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May 10, 2014

MeD to me... (By Arnavkikhushi7) (Thanked: 2 times)

I am literally having goosebumps...speaking about my e-family, my MyeDuniya.

              Not long ago, I don't feel it as long ago, I had nothing else to do in the evenings of September 2011, when I started watching the repeat telecast of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...

             I never watched Hindi serials before that day, and something in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon caught my attention...

              Soon, I liked the concept, not satisfied with the account, my cousin gave me, about what happened in the show, before I started watching it, made me search for the previous episodes write-ups and future spoilers... The I too, just like many of them here, accidentally, stumbled upon MyeDuniya...

              I first read certain One shots and Short stories thinking them to be the previous episodes or spoilers. But, the moment I realized that they are pieces of fan fictions, I fell in love with all the creative and Imaginative writers. And as a matter of fact, that none can deny, I fell in love with Myeduniya...

              This is a place where many of us received appreciation for our imaginations.


Encouragement with entertainment is what we all received here. This place made me fall in love with myself along with many others... Until I became a member of this Lovely and Awesome family, I didn't know that I can edit pictures, I also can write pieces of fiction and I can have such a huge circle of friends of the most helping and adorable people.

               This became a place, a platform to showcase our talents. I never thought I can edit unless few of my very helpful Meduniyans proved me I was wrong. 

                This place have given me and I am sure, will continue to give me many reasons to be happy and discover the world improve our skills and know the latest trends...

                  And today, I am proud to say that I am apart of this Awesome E-family and I just can't even imagine what I would have been if not for MeD... I just can't imagine my life without MeD now...

                  Thanks for this opportunity and everything...



May 11, 2014

i love myduniya (By Arshi_Siva) (Thanked: 2 times)

Happy MeDian week. I was so happy to celebrate it but I can’t participate in any competition because of my situation.


Myduniya it is wonderful forum. I still remember how I enter into myduniya. When I was searching about iss pyar ko kya naam doon in net, I found link in myduniya. I click it I saw so many storied about arshi. I start to read it. days passed I engrossed so much in med. I love to read stories after that I become member of med. Now I write stories in med, but I can’t read storied because of my situation.

I can’t leave med. It is everything for me, now I have so many friends in myduniya who always encourage me , support me. I love myduniya. I am so proud to say I am member of myduniya. In med I saw so many talented persons, talented writers. Lovely readers who all are encourage writers to motivate them to write more. It have so many features thank u each and everyone of myduniya development team for giving this forum to us.

Now my situation is bad I can’t update but still I can’t leave myduniya. I am in touch with it. Thanks to IPKKND because of this wonderful serial I found myduniya. Whenever I am sad I come to myduniya and start to read stories and sometimes write update when I have time and forgot my worried.


Happy MeDian week I love u all and most I love myduniya.





May 12, 2014

I love MyeDunia for…. By Aurelia (By Aurelia) (Thanked: 4 times)

I love MyeDunia for…. By Aurelia

I love MyeDunia for giving me an opportunity to CONNECT with the fellow small screen-serial watchers of all age groups who are spread all over the globe, on six continents and across the seven seas. We love to follow the same fairy tales and root for the same larger-than-life characters. We share both their sorrows and happiness. Best reward for being active on this forum is to read differing views on diverse aspects of the story. Some may not be always culturally attuned to the story line, background of the plot, or the characterizations but all input enhances our understanding of what is being depicted.  It encourages me also to share my take on things….As a writer, feedbacks and comments from fellow myeDunians is the fuel that keeps us going..…

Thank you MyeDunia for giving me this opportunity! And Thank you readers and              commenters!


Apr 21, 2015

trust in life (By Guruvayur) (Thanked: 2 times)

At the temple, Arnav: di pls make it fast. Today i am having an imp meeting. Its after a long waiting i was able to keep a meeting with MSK and ASK. I should go fast. Manvi: uffoooo, bhai apko meeting ki alava koi aur baat ki chintha hi nahi hai kya? Arnav: ab bas karo jao jakar jaldi aao. Anjali: chotte. Pls do a help, go and bring a pooja thal from there pls Arnav: "what the....di mujhe ye sab pasand nehi apko pata heina, let manu go and buy it ANjali: chotte if manu goes then she will be late arguing with the shopownet and u will gwt late again do u need that to happen? Arnav; nooooo. ok i will go. said with frustration. Anjali highfived with others and they giggled. Meanwhile, geet, khushi and virat reached temple. Virat: di, bhabi pls comeback earlier or else i will get bored standing here . he said scratching his head. khushi; tum bi aaona mandir me hamari sath. Virat; di u know na i dont believe in this. pls dont force me pls. Geet; ok baba. we wont force you. Pari u go and get the pooja thal. i will get the flowers from the shop. ok Khusi; ok bhabi. saying this she left with a pout looking at virat. Geet and virat chuckled looking at her. Meanwhile arnav finished buyong and just then his phone ranged so attending the call and supporting the thall ib one hand and he bumbed into someone spraying everything in the thall in air. Arnav: what the:.....are u blind? he started to yell but abruptly stopped not able to say anything to the angel in front of him. His heart just started beating fastly and he is just thinking can anyone on earth bee this beautifull. her eyes, her nose, her lips ,,,ooooooo. oye ASR are you oogling at a girl his brain mocked. He suddenly comeout from the spell and started angrily'' i know middleclass girls like u always behind rich man .... He abruptly stopped seeing the frightened look on the girls face. Meanwhile khushi just didnt heard a word that he had said. she was looking at her own form compltely filled with sindoor. She remembered somethhings of her past and started frightening . She just stood in another world of her taunted past. Arnav was so much affected by her tears and not able to control himself he was again to taunt her just then he heard his sisters voice. Anjali , jeevi and manu had come searching for arnav and just stood perplexed seeing the site of arnav drenched in sindoor. Jeeviika; bai yeh kya hua? Arnav: wo she juat bumped into me.. and was about to continue but stopped when he heard his di saying the girl something an nd the gurl is not responding at all. Anjali; : ji hum iske tarah se mafi mangtha hum. there is no need for u to get frightened pls. stop crying. Jeevika and manu too was saying something to her but she stood still. They started getting worried seeing her situation. Then they heard a voice ant looked at the direction to find geet standing there with a hirrified expression at the girl. Geet: pariiii, tum theek ho? she asked shaking khushi from her past. Kushi just seeing geet and others composed herself and saying a sorry to arnav ran from there without looking at anyone.But others had clearly seen the tears flowing down her cheeks. Geet got worried seeing pari like that and excusibg herself rushed behind her. Anjali: chotte you need to go to offixe na. hiw will u go in this dress now. Its ok u go home we will come with mohan. Arbav nodded and asking them to takecare moved towards his car and he stood atartled seeing the scene infront of him. Meanwhile kushi rushed towards her car and cried her heart out. This is what arbav saw khushi crying bitterly. his heart flinched seeing her like that. He just didnt understood why her tears were affecting him a lot. Then he saw the woman who had earlier rushed behind the girl coming and hugging her and started consolling her. Geet : pari bas roa band karo na pls; i cant see u like this; kuch nehi hua tume pls sambhalona apne aapko. lBut khushi was uncontrollably crying by now. Just then a man of mid twenties ran towards her calling princess'. Khushi throw herself in virats arms and started crying. Virat: sshhhh:, princess pls dont cry pls jaan i an here ba nothing happened to u. Saying this he hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. Aftwr he felt her softened a bit he made them sit in the car and zoomed away. Arnav was watching all this from behind and gus blood boiled when he saw the man hugging her and kissing her. He didnt know why but felt to kill him for touching her.and calling her jaan. He then got angry on himself for weakening for a mere girl abd brushing her thoughts he got to his car and zoomed away. AR DESIIGNS Arnav: hello Mr.MSK.Hello Mr ASK. He shaked his hands with mann and arjun. Mann and Arjun wished them back. Mann.: Mr. ASR , u can call as mann and arjun there is no need of formality as we had met earlier too. Arnav.; ok but then u should call me arnav not ASR.Later agreed happily.After the pleasantries they started the conference. In the middle mann' s phone started ringing continuously but he avoided it. Arnav: attend it Mr. Mann. May be its imp. Mann excused himself and attended the call but uttered " what chotti crying? Later his expressions changed and he asked u r calling me now after this much happened ? why didnt u called me earlier? He yelled at the calller.He disconnected the call saying he wil reach there now.his words made others look at him. Arjun got worried hearing about pari crying and he asked " kya hua bhai. is pari fine? Mann : she will be fine if we reach there. Worry was clear in his face. Then turning to arnav he said " Arnav we are really sorry for the inconvenience now but we got to go now. Arnav: Mann , is everything fine? m Mann paled and said" our sister is not well she needs ys now thats why , hope u understand? Before arnav could say anything akash said" what is this ? how could u just go.leaving in the middle everything ? are u making us wait for u? This made Mann and Arjun angrier and mann said: we know we had created inconvenience for u but it doesnt mean that u can talk anything. Then turning to arnav he said: if u cant understand my situation we can cancel the project right now. Let me sigb the cancelling papers. Arnav and othets got shocked. Akash: what are u saying? how could u just do it? we will loose the money? The deal is so imp. Arjun: we can do a lot more than that. Mann: we will pay ur losses. i am cancelling the project. For us our sister is the biggest deal and nothing more values for us other than her Akash: butt.... Arnav: shutup akash.Then turning to mann: Mr. Mann what are u saying , lets sit and talk . I can understand. .I am asking sorry for his behaviour. Lets reschedule the meeting for somwother time we r ok with that. Mann. : thanku for understanding. let my PA be here she will arrange everything. really sorry again Arnav: its okay. Mann then instructed his PA something turned to arjun worried and said lets go fast , come. Arjun then bumped on anjali who was coming inside. they got lost in eachother but arjun quickly composed saying a sorry moved out. Then anjali moved to arnav when they heard a shout and found mann sh outing on his PA. They saw his PA running behind him askung him what to do with other meetings. and for that she just got shouted. Mann: do u want me to repeat the samethings to u again. just cancel all the meetings and i wont come to office today do u get that? PA;;: but sir. the meeting with PK is imp . it will cause a big loss Mann: shouting; nothing is imp for me other than my sister. nothing values more than her in the world forme. do u get that... Before he continue arjun dragged him saying bhai we r getting late. Arjuns PA.. : why did u go to mann sir after knowing his mood well.we know na him? Mann s PA: i know but got worried of the deal. Hope nothing serious with his sister otherwise it will be death for us from tmw due to sir' s anger. Arnav, anjali and akash stood their listening all this and understood onething that for mann abd arjun their sister is their life. Arnav got a call and moved out while he saw mann and arjun consolling eachother. He heard mann' s angry voice: if our chotti is not fine;, then i will kill that women for making our chotti in this state. whenever she comes home., she makes her cry. Only bcoz of chotti in an quiet. Arjun: bhaiya we.will deal with that later , now just lets go tp our pari fast, come.Saying this they moved . Arnav stood there and went to the flashback of morning mandir incident. He thought of the girl again but brushed it off. Later anjali initiated a talk with Sheen,( mann 'sPA) and ritika( arjun's PA) and asked about their boss sister. Arnav just rooled his eyes at his sister. sheen: saying about his sister. she is the most wonderful person one will meet in their life. so jovial, selfless and lovely women. so beautiful that we will think some angel has come from heaven. really she is an angel by heart and beauty .her inner hearts beauty is reflecting outside. Ritika: yes mam, she is a woman with golden heart. everyone will think that being the sister of the world famous buisnessmen., she will be a spoilt brat . But no mam, if we meet her once we will surely love her to the core. Even if she is so rich and talented she is so down to earth and is always there for the needy people. Sheen: she is the world of her family. mann sir and arjun sir will be lions to the world but infront of het they are just cats .They loves her so much not only as sister but as their mother. she too loves her brothers to core. Rithika: She is so talented . never wishes to depend on others. she is a doctor and runs a chain of khurana hospitals across the world. worjs as head designer for both the companies. also rubs an orphanage AASHIANA and serves a lot of people who r poor. Just then she said if wr start saying about maam we wont be able tobstop bcoz words are less to convey about her.lets finish. All this whlie arnav was thinking of the girl who he had seen in the mandir. .


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Jun 1, 2015

Thanx Med (By Angelrima) (Thanked: 2 times)

What should I say regarding it.... I don't have words. There was a time when I was full of lonely ness. Even after having a bunch of frnds. It was alone. That was a time when I came across MED while randomly searching about arshi. Supersetu was the author of the story that I first read on MED in 2012 . After that there was no stop . There's not a single day that I don't come to MED. Not once but several time's a day... Thankx to all authors who wrote stories... Thanks from bottom of my heart....

Jun 3, 2015

My Own little world (By Arshifanshaf) (Thanked: 1 times)

I came across MeD about four years ago. Since then it is a very special place for me. Whenever I get upset I just open MeD on my laptop or mobile and let myself get lost in the FFs here. This site has given the confidence to showcase my talent and get appreciated too. This site has been the platform I needed to bring out my talent. I was at first afraid of the reaction of other people regarding my work but then I saw other writers writing their stories and getting appreciated for the efforts and so I started writing and the response I got was so overwhelming. I was scared and upset when IPKKND was coming to an end and I thought that the serial page and our arshi would also be gone. But then Arshi was in our minds and hearts and how could we let go so easily and then the page is still active and I' really grateful for it. I sincerely want to THANK MeD for becoming my place of solitude and my own little world of ARSHI

Aug 17, 2016

Simple words.. (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 1 times)

Med is one of the important part of my life...My first story which I started with med. I never thought I can express my stories to world. Today I am happy because my stories are accepted by my dears med friends...ty so much

Aug 25, 2016

What MeD means to me?!? (By Irene) (Thanked: 2 times)

 MyeDuniya, for me.....well its basically Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon, the epic daily soap. MeD is just like a home, you have amazing writers, amazing readers, amazing supporters and you have love. Well this is just about love! Everything here's amazing! You have well-wishers and some awesome friends here!!! For me, its the only thing that helps me when l have a migraine problem or a sad mood, it keeps me off on the worst days of my life and its just like too good to be true!!!! Though it really is true!!!! And this post simply compels my imagination, as in what would it really be like if there is no MeD some day???? Hell....if not worse!!! I never thought l could come out with my potential as a possible writer. MeD has given me wings, i needn't fear, i am free like bird!!!!! Thank you everyone who came up with the possible idea of having a site sooooooo gooood!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! This has helped me become what i always wanted to be like!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Aug 25, 2016

Our small world within the big world- what Med means to me. (By Raani82) (Thanked: 2 times)

 Out of boredom when I was surfing the channels I chanced upon Arnav's face on the screen and I got hooked. Then I had to search online for the previous episodes and that's how I hit upon Med. I read the written updates of the episodes then searched for videos. Then I started reading the reviews and comments and beautiful writes ups by wonderful wonderful fans that I like a teenager began to visit this site often. 

I'm ever thankful to Med for without this site and their admin I would have never come in contact with my faceless friends. I call them faceless because I'm contacting them only through this site. Later few of us developed such close bonds that we've started exchanging emails and numbers, after stern warning from my daughters that I should be very careful with whom I share personal information with. I couldn't but laugh at the irony of situations. 

I consider it a privilege to have read and communicated with people like Meri, Milady, Pearl, Spoon, Pepper, Moonrise, Shalini, TT, Ankgg, Jasquerade (who introduced us to Humsafar and other pak serials.) Tainer, coolcat and coolbakes, Lotus,  ocean, Ashirandomfan, Appopinion, IPKKNDD, DR, Shready, my friends MM, Sudha,  Zara, Ramya and many many more. Now I'm not only a friend but an online grandma as well to one of my fans.

 I'm forever indebted to Med.for creating a new world, my own world, where I'm privy to my own friends, where I can share with them everything and anything from the bottom of my heart knowing that they are out there listening to me. Though many of them have stopped visiting this site, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful times we've had during the screening of the serial.These are the people who inspired me to write my own stories. And I'm ever thankful for all the readers and writers who support and encourage writers like me.Thank you one and all and it was all possible only because of Med.

I must mention the excellent work done by the admin. from the beginning. Whether it is popular or inconsequential every small work done in this page to keep it alive and kicking is worth the time and effort you guys are putting in.

Kudos to all of you.

Thankyou is a very small word for what I feel.

With love


Aug 31, 2016

MeD to me <3 (By Sarunarshii) (Thanked: 1 times)

MeD! Aaj! The name itself can make me smile even in the most depressed mode of mine. I had joined joined MeD in August, 2014 while I was surfing through the net for the stories related to, "How IPKKND should have been?" I'd rather say it was my classmate cum friend Shaily with whom I used surf and then she was the one to come across MeD. During that course of time, I was a complete newbie to the e-world and hence was hesitated to open any new site lest it gets me into a trouble. Bcoz for me it's like the problem follows me wherever I go or rather I run towards the problems myself. So yaa, it was Shaily who had found MeD and told me about it. The very first story update I had read was of Sri Didu's (@Sankadevi_Lg's) Arnav-Khushi-Life and it had me enchanted. Later on I started as a silent reader for almost a month or two and then *boom* I couldn't keep my imaginations to myself of what would happen next and I joined MeD by the username ArShi_Shreya.

In around Oct-Nov, I had started penning down my thoughts in the form of a story and I was very much glad to know that the readers found that interesting. I had to delete up my three ongoing stories due to my misfortune but then later I was back with the One Shots on ArShi and those too were gladly accepted by all.

In 2015, I had some technical problems with my account which the Admins failed to sort out and hence I had made a new account under the username Kiddo_Star and once again I was openly welcomed with my entry OS Helpless which was indeed so close to my heart. 

I won't say that my life in MeD had been smooth bcoz if I did then it would be a point white lie. I had come across many accusations, verbal fights and some nonsensical jokes which had disheartened me but at the end of it I always smiled bcoz I had gotten such a wonderful family here that they made sure that I smiled and forgot all. 

Right now busy with my boards I am on a leave from writing any sort of fanfic and am just here as a reader. I am loving being a reader here. It feels amazing of course.

Thank You so much for this wonderful family I have got. Thank You so much for the wonderful endless names I have gotten from all with love.

Starting from the eldest, Raani Granny, Sri Didu, Noor Didu, Mou Didu, Aaliya Didu, Aaya Didu, Priyanjali Didu, Chuti Didu, Saya Didu, Krithika Didu, Sanchii Jiji, Sravya Didu (My Vampire & Fire Brigade), Ayesha Didu (Sweetest & Loveliest) Nandhu (My Jaan), Star (@ Starmuski- my first friend on MeD, my soul sister), Katty, Irene, Maddy Bhaiyu and can I say the list is just endless. I know I have missed names of many. Sorry for that.

I am in love with this family of mine and how much ever I try I can never get separated from them. 

I Love You Guys. 

Love You MeD.



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