OS:John se jaan....Arnav ko pareshaan

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Sep 28, 2013

OS:John se jaan....Arnav ko pareshaan (By V1184) (Thanked: 70 times)

Hi everyone, i am here presenting my first Os on arshi,Hope you like it.

Arnav and khushi are happily married . Khushi has won Mrs.India contest and One day......

Khushi went to a shopping mall for buying some accesories .

There she met her childhood friend Riya after a long time.

She was really happy for meeting her after a long time.They chatted for a while and then khushi took her number and also her brother's number who took care of khushi like his own sister.

after her shopping , khushi wen thome happily.Arnav who saw her smiling all the day asked her

 "What happened?"

Khushi : Kuch nahi arnavji,mein apni bachpan ki dost ko mili thi aaj jab mein shopping gayi thi unse mil kar bahut khushi hui(nothing much arnavji i met my childhood friend when i went for shopping.i am very happy for meeting her)

Arnav : "oh ok" by saying this arnav left the topic and forget about it.

After few days , arnav noticed in these days that khushi who dont even use her phone is all the time chatting on phone.He thought of asking her about this but something stopped him.

He asked her to bring coffee for him. so she left her phone there and went to kitchen. Meanwhile Arnav who is excited to know with whom she is chatting he took her mobile after confirming that khushi is nowhere to be seen.

he read the messages 

Khushi :hi jaan how r u?

Jaan : hi darling , am fine how r u ?

 this is what he can see because he heard the door knock and immediately went to the recliner and pretended to check his mails .Khushi came and gave his coffee and sat on the bed continuing her chatting.

Arnav was thinking hardly to find who that JAAN was but no use so he wanted to ask her but thought of not asking now.that day he was only thinking about it and finally he thought of a plan

Night time Arshi room:

Arnav : khushi wanna go to lucknow?

Khushi :y arnavji?suddenly ....she asked surprised and shocked

Arnav :nothing actually i had a meeting there so thought of taking you there so that u can also meet ur friends.

Khushi :thank you arnavji i will come but wat about family members?

Arnav :he said i will see that u be ready at 8:00pm tomorrow morning

Khushi :ok arnavji thank you soooo much.

next day arnav and khushi bid bye to everyone and went to Lucknow.They went directly to SheeshMahal and arnav asked khushi to freshen up.Khushi got ready and came down in this dress.

he stood there looking at her and told"You are beautiful"

Khushi : thank you arnavji ab hum chale?(thank u arnavji shall we go now?)

arnav : ok khushi and moved to his car

in the car while going to khushi's house where they lived in Lucknow he asked

"khushi , i have never seen u having a dress like this"

She replies , arnavji this is a gift my friend gifted it to me....arnavji first we will go to my friend's house please..

"ok khushi" he replied

in the meanwhile when they r on the way to khushi's friend's house she told about her friends.

" arnavji u know we used to play many games in childhood and i have forgotten to tell u about jaan"

By listening the name jaan from her mouth arnav gave attention to her talks and looked at her to continue

She continued , "jaan is one of our neighbor he is so funny arnavji u know me and Riya used to play pranks with him and she blabbered till they reached their destination.......

she came outside and asked arnav to join her.

They went inside and a boy of 5-years old opened the door.

Khushi hugged him and asked how r u my prince?

he replied am fine princess how r u?

and they talked like this for a minute or so

Suddenly a man of 30-yrs old came and hugged khushi asking how r u my darling khushi?

Khushi replied saying am fine jaan bhai how r u and wer is Riya ur little sister

By hearing this, arnav felt happy to know that jaan is her brother and khushi introduced him to arnav.

arnav extended his hand and said , " hi iam arnav , arnav singh raizada"

Jaan replied , " hi i am john.nice meeting u arnav and i think she has blabbered all the way right?"

Arnav said,"nothing much but wats this jaan?he asked confused as khushi is calling him like dat

he said ," actuallu khushi is 2-years old wen we met in childhood she dint get my name so she called me jaan instead of john and i call her darling because she is my princess and sweetest sister"

Meanwhile arnav got a call so he excused himself and went form there

After the call , he saw khushi very happy and he said to himself ," how i thought like this ?anyway i di a good thing by bringing her here she too is happy by meeting her friend"

and went to her spend the day with them and returned back to Delhi


i know it is not that good and not nice but thought to post it guys thank u for bearing my OS and i would like to tell that it din't turn up the way i thought but am sharing it with u all.

@Kalai akka : akka i told u na that i will write for u.sorry that it is not nice but will try another day.

all for spending ur time in reading this OS

everyone.Have a nice day

Sep 29, 2013

Thank you all............. (By V1184) (Thanked: 13 times)

Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u everyone.

I din't expect these many comments guys really thank u all for ur support

It is raining heavily here so am not thanking u all individually(i thought to post a view for that) but cant help guys but am really thankful to you all

u readers.i am really like thisafter seeing commetns for this OS.

I wrote another OS so here is the link.I hope you will support me like this only


once again

Nov 22, 2013

Thanking you all once again......... (By V1184) (Thanked: 10 times)

I know i have already thanked you all before but as i got time now am thanking each and every readewr in detail.....

Kalai akka: I wrote this only because of you...because i told you that i will write...Thanks for your Comment

Sakhi:Thanks for your comment

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Lucky_Arshi:na first attempt lone nannu nee commentsto encourage chesinanduku dhanyavadalu


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Chamkililaadgoverner:Thanks for your comment.

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Nandhu_nan:Thanks Belinda for your comment and i said it to you you din't remeber it its not my fault

And also thank you to all those silent readers and also those people who hit the 'Thankyou' button

all for your support.....

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