Balika Vadhu: Jagya to leave engagement with Sanchi for Ganga

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Aug 17, 2013

Balika Vadhu: Jagya to leave engagement with Sanchi for Ganga (By sanchi)

Balika Vadhu on Colors might witness some twists and turns for Jagya , Ganga  and Sanchi.

Sanchi thinks she has managed to create distance and seperation amid Ganga and Jagya, by keeping her engagement to Jagya on the same day as Ganga's departure to Mangalore.

Ganga on the other hand has decided to go alone to Mangalore without Ganga.

But the feeling of seperation is getting painful, as the time nears for Ganga's departure to Mangalore.

Both Jagya and Ganga are already missing each other and are going through an emotional journey with flashbacks of their moments together.

It is shown that Jagya who is very attached to Ganga's son Mannu, finds his toy in Ganga's room.

Jagya suddenly realises that he has his duties towards Ganga and decides accompany her to Mangalore at the last moment.

Will Jagya suceed in leaving his engagement with Sanchi and accompanying Ganga to Mangalore?

What selfish trick will Sanchi play this time if she comes to know of Jagya's last minute plans?

What will be the outcome if Jagya leaves his engagement for Ganga and how will both the Shekhar and Singh family react to Jagya's sudden change in decision is what upcoming episodes of Balika Vadhu on Colors.

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