighted to see her all smiling. He carefully decides not to discuss about their previous talk. He feigns anger and says grumpily, “it is not good to laugh on someone who is in pain...”

Instantly Anjali closes her lips and hurriedly apologizes for her mistake. Now seeing her all embarrassed and flashed face Rahul cannot help and burst out laughing.

Understanding that he is been pulling her leg, Anjali’s mouth forms a perfect “O”, which fuels the laughter more.

Anjali folds her arms and waits for him to calm down, tapping her foot, a frown adorning her pretty face.

Rahul senses danger and immediately clears his throat to subside the bubbling inside his chest.

“Chilled juice” he offers as sincerely as possible and also adds “on me”.

Anjali smiles at his expression and nods her head in agreement. Both of them make their way to the cafeteria while chatting about their day and experience in MBCF.


Payel walks in ARD office.

NK notices her from far corner and taps on Akash’s shoulder who is getting some prints out done.

Akash (little irked) - What NK bhai? Don’t disturb please. These print outs are important.

NK (excited) - Akash mere bhai your Kayel is here?

Akash (exasperated) - Who? NK bhai please keep your Hindi to yourself.

NK (still excited) – Akash Look

Payel in the mean time disappears behind a pillar so when Akash looks up he doesn’t see anyone and sighs in frustration.  Here NK is eating his brain, there his big brother fussing over a file, his calm and compose aura is about to slip off of his sleeves.

Akash (irked) – NK bhai aap dekhiye aapke Kayel ko mujhe maaf kijiye...

NK (confused) – mera nehi aapka Kayel hai wo ...

Akash (irritated) – Uffho! NK BHAI to Hell with your Kayel... arg...aa...aa... aap Pa.. Payel ji...!! (Shocked)

When Akash had been busy growling on NK, Payel had seen NK and Akash together and walked to them and landed on the exact moment when Akash was sending her to hell mistaking her as Kayel.

Akash is still relaying on the shock, NK with a huge grin enlightens Akash “See I told you Kayel ji is here”

“KAYEL NEHI NK PAYEL” both Akash and Payel screams in unison.

NK scratches his head with a sheepish grin mouthing a sorry. 


I know not long enough and up to the mark but this is what I could manage for you guys as a Christmas Gift ... hope you enjoy reading it... 

Merry Christmas to all of our SOH readers and Medians.

Jan 24, 2014

Symphony Of Hearts - chapter Chapter 34 :-) the bridge gets narrower! 24 1 2014 (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 90 times)


" Are you Serious? you really did that" anjali exclaimed as Rahul told her the biggest prank he played in his college as she broke out into laughter

As he saw her laughing away her hands covering her mouth a small smile appeared on his face and he thought aloud " you can actually smile?"

Anjali stopped laughing and quickly composing herself glanced all angles as Rahul waved his hands in front of her " coffeeee" he said with a smile as she nodded and sipped into it...

After a few brief moments of silence Anjali got up citing reasons on work to leave as Rahul smiled " yeah... i must go too..... But let me tell me you something as a friend...."

Anjali looked on curious as rahul twisted his lips " you are not a zoombie afterall"

" what?" anjali asked confused as Rahul smiled and walked away answering his phone...


Arnav knocked on the door as Khushi answered " come in..."

Arnav rolled his eyes at the confidence in her voice and walked in to find her sitting with her back facing him

" haan chotu ... how many times to tell you you need not knock on my door to enter.....place the tea on the table and leave " khushi said her hands on her head with her eyes fixed on the file assuming it must eb the little chotu to who she had asked for tea

" what the! " arnav exclaimed as his voice shrilled in the room with disbelief and as it pierced her ears her eyes grew wide as she dropped the file and quickly got up turning at Arnav gaping at him " sirrrrr"

" you let the tea boy enter your room without knocking?" he exclaimed surprising her.... Was he actually jealous of a tea boy.. khushi chuckled mentally at his question as she replied " of course... "

" and you gave me those stupid lessons to knock my own office door" arnav exclaimed further as she rolled her eyes in search of an answer and said " Friends need not be formal..."

" that tea boy is your friend... Great Khushi Kumari gupta " he ridiculed her statement making her frown 

" haan why not.... better than those tip toed fake models who smile to you for nothing.. Hi ASRRRR....... Bye ASSSRRr" she snapped imitating them 

Arnav couldn't help but hide his chuckles as he suddenly moved closer to her as she moved back stammering " Arnavvjiii"

" Jealoussss of them khushiii" he whispered his tone dipped with huskiness

she stepped back as she slopped into her chair unexpectedly and just as the chair was to topple arnav held the chair arms stabling it as a blinking khushi stared at him as his hands were on either sides of her on the chair and she trapped in between....

Her heartbeats mercilessly raised to her annoyance as she felt him so close and she finally gathered her courage and whispered back " jealous of the tea boy arnavjii"

Arnav stood back his lips parting " what the" with the most taken aback expression on his face

Khushi stood up as arnav exclaimed " excuse meeee"

" haan... if i am jealous of the models you are with the tea boy" she said faking a sarcastic smile

She must be the first person who could actually make ASR compared to a tea boy... how he felt like slapping himself .. Arnav wondered in dismay as she looked at him curious

Arnav rolled his eyes as he held a firm face " i have the least intentions to take on a useless argument right" he said as she shared his thoughts mentally " so why have you come here sir" she asked politely 

" come with me.... " arnav said leaving the room as Khushi called over" where are we going?"

" just shut up and come.. you aren't those tip toed models i would take for a date "

Khushi stamped her foot as she muttered under breath " laad governor"

AFter giving a few instructions to Aman over some tasks arnav and khushi were on the car 

As khushi sat quietly her gaze fixed outside Arnav took a few glances and after a lot of search broke the silence " have you scheduled the meeting with the Sharmas for tomo evening"

" but i thought you will not be coming tomo" khushi exclaimed suprised herself  and suprising him as well

" why?" arnav asked curious as she looked on " haan.. tomo is anjali's  birthday.. thought you will have this party treaty stuff" khushi said as Arnav slammed on the brakes " Her birthday " he said a tinge of sadness in his face

" you forgot" khushi asked sincerely as Arnav nodded  making her forwn  lightly wondering what a brother he was

" anjaliji is so sweet...... she takes of everyone so well... must do something nice for her bday" khsuhi thought aloud as Arnav's mind went back to the times when she had indirectly taken care of him and he had responded rude in every possible way... and yet again it had never changed her care and love for him

The car finally halted and khushi had a huge grin on her face " MBCF" the board on the building read as she looked at him " you never told me we are coming here"

Arnav felt good seeing that smile on her face as she quickly opened the door jumping down to rush in when she suddenly stopped and turned " i am sorry... i just got excited... why are we here?" she asked as Arnav walked over and stood my her " not bad.... i needed to check the accounts of her donations here .." arnav said

" but i am a designer.. why did you get me here ?" Khushi asked confused making Arnav feel the stupid in him laugh again as he rolled his eyes " and yeah.... mami wanted to design better hospital dresses.."

" mamiji never told me " khushi said amused as Arnavs atred at her" who's the boss....." 

Khushi walked along with Arnav as she saw everyone greeting him on his way with a huge smile ..

She stopped at the Paediatric ward entrance when she saw anjali surrounded by the kids as she chuckled away with her stories making them giggle and clap

" shaitan brother and rajkumari didi" khushi whispered as Arnav kept gazing his sister ignoring her tease

" anjalijiii" khushi screamed as all the kids screamed together " khushi didiiii"

Arnav was maused seeing the kids run to her like maniacs as she bent down kissing and hugging them... After having seen her upset in the morning he was glad to see her like that,,,, He had no idea why he wanted to see her smile like that but still it happened involuntarily

" Arnavvv" anjali exclaimed as she walked near him surprised and happy

" i had to check on a few things " he told her as she nodded not missing the stealing glances he took at her friend...

As anjali kept tellign him of the new developments Khushi suddenly remembered her purpose of ehr visit and wlaked back excusing herself from the kids with a sad face " sir shall we?"

" you can stay here khushi.... we can do that work later" arnav said as her face lit up and he nodded with a slight smiel on his face..

It was not of sarcasm and khushi could sense a genuine person behind it as she smiled and walked to the kids...

" will you come with me... your car can drop khushi" arnav said to anjali as it was her turn to get surprised and she nodded readily with a smile...

Somewhere seeing the two bright smiles of anjali and khushi arnav felt a wave of happiness rise in him


Khushi lay on her bed as the events of the day ran in her mind...having been at mbcf for so long today had made her feel so much better. Arnav's smiling face as he nodded seemed to have stuck to her mind permanently...

" he's not so bad jiji" khushi exclaimed to payal  who was busy texting akash and as her  own phone rung and it was Aman

" haan amanji i shall check the mail for the final designs" she said cutting the laptop opening ehr mailbox on her laptop

" SYMPHONY OF HEARTS " she exclaimed as she saw the design he had actually torn away hurting her being the first one"

 as she gasped in astonishment and before the next thought her hands were dialing his number

Arnav looked at his phone suprised to see her call as he attended it with a meek " helooo"

" Arnavjii a problem has happened.... but its surely not my mistake.... sab kuch garbad hogaya" she spoke fast as Arnav blinke dtrying to grasp the speed " shhh.... wait khushiii.... whats wrong?"

" i din do anything " she said again as Arnav frowned his wrinkles on the forhead shrinking in confusion 

" tell me what went wrong" arnav said as she told him of the deleted design int he main template

" i selected it khushi " arnav said softly as she blinked in shock

" but that day" khushi said recalling his denial as Arnav spoke " i am.." arnav spoke with hesitation to an already surprised and dumbstruck khushi 

" i thought love causes harm and destruction" she snapped back reminding him of his words hurting him without knowing 

Arnav's fists clenched his phone tightly gripping it harder as his eyes went moist while khushi was busy teasing him over having finally selected the design

" it was just a good design for me... i couldn't read the emotions you drew with it" arnav said as she opened her mouths wide her hand son her hip

" so you dont believe in Love ?" she asked sarcastically as Arnav smirked and he replied softly " we cant believe what we haven't seen or felt khushi....  and before she could  speak cut the call as his hands wiped the lonely tear that escaped the corner of his eyes...

we cant believe what we haven't seen or felt khushi.

we cant believe what we haven't seen or felt khushi.

we cant believe what we haven't seen or felt khushi.

His words kept haunting her as she tossed on the bed...... There was so much to this man than she could see.... May be she hurt her ... it was not pride or sarcasm in his voice today but it was a pain that she could sense.... But why would a man as successful as him with such a family say that? its not just now but many times whenever he raged ..... may be there was more than what she saw...

With million questions arising in her mind along with the guilt and doubts of the possibility to have hurt him she slowly let sleep take over not before deciding and making up her mind that she would say sorry to him in the office tomo...


Arnav saw the door click open and anjali walked in with a tray having his milk and tablet

She saw his eyes red and it hurt her as she sensed something was wrong

"milk" she said as he quietly took the glass gulping down the milk with the tablet

Anjali wondered what could have one wrong but was scared to put forward the question scaring it might bruise their tense relationship yet again

As she turned to leave she heard him say " can you be here for a while"

ANjali din know if she must be happy or sad... smiling or crying at his request as she sat beside him turning his face to her " happy birthdayyy" he said as she broke into a smile with tears streaming down her cheeks and before she could speak with emotion clouding her she threw her hands around him her tears wetting his shoulder....

After a few seconds arnav slowly raised his hands as he hugged her back..... for the first time he felt a burden being lifted of his shoulder as his tears rolled down his cheeks his grip tightening around her 

they broke the hug a smile on her face as he looked at her and she cupped his face " this is going to be my best birthday cho. arnav" she said once again correcting herself as Arnav smiled " you can call me choteyyy" and she broke into wide smiled unbelieving what she just heard

" you remember my bday chotey" she finally asked as he nodded in negative 

" then" she asked curious as arnav told her khushi had told her

She smiled wishing him good night and registering his smiling face for the most memorable start of a bday she walked to her room... how she wished he had called her di.. but still she was more than happy to have got more than she had wished for from him already


AS the sun rays peeped into shanthivan casting its light Anjali smiled bright telling nani how arnav wished her first and also let her call him chotey...

Arnav smiled as he heard the conversation from a distance

" chotey said i can call him chotey" anjali said clasping her hands excited

SO except to me she was always referring to me as chotey" arnav wondered and smirked

Just then the door opened and as arnav's smirk widened to a smile khushi walked in and before she could anjali threw her hands around her hugging her tight " thank you khushiii" 

" i din wish yet anjali" she said as anjali broke the hug " idiot.. thanks for reminding arnav.. he wished me" she said as khushi looked at her confused..." was this entire family mad... brother forgets sister's bday and sister is actually excited that brother wished "

" Hello hi by byee... what happenings...." mami interrupted hearing the commotion and as khushi told her it was anjali's bday she turned away as Arnav walked into the crowd of ladies before mami could start her taunting on Anjali

" choteyy" anjali said stuffing a small piece of laddoo in his mouth as he smiled faintly and khushi gulped down the full one making him cork his eyebrows in amu****t....

as the others smiled away Khushi looked at Arnav her eyes replaced with guilt

" btw khushi... we would have anyway met in MBCF" anjali said wondering why khushi had come so far to wish her and before arnav could leave khushi replied " i came to meet arnavjiii... he called me  to sign a few papers" khushi said as anjali nodded and quickly glanced at arnav who as expected read a Who said so" look and anjali went away hiding her chuckle

Arnav walked to his study with khushi following behind the file in her hand

" so whats the file khushi that i asked " arnav asked in sarcasm as she gave it to him and his eyes gre wide as he looked into it...

It was a beuatifully written " SORRY" clipped to the file....

He looked up as she smiled holding faintly her ears " i am sorryyyy"


SO friend its been a super long chapter!! and the story wa son hold coz writers got busy with exams and readers were vanishing too!

Plz comment and encourage so that writers participate enthusiastically! Personally having known the plot and writers on board this can be a beautiful fan fiction if encouraged and followed in continuity!

hoping henceforth the continuity willl be maintained on both sides readers and writers its me coolbakes signing off!!

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PS" SPL thanks to those readers who have been giving us your constant support and encouragement to restart this and writers for sticking with us till the end!

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Chapter 35 – Symphony Of Hearts - It takes two to Tango... (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 48 times)

Chapter 35 – Symphony Of Hearts - It takes two to Tango...

Written by: Dpatel aka Dimple

Location: Shantivan

“Sorry” Arnav exclaimed, surprise, raise his brows staring at her. “Sorry for what Khushi?” He asked in incredulity.

“For hurting your feelings?” She explained, still holding her ears with her tiny fingers. Arnav thought for a minute but still couldn’t recollect, hurting your feelings, still baffled and confused. “I shouldn’t have teased you about Love.” She explained further the reasoning about her apologizes seeing his perplexed face.

Still Arnav didn’t get it. “Last night…phone conversation…” She tries to hint some clues pointing about, raising one of the fingers in mid-air while other still glued to her ear. Finally it darn on Arnav what she was talking about. He was delighted and happy in his own world where he had made peace with Anjali he forgot last night’s conversation with Khushi.

“Forget it Khushi.” He said in sharp voice. “Drop your fingers away from your ears.” She had glued back her figures to her ears after the hint.

“But…but…” She stammered and hesitated. “You haven’t said you forgave me.” She cries out, with hesitancy. She still not is making any attempts to remove her tiny fingers.

“I said drop your fingers.” He spoke in affirmative voice. “Can’t you not hear Khushi what I asked of you? Are you deaf?” He glanced at the file while making his derogative statements towards Khushi.

They were hurtful statements; Khushi was saddened by his words but kept mum just didn’t want to say anything to hurt him more. It was fine by her if he takes pleasure in hurting her. She still remembered his words.

“We can’t believe what we haven’t seen or felt Khushi.”

Twinkled lit in her eyes she would make him see it, not only that but make him feel and realized it. But quickly restored her twinkled face and replaced with gloomy one.

Arnav didn’t hear a word from her; he lifted his face from the file and glance at her. He saw her sad and ominous face. She had the look of sad puppy face, who is pouting for not getting a bone.

“What is it Khushi?” He sigh deeply, shoulders drop, waiting to hear her explanation. It would be worth while he thought.

“You said forget it Khushi not I forgive you Khushi…you know the difference between forgot and forgive. Forgot mean forgetting about something, forgive mean…”

“Oh! Shut up Khushi…” He interrupted her, raising his voice, frustrated he was. Poor Khushi couldn’t complete her explanation. “I know the difference. I didn’t waste my time going at Harvard. This is simple basic thing taught in any low level school.”

“If this is simple basic thing, then why can’t you say it?” She snapped at him. Now she was irritated with him. He always slaps the Harvard degree on her face. So what she hasn’t gone to Big Name University, at least she went to the best one here in India. She didn’t have to fly herself out to USA to acquire the degree which he flashed on her face at all time. At least she saved her parent’s money and not wasted it to learn basic thing.

With some raised voice she told him and spoke her mind. “Why is it difficult for you to say simple thing. Like this…” Doing her hand movements, she can’t help it. When she is angry her hands fly in mid-air just like butterflies. Her Buaji tagged her with the nickname for nothing, “Titaliya.” “Saying I forgave you Khushi…why can’t you not say simple thing.” She admonishes him. Finally she managed to get the words out of her mouth.

Arnav stood stun for few minutes. He didn’t know he should be angry with her for going off on him or he should be laughing at her and her antics. Seeing her angry face, she looks cute and adorable. Her cheeks were flushed out, the twinkle in her hazel eyes; her anger has its own attractiveness and magnetism, begging him to kiss her.

With the corner of his eyes he checked to make sure they were alone. He proceeded towards her. She got scared, didn’t know why he was moving forward towards her.

“What was he going to do with her?” She thought. Her mind froze feeling his heat near her, inspite their distance which was getting closer and closer, inch by inch.

Arnav didn’t give her any indication of what he was going to do with her. His poker face was flashing before Khushi’s eyes. She too moved back to give him some space, but he wasn’t having none of it.

Silently up in the sky DM was playing Rabba Ve Music…dancing along…happy seeing both having their moment…waiting for something to happen between them…ignition of Fire…Love…She will take anything…

So the dancing continues with the tango…until she hit the back of the wall with light thud. He was so close Khushi could hear her heartbeats along with his…both were going frantic…say be 90 miles an hour.

When Arnav gaze into her hazel ones he was mesmerized by her sparkles and getting lost within it, the more he glance into the orbs. He could unearth the secrets she was keeping clamp within her. Khushi feared the same. She was afraid if he kept on looking he would discovered her secret. So she decided to give him the taste of his own medicine.

She too stared back at him without a blink. She too started uncovering his secrets in his caramel ones. The more she stared she found herself falling in the depth of sea, getting lost forever.

There were some gasps of air left from both of them with some ooh…ahh…mentally ogling on each other. Definitely something was igniting within them, just needed spark. Not only that there were few skipped beats along the way, breathing was at halt momentarily, then after few seconds picked up the beat.

Definitely there were some mysteries to uncover…both sides…

Before Arnav lost all his senses and does unthinkable, he leaned forward towards her. She was shocked and lean back, but no space to fall back, so she stayed put, glued to the wall.

“I am sorry Khushi,” he whispered in her ear. His lips touched her earlobes. Tingling sensation rushed inside of her, electrifying all her nervous system. As he was moving back, straightening himself, he couldn’t resist his temptation…temptation to kiss her.

So he does the unthinkable thing which he wasn’t supposed to do. He has lost the battle – Battle of Temptation.

He kissed her on her cheek. Immediately they were flushed with hue glow. “O” kissable mouth appeared on her face, with astonishment. She touched her milky skin, now burning under his kiss, waiting to ignite the fire within her body surging throughout shortly, going up in flames.

“What has he done now to her?” She thought.

He too felt smoldering sensation on his lips – his lips on her skin. It felt good to kiss her. Now he got the taste of his desires and knew how it felt.

“What was he thinking when he kissed her?” He thought.

“What would it feel like to taste her rosy petal?” Immediately another lustful thought followed his desires, tempting him to do the unthinkable thing.


Up in the sky DM was still dancing; happy with glee…finally something has ignited within them…soon to be going up in flames…Rabba Ve Music still playing…

“Hey DM,” DM turned around to glance who had hollered at her. “Are you dancing or jumping up and down?” Cupid asked her, inquisitively, laughing inside.

“What does it look like?” DM answered him still dancing with delight.

“Doesn’t look like dancing. It looks to me you are jumping up and down like Rabbit.” Cupid teased DM. “Tut…Tut…Tut” Not a good idea to tease DM.

Let’s see what happens when you tease DM…

Cupid will soon find out…

DM stopped her dance abruptly, music comes to halt too, sassily she walked towards Cupid who was in mid-air, floating…

She placed both her hands on her hips and gave it what Cupid hadn’t thought about it.

“Look Cupid,” She gripped and snatched his bow and arrow, removing her hand from her sassy hip…”It doesn’t matter what my dancing looks like. What you should be concerned about is your job, which you are drastically failing. The work you are responsible of I have to do it.” Spoke with feisty and with blaze, sizzling the little Cupid to nudge his senses.

Cupid stupidly asked, “What is it?” Not understanding the hidden hint.

“You are God of Desire, Love, Erotic, Attraction and Affection. What lately have you been doing?” She tilted her face, glaring at the sizzled Cupid, wanting to know the reason behind his failure.

“Yeah! I am…doing what I do the best. What’s your point?” He answered DM, aggressively.

“My foot…” DM stumped her feet. “If you were then I wouldn’t be doing your job…” She pulled him towards her, closer, pointing him to look down on earth.

“See those two…down there…they should be already falling in Love with each other…long time ago. If you were doing your job they would be already in Love, not hating and fighting with each other. Today...today…thanks to me at least they have their first kiss.” DM was proud of her work. Although it was only on the cheek but still it was a kiss.

“Your useless bow and arrow; worthless piece of junk.” She reprimanded and taunted his equipments, his livelihood. “They are no good for nothing.” She pushed him back with force. The arrows were mounted on the bow, ready for shoot, lost his balance, and off it goes.

It takes two to tango…Cupid always mount two arrows on one bow…

“Begone…” DM rebuked and banishes Cupid from her vicinity.

“I am not the Begone spray that you can spray and I be killed.” Cupid yells out, but his screams is not heard by DM, drowns under the music tune. She has hit the mute button; Rabba Ve Music is now playing…she started her happy, amused dance.

Cupid glares at DM intently, but DM is in her own world. Cupid left her vicinity not caring about the two arrows moving towards the earth and where it lands.

It takes two to tango…


Down on earth, Arnav’s lustful temptation gets the best out of him.

“Should he kiss her lips and finds out how it taste or should he not…” Dilemma, he had to face with.

Khushi moved quickly from his closeness. She wasn’t sure about his intention, not wanting him to kiss her anywhere. With sacredness, keeping one eye on Arnav, narrowed her eyes, still her hand rested on her cheek, she was taking steps further from him.

Arnav was deep in his thought, when he made the decision, he didn’t find Khushi in front of him. She should be vanished or should say Begone…

He turned his head to look around the surroundings. She had one hand in front of her, suppose to stop him, if he proceeds towards her, in the defensive position. He thought how tacky it looked but equally thought elegant in its own way.

“Don’t…don’t come near me…” She croaked, shaking freviously, still moving away from him.

“Khushi wait,” he mouthed out, not wanting to frighten her. He knew his action already caused problem, scaring her to death.

“No, not waiting at all.” She moved quickly towards the door, but too late.

She yelps. She rubbed her derrieres, intrigue by the substance which pinched her. She turned around hastily glaring at Arnav, thinking he had to do something with it. First kiss and now pinch, furious she was. But she was shocked by the sight. He too was rubbing his derrieres.


“See Cupid what you did now…” DM shouted at the Cupid who was drifting away.

“It takes two to tango…” He too shouted out, without skipping a beat; not caring what his arrows has caused the problem down on earth.


Arnav glance at her, firework had already lit in her eyes.

“You…you…” that’s all she could speak, still rubbing away; pointing her index finger at him. Her eyes were widen like a saucer, face look stun and shocked. She wasn’t sure what it hit her.

“No I didn’t…” Arnav knew exactly what she was thinking. He got to get his story straight, before there will be tango between the two. 

“No…you did…” Shaking her head moving backwards, not caring where she was headed. In her confrontation she had changed her direction. Instead of moving towards the door she was headed towards the swimming pool.

Arnav tries to save Khushi but too late. Both hit the water with a splash.

Tango wins the race…

In the water, supported by splash, there seems to be the beginning of new version of tango between Arnav and Khushi…


“My work is done…” Said the Cupid. He is satisfied by his work, took a bow as if DM was appreciating his work.

DM thought about it for a second, once again Cupid has done his job.

“Yes, it takes two to tango…” She too was happy, that’s what she wanted; for both of them to fall in Love.


After few minutes both are entwined with each other…

Arnav whispered softly, “Khushi it takes two to tango…” She glares at him in amu****t and bewilderment. Only think he could think to remove the shock face is to kiss her. He cupped her face and rest is the history.


Khushi opened her eyes, still finding herself standing in front of Arnav. She wasn’t inside the swimming pool with him, drench in water. He wasn’t entangled with her. He didn’t kiss her on her lips; she wasn’t kissing back to him. But…But definitely there was a kiss. She felt it. He kissed her on her cheek. She felt her skin burning, burning with desires. He has ignited the flames, hard to control and defused it.

Arnav staring back at her with if she has been gone out of her mind.

“Are you alright Khushi?” He asked in low and husky tone, narrowed his eyes trying to figure out what had made her heartbeat sporadic few seconds ago and then thudding away like a Frontier Mail Train.

“Yes…yes…I’m…I’m fine.” She responded, still wasn’t sure she was hallucinating or what.

“Hey DM what just happened,” She questioned DM in her mind. Afraid to speak out loud, moving away from him as fast as her feet would carry.

Arnav watched Khushi’s every moment making sure she was alright and not going in hyper drive after a small peck he gave on her cheek. Khushi made sure she was headed towards the door rather than swimming pool, not wanting herself finding with him, drenched in clothes, in the pool, where two are doing the tango.

“Khushi, file...sign…” He shouted at the drifting frame.

Khushi’s leg carried her as far away from him. “I will sign at work. Send me inner mail correspondences with Chotu…you don’t need to come…” She yelled back to him, not even bothering to turn back and watch how his frame staring back at her.

He was smirking at her, shaking his head. Absolutely, he has stirred up some trouble, not only for her but him too. She doesn’t want him near her.

Now he has tasted the touch of her skin, he wants to see and feel how it will touch her lips.

“Time will come to fulfill that desire too…”


On her way back exiting the Shantivan she still rubbed her derrieres, thinking something did poke her behind. She took a moment to think when a thought crossed her mind.

“We can’t believe what we haven’t seen or felt Khushi.”

Out rightly, he has felt it otherwise he wouldn’t have kissed her. It will take few more moments to make him realize, but for now she didn’t want to think it, afraid he would have kissed her on her lips if she had too long lingering around his vicinity. She descended the stairs hastily and not caring who was calling out.


“Did he want to kiss her?” Arnav asked himself. He didn’t believe in Love and never has felt it, or did he. “What was she feeling now?” after that kiss. He wants sure what title or label he needed to give but there was something he felt it.

He brushed off that thought not wanting to feel or see, but his mind wouldn’t budge from one thought.

Kiss…kiss on her cheek…definitely stirred up something within him.

“Was it the same for her too?” Another thought transpired within him.

“Yes, she was…she too felt it.”

He would test his theory out soon. Absolutely.


Cupid invisible Love arrows hit both of them in their behind, now sit back and wait for those desires to erupt within them to move along the next step.

Someone was hiding behind the pillar, seen the whole scene transpired between Arnav and Khushi.

Sparks have been lit… Both will be swimming in the pool of Love…

She was happy for her Chote…

To be continued…

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Apr 26, 2014

Chapter 36 – Symphony Of Hearts (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 51 times)

Chapter 36 – Symphony Of Hearts

Written by: Dpatel aka Dimple

Location: Shantivan 

Anjali stepped out of her hiding place smiling and proceeded towards kitchen. She didn’t wanted to embarrassed her Chote who has just opened up to her and has given her right to address not by his real name but the one she wanted too, “Chote”, her little brother.

Mami saw Anjali smiling and grinning descending from the stairs, wondering what had made her so pleasing and tickle with death. She saw she was lightly shaking her head trying to get some faint memory out of her mind.

“Whyz you laughing?” She asked, perplexed, after Anjali descended her last step.

“Nothing Mami…” She responded, still smiling, didn’t want her to know what she saw between her Chote and Khushi.

“Don’t call me Mami,” She snapped, still have resentment against Anjali, but Anjali didn’t mind at all. It was day-to-day thing for her. Mami always have been snappy at her, at times, it didn’t bothered her, but it did in her faint distant sub-conscious mind. She still wouldn’t let it get to her. She thought after all they are still family.

Mami’s inquisitiveness peek, she still wanted to know what had made her smile. You know what they say, curiosity kills the cat. Same state was of Mami. Mami’s prying erupted like a volcanic eruption when it decided to blast after it has been dormant.

“Tell me Anja…Anjali…Biti…Bitiya…why are you laughing?” Mami stammered around her name as well as addressing and accepting as the daughter of the house. Finally, she managed to get the words out and addressed the question she wanted to.

Anjali was stunned to hear her name being muttered from Mami’s mouth as well as in state of shock when she address her “Bitiya.” She hadn’t fanthomly thought she would address or be called with so much love embedded and hidden in one single statement. Though she stammered but those words were soothing for her ears.

“What can she asked more?”

“That too on her Birthday.”

“Wonderful Birthday Present she has received.”

Too much happiness surrounded around her, at the same time; She was astounded. Yesterday, Arnav gave her permission and acceptance of addressing him as ‘Chote’ and today Mami addressing her as ‘Bitiya.” Although, her intension may be desired differently due to her inquisitiveness but still she was elated to hear being addressed as ‘Bitiya.’

She decided to take this opportunity to her advantage, leap forward toward good faith, one step towards friendship. She looked around to see if anyone was nearby. She didn’t want to say anything in front of Nani nor her new found little brother, Chote.

She grabbed Mami’s hand and pulled her along the side of the hallway leading towards another section of the pool side.

“Mami…” She was hesitant to call her, momentarily ago Mami had snapped at her. “Can I call you Mami?” She asked, trying to gage her mood.

“Yez…Yez…you can callz me Mami,” Mami gave her approval. She wanted to know what Anjali knows and was willingly to give her approval.

“You wouldn’t snap at her me later on. You wouldn’t say don’t call me.” Anjali wanted the status to be cleared out in the open.

Mami got irritated and frustrated, Anjali wasn’t telling her what she wanted to know and prolonging the process.

“Yes…Anjali…I wouldn’t…” She growl and retort at Anjali.

“See Mami now you are angry.” She pointed her index finger at her. Inside Anjali was thrilled and happy. They were bonding.

“I wouldn’tz screamz at you. Now be a goodz girlz at tellz me what happenz…” She spoke softly in low tone.

Once satisfied Anjali told her what she had seen. She saw Chote giving peck on Khushi’s cheek. After hearing the gossip talk, Mami was shock at first, eyes had widen, horror literally shown on her face, then delighted as smiled appeared on her face and then ecstatic her Arnav Bitwa had kissed a girl and that too Khushi Bitiya. Now she knew why Khushi rushed out of the house in a haste when she was calling her out.

She had always liked Khushi Bitiya and her nature. Deep down in her mind and heart she had longing and yearning for Khushi to become daughter-in-law of this house. She wanted her for her son Akash, but…she shook her head getting the ‘but’ out of equation. Arnav too was her son. What makes it a difference if she hadn’t given birth to him. In her picket mind he was her son. She has raised him as her child since he had been living in this house, as her son.

She was jumping in excitement, not only her heart but physically too.

“Mami…Mami…” Anjali tried to normalized her excitement. She didn’t want anyone to know, not yet what she had seen.

“I must tell Sasuma…” Mami in her excitement wanted to rush and tell her mother-in-law. In her mind sooner her son gets engaged and then married it would be better for him and herself too.

“No Mami, we can’t tell Nani yet.” Anjali spoke bemused. She had seen the horror face of Khushi and didn’t want to jeopardize and becoming the laughing stock until she make sure if Khushi’s heart desire her Chote.

She had seen them, how they had reacted. One is north and another is south…or east or west…when they come together…equally polarized at times. She wanted to give them time to realized on their own, their feelings, their attractions towards each other rather than pushing and enforcing the idea.

She knows Arnav would go ballistic when he finds out what Mami intent to do. Arnav hates love and the feelings. She wanted to give him and Khushi some time.

“Whyz not?” Mami inquired; she wanted to share the happy news with her MIL about her son. What mother wouldn’t be happy to learn her son is in love.

“Not yet Mami…” She stressed her word, and squeezed Mami’s hand. “We have to wait it out and see their reaction with each other.” Mami looked confused, Anjali explains. “See Mami they just kissed, I should say Chote gave peck on Khushi’s cheek. Now we sit back and watch them, keep an eye on them. See how they behave with each other. We would learn are they are avoiding each other or see their attraction towards each other blooming then we will step into next phase.” Anjali was cautious laying down her plan. “Ask each other pulling aside what they feel about each other. We don’t want to force them.”

Anjali wanted to take baby steps. Modern age, modern rules. Instead of enforcing the idea, see and watch were it is leading then push in the direction once learning the information, what hearts desires, after all it is called “Symphony of Hearts.” They have to be in sync to the tune of love.

“But Anjali Bitiya they both kissed.” Mami wanted to step ahead into next phase in her happiness. This time she spoke fluently Anjali’s name and addressed with proper respect, without any hesitation and stammer.

“No Mami, Chote peck her cheek. Khushi didn’t. If Khushi had given a peck to Chote then it would be a different story. We have to know what her heart desires.” Anjali carefully spoke to make Mami understand where she was coming from. She further added, “Mami Chote doesn’t believe in love. He never shown any affection or desire or attraction to anyone. This is first time he had shown any reaction to any girl. Khushi is the only one that has riled his feelings, his emotions, so give some time and see where it leads. If we force the idea, Chote would react differently and would shut down.”

Mami absorbed Anjali’s words, thought long and hard for extended time. She knew Arnav hated the word love and don’t believe in it. He hasn’t shown any likeness against any girls. She even had shown him girls pictures she was interested in for him, but he had rejected every single of them without looking any of those pictures. This was different, he kissed Khushi Bitiya, good start.

“See Mami, we can’t tell anyone, not yet. This is our secret.” Anjali said, wanting Mami to understand the dilemma they were under at the same time bonding them with each other stating them as “Our Secret.”

“Okay…” Mami agreed and nodded in acceptance. “Now inventigationz karna pedega (Now we have to investigate).” Mami was excited of her new role.

“Yes Mami, play detective. It will be so much fun.” Anjali said gleefully. She will be playing role of match making, how exciting it would be.

“Yesz detectize…” She slightly shook her head in agreement, already wheels were spinning about match making. Mami for once getting too emotional.

Something must be breathing in the air.

Bonding has occurred and moving ahead to right direction.


After few minutes Arnav descends the stairs to head towards ARD. Mami sees the opportunity and decide to tease him a little.

“Arnav Bitwa…Arnav Bitwa,” She bellows, rush towards him keenly.

“What Mami?” He asked wondering what had made Mami so enthusiastic. He stopped in his tracks, waited for her to reach him.

She was about to ask question but glance at his cheeks. Arnav wondered about her action.

“What are you looking at Mami?” He thought something might be on his face. “Is there something on my face?” He questioned, narrowed his brows, staring curiously.

“Whyz are yourz cheeks so gulaabi…gulaabi (pinkish)?” She pointed at his cheeks, which were flushed.

He hadn’t realized it he was blushing with zeal. After he had given peck to Khushi and in the manner she rushed out and ran away from him, he had some kind of satisfaction in his heart. His heart had jolted like an earthquake, a mild one. It felt like his heart stopped for few seconds and then picked up beat, beating frantic than before. Something stirred within him. He liked it, the feeling a lot. This was the first time he had kissed someone. The feelings never emerged inside him, until Khushi. That girl have some magic within her, that bring out best within him or worst, no telling when what will happen.

“Arnav Bitwa whyz gulabi…gulaabi…” Mami patted on his shoulder to get his attention. He was lost in deep thought.

“Nothing Mami,” he brushed her easily, smiled remembered his lips on Khushi’s rosy cheek. “Getting late Mami…” he walked towards he door hastily. He didn’t wanted to share his secret with anyone, his reasoning behind his blush, not yet, until he figure out this feelings within him.

Mami knew his secret and was smiling at his frame. He had avoided her question but at same time his cheeks has flushed more, must be the remembrance of the kiss.

Gulaabi aankhen jo teri dekhi,

sharaabi yeh dil ho gaya…,

(when I saw your rosy eyes, my heart got drunk)…

Sambhaalo mujhko o mere yaaron,

Sambhalna mushkil ho gaya…

(please take care of me my friends, taking care of myself is really been hard for me…)

Mami started muttering the song, desire busted to sing that song, where she got the idea who knows. Arnav stopped in his track, turned around watching for few minutes at Mami who was singing an old song.

“Strange…” he thought. “Mami must have gone mad…” He turned around and walked out of the house.

“Why was she singing?” Thought had occurred as took the last step out of the house. He didn’t understand. He had known Mami can sing, but worse than any human being he thought. The case has occurred similar to Papu can’t dance saala…similar concept, here Mami can’t sing.

“Oh! Bhagvan…Oh! Bhagvan…Stop singing…” Mahendra Mamaji hollered, closing his ears with his hands walking towards her.

“Stop your singing no telling who will rush into the house thinking somebody died in here.” Mami turned around, saw her husband walking towards her, ears plugged. She was throwing daggers at him. Always making fun of her and derogative statement.

“You just shutz up only…” She twitched her mouth and walked away from her hubby. Mamiji snickered behind her.

Arnav’s lips curved in smile remembering Khushi’s crimson face.

Location: Laxmi Nagar

Khushi rushed back to the house. She heard Mami calling out but she didn’t care. She had to get out of the Shantivan before anything happens. She had touched her cheek where Arnav kissed her, burning sensation was creeping on her. When she glanced in the side mirror of the rickshaw what she saw had her eyes widen like saucer. They were crimson in red. She blushed at first and horrified at her look. Not only she had flushed in red on her cheeks, but her whole face and neck was covered in red.

Her mind rushed to the reasoning of his kiss. “What was the meaning of the kiss? Why did he kissed her? He doesn’t believe in love and then this kiss. Why hadn’t she run away before it happened? Why he always intimate her?”

Thoughts rushed into her brain like wild fire. She started to have mixed feelings. She wasn’t sure how to subside her thoughts and feelings that had emerged, that wouldn’t stop rushing into her heart and mind. She didn’t understand what just happened. Now another worried transpired in her brain. “Will she ever be able to face him after what he has done to her? Will she be able to go to work? Work with him in close confine area…” She had too. She told herself. If she doesn’t he would make fun of her or throw some kind of challenge. He is mastered the skilled in the game of challenge.

“But why Devi Maiya, why it had to happen today?” She fanthomly couldn’t understand what has been happening. The prick behind her tootsie still tantalizing. And what was all that about.

On the way to home in the rickshaw weird songs were playing. First started with…

Khullam Khulla pyaar karenge hum dono

(Opening we will love each other)

Iss duniya se nahi darenge hum dono

(we wouldn’t be afraid of this world)

Pyaar hum karate hai chori nahi

(We do love not steal love)

Milgaye Dil Jora Jori Nahi

(Our heart has met, not under pressure)

She requested the driver to change the tune then it played on the next station…

Pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar

(Love, Love, Love, Love, Love…)

Chahiye thoda pyaar thoda pyaar chahiye

(Just need little love, little love I need)

Janeman gul badan meri baat maniye

(Oh! My Sweetheart please understand me)

Chachiye thoda pyaar thoda pyaar chahiye

(Just need little love, little love I need)

She again requested to change the station and each station was playing Love song or Declaration of Love or Love breathing in the air.

“Hey Devi Maiya what is happening today. Why are you playing with me? Why didn’t you protect me from that Laad Governor? Why you had to give idea in his mind to kiss me. I just wanted to make him realize love but not by kissing me.”

She was rushing to get ready for work at the same time hating Devi Maiya for putting wild ideas in Arnav’s brain. She just wanted him to be aware of love not to be the part of love.

“Khushi why are you flushed out? You look red as beetroot.” Payal saw her crimson face, wondered what had happened to her.

Khushi glanced in the mirror and saw she did look like red tomato. Her face, cheeks, neck, even her other body parts were pigmented in red color as if they broke out like a viral all over her body. When she glanced her hand and chest area where too red. She felt like she got a disease…lovearia disease.

Her hearbeat thudder too hard. Flash back of the kiss arose from her memory bank. She was still breaking out, loosing control of her body.

“Nothing Jiji, I got to go. If I am late that Laad Governor, that Rakshash, will kill me again.” She ignored Payal, didn’t want to respond to the question and reasoning behind flushed face.

On her way to work, still love song were playing every where she looked around. It seemed to her they were taunting and mocking at her.


On the otherside of the town, Arnav did wondered about the same. Each station he changed love songs were playing. He remembered Mami also was singing love song. He never heard her sing, any kind of song and all of the sudden love song playing around him.

“What was going on? Strange it seemed…”

He reached ARD and busied himself in work, ignoring everything around him.

Location: ARD

Khushi reached ARD just in nick of time. She rushed back to her cabin taking quick peek at the cabin high in the sky. Arnav wasn’t in his cabin.

“Good” She thought.

She entered the cabin and locked herself just in case Arnav decide to bargin into her cabin. When she settled down she was the file waiting for her on her desk.

“He must have sent with Chotu,” She thought. “Thanks Devi Maiya, now I don’t have to face him.” She was happy and started working on her projects that were assigned to her. She signed the file and sent in inner mail via Chotu and locked the door behind her.

The whole time she was confinded in her cabin. She didn’t speak to anyone and no one came looking for her. She didn’t want anyone to see her flushed out face and question about it. She had received few calls from NK but she didn’t go lunch with him nor did she step a foot out of her cabin. The whole time she was cooped up in her cabin. She answered few emails which was sent by Arnav rather facing him. She was happy not to receive any phone calls from him. She thought she is being childish but now she didn’t care.

At the end of the day she had to relieve herself before she head home; she had to visit ladies room. Upon her return she saw a package sitting on her desk. She looked around and saw no one. She glanced towards Arnav’s cabin but didn’t see him.

She wondered who must have sent her the package. She quickly open it and saw red color. When she took the item out she noticed it was red sari, not just regular sari, but designer sari.

“Hey Devi Maiya who could have put it here?” She muttered, astonished she was.

She asked Chotu when he was passing by but he told her he didn’t know. Her eyes settled on the note which slipped out of the sari and fell on the floor. She picked up the note and read the content.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Khushi…”

Inscription was engraved on the note. Now it striked her why the love songs were playing all day. But who sent her the note. It wasn’t handwritten note, but typed one. She wouldn’t be able to find out who must have sent the package. She looked around on the floor, in the box but didn’t state the name of the person who had sent her.

“Strange…” she thought. She lifted the sari, placed on herself to see how it looked on her. Delightful she looked.


From far distance Arnav was watching her reaction. She had somehow left the door open of her cabin. He was elated seeing her happy face. He knew she had been avoiding him whole day, locked herself in the cabin and wouldn’t come out so she didn’t have to face him after what happen in the morning. He too was avoiding her. Any responses he needed from her he would sent her an email, even for simple stuff. He avoided talking to her on the phone. He thought it was juvenile but didn’t care.

When NK came to him to ask the reasoning of her disappearing act, he knew the reason but couldn’t telll him. In their conversation he had mentioned about Valentine Day. When he checked his calendar surely it was Valentine Day.

So his Di’s Birthday was on Valentine Day.

A thought risen in his mind to send a gift to her. Why the idea occurred to him he still doesn’t know? Initially he thought sending red roses but then scratched the idea and sent her the sari, his favorite color Red. His Di’s party is tonigh, he is throwing in her honor, perfect time for her to wear, so he can see how it looks on her.

He had called his Mami informing her he is sending people at the house to arrange for the party. He was throwing in his Di’s honor and asked her to invited everyone she wants. He hadn’t mentioned Khushi’s name, but he was asked about her. He told, brushing the idea, not showing any excitement, giving his approval for inviting Khushi and her family.

Before Khushi could spot him he moved away from his hidden place. The sting on his butt cheek still bothering him. He rubbed the area to sooth it.


Khushi packed her stuff and headed home. She has party to attend. Mami called and invited her whole family to join them. It was in the honor of Anjali, her Birthday party, perfect time to wear the perfect gift.

“God works in mysterious ways?” She thought. She needed an outfit to wear and now she has received it.


“See what you did?” DM asked blaming the Cupid.

“What did I do?” The Cupid asked in aghast, after DM hunt him down.

“Your un-managed arrows has ignited the feelings. Can’t you not control your arrows?” DM reprimanded the Cupid.

“But you were the one who launched it out of my bow and now you are blaming me?” Cupid couldn’t unfathomably believe DM’s reaction towards him. Before she blame him he wasn’t doing his job and now he has done it, still blaming him. He can’t even please DM.

“It’s your fault,” DM spoke, blaming him.

“It’s not my fault. Blame the Emperor Claudius II…” Cupid bellowed.

“Why him?” DM asked, surprisingly.

“If he hadn’t stopped marriage and engagement in Rome, Saint Valentine wouldn’t have got the idea of secretly performing marriage between two love birds.” Cupid ignored DM and launched the arrow in the air.

“That’s not what I heard,” DM resorted.

“There are too many stories floating in the air…how Valentine Day came into existence. Don’t worry about them and think about those two nut heads, down below, how their love need to flourish. That’s what you wanted and now I gave it, you have to bicker about it. You should be satisfied I have ignited love between them.” Cupid was enrage, can’t please DM for any reason.

DM thought for a moment, that’s what she wanted now she got it, why in the world she was mad about it.

"It's very hard to please a woman?" Cupid commented.

"What did you say?" DM asked saw his mouth moving.

Cupid ignored DM and muttered as loud as he could before he flew away from DM.

“Happy Valentine Day DM…” DM looked stunned and watch Cupid fly away. He has duties to perform - more people to encourage Love and make the tune, Symphony of Hearts.

cany hearts and flowers

To be continued…

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Thank you everyone who has been following and reading this story. Thank you everyone who has clicked thank you button after each update. Comments good or bad are welcome with open hearts.

I hope you all like it.

Aug 30, 2016

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