os:true love always wins

Sep 25, 2013

os:true love always wins (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 81 times)

Hi friends this is first  the  I am going  to  write  an  os on  our  arshi.plz  bear  with me

It starts when  Garima’s  truth  is out and  Kushi  is waiting  for Arnav at  mandap.

Payal came near kushi  and  hugged  her  tightly. “jiji say na  jiji Arnavji will come na ? “

 Payal was  sad to  see  her little  sister  in  that  state .

All the  Raizadas  also  felt  bad  for  kushi. Nani  went  near  kushi  and  said “ chote will  definitely  come  bitiya   don’t  worry “

 “ No  arnav  won’t  come” came a voice from behind. That is none other than  subadhra malik.

 “What are  u  thinking  Devyani  ? After  knowing  truth also  arnav  will come  to marry  this  girl ? Never” and  she  turned  to  kushi  and  said “arnav  won’t  come.  Stop  this  drama  and  leave  from  here “

“ No arnavji  will come  definitely .  I won’t  leave  from  here  because  I promised  him I won’t leave  him “ said  kushi.

Shyam was seeing  all this  drama  with  a happy expression . HE is thinking “ How much time  u  wait  for  him  kushiji  ?  He  won’t  come. I won’t  let  you both  one. Soon you  are  going  to  be  mine”

Akash  and  NK  are trying  for  arnav’s  phone but it  is  unreachable. All are hell worried  about  Arnav.

Suddenly Akash phone rang and he attended the call. His  phone fell from  his  hands  after hearing  the  news and   stood  like  a statue.

All  were shocked to  see akash  like that  And  came  near  him  and  asked  him  what  happened.

He recovered  from shock  and  said”Inspector  phoned me. Bhai  met  with  an accident”

 Everyone rushed to hospital  crying  and  worried. Kushi tried to go into  the  cabin where  arnav’s  treatment  is  going  on.But  she  was  stopped  by  nurse  saying that the  treatment  is  going  on.

After sometime  doctor came out from the room. All surrounded him and asked about arnav.

Doctor replied  “Nothing to worry. He is out of  danger. In  almost an hour  he will gain conscious. Then u can meet him.”

All felt  relieved and waited  for Arnav to gain conscious.

Suddenly   dadi  went near Garima  and said “ Because of u now  my  grandson is in this state. Take ur  daughters and get out from here. What u think Arnav will accept  ur  daughter  as his wife. Never”

Kushi was in no state to react to all this. She was just shocked  to see arnav in that state. Her arnavji is lying  in  bed  unconscious   with  injuries.

Then nurse came outside  and  asked” who is kushi  here ?”

Kushi came near and said “ I am kushi”

Then nurse said that “patient is gaining  conscious  and  he  is  murmuring ur  name”

Every one rushed into the room and  saw  arnav  gained conscious

Kushi  rushed  to him and  called him arnavji. Immediately  dadi came  and  took  hold  of  kushi’s  hand  and  started to drag  her but arnav was holding  kushi’s  hand.

 “ leave  her  hand  arnav “ said  dadiji  angrily.

Arnav saw  kushi  and said “ I am sorry kushi. I  made you to wait for  me.”

Dadi was shocked to hear  this. “What are you  saying arnav? Even  after knowing  truth  u  want   to marry  this  girl.”

“dadi  I want  to  move on  in my life  forgetting  my  past. Whatever  happened in the past  kushi   was not at  all fault. I love  kushi and I want  to  spend  my  whole  life  with her”

Dadi looked  at nani” See devyani  what ur  grandson  is  saying  ?”

“I  don’t  have  an  objection  with  this  marriage” said  nani.

Dadi  looked  at anjali  and was going to say when Anjali “ I too don’t have any  objection”

Dadi  fuming with  anger  left  from there.

“ Di doctor  said that  bhai  will be  discharged  after  two  days.”said  Akash

“ok after  two  days we will  arrange  their   marriage. What  do  you  say  chote ?”said  anjali.

“ok di” said arnav.

Garima  came  near  arnav  and  asked  for  forgiveness. “NO auntyji  no need to  say  sorry . Whatever  happened that’s  my father’s  fault”said  arnav.

Shyam  was  fuming  in  anger  because  his  plan  failed  to separate  arshi.

After  two  days  arnav  came  from hospital  and Arshi  marriage  took  place and  after  that  shyam’ s truth was revealed  out  and he was sent to jail. Anjali started her new life forgetting  the  past. All were  happy with  their  lives  without  any  problems


Note:Guys  this is  first time  I am a writing in my  MD.Don’t  know  what  I  wrote. Plz give me ur valuable comments. Positive and  negative  both  are  invited.

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Sep 26, 2013

os:true love always wins (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 17 times)

Thank u thank u thank u guys  so much who have commented and pressed thank u button. This is the first time I wrote in myeduniya  and ur comments overwhelmed me dears.

@Rriya dear thanku so much . You’re my first commenter. Thank u so much

@Lucky_Arshi  dear thanku so much . your are right. I am renuka only whom u have seen in vyshu’s telugu post. Your name is sravs am I right

@sunshine11 thank u soo much  dear

@sakhi dear thank u so much

@Arshi_Fan12 dear thank u soo much .I will definitely write an FF or ss if I get time

@mininimi dear thank u soo much dear

@Mirna dear thank u soo much dear

this is for u guys

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