IPKKND Collab: A Symphony of Hearts - Updated on 24 1 2014 chapter 34

Sep 28, 2013

IPKKND Collab: A Symphony of Hearts (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 58 times)



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This time the beautiful saga through the eyes of more than 30 writers.... for the first time in MED!!!







28th September - Cool Cat(Prologue) + Coolbakes(Video)

29th September - Coolbakes

30th September - Tainar

1st October - Moumita Ghose 

2nd October - Diamond123 

3rd October - Dpatel

4th October - Rockinriya

5th October - Laadgovrnrkechamkili 

6th October - Dhakshi 

7th October - Vsahi

9th October - Arfania

10th October - Simmi 

11th October - ZooieKhan 

12th October - Jalebi girl

14th October - Rituluvrshi

15th October - Yelhsa

16th October -  Revathi Ramesh

17th October - Lucky_Arshi

18th October - Charming_Princess

19th October - Samona/Angelina

20th October - Oasima

21st October - Sruthinair

22nd October - Samona/Angelina 

23rd October - Arsshi134

24th October - Jenissah

25th October - ArshiBarun

26th October - Sophia_Arshi

27th October - Rriya 

28th October - Arshisweet

29th October - Tanu_Rshi

30th October - Joe Arshi

31st October - Jasquerade_x

1st November Minahil996

2nd November - Caribbean Girl

3rd November - Priyavirman

4th November        Rumeyha

 5th November.     Hiba Khan   

6th november    Arshi_Srilu


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                                  LET THE CELEBRATIONS BEGIN!!!

Sep 28, 2013

credits :-) (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 44 times)


Firstly thanks to every single writer for actively showing ur interests with the discussion and and helping this dream come true today!! so a huge hug to all the super sweet writers on board!! its  a pleasure we are gonna take this journey together!!  01

However at this point i would like to thank a few people for the special efforts they have taken as well!!!

TAINAR..... we just had a crazy chat that had this idea as the final outcome! so cheers to you!! and yeah the guidelines are lovely! thanks for framing them!12cheers!!

COOLCAT : its never so easy to handle so many without confusions! and letting the journey go without misunderstanding!!and i must say you have done it brilliant!! a TIMETABLE so perfect.. none could make it except you!06

MOUMITAGHOSE: there wasnt a day that went without you asking the status on the collab pouring in your ideas continuously!! love the support and keep loving it!!03

TITLE CREDITS: ROCKINRIYA:13 thanks to your blessed thoughts! we have an amazing title!!!love it!


PROMO: Thanks Arfania for the super cute vm!! it was a pleasant surprise! and i am sure our readers willl love it!!md003

FIRST LOOK VM: yes guys there are many spl stuff in store for you!! thanks to TAINAR COOLCAT AND MOUMITA for the amazing support for the first look vm!!

the vm shall be up tomo morning following our prologue!!

Banner credits:-)md003

Thanks to Ashley and vyshnavi!! the amazing banners will be up at the time of launch!!




PS: i am sorry if i missed anyone but i am sure you all know that this is a puzzle incomplete even if any one of you go missing.... so stay there as always md056

Sep 28, 2013

GUIDELINES (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 32 times)


Listed below are a few basic guidelines to help make this a smooth and enjoyable experience. Suggestions and Concerns are always Welcome! 

1)    This will be purely a Arshi Fiction to celebrate their legendary love that won millions of hearts.

a.     Therefore, we don’t want any misunderstanding between Arshi that are prolonged beyond the point of necessity and logic.

2)    With the exception of a few known, catch phrase, it should be written in English.

a.     Some of us (like me) are not very adept at writing in Hindi and there are some who do not understand the language.  So let’s just make it easier on both the writers and the readers!

3)    Original Characterization must essentially remain the same!

a.     Arnav can’t be portrayed as a rapist or as a womanizer.  He is ****y and charismatic but he has a healthy dose of respect for women.  Let’s keep it that way.

b.     Khushi’s adorable, crazy personality must remain intact.  But we can make her smarter and give her a better sense of style.

4)    No Rated-R romance.  Keep it PG-13 as in sweet and clean but still romantic.

5)    No bashing allowed!  Let’s all be respectful and supportive of each other.

a.     Writers if you are stumped, just ask anyone in the group for assistance.  This is a collaborative work, so let’s help each other!

6)    Provide hint for the next update so the next writer can have a starting point.

a.     Let’s keep the flow at a steady pace and continue from the previous update.

7)    Introduce twists related to the previous updates to maintain continuity

8)    Everyone will have equal opportunity to post. 

a.     Availability will be taken into consideration for the updates.  So those who have exams and such, no need to worry!

9)    Write in your OWN UNIQUE STYLE! 

a.     This is what would make the story so special and different from all others. 

10)   And most importantly, LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!

Additional Guidelines

1) If you are unable to write an update on the day assigned to you, please try to inform us a day before so that we can ensure that there is someone to take over you for that day.

2) Whenever you complete writing a chapter, please make sure that you write the name of the person who is writing after you as this will avoid any sort of misunderstandings. (If you do not know, refer to the timetable that will be posted shortly) - Since most of them are diary holders, someone can take up the initiative to remind them through My Messages.

3) Many writers have the habit of writing a precap at the end of the update. Please refrain from doing so. As Tainar mentioned, just drop in hints as to where you are planning to take the story ahead so the next writer has a fair idea of the same.

4) Let's try to keep it one update per day because if we make it two updates per day, timings of the people might clash.

Sep 28, 2013

Facts and Pages (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 34 times)

 1)This thread shall contain only chapters and promo videos!!

for any other post u need to make regarding suggestions appreciations etc etc plz post it in this thread


we do not want it messed up for readers! hope you understand!!

2) A spl Fb page has been made for facts teasers etc etc of this collab! do join us there as well for more fun!!

Sep 28, 2013

Promos and spl video mixes! (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 30 times)

The first look teaser - coolbakesmd033

First Promo - arfaniamd038


 1) vyshnavi

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Sep 28, 2013

The Prologue (By Cool Cat) (Thanked: 137 times)


The Prologue


- Written by: Cool Cat



"The illimitable, silent, never-resting thing called Time, rolling, rushing on, swift, silent, like an all-embracing ocean-tide, on which we and all the universe swim like exhalations, like apparitions which are, and then are not: this is forever very literally a miracle; a thing to strike us dumb, for we have no word to speak about it." - Thomas Carlyle

Time truly waits for no one. It slips out of our hands just like grains of golden sand. Seconds pass by, minutes pass by and before we know it, decades and centuries pass by leaving us transfixed in a state of wonder at the glorious ways of time.


"Dadi....Dadi, where are you?" screamed a cute girl with two ponytails.

"I am here, my darling chutki...am I looking fine? Come let's leave before it gets too late" said a lady whose face was a criss cross of wrinkles.

"Hello Hi Bye Bye! Eh Phati Sari....hows can you forgetwa bootiful Mamiji when you are going out for a trip? You may have become old like a hag but bootiful Mami ij p****ver youngs" said Mamiji putting on pink colour sunglasses flipping the blonde hair of her wig. 

"NAHIIIII! Aap humare Saath aise nahi kar sakte, nahi kar sakte. Samjhi aap?" screamed our dear Anjali

This was our dear Raizada family, each individual loved a little bit of drama in their lives. A typical dramatic Hindi serial family!

"Hello Hi Bye Bye! Whatz happends,  Anjali Bitiya?" Asked Mamiji scrunching her nose in distaste that someone asked her to stop from going for a trip with Phati saree and Naina.

"Mami, what's wrong with you? How can you forget what we had planned?" she said pointing at some gift packages.

"Oh yeah...humse forgetwa huigawa"

"What khichadi are you both cooking?" Asked Khushi getting a hint that that her crazy family was upto some mischief.

"Don't ask questions.....take this and get ready." Said Anjali handing a big package to Khushi. She pushed her into the room and locked the door from outside.

"Mami ji, there is very little time and lots to do! Naina, is the cake ready?"

"Yes ma'am" she said, raising her hand to salute her Dadi-bua.

"Mamiji, are the caterers ready?"

"Ji Bitiya!"


"Dadi-bua, they are working on it."

All three of them smiled as their plan was running smoothly. Today was a big occasion and nothing should go wrong.

Before you start wondering what all these preparations are for, let me inform you that it is Laad Governor and Phati Saree's 25th wedding anniversary. Here's a small tip: Don't forget to congratulate them or else Miss Sankadevi might kick up a fuss and banish you from the IPKKND fan club! *winking*


Khushi was sitting on her bed biting her nails in confusion. 

Seems like old habits don't change easily, isn't it? 

"What are these two planning hiding from me? Do they think Khushi Kumari Gupta will never find out? Humph!" she said, blowing the fringe on her forehead.

She quickly opened the package to find a gorgeous red sari staring back at her. 

Red, the colour of love.....her's and Arnav's love. Red had always played a key role in their love story from their first meeting to their wedding....everything! 

(TRING TRING) - Laad Governor's name was flashing on the screen. Khushi quickly picked it up.


They had been together for 25 years, but she still loved the way his lips parted when he said her name. It would make her go weak on her knees because those lips were absolutely kissable! His lips.....the mere thought brought a deep red blush on her face and increased the pace of her heartbeats.

"Khushi, why is your heart beating so fast?" Arnav asked inquisitively.

"Hey Devi Maiyya! How did he come to know? Does he even know that I was thinking of...." She thought.

"My heartbeat is normal....what's wrong with you? You must be really tensed with office work and that is why YOUR heartbeat is high. Stop blaming it on me! Gadbad khud ki or dosh kisi aur pe." said Khushi trying to cover up.

"Khushi, were you missing me?"

"Haan....Na, bilkul Bhi nahi! Why would I miss you?"

"Khushi, you can't hide anything from me....you were missing me and that is why your heartbeats were high. You stop blaming it on me!"

"Nahi toh...yeh kya backwas hai?" Said Khushi fumbling with her words.

"Achcha...now I am backwas for you. Khushi I did not expect this dhokha from you!" Said Arnav in the most dramatic tone ever.

"Nahi...you are not backwas at all...samjhe aap? We have spent 25 years together, if. I had to leave you, I would have done that ages ago....after all who but KKGSR can bear you for so many years? Give me one example." Khushi scolded him slightly. 

"Khushi do you really want an example?? You might look like a buddhi now but I am still hot and handsome. My new secretaries, Shravanya and Shrevanya, they have been hitting on me...if you give permission, do I invite them to bear me? Should I invite them over to share me? He said with a slight chuckle.

"Haaw! You called me a buddhi? I am young and forever will be, unlike you! Aur, share Kare Meri jooti! And if you even try to invite those kabab mein haddis, I will smash their heads into thousands pieces and make sure nobody ever gets closer to my Laad Governor. You are only mine...samjhe aap?"

Arnav started laughing uncontrollably on the phone. 

"Khushi, I can smell something burning till here!"

"You were teasing me?? I am not going to talk to you! Humph! Bade aye Laad Governor kahike!"

(CLICK) - she cut the call.

"What does he think of himself, huh? That only he is handsome? He still doesn't know which mitti Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is made up of!"

Saying this she pulled out the red sari from the package and started draping it around herself.

"May I help you, Mrs Raizada?" said Arnav.

Khushi was beyond shocked! Just a few minutes ago, she was talking to him on the phone and now he is in the room? She rubbed her eyes twice to confirm whether she was dreaming or not. She pinched herself thrice as well.

"Stop pinching yourself Khushi....I really am here!"

"Hey Devi Maiyya...how did he enter, the door is locked!" she thought as she started her telepathic conversations with her best friend. 

"Don't trouble Devi Maiyya too much! I entered through the pool side, if you are so interested in knowing."

Khushi continued to ignore him and pretended to not listen.

When Khushi turned to look at him, Arnav almost got a heart attack. His breaths had stopped for a second. He was completely mesmerized with her simplicity and innocence . She looked no less than divine angel standing in front of him. Those wrinkles seemed to have vanished and the red sari made her look ravishingly gorgeous.  She was beautiful and she was his...

Arnav's intense stare made Khushi uncomfortable. She seemed to feel drawn to him. It was as if a magnet was pulling her against her own will towards him. She took a few steps forward but unfortunately Devi Maiyya intervened and broke their Rabba Ve, reminding Khushi of her resolve.

Arnav hugged her from behind, "Khushi, I am sorry!"

"Damn, why does he have to look so irresistable? How can someone not forgive him?" Said Khushi whose frozen heart had begun melting like ice.

She pushed him aside and started arranging things in her cupboard.

"Khushi, when I was small, mumma used to tell di all those weird fairy tales of Cinderella and Snow White. I always used to consider them rubbish.  Love, Prince Charming, happily ever after.....it never made any sense to me. How was it even possible? It was just a dream for many which could never come true. 

But I was wrong! YOU were the one who proved me wrong. Whenever I am with you, I feel complete. I want time to stop and let that moment last forever. You were the one who made my life a living heaven....you showed me that finding true love and having a happily ever after is possible. 

I always pray to god that if you live a hundred years, I can live hundred minus one year so that I never have to live without you. Khushi, you are my reason for existence, without you, there can be no Arnav." His eyes had become misty as he opened his heart to her.

Khushi quickly ran towards him and covered his mouth with her hand. Tears were trickling down her cheek at a ferocious speed.

"Don't talk about dying...may God bless you with a long life. Hum hamesha Saath rahenge. Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada is not going to leave you so easily!" 

Arnav wiped her tears.

"Open this." He said as he handed her a Jewellery box.

"Yeh kya hain?" She asked pretty surprised. She opened it to see the most beautiful necklace ever. She ran her fingers over the diamonds and the jewels of the necklace.

"Mumma ka hain! She wore it on her marriage and today I want to give this to you. Khushi, thank you for coming into my life. You have made it a garden full of roses."

"This is very beautiful! Thank you so much Arnavji!" She gave him a peck on his cheek and started looking at herself with the necklace in the mirror.

"What about me?"


"It's my anniversary too! Where's my gift?" Said Arnav pouting like a little kid.

She went towards the cupboard and pulled out a pink colour package for him.


Arnav eagerly opened his present to find a MacBook inside the gift. 

"A laptop?"

"Haan! You remember I got so angry with my sautan...oops your laptop the other day and I broke it? So I bought you a new laptop! It's nice Na?"

Seeing no response from Arnav, her face fell.

"It's not nice? I thought you will be very happy after receiving it! In fact you should, I am hand delivering you a new wife. You must be the only man who does not like a second wife!"

"I will have only one wife and that is you! About the laptop, it is very beautiful and. I myself was planning to place an order for it. But this model hasn't released yet, has it?" He asked a bit surprised.

"The benefits of being Arnav Singh Raizada's wife!" She said as she winked to him.

That's it! That is exactly what I was looking for!"

"Kya?" Asked Khushi in a confused tone.

"That smile!"

She gave him a tight hug. But as usual, there had to be an interruption.

"Chhote? Khushiji? Come down!"

Both of them descended the stairs hand in hand like a perfect couple which received a loud applause from all the guests in the party.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I feel delighted to welcome you to Mr. Arnav and Khushi's anniversary party.

Dada and Dadi, this is for you!"

Arnav and Khushi had tears in their eyes. Their family had done so much for them. They felt immensely blessed to have such a family.

"Chhote, before we cut the cake, we'd like you to come on stage and share your khatti Meethi love story with us!" said Anjali as the whole room cheered for the couple.

"Our love story is long and it might take quite some time before I finish, are you all willing to listen?"

"YESSSS!" Screamed the people in the hall. Everyone was excited to hear the love story of a man who never believed in love in the first place and claimed that falling in love was "RUBBISH".

"It all started on one rainy night...."


That's the prologue of our awesome venture! Please do tell me how it is because I am pretty scared about how it has turned out to be! Do share your views...positive and negative, both are heartily welcome!

With Love,

Cool Cat

PS - Next up is Coolbakes

Sep 28, 2013

Prologue And the GRAND first Look VM specially for RAEDERS! ARSHI ANNIV SPL (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 57 times)

Coolcat had given the best start possible for an amazing work with lovely people on board! don forget to read the prologue before watching this!

we are glad you readers are loving this!!

We are trying to make this very spl for both you and us!

The next suprise in store for you lovely people is the special VM for this story! a insight to the dream of a million!!

watch and enjoy!

and plzz don forget to comment! silent readers including! the more the comments the more the writers will be encouraged!

once again readers this collab will be nothing without your support! so voice your thoughts and appreciations for the people making this journey for us!

We love you and know you will love you too!!

Loads of love 


And here it goes!! Enjoy the video!! i am waiting to hear your thoughts! CHEERS.. let the celebrations begin yet againmd024we have worked hard for this so don forget to drop ur views on the video

Sep 29, 2013

SYMPHONY OF HEARTS - CHAPTER 1 (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 129 times)


“Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.” 

? Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones07

 “Dammit”…… His fists banged the front of his car with rage building in him  as his final attempt to start the car went futile…….

Dark clouds spread its wings wide hugging the sky ruling the night …..Thunder finally kissed the clouds letting the hell break loose with the first drop of rain hitting his forehead…..

Arnav closed his eyes in frustration as the drops slowly made way for the  drizzle….. The entire highway was abandoned in the darkness as he battled with his car alone…… He closed the door taking his seat with his hands running into his hair with frustration as he called his secretary aman!

“I need the car sent now” he roared into his phone making poor aman tremble at his Boss’s temper….

“I have sir but it will take more than an hour to reach your place and its already dark. I suggest you take a lift if possible” aman spoke concern covering the fear in his voice

“Send….. the…… car….. I am waiting” spoke the firm voice of arnav as he cut the call not taking the discussion any further as aman shaked his head hopelessly asking the driver to speed up wondering why his Boss always goes alone to GOD KNOWS WHERE every first sunday!

Arnav closed his eyes resting his head on the back rest when the phone rang again….

His hands gripped the steering as he saw the name flashing “ ANJALI ”

His thumb reached for the Silent option toning down the alarming ringtone as he rested his head back again closing his eyes!

He opened his eyes in a while to see the Phone ringing once again…. He saw the calls die with the missed calls increasing their count…

Suddenly they died away and he let out a sigh and before he could catch some air to breath it was ringing again…. This was the 3rd  time if his eyes were seeing right…

He finally received the call whispering a timid “ Hello” into his bluetooth

“ Chotey where,,,” her voice trailed into silence as arnav closed his eyes clenching his fists…….

“ WOH I am sorry… arnav” she corrected herself as his fists relaxed and she continued with panic evident in her voice “ where are you? Its been bad out there and me and nani were worried for you…” she spoke without a break and somewhere he knew she deserved an answer…

“ I was out for business and my car had a break down” he replied the tone cold and straight with no expressions yet conveying what was needed

“Did aman….” She was cut as he spoke “he has already sent me the car.. I will be home in a while” he told her as he cut the call casting the phone on the dashboard ahead of him!

She nodded as an anxious nani smiled at her ……. “ don’t worry anjali bitiya.. Everything will be fine” nani assured her before leaving to her room…

Anjali nodded thinking to herself “ atleast he attends her call now”

She sunk to the sofa beside her, eyes fixed to the door and anxiety in her thoughts  as she awaited for her brother to reach safely.


She rolled down the windows of the speeding cab helping the sweet rain rush inside kissing her face..

The weather so tender and cold amazed her so much that she wished she could be like the heroines in her fav films stretching out her feathers welcoming the tender drops to trail down her with that special someone right beside…. But she pouted her lips at her empty life…. Her buaji has been bringing crazy guys forward that she was scared she might get her grey hair before her dream guy!!

She let out a sigh this time loud enough to be heard by the driver

“khushi didi plzz roll up the windows .. Its so difficult to clean the car in the morning” he explained with worry over the task that laid ahead next morning for him!

Khushi gave him a fussy glare and slowly pulled up the windows grumbling to herself as she spoke out a piece of her mind “ bhaiyya are you married?”

The driver turned to flash a smile as he spoke” 4 kids didi

Khushi’s mouth slacked open as she thought “looks like he never came out of the house after marriage”

“didi you said something” he asked and she snapped back “ listen… call me khushi or khushiji.. but I am surely not didi for you” she said her voice firm with disappointment and the driver nodded

As the car sped by with the rain hitting her windows her thoughts trailed to her future wondering where her special someone would be?

Just as destiny would have it her car gave a few screeches slowing down and the driver managed to halt the car in the side of the road…..

“What happened bhaiyya??” she asked him puzzled at his sudden halting

Woh it’s the rain khushiji…. I will set it okay in 20 mins!! He said as he slid his rain coat and got out with his torch!!

“hey devi maiyya!! RAKSHA KARNA……. Buaji will kill me today” she spoke to devimaiyya her only partner in crime as she heard her phone ring “chalo….. bhavan bhavan”

She prayed as she picked up the phone with a stammering “ hheeelllooo”

“Khushiiiii…..  Where are you??” payal whispered not wanting Buaji to know she was warning khushi

“huh..jiji.. its you” khushi relaxed letting out a sigh

“ khushii….. come soon.. buaji is already angry…..” she warned

“ oh o jiji…. This dabba cab which Sister Jones sent from the institute to drop me went repair… he is checking.. I will come home soon jiji.. plz make buaji asleep and keep the side window open” she requested payal her second partner in crime

“ ok.. be careful.. come soon” payal warned again as she cut the call as buaji rushed out “hai re nandakis****! Hey payaliya! Is that sankadevi coming or not buaji chided in anger and worry

“she will reach in sometime buaji.. you go sleep na.. remember you have to go mandir tomo….” She reminded buaji hoping it will work and it did…

“ hai nadakis****… yeah I have to…. Where is this garima” buaji asked

“ maa is sleeping buaji.. she was tired na” payal softly replied as buaji nodded her head disappearing into her room…

Khushi looked around as the rain hit the earth louder with every passing minute and the driver was still lost into the front of his car!

Arnav looked at his wrist as the  time ticked away with no sign of his next car.

“aman! What the hell dammit!” he barked into his phone as aman called him again

“sir.. the driver is held up due to the heavy rains… he will come soon sir” aman tried to pacify his boss only to realize the call was already cut in the other end!

The closed door made arnav puke with suffocation and finally he rolled down the windows of his car a little and quickly turned his face in dismay  to escape the stings the shower of rain that entered gave

The driver peeped in “khushiji looks like it  will take time.. I will get you another cab” he suggested

“ hey Devimaiyya! Bhaiyya.. who wil drive in this rain and come” she placed her hand on her head as she got out opening her umbrella in the rain….

Suddenly a smile appeared on her lips with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes “bhaiyya……you take your time I will wait” she spoke as the driver nodded getting back to his work!

She loved the cold wind blowing against her face with the chill that trailed down her spine as she felt every drop like it was kissing and tickling her….

 Thunder crashed with a a rush of lightening as the rain poured heavier making puddles .... she smiled as she held on to her umbrella still helping her keep dry..

Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew as she missed the umbrella in her hand and ran behind to get hold of it but it played the game well making her run behind

Meanwhile arnav was irritated as there was no sign of his car yet and decided he would try again and got out as his face frowned with the rain trailing over him..

Suddenly he felt something sharp hit his hand “aaahhhhh……” he screamed as his hands went on to hold the object of trouble …

It was a strange multicolored umbrella and as he pulled down the umbrella from covering his face he saw a girl clad in a red salwar panting and gasping in front of him

His eyes went red with rage as he stared at her and even before she could speak he blurted "what the"


Khushi put her hand forward to grab the umbrella only to realize arnav was holding it tight……

Her Gaze met with his molten ones dipped in red as she terrified and tried to pull the umbrella from his grip as he tightened more on it

“ it’s mine.. don’t think you can flick it from me” she spoke out in her trembling voice

Arnav’s eyes went wide in shock… did she really think he will flick the umbrella….

Arnav “ When you do not know to handle one why do you even want one” he spoke the pain from the hit still on his hand as arrogance and temper filled his words

“ hawww..” she opened her mouth wondering what bothered him if her umbrella flew  and she tried to pull it again as he held it even tighter

“ aap batameez kar rahe ho…” she spoke in frustration

“ see give it to me …” she tried again

“as arnav gripped harder this time with both under the umbrella rain dripping hard and their hands on top of each other with each fighting for their hold…. As the gazes.. one filled with anger and the other with feeling of harassment met with the thunder flashing its part


she tried yet again only to find his arms holding to the umbrella like steel ... she used her petite soft fingers trying to open them as arnav freezed them harder it harder making her come closer that he could feel her breath falling on his neck...


She looked up to see his firey brown eyes staring at her so deep that she felt like someone was broing into her..... she ignored his glance and looked down to their hands trying harder when

Suddenly she noticed his hand had traces of blood as she panicked “your hand is bleeding …..”


He kept staring at her still spitting fire through his eyes as she realized finally why it was bleeding and why he ahd spoken so rude  and she spoke” I am sorry…. I dinnn…” but she was shocked and her hands covered her side open mouth  as he let go the umbrella to rush with the wind even before she could hold it ….

 Check out this picture I edited at LunaPic

She stared in disbelief at the man in front of her as they were being drenched in the rain … arrogance was written all over his face with the blood shot eyes spitting fire scaring every cell of her body


“ what sort of a man are you ? I said sorry na.. dont you even know to forgive people??” she snapped back in horror

Arnav held her hand even tighter by his arms leaving his impression as she shivered in pain with fear filling her eyes as tears rolled down her eyes mingling with the rain

" Your sorry did not stop the bleeding...didn't you see?" he snapped back pressing on his words as he left the hold suddenly as a result, she moved a step back at the sudden release of pressure with his rude words shocking her all the more.

Both of them stood staring at each other with the rain drenching them tip to toe.. the flashes og lightening made her face even clearer to his eyes as he stood staring at her .. she felt as if he would burn her with his looks and  she quickly spread her dupatta winding it around her  as arnav’s glare turned even redder with fumes as she did that with her legs shivering in the cold 

" The bleeding did not stop even when u let go of my umbrella .you thought it would make me feel bad right." She spoke firmly with her tone crushing his pride.

“ so don think you won … In fact you helped me… I am not sorry any longer….. Definitely not for hurting a person like you” she stressed her words firmness in her tone filled with disgust as she turned and walked away to her car and she turned back only to see him still staring at her drenched in the rain with his eyes all red in rage!

Her car sped away as arnav’s arrived and Arnav got in banging the door so loud  scaring the poor driver out of his wits!


Khushi reached her house and jumped in through the window to see

Payal still painting away on her colorful canvas.Her paintings were known for their simple touch and elegance just like her

Payal heard the sound and turned “ khushiii…” she was shocked seeing khushi all drenched as she rushed and got a towel drying her up as khushi was still lost in what happened few minutes before

“khushiii… whats all this?? What happened…..” a worried payal asked her sister who looked lost

Khushi told her everything shocking as payal listened “ but khushi you told sorry na”

" yeah jiji after that only that fellow threw my umbrella.. So much of arrogance.." Khushi complained “ fine thank god you came back safe” payal let out a sigh as khushi nodded

Payal “ok khushi.. come sleep….. haan I forgot to tell you……. One Mr.Aman called you…

Khushi’s eyes brightened “ wah jiji .. he is the secretary of AR industries… remember I attended the interview”

Payal nodded “ haan haan…. And you did so well too….. He said the job is yours and asked you to meet his boss ASR at 10.00 am sharp

Khushi “sach”And she threw herself  hugging payal in excitement as payal broke the hug

“But khushi whats ASR..” payal asked confused at the weird name

Khushi rolled her eyes and " oh.. jiji.. the one who interviewed me was AKASH SINGH RAIZADA" board of directors of AR.. So it must be his short name, ASR.. she explained it perfectly wrong!!

Payal nodded as khushi said” he was so calm and sweet jiji…rich but not like this terror demon i met .... I am so lucky to get a boss like Akash. No no ASR”she teased as payal smiled and both the sisters pulled the blanket



Meanhwile arnav entered in rage as he saw an anxious anjali waiting for him and he calmed down…

“ why are you so drenched arnav” she panicked seeing her drenched deshelved brother as arnav quietly walked to his room and she took the tray from hP and walked up

She saw him changed and sitting on the recliner staring at his hand when she noticed it was cut

She rushed out and came back with the first aid box… she sat by his side and held his hand as he pulled back!!

“let me do it arnav” anjali spoke her voice firm and determined as she held his hand and this time he din resist

She slowly applied the ointment and she twitched as her fingers felt the wound but there was no sign of pain on his stiff face she shaked her head at her hopeless brother as she wound the bandage across his hands ….

As she does everyday she placed his tablet and the milk beside him and walked out quietly…..Arnav's eyes silently followed her till she left the room as arnav looked at his hands she had just bandaged 

Arnav quickly took his tablet gulping down the milk as he remembered Khushi's words “ By throwing it away it din stop ur bleed"His hands stiffened around the glass as he remembered her more " you think by doing this I will feel bad right..." Her words hit him again and again

And “ I am not sorry anymore.. definitely not for a man like you” her final words were like the last nail in the coffin as he threw the glass into the poolside sinking into his recliner 

Nobody had ever answered to ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA like that!!!

her face was carved in his mind and he clenched his fits more as he remembered her stares when she had walked back..........

Khushi who was sleeping suddenly got up as she remembered his face… his eyes staring at her …… his face was still clear in her mind and the looks he had thrown on her .she slowly looked at her arms where she found traces of his hand prints.... even the mere thought of him sent a shiver down her spine as she quickly gulped down a bottle of water by her side and snuggled  closer to payal finally falling asleep!



The sun rose creeping through the windows showering its rays playing peek a boo on the oeaceful sleeping faces!!

Khushi got up rubbing her eyes and walked to meet her dad

Next morning Buaji entered to find Khushi sitting by her father telling him “ woh… laad governor like bauji.. last night I could not even sleep…..she complained as she shaved

Garima walked to see buaji by the door and joined her to see khushi

“ or…. Jiji got 3 orders for her painting.. superb na…. and you know even I am going for my first day AR industries” she spoke in pride

Buaji wiped her tears as garima spoke “jiji you see na… He will get up and reply to khushi some day.. he will” garima spoke as her words choked through her tears hoping her husband will be out of comma soon..

 Payal saw the usual scenario and she controlled her tears as she barged in “ khushi.. its 7 already…. Don you wanna go…..remmeber you wanted to go there before going to your office ”

Khushi jumped up banging her head  as she thrust the shaving blade to payal and  pushed 2 chairs as she fled into the washroom giving bauji a jhatka making her exclaim "Hai re nandakis****.. sanka deviiii"and she ran behind shouting at khushi as garima hugged payal cupping her face with a smile " pagal ladki hey na" and payal nodded 


Arnav got ready early for a meeting and  walked down the stairs ready as he hit into akash " oh.. GOOD MORNING AKASH " he spoke his accent smart and husky

Good morning.. guess you were late last night .. di was worried " akash hinted him yet again of his sisters worry 

" aahh... i am fine.." he replied as akash nodded

" i wasn't there for 3 days.. how did the interview go akash?" arnav asked his brother for the missing updates

" oh went great.. I have selected the designer ... A smart one... i just needed your approval " akash told his brother obediently

" no Akash your choice. it does not need by approval.. go ahead" arnav patted akash's back with confidence

"right.. so i shall ask her to meet you at 10.00 am sharp..." akash informed

" her... its a girl" arnav frowned as khushi's face suddenly flashed in front of him .. her hazel brown ones looking into his ...... " she is great.. a topper .. i mean" akash  spoke bringing arnav out of his thoughts

" its fine..... i just asked" arnav muttered still in thoughts

" ok bhai... you need to attend the Japanese conference right.. i will be in the office by 11 after meeting Mr.Sharma" akash told him

 arnav nodded as akash called again" bhai.. her name is.. yeah KHUSHI....

arnav parted his lips as he whispered " Khushii... yeah okay i will see her " and he walked out through the doors....

nani smiled at anjali shaking her head" he missed his breakfast today also"

anjali smiled bright " and i packed his breakfast in his car today also " she replied as nani cupped her cheeks with he r eyes filled with tears " as usual.... anjali bitiya you need to go to the institute na... anjali nodded getting up as her mobile beeped " TEXT MESSAGE : I will be there in 20 mins.. see u der.. very good morning"

she smiled as she went to get her bag

Arnav got into his car as he found a small box with a juice bottle beside his seat.... he knew it was her

(anjali)though ppl at home always told him it was nani....and a faint smile played across his lips as he drove out replacing it with a frown


THE NEXT ON BOARD IS TAINAR:-) Good luck Buddy!!

PS-writers i am not sure if i have done a good justice to the start of the story after the mind blowing prologue of our coolcat! but i have tried my best! so plz excuse me if it was not upto the mark!!

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Sep 30, 2013

Symphony of Heart: Chapter Two (By Tainar) (Thanked: 117 times)

Written by: Tainar~The Jungli Billi

If only everyone followed her simple decree, live life freely and to the fullest and eat jalebis in the process.  It would solve all the problems in the world.  But no people just want to follow hundreds of useless protocols that just make them monotonous and sometimes just plain crabby. 

Alas, even Sanka Devi must follow some of these ridiculous rules, like being on time, for instance.  Khushi inspects herself one more time at small mirror hanging on the wall.  Satisfied that the bright yellow outfit she chose, Khushi grabs her purse and says her goodbyes. 

Khushi (waves at her family and walks out the door):  Amma…Buaji…Jiji…I have to go now!  Babuji…I will see you in the evening and we’ll chat and eat loads and loads of jalebis.  Bye!

Before anyone can say a word in return, Khushi is gone like the wind.

Buaji (shakes her head in exasperation):  Hai re Nand Kis****! Yeh Sanka Devi bhi na.  She comes and goes like a storm.

Garima:  She’s like our sunshine jiji…spreading joy in our lives (looks sadly at Sashi) or we would have all been lost in our despair.

Buaji (nods sadly in agreement):  If only we could go back in time.  Sashi babua has not been the same since…(swallows her tears) Shyam babua.

As is the case each time, just as soon as their personal ray of light walks out the door, a deep sense of gloom sets in on the Gupta family.

It is only 9 am.  Her appointment for confirmation with Akash Singh Raizada, in short ASR, is at 10 am.  Since the office is only 15 minutes away from her current destination, Khushi has plenty of time to meet with her friend at their usual place.

The taxi pulls up in front of a majestic yet colorful building.  It reflects the indomitable personality of the lady whose name is boldly scripted on the building: M Bond Cancer Foundation.  Khushi pays her fare and steps out of the taxi. 

She stares up at the sign and wills herself to move on inside.  Every day she comes to the MBCF and each time she struggles with the pain that threatens to tear her heart asunder.  Khushi takes a few minutes to regain control of her raging emotions and pastes on a sunny, beautiful smile.  The patients and staff at MBCF are like her second family.  She loves spreading joy and offering her comforting presence to families and patients fighting dangerous, life threatening diseases.  It warms her heart to put a smile on their faces.

Walking through the warm halls to reach the family care center, Khushi sees the great Manoroma Bond, or fondly known as Mami Bond, fluttering around.  The name, Mami Bond, stuck around as she one day explained that her nephew once cracked a joke that she thinks she is Bond.  Hence, he named her Mami Bond.  The name naturally resonated with all in MBCF as it suits her quite well.  She has quite the vivid personality along with an equally vivid flair in clothing.  A forceful personality to rival all the James Bond actors combined!

Khushi smiles as she approaches Mami.  On the surface, she could be easily considered as a brainless fluff and utterly shallow.  But Khushi knows better.  She knows that Mami is a kind, caring and giving person.  Yes she has a sharp tongue but it is only reserved for those with malicious intent against her and her loved ones.  Though Khushi does not know much about Mami Bond, or as she likes to call her as simply mamiji, she knows that the biggest donor of the foundation is none other than her nephew.  What she lacks in business and healthcare knowledge, she makes up for it amply with her clever brain and street smart ways.

Khushi sneakily approaches Mami and taps her gently on the shoulders.  She shrieks and flails her arms up in the air as she turns around to confront the miscreant who dared to bother her.  Mami was about to launch into a severe tongue lashing but stops to see Khushi giggling. 

Mami (hiding her smile):  Hello hi bye bye!  Ei ko Phatti Sari?  Yous ishcared me!  I waj about to ischream aur criej.  Aur tab meri makeupwa on my bootiful facewa bhoud haive said bye bye! (Hello hi bye bye!  Phati Sari?  You scared me!  I was just about to scream and cry.  And then the makeup on my beautiful face would have to say bye bye!) 

Khushi (controls her laughter and smiles):  Mamiji…(looks at Mami’s over the top, party wear, orange saree and winks) Hello hi bye bye!  You are looking quite bootiful today bilkul phroot kamla ki tarah.  Hello hi bye bye! (You are looking quite beautiful today just like an orange.) 

Mami (Playfully hits Khushi’s shoulders):  Phati Sari tum bhery bad to makej funwa of your mami…hello hi bye bye! Bilkul badmaash ho gaya.  James Bond yaha hoti na…he bhould haive chaid I lookz bootiful likewa suraj!  (Laughs) Hihihi…! (Phati Sari it’s very bad of you to make fun of mami…hello hi bye bye!  You’ve become quite naughty.  If James Bond was here, he would have said I look beautiful just like the sun!)

Khushi: Accha leave it, you look beautiful today as always.  (Pouts) But mamiji why do you keep calling me Phati Sari?

Mami (laughs and flutters her eyelashes):  Hihihi…!  Hello hi bye bye!  Ei kaisi typewa questionwa?  Uss din tum woh holewala sari pehna.  Hihihi…! Toh froim that day tum ban gaya Phati Sari.  Myshtery isholved.  (Pretends to clear smoke off her imagery gun) Dishum…Dishum!  Mami Bond ait yours chervice! (Hello hi bye bye!  What type of question is this?  Just the other you wore a saree with a hole.  Since then you have become Phati Sari.  Mystery solved.  Mami Bond at your service!)

Khushi (sighs dramatically):  I suppose I shall have to gracefully accept your nickname for me.

Mami (nods sagely):  No choicewa Phati Sari.  Hello hi bye bye!  Meri brainwa toh complaitly forgetwa to aisk yous…Mrs. Jones callwa… (No choice Phati Sari.  Hello hi bye bye!  I completely forgot to ask you…did Mrs. Jones call…)

Khushi (interrupts and launches into her experience from last night):  Mamiji…the weather last night was so beautiful…the drizzling rain, the soft, cold breeze…mausam was bilkul romantic!

Mami (nods in agreement):  Haan...bilkul Shahrukh Khan ka filmo ki tarah? (Yes…just like Shahrukh Khan’s film?) 

Khushi (places hands on her hips and frowns):  Phirse mamiji?  (Smiles and says dreamily) My Salman Khanji is the best and the most romantic.  Toh listen na mamiji!  The mausam was so romantic then this Laad Governor ruined it all!

Mami:  Laad Governor?  Hello hi bye bye!  Ei ko?  Who ij dhis Laad Governor? (Laad Governor?  Hello hi bye bye!  Who is this Laad Governor?)

Khushi (places her hands on hips again):  I don’t know mamiji.  But this Laad Governor was the rudest man I ever had the misfortune to encounter!  He is a…rakshas!  Now you tell me.   What sort of man lets a lady continue to get wet in the rain, blame her for a mistake that was just simply an accident and blatantly disregard a heartfelt apology?

Mami:  Hello hi bye bye!  No phearz Phati Sari when Mami Bond ij heres.  Yous tellz me nekscht times he boitherj yous, uinderstandz?  Meri whipwa willj fixwa himz!  Hello hi bye bye. (Hello hi bye bye!  No fears when Mami Bond is here!  You tell me next time when he bothers you, understand?  My whip will fix him! Hello hi bye bye.)

Khushi was about to respond back when she hears a sweet but timid voice calling out her name.  She turns around to greet the newcomer with a large smile.

Khushi:  Good morning Anjaliji!

Anjali smiles at Khushi, her troubled thoughts instantly vanished. 

Anjali (cups Khushi’s face fondly):  Good morning Khushiji.  Sorry I was late.  I had to make sure Chote…

Khushi (nods in understanding):  I know…you had to personally make sure that your darling, choti brother ate his breakfast.

Anjali (smiles at Khushi and looks beyond her shoulders at Mami and slightly hesitates before speaking):  Mami…umm...good morning.

Mami (coolly):  Anjali.  (Smiles warmly at Khushi) Phati Sari…aab mujhse bye bye bolna padegi.  I haive a meeting at 10 am.  Sirf 15 mainutes baki hai.  (Phati Sari…now I have to say bye bye.  I have a meeting at 10 am.  Only 15 minutes left.) (She glares at Anjali before walking away and calls back her signature line) Hello hi bye bye!

Khushi (shrieks and hits her head):  Khushi…Buaji says it right.  I am truly a Sanka Devi.  Anjaliji…I have to get going too or I will be late for my first day at the job. 

She runs out of MBCF and sends up a quick prayer to Devi Maiyya.

Devi Maiyya!  Please don’t let me be late!  Aur aap kaisi best friend ho?  You couldn’t remind me earlier?  I just stood there running my mouth like a motor.

At precisely 5 minutes after her appointed time, Khushi swiftly walks into ARD.  She lets the receptionist know that she has arrived for the appointment.  While waiting for the call from the boss, she quickly runs her hands down her yellow suit to make sure there are no wrinkles.

Waiting impatiently for another 10 minutes, the receptionist finally tells Khushi to go upstairs to ASR’s office.  She walks up the stairs excited yet butterflies in her stomach for some strange reason.  Khushi opens the door, expecting to see her new boss, the sweet, understanding Akash.  Instead she gets the shock of her life to see the Laad Governor from the night before.  Unfortunately for her, he looks absolutely dashing in his black 3 piece suit.

Arnav turns around, expecting to see an uberly stylish and ****y designer.  Though she’s far from trendy and ****y, she’s still utterly refreshing and beautiful.   Immediate desire slams through his body.  She is the epitome of sunshine in that bright yellow outfit and he yearns to reach out and touch the ethereal being, to touch her warmth. 

Khushi (recovering from her shock, shouts):  Aap?!?

Arnav (clamps down on his desire and yells back):  What the…!  You?  Who let you in here?!?

Khushi (hands on her hips):  I am the new designer, here to meet ASR.  But who are you, huh?

Arnav (crosses his arms and smirks):  Ohh really?  (Looks her up and down insolently) You’re the new designer?

Khushi (defiantly):  Ji haan!  You still haven’t answered my question, who are you?!?

Arnav (quirks his brows and smiles menacingly): You don’t know?

Khushi (irritated):  Arre…if I knew the answer would I be asking you?

Arnav (folds his arms across his chest):  Ohh really?  Would you like to take a guess?

Khushi (narrows her eyes):  Are you here to meet ASR? 

Arnav (just quirks his brow and smirks): You’re asking ME…if I am here to meet ASR?

Khushi:  Haan…ASR…Akash Singh Raizada.  He is so sweet! (Makes a face and mutters) Don’t know why he would want to deals with a khadoos like you.  (Speaks up) So are you going to tell me…or are we just going to keep playing the guessing game?

Arnav (continues to smirk):  I am…Arnav Singh Raizada…as in A…S…R….  In case you didn’t bother to do your homework, I am the CEO of ARD.

Khushi (swallows nervously and mutters to herself):  Khushi…you’re done with your big mouth.  Devi Maiyya…raksha karna or this rakshas will end up eating me for lunch.

Arnav (irritated):  What the…!  Ms. Gupta you are wasting my precious time.  But I guess you wouldn’t know the value of it now would you?

Khushi (mouth open wide):  Hawh?!?  Excuse me Laad Governor…

Arnav (yells):  What the hell did you just call me?!?

Khushi (insolently):  Let me spell it out for you.  L-A-A-D G-O-V-E-R-N-O-R.  Laad Governor.  And what to do you know about me?  I value time!

Arnav (grits his teeth in anger):  Unbelievable!  If you valued time Ms. Gupta then you would have reached at your appointment time…ON THE DOT.

Khushi (stammers and bites her fingernails):  Haan…well…well…I was late by…only few minutes.  (Hands on her hips) I can’t do anything about traffic, I don’t have wings.  I am not like you Mr. Raizada.  I can’t step out of the car and start breathing fire on the poor drivers to move out of the…

Arnav (roars):  Ms. Gupta…that is enough!  I can’t believe Akash chose (looks Khushi up and down again insolently) someone with zero sense in style as our designer.  My brother may have picked you but I don’t want you associated with ARD.

Khushi (snaps):  Maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Arnav (quirks his brow):  Ohh really?  Newsflash Ms. Gupta, you’re in the fashion industry.  Everything is judged based on as you said, the cover of a book.  And you don’t meet the standard.

Khushi (tries to hide her desperation behind a brave face):  Perhaps you shouldn’t underestimate your brother and neither should you undermine his decision.  He picked me because I am the best.  Akashji has seen my work and he has keen eyes to recognize my unique designs.  He hired me Mr. Raizada.  You can’t just fire me without a good reason.

Arnav (quirks his brows and smirks):  Ohh really?  You’re telling me I can’t fire an employee for insubordination?

Khushi (flushes):  Circumstances Mr. Raizada.  Our meeting was odd and full of conflict.  Unfortunately, it spilled over into today.  (Raises her chin in defiance) Henceforth, I will be professional as long as you do the same.

Arnav contemplates Khushi for a few minutes.  Against his better judgment, he is intrigued by her lively, bold spirit.  Subconsciously, he finds it refreshing that she stands her ground and answers back to him.  No woman has ever done that before.  But his pride demands satisfaction for her insolence from last night and today.

Arnav (schools his face):  Alright Ms. Gupta you’ll get your chance to prove your mettle in ARD.  Every new employee has to prove that he or she has what it takes to be part of my company.  Are you ready to show that you have the chops to be a part of ARD?

Khushi (raises her chin and answers confidently):  I already know that I have what it takes and I am ready to prove it too.

Arnav (smirks slightly):  Excellent.  Then for your first assignment, I want you to design and make 5 outfits and put on a mini runway show.  When I say design, I mean it has be your own concept, not a knockoff!  You can’t take any help in sewing the outfits. I like to see if my designers have good sewing skills besides just designing.

Khushi (still confident):  Consider it done Mr. Raizada.  I have designed and presented outfits on runway shows before for class assignments.

Arnav:  Ahh…but here’s the catch.  You must complete this assignment in 24 hours.  And your time starts…NOW.

Khushi (swallows her nervousness and mutters):  Hai Devi Maiyya!  What do I do now?  There’s no way, I can complete 5 new looks in 24 hours.  This rakshas will eat me alive if I don’t complete this assignment and I will be a laughing stock in the company.  Devi Maiyya raksha karna!

Arnav (controls his smirk):  Ms. Gupta?  You’re wasting time. Tick… tock


Khushi runs out of the office, preoccupied with this new, almost impossible to fulfill assignment.  Arnav smirks at her nervous state and is ready to enjoy the beautiful but smart-mouthed Ms. Gupta get humiliated when she can’t complete her assignment.

Be ready to resign Ms. Gupta.


Next Up Madame Moumitasaghose!

Hope you all enjoyed this update and it's up to par with the fabulous prologue and Chapter One. Please share your opinion, thoughts, etc.  Would appreciate the feedback!  Thank you all especially Coolbakes!  Mrs. ASR...you rock! 

Oct 1, 2013

Symphony Of Heart: Chapter Three (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 111 times)

Khushi comes out of his room running and stops only when she makes sure that she is in the safe distance from the fire breathing dragon. Though, she has already given him a name which satisfies her anger to a limit but this moment that is nothing in comparison of her mix emotion of irritation, frustration and desperation.

 "Ahh...but the assignment is part of ARD policy for new hires. Khushi...tu bhi na! Why would he tailor it specifically for you? I didn't do anything to that Laad Governor! What sort of company is this anyway? What nonsense of a initiation process they implemented? Hai Devi Maiyya raksha karna!" Despite having a rakshas for a boss,"

this job means a lot to her. "The way she sees it, she has only two options left. "Option 1 is to” win the "assignment" and make her place in this office. Or "Option 2", take the easy way "out and" take 20 steps across the main gate and leave this office never to come back "again".

If she could have then she surely would have chosen the last option. Not because she is scared of losing but she loathes the idea of working with the person whom she already hates. But unfortunately she can’t take the option, because going out of this place means putting an exclamation mark and question mark together in her future in fashion designing and also to her dreams of giving a good life and living to her family. So Khushi Gupta takes the task in “do or die” manner and starts her quest.

 She has no idea whom go to and whom to ask for help to gather all materials to start her work. She looks here and there with hope and sees a person walking with tons of dress materials, towards her. She hurriedly goes to him and stands before him blocking his way.

 The fellow sees Khushi and smiles at her warmly. A dimple on his left cheek is clearly visible. He is tall, fair and handsome. But unlike other hunks he has a pair of innocent eyes with a mischievous glint. He tries to free his right hand to shake with Khushi but the pile of clothes in his hand stops him to do so. He shrugs his shoulders with a faint smile, making a puppy face.

 Khushi at once likes the guy and takes half of the thing from his hand and to help free his right hand and takes is to shake while introducing herself, “Hi I am Khushi Gupta...”

The guy introduces himself with a hearty smile, “I am NK, Nand Kis****, nice to meet you.” Khsuhi nods in reply.

As soon as introduction is done Khushi jumps to the point and says, “I am new fashion designer here and Laad Govrr.... (NK frowns and Khushi corrects her mistake)Err!! ASR... Arnav ji (she points to ASR’s cabin and NK chuckles) asked me to make some dresses but I don’t know this place at all. Will you help me with the required things? The...”

NK is ready to help before she can finish saying what she exactly needs, “Sure... why not? Let me g....” “NO. YOU WILL NOT...” his word hangs in the middle with a roaring sound from behind.

 It is none other than Arnav Singh Raizada, who has decided to feast on this fragile thing and no way he will let his guards down and let his prey escape. So he is keeping a close eye on Khushi and when he saw her with NK, he knew that the stupid fellow, his ever sweet cousin brother was surely going to help her without even asking him once.

Khushi gets agitated where NK swallows hard. He is very well aware of ASR’s wrath and today without any of his fault he is going to have his dose. He tries hard to remember that what he has done till now that has angered this restless soul.

Arnav takes long strides and comes to them. NK opens his mouth to ask for apology though he doesn’t know why he should do so but Arnav holds out his hand gesturing NK to stop and looks at Khushi as if he going to eat her alive.

Khushi fidgets under that fierce full gaze and hears the thundering sound of his voice, “I told you... you can’t take help...”

Khushi cuts him in middle, getting irked now, “I am not supposed to ask for help for the work but I can ask to help me to find at least the required materials to do my job.”

“You will get everything in the store room go and finish your job or else...” he smirks making her understand the unsaid words and walks back to his cabin, leaving a dumbfounded NK and astonished Khushi. He turns before entering the cabin and barks aloud making everyone all ears; “NO ONE WILL HELP HER” with that he enters his cabin banging the door behind.

 Everyone looks at each other’s face and then at Khushi. They feel pity on that poor girl but they do not have the guts to ignite ASR’s rage. All go back to their work.

Khushi looks at NK bewildered. NK directs her towards the store room with his eyes and smiles half closing his eyes, assuring. Khushi acknowledges and walks towards the room.

Khushi stands in middle of the room and scans it fully. Next moment she holds her head to stop it from spinning.

The room is full with everything but the only thing is she will need hours to fish the required materials. Only thing she could find easily is the sewing machine, which looks pretty old but she can use it.

 "I am starting to wonder if the Laad Governor's intention is revenge. Do newcomers truly get such an almost impossible to complete assignment as their first task? Nawh...Khushi...tuh bhi na! Stop thinking about his intentions! Focus...focus... Devi Maiyya...aap meri best friend hai. Show me the way na?"

 Finally she breaths to cool herself down and joins her hand, and very dramatically prays a loud “Raksha karna Devi Mayiaa, if I don’t finish the assignment on time that Laad Governor will take my job, Kharoos, Rakshash, and you know how much I need it, Please Ha!”

She ties her dupatta on her side and starts fishing.

The entrance door of the room opens softly making Khushi a little startled but she sighs in relief seeing NK on the door. He sneaks in the room tip toed and then shuts the door after checking, none has seen him coming.

A delighted smile appears on Khushi’s face seeing him; as if she already knows his reason of visit her. Nk also smiles broadly and says, “Aab Kholo mai kaisi tumhari badh kar sakta hu?”

The smile on Khushi’s face disappears instantly and her jaw drops thinking is she wrong about this guy? How can he talk like that? A “Huh” escapes her mouth.

NK, looking at her expression scratches back of his head. He is sure that he has goofed up with his Hindi vocabulary again. So he tries to clear her doubt and says, “I mean... mm... I... actually meant... tell me, how can I help you? My Hindi is little ‘sacchi’ you see... I have been born and brought up in Australia and came last month only to work with Nannav... so mujhe saaf kar dijiye, if I said anything wrong.” he holds his earlobes with a sheepish grin.

 Khushi eyes are wide open. She is still trying to absorb what he has just said. It takes her a couple of minutes to comprehend the whole meaning of his words and then she bursts out laughing.

 NK who is been looking at her with confusion and expectation now looks more confused but still smiles meekly.

Khushi clutches her stomach with both hands and corrects his Hind chuckling in between, “NK ji Aab kholo mai kaisi tumhari badh kar sakta hu nehi, Aab bolo mai kaise tumhari madat kar sakta hu? Badh nehi... (badh-kill, kholo-open) aur aapki Hindi sacchi nehi, kacchi hai (sacchi-true, kachhi-weak)... aur mujhe saaf (saaf-clean) kar dijiye nehi mujhe maaf (maaf-forgive) kar dijiye..."

 NK feels like pulling his hair and begs before her,” Please don’t mind, I am really sorry...”

Khushi inhales deep to control her laugh and says, “Koi baat nehi, It’s okay Nanheji.”

NK scratches back of his head hard and asks, Nanheji... who is Nanhe ji?

Khushi says as it is a matter of fact, “Aap? Who else?” 

NK points himself and asks confused, “Me, why?” 

Khushi explains, “Jaise Krishna Kanaiha, Kanhaji waise NandKishor, Nanhe ji.”

Though NK is not very sure of the explanation but still he likes it from her mouth. So he smiles delightfully and shakes his head in agreement.

Now he looks around and asks Khushi “what are the things you need? Let me help you.”

Khushi at once gets happy and scared both. She says meekly, “par Arnav ji said no one can help me... then...”

NK winks at her saying, “Nannav ko khata nehi chalega.”

Khushi chuckles and corrects NK, “khata nehi Nanhe ji pataa... Pataa...” (It’s not Khata it is Pataa: Khata- mistake, Pataa- come to know)

NK doesn’t mind this small “Khata” until Khushi ji is there to help.

 Khushi tells him what exactly the things she needs and he starts gathering items as per instruction. After half an hour or so with NK’s help, Khushi assembles everything required and gets ready to start her work. She thanks NK for his help and also asks him to leave before getting into some trouble for helping her.

NK agrees and starts to leave after wishing her luck. But Alas! Think of trouble and ASR is here.

 When NK opens the door to go out he sees ASR coming this way and hurriedly closes the door in fear. He looks here and there to find a place to hide. Khushi sees his condition and asks him the reason behind his abnormal act.

 NK (panicked) - Annav... I mean Nanhav... ssshh... I mean Nannav, ASR is coming this way. If he sees me here, he will kill me.

 Khushi (also panicked)- aab kya kare?, she runs to the door and opens to check on him only to find he will reach here in no time.

She paces back and forth near the door biting her nails, in tension and nervousness. NK is no better.

Finally Khushi snaps her fingers and jumps saying “Eureka!... Idea”, in a very Archimedes way.

She asks him to come near and says something in his ear. Hearing the idea the grin returns on his face and he quickly takes his position and just then the door flees open.

Because of the force the wooden door bangs on the wall with a huge thud. Khushi jumps two three steps back and her heart skips, how many beats, there is no count but for a moment it feels to her that it has stopped functioning.

 ASR walks in with all his glory.

ASR (irritated) - “What the..., what the hell you are doing?”

Khushi (still trying to make her breathing normal, fumbles) – wha...whaatt...I.. I aam ddoing?

Arnav (purses his lips to control his mounting rage and says gritting) – I have given you a job to make dresses not to guard the door... so will please you tell me that why are you wasting your time standing here? (Sarcastic)

Khushi opens her mouth to say something but thinks against it as arguing with this man always leads her to trouble; she walks to her place and sits to work in the machine. She looks to the direction where NK is hiding through her lashes and gulps hard to see him moving to the door tip toed. Inwardly she prays “hey Devi Mayiaa, Nanheji ka raksha karna. I don’t want him to die in such young age.”

Arnav stands there watching her. He arches a brow seeing her muttering something inaudibly and barks, “What the...?” 

 Khushi jerks her head up with the sound. Her hand which was moving the cloth under the needle of the knitting machine comes under it. The needle pricks through her skin deep and the moment she frees her hand blood starts oozing out from her index finger.

 Aahhhh!! A scream escapes from her mouth.

Arnav runs to her worriedly and holds her right hand in his. He looks on her wound and then on her face. She has closed her eyes tightly and has dug her teeth on her lower lip to fight the pain. It is bleeding profusely.

 Arnav takes out a white handkerchief from his pocket and presses it against the wound to stop bleeding. All this happens in a few seconds.

 Nk who is been moving to the door like a cat, jerks with her scream and bangs his head on the door.

Arnav looks back to see who is it and sees NK clutching the door knob and his back is turned to him.

 He thinks that he has just entered the room (which was their plan) says in a hurry, "NK bring the first aid box, fast..."

 NK who has been praying hard for his dear life, thinking, that ASR has seen him before he could act on what they have planned, gets confused with his order and only manages to say, "Huh?"

ASR gets irked with his stupid response and says gritting his teeth, “Her hand is bleeding Damn it! Can’t you see? Bring the first aid box NOW...”

Nk now sees Khushi’s hand. His gaze fixes on the white hanky which almost has turned in red color. He acts immediately and runs to get it.

Khushi’s eyes have welled up in pain. Arnav looks at her teary eyes helplessly but against his nature no soothing word comes out from his mouth and it fuels his disgust and he mutter chewing his words, “Damn! What is taking this stupid NK so long?” Though it is not more than 2 minutes he has gone.

 He looks at her face again with concern and strangely realizes that he doesn’t like her see in pain. He himself gets amused of his contradicting thoughts. Last night he was disgusted with this girl, hours back he was planning to make her resign and to show her, her place but now when he sees her in pain somewhere in his heart he feels a pang of hurt.

NK comes running with the first aid box and Aranv snatches it from his hand barking, “What took you so long?”

NK stammers, “oh..oo...Na...Nannav...”

But Arnav has no interest in his explanation. He has started cleaning her wound.

 All this while Khushi was a silent spectator. It is hard to digest that the Rakshas Singh Raizada is caring for her, whom she hates, and now when she sees that how gently he is cleaning her wound she can no longer bear it. She jerks her hand out of his grip and the sudden movement makes her wince in pain.

 Arnav first gets a little surprised by her reaction and then realizes all this while he is been holding her hand and caring for her. The Arnav Singh Raizada who cares for none, cared for this disgusting girl who has already driven him to madness... madness, yes what else? He is no longer just angry on her but irritated and disgusted that this girl makes him act out of the way and even she has the courage to refuse his help. Refusal is one among the things which ASR cannot take... but how this matters why her refusal will make any impact on him? DAMN!! He screams inside and clutches the cotton in his hand.

When Arnav was busy in self assessment, NK has plastered a Band-Aid on her wound and Arnav hears him asking, “Khushi ji are you alright?” In which she replies with a polite smile, “ha Nanheji.” NANHEJI... what the ....? When does this happen? Oh this girl is faster than I thought? Arnav closes his eyes to control his raging anger and dashes out of the room without uttering a word. Khushi and NK gape at his retreating back.

Finding the opportunity NK offers to help her with the design and sewing process. However, Khushi politely declines. "Thank you Nanheji. But I want to complete this assignment on my own merit" NK, shocked "Khushiji...how will you complete with an injured hand?" Khushi smiles, "Nanheji...this is not the first time I have been pricked by a needle. Trust me...I can do my work with this injury. I have done it before and I can do it now. It's really important that I prove myself Nanheji."

 Arnav storms in his cabin and starts pacing back and forth. After a while when it hits him that he is boiling his blood without a reason for a simple designer girl ... he relaxes and sits on his chair to put his mind in his work.

 After a few minutes he hears a knock on his door and he knows this is that girl, trying to avoid his given task and now she has all the reason to get herself free from him. He smirks thinking you don’t know with whom you are exactly dealing with. This Arnav singh Raizada and I will not let you slip of my hand so easily.

“Come in” he calls harshly.  

He hears the door knob clicked. He has drawn his attention to the file open before him. When he hears the thud of closing door he says sternly, “so you have come here to give me excuse of your incapability” and raises his head to see Khushi’s reaction but to his surprise it is Anjali who is been gawking at him.

Arnav bites his tongue inside and clears his throat saying, “I thought some employee.”

Anjali now smiles sweetly and says “its okay Cho... Err! Arnav.”

Arnav looks at her in amu****t. Every time she does it and then corrects herself. Does she do it purposefully? I know she does it purposefully because she wants me to call as her own.... but how can I..., He is arguing with himself inside but looks questioningly to Anjali.

Anjali again smiles and spreads her hand which is holding a check and says, “Wo I need your signature in this. I forgot to tell you in morning. We have to pay the bills for the new furniture in institute.” She explains.

Arnav smiles inwardly and spreads his hand to take the check.

 He signs it while Anjali sits and waits. She wants to talk to him but he never gives her the chance. Always keeps a distance.

He gives the check back. Anjali takes it and starts walking out. Her glance fells on the paper in her hand and she sees a small red, hand imprint on the check. A closer look and she knows it is blood stain. Last night flashes in front of her eyes...his bleeding hand. She hurriedly walks back and without any explanation takes his hand in hers and scans it frantically.

 Arnav is taken aback by Anjali’s gesture! However, understanding her concern and looking into her fearful eyes he follows her gaze and finds the blood mark on his hand from playing nursemaid to that damned sunny, Ms. Gupta’s injury. He closes his eyes and curses himself, dammit! How could I be so damned stupid to not wash off the blood? He opens his eyes in disbelief to see Anjali gently rubbing the dried blood on his hand. Arnav opens his mouth to object but, He can see tears are threatening to come out from her eyes. And shockingly her tears are bothering him, as if something a needle (thinking of the needle also reminds him the teary eyes of Khushi)is pricking on his heart. Since when do I care about tears? Dammit! This is the second time today I am affected by tears. What are these women doing to me?

Anjali realizes that it is only stain and feels embarrassed by her behavior. She mumbles sorry and turns to leave. But stops in her track when she hears him asking “Is everything alright... there... in the institute?”

 Anjali turns flabbergasted, did she hear it right? Is her mind playing games with her? Or, her ears? Her confusion disappears when she notices the faint smile on his face. She soon fathoms that he is actually trying to strike a conversation. Her heart soars with happiness at his slight gesture. He will never know what his small gesture, his one smile has done for her spirit. She smiles broadly and nods her head vigorously in the affirmative. He just wanted to see a smile on her face, the happiness in her eyes. Though Arnav acts like he doesn’t care, subconsciously he wants Anjali to be happy. And he knows all she wants is a little acknowledgement from him to light up her world.

She manages to say "it’s going great Arnav. Come to visit sometime." Then she hesitates at first finally asks, "I hope you will take your lunch on time?" Arnav just half closes his eyes to give her assurance with a slight nod in the positive. He knows she will fret unnecessarily whether he is taking his meals properly and on time. Though he finds it irksome most times, it is also oddly sweet.

Anjali does not expect much at all from her Chote. His smile and a simple acknowledgement of her question is more than enough for her. It’s more than she ever dreamed of in their rather unusual relationship. She leaves the office with pleasant smile lingering on her shining face, feeling a sense of peace and content after a very long time.

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