Sviji please

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By: Sinam1kana   request to sviji by Rs5516    

Sviji please     

Salman Khan makes Dimpy reveal her real name on Bigg Boss 8

 an hour ago     12     Bigg Boss
By: sanchi  

Dimpy Ganguly has managed to create quite a buzz in the Big     

Anjaan Raahein

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By:    IMPORTANT NOTE by Anamehreen    

for I4arshi. After a fight with her mother, Garima, concerning her father. Khushi left her house. Walking aimlessly, she is hit by a car. Not knowing what to do the driver take her with him     

Nigaar Khan or Sonali Raut who will be leaving Big Boss house

 3 hours ago     13     Bigg Boss
By: sanchi  

Finally today it's time for Weekend Ka Vaar for Big Boss se     

Important Note Regarding Stories (Readers please peep in for sure)

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Important Note Regarding Stories (Readers please peep in for sure)     


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By:    Thank You note! by Sunarshians    


MAMR's New Pic!!

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By:    New Pics added! by Ocean    

arnav ss his secret

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By:    quality time n arshi past by Arshlove    

arnav has lots f secrets n his life. what will happen wen one day d whole world knows it     

Qubool Hai: Rehaan goes against Tanveer for Aahil and Sanam

 4 hours ago     72     Qubool Hai
By: sanchi  

Aahil and Sanam's wedding sequence is getting interesting     

Chakravati Ashoka Samrat to start from 5th January post Bigg Boss

 4 hours ago     12     Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat
By: sanchi  

Promos of Chakravati Ashoka Samrat are already on airs on t     

FF - The Little Butterfly

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By:    Chapter - 23 by Luckyarshi    

Bonded by the thread of marriage at a early age will they ever able to understand each other and be a ideal couple???????????     

FF- winner takes it all

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By:    THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL - 114 by Raani82    

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins: Nisha helps Umesh to bring Aman at house

 5 hours ago     48     Nisha Aur Uske Cousins
By: sanchi  

Present track of Nisha Aur Uske Cousins shows that Nisha i     

Humsafars: Aarzoo decides to know about Shahir and his pain

 5 hours ago     51     Humsafars
By: sanchi  

The upcoming episode of Humsafars will bring interesting tw     

Trust on u

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By:    khushi confuess herself more by Arshi_Siva    

Story starts from sheetal track. will khushi trust arnav over sheetal. will sheetal create misunderstood between arnav and khushi. will khushi leave arnav for sheetal and aarav. how arnav li     


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By:    DREAM OF A BLOSSOM: Wedding Preparations by Tanu_Rshi    

It's not just a mere love story... but a story of brave siblings along with a different track of love between arnav and khushi!     

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