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Sep 18, 2013

FF:MY SECRET AGENT (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 62 times)

i have been working on this story since last month wanted to start posting once i completed but could'nt wait i have nearly written 15 chapters will post daily i hope i get a good response.plz share ur views criticism is accepted but no bashing plzz. plz press the thankyou button if u want me to continue.


"And then what happened Ms. gupta?" the lawyer asked me.He was a very tall man with gray hair and an expensive suit. I didn't have to see the receipt- it screamed expensive.The entire court room seemed to be holding its breath. Even the judge, a middle aged woman with black hair, sat on the edge of her seat.I looked down at my hands, blinking around my sudden tears.

"He killed him." I whispered, just barely audible.

I was trying to avoid two things at this time. My very vivid memories of that night being one. And the penetrating eyes of my ex fiance being the other.

Both were extremely difficult to avoid because I was being thoroughly questioned about my memories, and because my ex was sitting front and center, right behind the defendant.

We had never officially broken up but I'm pretty sure it went without saying, seeing as I was testifying against his father.

"I don't believe we all heard you Ms. gupta." The lawyer prompted.

I took a deep breath and looked up.

The entire time I had been telling myself not to look to the center right of the court room but my eyes slid there automatically now.

And I was met with the source of all my nightmares; pratab  jha. Yes, the pratab JHA. And sitting right behind him was his son,  shaym manohar jha

Bile rose in my throat as all of my memories came crashing down around me like a giant tidal wave.

I was vaguely aware of my finger nails digging into my palms, puncturing the skin, but I couldn't look away. The court room seemed to disappear, fading, until all I could focus on was the cold, cruel eyes, of Mr. pratab

"Ms. gupta?" the lawyer prompted again but I could hardly hear him. He too had faded into the background.

"Ms. gupta!"

"He killed him!" I shouted.

I finally tore my eyes away, looking at the lawyer who was saying something to the judge but I couldn't hear him over the buzzing in my ears.

The room started spinning and everything went black.

pratab  was sentenced to life in prison. It shouldn't really have been any big surprise but I couldn't quite get over the fact that it was over.

-kushi POV-

The nightmare that had been ruling my life for the last year was over. I had finally testified and maybe now I could feel safe. Maybe now I would be able to get that image out of my mind.I sighed, my breath coming out shaky.

No. I knew that image, the memory of that night, would never fade. You never forget the first time you see someone die.

"Thank you for testifying." The lawyer in the expensive suit said.

I nodded, just now realizing that I had been gazing into the distance as I thought.

"Really. We have been trying to get Mr. pratab behind bars for years."

I swallowed around the lump in my throat that appeared every time I thought about the other... crimes he had committed.

I remember the first time I realized this wasn't the first time he had murdered a man. This very same lawyer had told me. It's how he had gotten me to testify. Before then I had been too scared, but knowing that he had done this before made me think he would continue to do it in the future. I would never be able to live with myself if this happened again because I had been too scared for my own life.

"Can I go home now?" I asked weakly.

I didn't want to think about this any more. I hadn't been able to think of anything else for an entire year now.

The lawyer nodded.

"Of course Ms. gupta." He smiled kindly at me and then he turned and walked away.

And I was free to return to my home.

I picked up my purse from the wooden bench sitting beside me and stood up, looking around the now empty court room.

I could put this behind me. I could. I could move on.i needed to move on for my sanity.

A nagging voice in the back of my mind taunted me, asking how I thought I would be able to move passed this when I couldn't even find the courage to remove myself from the court room.

"I can." I whispered to myself.

"Ms. gupta?"

I turned around, my heart reacting as it did any time someone approached me without warning now a days.

But it was only Agent Peter, a short balding man that worked for the CIA. He had been assigned to this case years ago when they first caught wind of pratab's crimes but they hadn't been able to find anyone willing to testify... until me. Needless to say he had been very happy to help me with anything I needed since I was finally helping them put an end to their case.

"Yes?" I asked, smiling as much as I could bring myself to do with the overwhelming stress of the day, of seeing pratab. Of seeing rajveer. Of having to relive that night again as I repeated it to the court. Well, just the stress of the last year of my life.

"You did good Ms. gupta." He told me. "Everything went perfectly. Just as we'd discussed."

I nodded, remembering the countless times he went over what I would have to answer here today. At least I had been well prepared.

"Are you feeling alright?" He asked, looking at me through calculating eyes.

I suppose if I could see through his eyes I'd see a frail looking woman of twenty-one, an ashen shade of gray from nerves and extreme sleep deprivation, lifeless eyes with dark circles under them.

"I'm fine." I said, trying my best to sound reassuring. He didn't need to worry about me. He had done his job by making sure I was safe in the weeks leading up to the court date when pratab had somehow gotten news that I would be the one testifying.

He frowned and I cursed my bad acting skills.

"I'm just tired and a little jumpy." I said honestly.

Okay, I was more than a little jumpy but he probably knew that anyway.

"I just want to go home."

I almost smiled at the thought of a warm shower and my soft bed. That's where I wanted to stay for the rest of the day. The week. Now that I think of it, can't I just stay in bed for life?

Agent Peter tugged on his collar awkwardly, clearing his throat.

"About that..."

I narrowed my eyes, knowing this wasn't going to lead to anything good.

"We don't think you should go home."

"What!" I exclaimed, louder than I had intended.

I needed to go home! I had done my job. I had testified. Now I just wanted to try to move on with my life the best I could. They were'nt the one who were locked in some safe house for nearly 6 months always terrified that someone would sneak up from behind and kill them. i needed some semblance of normalcy in my life right now.

He shook his head regretfully, a sympathetic expression on his face.

"We'll discuss this in more detail later but right now you need to come with me."

I felt tears prick at my eyes and my throat felt tight as I looked at him pleadingly.

"I just want to move on." I said miserably. "I want to forget this last year even happened."

Agent Peter smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry Ms. gupta." He sighed, reaching out to take hold of my elbow. "But right now your safety is our main concern."


It's always a black SUV. I don't know why. Perhaps the CIA had a partnership with GMC.

Another CIA agent was waiting in the back of the SUV, black shades in place and I smiled hesitantly at him as I crawled in beside him, as per Agent Peter's instructions.

He didn't say anything. And he didn't smile back.

"Where are we going?" I asked after driving for a moment.

Agent Peter was the one to answer since the man beside me remained silent as ever.

"We fear you may be in some danger Ms. gupta. We have come up with an idea to keep you safe."

He still hadn't answered my direct question but I didn't bring this to his attention because I was stuck on the part where he had said I was in danger.

"What?" I asked. "But how? pratab is in custody. He's going to jail for the rest of his life."

My palms started to sweat as I talked, my voice creeping towards panic. Of course I had known I was in danger before, when pratab was free. I had actually been under witness protection for a while before the trial. But why would I still be in danger now?

"We will discuss this in further detail later of course." He said cryptically.

I frowned, bitting my lip anxiously.

"Why can't you tell me?" I asked, fighting the urge to look over my shoulder.

"What's going on? What do you know that I don't?"

I saw Agent Peter press his lips together in the rear view mirror and I furrowed my brows.

"Some people aren't exactly happy that Mr. pratab has gotten what he deserves." The agent sitting beside me said, speaking for the first time.

My blood ran cold.

Of course.pratab jha (PJ) was a very respected man in the world of crime. He had many faithful "friends" who I am sure did not see pratab's sentence as just or deserved but they would see it as my fault.

"Oh my God."

I didn't even realize the words had come from my mouth until Agent Peter responded to them.

"We will protect you Ms. gupta. I promise."

I blinked around my tears and nodded.

I could only hope that was a promise they could keep.


"Now we know this going to be hard." Agent Peter began and I bit my lip, tasting blood as I broke through the skin.

I was sitting in a white room, completely vacant except a stainless steel table and one chair.

I was sitting in said chair and Agent Peter was pacing in front of the table. The other agent hadn't said a word since his ominous uttering in the car and he remained motionless in the background.

"But we feel the best thing to do in a situation of this magnitude is to move you to a new location. Have you assume a new identity. Just start fresh."

"At least until we're sure shaym Jha will no longer be a threat." He mumbled, frowning.

I remembered my epiphany earlier in the car. Would shaym see this as my fault? Of course he would. Would he seek vengeance? I have no idea.

"You think shaym would come after me?" I asked.

It stung to even say his name. I didn't want to think that he would harm me. But then again, I hadn't wanted to believe his father was an organized crime lord either. The most wanted crime leader of the past ten years.

Agent Peter looked at me, his expression calculating, and then he sighed.

"We don't know." He admitted. "We have reason to believe that he will. But this is mostly a precaution."

I didn't know what to say. I just sat there in that little white room, many levels under ground at CIA head quarters and let that sink in, wondering how this became my life.

"There are others to worry about even if the singh boy doesn't make a move."

I nodded, my chest tightening.

The other agent, the one who had remained all but silent must have taken pity on me because he stepped forward just the slightest bit.

"We'll have an agent with you at all times." He assured me.

"You'll be safe with Agent raizada." Agent Peter promised, nodding in resolute belief.

I didn't feel all that reassured to be honest. I didn't even know these people and I was supposed to trust them with my life.

I bit my lip, looking between the two men.

I didn't really have any other options. That's what it all came down to.

I took a deep breath and nodded, relief flooding their faces.

"What's the plan?" I asked, really hoping they had a plan.

The shorter of the two agents slid a manila envelope across the metal table to me.

"Have you ever heard of Forks?" he asked.

"As in forks and spoons?" I asked, confused.

Why were they talking about cutlery? rajveer could be out there planning right now!

The agent chuckled.

"No." He said, shaking his head. "As in Forks, Washington."

I hadn't heard of it. But after thinking for a moment I decided it matter where they sent me anyway.

I looked down at the table, playing with the edge of the small manila envelope.

"That's stuff to help with your cover legend." Agent Peterson said helpfully, obviously interrupting my avoidance as curiosity.

"License, passport, wedding ring. We even had a new birth certificate made." His eyes were shinning with excitement as he spoke of their achievements.


I slowly raised my head to look at him. I must have heard wrong.

"Repeat that." I said tensely.

"Oh. We made a new birth certificate. You know, with a new name and a-"

"No." I interrupted him. "Not that."

He looked around the room nervously, tugging at his collar as if the room was too hot.

"Passport?" He guessed sheepishly in such a way that made it obvious he knew exactly what I was talking about.

I narrowed my eyes at him. After everything I had been through recently the least they could do was be straight forward with me.

Agent Peter sighed.

"Wedding ring." He said in a monotone.

My heart rate picked up and my eyes shifted nervously.

"Who? What?... I don't understand." I finally got out.

"You will be posing as Agent raizada's wife." He said in his don't-argue-we-know-best voice.

"All of your new papers say Mrs. kushi singh raizada. We let you keep your first name because it is fairly common and we believe anyone searching for you would be looking for a single woman. Besides, the chances of anyone looking in Forks is slim to none.".

I couldn't pretend to be someone's wife! I didn't even know who this Agent raizada was. Then again I didn't know anything about my future home or even who I was supposed to be now.

Everything in my life had shifted last year, making me feel like I was on one of those amu****t  park rides that my weak stomach always protested.

And just like that I was crying. I was crying for the man that had his life taken from him a year ago. I was crying for lost fiance. I was crying because nothing is as it seems. And I was crying because in life, just like that amuse ment park ride, you often had no control over the twists and turns.

You just had to close your eyes and hope you made it out unscathed.

I was vaguely aware of Agent Peter and the other more silent agent trying to calm me down but I was too far gone. I tried to stop. I really did because it was embarrassing crying in front of these two men. But the desperation of my cries were too intense to control.

Instead I just squeezed my eyes shut around the tears that were tumbling down my cheeks and I waited.

"What's going on in here?" someone asked in a velvety voice that belonged to neither of the other agents.

As curious as I was to see who the new presence in the room was my embarrassment far outweighed my curiosity and I kept my eyes closed, wishing they would all just disappear.

"We don't know." Agent Peterson said, sounding nervous. "We were discussing her cover legend and she just... started crying."

I heard footsteps but I still didn't open my eyes.

"I knew this was a bad idea." the mystery voice sounded angry.

I didn't understand. Why was he angry? Was he angry at me or one of his fellow agents? Or was he simply an angry person?

I didn't get the chance to further examine the emotional stability of this new person because at that moment I felt soft warm fingers wiping the tears from my cheeks and my eyes snapped open.

"Ssh. It's okay kushi." He murmured. "We're all here to help you, to keep you safe."

He still held my face in his hands as if I was a china doll that would break at any moment.

"I am Agent raizada." He explained. "I work for the CIA and I have been put in charge of your case. I swear to you that I will keep you safe."

All I saw was hazel brown. But not any brown. The most vibrant shade of chocolate brown in existence. And then he blinked and I realized I was face to face with Adonis.

Agent khan was leaning over the small table so that we were eye to eye. He was cradling my face in his hands and those stunning brown eyes shone with pure worry.

"Ms. gupta?" he frowned. "kushi are you alright?"

He turned his head to Agent Peter, who to be completely honest I had forgot was even still here.

"I think she's going in to shock."

"no i am not so weak." I croaked. Even in my state I detested people calling me weak.

He looked back at me, eyebrows furrowed as he studied me intently.

I swallowed.

One side of his lips twitched into a breath taking crooked grin.

"ok" He repeated, almost to himself.

He removed his hands from my face and stood back up to his full height.

"I suppose that's a good thing to know about my wife." He said, his eyes lighting up for a moment with amu****t.

A blush swept up my neck and warmed my cheeks.

He chuckled at my flustered reaction.

"I'll leave you alone to give kushi the details of our plan." Agent Peterson said, only intensifying my blush.

The other agent had already left the room, probably the moment Agent khan had entered. In all probability he was on to a new case, a new worry. But I couldn't be sure because I hadn't seen him leave.

Agent raizada nodded once at him in a dismissing way.

The heavy metal door didn't make a sound as it swung closed behind him except for the 'CLANK' of the lock closing.

"Ms. gupta?"

I looked up at Agent raizada who was watching me intently through calculating eyes.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

I nodded, fiddling with my hands. At least I had been able to stop crying.

"Yes." I said but it got stuck in my dry scratchy throat.

I tried to discreetly clear my throat and then tried again.

"Yes. Of course."

His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes narrowed as he continued to study me.

"Hmm." he frowned, clearly not believing me.

He sighed, running his hands through his messy bronze hair.

"Alright then." He said, standing in front of the table, hands braced on the metal top.

"The plan is very simple Ms. gupta." he said. "I assume that Agent Peter has told you that we believe shaym jha is a threat to your well being?"

"We have under cover agents watching him at all times and we have someone on the inside, someone who has gained his trust. We believe that shaym jha will seek retribution for his father."

I looked down at the table, unable to say anything.

"Until we decide that he will not make a move you will need to go somewhere safe- somewhere he would never think to look."

"Forks." I whispered, remembering Agent Peterson's words.

He nodded.

"I know it might not be your idea of the perfect destination but this was not a decision we have made lightly. Forks has been chosen for several reasons and I have full confidence that you will be safe there."

I nodded.

It didn't really matter to me where they sent me. Nothing was going to be my home so I saw no difference. The one thing I really wanted to ask about I couldn't find the courage to.

"Your new identity, at least for the moment, is kushi raizada." He said as if reading my mind.

He looked at me with that almost unnerving intense look again, as if he was trying to communicate something without telling me directly.

"You are probably wondering why you must pretend to be my wife." He sighed.

I nodded slowly, hoping not to show any disrespect but this was actually a point of true curiosity.

"I was not for this part of the plan at first." He said first off and I frowned, not sure if I should be offended or not.

"But I do feel it is best now." He said quickly. "Marriage is the perfect cover for me being around you at all times. Besides, this would make it more difficult for shaym or any of his associates to find you, seeing as they would not be looking for a married woman."

There was one loud knock from the other side of the door and Agent raizada turned to look at it but no one came in.

"Right." He said, turning back to me. "Our flight is leaving soon. We need to get going."

"What?" I asked, finally finding my voice.

He raised an eyebrow at me.

"I haven't been home to gather any of my things yet." I protested. "I haven't gotten to say good bye to any of my friends. I haven't had any time."

Agent raizadashook his head sadly.

"That is how it must be."

I refused to cry again but my voice wavered slightly as I said, "Why?"

He sighed.

"This is all you need to know at this time." He murmured. "We will discuss this in more depth on the plane."

He didn't wait for a reply. He snatched the manila envelope from the table in front of me and spilled its contents out before us.

He picked up the birth certificate, placing it safely in his brief case.

"Where is your purse?" he asked, no longer distracted by mundane things. He was on a mission now.

I nodded towards where my purse sat in the corner of the room.

He followed my gaze and snatched it up from the floor, handing it to me unceremoniously.

He slid the passport and my new license across the metal surface of the lone table.

"Put those in your purse. You are to keep them with you at all times." He said, all business. "From the moment we step out of this building everyone must believe that you are kushi singh raizada.''

I had no time to digest what he had said or the gravity that one sentence would have on the rest of my life, my new life. I heard the urgency in his voice and I did as I was told with no comment.

"Let me see your hand." He commanded.

I looked up, my eyes widening.

He was standing closer to me than I had anticipated and he held my 'wedding ring' between his thumb and forefinger gently as if it actually meant something to him.

I held out my hand, which was shaking but I hopped he didn't notice this, and he slipped the ring on.

I just looked at it for a moment and when I managed to look away I saw Agent raizada looking at it with an unreadable look in his eye as well.

He coughed, running a hand through his hair.

"It's time to go Ms. gupta."

I nodded, cherishing the sound of my name for one last time for I don't know how long but at the same time missing the one I had heard only a couple of times.


"My family still lives there." He said, looking at me only from the corner of his eye.

"Our cover story is that we are visiting them after our honey moon."

"What?" I exclaimed.Now we were going to have to fool his whole family?

"Aren't they going to realize something is fishy when you show up married to someone they've never even met before?" I questioned.

"We came to share the good news as soon as we had spent a couple of nights on honey moon of course."


i am updating this story on qubool hai forum as i had written it for asad zoya intially but thought to edit it for arshi fans aswell so if u want me to continue plz hit the thankyou button

well i am setting this in America as i cant bring it to mumbai it would feel strange.so i did'nt know any small towns in america so thought to take a little help from twilight.i took forks from there.



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should i continue
Sep 18, 2013

nicknames and endearments (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 64 times)

thankyou to all those who voted and commented. here is the next chapter.


"Where are we going?" I asked when we were both seated in the back of the black SUV.

The driver, someone I didn't recognize from previous rides, glanced in the mirror.

"An airport." Agent raizada said curtly.

Something in his voice kept me from asking any more questions.

The airport was at the other end of town, one I had never been to before. There was one lone runway and sitting there was a medium sized plane. No one else was around.

"A private jet?" I asked, sounding slightly awed.

I had grown up in a small town before moving to Chicago. Sometimes I still felt like that small town girl, impressed by what others found inconsequential.

He opened the door and hopped out, motioning for me to follow.

"Of course." He grinned.

I felt my own lips twist into a smile in reaction.

He said a few words to the driver and then closed the door, patting the top twice, and the SUV drove off.

"Right this way." He said, motioning with his arm towards the jet.

A man with a thick mustache and a dark suit met us at the bottom of the steps.

"raizada." He greeted.

Agent raizada nodded in recognition and waited for me to climb the steps first.

I stopped short when I entered the jet. It was nicer than my apartment in downtown Chicago. There were plush recliner seats and a plasma screen TV was fastened at one end. There was a coffee table bolted to the floor in between the extravagant seats and the blinds on the windows looked to be made of velvet. A bottle of champagne was chilling in a bucket on the table top.

"Wow." I breathed.

"The CIA does nothing halfway."

I jumped, not having heard Agent raizada's entrance behind me.

"I see that." I said easily, hoping to make up for my other counts of commoner-like behavior.

His lips twitched, fighting off a grin. He loosened his tie and sat down on one of the plush cream seats.

"We should be arriving in Forks in a couple of hours." he told me.

I nodded, debating if I should take the seat beside him.


I turned and the man with the mustache, the pilot I'm assuming, was standing there.

"You're going to want to take your seat and buckle up until we are safely in the air Ma'am."

I nodded, turning a most unflattering shade of red.

The man watched me walk to my seat before the door was shut and he made his way into the ****pit.

"Did someone get my things?" I asked.

Agent raizada looked at me curiously.

"You said we would discuss this more on the plane." I said, fiddling with a strand of my brown hair. "Why wasn't I allowed to go home to gather my things?"

That didn't make sense to me. Even if I was supposed to be a new person now I still needed clothing. I couldn't wear these clothes for the duration of our stay. I wasn't even sure when I was going to be allowed to come back.

"You're not even going to wait until we're in the air before you start interrogating me?" He smirked.

The flight was only two hours at the longest. I needed answers. This was the simplest one, or so I had thought.

"No." I said, impressed by how firm my voice sounded. "Besides, I don't interrogate. You are the CIA agent."

He raised one eyebrow, clearly surprised by my response and then his lips lifted into that crooked grin of his.

"I don't interrogate either." he said, sounding amused. "That's not my department.i am more into field work you know"

I narrowed my eyes at him. He was just trying to distract me from my previous question. Could it really be that bad?

"Why wasn't I supposed to go home to get my things?" I asked again.

He sighed.

"You're not going to leave this alone are you?" He asked.

He didn't sound angry, just sad.

I shook my head.

"The CIA has seen someone watching your apartment for the passed three days. They're still there."

All the blood drained from my face. They were already there. They were watching my home. They were waiting for me.

"shaym?" I whispered, forcing myself to ask the question.

He examined my face for a moment before releasing a deep breath.

"No." He said. "But we believe it was one of his colleagues."

I didn't say anything. There was nothing to say.

"We can get you new clothes in Forks." He said gently and I nodded numbly. "Anything you need."

"Why Forks?" I asked, going down my checklist before I had time to think of someone lurking outside of my home. "You said it was chosen for several reasons. What are they?"

"You are quite thorough." He remarked.

I simply shrugged.

"The first reason is because it is a small town that hardly anyone even knows exists none the less would think to look for a missing person in."

I nodded.

That made sense enough.

"And the others?" I prompted.

He sighed.

"I grew up there. I am well acquainted with it so we have the added bonus of... 'home court advantage' you could say. If anyone does think to look for you there it will be easier to spot anyone new. Anyone suspicious."

I frowned.

"I thought you said no one would find me there." I objected.

He nodded.

"I am confident of that. We're just covering all the bases."

"Anything else?" I asked.

He grimaced but it was gone so quickly that I wondered if I had seen it at all.

"My family still lives there." He said, looking at me only from the corner of his eye.

"Our cover story is that we are visiting them after our honey moon."

"What?" I exclaimed.

Now we were going to have to fool his whole family?

"Aren't they going to realize something is fishy when you show up married to someone they've never even met before?" I questioned.

I was starting to worry they hadn't thought this all out as much as I had first thought. Had they ever seen my acting skills? It was going to be hard enough to fool strangers. Now I was going to have to pretend in front of the people that knew him best!

"I have thought of that." He assured me and I looked at him skeptically.

What did he have planned for this little situation I wonder?

"I admit that it will seem a little odd." He agreed. "But I haven't seen them in a little over a year."

I raised an eyebrow, wondering what could keep someone from their family for a year. I didn't let myself think of my family- of my mother and father . I didn't let myself wonder when I would get to see them next if I ever would.

"My job doesn't offer a lot of vacation time." He shrugged, seeming to see where my thoughts had taken me.

"What do they think you do?" I asked, knowing I was being led off the topic but unable to contain my curiosity.

"They think I am a surgeon in a hospital in Chicago."

I laughed. I couldn't help it. It was just so far from the truth.

"How noble of you." I said.

He glared at me.

"I did go to medical school I'll have you know."

Something in his voice made me stop laughing and I sat up a little straighter.

He looked at me, as if debating if he should elaborate. I didn't look away, trying to get him to continue without having to outright ask for the story.

"When you are a surgeon, or any doctor for that matter, you get the chance to save lives." He began. "That is what I was drawn to, that and it is my father's profession. But you don't really get to play a role in the person's life."

He frowned, focusing on a random spot above my head.

"You fix what ailments you can- you remove a bullet, you treat someone with lung cancer. That doesn't mean the young man will be safe from gang life after he leaves. It doesn't mean the person with lung cancer will stop smoking. I respect all doctors. They are... noble, as you said. But I feel that this way I am able to enhance a person's life, not just prolong it. Besides-"

He stopped short and I furrowed my eyebrows, waiting for him to continue. He did not.

He sighed, looking down at his hands.

"I just feel I am making a bigger impact this way."

I wanted to hear what else he was going to say. I wanted him to continue but the sad look in his eyes made me hold in my questions.

"I'm glad you did." I said quietly. "Chose this job, that is."

If he hadn't chosen this profession I might have been laying outside my apartment right now drowning in my own blood.

I shuddered, trying not to think about how real that possibility was.

It was quiet for an immeasurable amount of time as we both thought of troubles, and lives lost, and all the odds we still had to beat. Well, at least that's what I was thinking of.

"So you haven't seen them in a year." I said, breaking the silence when my thoughts became too much for me to bare.

"What now? You just waltz home with your new bride?"

I felt a slight blush paint my cheeks.

He looked up, seeming startled- as if I had pulled him from a dream or a distant memory.

"We tell them that we got engaged a while ago and we were going to wait to tell them until we could visit and share the good news in person. But then you decided you wanted a little wedding, no fuss, no stress and so we ended up going to the temple." He explained easily.

"We were planning a nice big wedding of course. But this just seemed easier and it was all very sudden once we had decided."

He looked up at me, a slight smirk on his  lips.

"We came to share the good news as soon as we had spent a couple of nights on honey moon of course."

I blushed, one blush blending into another.

"We'll stay with my family for a few days and then we are going to stumble upon the most charming house. We'll have to buy it of course, claiming that it's perfect. They'll all be so happy that we've decided to move there that they won't question the sudden visit or the surprise marriage."

I corked an eyebrow.

"You have thought everything through." I said, slightly impressed.

He nodded, smiling.

"I'm glad you approve."

He leaned back against the seat, closing his eyes and folding his hands behind his head.

"Besides, Chicago isn't the place to raise a family."

My mouth fell open. I knew he was only trying to get a reaction, or maybe trying to get into character. Perhaps he was only telling me what we

were going to tell his family so that I was prepared and didn't have this reaction then... but it still took me by surprise.

I looked down at my hands until I could no longer feel the heat radiating off the blush from my cheeks.

My ring glinted in the sun streaming in from the window where the velvet curtains were held back. It looked so out of place on my finger. I had never really been interested in marriage or weddings, which is another reason this new identity was so outlandish. I had to hand it to them. No one who knew me would look for a married woman.

The ring really was beautiful though. It was a little overly extravagant for my taste but I couldn't deny it's beauty. It was elegant and although a tad too extravagant it didn't look gaudy. It was white gold with a row of smaller round diamonds on each side. Then in the center was a bigger square diamond raised up from the rest.

"We should probably take a while to get to know each other."

I looked up to find Agent raizada looking at me, a hint of amu****t gracing his features.

I flushed, wondering how long he had been examining me as I examined my new ring.

"We are supposed to be married after all." He said.

I nodded.

"You go first." I mumbled.

I would not usually let an opportunity to ask questions go, especially when that meant answering them in stead. I hated being the center of attention. But I was afraid I was too flustered to come up with any good questions.

"Your name is kushi?" He started.

I nodded.

"What's your middle name?"

I made a face and he chuckled.

"I think that's something a husband would know."

I sighed, giving up.

"kumari." I blushed.

He grinned.

"What's wrong with kumari?" He questioned.

I shrugged.

Kushi Kumari Gupta. It just sounded so grand and I was just so... not. I was me. I was just kushi.

"Nobody really likes their middle name right?" I dismissed it.

"kushi kumari raizada." He said, trying it out. "I actually like it."

I cursed my traitorous body as yet another blush swept across my face and my heart spluttered.

"What's your middle name?" I asked and then I frowned.

"Wait. What's your first name?"

He laughed.

"Arnav." He said. "arnav singh raizada."

I smiled.I liked it.

I also liked the thought of calling him by his name instead of Agent raizada. It had sounded so formal. I had been in the company of more CIA agents than I could probably count in the past few months and it had never bothered me that I hadn't known their names but I liked getting to know this one agent. arnav.

"It fits you." I decided.

He grinned.

"Just don't call me nannav." He warned. "I hate that."

I giggled, wondering who called him that.

"You wouldn't even let your wife call you nannav?" I wondered.

He shook his head, glaring at me playfully.

"Not even my wife." He said resolutely. "My family would know right away that something was wrong if I let you call me nannav."

I laughed.

"No nicknames." I said. "Got it."

He smirked.

"Nicknames are fine. Just not nannav."

I raised an eyebrow in question.

"For instance," He said, leaning towards me slightly with a teasing glint in his eye. "Honey, dear, darling, my love... Those are all expectable."

I rolled my eyes although my stomach was flipping at his closer proximity. No, I reprimanded myself. He is the CIA agent keeping you alive. You can not crush on him. Do you remember what happened last time you let yourself get involved with someone?

I almost flinched at that. No, I wasn't crushing on Agent raizada, I decided. My stomach was just reacting to the plane ride.

"Those aren't nicknames. Those are terms of endearment." I brought out.

He pursed his lips, thinking and then he smiled.

"Okay, I suppose you're right. No nicknames. Terms of endearment are fine however."

I rolled my eyes again, reminding myself not to wonder what term he would use. If any.

"What is your favorite hobby?" he asked, thankfully changing the topic.

"Reading." I said without having to think about it.

I loved to read. I always had. When all my other friends were shopping for new dresses I was usually hiding in the book store.

"Interesting." He murmured.

I raised an eyebrow but I wasn't able to ask what he had thought my hobby would be because he was already on to the next question.

"Favorite book?"

I bit my lip, trying to decide between my two favorites.

"Wuthering Heights." I said finally.

He made a face and I smacked his arm.

"What's wrong with Wuthering Heights?" I asked indignantly, ignoring the electricity that stung my fingers were I had touched his suit clad arm.

"Nothing." He said, not convincingly in the least. "I suppose. I just think it would be a better story if either of them had one redeeming quality." (AN: Quote from Eclipse.)

I frowned.

"I think that may be the point." I disagreed. "Their love is their redeeming quality."

He took a moment to ponder that.

"I suppose I can see your point." He conceded.

I grinned, feeling victorious.

"What's your favorite book?" I asked.

"Dracula." He said without hesitation.

"Why?" I asked curiously..................

And it went on like that for the rest of the trip. arnav and I asking questions back and forth to get to know each other, only pausing when we wanted to debate a side point. We discussed family, siblings, favorite animals, favorite movies, best friends.

I was feeling pretty confident about pretending to be his wife, or at least pretending to have known him for more than a couple of hours by the time we landed.

But then he said, "So how did I propose?"

"What?" I asked, totally taken off guard.

He shrugged.

"My mother and sisters are going to want to hear the story." He shrugged. "It'll be helpful if we had our story straight."

I bit my lip, thinking. I had never thought of the perfect proposal or anything. I was never really all that romantic as shaym never did anything remotely romantic for me. And besides, he was the one that was supposed to propose. Why did I have to think of something?

"I don't know." I mumbled. "You said, 'will you marry me?'"

Of course even I knew this was vague and not romantic in the least. Even I,kushi kumari gupta, could think of things much sweeter, those things every girl wants to hear to make her feel special. But I knew life wasn't really like that so I tried not to focus on it. Besides, I would never be able to say those things to arnav.

My cheeks were burning even with just the thought of telling him those things. Especially when it would mean we would have to tell his family he had said those things to me.

arnav scoffed.

"What?" I asked, a little hurt.

He looked at me skeptically.

"Where were we?" He questioned.

I shrugged, my blush intensifying.

"I don't know... dinner?"

Isn't that where everyone purposes? It could be romantic. It could be a little bistro with soft lighting and a long stemmed rose. He could get down on one knee and... well, ask.

He looked at me like I had just grown a second head.

"I would never propose like that." He scoffed indignantly.

I frowned.

"Like what?" I asked.

I had actually started to like my idea. It sounded plenty romantic to me.

He shook his head.

"Believe me, my sisters and mother are not going to be satisfied with a proposal that includes dinner in some public restaurant with no sentimental value and a less than heartfelt, 'will you marry me.'"

I crossed my arms over my chest.

"What do you suggest then?" I asked, a little bit snippier than I had intended but he had asked me after all.

This was my fake proposal dang it.


He held out a hand, frowning.

"Give me a moment." He said. "I'm thinking."

I rolled my eyes.

I sat back in my seat, leaning my head against the head rest while keeping my eyes on him while I waited.

His brow puckered and his lips formed a, to be completely honest, extremely attractive pout as he thought. Then his eyes lit up and he grinned at me.

"Got it." He said, sounding smug.

I rolled my eyes. That seemed to be becoming a new habit with me.

"Okay..." I prompted.

"I would not propose at a restaurant." He said. "It might work for some people but it's just not me. I would want something more private where I could pour out my heart without an audience, focus only on you. I would make you a nice home cooked dinner, your favorite which I now know is  puri."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Can you really cook?"

He shot me a look.

"Yes, I can." He answered, sounding slightly offended. "So I cook you your puri and it's already through cooking before you arrive. There is soft music, candles.

"Wouldn't I suspect something as soon as I walk in?" I asked. "What with all the music, candles.''

I smirked.

He shook his head, not missing a beat.

"Of course not. We have dinner at my house every Friday night." He said, sounding so serious he almost had me convinced.

"Why would you accept a proposal from a man who only makes a romantic gesture so he can propose?"

I looked down quickly, fiddling with my fingers. shaym had never been all that romantic. He had once said if I would ever let him propose he would ask through the score board at a baseball game. It would work I suppose. But it had never really made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe because I had never liked baseball. I didn't understand the rules. I had never really thought much about it though because we had both known him proposing was not going to happen. Not because he wouldn't have but because I hadn't wanted him to. It just hadn't seemed right.

"As I was saying," He continued smoothly. "I wait until we are through with dinner and then I get up from the table and ask for a dance."

I made a face.

"I hate dancing." I said. "Hate it."

"Fine." He sighed, rolling his eyes. "I leave to clear the table and then I bring out dessert-"

"Is the ring in the cake?" I guessed.

"kushi" He groaned in exasperation.

I put my hands in the air.

"Sorry." I muttered. "Sorry. So you bring out dessert..."

He nodded.

"Yes. It is..."

He frowned.

"What's your favorite dessert?"

I smirked.

"So now I'm allowed to talk?"

He just looked at me, waiting for my reply and I snickered.

"Fine." I relented. "jalebi."

He smiled.

"Mine too." He grinned. "So we have  jalebi and then I mention I have a gift for you."

I frowned,because I was wrong and it doesn't look like he has hidden my ring in the imaginary  cake.

"I make you sit on the sofa next to the fire place and I turn the music even lower as I hand you the wrapped gift."

He paused as if he thought that I was going to interrupt him again and I looked at him, trying to hurry the story along. I'm actually kind of nervous and excited to hear the end, how he proposes, as nonsensical as that is.

"You unwrap the box and find a new copy of your favorite book- Wuthering Heights. I explain that I've seen you reading it so many times and it appears to be falling apart."

He smirked.

"You are of course very excited about your new book but before you can set it down to hug me or start reading it immediately I ask you to look at the front cover. That's where I have poured out my heart to you in writing on the inside cover of your favorite book."

I felt my jaw drop.

"And when you look up from reading my very lengthy and heart felt long paragraph I am on one knee holding out your ring."

He nodded towards the ring I'm wearing now and I feel my blush once again ignite fire in my cheeks but I can't think about that at the moment because arnav isn't through.

He leaned over towards me slightly, that intense look in his eyes again and he gingerly tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

"And then I say," He whispered. "'I love you kushi and I will love you forever, every single day of forever. Will you please do me the honor of being my wife?'"

I swallowed hard, unable to say anything.

arnav grinned, seeming fairly proud of himself.

"And obviously you said yes." He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

He dropped his hand from where it had lingered on my face and then sat back in his seat.

I blinked, and then remembered I wasn't breathing. I took a deep breath as I started to see spots and it sounded unstable and shaky.

"Th- That works too I suppose." I muttered, trying to sound nonchalant.

He chuckled.

"I'm glad you approve." He said smugly.

The jet started to descend and he looked out the window.

"Now, are you ready to make them believe it?"

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introduction: MOM THIS IS MY WIFE kushi (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 48 times)

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We did not land on a private airstrip as I had been expecting but at a busy airport. Arnav explained that this was less conspicuous and that Forks was an hour away.

He grabbed my hand the second we were off the jet, threading our fingers together. I told myself not to focus on the electric charge running up and down my arm, starting from where our hands connected. It was only a show he was putting on so that we looked the part of the happy newly weds.

When we got to the parking lot he stopped in front of an extremely flashy black car.

"Inconspicuous?" I asked eyeing the car.

He just chuckled, opening the passenger door for me.

"After you Mrs. raizada." He smirked.

I blushed, ducking my head before he saw the effect that had on me, and got into the car.

He shut the door and went around to his side.

"I have always wanted to drive one of these." He said, sounding like a little kid in a candy shop as he started the car.

"What is it?" I asked.

"An Aston Martin Vanquish." He beamed.

I had no idea what that was but it looked extremely expensive.

"If you rented this car how come you already had the keys?" I asked.

We hadn't gone to the rental place. There had been no signing our life away, or arguing with the employees.

"I work for the CIA." He said simply. "Remember?"

And then he put the car in reverse and we were pulling out onto the freeway in no time, headed towards my new life. Headed towards uncertainty- a big fat question mark.

I had never liked change. I had always been a big fan of routine. After only one year my life had gone through so many reincarnations that it didn't even resemble the semblance of my past life.

"Are you okay?"

I looked over to see arnav watching me out of the corner of his eye, concern etched on his features.

"I'm fine." I lied.

He didn't look convinced.

I sighed.

"I'm just a little nervous." I admitted.

"About what?" He asked quietly.

I looked out the window, watching the trees speed by. Where to start?

"About leaving my entire life behind and starting over." I whispered. "About having to live a lie and dragging more people into it. About having to deceive an entire town of people. Trying to make your family believe that we're in love. About-"

I shook my head, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly.

About someone finding us.

asad pulled onto the side of the road, turning to face me.

"kushi." He sighed, sadness lacing his tone. "I am so sorry."

I shrugged, cursing the few tears that threatened to spill over.

"This is so much for one person to handle." He said. "I know this last year has been unbelievably hard but you're safe here. I will do whatever I can to make this easier for you."

I blinked around the tears in my eyes, willing them not to fall, and nodded.

"Thank you." I whispered.

He smiled kindly at me.

"Of course kushi." He soothed. "Just remember that I'm here."

I had managed to regain my composure by the time we arrived in Forks and I marveled at the scenery as we drove through the small town and then through a forest.

There was just so much green. Everything here was green. I loved Chicago, the big buildings and the busy atmosphere. But this-this was beautiful.

I had been so caught up in admiring the trees, and ferns, and other equally green plants that I was surprised when asad turned the car off.

"We're here?" I asked, butterflies of nervousness anxiously fluttering in my stomach.

"Yes." He said, sounding just as nervous as I was.

I followed his gaze out the front wind shield.

"oh my god !" I exclaimed.

Looming before us was the most gorgeous house, no mansion, I had ever seen.

asad chuckled.

"arnav!" I enthused, turning to him with wide eyes. "This is you house?"

He shook his head.

"No." He said. "This is my parent's house."

I just continued to stare at him.

"Why did you ever move out?" I asked, only half joking.

He laughed.

"Wanted to impact lives and all that. Remember?" He teased.

I grinned.

"Are you ready to face the firing squad?" He asked.

My grin fell and I shook my head.

"Not even a little bit." I mumbled.

He smirked.

"Oh, come on. I'll protect you."

I frowned because underneath that teasing smirk he was just as anxious about all this as I was.

arnav didn't knock. He unlocked the front door with the spare key in the compartment that looked like a rock and turned back to me, one hand on the door knob.

"Surprising them is more fun." He told me.

I just bit my lip. Oh, they were going to be surprised alright!

Then he reached back for my hand and stepped inside.

"maa? dad?" He called, closing the door behind him.

The house was open and light. The back wall of the room we were standing in now was lined with windows from floor to ceiling, giving it a cheery atmosphere.

There was some noise from the other room, pots and pans being moved around it sounded like and my stomach dropped.

This was it. There was no turning back now.

"Come on." arnav whispered. " mom's probably in the kitchen."

I nodded although instinct was telling me to turn and run the other way. Of course I had no where to run and even if I had asad still held my hand, trailing me along behind him, so I had no other option.

He led me through another spacious room before arriving at a beautifully detailed swinging wooden door.

He squeezed my hand once reassuringly, although I'm not sure who he was trying to reassure.

"mom?" He called again, pushing through the door.

We were met with the clatter of pots and pans being dropped as the woman turned, eyes wide.

"arnav!" She exclaimed and he grinned, looking genuinely happy.

"hello." He said.

She left the pots and pans where she had dropped them on the floor and rushed over to him.

"What a pleasant surprise!" She sang, her voice sounding warm and melodious.

She hugged him.

"It's been too long." She murmured. "I missed you."

"I've missed you too mom." He said, hugging her back with one arm because he was still holding my hand.

I almost wished he'd drop it because I wanted to back out of the room. I felt like I was intruding on a personal moment. But he did not let my hand drop and his mother- she, released him and took a step back.

"I was just fixing dinner." She told him. "Stay in here and keep me company. You can tell me what brought on this surprise..."

Her voice trailed off as she registered my presence for the first time.

"I see you've brought a friend." She said and my cheeks burned with my all too familiar blush as she looked at me.

"I'm sorry dear." She said, stepping over to me. "How rude of me. I just haven't seen my son in so long."

She stuck her hand out for me to shake with a pleasant smile.

"I'm gayatri singh raizada."

I shook her hand with my free one and arnav grinned, probably waiting to see how I would introduce myself.

This was his plan. I'm not going to be the one to break it to his mother.

"Hello Mrs. raizada" I responded. "I'm kushi."

She smiled.

"What a lovely name. But please, call me gyatri.dont be too formal."

I smiled back.

I instantly liked her.

"You have a beautiful home." I told her conversationally and she beamed.

" thank you Dear."

And with that we both looked at arnav expectantly.

He looked between the two of us, his grin fading.

"Not that I'm not pleased that you and... kushi are here." gyatri said. "But what brought this on?"

arnav ran his free hand through his hair, something I already knew he did when he was uncomfortable or nervous.

"Is dad home?" He asked.

gyatri shook her head.

"No." She said slowly, now more than a little suspicious. I could practically see the wheels turning.

"He's at the hospital until six."

She looked between the two of us and then frowned.

"arnav. I think you should tell me what's going on."

He sighed, clearly seeing there was no way to put this off.

I was trying to decide if I wanted to be sympathetic or amused. I could only imagine how hard it would be to tell my mother that I had gotten married since the last time I had seen her. The thought alone was enough to make me nervous.

On the other hand this was the first time since I had seen arnav singh raizada that he didn't seem to know exactly what he was doing. Agent raizada, CIA's finest. Mr Take Charge was struggling for words to explain to his mother that he had gotten married. He looked so... human and innocent.

"I know this is going to come as a shock." He said and gyatri frowned, clearly not liking where this was going.

"But I assure you this was not a decision we took lightly and we did not rush into anything."

He took a deep breath and he looked so nervous my sympathetic side won out. I squeezed his hand, reminding him that he wasn't alone either and he looked back at me with a thankful smile.

"kushi and I are married." He finished.

And then silence.

You could hear the whir of the refrigerator. You could hear a bird chirping from some where outside. You could even hear our individual breaths.

"Excuse me?" gyatri finally said, looking dazed.

arnav chuckled nervously, running his hand through his hair.

"I guess there are two Mrs. raizada's in the room."

gyatri blinked and I resisted the urge to bang my head repeatedly on the wall.

"I- I don't understand." She said.

"Mom, kushi and I met at a bookstore in Chicago right after my last visit here. She helped me find a book I was looking for at the time and I asked her out to dinner. We have been dating ever since and I asked her to be my wife last month." He was speaking with so much certainty that I almost believed him.

"We wanted to share the good news with you right away but we wanted to be able to tell you in person. We had to wait until I could get the time off of work. Isn't that right my Love?"

He looked at me and I blinked.

"Uhm... yeah." I stuttered.

My love? That was a good one.

He smiled at me and if I were an outsider looking in I would swear he was radiating with love an affection.

Wow. I guess that's why he's one of the CIA's best.

"But we were both so stressed out from work, and planning the wedding, and trying to schedule a visit down here that we decided to just go to a temple a couple of days ago."

"I've never really liked the idea of a big flashy wedding anyway." I said, happy that I was finally able to assist the conversation in someway.

arnav grinned, squeezing my hand once more.

"That's right." He chuckled. "kushi hates being the center of attention."

I blinked.

I hadn't told him that.well he was quite observant.before i could gloat about the fact that he noticed or observed me gyatri aunty interrupted my scattered thoughts

"You- you're married?" gyatri whispered in disbelief.

I couldn't blame her for her reaction.

arnav and I nodded.

"Hey! mom?"

I looked towards the door, eyebrows raised as a little short heighted  girl danced into the kitchen.

"That sale I was telling you about earlier was-"

She stopped mid sentence as she finally looked up.

"arnav bhaijaan!" She shrieked, hurling herself across the room towards him so that he had to let go of my hand to brace the impact.

He chuckled, hugging her so that her feet lifted off the floor.

"Hey anjali." He chuckled.

He set her back down on the ground and she grinned, her eyes seeming to dance with energy and happiness.

"Oh my God!" She enthused. "I've missed you so much! Have you ever thought of working a little less? You've missed so much. Who's the girl? How long are you staying?"

I looked at her with wide eyes.

arnav looked over his shoulder at me with a small grin.

"You'll get used to it." He promised. "And if not we can always slip her some Ritalin."

anjali slapped his arm.

"Be nice to me nannav."

I snickered and she shot me a dazzling smile.

"Now are you going to introduce me or do I have to pull out your baby pictures?"

"anjali." He groaned.

She huffed, putting her hands on her hips.

"kushi, this is my sister anjali. anjali, this is kushi.'' He gave in.

"kushi is arnav's new wife." gyatri pipped in.

anjali froze, her eyes darting from arnav to me and back to arnav again.

"You're married?" She asked quietly, sounding stunned.

arnav nodded slowly, watching her reaction carefully.

"You're married!" She exclaimed louder, clapping her hands together and bouncing up and down.

"You're married!" She shrieked. "You're married. Oh kushi! I have a new sister."

She grinned ecstatically at me.

"Wait until I tell rahul! And nk!" She laughed, her bell like laughter ringing through the kitchen.

"Oh. nk's going to have a field day with this!"

arnav cringed.

"anjali." gyatri chided gently. "Dear."

anjali skipped over to me and wrapped me in a hug before I could react.

"It's nice to meet you kushi." She sang happily. "I can tell we're going to be good friends."

I patted her back awkwardly.

"Uhm... yeah. You too anjali." I mumbled.

She stepped back, frowning.

"arnav ." She quickly turned on him. "You're married."

arnav laughed.

"Yes anjali." He smirked. "I know that."

She narrowed her eyes at him.

"No." She sneered. "You're married. As in you are already married. As in I wasn't invited."

She took a step towards him, her eyes blazing.

"As in I didn't get to plan it!!"

And that is when Agent raizada, government trained operative, supposed to be able to deal with any situation, looked scared.

"anjali, we were going to. We went to a temple simply."

anjali looked at him in disbelief.

"You went to a temple?" She asked, now just sounding pained.

arnav's features flashed guilt before he cleared them and nodded.

"arnav." She sniffed. "Don't you love me?"

He sighed.

"Of course I love you anjali."

She crossed her arms over her chest, still looking hurt.

"Then why wasn't I invited to your wedding?" She asked, looking like someone had just run over her puppy.

"None of us were invited Darling." gyatri said quietly and I felt a pang of intense guilt. Not only was I the reason that arnav was lying to his family but now they were all hurt as well.

"This was just something kushi  and I needed to do for us." arnav said.

"We didn't mean for anyone to be upset." I said softly, feeling miserable.

I hadn't even been here for an hour yet and I was already ruining his family life.

arnav was instantly beside me, an arm securely around my waist.

"Don't be sad." He murmured quietly in my ear.

"Dear." gyatri called soothingly and I looked up, bitting my lip.

"We know you didn't mean to upset anyone." She smiled, trying to reassure me but she still looked sad.

Now I felt even worse. Here I was trying apologize and they were trying to make me feel better.

"Yeah. It's okay kushi." anjali said, actually sounding almost back to her happy self of a few moments ago. "Besides, I can plan another wedding. People who go to temples alone, do that all the time- have another wedding for the family."

"anjali." arnav said uneasily, tensing beside me.

"That would be lovely!" gyatri beamed. "Then we would all get to be there."

She smiled, a real one this time, as if a big problem had just been solved.

"Exactly!" anjali cheered.

arnav and I shared a look that clearly said, 'this is going to be bad.'

"We can have it here, in the house,with just us family members.

She was getting more and more excited as she spoke and the longer she spoke the more panicked I was getting.

"Uhm... anjali. We shouldn't. Maybe we shouldn't." I spluttered.

"We don't want to put anyone out." arnav said quickly.

I shot him a thankful look.

"Non sense." gyatri said.

anjali nodded vigorously.

"I'm going to go out and buy some fabric." She informed us. "I can just picture your wedding lhenga now. I'm guessing you didn't have a lhenga?"

She looked at me expectantly and I couldn't think of anything to say, so I just swallowed and shook my head.

"anjali." asad tried again.

She ignored her brother's protests.

"And  the theme could be elegant white with passionate red,i read in a wedding planner magazine. The perfect mixture would make the whole place smell so good."


anjali waved him off.

"If I leave now I can be back for dinner." She sang, bouncing up on her tip toes to kiss arnav's cheek.

"Bye Guys!" She called over her shoulder. "Welcome to the family kushi."

And then she was gone, the front door clicking shut behind her.

arnav sighed, running his hand through his hair roughly.

"I'm so sorry." He said to me. "anjali is... anjali."

I smiled, trying to show him that I didn't blame him. I think it came out more like a grimace and my shoulders were still tense, tight.

What had we just gotten ourselves into now?

"anjali is very spirited in everything that she sets her mind to." gyatri explained more delicately.

I nodded, trying to pretend like I wasn't having an aneurysm.

"arnav dear, why don't you show kushi to your old room." She suggested gently. "I'm sure your both tired. Dinner will still be another hour or two."

arnav nodded, grabbing my hand and leading me towards the door, more than a little relieved to be getting out of there I think.

"And arnav?" gyatri called, sounding extremely maternal.

arnav looked at her over his shoulder, one hand poised on the swinging door.

"I really have missed you son."

His face softened and he smiled tenderly.

"You too mom." He said softly

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introduction:nk THIS IS MY WIFE kushi (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 35 times)

for those who dont understand with many character.here is the brief

gyatri rahul =arnav's parents

anjali karan husband wife

lavanya nk husband wife and they have a daughter named bubbly.

and finally our star couple arnav kushi.


"What are we going to do?" I asked once we were safely behind closed doors.

arnav ran his hands over his tired face.

"I don't know." He admitted.

I began pacing back and forth in the huge room.

"Your family hates me." I muttered. "They're upset with you. They're hurt they weren't invited to the 'wedding.'"

I made air quotes around the word. The more I spoke the more hysterical I became. My words were coming in a rush and I felt sick.

"This isn't going to work. They're going to be crushed when we tell them they can't plan this wedding. Which is only going to make them hate me more and be more upset with you and-"

arnav grabbed my shoulders and my pacing came to an abrupt halt.

"kushi." He said slowly, watching my face as if he was waiting for me to officially snap.

"Calm down. Take a deep breath."

I did as he instructed and released it slowly.

"First of all no one hates you."

I scoffed.

"They don't." He insisted. "They're surprised. We knew they would be."

"But I've ruined your life." I whispered.

I mean, this could not have been how he saw his weekend.

An unreadable emotion flickered across his features and he leaned over, still gripping my shoulders firmly but gently, so that we were eye to eye.

"How could you say that?" He asked, sounding pained. "I am the one that took this case. I knew what I was getting into."

I nodded- dazed, unable to look away from his penetrating  eyes.

"You are not a burden kushi." He said, his eyes blazing. "Never think that."

I nodded, still unable to speak and he released my shoulders.

I took a deep breath, just realizing that I hadn't been breathing at all and mentally shook myself. What was that? I couldn't believe someone I had known for a day could have that effect on me. It must be something they taught back at the CIA head quarters or something.

"Now stop worrying about what everyone thinks." He instructed. "We're here to keep you safe. That is our only priority at the moment."

I gulped.

In the midst of all of this new drama I had effectively forgotten about pratab and rajveer and what my life had become over the past year. I didn't know if it was a relief to know that it COULD be forgotten, even for a moment, or if it was just plain scary. I could not let my guard down.



I blinked.

At some point during my inner monologue he had moved across the room and was lying on his back in the middle of the king sized bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

My tone was worried again as I took in the room for the first time.

The carpet was thick and plush, a gold color. The walls were white and the room was sparse.Just like in the living room one entire wall was covered with    windows making the room seem open and serene, casting a golden light around the sizable room.

 there was only a big black futon and a huge rot iron bed. One bed.

"I haven't slept in weeks between the debriefing, the stake outs, and working out the details for this mission." He mumbled sleepily.

My eyes rested back on him as he spoke, one arm was draped over his eyes.

"I'm going to take a nap."

I bit my lip, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot.

"Oh." I said dumbly.

Of course he was tired. I hadn't given much thought to all of the preparations that had to be made before we even arrived here. He must be exhausted.

arnav raised his arm from his eyes, looking at me warily.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

I blushed, looking down quickly to hide behind my curtain of hair.


I would willingly sleep on the floor if it meant not having this awkward moment with him.

"kushi." He sighed. "I know a lot has happened today and I know that we still have a lot to figure out. But I really need to rest first."

"It's not that." I said quickly.

I knew he needed to rest. I'm actually surprised that he hadn't fallen asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

"What is it then?" He asked, sounding puzzled.

I looked away.

"Well... uhm..."

"Yes?" He prompted.

I cleared my throat.

"There's only one bed."

Would the embarrassment never end?

"Yes." He said as if missing the problem.

I looked back and raised my eyebrows. I knew we had a cover to uphold and everything but he couldn't possibly think we were going to be

sleeping in the same bed. No one could see us in here.

Recognition lit his face.

"Oh." He said. "How rude of me. If you're tired you can have the bed. I'll sleep on the futon."

He motioned over to the black futon sitting in the corner.

I frowned, shaking my head.

"No, no." I said quickly. I doubted his long legs would even fit.

"You take the bed." I said. "I'll sleep on the futon."

I smiled at him sheepishly.

"I, uhm. I kind of forgot it was there."

arnav chuckled.

"I will admit that living arrangements are not exactly perfect at the moment but we'll 'find' a home of our own soon." He said. "Then we won't have to put on a show for my family all the time at least and we can have separate rooms there if you'd like."

He smiled kindly.

"But the futon isn't as uncomfortable as it looks. It's actually quite suitable. I insist that you take the bed." He said. "I'll be fine."

I frowned but he was already off of the bed with one of the pillows tucked under his arm.


arnav shot me a look.

"Not buts kushi" He said sternly. "We both need our rest before dealing with the rest of my family. Just take the bed."

I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest.

He rolled his eyes.

"We can continue to argue about this later." He sighed. "Right now I just want to lie down for a while."

I glared at him but he simply put his pillow down on the futon and pointed at the bed.

I exhaled irritably but went. It was so comfortable- it felt like lying on clouds, that all of my protests shriveled in my throat. He had insisted after all. I could see this was one fight I wasn't going to win so I might as well enjoy it.

I closed my eyes, burrowing my face into the mountain of feathery pillows. They smelled amazing- like nothing I had ever smelled before, and I couldn't help but to take a deep whiff inhaling as much as of the heavenly scent as I could.


My eyes opened slowly.


He was lying on his back on the futon, eyes closed.

"I thought I should warn you." He said, having to pause as a yawn slipped from in between his lips.

I frowned.

"Warn me?" I asked uneasily.

His eye lids slowly crept open to reveal dazzling hazel brown.

"Yes." He said, watching me warily. "Family dinner is very important to my mother. There may be a few more people than you were expecting."

"How many?" I asked, suddenly suspicious.

He looked at me sheepishly.

"Me and you." He started, counting on his fingers.

I narrowed my eyes at him, all the while trying to beat down the uneasy feeling in my stomach.

"My parents of course." He continued. "anjali and her husband rahul. My other sister lavanya and her family. So..."

He smiled timidly.


I groaned, burying my face in the pillows.

Just meeting two of arnav's family members had been semi-disastrous. How was I going to pull this off under so many watchful eyes.

"But that's including you and I." He tried to comfort me.

I wrinkled my nose.

Great! I thought sarcastically. So we would only have to deceive seven of his family members. What could possibly go wrong?

An image of a anjali came to mind and I sighed. If the rest of his family was anything like his sister there was plenty that could go wrong! I still didn't know how we were going to get out of the wedding she was already planning.

I don't know about arnav but I didn't get any sleep. I lay awake with my inescapable worries until gyatri aunty  said dinner was ready.

"Well he's home." gyatri said quietly from the kitchen.

arnav paused outside the swinging door to the kitchen.

Clearly his time spent working for the CIA had made him forget that eaves dropping was still wrong.

But then again I was pretending to be married to a man I had known for less than 24hours and lying to his entire family. It was a matter of life or death but I felt guilty all the same.

"And he's brought someone with him." I heard gyatri continue in a subdued tone.

"A girl!" I could already recognize my "sister in law's" excited voice. anjali hadn't even bothered to lower her voice and arnav looked at me rolling his eyes.

"Ssh!" several voices hushed at the same time and I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing.

"arnav brought home a girl?" Someone else asked skeptically.

It wasn't gyatri or anjali's voice but it was some what similar. arnav's other sister perhaps?

"Yes." gyatri's voice responded. "And she seems very nice so don't make her feel uncomfortable."

gyatri's voice took on a maternal hint of warning.

"Or arnav for that matter."

I looked down, suddenly feeling a warmth towards gyatri. Maybe she didn't hate me as much as I thought she did.

"Well, way to go nannav!" A male voice boomed, making me jump.

arnav sighed, running his hand through his hair.

"I'm just telling you so you're... somewhat prepared."

I grimaced at gyatris statement because even if they expected me they were still going to be surprised.

arnav turned to me, his eyes questioning, and I nodded.

Might as well get this over with.

arnav offered me his hand and I took it without hesitation. Even if it was just part of the show it still represented a reassuring comfort to me.

"It smells wonderful in here." arnav grinned as he pushed the door open and you never would have known he had been listening to them only seconds before.

"Thank you dear." gyatri beamed and he kissed her cheek.

I clung to his hand and he grinned reassuringly at me over his shoulder.

"Hello kushi Dear." gyatri said kindly.

I reciprocated with my own timid smile.

"Hello." I ventured. "arnav's right. It does smell good."

She smiled.

"kushi, this is arnav's father, rahul." She introduced, motioning to the man standing beside her.

He was tall and lean with thick black hair, much like anjali's.

The man smiled kindly at me but I saw his eyes flicker to my left hand where I was trying to inconspicuously hide my ring by turning the stone around. Of course gyatri had told him.

"It's nice to meet you kushi." He said.

"It's nice to meet you too." I said but I couldn't help thinking that he thought he was meeting his new daughter in law.

Arnav squeezed my hand, seeming to know where my thoughts had taken me. I suddenly remembered what he'd said earlier in the car, 'just remember that I'm here'

The thought gave me more comfort than it really should have.

"You're not going to introduce us arnav?"

My eyes flashed towards a tall  woman- the voice I hadn't recognized before. She was beautiful, the kind of woman that makes others take a hit on their self esteem just from being in the same room with her.

I was little  intimidated.she had a hostile vibe about her.

She arched an eyebrow and arnav chuckled.

"Nice to see you again too lavanya."

She rolled her eyes, tapping her foot impatiently.

''lavanya, this is kushi. kushi, this is my sister lavanya."

He smirked.

"Don't worry. She's not as hostile as she looks."

lavanya narrowed her eyes at him.

"I'm plenty nice." She snapped.

"La isn't hostile." Came that booming voice again.

Standing next to lavanya was a brown curly hair man with mischievous brown eyes. What a pair those two made!

"She just likes making the newbies jump." He chuckled.

lavanya elbowed him in the side, causing a loud 'Ouf'

"la." He pouted. "What did I do ?"

She just glowered at him.

"And this is her husband nk." arnav added.

The man grinned at me, dimples showing and I smiled timidly.

"So where is my favorite niece if I may ask?" arnav inquired.

lavanya smiled, her face softening at the mention of her daughter.

"She's napping." She said. "She's on the sofa in the living room. We'll wake her in a few minutes so that she can eat with everyone."

"Man it never fails!" nk grinned. "The minute you put her in the car seat to go somewhere she just zones out."

lavanya nodded in agreement, brushing a strand of hair out of her face and then it was quiet.

For about three seconds.

"I got the fabric for your dress kushi!" anjali exclaimed as if she just couldn't hold it in any longer.

I tensed and arnav shot a menacing glare at his sister. We knew we were going to have to tell the rest of them soon but I don't think either

one of us was ready for that right at the moment. It had been such a long day. Long day doesn't even cover it.

"anjali is already torturing the new girl with fashion huh?" nk smirked.

"anjali's designs are beautiful." lavanya reassured me.

anjali beamed.

"Thanks La! I saw kushi and a new design just popped into my head."

She shot me and arnav a sly grin.

"I'm very excited about it."

"So. Dinner is ready?" arnav asked quickly.

lavanya raised an eyebrow suspiciously but thankfully nk took the bait.

"Yeah!" He enthused. "When can we eat? I'm starving!"

lavanya rolled her eyes.

rest of this chapter will be posted in few minutes.press the thankyou button plz and do leave ur comments.criticism is welcomed but plz do comment.

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introductions part 3 (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 47 times)

"You're always starving." She scoffed but he only shrugged.

arnav and I seemed to release a breath at the same time.

"So anjali. Where's karan?" arnav asked conversationally once everyone was seated around the big oak dinning room table.

nk had gone to  his daughter in the living room.

anjali smiled brightly at the mention of her husband. I must admit I was curious to meet anjali's other half. I was also a little scared. I was imagining a jazzed up male version of anjali for some reason.

"He had to work late." She told him. "But he should be here soon."

arnav nodded.

"How is he liking the new job?" He questioned.

"He loves it!" She said, her eyes sparkling. "You know it's right up his alley and he relates so well to his students."

"He's the new psychology professor at the community college." arnav explained to me.

"That's quite an impressive commute." I mentioned.

anjali nodded.

"Thankfully he only has afternoon classes so he can leave here at eleven and still get there on time."

"Look who's awake!" nk chuckled from the doorway.

He was holding a little girl, probably around three years old. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and her hair was slightly mussed from her nap.

There was no doubt who's daughter she was. She had long curly brown hair just like nk,she looked just like nk , dimples and all. She was the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen.

She peeked over her arm at us shyly and then a wide smile broke across her face.

"Uncle annav!" She exclaimed, wiggling in nk's arms.

"Hey bubbly." He chuckled.

nk laughed, setting his squirming toddler on her feet.

She danced over to arnav and he swooped her up so she was sitting on his knees.

"How are you Princess?" He grinned, kissing her cheek.

She giggled before placing her own messy kiss on his cheek.

I grinned, watching them.

"Good." She giggled. "Me and Daddy wanted a puppy but Momma said no."

arnav smirked at lavanya.

"That's okay Princess. Maybe Momma will let you get a kitty instead."

lavanya narrowed her eyes at him.

"Yeah!" bubbly and nk exclaimed in unison.

lavanya sighed and nk shrugged, grinning at her innocently.

"Who's dat?" bubbly asked, pointing a chubby finger at me.

I smiled at her.

"This is my good friend kushi." arnav introduced us.

"Hi bubbly." I said.

"Hi." She said shyly.

nk chuckled.

"Yeah." He snickered. "A very good friend."

I blushed, looking down at the table top.

"You know what I was thinking bubbly?" asad asked.

"What?" She said excitedly, bouncing around.

"I was thinking that your daddy should play dress up with you after dinner."

nk cursed under his breath.

"Doesn't that sound like fun?" arnav enthused, a vindictive glint in his eyes.

I snickered, watching nk frown.

"Yeah with make up and those shiny dresses mama got us!" bubbly nodded in agreement just as nk mumbled a 'no'

bubbly turned to him, her big eyes looking even bigger and her lower lip trembling.

"You don't want to play with me Daddy?" She sniffed.

nk's stony expression completely melted as he watched his daughter.

"Of course I do baby." He assured her and she smiled, all signs of tears gone.

lavanya sniggered.

"Who taught you that face?" She asked.

"Auntie anjali."  bubbly answered innocently.

anjali giggled, unashamed.

"I told you it would work didn't I?"

bubbly nodded.

"And I'll help you with dress up after dinner Munchkin." She winked.

Everyone laughed, except for nk who groaned.

"Come on sweety." He sighed, walking to the chair in between his and lavanyas.

bubbly placed another kiss on arnav's cheek and hopped down before dancing over to her dad.

nk grinned at her, love evident in his face and I smiled as I watched him set her in her booster seat.

"Okay." gyatri said happily, setting bubbly's plate in front of her, which lavanya immediately took so she could cut the meat into smaller bites.

"Let's eat."

"Finally!" nk exclaimed.

gyatri had really outdone herself. even the salad was so beautiful I was almost regretful when I had to mess it up from the sides.

arnav slid his chair a little closer so that our shoulders were touching. That same hum of electricity moved down my arm.

I looked over at him and he winked.

I bit my lip, my cheeks heating with a blush.

"So, kushi."

My head snapped away from him, my blush darkening as I realized I had been caught staring.

arnav chuckled.

"Yes?" I mumbled.

"How did you end up meeting my brother?"lavanya asked and I realized she had been studying us for a while. That explained arnav's actions.

"Oh. Uhm... we met at a bookstore in Chicago." I said, remembering the story arnav had told his mother earlier.

"She helped me find a book I was looking for." arnav added effortlessly.

"And your eyes met and you just knew you couldn't let her go?" anjali breathed, lost in some thought of her own.

The room grew silent and I looked down at the table, fiddling with my fingers under the oak surface, still trying to hide my ring which felt heavier than it had moments before.

"Something like that." arnav chuckled.

"Woohoo!" nk boomed. "Finally!"

Then he smirked.

"So when's the wedding nannav?"

arnav tensed beside me.

"Actually-" anjali said excitedly, practically bouncing in her seat.

"Actually!" gyatri said, cutting her off.

She threw her daughter a stern look and anjali deflated.

gyatri's eyes slid to where arnav and I sat and her expression grew tender.

"Actually." She repeated, softer this time. "I think arnav and kushi have some news to share with us."

All eyes were on us expectantly and I made a conscious effort not to hide behind my curtain of hair.

"Thanks maa." arnav groaned. "That was very inconspicuous."

"Go ahead Son." gyatri prompted, unashamed.

"oh shoot!" nk boomed, wide eyed. "Is bubbly getting a new little cousin soon?"

"Yay!" bubbly cheered.

"No!" arnav and I both shouted.

They all continued to stare at us curiously.

arnav cleared his throat, trying to regain his composure.

"kushi and I have been dating for almost a year. I love her very much."

He looked at me adoringly and I couldn't force my eyes away.

OH MY GOD kushi! I chided myself. BREATH! IT'S ALL A SHOW.

"She's the most amazing person I've ever met." He grinned. "And I asked her to marry me a few months ago."

He finally released my eyes as he turned to look at his family.

"The thing is kushi's never liked the idea of a big flashy wedding." He explained, using my words from earlier.

"And I didn't care as long as she was the bride."

He winked at me and I blushed. Who cares if it's just an act?

"So we went to the temple and got married."

It was not silent as it had been after our first announcement.

"what the hell!" nk exclaimed again.

lavanya smacked his arm.

"What?" He asked, turning to her with wide eyes. "Did you see that coming?"

"Of course I did." She said easily, almost bored. "I saw their rings."

arnav smiled sheepishly and held up his left hand.

My eyes bugged.

How had I not noticed his ring? It was a plain platinum band, shinny and new. It matched mine perfectly although mine was more extravagant.

Maybe I hadn't noticed because his looked so natural resting on his finger. Or maybe I had been too preoccupied with trying to hide my own.

"Is this a joke?" nk asked.arnav singh raizada did something unexpected?"

arnav rolled his eyes.

"It has been known to happen every once in a while."

They all shared a look. I wondered what they would think if they had known he had not followed his fathers footsteps and become a surgeon but had actually become a CIA agent.

"Yeah, okay." lavanya said finally. "But showing up married? I mean, really arnav Married?"

arnav nodded, his jaw setting stubbornly.

"Yes." He said curtly. "kushi is my wife."

My stomach filled with butterflies but I beat them down. He was only here to keep me safe. He'd said it before. This was his job.

"I'm sorry." I said, reaching for arnav's hand. It's going to take two to pull this charade off right?

He laced our fingers together and placed them on the table top.

"I know this comes as a shock but this was something we had to do for us."

It sounded like something a young couple in love would say to justify something like this. At least I hoped it did.

arnav nodded, presenting us as a united front.

"But they're letting me plan another wedding!" anjali announced.

"Actually anjali-" arnav started.

"Don't worry lavanya." She continued, ignoring her brother. "You can help plan it."

lavanya was still watching us suspiciously but finally she shrugged.

"Sounds good anjali."

arnav sighed.

anjali and lavanya discussed our wedding for the rest of the dinner, asking me the occasional question.

"golden or silver lights?"

To which I would look at arnav helplessly. A look that roughly translated means, HELP ME!

"What ever you want My Love." He would say, amu****t shinning in his eyes.

Not fair!

Then I would fidget and mumbled before blurting, "golden?"


And on and on.

A tall  man came in during a debate over where the wedding should be held. anjali thought a nice home wedding would be perfect. lavanya insisted on something more glamorous.

Neither arnav or I said anything. Why would we argue over something that was never going to happen? How did I, kushi gupta- anti marriage, end up sitting here with a man I had known for not even forty-eight hours discussing wedding details with his sisters?

"Sorry I'm late everyone." The man said.

anjali stopped mid sentence and sprang from her seat.

"karan!" She squealed.

He chuckled, placing a kiss to the top of her head.

She dragged him to the table and he sat down in the chair she had just vacated.

She giggled.

"Are you hungry?" She asked.

He shook his head.

"I thought everyone would be done eating before I arrived so I got something on the way."

He shot gyatri a look of apology.

"Although I am regretting that decision now." He said politely. "It all smells wonderful."

gyatri smiled back but everyone was looking pointedly at arnav and I, seeing how long it would take imran to notice us.

His eyes followed their gaze to arnav.

"Okay, what did I miss?" He asked suspiciously.

And then he saw me.

"Hello." He said politely.

"Hello." I replied shyly.

How many times were we going to have to do this?

karan looked back at arnav, one eyebrow raised.

"A friend of yours?" He guessed.

arnav sighed, no doubt his thoughts were mirroring my own.

"My wife."

karan froze.


He looked between me and arnav. anjali giggled, clearly enjoying being in the loop now.

arnav nodded, holding up his left hand again.

karan's gaze fell on the platinum band and his eyes bugged.


nk laughed, throwing his head back.

"That's what I said!" He exclaimed

precap:pratab stalked calmly to the leather sofa and set the gun down.

"I know you're there kushi."

"kushi. kushi! You're okay  Love."

Warm arms encircled me but I shoved against them.

"kushi. It's just me."

"No!" I screamed. "Leave me alone!"

"kushi, Love. It was only a nightmare."

"You're okay. You're safe." The voice whispered gently. I'm here. The moonlight from the wall of windows illuminated the room before me and everything from the past day raced back.

"arnav?" I cried, my voice chocked as another sob racked through me.

"Yes kushi. Ssh. It's me." He comforted. "I'm here. No one can hurt you now."

"Oh arnav" I cried, flinging my arms around his neck.

"No one can hurt you." He repeated in a whisper, sounding fervently determined as he rubbed my back soothingly.

"I will never let anyone hurt you.''

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Sep 22, 2013

kushi's day out (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 41 times)

The house was quiet and dark.

I had never been afraid of the dark before but as I walked down the narrow hallway a shiver ran down my spin. I didn't know how to explain it except to say something was not right.

I bumped into an end table and my heart jumped erratically in my chest, causing a little squeak of fright to emit from my lips.

I leaned against the wall, my hands clenched to my chest over my racing heart.

I shook my head, chuckling a little at how ridiculous I was being. I had been in rajveer's home several times before. Why was I scared now? Maybe because shaym wasn't with me.

A sudden crash pulled me from my reverie. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as another crash echoed through the desolate house.

"shaym?" I whispered, feeling my way down the hallway.

My voice sounded like the petrified victim in a horror movie.


As I neared the end of the hallway I heard voices- one pleading and one malicious.

"Please." The voice said. "Please. We've been friends for years."

"'Friendship' is of no value to me." The other voice replied coldly, almost bored.

My eyebrows pulled together into arcs over my confused eyes. I recognized the voice of  but I had never heard this tone before. He was usually cheerful and kind.

A picture instantly popped into my mind of the older man with his thick black hair and mischievous smile, his eyes dancing with amu****t.

"uncle pratab?" I whispered but my voice was still too choked with fear to be heard.

I took a step towards where the voices had been coming from- pratab singh's office.

The door was slightly ajar and light was pouring out of the crack, casting menacing shadows throughout the hallway.

Through the opening between the door and the wall I could see pratab's office. A lamp was laying shattered beside the desk and the coffee table was knocked over. A man was laying half on the table and half crumbled on the floor, his legs tangled as if he had fallen over it... or had been pushed.

I gasped, my hands flying to my mouth as I took in the scene before me.

pratab jha was standing over him, just his back visible to me.

I knew I should walk away but I couldn't force myself to move.

My breath was shallow and my heart rate was unbelievably fast, my palms sweaty.

"Please pratab." The man pleaded. I swear I saw a tear roll down his cheek. "Please."

"It's Mr. jha to you." pratab snapped, his voice drenched in renewed hatred and spite.

The man closed his eyes, a few more tears slipping down his cheeks.

"Please Mr. jha" He whispered.

He used the voice of someone who knew that there was no hope for what they were pleading for.

"I don't know what I was thinking." He whispered.

"I thought you wanted out for your family." pratab said, his voice now mocking.

At the mention of his family the man's eyes snapped open.

"Please." He begged with renewed desperation. "Please. Please."

pratab ignored his heart wrenching pleas.

"Do you know how I have eluded the police for so long?" He asked.

The man didn't answer but this didn't seem to bother pratab. He went on without a reply.

"It is because I weed out my employees VERY carefully." He answered his own question. "And no one leaves alive."


And then so quickly that I didn't have time to react pratab shifted ever so slightly and I saw the gun he held in his hand.

I started to push open the door. I had to do something! I couldn't just let this happen.

This couldn't be happening. It was all a horrible nightmare and I would wake up at any moment in my warm bed.

But before I could do anything he pulled the trigger.

I jumped and bit my tongue around the sobs that were racking through my body.

"Insolent man." pratab grumbled.

I clamped my hands over my mouth, trying not to let him hear my cries. I needed to get out of here.

pratab stalked calmly to the leather sofa and set the gun down.

"I know you're there kushi."

kushi kushi! You're okay my Love."

Warm arms encircled me but I shoved against them.

"kushi. It's just me."

"No!" I screamed. "Leave me alone!"

"kushi, . It was only a nightmare."

I pried my eyes open and blinked around the tears that were pouring down my face but more followed.

"You're okay. You're safe." The voice whispered gently. I'm here. The moonlight from the wall of windows illuminated the room before me and everything from the past day raced back.

"arnav?" I cried, my voice chocked as another sob racked through me.

"Yes kushi . Ssh. It's me." He comforted. "I'm here. No one can hurt you now."

I blinked again, my eyes trying to adjust t o the dark.

He sat beside me on the bed, an anxious worried look on his face.

"Oh arnav!" I cried, flinging my arms around his neck.

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer to him.

I nuzzled my face against his chest inhaling his scent, calming gradually.

"No one can hurt you." He repeated in a whisper, sounding fervently determined as he rubbed my back soothingly.

"I will never let anyone hurt you."

The light was shinning. I could tell that even with my eyes closed.

I yawned and stretched my hands over my head.

...or at least I tried to stretch my hands over my head. Something was stopping me from moving.

My breathing hitched. Being restrained is not good for someone who has just witnessed a murder and has a vindictive ex fiance after her.

But then I got a whiff of a familiar scent, something masculine yet comforting. I couldn't really recall when I had felt it before but it was heavenly and I instantly relaxed. Nothing that smells that good could be dangerous right?

I hesitantly opened one eye and then the other. I was lying on my side facing a wall of windows.

I frowned. Wall of windows... Forks... arnav.

My eyes flew open wide. arnav

My eyes flashed to the futon across the room. Empty.

My breathing hitched for a whole new reason when dream and reality separated themselves as the haze of sleep wore off.


I looked down warily and I saw what had been holding me captive.

Two strong arms were wrapped tight around my waist, pinning my arms to my sides.

Oh, this was not good. Because if he's here with me it means I really did cry to arnav, a man I didn't know in the least. A drop dead gorgeous stranger. My husband. Well, my pretend husband.

I rolled awkwardly onto my other side so I was facing... yes. arnav

His eyes were closed, his breathing was deep and even, his lips slightly parted. His usually messy hair was in drastic disarray and a few messy locks fell onto his forehead.

My heart lurched and I swear my eyes glazed over.

I needed to get out of here. I couldn't think with him this close. Even unconscious the man was dazzling.

I started to wiggle out of his arms but the minute I tried to escape asad's arms tightened around me and instead of escaping I was suddenly closer. Much closer.

He sighed and nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck.

"Oh God." I whispered, my voice shaky.

Knock. Knock.


My eyes frantically flashed to the door.

Please be locked. Please be locked. she could not face much more embarrassment.crying to a stranger in the middle of the night was enough for now.

"arnav. kushi. Can I come in?" Came a muffled voice from behind the door.

"It's anjali. Can I come in?"

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse! Why must everything in my life be hectic and nerve wracking?

I looked back to arnav, trying to formulate a plan to wiggle free.

But he was awake. He blinked around the sleep and looked back at me with penetrating eyes.

"Guys?" anjali called again, a little louder this time. "Are you awak-"

"Come in." arnav called out without breaking eye contact.

I expected him to release me but instead he pulled me even closer so that my head was resting on his chest. I wanted to pull away. Or look away at least but it was as if those dazzling eyes kept me paralyzed.

I heard the door open and aarnav finally broke the trance by looking at the newcomer.

"Sorry if I woke you."     anjali apologized.

I blinked and sucked in a deep breath. Why did I lose all ability to breath when ever I was looking at this man? It's just ridiculous.

"We were awake." arnav assured her, his voice still laced with sleep.

"Oh okay." anjali said she saw the position we were in she smirked a little, turned around and started talking.. "Well lavanya and I were going to have a girls day today and we wanted kushi to come with us."

It finally dawned on me that maybe I should look at anjali.

She was standing just inside the door. She was already dressed, brand name heels and all. Clearly a morning person.

"I wouldn't want to intrude anjali." I said politely.

That was part of it. The other part was just me being scared to be left to my own defenses; to have to pull this charade off without arnav. The thought made me slightly panicked.

"Don't be ridiculous!" She chirped. "We're really looking forward to getting to know our new sister."

I bit my lip anxiously. That was what I was afraid of. They'd have a thousand questions for their SISTER IN LAW and I couldn't lie. I wasn't born with the capability. Besides that, I didn't want to lie to them. They seemed really nice.

arnav must have seen my hesitation because he moved one arm from my waist and stroked my hair.

"What if I want to keep her all to myself today?" He smirked.

I blushed all the way to my toes, even as I tried to keep that traitorous reaction in check.

anjali placed her hands on her hips.

"Don't you think you've kept her all to yourself for long enough Brother?" She quiped.

Pain and guilt flashed across his face for an instant before his features hardened into a cold indifferent mask.

"anjali. I don't have to explain anythi-"

"A girls day sounds like fun." I interrupted him before he could say something he'd regret.

arnav and anjali were in some sort of intense staring contest between siblings. It wasn't me they were fighting over anymore. Maybe it never had been. Maybe it was just the principal of who was right.

With one of arnav's arms gone it was slightly easier to free my own and I gently rested one on his chest.

"arnav?" I whispered.

Please look at me, I thought.

He cooperated and his gaze was on my face as soon as I had spoken his name.

His mask fell immediately and his face softened.

"What ever you decide kushi."

His breath wafted over my face and a small shiver ran down my spine.

"I don't mind hanging out with anjali and lavanya today." I told him, smiling reassuringly.

I really didn't mind spending time with them. They seemed nice, like they'd be a lot of fun. anjali especially.

I was just nervous.

But if it would make things easier for arnav and less tense between he and his family I would go. He had put a lot on the line to keep me safe after all. I owed him, more than I would ever be able to pay I'm afraid.

"We're not as bad as arnav makes us out to be." anjali promised. "We'll have fun."

I smiled at her.

"arnav's only ever had good things to say about you. I'm sure we'll have a good time."

I wasn't sure if I was trying to convince her or myself now. I hated not knowing what to expect.

anjali looked at her brother and smiled, almost timidly.

"I'll go tell lavanya." She said. "Just meet us downstairs when you're ready kushi."

I nodded and then she was gone, closing the door with a soft click behind her.

arnav sighed and buried his face in my hair.

"I'm so sorry kushi." He groaned.

I nodded weakly, dazed either by the turn of events or by his extremely close proximity. neither of us moved away it was like we were too comfortable to notice that we had just crossed some barrier between us.

"It's okay." I didn't sound very convincing.

arnav lifted his head from my hair, which I wasn't sure if I was appreciative for or not. It definitely made it easier to concentrate.

He propped himself up on his elbow and looked at me.

"I knew they'd insist upon spending time with you alone." He said, brooding. "But I thought they'd give it a little longer."

He rolled his eyes.

"I don't know why. They're probably rehearsing the line up of questions they want to ask you already."

I gulped.

He gave me an apologetic look and reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I'm sorry." He repeated sincerely. "I thought I'd have time to prepare you."

"It's okay." I assured him, my voice shaky as his hand lingered.

rest of chapter will be posted in next post.

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kushi's shopping day (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 49 times)

"It's okay." I assured him, my voice shaky as his hand lingered.

He shrugged.

"You'll do fine."

I rolled my eyes.

"Uh-huh." I murmured sarcastically.

I'd probably ruin our entire mission, blow our cover, start a family fued, and give away our hiding spot. Oh god, that would just be my luck.

arnav frowned.

"You will." He insisted. "You can do this. Just use you good judgment as to how to answer their questions."

I winced. My 'good judgment' got me into a engagement with an infamous criminal. It led me to his house in the middle of the night. And it's what led me down that dark desolate hallway.

"kushi. You'll do fine." he promised.

My thoughts must have been pointed all over my face.

"I won't let anything happen to you."

I swallowed around the lump in my throat.

"You won't be there." I mumbled pathetically.

arnav corked an eyebrow, amu****t now shinning through.

"Who says?" He smirked.

I frowned.

"You're coming with me?" I asked, confused. "To the girly day?"

arnav chuckled, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

"I promised the CIA I'd not leave your sight while we were here kushi."

I just continued to stare at him, bewildered.

And then his hand dropped from my face and he sat up, slinging his legs off the side of the bed.


He looked over his shoulder at me and winked.

"What kind of protector would I be if I left you to fend for yourself?"

"Is anjali really going to let you come?" I asked incredulously.

Twenty four hours ago I wouldn't have thought anyone could stop arnav from doing anything. But I hadn't known his little sister twenty four hours ago. Resistance was futile.

"No." He answered.

My traitorous blush pooled in my cheeks and I prayed it faded before he turned so he wouldn't guess I had been shamelessly staring.

"She wouldn't. But she doesn't have to know I'm there."

He fished into his duffel bag, searching for something or another.

I corked an eyebrow.

"You're going to come incognito?" I guessed.

arnav didn't turn, still bent over the duffel bag.

"Yes. I'll be your best friend Samantha, here from Chicago to visit your new husband's family."

"Please tell me you're kidding."

Not even the CIA could make arnav singh raizada look like a woman.

arnav smirked at me from over his shoulder.

"Yes." He chuckled. "That would be a joke."

I frowned.

"Well then how-"

"A ha." He said victoriously, pulling something small from the duffel bag.

He turned, holding it out in front of him with a smug little grin.

I just stared at the small item in his hand, just as confused now as I had been before.

"You're going to distract her.... with a... brooch?" I guessed slowly.

Why do all CIA agents have to be so mysterious and cryptic?

arnav laughed.

"It has a mike in it, enabling me to hear everything going on around you through a wireless head set." He explained.

"I'll follow you inconspicuously and make sure nothing suspicious happens."

He looked down at the sky blue brooch in his hands, proud of his plan.

"You'll still be on your own with anjali's interrogations I'm afraid but I'll know if shaym tries to contact you or anything dangerous happens." He continued. "And I'll be close by."

I bit my lip.

"That makes sense." I decided but I still wish I could hear him too so that he could help me with the 'interrogations.' But at least I knew I was safe with him watching out for me. I hadn't even thought of the possibility of shaym trying to contact me.

They had told me so many times that the chances of being found in Forks was microscopic but I still needed to be on my guard. The reality of that was hitting me.

"But I'm a little disappointed I'll miss 'Samantha's' debut." I teased, trying to get my mind of the life threatening situation that I would have to worry about for the rest of my life. I couldn't imagine a day when I wouldn't feel the need to look over my shoulder.

arnav laughed.

"I'm so sorry to disappoint you 'my love.'" He smirked.

I blushed.

"I'll leave you to get dressed. Don't forget your brooch."

I nodded and then he too was gone.

I showered, not bothering to dry my hair. anjali and lavanya were probably waiting for me. I pulled on a pair of jeans and a charcoal gray teeshirt, fastening the small blue brooch to the front.

Maybe it was a good thing we were going out today. The agency had packed me only three or four outfits. I had a feeling this mission was going to be considerably longer than four days. anjali had seemed pretty happy to shop for the 'wedding' yesterday. Maybe she wouldn't mind stopping be a store sometime today. I didn't usually enjoy shopping but clothes were kind of a necessity. Hopefully I could get away with a quick trip.

I slipped on my black  flats and took a deep breath. I could do this. And arnav would be close by at least. That provided some measure of comfort.

"kushi!" anjali exclaimed when she saw me standing in the entry way to the living room.

I waved timidly, feeling like a spot light shone on me as everyone in the room turned to look at me.

nk and lavanya  had come over again, their adorable daughter in tow. asad was sitting on one end of the sofa playing a video game with nk but he looked up with a warm smile when he heard anjali

I smiled back reflexively.

I wonder why he didn't visit his family more. He seemed so happy and carefree when he was with them. Could it really just be his job keeping him away? A year is such a long time to go without your loved ones.

"kushi?" came a soft little voice.

I looked down to see bubbly standing in front of me. Her big blue eyes were innocent, her expression was thoughtful.

I smiled at her and bent down so I was eye level.

"Yes bubbly?" I prompted.

She shuffled back and forth on her little feet, looking at me speculatively.

"Momma and Daddy said you're my new Auntie." she said finally.

The room became very quiet.

I nodded, looking at this innocent little girl who knew nothing of deceit, or vengeance.

"Yes." I said softly. "Is that okay with you?"

She studied me for a moment before a wide grin lit up her face, dimples showing. She really looked like her daddy then.

She nodded and I smiled. I don't know why it meant so much to me that this little girl accept me as a part of her family but it made my heart just about melt.

"Can I call you Auntie kushi?" She asked.

I chuckled.

"If you want to." I shrugged.

She smiled, seemingly satisfied with our conversation, and skipped over to nk

nk chuckled.

"Hey Monkey." He grinned, helping her onto his lap. "Are you going to help me obliterate Uncle nannav?"

"Yeah!" She enthused. "Oblis...erdate!"

arnav frowned at her playfully.

"Thanks." He pouted. "I love you too."

"Stop whining." nk admonished. "This is war! Love's got nothing to do with it. Right bubbly?"

She nodded seriously.

"Every body's for themselves!" She declared.

nk and arnav laughed, highly amused with their playmate.

"That's my girl!" nk beamed, holding out a hand which she smacked with a high five.

"Are you staying to wage war with Daddy or are you coming with Momma and your Aunties?"lavanya asked, slinging her purse over her shoulder.

bubbly pursed her lips for a moment in thoughtful consideration.

"We might get ice cream." anjali sang.

bubbly looked up at nk.

"Sorry Daddy." She said.

nk frowned and arnav chuckled.

She kissed his cheek and wiggled off of his lap.

"Bye bye Uncle arnav." She chimed.

He leaned over so that she could reach his cheek and she planted a kiss there before running over to take lavanya's hand.

"Abandoned by my own daughter for an ice cream cone." nk mumbled.

"Aw. Don't be sad nk." arnav said. "I'll let you beat me.''

"Come on Ladies." anjali enthused, taking her nieces other hand. "There's shopping to be done!"

"And ice creams to be eaten!"bubbly cheered.

They walked to the door, bubbly between them. bubbly looked over her shoulder at me.

"Are you coming Auntie kushi?" She asked, her eyes shinning with the possibility of ice cream.

"Oh. Yeah." I said.

I had been so caught up in watching the interaction between the family that I had failed to participate.

"Just let me grab my purse." I requested.

"Sure kushi." anjali said easily. "We'll wait for you in the car."

I nodded.

arnav stood when I turned to the stairs.

nk snickered, sprawling across the couch as soon as arnav had vacated his spot.

"Yeah, you go say good bye to your wifey." He said, waving a hand dismissively. "I'll set up the  game. Prepare to be 'obliserdated.'"

arnav sniggered.

"It's war when I come back." He warned him, stepping over to me.

arnav shook his head.

"Just ignore him." He told me. "We all do."

I laughed and he grinned at me,

My knees suddenly felt like jelly and my heart stammered unevenly.

"I'll come with you to your purse."arnav  prompted, gently taking hold of my elbow.

I just nodded mutely.

"Put anything you want to buy on this card." he said, handing me a little black card.

Mrs.kushi singh raizada was printed in slightly raised gold lettering across the front.

"Your old card has been payed off and canceled so there wouldn't be any accidental purchases while we were here.  shaym could trace any activity on your account."

I stared at him wide eyed. I could not believe everything that had gone into this mission. I couldn't help wondering if I was worth all the effort. It would have been so much easier to leave me to my own devices.

"I know this is an inconvenience but please don't hesitate to use this. It has no limit."

He looked at me for a moment.

"I just want you to be comfortable here."

he paused, thinking.

"You might want to buy another cell phone while you're out as well. That had to be shut off also."

I looked down, overwhelmed by his generosity. I couldn't imagine going through this without him. Suddenly I wanted to hug him.

"Thank you." I said, hoping he could hear my sincerity. "But that's not necessary. I really don't need a cell phone."

And I didn't. No one I knew would be able to contact me. They didn't know where I was. They might not even know if I was alive. My chest tightened painfully at the image of my mother, and dad's grief stricken and worried faces.

"It would make matters more convenient." arnav replied resolutely.

He left me no time to reply. Or argue.

"Do you have your new ID with you?" He asked.

I nodded.

"It's in my purse." I told him.

He nodded.

"Very good. Now I'm going to play one game with nk and follow you." He informed me. "I'll only be about fifteen minutes behind you. That should be a safe distance."

He smiled kindly.

"And I'll be listening."

I bit my lip nervously and nodded, butterflies building in my stomach.

I felt like I was leaving my safe reliable home to be on my own.

arnavsmiled at me reassuringly.

"The girls are probably waiting for you." He reminded me.

"Okay." I said shakily.

"And kushi?" He called.

I looked over my shoulder, one hand on the door knob.

"Try to have some fun."

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Sep 24, 2013

kushi's day out (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 50 times)


I suddenly felt very nervous sending her off on her own.

Maybe I should have tried to convince my sisters to let me join them. I couldn't imagine how difficult this had to be for her. To walk into a house full of strangers, stripped of all familiarity, and after all she had already been through.

My jaw clenched and my hands balled into fists at the thought of everything that she had already been through. And after all of that she still couldn't move on with her life because some worthless, waste of skin, dog was threatening her. I had never met shaym but I knew that if I ever did I would kill him for everything he has put her through.

I might not have been able to be there for her in the past but no one would ever hurt her again now that she had me. I would make this right or I would die trying.

"Hey arnav!" nk called from the living room.

I sighed.

"Coming nk!" I called, glancing around the room once more before leaving.

There was nothing more I could do but keep an eye on her and make sure she felt welcome.

"The game is set up and you forfeited the right to pick the team first." My brother in law informed me as I entered the room.

nk and I had known each other since we were little kids. We had been best friends since I was ten years old. We had always been more like brothers than best friends and then he had married my sister when they were nineteen. I was happy for them. Everyone knew they were madly in love and they had bubbly a year later. My  sister had never been happier.

"Since when have you ever let me pick first?" I asked skeptically.

"Shut up or you have to play as the Bronco's." He threatened.

I held my hands up in surrender.

"Fine." I relented. "Fine. What team did you pick?"

He grinned.

"Patriots Baby!" He cheered.

I rolled my eyes.

"I call the Colts then."

He shrugged, passing me a controller and scooting over on the sofa so that I could sit as well.

"I can only play one game." I informed him,"Then I have to go run some errands."

nk snorted.

"You sure you aren't going to go 'accidentally' bump into the girls?"

I raised an eyebrow.

"Why would I do that?" I questioned.

"Oh, I don't know." He shrugged. "Maybe because you just sent your new wife out with your sisters and you're starting to seriously regret it."

I frowned. nk was a goof ball, complete and utter. But he wasn't dumb and he knew me well.

"What makes you think that?" I asked, trying to sound disinterested.

nk chuckled.

"We both know anjali and lavanya can be real sweet when they want to be." He said, intercepting a pass on the screen. "But they're also diabolical. You come home married to a girl they've never met and now they've got her alone for an entire day."

He looked at me from the corner of his eye, a smirk firmly in place.

"You practically fed her to the sharks."

I frowned.

"I think anjali will behave." I said.

I'm not sure who I was trying to convince now.

"I think she likes her."

It was evident that anjali was upset with me and probably more than a little hurt but I don't think she would take that out on kushi. anjali was not one to keep her thoughts to herself. If she didn't like you you usually knew it and she seemed genuine in her acceptance of kushi.

"What does lavanya think of her?" I asked.

nk sighed.

"She's surprised." He said. "Just like the rest of us."

I nodded, feeling that pang of guilt again. I hated bringing my family into this. I hated lying to them but I had known as soon as I had read that case file that I would do anything to keep kushi kumari gupta safe. It's for people like her that I truly got into this line of work. If there were more people like her out there maybe my whole life might not have changed eighteen years ago.

"You know how protective lavanya is of her family." nk said, breaking me from my reverie.

I nodded.

"But bubbly definitely likes her." ayaan chuckled. "So that probably softened her up a bit."

I smiled. I loved my niece!

I tackled him right before the end zone and he cursed under his breath.

"They'll probably end up bonding over embarrassing stories from your childhood." He said, grinning vindictively.

I sighed. Knowing my sisters that was probably the most likely scenario.

"Maybe I should go find them." I only half joked.

I was actually getting very antsy, casting longing glances at the door every few seconds. I didn't like not knowing where kushi was. It was very... unsettling.

nk chuckled.

"You're willing to face the wrath of anjali and lavanya to save kushi?"

"Yes." I said unthinkingly.

The answer had been automatic, not something I had planned in reference to how it would sound with our cover story. What did that mean?

"Man, you must love her!" nk crooned.

"I did marry her." I reminded him but I was still thinking.

Suddenly an image from this morning reappeared in my mind. kushi's face inches from mine, her warm breath wafting over me. Her little hands resting on my chest gently. When she had awakened from her nightmare last night her screams had torn at my heart. They had sounded so pained, so anguished. I didn't know what she was dreaming about but I could guess and I was instantly beside her. That had been another automatic reaction. I didn't like not having control over my actions.

But I had felt so comfortable there beside her after her cries had died down and she had drifted back off to sleep that I couldn't bring myself to move from her side.

"So what's that all about anyway?" nk asked.

He actually paused the game and turned to look at me.

"What?" I asked.

My own wanderings had taken me so far odd course that I didn't remember what we had originally been speaking of.

"Springing this on us like that." He explained. "gyatri ami almost had a heart attack."

I grimaced, running my hands through my hair. I couldn't stand the thought of hurting my mother. She had done so much for me.

"I love her." I said lamely.

All of a sudden my carefully crafted story didn't seem like all that much. Because if I had met a girl like kushi in any ordinary situation I would have been dying to introduce her to my family.

"I believe you man." nk said, serious for once. "And I'm happy for you but why couldn't we have met her? Or at least pick up the phone and tell us about her."

I looked down at my hands. After all of that training on how to look an enemy in the eye I could hold the gaze of serial bomber and talk him down. I had done it before. But I couldn't look at my closest friend and brother's disappointed gaze.

"I'm sorry nk." I sighed, hoping that he could tell just how sorry I was.

"I'm not mad brother." He said after a moment. "I'm glad you've found someone. We were all worried about you."

I frowned.

"But is she really worth it?" He asked. "That's all I want to know."

I looked up at him then. That's the one question I had never doubted. The one I wouldn't have to lie about.


"You only brought four outfits?" Came the indignant voice of my little sister over  ear piece as I sped down the highway to Port Angeles.

My sisters always went to Port Angeles on the girls days out. Forks didn't really have much of anything that could hold their attention.

"Yeah." Came kushi's nervous voice. "I didn't really know how long we were staying."

Why didn't someone try to make her more comfortable? It was clear just in her tone of voice that she didn't feel at ease.

"You can borrow some of my clothes Auntie kushi." I heard bubbly volunteer sweetly.

That's my girl.

"Thank you bubbly." Came kushi's voice. It held a hint of laughter but I could tell she was holding it in, probably hoping not to hurt her feelings.

"That's a very pretty dress." She commented. "Do you think I could borrow that one?"

"Sure." bubbly agreed willingly. "It's my favorite."

"How about we go to the store so kushi can pick out her own dress?" lavanya suggested.

Her voice was formal and controlled, showing her reluctance but at least she was trying. I'd have to thank her somehow later.

"How about La Tua Cantante?" anjali suggested, happy at the prospect of shopping.

"I've never been to Port Angeles." kushi admitted. "So I won't be much help in choosing."

"Oh, La Tua Cantante is fabulous!" anjali exclaimed. "You'll love it!"

I programed the store into my GPS. It was still about fifteen minutes away from where I was so they must have been nearing it now.

I'd have to turn the ear piece up soon, when they were out of the small quiet confines of the car. But I should still be able to hear them adequately and if I remembered correctly there was a little cafe on the same street. That was perfect. I could sit in there relatively inconspicuous and still be able to keep close to them.

"So arnav never told you about Port Angeles?" lavanya asked. "He used to come here all the time."

My hands tightened around the steering wheel. This was a bad idea. I don't know what I had been thinking.

"He told me about Port Angeles." kushi said softly. "He never mentioned any of the specific shops though."

"arnav hates shopping."anjali allowed, not trying to hide the note of disgrace she felt.

I released the breath I had unknowingly been holding.

"So what did arnav tell you about it?" Counted lavanya.


I wracked my mind trying to remember if I had told her anything at all about the town on our flight over. I couldn't think of anything.

"He just told me that Forks was a really little town so if you wanted to do anything you had to go there." kushi said finally.

I grinned.

The girl was better than she gave herself credit for.

"So, kushi." anjali said after a while of uncomfortable silence. "You met arnav at a bookstore?"

"Yes." She answered immediately, sounding relieved to be going back to safe waters.

"What's the first thing you noticed about our little nannav?" She giggled.

I frowned.

I was three years older and at least a foot and a half taller but she always managed to sound like the older sibling. And how often did she call me nannav when I wasn't around?

"His eyes." kushi blurted without hesitation.

My eyebrows raised of their own accord. She had spoken it as if it were fact, some little truth amidst all of these lies.

"Really?" anjali prompted, sounding curious. Almost as curious as I was.

I felt a small pang of guilt for listening to their conversation. It sounded very personal all of a sudden. But I had warned her I would be listening.

"Most people notice his hair first." lavanyasnickered.

I scowled.

"I noticed his hair second." kushiadmitted and I could just imagine her delicious blush.

"But I noticed his eyes first. I've never seen that shade of brown before."

I wrinkled my brow. I didn't realize I had a specific shade of brown, and definitely not a rare one. They were just... brown.

"We're here!" anjali exclaimed excitedly.

I sighed, knowing that would be the end of that conversation.

Oh, how I wished I was able to hear that intriguing girl's thoughts.


His eyes? What was I thinking? And then I had to go and make it worse by sprouting something about the oddity of the shade? Maybe he hadn't been listening yet?

"So how did he propose?" Asked anjali conversationally as she passed me a blue camisole.

I smiled, remembering his smug grin over his imaginary accomplishment.

Besides this was something I was prepared to answer. Finally.

"He made me dinner." I began.

"Did he hide the ring in the food?"

I laughed.

"That's what I said!"

"What?" She asked, confused.

Oh no.

"Nothing." I mumbled pathetically. "Never mind."

anjali studied me for a moment before shrugging.

"So where was the ring?" She asked.

I let out a breath.

"After dinner he gave me a present."

"I love presents!" anjali chimed.

"What did he make for dinner?" lavanya asked, showing a real interest for the first time.

"puri and jalebi." I supplied. "It's my favorite."

She nodded, smiling softly.

"What was the present?" anjali asked excitedly, her eyes shinning.

I snickered.

"I'm getting to that."

anjali huffed, trying to wait patiently.

"It was Wuthering Heights." I smiled. "He had noticed my old copy was worn down."

I chuckled, thinking of my real copy of Wuthering Heights sitting on my night stand at home, the cover falling off and the binding all but gone.

"A book?"

"What?" I asked.

"Well Hun..." anjali began tentatively. "A book isn't exactly the... ordinary engagement present."

I frowned.

That was kind of the point I had thought. And I could see where some girls might fail to see the simple perfection of his proposal but it was perfect for me. That's what had left me speechless, with that warm fuzzy feeling, that this man whom I had known for only two hours had come up with a genuine unique way to propose that was perfect for me. It wasn't a score board at a baseball game. You've got to give him that.

"I loved it." I defended. "It was perfect."

anjali giggled and a blush swept up my neck and across my cheeks.

When had that dreamy tone crept into my voice? It wasn't even a real proposal for goodness sake.

"Continue." anjali prompted. "He gave you a perfect book..."

I ducked my head down, fiddling with the hanger of the camisole I was holding.

"He told me to look at the front cover." I mumbled. "And he had written just... paragraphs. When I finished reading I looked up and he was on one knee with my ring in hand."

"Oh!" anjali screeched, clapping her hands. "Did you cry? I would have cried!"

I giggled, the sound somewhat anxious and embarrassed.

"Of course I cried." I said because in all honesty I knew if I would have really gotten that proposal I would have cried.

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Sep 24, 2013

kushi falling hard for agent raizada (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 35 times)


You learn something new every day. What had I learned today? Never go shopping with anjali and lavanya again. It's a marathon of sorts, not good for someone who doesn't especially like shopping in the first place.

I spent the entire day in one dressing room or another, anjali or lavanya  handing me different outfits over the dressing room door. They would pop off with a new question at random intervals like, 'Did arnav ever tell you about the time we dared him to steal the principals toupee? Oh! We have to get him to tell you that story. .

Some of the stories made me laugh, like the one above, while others triggered my easy blush.

"When did you realize you first loved arnav?"

My blush would sweep rapidly across my face and I'd glance at the brooch I had carefully set on the bench while trying on yet another blue sweater, painfully aware that asad could hear everything that I said.

"It just kind of snuck up on me." I had mumbled.

"Did you play hard to get?" lavanya snickered.

I snorted.

The mere idea that anything or anyone could be unattainable for arnav singh raizada was incomprehensible.

"I don't like to play those games." I said honestly. Not that I had ever had that many chances. shaym had been my only real boyfriend. I hadn't really met anyone before then that I had cared enough about to play games.

"Oh. I played hard to get with nk.'' lavanyainformed us, sounding amused. "An interesting chase makes for an interesting capture after all."

anjali giggled.

"You didn't play hard to get lavanya." She smirked. "You played almost impossible to get."

lavanya shrugged, hardly bothered.

"Well he has me now." She said. "A challenge is good for a guy."

anjali flipped through a rack of designer jeans.

"One way or another everyone knew you'd be together in the end." She said easily.

"Here kushi- try these on."

I took the pair of jeans she held out dutifully and went back into the dressing room, happy to escape.

"With that black silk shirt!" anjali called after me as I closed the door.

I sighed.

"Your sister is the Nazi of all things fashion." I whispered into the brooch. "And I want to hear the details of that story toupee hijacker."

Serves him right for dazzling me this morning. I'll have to bring it up at dinner when nk is there. Something tells me my new 'big brother' would enjoy giving me all of the juicy details.

I'm not sure who was happier when we finally stopped shopping to go get some ice cream, me or bubbly.

bubbly fell asleep during the car ride back to Forks, her head on my lap as she slouched in her car seat.

I smiled, idly playing with one of her curls.

"Your daughter is adorable lavanya." I told her.

She had loosened up throughout the day but I could tell she was still wary of me. I could tell she took her job as older sibling very seriously. She seemed very protective of her family. I didn't fault her that. As a matter of fact I respected her for it.

lavanya looked over her shoulder at me and smiled when she saw her daughter sleeping peacefully.

"Thank you." She said warmly. "She really likes you, you know?"

"Well I like her too." I smiled.

At least someone had accepted me fully. Although I couldn't fault any of them really. One thought of our cover story and I knew they had every right to trust their intentions.

I bowed my head unintentionally in shame and regret.

"I'm an only child." I told her quietly. "So it's been nice to be surrounded by such a big loving family."

my father had decided to marry some other women  so me and my mom were alone though dad told me to move with him but my mom needed me.i never fully expierenced the love of a family.

It had still been lonely at times. mom was gone a lot because of her job and I had often wondered what it was like to be a part of a big family.''

"It's not always such a treat." lavanya laughed, glancing at her sister. "Imagine trying to get ready for school in the morning when you share a bathroom with anjali."

anjali laughed.

"Or being stuck in the house with lavanya when she's in one of her moods." She added.

lavanya grinned at her.

"Fair enough." She conceded. "How about... trying to have a high school party while your brother blasts songs at deafening volumes."

anjali nodded.

"That used to drive me insane!" She exclaimed.

They both chuckled, exchanging well natured looks and I smiled.

They may have their differences, they fought just like all siblings. But you could tell they loved one another.

"But you'll always have someone to count on." I brought out quietly.

Couldn't they see how rare that was? What a gift they had?

"So do you." anjali chimed, smiling in the rear view mirror at me.

lavanya seemed to be studying me intently. I don't know what she saw there but something in her eyes softened and she sighed, almost in defeat as if upset her defense was slipping.

"At least you married into a big family right?"

I looked down at my hands.

"Yeah." I said. "That was a lucky break."

The boys were outside on the front porch when we finally pulled back into the khan's driveway.

lavanya and anjali giggled when they saw them.

"Don't they look like lost little puppy dogs?" anjali snickered.

"They missed us kushi." lavanya said, a somewhat dreamy expression on her face. "Isn't that sweet?"

"They can't just be waiting for us?" I puzzled.

lavanya grinned.

"They're waiting for us." She said, sounding positive.

It sure looked like they were waiting for us. nk's grin was visible from the start of the drive way when he spotted the car and he jumped off the step where he had been sitting.

It might have been a simple gesture but it tugged at something in my heart. I had never loved someone to that extent before. To where you craved their company, where you missed them after only an afternoon apart. I had never been that crazy over anyone.

arnav was still sitting on the steps but he smiled just as enthusiastically. I wondered how long he had been home. Had he followed us all day? Or just long enough to keep his promise?

anjali pulled into the garage but she left the door open. I was surprised to find the both nk and arnav were by the car before she had even taken the keys out of the ignition.

If I hadn't known any better I would have thought asad was there for the same reason as his brother in law, that he had missed his wife and wanted to greet her.

But I did know better.

"I missed you." nk grinned, opening the door for his wife.

laVnya smiled.

"I missed you too." She said finally.

He just grinned all goofy.

anjali made a face at me.

"Well I'm going to go call imran.She winked and hopped out of the car, closing the door behind her.

arnav cleared his throat.

"I'm glad you've been reunited." He said briskly. "It's a comfort. Really."

"Shut up arnav." Said lavanaya.

arnav smirked.

"But you wouldn't have managed to leave my wife in Port Angeles would you?" He asked. "Because that would not go over well."

lavanya rolled her eyes.

"She's being held captive by bubbly I believe." she told him.

It was true. bubbly had slouched even further in her car seat so that her head was on my lap. I could have moved her but I was afraid I'd wake her.

arnav corked an eyebrow.

"bubbly fell asleep." She explained.

nk chuckled.

"I'll get her." He offered, kissing lavanya's cheek before moving to open the back door.

"Hey. How did you know we went to Port Angeles?" I heard lavanya asked arnav.

"That's where you always go." He answered smoothly.

nk opened the door, smiling broadly at me.

"Do you need help?" He asked.

I smiled sheepishly.

"Yes please."

He chuckled, unbuckling her and swooping her out in one fluid motion.

"She'll sleep through anything." He explained.

I made a face. I wish someone had told me that before.

I crawled out as gracefully as I could, which was about as graceful as three legged cat.

Sure enough I stumbled getting out of the car and braced myself for the impact of the hard cement floor. Gravity is not my friend.

But I never hit. Two strong arms slipped around my waist and when I opened my eyes I was captivated by a deep brown abyss.

"Are you okay?" He whispered, righting me but not releasing his hold on my waist.

I just blinked.


"What?" I breathed.

His lips twitched, fighting off a grin.

"Are you alright My Love?" He asked, his voice silky smooth, seductive.

And then I realized something. He knew what he was doing! He was dazzling me on purpose dang it!

"I'm fine." I said, my voice not coming out as indignant as I would have liked.

"Nice catch!" nk boomed.

I blushed, just remembering we had an audience.

arnav released me, stuffing his hands in his pockets and taking a small step back from me.

"Thanks nk." He sighed, shooting him a look. "By the way you've got ice cream in your hair."


Sure enough bubbly had smudges of chocolate fudge ice cream on her hands and face. At least she had before nk had picked her up. Now it was on his cheek and hair.

arnav and I laughed at the dumbfounded look on his face.

"How did she get it in your hair?" arnav managed.

"Life with a three year old." lavanya snickered.

nk nodded.

"Yeah. Just wait and see who's laughing when it's your turn." nk smirked, looking at me and asad.

"Oh yeah." lavanya agreed. "We still need to pay you back for that time you taught bubbly to go 'fishing' in the koi pond at the Chinese restaurant."

nk snickered, a hint of something evil in his eyes.

"Just wait until you have your first kid  brother."

I'm pretty sure I was blushing from head to toe as arnav turned to me. And I wasn't sure if it was because of the conversation, the look in arnav's eye, or the fact that I was now imagining a little black haired haired brown eyed cousin for bubbly..

"Do you hear that My Love?" arnav smirked. "I think he just threatened our first born."

Our first born? Oh god. I couldn't breath.

"I'm threatening you!" nk called over his shoulder as he walked inside.

lavanya, at his side laughed whole heartedly.

arnav was still watching me, amu****t prominent on his every feature.

I couldn't let him see how affected I was by this. Why should he be the only one to have some fun?

"Chicago's not the place to raise a family." I quoted him as indifferently as I could manage.

He grinned, raising one eyebrow.

"Good thing I have a house here." He responded smoothly.

Who am I kidding? He had already won this round and if I couldn't get away from him quickly I was going to lose sight of why we were really here.

We were acting out a carefully planned charade and if I wasn't careful I was going to end up believing it. That might be the real danger here. The worst shaym could do was kill me. Something told me that fate would hurt far less than what asad could do to me if i ever let him.

"Good thing." I muttered, stepping around him to get to the door.

"Are you okay?" He asked, sounding worried and confused.

"Yep." I said without hesitation. "I just have to... see if maa needs help with dinner."

There were countless reasons why I shouldn't like arnav. He was the only thing keeping me alive right now. Literally. How cliche' for the damsel to fall for the hero? God.Then there's the fact that we were here to keep me from uncertain death, couldn't lose sight of that. Neither one of us could afford to be distracted now. And then there was my wonderful record of past  experiences. After my last relationship I was forced into witness protection. Not much more explanation needed on that one. There was also the painfully obvious fact that arnav singh raizada just did not belong with someone like me. He deserved someone so much better.

Did any of these good solid reasons stop me from looking back at his completely perplexed face before I shut the door? Sadly no.

I sighed.

It would be so much easier not to like him if I wasn't trying so hard to convince everyone else that I loved him. And more than that- if he wasn't so convincing himself!

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dinner time for raizada's (By Iansomer) (Thanked: 42 times)


"What?" I asked for the third time since we had sat down for dinner.

arnav grinned.


I raised an eyebrow at him. What was his deal?

He shook his head, still smiling faintly, and turned his attention back to ayaan who was giving us a play by play of the game he had watched earlier.

He and lavanya stayed for dinner again tonight although no one reacted as if this was out of the norm. karan had come again also. I was starting to understand what arnav meant about family dinner. The raizada's made quiet the production out of it. But at the same time it didn't feel strained or forced. It was natural.

"Do they do this every night?" I asked arnav quietly.

He put his arm around the back of my chair and leaned in closer.

"Spend five minutes dissecting a touch down?" He questioned.

He nodded gravely.

"Yes." He answered himself seriously. "Mostly it's just nk though."

I laughed, shaking my head.

"But sometimes it's basketball." He grinned. "Sometimes even lacrosse. But most of the time, yes, it's-"

I put a finger on his lips, trying to shut him up so that I could get my real question out.

As soon as my brain caught up with my body and realized what I was doing I internally cringed. Had I just crossed some line?

But arnav didn't seem to mind. As a matter of fact he acted like this was the most natural thing in the world. He just sat there with an amused expression on his face and waited for me to continue.

But of course, we had an image to portray. Why would he be upset with his wife if she touched him? This was going to take some getting used to.

"I meant family dinner." I told him, not that he didn't already know my meaning.

He nodded as if he just now understood and pursed his lips, kissing the tip of my finger.

A jolt of electricity, the same one I felt any time he touched me but stronger, ran through my finger and into my hand.

I blushed and jerked my finger away.

arnav chuckled.

"Family dinner?" He repeated calmly. "Awe. Yes, they do this every night."

I nodded, looking down at my plate. He was so much better than I was at the pretending without letting it effect you. And dang it! I didn't want it to effect me.

"You all seem really close." I commented, trying for some semblance of normalcy.

"We are." He said.

Then he was quiet. I looked over but he was just studying the items on his plate with a thoughtful, almost sad, look on his face.

"What?" I asked, concerned.

He looked back up, seeming startled.

"Nothing." He said, smiling brightly.

But I could tell it wasn't real. Don't ask me how I knew but I knew. I could tell when something was wrong and when he was genuinely happy. Thee was usually a light in his eyes that accompanied those dazzling smiles that was missing now.

"arnav?" I prompted, setting a hand on his shoulder. "What's wrong?"

He shrugged, his face still shadowed with sadness.

"I just missed them."

He said this as if he was admitting to murder. And we've already established that he is the hero, not the villain.

I frowned.

"There's nothing wrong with that." I whispered.

Why would he think there was?

"What are you two love birds over there talking about so intensely?" nk asked.

I whipped my head in his direction to see that he and the rest of the family were watching us.

"Oh, a little of this. A little of that." arnav said causally.

He seemed to go back to normal after that but I watched him out of the corner of my eye for the rest of the dinner.

I recognized that hint of despair in his eyes and I didn't like seeing it there. It didn't belong there. There might not be a lot I could be sure about right now but I knew that arnav singh raizada deserved happiness.

"We need to decide when we're going to 'find' our house." arnav commented offhandedly, turning the page of the novel he was reading.

I looked up from my spot on the bed. After dinner everyone had gone to their separate corners of the house, just relaxing. arnav and I had decided to spend the evening reading.

I had been nervous and on edge at first. As challenging as it was being in front of his family I thought it would be nerve wracking being alone with him. I hated putting on a show for those around me, keeping a piece of me at arms length at all times. But at least then I knew where I stood, how to act. Here it was just me with no cover legend to hide behind.

But after a while of reading I had actually forgotten arnav was even there, just five or so footsteps away from me on the futon. He had an amazing collection of books and I had soon been sucked into the Australian bush with Narnie, and Fitz, and Jude. Well I suppose it was Dr. raizada's library but arnav assured me that he wouldn't mind if I borrowed one.

"Hmm?" I mumbled distractedly.

"Our house." He said, setting his book down and stretching his arms over his head. "It's there when ever we want it. When do you think we should let the others know we're staying?"

He looked at me expectantly, waiting for my thoughts, and I fiddled with the corner of my book.

I hadn't really been expecting to get a say in this. After all he was in charge of this mission. He'd made that clear from the very start. He had already bought the house that we'd live in while we were here. He really didn't need my acceptance but he seemed to want it.

"We could tell them in a couple of days that we want to move here and then pretend to look for one?" I suggested quietly.

He grinned.

"Have you ever thought of joining the CIA?" He asked.

I snorted.

"Have you seen my acting skills?"

"Not all departments have to go undercover." He brought out reasonably. "Besides, you seemed to have done just fine with my sisters."

I made a face. If by 'fine' he meant I had mumbled and stuttered a lot than I had done great!

"Speaking of which." He said, letting his eyes linger on me. "I didn't realize my eyes had made such an impact on you Mrs. raizada."

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