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Sep 1, 2013

Reel&Real (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 45 times)

Hi dears, I came with one more OS which is simple with little bit funny too….. I hope u guys enjoyed my previous OS lappy vs shoppy.


Arnav and khushi are happy married couple, it was pregnancy time for khushi her cravings got increasing day by day. Arnav stopped going to his office to fulfill her each cravings, he was working in his home itself that too with talking to his wife otherwise she ll create a scene by saying, u don’t love me like before, u just loving ur work so only u not spending ur time with me. Arnav wanna spend his time to console her if she upset on him which is very difficult, nowadays he was doing his work at nite only when she was  asleep, he was praying to god, plz god do something make my baby to jump from her stomach I cant bear her cravings.


At one day, khushi felt bore she asked, arnav shall we see our video which ur brother recorded before our marriage. Arnav said, u see that khushi I m having work. Khushi with tears, see arnav u don’t love me if u loved me means u also love to watch our video. Arnav took deep breathe, hey I was playing wait I ll bring our cd. Arnav went to bring their cd by cursing her cravings. Arnav switched on it, khushi was so happy to see their scenes which happened before their marriages lot of funny and cute scenes are played, she was jumping like kid and showing to arnav. At one scene, arnav slapped khuhsi for some reason,  Khushi mouth was open with wide eyes, tears started to flow. Arnav saw khuhsi he was panicked, khushi what happen… why u r crying my baby. Khushi with anger, don’t act arnav…. I told na u dont love me so only u slapped me very hard. Arnav closed his eyes, khushi I love u…. sorry for that slap if want u can slap me now. Khushi turned her face, I m not like u arnav, I m truly loving u so I cant slap u.


Suddenly arnav got idea I took remote, he pressed backward button to get that slap scene, when that scene came he pressed replay button where that scene played slowly, arnav showed to her who was turned to other side in anger, see khushi where I m slaping I just touching ur cheek lovingly. Khsuhi blushed by seeing the scene, where arnav hand touched slowly. Khushi said with blush, I know my arnav always loves me. Arnav signed in relief. After that video, khuhsi asked him to put marriage video. Arnav did silently otherwise he know the outcome. They were seeing their marriage video, in that scene they took pheras, while he tying mangalsutra on her neck, he pressed reply button unknowingly which showed in slow motion, khushi eyes welled up with tears, arnav felt wetness on his hand which was holding on her waist. He asked with concern, what happen khushi now y u crying, she threw his hand from her, I told u na…. u never loved me…. Arnav with confused, no khuhsi I love u believe me…. Khushi said with anger, if u love me u wont take that much time to tie mangalsutra on my neck, by saying she threw pillow on his face and went from there. Arnav was dumbfounded by cursing his unknown mistake.


I know this OS was crazy one, but thanks for bearing this….. Enjoy ur day….


Lots of Love


Sep 2, 2013

Thank u dears (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 16 times)

Sarasara, Monu_Arshi: Thank u dear for ur comment, yes khuhsi is really crazy but her craziness only can defeat arnav which he used to get more irritated.

Lucky_Arshi: Thanks dear.... suddenly this crazy thought came which i pen down instantly, its my pleasure to share it u guys.... Lv u...

Sa_Arshi: ha ha ha.... yeah u r rite..... only crazy ppl can write these stories for the crazy ppl to read.... And u r one among them rite... sanky (Sankadevi)..... Love u loads... TC

Sunshine11: Thanks dear for ur every comment on all my creations

Tomjerry: You felt sad na that i din update my stories, I hope this os made u to smile. Thanks da...

Thank u for every one those who have visited this OS

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