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Aug 25, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 42 times)

Hello every one…finally my wish to write a story comes here in the form of this story….i’m new to this so plzzz bear for any grammer and spelling mistakes and plzz leave comments…!!

Specially thanks to sanchita…and the reason is...due to her only this thought came into my mind..!!

here goes the story...


“wat the” he is saying within himself…!! He felt strange with his own behavior today..!! As he remember today is the first day that he is getting irritated to do his office work…!! “Wat to do…the mistake is not his…its becoz of his lovely wife KHUSHI..KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTHA SINGH RAYAZADA”….he smiled to himself by thinking his surname after her name... (wat a magic..!)The great ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA is now again checked his phone for time…and his gaze went towards the door of their bedroom….! Again she is not there..!! his anger rose like fire…(ASR hamesha ghussa vunki naak pe..hihi) “wat the….what is she think about herself…today is our first wedding anniversary and here I want to spend some time with her but she is not coming from 15 minutes(hahaha ASR has been waiting only from 15 min…still he is impatient)be ready to face me khushi” he is muttering to himself..!!(wat to do…he also got his wife’s habit of muttering)

He decided to check at door once before calling her name….and then he heard a melodious sound which is familiar to him….a bright smile appeared on his face and he looked at the door….there he saw his….sister anjali there...(lol…..ASR she also have anklets whose sound is familiar to u)his face fell down on seeing his di der….! “wat di” he asked his di ANJALI with dull face…!! From his fallen face anjali can expect that he expected for khushi's arraival…! She giggled to herself and start her acting…..

Anjali: nothing chote…just I’m not getting sleep…(she stopped to see her bhai’s reaction…he is still pretending to involve in his laptop)

Arnav: ohh soo…

Anjali: soo I was thinking dat….khushi will…(on hearing khushi’s name he got alerted and his eyes popped out and he can able to guess wat will come from his dii’s mouth…but some where his alarm is alerting him saying that his di won’t do something like dat to him….so decided to ask her only….there anjali is smiling to herself seeing her brother’s reaction )

Arnav: w..wa..wat do u want to tell dii???(awww ASR is stammering)

Anjali: (she is trying hard to suppress her smile) dat chote khushi will accompany me this nyt…we will spend some time chatting with each other…wat…

Before completing her sentence arnav stood up(like something crawl on his foot) saying no no shouting “kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

It’s all for anjali to control her laugh and at that moment she burst into fits of laugh….!!

Arnav cursed himself being caught by his dii and became embarrassed….there she was laughing like mad….!!

Arnav: dii…dii….stop it na….(but no use)di stop it for me…!!

(this time anjali control her laugh and)

Anjali: ok baba ok…wat did u think….i will snatch ur valuable day from u??? for ur kind information I’m also married..!!(giggling)

(how can he thinking that?? After all she is also one of the reason behind his marriage…..he become embarrassed)

Arnav: dii….der is nothing like that….i’m just…

Anjali: don’t try to cover chote….khushi is with mamma….i’ll send her ok??*giggling*

(arnav silently nodded his head and anjali went out of his room giggling….again he sat on the recliner and smiling to himself remembering the all incidents happened before sometime)




After 5 minutes khushi enters into the room…arnav in still remembering his di’s teasing and smiling to himself…..just then he saw khushi…..she had different feelings on her face….he is observing her each and every moment without any hesitation….”ohh she is soooo beautiful with dat shyness” it is the first thought came into his mind after seeing her blush….!! she is feeling his gaze on her…and suddenly her face turned into fake angry one…!!(hihihi khushi r u really thinking dat ARNAV will believe it??lol)

Arnav is smirking to himself….khushi didn’t turn her angry gaze from arnav and went to the ward board to take her nightware…!!

Arnav is watching her throught the walk between door and ward board….she is becoming sooo nervous and her breath is going high…!!(after all she is being watched by her lovely husband arnav…hihihi) he knows the effect of his gaze on her…!! She reached ward board and extended her hand to get cloths…!! But her hand got stopped on hearing arnav’s words

Arnav:khushi….as I remember u know today is our wedding anniversary….(she is blushing on hearing his words and also pouting as he mentioned the word “as I remember”) soo…(he stands up from recliner and walk’s towards her and handed a parcel to  her)here is my gift….i want to see u in this..!!

But she turns her face away from him with fake anger…he is giggling on seeing her stub born reaction…!!

He pulled her by her waist and asked her “for me khushi…”

How can she refused for his wish??she is blushing as her hubby asked her “for me”….but still pretending as she is angry at him..!!(but it’s soooo late as arnav is observing her each and every movement and her blushing)arnav is pulling her more close and is smirking at her….she saw it and observed his act so to tell him indirectly that she is angry on him,

She snatched gift package from his hand and rush towards washroom…(coz she knows that she can’t stop herself blushing if she looks into his eyes and its need to pretend to b angry with

Arnav: I will wait for u khushi…! (he shouted from outside the washroom only audible to khushi…and obviously she is blushing there)

He settled on recliner and made him relaxed by kept his hand under his head in sleeping position(I don’t know how to describe it so plzz bear me)




(tic tic tic)

He opened his eyes wen listen the sound of washroom door…!!








first update completed....!! 

that's it lol....i hope its not a bad one...!! actually i planed to complete it but later like to see all ur reactions sooo plzz comment...!!

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Aug 26, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 23 times)

Thanks for ur encouraging all….first of all I want to tell u that in this story arnav has parents as I don’t want to see him in pain….and he believe in god as his mother learn him that to believe god….and he also believe in destiny also..!! he is some wat arrogant but not all the times…and he had a habit of sharing anything with his di anjali…!!


Here is the update of the story






He just lifted his head to see the beauty in front of his eyes…!!

Khushi is there with shocking white color sari with pallu with single layer…!! the sari has ocean blue color flower prints with light yellow color shadow effect along edges and on that printing some simple blue color stone work had done which made the sari glitter in moon light which is entering through the pool side making her like a star twinkle in the sky…!! His gaze is running throughout her head to toe..!! the print of pea****s on some places of sari with some glittering stones made her more beautiful…! Even those pea****s are like feeling jealous seeing her beauty…!!(I hope my explanation will make a pic of sari) the sari suits her perfectly along with matching blouse…!!


(She just come out of from wash room and poor arnav he just sit on the recliner like a statue…even forget to blink….his eyes are like straw by which he is drinking her beauty…!! )


Khushi is feeling extreme shy on seeing his reaction….and just gives a shy smile to him….!!

Dats all for arnav to come back from his dreamland..!!(don’t ask me about his dreams…!!*blush*) but he didn’t move from recliner as the effect of khushi is still on him which made him like a statue…!! Khushi had moved from washroom’s door to the dressing table…!! Arnav got up from recliner and began to walk towards her…her foot betrays her and she stops at that spot….!! He pulled her towards him by her waist with one hand…and his another hand is travelling towards her face to remove hair locks which r closing his wife’s eyes from him and he started to lean towards her…!! Khushi is losing herself and closes her eyes..!! but suddenly she shot opened her eyes and push him with force which made him startled..!!(hihihihihi…)

Arnav: wat the…..khushi…

Khushi: b ready to bear my punishment to make me embarrass infront of anjali dii…!!(yeah obviously anjali teases her..dats y she is pretends to b angry with him)

Arnav: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????

Khushi: ha is it necessary to shout “kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa” wen she was talking with u about me???(ohh she is angry)she was teasing me along with mamiji…..this all becoz of u only…!!(she is complainting like a little child who losses her butterfly)


(then it strikes to arnav about her fake anger…..he is well known that his wife can’t b angry with him for long time….he is smirking and giggling to himself)

Arnav: so is this the punishment???? Khushi today is our first anniversary…!!(he is asking with a cute face) (wow…arnav u r such a great actor)

Khushi: ha this is ur punishment…..!! I decided it..!!

Arnav: (he pretend to thought some time and) ok as u wish…..u r my wife and I wish to fulfill ur all wishes especially this day…!!


(khushi is like “awwwwwwww” as this is not wat did she expect…(hihihi)she expects dat her arnavji will say something but he simply agrees with her??!! This made her more angry and she stamped her foot on the ground and went towards dreesing table…!!)(as like all times arnav expects her plan by seeing in her eyes)


He went to the recliner again and sat on the recliner by keeping his hand under his head in sleeping position and is watching at her….!!

She is muttering and complaining to herself something can’t audible to him….!!


“awwww how cute she is…how innocent she is…..”he is thinking to himself….!! This is wat he imagined dat day wen his dii told no no blessed him to get a good life partner with the qualities wat ever he imagined…..that day just he closes his eyes thinking his dii’s blessings and some random qualities flashed in front of his eyes….!! This day his imagination qualities are personified in front of his eyes in the form of his KHUSHI…!! She is not only his wife…..his best partner in business who gave him advice if he gets confusion in any senses….who will cool him with simple smooth words wen he is angry on someone or something…..she is his beloved wife who can make him distress with her sweet talks….she is his soul mate who can understand him by seeing in his eyes…..who will b his side in every aspect..!! totally she is the perfect definition of the word “wife” and “love”…..!!(he thanked to his destiny to bring her in his life he still remembered each and every moment how their meeting start with khushi’s fight…)his gaze is still on khushi…but she is muttering to herself without noticing his sight on her…!! He smiled to himself on seeing her and her sari made him to remember about their meeting…!!



It was a cool morning….khushi step into the college wearing a gorgeous sari….!! All students gaze is only on her mainly girls r mesmerized by her as sari suits her very much…!! Without asking anyone she straightly went in the direction of principal room (wats the need to ask?? After all its her college wer she HAD studied)and received her appointment letter..the principal heartly welcomes her as she knows her talent very much…!!

That moment was memorable for khushi as its her dream to work as a ‘physics lecturer’ in the college wer had she studied..!!(yes!! Khushi is a lecturer there not student!! Alas…!! Just bear with me..hihihi)she thanked principal with a bright smile…!! The principal smiled back to her and

Principal: khushi….there is no need to say thanks to me….i know ur talent as u r the topper of this college and would wish u will teach ur talent to all ur students….!!(khushi is smiling lightly listening her praise) well khushi let me introduce ur senior lecturer…I called her few minutes back and she will b here in few seconds…!!

(a voice came from outside)

Voice: may I come in madam???

Principal: ha come come….we r just talking about u only…!!(turning to khushi) khushi she is ur senior lecturer MISS.ANJALI SINGH RAIZADA…!! She joined three years back…I mean after u completed ur B.Sc here…! She is a very nice person and I can definitely say that u will get a good friend in her…!!(turning to anjali) anjali she is khushi about whom I told u yesterday…! Introduce her to remaining staff in ur department….!

Anjali: sure mam…(turning to khushi)come khushi ji…!!

Khushi: (nodding) u can call me khushi only anjali ji as u r elder than me..!!

Anjali: ok..lets move to the staff room..come!!

(on their way they talked to each other and they liked each very much…!!)(girls I will tell about anjali later…she is different in some ways than in the serial)




Few days passed….all students like khushi very much….actually every one treat her as a sister as the age difference is very less….she also helping them very much in every aspect as she can….every day she used to come first than the remaining staff and used to prepare for class as she is new to this…!! Anjali and she becomes soooooo close and we can say that they became good friends….anjali likes khushi’s bubli and caring character where khushi being khushi loves anjali very much…!!




After some days….!!

The principal called khushi to her cabin and told her dat

Principal: khushi…in upcoming 5 days a fashion show is going to b held in our college from AR designs and u have to do the preperations for it as u r very close to students and I have faith in ur talent…!

(at first khushi refuses but later on principal forces her she agreed for it..!!)

Whole day she has been busy with preperations in these five days….!!she worked hard to save her college reputation..!

Finally the day of fashion show arrived…!!

She just at the dais checking finally once….!! But a student comes to her panickly….and told her

Student: khushi madam…I heard at dress section someone is shouting at someone….i felt something is wrong so came here to inform u..!

(khushi hurriedly left from there to dress section….!)

There one guy is shouting at some lady…..she is facing her back to khushi so she can’t able to see her face…!! But she can recognize the guy’s face as principal hand over her his photo….he is none other than ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA….!!

Arnav: how dare u??? how dare u to behave sooo cheep….u wanted to theft my cloths…!!(he had been barking on her…!)

Khushi got some confused so she said…”excuse me”

With her voice the lady turns her head to see who is der…!! But on seeing her face khushi’s confusion is replaced by anger towards him….as she is none other than “anjali”

So not bearing any of his words towards anjali khushi walk upto him and began to shout at him…

Khushi: mister how dare u to talk about like this to our college staff….u have fashion show here dat not means u can bark on us like this…!!(wat did u do with ASR khushi…!!)

(with that she drag anjali with her from that place…anjali kept seeing her like “awwww”)




They r crossing the corridor…







That’s it girls for today…I hope it’s not boring…plzzz leave ur comments…


V1184: thanks and congrats to become first commentator

panchi: try ur luck next time sweety....!! infact you comment here in hurridly right??*pout*

parami: thanks for comment dear..!:)

sanchiiiiiiiiii:how is title???;)

sravs:here is next update...ela vundo cheppu

cristal_mary 27: thanks u like my story

brinda: diii thanks for loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong comments...hihihihi

jossy: here is next it and comment:):)

krithika: how is the story????u like it??

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Aug 27, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 24 times)

Today before going into the story….i like to wish my dear sister,panchi…”panchi happy bday to u…may god bless u happy life and long lives…!!may all ur dreams comes true..

Here is the update…!!


They r crossing the corridor….!

Anjali was in shock…and khushi is in anger…but they arnav is fuming like a fire…!! He can’t believe dat a girl talked to him like this…!!

Here khushi is dragging anjali towards their staffroom….! She is cursing ASR all on the way…! Anjali just smiled on seeing her friend’s reaction..!

They reached staff room….and khushi throw anjali slowly into the chair….and began to shout smoothly..! she stands there shacking with anger…! She turns away from anjali and says that

Khushi: ye kya hi anjali ji…!(she says this turning her back to anjali)but on getting no response from her she again turns to anjali….her anger met to peak point wen she saw anjali with a small smile taking her phone from her purse without giving any attention to her…! That’s all for khushi….she immediately walk to the anjali and snatch ph from her hand and began to talk to her with serious tone..!!

Khushi: anjali ji wat is this…here I’m talking to u about that lard governer and u r not paying any attention to me?? Common tell me y didn’t u shout at him wen he is barking at u like a dog…!!(awww…khushi wat did u call him??”dog”…!) how dare he shout at u like that with cheep language…..he is not human…..!! such a devil…!

Anjali: khushi meri bath suno…

Khushi: ab kya baath karogi aap anjali ji….u were silent wen he was shouting at u without any reason…!!(awww…anjali was touched by her thinking dat she is angry coz he was shouting at her…such a innocent soul..!) u have to cut him na….y didn’t u do that???(she is talking with her without take a breath)(that’s all for anjali…she burst into laugh immediately holding her stomach..!)

Khushi got confused with this and surprised seeing her reaction and her anger also rose…!

Khushi: y r u laughing anjali ji…y don’t u answer me…??

Anjali: khushi…first cool…take a breath ok?? (she waited for a reaction from khushi and after observing dat she cooled after some time..she began to talk to her) khushi did u give me a chance to talk?? Nahi na…if u gave it to me then I should have explained u in the dress section only..!(she is talking with a smile)(khushi gets confused)

Anjali: ha khushi…u know….that lard governor, devil, Mr. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA is my elder brother…!!

Khushi: kyaaaaaaaaaa…..????!!! (ohh nooo….some one’s ears would have break with this scream INCLUDING anjali…!!)

Anjali: hihihi ha khushi…most of our clg people know this…!! Btw how did u know that he shout at me??

Khushi: vo…vo..some student told me that she heard some one’s shouts at dress I came there and on seeing u being shouted by him…my anger rose…!!(she said with discomfort)

Anjali: hahaha so dats the reason….i think she didn’t see me there..otherwise this can’t happen as everyone know me as his sister here…and as u were coming early to prepare for class every day u also don’t know him….!(I mention this above…did u remember)and let me explain wat happened there..!


Actually arnav reached there for 10 minutes late from which he decides….!!

With reaching there he went straight to dress section straightly….anjali also reached there on knowing her brother’s arrival….!! There she saw him in hell angered position by which she guessed something is wrong…!(I mentioned in previous update that arnav had a habit of sharing about incidents with his dii)

Anjali: chote…wat happen??? Y r u soooo tensed?? Is everything ok??(she asked with small smile)

Arnav: no dii…that sheetal hi na….bloody girl….she try to theft my designs…!(he said with shacking with anger)

Anjali: (shocked) wat????? How dare she?? As I know she received worst from u na….!? wat did u said to her?? Did u said too bad???

Arnav: (controlling his anger) no dii…!

Anjali: (how can she believe him??after all she knows his anger)really?? Then tell me wat did u talk to her in the same way…in the SAME way…common..!

Arnav: dii r u mad??? How can I in the same way??

Anjali: u have to chote…so that I can able to estimate ur anger range…!!

Arnav: no dii…

Anjali: u have to chote….nahi tho I won’t leave u….!!

(after some arguments he gave it to her….still his anger is on his nose…so he began to shout at her in the same way we can say more than he barked on sheetal…!)

Arnav: sheetal….!!u idiot…!! U cheep girl…! I didn’t expect that u can do such a cheep…!! U don’t have any honesty…this company gave u a great job and soooo much of salary…but wat u did today is soooo discusting…this fashion show is soooo important to this company…u don’t have any honesty which even this company’s watch man have…!! “How dare u…how dare u to behave sooooo cheap….u wanted to theft my clothes…!”

****************flashback ends************************

Khushi stood like a statue on hearing this…..anjali lets out a chuckle on seeing her state…!!

Anjali: ha khushi he did’t shout at me…actually he was acting on my force…! U know my brother can’t say no to my any request..and I did it becoz I saw him in a horrible state wen I entered there…he was like if he held this show many of his staff would have dismissed and there is a chance to failure of this show which made his company facing loses….so I had decided that after his acting I will tease him so that he will come out of his anger…but u know na wat happen after that…! I actually tried to tell this to u there only but I already shocked with his shouting and more shoker with ur outburst…!! Hihihii…!!and u dragged me here…!!

Khushi: sach anjali ji?? I am really soooo stupid….i scolded someone who don’t have any mistake…!! Devimayya definitely won’t praise me with this act….i have to say him sorry…!(with that she began to walk towards door)

Anjali: ok khushi…but….(before she completed her sentence khushi left from there)




Khushi reached near dress section with hurriedly and enter into the room….!! He is there keeping his Bluetooth on his ear and facing his back to her…!!

Khushi: ex…excu..excuse…me…!! (she said stammering)

(he turned around…on seeing her he showed his ‘FAKE’ anger towards her)

Arnav: u… dare u to face me again….!!(he is shouting at her)(ASR this is not good…! ;) )

(Khushi stood like a statue…!!)

Arnav: y r u staying here now…??(he took 1 step towards her) how dare u call me a ‘dog’…!! And ya I remembered…. I’m lard governor, right?? And ya remembered…u gave a name-“devil” to me too…!!

That’s for it to khushi….she stood like a statue without even blinking…!(hihihihi…poor khushi)

She comes out from her initial shock wen she heard a small but audible giggle….!!

She turns her head to see anjali with controlling laugh at the door….!!she entered into the room and began to laugh…..arnav also joined with her…!

Khushi just saw at them with wide eye….she is not in the state to understand anything…!!

Anjali: bas karo chote tumhara acting…!! Let me explain her…!! Khushi….(she is pointing towards her hand)meri phone…..!

Khushi saw towards it….and she was like “awwwww” as there,on its screen a call is going on with the name “arnav”….!! That’s it…! Now khushi understood everything…he had been listening her every word through anjali’s phone…!

Anjali: ha khushi….he called me…but wen I accept that call u snatch the ph from me and even u didn’t gave me a chance to tell u and u rushed out of room to him…!!(she turned towards him) and chote…y did u scared her?? Don’t try to lie me as I know u won’t do anything to her as she takes me side at that time…!!

Arnav: ha di u r right…but she had given me different names na as I shouted at u….so want to enjoy some moment….that’s it dii…!!(awww arnav that’s not fair)

(khushi becomes embarrass on hearing his words…!!

Arnav saw her infact observes her every movement…..till then he didn’t watch her properly….she is looking sooo simple and beautiful with simple red sari and simple matching ear rings and necklace and a simple finger ring…!!(he kept on seeing at her which is not away from eyes of anjali) to break his trance…anjali began to talk….!

Anjali: so khushi let me introduce u….arnav she is khushi about whom I used to told u and khushi he is arnav, my brother, a famous fashion designer…!(he extended his hand to her)

Arnav: nice to meet u…!

Khushi shook his hand and trying to say something..!

Arnav: u don’t have to say sorry as u don’t know about the situation there…!!

Khushi including anjali’s eyed got wide open listening him as they r confused how he can expect it….! Not only he, arnav also don’t know how did he know her inner feelings on seeing her eyes…!! So to change the atmosphere he begin his talks

Arnav: so khushi….let me give u a party as we became friends now…!!

Anjali: (chote…aur party…!!)*thinking* oh now I conform chote that u like her otherwise I didn’t see u extended ur hand to shack with a girl and inviting for party and kept on seeing at her like this…!(she thought to herself)(and turning towards khushi) ha khushi go na…!! (without giving her any chance to give reply she left from there)

Arnav: chale??

Khushi: (actually khushi also want to spend some time with him which is weird to her so she is thinking about this and on listening him again she came out of thoughts and) huh?? Ya ok…!!

They went to college canteen and sit on opposite chairs with table between them….!!

Arnav: will u drink coffee??

Khushi: vo…mujhe coffee pine ka aadat nahi hi

Arnav: then tea??

Khushi: I don’t like to drink milk items…!!(she said stammering)

Arnav: wat?? So wat will u like to drink??(he said smilingly)

Khushi searched around and her gaze went onto a slice bottle in the fridze….!

Khushi: arnav ji….lets drink ‘slice’ wat say??(she asked excitedly)

Arnav: (he smiled on seeing her excited face and) khushi….slice ko hum eat kar sakthe drink nahi kar sakthe…!(he said giggling)(girls I hope u understood this sentence…arnav teases her)

Khushi: very funny….i’m talking about that drink not any slice of fruits or wat ever…!!(she said pouting)

“aww…how cute she is with pouted lips” he thought….!!

They talked each other and enjoyed their treat and “SLICE”

The fashion show went good and arnav gains profit…..and this show is memorable to him…not only for the success but also he met some special person whose thoughts r lingering into his mind…her cute face, pouted lips, and sweet talks didn’t leave his mind at that night…!!

Next morning wen he went to her college to drop anjali, his eyes search for her….he didn’t move from there even anjali bids him good bye but his eyes r roaming around college….!! Anjali observes this and a smile plays on her lips after all she knows for whom his eyes r searching….!! She feel very happy as she also likes khushi and wanted his brother to b happy…!!

Anjali: chote did u have any work here?? Who r u searching for??(she ask controlling her giggle)

Arnav: no…nobody dii…!(he understand wat his dii is referring and become embarrassed but didn’t show it to her)

Anjali: ok chote….so can u come to me?? I would like to give u some books…!!

Arnav: yes dii…!!(he felt very happy)

They two went to staff room…there as usual khushi is there…!!

Anjali: come chote…!(with the name chote khushi turns around with a bright smile after all she also didn’t sleep previous night with his thoughts)hello khushi…!!gud mrng..!

Khushi: gud mrng anjali ji..!(she said with smile and her eyes slowly turns towards arnav)

Arnav:gud mrng khushi…!!(ohh she feels like she is in cloud nine)

Khushi: gud mrng….!!(she said stammering but with new energy)

Arnav sat opposite to her as his dii instructed to him and anjali sat beside him..!!(at dat time remaining staff didn’t come)

Anjali: khushi I want to ask u a question from many days….y r u coming early every day???

Khushi: anjali ji…I’m new to this job na… want to prepare to class soo…vise bhi I used to teach now within these days so from tomorrow onwards I will come at correct time…!!(she said smilingly)

(arnav had been seeing her…today also she wears simple pink sari with simple jeweler…ohhh she is soo respecting with her job he thought)

Anjali saw this…

Anjali: btw khushi wer is ur house??

Khushi: near laxminagar anjali ji

Anjali: kya?? Our’s also near laxminagar…!

Khushi’s and arnav’s faces lit up on hearing that those homes r at same place…!!

Anjali: acha ok?? How will u come daily???

Khushi: my elder brother will drop me…!

Anjali: kyaa?? U have brother?? Wat’s his name?? wat is he doing now??

Khushi: ji I have brother…! His name is  vinoth and he is working as a manager in SBI

Anjali forget to take breath for some seconds then continue to talk to her…mean while arnav is watching khushi…!

Anjali: SBI…?? That is far from laxminagar na?? khushi…I am glad to saying u that….u have to come to us from tomorrow onwards as its make difficult for ur brother to travel that much of distance and also our houses r in same area…!

(arnav’s face lit as a 1000 watts bulb on hearing his di’s offer)

Khushi: its ok anjali ji…voh…

Anjali: no…not 1 more word….u r coming with us from tomorrow onwards…dats it…!! Agree khushi…I’m ur friend na???(how can she refuse wen anjali said the word “friend” with cute face)

She once see at arnav and agreed to come with them…!!

From that day onwards arnav used to drop khushi and anjali in his suv and also arnav used to talk with khushi on the way as anjali made them sit in front by saying some silly excusions…!!(hihihi…she is sooo eager to see her brother’s marriage)


He likes khushi wen she talks bubbly…he many times sees her helping poor children for education and helping her students and treating everyone as her sisters….and wat not totally her nature made him fell in love with her…!!

Not only he she also observes the smooth side of arnav wen he went to save women from ragging and his possessiveness towards his family and wat not….she observes his nature and mentality which is ideal and pure….he didn’t like any women who drool over him for his money….he won’t like alcohol even he is a big business tycoon….he can play with small children by making him also like a child….! She and his family only knows about this….she likes him…he is something special to her who made her smile wen she is sad and tease her for some things…!!








Days r passing like a river…and both of their lives also passing with same speed…!!They know they have feeling towards each other….but didn’t express till now…!!






5 months r passing…many things had happened within these days(I’ll mention them later)





One day khushi is walking in her room through and back….she is soooo confused to select dress…!!

Khushi: hey devimayya….wat is this?? Which dress can I wear now?? Y should principal madam had to said that every unmarried girl should wore lahenga??? I didn’t have any one now with me…vo bhi aaj college me fashion show hi…vo bhi arnav ji ka…!!(she stopped talking herself on remembering arnav’s name and obviously their first meeting flashes infront of her eyes…!!)bas karo khushi….now u have to think for solution….that also that show is about lahengas…!! Wat to do now?? Devimayya…ab abhi mujhe 1 lehenga do…plzzzz…!!(she prayed closing her eyes)

“Khushi” she heard one voice and opened her eyes…!

Anjali is standing there holding a lahanga in her hands….!!

Khushi: wow….thank u soooooo much for this and without any delay and give chance to anjali she rushed to washroom to change…!!





Arnav came to pick up her and forget to blink…she is beautiful with red and blue lahenga which ‘HE’ designed especially for her…!!

Khushi’s state also same as she saw arnav for first time in ‘sherwani’ which matches with her dress…!!

They reached college and now whole college is giggling on seeing both of them…!!

Khushi got confused y dey r gigging…!!

After some hours….show got completed and finally arnav comes on the stage with mike in his hand…!!khushi is infront of him sitting in her respected place…!!

Arnav: ladies and gentleman thanks for making this show successful…!! And now the main important thing of my life should have to done…!! As u all know I’m a successful designer and business tycoon…! Now I want to tell something to someone…!!(with that he get down from dais and walk towards khushi…!!

Khushi stood up as he knelt on his knees….!!

Arnav: khushi….u r not like many other ladies who drooled over me on seeing my money…u r special to me with whom I like to spend my time…with whom I like to share my feelings…!! U r the one whose feeling I can understand by seeing eyes….and u r the one I like to spend my rest of life….will u b mine khushi?? Forever?? Will u marry me???(he asked last words holding a WHITE ROSE infront of her)


All the students including staff r encouraging khushi to take it…!

Arnav also expected that she will accept his proposal….






She ran away from there crying…!





That’s all for now….!! Wat happens if khushi refuses him???

Keep comment….i hope this update won’t get bored…!! Wat say?


V1184: really?? may i know ur name??

arshigirl: thanks for comment

krithika: here is the next update and ha this is my dreaming...!! ;)

panchi: panchi...khushi is physics lecturer becoz...i love physics and its my ambition to teach in our college..!!;);) got it baby??? and try to understand the inner meaning of it..!! ;) u have to understand with that WHITE ROSE scene..!!;)

brinda: dii here is long update(i hope) i typed it sparing 3 hours of time....!! continue dii...!!

parami,arshifan 12: thanks for ur comments

sanchita: sanchiiiiii.....see i didn't end the story with 'and' for u only...!!*innocent*;) hihihi

sravs: sraaavs inka chaaaala kopam vachinda naa meda??? ;) i gave reply to ur comments in comment section...check it...!! and ha naaku physics istam ithe khushi ki kuda avvali kada...endukante...aaaa i hope u understand..!!;)

arshi love: thanks for ur comment dear

piya: piya ji hihhihi....thank u sooooooooooooo much...!!

girls i was jumping like a kid in morning on reading all ur comments thanks for ur encoaragement..!!



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Aug 27, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 16 times)

hello everyone....gud morning....may b the update can't b today...!! but i want to give some precap to all of u..!


precap: she is there standing near tree and crying alone....she cant believe that arnav can do something like this....tears r making their way through her eyes..!! she felt 1 hand on her shoulder and turns her face around to see arnav there...!! her eyes r became red due to tears...!!

she immideatly jerked his hand from her shoulder...!! he is seeing at her in shock..!!

khushi: can u do this to me arnav ji??? i never said to u dat i love u...isn't it???

that all for arnav...he took 3 steps back in shock...his eyes r become ready to pour water....! he felt the ground under his legs r going to crash at any time...!!


girls how many of u r want to kill me now ha???? i will prepare for that now...!u may have an idea about her running now,isn't it?

V1184: thanks for ur comment...i felt happy that another telugu girl is here...can i have ur introduction plzzz??

arshi love,arshi fan 12,arshi girl: thanks for ur comment

sanchita: sanchi....i type our conversation there only with some change that arnav teases her about 'slice'...!!;) did u like it??? about white rose....use ur brain sanchi..:p i mention white rose becoz...did u understand???

piya: piyaaaaaaaaaa..........ya ur single comment will make me more happy coz ur one of imporatant persons in my life...!

brinda: diii....i updated this for u but u just simply saying that good update???*pouting*

sravs:sravs now tell me about ur expectations...!!;)

btw in previous updates i told the sari colour is white sorry for that its of cream colour and u know wat its my dream SARI...!!

hihihihi....!! now i want to know how many of u want to scold me for that precap..!!

basing on ur replies i will update....!!:) ;)

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Aug 29, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 27 times)

girls....this update is for sraaaavs as she scared me with her threaten....!!

And she ran away from there crying…!!




Arnav and all others stand there in shock..!! She is running through the door…!!




He came from shock and keep his way through the door….after 10 minutes, some students and staff also went..!!


Arnav reached outside the auditorium…and searched for her…and he spotted her in a lonely place in garden..!! there she is standing near tree crying silently…!! She can’t believe that arnav do something like this…..tears r making their way through her eyes..!! she felt 1 hand on her shoulder and turns to find arnav there…! Her eyes r became red due to tears…!

She immediately jerked his hands from her shoulder…! He is seeing at her in shock…!!

Khushi: how…how can u do this to me arnav ji?? I never said to u dat I love u….is it??


That’s all for arnav…he took 3 steps back in shock….his eyes r become ready to pour water…! He felt the ground under his legs will ready to crash at any time…! But he saw love in her eyes…! His fist become tight around the white rose in his hand…!(thank god it’s stem don’t have throns)she is looking at him without blinking..!!

Arnav: khushi….!!(shockingly)

That’s all for khushi…a small smile appears on her face…!(I hope on ur all faces also) she run upto him and throw herself onto him so that her head is on his shoulder and her hands around him…he stood there in shock….!! (girls imagine their conversation with slow and smooth voices)

Khushi: I love u arnav ji….(but arnav didn’t react as he is still thinking that is this is a dream or what..!? she continues her words by closing her eyes)I love the way u behave with me…I love the way u smile with heart…I love ur arger wen if someone did wrong….i love the care of u for ur beloved ones….i love the way u can know my feeling by seeing in my eyes…I love the way u proposed me directly for marriage…!! And I love u whole heartly….!! This is not dream arnav ji…this is real…!! I love u so so soooooo much…!

with that she quickly gave a small peck on his cheek and again rest her head on his shoulder in hugging position…this bring arnav to believe that this is reality…!! With a sigh of relief plus huge smile he hugged her tightly till she felt his warmth….khushi is still with closed eyes and is enjoying his presence…!! After few seconds

Arnav: u scared me khushi…!(he said thinking about the events happened few minutes back with tight breath)

Khushi: can u think that I can stand with that sudden surprise ha??? That also like this way…proposing in front of everyone…!(she is saying all these with closed eyes)

(a small satisfied smile appeared on arnav’s face after knowing that she liked his surprise)

Khushi: but…(his eyes got widen on hearing but from there…the first thought came into his mind is “is she didn’t want to get married now”…before he asked she continues her talks) but u didn’t say to me that “I LOVE U”…!! (she is saying like complaining)

Arnav smiled slightly and smirked also….and pulled her more close and remove the hair that falling on her neck and gave a deep passionate kiss there…!! Khushi suddenly shivers with his lips touch and closes her eyes more tightly…!! After the kiss he said “I LOVE U KHUSHI….I LOVE U MORE THAN OTHERS”…!! A shy smile appears on khushi’s face and she tighten her grip around him happily…!!

After few seconds…

Arnav: khushi…

Khushi: hmmm???

Arnav: u didn’t give reply to my proposal…!!

Khushi opens her eyes and slowly remove her head from his shoulder and remove her hands also….! But his left hand is around her waist…and he asked again…!

Arnav: u didn’t give reply….will u marry me khushi???

(he is asking seeing into her eyes….her eyes are twinkled like a star and is seeing into his eyes…!!)

Her left hand reach upto the fist of his right hand and release it from hold of the white rose and held that white rose into her hand and says to him..

Khushi: arnav ji…I must have done something good in my previous life..thats y I got proposal from u…how can I miss this?? I will marry u arnav ji…I don’t miss this chance…!(she giggled while saying that last sentence)

Arnav also laugh while seeing her….!! He held her left hand which contain white rose and slide one beautiful RING into her ring finger…!! Khushi’s eyes got widen on seeing that ring….!!

Khushi: ar…arnav ji….this ring…!!(her eyes r twinkling on seeing that ring) this is the same ring I saw in some magazine and I cut it and place that pic in my book…but one day it had missed from that book…that day I was very upset..But today how can u get it???(she is saying excitedly with him…with a wide smile) but he is giggling on seeing her reaction…!!

Khushi: (then strike it to khushi) hwwww….matlab…vo pic…aap…ne…!!???

Arnav: wat to do khushi…u made Mr.ARNAV a theif…who stole only ur things…!!

She is blushing on listening his praise and lowers her gaze…!! “ohh how cute she is..” a thought came in the mind of arnav….!!

Arnav: how is it khushi?? Did u like it?? And also this lahenga??

Khushi: awwww…..means u gave this to anjali bhabhi??(shock)

He can’t resist himself by kissing her cheek on seeing her shocked state that also now after her confession..!! he kissed her on her cheek which made her shock and shy..! and he whispered in to her ears

Arnav: designed by ME for U khushi….!! And everything is planned…!!(with giggling)

Khishi: awww….means everyone know about this???

Arnav: not every but many…!! Y?? isn’t this ur dream to propose in this way?? But I made this in front of sooo many members….!!(he is saying with a wide smile with satisfaction which made her more shock)

A huge scream was heard by them which made them come out of their own world…!!

By that time….staff and some of students reached there and students screamed in happy with this scene and throw the garland flower petals onto khushi and arnav which r already in their hands as per arnav’s instruction….!!(yeah this is also done by arnav)


That’s all for now…the story didn’t end…actually I just planned the first anniversary with large update and this flash back with small one….later wen I pen down it….all my thoughts made me type them so this is continuing like this….!! So plzz…bear with me…today I updated small one coz…It didn’t ready till this evening…so I am just giving u all about proposal scene only…I planned other story also but I want ur views….can I continue it or can I make the story short???

Plzzz….leave comment….!! Thank u….i hope u will b happy with this update…!!


parami: parami i made that precape to make every one to feel tension...but ur comment made all of them to think...!!*pout* but nice thinking yaar...!!;) thanks for comment..!

arshi_fan 12,arshi_love: i hope now u understood y did she run away...!! ;)

arshi_love: ahhhh...u wanted to kill me??? now also u will kill me???*innocent*

sanchita: sanchi use ur brain...coz...khushi is just like krithi ONLY...!! i hope u  understood..!!:p

panchi: panchi even though u r late to comment i got wat ever i hope from u...and hahahhaha 'she ran coz he didn't gave red rose'....hihiihi..!!good joke..and ha white rose,sari,ring,phy lecturer....u got it right....tubelight..!:p

jossy: thanks for comment...!

sravs: ji madam...i'll do wat did u said unless if he didn't ala cheyakapothe...!! hihihi...i was laughing while reading ur comments...nuvvu english lo post chesthe andaru navvukuntaaru...!!hihihi...!! i want to live sraavs unless how can i get aaa....i hope u understood..!!;);)

 keep commenting...!!

i expect simmi's comments here...!! but she didn't..!:(

Aug 30, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 11 times)

girls...i can't update this so called SS for some days...plzzz sorry....!!

Sep 2, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 21 times)

By that time….staff and some of students reached there and students screamed in happy with this scene and throw the garland flower petals onto khushi and arnav which r already in their hands as per arnav’s instruction….!!(yeah this is also done by arnav)


Khushi is getting shocks from early morning….here another….!! She is really feeling more awkward moment now….! Arnav just whisper into her ears that “y r u becoming red??” which made her more and more red…!! 

Then Principal Mrs. Sarada came forward towards her and feels very happy as her beloved daughter like student gets a good life partner…!! Here khushi is in full tension don’t know wat to do..!!

Principal: khushi…I’m really very happy now….u got a very good man as ur life partner….!!(she just saw at both of them and again continue her words by looking at khushi) u know these r all arnav’s plans only…!!(ohhh god…she leaks it..!!)

Khushi’s eyes got wide open…!! She just screamed with..

Khushi: kyaaaaa??? Madam wat r u talking about???

Principal: hahaha…. I know khushi u will feel like this….hihihi…all these arrangements if fashion show is only for u….(khushi’s eyes got even more wider and she looks at arnav once….he is standing there with running his fingers in hair like feeling embarrass as his secret was revealed by principal in front of EVERYBODY…!!)ha khushi….he asked me to order u to come with LAHENGA to this show and even some of the students also know about this….he asked them to throw petals after ur acceptance…!! And he was asking me to not to tell these all to u ever…!! But how can I stay silent without explaining his love towards my sweet student ha???(she said placing her hand on khushi’s head)

With that she took khushi’s hand and kept it on arnav’s and bless them with…”b always happy in ur life”…!! A most shining smile appeared on both faces with the thought that they will b life partners with in some days..!! but suddenly khushi withdraw her hand from arnav’s…!! arnav looks at khushi and he can simply guess wat she is thinking right now…!! But he kept silence….!!

Khushi: per….arnav ji….

r u thinking "not again"??? plzzz don't plan to kill me...!!

and ha..i'm sorry for a short update...nowadays i'm running through a very busy schedule even not getting time to type the update...!! i'm planning to post a long update...and i want to know ur all opinion about it...!! but it will take minimum 2 days to type...!! so plzzz tell me can i post long one or not..!! actually i'm planing to update important things in next update...!!

i'll give reply to all ur comments in next update...till then keep commenting and press thank u button..!! Brinda di...ready to face reply to ur LOOOOOOOOONG comments...!!

if u want to give any suggestions about this story then plzzz give me....i will try to change this story in that way if possible...!!

gud nyt every one..!!

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Sep 5, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 16 times)

Hello every one before going to update I wish to thank my classmate, bench mate and my bestie SREE for her excellent and extra ordinary idea….!! 

And before going to the update I would like to told about arnav’s and khushi’s families….!! Hope u won’t get bored….!!

KHUSHI….KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTHA….a lovely and adorable daughter of SARATH GUPTHA and MEERA GUPTHA….!! Mr. Sarath Guptha is an Ex scientist in physics….!! Obviously with the effect of her father on her she is passionate about physics and did master degree in it…!! After many years of his service he took retirement with the force of his family…!! And after that he along with some friends establishes one hospital and is running it….! It’s name is “DEVI HOSPITALS”….( It’s his mother’s name)  Actually not only this he helped his nephew to establish 1 small hospital for poor…!!  When he was child he wanted to become a doctor and serve the poor….but at that time due to some economical issues, and as he don’t want to suffer his father for money, he did his M.Sc and became a scientist….!! He did his service as scientist with utmost satisfaction….!! Wen after his son got a job he requested him to give retirement and with all force of his family he gave retirement…. but as he don’t want to sit lazy he took the responsibility of that hospital….!(note that more than other friends of him he has the more share in build that hospital so obviously he has more chances to see responsibilities…..and that hospital is not sooooo big and not sooooo small….it serves It’s best without any corruption or anything like that….!!) he has the habit to donate some amount of money to 1 orphanage and old age home from that hospital’s money….he is such a nice man….!!

Mrs. Meera Guptha…..a perfect wife for a perfect husband…!! Mother of khushi and vinodh….!! A responsible and lovable wife as well as mother….!! She likes to spend her time with her children very much…..she knows very well wat her children have in their heart…!! she gives advice to her family members wen ever they want her help….she know every details about hospital as her husband inform her everything….but she don’t involved in it mostly…!! She is cleverer…!

Vinodh….Vinodh Guptha….!! (I mentioned few things about him earlier) he is a good son and a good brother….he likes to tease his sister very much…!! Khushi gets irritate with his teasing most times but she likes him very much….!(who can hate their brothers???right???) he don’t miss a single chance to tease her…!! The family will enjoy their fights and her complaining every day…!! Aaaa….aaa…. he was married to a BEAUTIFUL and CUTE wife…..!!(I won’t tell her name) he respects his parents very much….and can’t say ‘no’ to them….!!


ARNAV……ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA….is a most adorable son of RAGHAV SINGH RAIZADA and SRAVYA SINGH RAIZADA….!!(sraaaavs want to see ur face now….hahahaha rofl…!!) Mr. Raghav singh raizada is an Ex-army major…!! Like arnav he is also a sweet son and caring husband…!! He is now running an old age home….! (the same old age home which is getting donations by ‘sarath’) he did this coz he remember his parents words who died few years back with natural death…!! He still remember their words….”beta…we r very lucky to have u as our son…but many old people are being thrown away by their own sons and daughters….they don’t know wer to go at that time….! I saw some people like them beta….! Sometimes I want to build an old age home for them….!!” His father said those words wen he came from army for holidays….! He wants to satisfy the wish of his father and within few months he began to build an old age home…..! after some years his parents pass away with peaceful death…!! With their memories he is running that old age home….his son arnav also spends his time with those old people who wants someone with them who remove their loneliness…!! Totally he is a nice man like sarath…!! (note that as arnav is fashion designer he and his father spends some part of his money to that old age home)

Mrs. Sravya Singh Raizada…..lovely understandable wife of raghav….(mostly like meera I mentioned above…but she is some wat jovial than meera….!!) (I have to see SOMEONE face now….i think that ‘someone’ can guess who’s that…hihihi…lol…!!)

Anjali….(nah…nah….i won’t mention her sur name….!!) elder sister of arnav….beautiful, lovely, adorable daughter of raghav and sravya…!! Most understandable daughter and sister….!! Married to one HANDSOME guy….!!(lol…I know ur guess….i hope its correct…!) a responsible daughter-in-law of so and so house…!!(y should I mention her sasural here…ha????) like arnav’s habit…she also have the habit of sharing anything with her brother….she can’t refuse his any request(how can she as her chweet brother ask??awww how sweet…!!) like him…!! She didn’t miss a chance to tease and help her brother…!!

Here goes the update…


Khushi: per….arnav ji….


“Are u thinking about us khushi????” a voice came from behind

Khushi turns around slowly as that voice similar to her….she can guess who is there….!!

Khushi: papa…!!(she said with mixed emotions on her face)

Sarath: khushi....u r thinking about us,hi na???

(khushi lowers her head thinking that wat if he will misunderstood her?? Her papa Sarath walks towards her with a small smile and places his hand on her head like blessing and is saying that)

Sarath: wat r u thinking khushi?? About my presence here at this time na???

(khushi looks at him like “yes” she is about to say something but is cut by her father…!)

Sarath: khushi now at this time at this moment I’m Happier than u….!!

(khushi looks at him in confusion…he got her confusion and continues his explanation…)

Sarath: khushi…before proposing u for the marriage….arnav and his family comes to us for ur hand….!


Raghav: sarath ji….today we r here to ask khushi as our daughter-in-law…!!

(sarath and meera stood there in shock and happiness….they exchanged their talks with their eyes…!)

Sarath: raghav ji….we had been thinking that “is there any special that u and ur whole family come to my home at this early morning” but now we r feeling relief….!! (he turn to meera and gave a small smile to her….!) we r very lucky to get this proposal from u….we very well know that u have a very good family and I also know how nice person arnav is…..!! so how can I object this proposal…..our daughter is a very lucky person to have a marriage proposal from u….!!

Raghav: thank u sarath ji….per we want to know khushi’s opinion also….means will she agree or not….!!(he asked with some responsibility)

Meera: this is not a big matter raghav bhayya….! I know khushi very well…..she likes arnav very much…she will definitely agree for this marriage….!!(she said with a big smile)I will talk to her…!!

Arnav: mami ji….i will ask her….!!(he said excitedly) (all family members giggled seeing him like this…he became embarrass and continue his words) I mean I am planning something to her sooo plzzz let me ask her in my way….!!(he completed with dreamy eyes…!!)

(seeing him like this his mother sravya says with small giggle…!!)

Sravya: ha ha arnav….u r right…ur OWN way….!!(ohhhoooo….see arnav gets red with embarrass)(then she turned to meera and sarath and said) ha meera ji….let him….!! Let him make khushi’s day special and memorable..!!

(a smile appears on the faces of sarath and meera and they agreed with him….!!)

********flash back ends*********

Sarath: ha khushi….arnav proposed u with the acceptance of us only….!! U r a really lucky khushi..!! he made all this to make ur this day memorable….!! We r accepting ur this proposal whole heartly…!! (khushi gets overwhelmed and hugs her papa with a bright smile on her face) (he hugs her back….!!)

A loud clap was banged there by the students with happiness…!! The soon to b wife and husband took blessing from their elders…!!(arnav’s family also came there along with khushi's family)

All came to wish khushi….all rounded her….!! Arnav waited for her for some time…but alas…they r not leaving her….!! So he went upto her and…!

Arnav: excuse me every one…..if ur wishes completed…then I want to take lunch with my honewali wife….so plzz excuse us….!!(with that she drag her with him without giving any chances to speak any one including khushi…!!)

All students being students scream with giggles like “ooooooooooooo” (students will b first to tease any one right???) this is the moment that khushi becoming red….!!




He drag her with him towards his car and leave her there at his car….!!

Arnav: khushi sit in the car…!!(with that he went and take driver seat)

She without any other choice took seat beside him…!!

Khushi: arnav ji…wat u did???(she is asking while adjusting her seat belt)

Arnav: wat happen khushi??(he asked grinning knowing exactly about wat she is talking)

Khushi: don’t act smart with me arnav ji….!!(she is asking while trying to clamp her seat belt)

He stop her hand with his hand…..she lifts her eyes to take a look at him….he is seeing at her with most happiness after that incident of her acceptance….!!

Arnav: am I not smart honewali Mrs. Arnav singh raizada???

(khushi is looking at him with lost eyes…..!! arnav gives a smart smile to her and removed his hands from her…!!)

Arnav: vise bhi khushi….u r becoming soooo free with me now more than early why???(he asked grinning while starting engine…!!) (girls will u all can say the reason behind it????;))

Khushi turns her gaze opposite to him being embarrassed…! He starts his car and is driving it with very happy…!! His face is lighting with brightness of 1000 watts bulb…!!(yeah yeah…y couldn’t he happy after that wonderful moment of his life….!!)

Khushi: arnav ji…wat is necessary now to go to lunch???(she asked with confusion)

Arnav: (he gave a smirk to her and..)coz khushi…now its already 2 pm and I’m sooooo hungry…that’s why….!!(he said it without looking at her) (awwww…..arnav is in very jovial mood…!!hahaha….!!)

Khushi’s eyes got wide open listening his answer….she very well know that he understood her meaning but now he is joking with her…awwww…..!!

Khushi: wat happen to you today arnav ji….u r looking soooo happy???(arnav gave a bright smile to her)vise bhi I asked “y should we have to go for dinner without telling our parents???” I know u very well know my question but u r teasing me like earlier  about “slice” in canteen…..!! (she complaining him with pouting)

He gave a smooth grin to her and….

Arnav: becoz…I like ur face with cute pout….!!(he said looking at her without blinking…and again turns his gaze towards road and continue his talks…while here a small smile appear on khushi’s face..!! ) and we r going to dinner with OUR parent’s permission…!(khushi turns her gaze towards him with shock)ha khushi….i asked their permission to make ur day special….!!(he completes with a small smile on his face….!!)

With this incident arnav again stole heart of khushi…! “he asked my parents’ permission to make my day special….he is respecting my values and morals..!!” this is the only thought came into her mind…!! Soon after some time they reached one hotel….arnav came first from car and extend his hand for khushi….she place her hand into his happily…!! They too enter into the hotel….arnav took her to one special place which he ALREADY planned for her…!! He first let her enter into that place and by the scene in front of her she place her hand on her mouth with shock…!! That special room is decorated with most varieties of flowers including white roses which r HER most favorite ever….!! She stopped at the middle of the room and turned around herself to visualize the whole room again….then arnav enter into the room…she went upto him running and lands herself into his hands….!! Arnav also hugs her and….

Arnav: wat happen khushi??? Didn’t u like it or did u scare with this decoration or wat??(he asked with lopsided smile…!!)

Khushi: (she hit him lightly on chest and…) how did u think like that??? Y shouldn’t I like it?? I love it arnav ji…!!

A small smile appears on his face and he thought to himself that “picture abhi baki hi khushi…!!”(lol…girls..don’t open ur mouth like ‘O’ coz of this dialogue….hihihi..!!)





That’s all girls….actually I planned to longer update but after typing this I thought wat if u all felt bore…!! So I thought to give this update right now….plzzz bear with this…!!

I am planning to made khushi’s day most memorable to her so I was planning some more surprises to her…! but I have a doubt that wat if u all r feeling very bored with all those..??!! so I just want to know all ur opinions….so plzzz let me know about ur views regarding this update…!! The readers who r pressing thank u button, plz comment..they will encourage me more…!!

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Sep 5, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 16 times)

First of all the one who press ‘ITS BORING’ option plzz…let me know the reason so that I can improve myself further…!

SRAVS: Ohhhoooo…..sraaaaaaaaaaaaaavs…!! now wat to do???? U r angry with ur pyaaaaaaaaari di?????*innocent* do u want to kill me???? Nee meeda entha prema lekapothe nee peru pedatha cheppu??? Nijamga promise….first e peru pedadhamani alochincha….first nee pere gurthochindi,type chesesa…!! And didn’t u like that name?? I just LOVE that name…!! anduke petta….ina adi nuvve ani enduku anukovadam…just vere evari pero anuko…ina sravs I am wishing that u should get a good life and family like that…won’t u want it??? Ohhh god even I don’t know how to pacify u…!! nekokati thelusa naaku andari chetha brathimalinchukovadam alavatu but here now u r angry at me….wat to do????? Hey devimayya raksha karna…! Wow got an idea….! Here take a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggg kiss from ur diii…. Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hope it will pacify u…!! ina chellini kaakapothe inkevarini edipinchagalam….kadaaa???? annattu naa meda kopam tho nuvvemee 'its boring' button nokkaledu kadaa???

Vise bhi sraaavs…thank god u like this update…otherwise I would have cried very badly…!! And ha this is all my dream lol….but naaku nee lanti atta vadhule endukante asthamanu nannu edipisthu vunte siggupadadam saripothundi naaku…! Hihihi…!

And coming to the reply for previous comments… ha idantha naa dream…u know evariki cheppake… physics lecturer anedi naa jeevitha asayam…and about that proposal….naaku alane kaavali but andari mundu akkarla just nenu okkaddanni vunnappudu ina parla…okka white rose and simple ring that’s nice….adi chaalu naaku…!! And ha arnav in my story is completely different as I want him and my story to b unique..!! alane vundi kadaa naa story??? Lekapothe cheppu…I will try to change it..!!

Hope it will bring smile on ur face….if not then tell me wat u want I will try my level best to pacify u…hahhahahah…oh god…entha paristhithi vachindi naaku…!! Btw nee peru pettamani naa bestie cheppala..nene petta…!!


Brinda: diii….first of all thanks for ur looooooooooong comments….and u touched each and every incident as I noticed….and about that WIFE mystery u will know about it in upcoming updates…! Wat to do dii….i like wen u try to pacify me and send me a loooooooooooooooot of white roses and rings…hihihi…u know I did it for them only…lol..!!

And dii…this all thoughts r mine….just imagination…my DREAM…but those sketches of parents…its my bestie SREE’s advice….SREE is the combined name of me and my friend..!! and di…”surprise r suspence pakage” vaaahhh…kya dialogue hi dii..!! SURPRISE aur SUSPENCE abhi baki hi dii…!! Hahahah… and about wife of vinodh…u will know about him by next updates…! And she have a very major role dii…! And about the hubby of anjali that also a mystery…!

But diiiiiiiiiiiii……….wat u did??!! U make comments regarding sraavs….now she won’t leave me…! Baap re….i hope she won’t read ur comments otherwise she will come to my house to beat me….!! Any way dii…u like my update…I am glad about it….thanks for comment..!!

Sanchita: sanchiii…I didn’t talk about this surprise….!! Didn’t u read arnav’s words..”picture abhi baki hi khushi..!”???? surprise abhi baki hi sanchi…! Keep reading and commenting…! Thanks for comment..!

Arshi_Fan 12: thanks for commenting on my story regularly…..ur comments r giving me sooo much encouragement…. i glad if u told about any suggestions to my story…! And plzzzz…let me know if u want any changes in my story…! Thanks for comment….!

Sa_Arshi: thanks for comment…did u like this story??

V1184: vishu  hope u don’t mind with this type of call….thanks for comment….nuvvu ilage marinni comments cheyalani manaspurthiga korukuntunna…..!!

Simmi: I felt very happy to read ur comments here…thank u..! 

Annu1,arshi_love: thanks for comments…!

Arshi_love: thank god u didn’t plan to kill me..!! hihihi

Parami: wer r u?? I missed ur comments here…!!

And all who press thank u button and commenting thanks u very much….!!

I just want to know that r u want to end this SS soon or r u want to extend it…so plzzz let me know about ur opinions…!




I forget to mention about other thing that I have exams from tomorrow….so I can’t update till Wednesday…!!


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Sep 9, 2013

ARNAV AND THE 'SLICE' (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 25 times)

A small smile appears on his face and he thought to himself that “picture abhi baki hi khushi…!!”(lol…girls..don’t open ur mouth like ‘O’….hihihi..!!)


She is enjoying his presence with closed eyes…!! He wrapped his arms around her with small smile on his face…!! He wants to wrap her in his arms for ever….!! After some minutes, he began to talk as he don’t want to wait to give her more SURPRISES…!!

Arnav: khushi…

Khushi: hmm…(she is still with closed eyes…!)

Arnav: aren’t u hungry???

Khushi: nooo…(with closed eyes losting)

Arnav: (he gave a small smile) yyy?? R u want to b in my arms forever??(he asked her while tightening his grip around her)

Her eyes shot open and immediately came out of his embrace with blush…!

Khushi: vo…

Arnav: vo…kyaa??? (he asked enjoying her uneasiness...!!)

She is playing with her ring which is put by arnav few hours ago….!! He lost him in her and kept on looking at her…!! she felt his gaze on her and she lift her eyes to look at him…!! And saw him looking at her with utmost love he has on her….!! she is becoming red and red becoz of this so she jerked him to let him out of his trans…!! With her touch, he came out of his world which obviously contains his dream girl and honewali wife khushi..!! and he is looking here and there as well as she…!

Arnav: sooo….khushi….come lets have lunch…!

Khushi: ji…!

They two move to the table which is kept at the centre of the room…! The table is covered with red color cloth with all special items which r liked by khushi and also two dinning plates…! Her eyes twinkle with happiness wen she found all her favorite items there…! This is what arnav want to see in her eyes…!! This happiness in her eyes is only enough for him…for this happiness he can do anything for her…ANYTHING…!! They finish their lunch with each other’s company….while arnav teasing her and khushi being khushi enjoys his teasing…of coarse she is also not less to pull his legs…!!




After lunch they r on the way to the car…

Arnav: khushi..

Khushi: hmmm…

Arnav: did u enjoyed ur lunch…?? (he asked without looking at her)

Khushi: (she gave a quick look at him and) of coarse arnav ji…y u have any doubt???

Arnav: (he gave a small smile looking at her) nahi…I just wish to ask u that’s it…!!

Khushi: achaaa….just WISH….ok


By that time they reach the car and enter into the car…! Inside the car….

Khushi: arnav ji wer r we going this is not the way to our house….!(she asked with more confused gaze)

Arnav: y khushi?? R u eager to go home??? ( he said with smile enjoying her confusion) (arnav…this is not good to put khushi in confusion…*pouting*)

Khushi: ufffoooo arnav ji….mere matlab….ghar pe hamara perants..

Arnav: khushi..relax…. i want to spend this day with u….this day should b memorable to us…! And about our parents..just relax I already asked their permission for THIS..!

Khushi: “THIS”..???? wat is “THIS” arnav ji???

Arnav: ohhooo…khushi…I ask their permission to make ur day special…!!(he said with little much excitement unfortunately coz of her enquiry…then an alarm warned him that wat if he tell her all his plans…! And he is praying to the god that…”hey bhagvan…plzz don’t let her to continue her enquiry as I can’t hold these all surprises to myself if she will continue like this..”)

Poor arnav…before his prayers reaches to god…here khushi kept her next question before him..!

Khushi: SPECIAL???? Wat will u do to make my day special arnav ji?? (she asked him with more and more excitement and with happiness in her eyes…!)

He saw her happiness again with a quick look…before he answer her he kept himself calm for sometime…! There she is looking at him with more curiosity..! he is smirking to himself..! and

Arnav: khushi…can I ask u one thing?? (he ask with serious tone)

Khushi: sure arnav ji…y not??(she guessed something is wrong from his sound so asked with concern…!)

Arnav: khushi…voooo….

Khushi: hmm…ask me arnav ji…y r u sounding more serious..?? (now she becomes more panick) is everything ok???

Arnav: vo…khushi…

Khushi: kya hua arnav ji….boliye na…!!

Arnav: (he inhale long air and ask within a single moment)khushi did u eat question bank or wat in ur childhood???

Poor khushi…her bulb didn’t lit up now also…!! She got confused and ask him..

Khushi: question bank????(she kept a confused face..!) wat r u asking???

That’s it….arnav brust into laugh…and khushi look at him with more and most confused gaze now…but after few seconds she lost her in his laugh…! Within laugh he is asking her..

Arnav: nahi tho kya khushi….u had been asking me QUESTIONS from more than two hours…soo I thought u must have ate 1 or 2 QUESTION banks in childhood or now instead of eating items….!

With that he began to laugh more and more loudly….!!

Khushi mouth got wide open with the sound “hwwwwww” with his answer….! He is laughing holding his stomach on seeing her cute face…!!

Khushi: (with anger) kyaaaaa….kya kaha tha aapne…me??? Question bank??? ( with that she start to hit him on his hand) (he is controlling his car with one hand and hold her two arms in other hand and..)

Arnav: (he is trying to control his laugh…and hold her two hands in his one hand and she is wriggling to come out of his hold) khushi…if u continue to beat me like this…then who will answer to ur questions???(he gave some gap and continue his words) QUESTION BANK…!! (and again he brust into laugh still kept hold of her hands in his…!)

She snatched her hands from his hold and put a pout face…but soon that pout turned into angry and she is talking with him with more anger…as he is laughing at her coz of his own joke…!!

Khushi: ha hasiye…hasiye…!! But remember u have to spend ur rest of life with this question bank only….!! ( she said unfortunately with in anger but the next moment bit her tongue…!!)

A wide smile appears on his face with her words…!! He is smirking within himself…

Arnav: don’t worry khushi…I know how to stop this question bank’s QUESTIONS….in my own way…! (he said with husky voice)

Khushi’s eyes popped out listening his answer and she kept on looking opposite side of him with embarrassment….!

Arnav: khushi…(he called her to have a clear view her face which is becoming red due to shy and to read her eyes which r open book to him…!!)

But she is not turning towards him knowing exactly y he is calling her….and to hide her from his gaze, her hair also supporting her by covering her face…!! And nothing to do anything…he turns his gaze completely towards road with little disappointment and also with small smile….!!

And he is thinking to himself that “ acha hua….now khushi won’t ask any questions right now….so I am safe now…I can make myself not to reveal surprises in excitement…!” and he turns his gaze towards khushi…she is looking outside the window and he can’t able to see her face as her long hair is covering her face from his gaze…!! And he is talking to himself that “wait sometime khushi….i will make u smile…u can’t keep anger with me for long time…!” and he is smirking to himself…!


Here khushi is looking outside from window…!! He is smiling to herself remembering their convo, he calling her a question bank….!! Actually she is angry at that time with his tease but later her anger is replaced by sweet smile with her own sentence “u has to spend ur rest of life with this question bank”…!! Even though she said it unfortunately…she know that which she said few minutes ago is right..!! she is remembering her lunch with her soon to b husband now….! She likes him….loves him,more than anything…!! He can do anything for his beloved ones…she saw his excitment very well during his sister’s marriage…She saw his concern towards her dii..during her marriage….! How can she forgot those days??which made him more close to her,more free to her…those r also important to her, memorable to her….!! soon her brain drift into 3 months back….!



At RM:

Anjali: chote…..come soon….i want to wish khushi early…I’m eager for it….!!

Arnav: (he made his whole concentration on her words wen he listened khushi’s name from her…and he lifts his gaze from laptop towards her and asks…) khushi??? Dii…u want to wish khushi??? Why??

Anjali: (ya this is wat I want chote…ur concern…she gave a smile to herself and…) ha chote…u don’t know…today is khushi’s birthday….!!

Arnav: waaaaaaaaaaat??? Really diii??

Anjali: chote..y r u soooo much excited??? (she asked with smile) ya today is her bday…that’s y I’m eager to wish her…!!

Arnav: ok dii…but we have 1 hour to go na…!! I’ll come after finishing this work…!!

(with that he peep his head in to the lappy again…!!)

Anjali was like “hwww”….this is not wat she expected….she expected him to b sooooo excited and will made plans to give surprise to khushi…but here picture is different….! Within thoughts she walk away from there…!!

After her leaving, arnav gave a smirk to himself and thinking that..”diii….i know ur intensions diii….don’t worry dii….i have my own plans…!!” with that he took his cell and dail some number to someone….!!




After 1 hour…

Arnav: dii…let us move

Anjali: ok…im ready…!!




They two reached khushi’s house….khushi is already ready there…!! When khushi reach car immediately anjali wished her hugging her and gave a wrist watch to her as her gift….! Khushi first didn’t accept it saying that her wishes are enough for her but with the force of anjali she accepted finally…!! Arnav is seeing the whole convo but say neither anything nor he is watching khushi directly…he is looking at her through side mirror….!! The two ladies sit inside the car..khushi next to arnav and anjali in back side….!


Anjali is eagerly waiting for her brother to wish as well as khushi….khushi is seeing at him with in every second hoping he will wish her now and now….!! But alas…! He is not even looking at her….!!

Soon they reaches college and the two ladies came out of car….without giving any chance to them arnav run his car from there….!

Anjali stand there like statue not knowing and can’t estimating wat her brother is doing….she already told him that today is khushi’s bday….but he neither wish her nor take a look at her….!!


And khushi is shaking with anger thinking that…” wat the hell…..he didn’t wish me very well knowing that today is my bday….and even didn’t take a look at me…at ME…..!! and without giving any chance to talk drove away the car… can he behave like this with ME…!?? Chal I won’t talk to him….he didn’t WISH me…!!” and with that she walk into the college furiously…!

Anjali stood there dumbstruck….knowing very well about khushi’s anger…! (poor arnav….who know wat he have to face from khushi…!!)




That’s all girls….just a small update…!! Even though I have exam tomorrow I’m typing it with soooooo much interest….! Plzz leave comments and press thank u button….!!

I have one request to silent readers…plzzzz comment….i am hardly getting 6 or 7 comments…so plzzz comment so that I will decide whether to continue the story or end it….! Plzzz leave ur opinions…!!

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