Saraswatichandra: Change In Story

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Aug 31, 2013

Saraswatichandra: Change In Story (By Sanjoli) (Thanked: 6 times)

Maybe it is because the serial does not want to get a warning about showing violence on women on TV or maybe they just thought the story would gel better without it but the story has had a swing in the serial.


According to the original story Pramad does not like the fact that Kumud has had a relationship earlier and he ill treats her and tortures her about it. However, we now see that Pramad is very keen to know all about Saraswatichandra. In the novel Kumud does not tell Pramad anything about Saras but here in the serial we find that she has admitted to Pramad that yes she was engaged to Saras but she leaves out the main part and that is about his identity.


Pramad would like to unite Kumud with Saras as he feels that she is an unnecessary burden on him and is someone who has been hoisted on to him by his father. Pramad hates his father and so does not want anything that his father has given him.  However, in the novel no such thought goes through his mind and he hates Kumud for marrying him when she already had her lover.


While Saras is trying to get Kumud and Pramad together Kalika is trying to separate them. This is going to be a good competition to watch. Also it will be interesting to see when Pramad gets to know that Naveenchandra is actually Saraswatichandra.

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When will Pramad know the identity of Saraswatichandra?
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