This Love, It Does Wonders

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Dec 28, 2011

This Love, It Does Wonders - Preface (By Jasmine_X) (Thanked: 38 times)

Note: This is only a preface, the rest of the story is going to build up to this scene. Enjoy.

It was pouring down with rain when the scream was heard but that did not stop him. With rain streaming down his face, he carried on walking towards his destination, not caring the slightest bit about what the world was going to think of his next steps. This was it, he could not stop now.

"I have to do this," he kept on reminding himself over and over again.

For the most part of his life, he had only listened to himself - to what his mind thought was logical. He was a self centred man who had always let his ego take control of him. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath in, he knelt to the ground as reality hit him. Its too late, he realised. No matter where he would go now, no matter what he would do, he was unable to turn back the time and fix the mistakes that he had made. When he looked back at the past few months that had flown past, he shook his head vigorously. His younger brother was happily married, his sister was getting married again - but she was happy for once after all the sorrows she had faced. So much had happened to his loved ones but when he looked at himself, it was as if though he was stuck in time. Nothing had occured in his life that he could think of and smile, maybe it was because he did not let anything happen. He had seemed to have shut himself from the rest of the world.

When happiness had opened its arms wide open calling out to him, he willingly turned his back on it.

So many wasted oppurtunities.

But now when he had realised the truth, the true meaning of his life, his existence. It was too late.

Opening his hand, he looked down upon the elegant diamond ring which he had kept safe for so long. "There's no point in keeping this anymore," he sighed, dropping the ring onto the floor.

Staring up at the sky, with rain patting on his face he let out huge scream.

He was never like this, he had always been strong. He was Arnav Singh Riazada, now a broken man.

This is my first MyView, hope you enjoyed the preface, the rest of the story is going to build up to this scene, I will try my very best to update regularly, let me know what you think!


Dec 28, 2011

This Love, It Does Wonders - Chapter One (By falsemasquerade)

This is Jasmine, just changed my username. Hope you enjoy chapter one and thank you to everyone who commented on the preface.

Chapter One

The sun was at its highest point in the sky when the two lovers, hand in hand together stepped into the limo. The weather was really warm and Payal did not understand why Akash had arranged a limo ride for the both of them at this time of the day.

"Akash ji," Payal began, "why a limo ride at this time, why not in the evening?" she asked, curiously.

Squeezing his fiancee's hand, Akash smiled. "It is the most illogical time to go out now, I know, but if we went in the evening, we'd be followed." he explained.

Payal nodded in agreement. "I am so thankful to God that I have found a life partner in you." she tried not to blush. "But I just wish the same thing occurs with our Khushi, she's been through so much, she kept quiet about her broken engagement so no sadness showers itself on our happiness." Payal's eyes started to water.

"Can I..." Akash coughed, "Can I ask you something?" he politely asked.


Taking in a deep breath, Akash began. "Why did Khushi ji's engagement break off so suddenly?"

Payal started to bite her lip, maybe she had said too much. Should I tell Akash ji the truth? Payal thought to herself. After all, I am going to spend the rest of my life with him, I'm going to share the smallest thing to the biggest thing with him. Payal kept on thinking whether or not it was the right moment to tell Akash. She was stuck in a dilemma, if she told him now, a big storm would break out in the Raizada house but if she stayed quiet then she was going to have to live in the same house with the person who had lied to her family, who broke her sister's heart.

Payal took deep breath in and out. "I don't know if I should tell you this but..."

Akash turned right around to face Payal directly, "but what?" he questioned.


Meanwhile, Khushi was busy cleaning her bedroom when she heard someone walk in through the door. It was none other than her Buaji. "Khushi!" she exclaimed.

"Is everything alright, Buaji?" Khushi asked.

Buaji smiled and cupped both of her hands on Khushi, "I am so sorry Khushi I talked you into getting engaged with that two-faced Shyam. I feel so guilty." she cried. "I have always told you off and ordered you about but I have realised my mistake Khushi. Can you forgive your Buaji?" Asked Buaji with tears streaming down her face.

Khushi's mouth fell wide open, "Buaji, please don't embarrass me by asking for forgiveness." Khushi smiled and sat down on the bed, getting Buaji to sit down with her, "you are my elder and I respect every decision of yours."

"I just want to see our Khushi happy, if you have anything in your heart you can always tell me." smiled Buaji, "if you like anyone..." Buaji began but Khushi stopped her right away.

Khushi turned away and stared at the floor of her bedroom, "It has not even been a week since my break up." she began, remembering Arnav's words from the party last night. "How can I see myself with someone so soon," she whispered.

Sighing, Buaji got up from the bed, "ok" she said and walked out leaving a tearful Khushi.

Laying back on the bed, Khushi rested her head on the pillow wondering when happiness was going to knock on her door.

I know this short but it was filler, hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think and have some questions in mind.

Do you really think Payal will tell Akash the truth about Khushi's break up?


Dec 29, 2011

Notice, please read (By falsemasquerade)


Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback this has got with only two updates. You all are awesome. I just wanted to let you know that I'm going away for a bit where I might not get access to MyeDuniya so updates might be slow, not sure yet. I might get chances to update but I am not entirely sure. But until then, happy new year!


Jan 10, 2012

Chapter Two (By Jasmine_X) (Thanked: 30 times)

Chapter Two

The limo pulled in front of the Raizada house and the two distraught lovers stepped out, slamming the doors of the limo hard. Akash had planned a romantic drive and lunch for his fiancee, Payal but things did not occur the way he had planned.

"I don't believe you." Akash stated through gritted teeth, this was the first time since he had met Payal that he was speaking to her in such a tone. "I can't believe you, Payal." He sighed.

Payal's eyes began to water. "You don't believe me, Akash ji? You don't believe whom you are going to marry?"

Akash bit his lip, hard. "I want to believe you, Payal. Trust me, I do. But what you have told me, it's not sinking in. I can't imagine myself breaking such a news to my Di about Shyam jiju. It's going to break her."

Payal turned around to face Akash directly, placing her hands in Akash's, she tried to smile. "You do believe me, Akash ji. I can see it in your eyes. You know what I have said is all true. There is no reason for me to lie to you and I can understand what you are going through. But I promise you, it's for the best." She tried to explain.

Staring at the floor, Akash took a deep breath in. "I'm so sorry, Payal." He apologised. "I know you're right. But this is something that I wish wasn't true. And now, I am not going stand that two faced cheat in my Di's life anymore." With that, Akash walked into the house, fists clenched.


Switching off the laptop, Arnav closed his eyes. It had been a long day today and he felt like having a good rest but was disturbed with the shouting that was going on downstairs.

"What the hell?" Arnav asked himself and ran out of the room.

Coming down the stairs, he noticed that something was going on between Akash and Shyam. Akash had his hands around Shyam's neck. Squinting his eyes, Arnav looked around. His Di was on the sofa, in tears. Payal was trying to calm Akash down. NK was standing in such a way as if though he was statute.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Arnav screamed and ran towards Anjali. "Di..Di...what happened?" When Arnav got no response, he got up. "Akash, let go of him!" He yelled, pulling Akash and Shyam apart. "Why are you two fighting? Will anybody care to tell me what the hell is going on?!"

"Sh..Shyam is in love with Khushi ji" NK blurted out. "That's why he got engaged to her as far as I have gathered."

Arnav could not believe what he was hearing. His brother-in-law in love with Khushi? Engaged to Khushi? How was that even possible? So many questions started to arise in his mind.

"It's true." Payal started to explain. "This man is a fraud. He lived in our house as a paying guest and got engaged to Khushi. Thankfully, Khushi found out who he really was and broke off the engagement."

The room, to Arnav felt like it was spinning. Rubbing his forehead, Arnav turned towards Shyam. "What I am it true?" Arnav questioned. "Have you been cheating on my sister?"

Shyam was lost for words.

"Have you?! Dammit!" Arnav screamed. "I AM ASKING YOU A SIMPLE QUESTION!"

"Hi!" Khushi entered and ran towards NK. "Why have you called me here?" She asked him, happily.

Looking around the room, Khushi noticed the expressions on everyone's faces. She started to walk towards her sister. "Jiji? What's going on? Why does everyone look so upset?" She questioned.

After getting no answer from Shyam, Arnav faced Khushi. "Thank you very much NK for calling Khushi here." He began. "Khushi? Were you ever engaged to Shyam?"

Khushi's eyes widened with shock. "Jiji, you told them?" was the first thing that came out out of her mouth. Facing Arnav, Khushi sighed. "I guess you all know the truth now. There's no point in hiding anything anymore." Khushi said. "It's true. Shyam and I were engaged. I didn't know that he had any relation with the Raizada family. Truth is, I never even wanted to marry him, I only said yes because I thought Babuji wanted me too." She explained and went to Anjali. "Anjali ji, I'm so sorry you have to go through this."

Standing up, Anjali wiped away her tears. "You have nothing to apologise for, Khushi ji." She said, clearing her throat. "I loved you so much!" She yelled at Shyam. "And this is what I get in return? How could you even think about doing such a thing?" Cried Anjali.

Right then, something clicked in Shyam's mind. "I didn't do anything intentionally, I was trapped!" He lied. "This girl! She looks so innocent to all of you! B-but she trapped me! I am the innocent one here! Rani Saiba, I can never hurt you, I love you."

"Just get away from me!" Anjali shouted, taking off her mangalsutra and wiping away her sindoor. "I am not related to you anymore. Just leave!" she ordered.

Folding his arms together, Shyam smiled. "You can't tell me to leave, there's no one big here to make that decision. Naniji, mama and mamiji. Let's wait for them."

Jan 10, 2012

Chapter Two Contd (By Jasmine_X) (Thanked: 22 times)

Arnav was now reaching a blowing point. Grabbing Shyam by the collar, he called for Akash. "Akash, help me throw the rubbish out please." He asked calmly.

A/N: I wasn't going to end it here. There was much more, but I've decided that it'd be best to include it in the next update. Sorry for the delay in updating. Hope you enjoyed todays' episode of 'This Love, It Does Wonders'.

Let me know what you think :)


Jan 11, 2012

Chapter Three (By Jasmine_X) (Thanked: 27 times)

Walking back inside the house, Arnav let out a huge sigh. His head was still spinning and he was trying to take control of himself. He had to be strong, not only for himself but especially for his sister.

"Where's Di?" he asked, noticing Anjali's disappearance.

Khushi got up from the sofa and started to walk towards Arnav, "Anjali ji wants to be alone for some time." she informed him. "I am really sorry Arnav ji." she apologised.

"I don't understand why you didn't tell us before. I asked you so many times about your broken engagement but you didn't tell me." Complained Arnav.

"I didn't want to hurt all of you."

"But you have!" Arnav shouted, "if you had the decency to tell me earlier, I would have done something!"

Khushi did not know what to say. She understood completely what Arnav was going through at this very moment. His sister's life was in pieces, her marriage was broken and Arnav could not do anything about it no matter how much he tried.

"There's nothing you could have done, Bhai." Akash stated placing his hand on Arnav's shoulder. "We should be grateful to God that we have found out about Shyam."

Having the feeling of wanting to make everything better. Khushi interrupted, "you have to be strong, Arnav ji," she said, placing her hand in Arnav's and squeezing it. It seemed as if though Khushi had no control over her actions. "The truth is out and its for the best that Shyam is out of our lives now."

Bewildered, Arnav was not able to hear the words that were flowing out of Khushi's mouth as he only kept on staring with his eyes wide open at Khushi's hand in his. He looked back at Khushi's face, his eyes fixated with hers. He wanted to tell her to leave but it felt as if though his heart was in his mouth. He didn't understand what was going on with him. Khushi kept on staring back at Arnav, it seemed as if though she was in a trance, under some kind of a spell.

Right then, NK let out a huge sneeze bringing Arnav back to reality. "Ugh! Don't touch me!" he cried, taking his hand back.

"I..." Khushi was lost for words. "I should go check up on Anjali ji..."

"No." Ordered Arnav, "you've already done enough damage as it is."

"Oh please don't be like that Arnav!" NK moaned. "Khushi ji hasn't done anything wrong..." he said starting to side with Khushi but was interrupted by Arnav.

"Oh shut up NK. If this Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta hadn't come into our lives, we wouldn't have been in this situation."

Payal could not stay quiet any moment longer. "Khushi hasn't done anything wrong. You're right, let's just presume that we didn't know you then you wouldn't have been in this situation. I agree. But you wouldn't have ever found out what Shyam gets up to behind your backs." explained Payal.

There was a moment of awkward silence.

"Let's go Jiji." Khushi, hurt due to Arnavs' words whispered.

Rolling his eyes, Arnav turned his back on Khushi. "Yes do us all a favour for once Khushi and leave,"


On entering her bedroom, Khushi ran straight to her bed. Grabbing her pillow and squeezing it hard she let out the tears that were threatening to fall for a long time. Arnav was rude with her all the time, but today he had crossed the very limit.

"Khushi..." Payal came and sat down next to her. "Khushi, don't cry." She tried consoling her. "You know very well how Arnav is so why are you so upset.? And anyway I'm sure he didn't mean it, he's going through a hard time right now."

Sniffing, Khushi tried to calm herself down. "I don't like it Jiji...I don't" she heard herself say. Wiping away her tears, she then cleared her throat and tried to smile. "Never mind me, Jiji. I don't know what happens to me. Anyway, I should go see Babuji..."

"You stay here and freshen up, I'll go give Babuji the medication." With that Payal left the room.


Arnav tried to clear his mind, he knew that he should not have spoken to Khushi in such a way, he was not the only one who was hurting, so was Khushi. But at that particular time he did not understand anything else except for what kept on going through his mind over and over again. Khushi and Shyam. Shyam and Khushi. Khushi and Shyam. Engaged and about to get married. He was angry at Shyam and let it all out on Khushi. One thing concerned him greatly. "Did he ever or even try to touch Khushi...?" Arnav asked himself with his head in his hands.

He had to ask Khushi to clear the doubt that had risen in his mind, but he could not, he did not know how to. Especially after the way he behaved with Khushi, there was no way that she would want to speak to him again.

Arnav tried to convince himself that he didn't care.

"But I have to find out." He repeated to himself. "After all, she's Akash's saali..."

*continued below*

Jan 11, 2012

Chapter Three Contd (By Jasmine_X) (Thanked: 24 times)

Khushi lay back on her bed staring at the ceiling of her bedroom. So much had happened in her life thus far, she was losing track. Slowly and gently rising up from her bed she walked towards the dressing table. Opening the drawer, she took out a notebook. She remembered clearly who had given her the notebook.


"Khushi sweetheart, whenever you feel you have to say something but can't.." Khushi's Aunt began to explain. "Just write it down, it will make you feel so much better beti." she said kissing Khushi's forehead.

[end of flashback]

That was over ten years ago and Khushi had still kept the notebook safe. Sitting down on the stool, she took out pen. Opening the notebook to the first page, she began to write.

"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Diary Entry Number One,"

A/N: Hope this update was good. As you probably might of already guessed there will be chapters in this story which will be from Khushi's diary entries. Thank you so much for reading, don't forget to leave your thoughts.


Jan 11, 2012

Chapter Four (By Jasmine_X) (Thanked: 29 times)

Chapter Four

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not - Khushi's Diary Entry No1.

Ever since I have met the Raizada family, my life has taken many various and drastic directions. I do not even know where I can begin. I have felt myself change so much, how one person is able to have this affect on me, is a dilemma I am trying to solve for myself. I do not think my feelings are of any importance to him whatsoever, but I cannot help it but feel this way. The excitement that I feel when I wake up in the morning with the realisation that I will be paying a visit to the Raizada house is uncontrollable.

My heart weeps with sadness when I somehow unknowingly irritate him and make him angry. I have tried many times to make him smile or laugh but it seems as if though I can never make him happy. Maybe it is a sign that we are not meant to be that I am constantly trying my very best to ignore.

There have been many times in the past where I have thought that he feels the same way for me as I do for him. Not only at Diwali but also when he found out about my engagement. I thought I sensed some jealousy and protectiveness but I guess I was wrong as he announced his own engagement to Lavanya ji shattering all my hopes away.

The situation with Shyam has revealed to me how stupid I can sometimes be, why it took me so long to recover truth? I do not even know myself. I should have told Arnav ji the truth, especially since he had for once shown concern for me and asked me many times. But I even let that opportunity fly away from me and now I only have myself to blame.

Today, when I placed my hand in his, I had no idea what I was doing. It just felt right to me, nothing more and nothing less. For a moment I had thought that he was feeling the same way, but unfortunately, I was wrong. Whenever I look into those eyes, I can be able to see my future.

My future with him.

But my eyes are only seeing a lie, a fairytale that is not going to come true because I do not think I will ever be able to fulfil his hearts' desire.

Jan 12, 2012

Chapter 5 (By Jasmine_X) (Thanked: 27 times)

Chapter Five

The sun rose up from the horizon sending its rays of sunshine over the Raizada house. Arnav got out of bed abruptly and made his way to the bathroom. Taking out his toothbrush and applying toothpaste, he began to brush his teeth. Half way he found himself stop, as his mind began to reflect on the previous days' events that had taken place. When Nani, Mama and Mamaji had come home, he had explained everything to him about what had happened with Shyam. He wanted to make everything better, especially for his sister. He could not even bear to look at her any more, as it hurt him to see her in such a state.

Anjali just sat in a corner of the house, going through her wedding album over and over again and asking herself whether or not it was her fault for what had happened to her marriage, maybe she had not been a good enough wife to Shyam and that was why he went out to look for someone else to fulfil his needs. These thoughts were slowly killing her inside.

"Do you want some breakfast?" Naniji asked Arnav.

Sighing, Arnav shook his head. "No thank you." He replied in a really quiet tone. "Has Di had something to eat?" He asked with a concerned expression on his face.

Nani lowered her gaze and let out a huge sigh. "I've only been able to feed her one slice of bread, that is all she'll have."

"Right," nodded Arnav. "I have to go." and with that he left the house.


Khushi got dressed, trying to block out yesterday's events. Looking at herself in the mirror, she promised herself that she was not going to be weak. She promised that she was going to fight every sorrow that would enter her life from now on, she was not going to cry any more, she was not going to let her tears fall for anyone. She had been through so much in her life so far, wasted many moments crying into her pillow.

Giving herself a smile, she decided that she was going to put herself first from now on. "It is my turn to live my life now." She firmly stated. "And I am going to achieve all my goals, I..." she stopped halfway through and slapped herself. "Oh who am I kidding," she laughed. "I'm Khushi Kumari Gupta. I have to think of others before I even get a chance to even listen to myself."

"Khushi!" Payal called out. "Breakfast is ready!"

Khushi made her way into the living room where everyone was eagerly waiting for her arrival. "I'm not hungry." She told them. Amma tried to force food down her, "No Amma ji, I have to go." And with that Khushi left the house without saying goodbye to anyone for the first time.


Arnav stay sitting in his car, staring at the roof. Taking in a deep breath, he decided to step outside. Closing the door of his car shut he stared at the house he was standing outside. It was Khushi's home, he had come to see her, he wanted her to answer his questions. Walking inside the house, he noticed the tense atmosphere, quite similar to the one at his own house. "I have come to see Khushi," he informed Payal. "I need to ask her something."

"Khushi's not at home, sorry" replied Payal.

"She did not even have anything to eat," complained Amma, "and left without even saying goodbye."

Clenching his fists together, Arnav tried to control his frustration. "Okay, thank you."

Stepping out into the daylight again, Arnav tried to think where Khushi might have gone. On a normal day he would expect her to go to his house but after yesterday he did not think that Khushi would willingly want to go his house. Sighing inwardly, he stepped back into his car and began to drive off, unaware of his own destination.


"Please have a seat," the receptionist told Khushi with a big smile, "Sir will see you in a moment."

Khushi sat down in the waiting area thinking about the next step that she was about to take. The receptionist soon informed her that she was now allowed to go into the cabin. Closing the door of the cabin, Khushi took a deep breath in, "Hi, I'm Khushi." she introduced herself, extending out her hand and wondering where all of a sudden she had got all this confidence from.

"Have a seat," the man before her shook her hand, "so tell me young lady, why do you think I should choose you."

Khushi cleared her throat and smiled, "I have been working for a family for quite some time now. Helping them out with pretty much everything. But now I think it is time for me to move on from that, I believe that I am capable of going forward. I want people to recognise me for me. For who I am and not just some ordinary girl. I am a hard working and reliable person. I will never let this company down. I have all the qualities that you are looking for in a dedicated employee, Mr Khan." She finished.

Jan 12, 2012

Chapter 5 contd (By Jasmine_X) (Thanked: 36 times)

Mr Khan was definitely impressed by the girl sitting before her. "So much determination at such a young age," he began. "I am impressed, young lady. We are looking for a young individual with the determination to do something." There was a moment of pause before he continued on, "I welcome you to join Khan Industries." He finished, getting up from his seat and shaking Khushi. "You can start work from 2nd January." He informed her.

Khushi, excited as ever thanked him and left the office. Just before reaching home she decided to buy some ladoos for her and the family to share. "Jiji!" Khushi ran inside the house and embraced her sister in a hug. "Amma ji! Buaji! Babuji!" She exclaimed. "I have got a job with Khan Industries!" She told everyone, happily.

Everyone praised and congratulated her. "Okay, now go get ready." Buaji ordered. "We don't want to be late."

Khushi was confused, "late for what?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

Payal smiled, "new years eve party at the Raizada house."

"New years eve party? After everything that happened yesterday...they are throwing a party?" Khushi felt disgusted.

"Akash ji rang. It is NK's idea he think it will help cheer everyone up and forget..."

"I think it is a stupid idea," said Khushi, "you all can go, I will stay at home."

Payal was now getting frustrated. "I will not go if you don't go." she said, folding her arms together.

"But have too it is your sasural..."

Smiling, Payal nodded. "I know but I am not going without you." Payal stated, staying firm with her decision.

Feeling defeated, Khushi had no choice but to give into Payal. She could now only hope for a fresh new start to the new year.

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