One Shot->True Love against Destiny

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Aug 14, 2013

One Shot->Destiny.Will True Love Win Against it? (By Sviji) (Thanked: 177 times)

I'm back guys lol the funny thing is on next day itself can't able to stay from Med, medicine did wonder but had to swallow bitter tablets for that. Morning saw news about season 2 which destroyed my mood, after commenting on two to three post on the same I signed off but then when I felt like writing something I got remembered of a true love story of some one who is close to my best friend and thought to pen it down.This time I came with my first time trying on OS and the story which I took is true one happened in real life and the said lovers in the name of Arnav and Khushi are none other than my best friends cousin sister and her lover's love story, and to know more about their love story read further.

True Love does not look any hindrance in their way whether it is from human form or in destinies form; likewise Arnav and Khushi who love each other very much fought for their love against destiny. They work in same company TCS as a software engineer. Arnav and Khushi both disclosed their relationship to their parents. Both their parents were very much happy and why not they would be, when they get a gem like man who will keep their daughter happy as their SIL and a beautiful, traditional, moral girl as their DIL.

Khushi’s family consist of her father Shashi Gupta who is bank manager and Garima Gupta who is house wife. Arnav’s family consist of his father Aarav Raizada Professor of well known college and his mother Aradhya too as a Professor in same college where her husband works.

Arnav’s family visited Khushi’s family one Sunday for greet and meet. Arnav’s family liked Khushi very much and wanted to proceed with the marriage.

Arnav and Khushi was made to sit beside each other, where as elders were having their discussion about how to proceed next.

Arnav bending near Khushi’s ear ‘I Love You’

Khushi got chill in her spine listening his husky voice and his breathe fanning on her ear, she blushed…Arnav ‘Haye you look like my red tomato when you blush and I just wanna eat ur tomato red cheeks now.’

Khushi’s turned beetroot red and admonished him ‘chi Arnav have some shame’

Arnav ‘Why to have a shame with you? Look for me you are my wife whether we are married or not and there are no reason I got to behave all decent innocent guy in front of my wife.’

Khushi’s breath hitched listening to him saying her as his wife, this is not the first time he is saying something like him referring her as his wife, but all the time to hear him say his wife it feels like first time. Arnav ‘And see soon we both are going to get married in front of this world. I can’t wait for the moment when you will be with me in my house sharing my life.’

Khushi “Me too’ and both went to a cute eye lock until their parents disturbed them.


 Lovers were rejoicing their acceptance of love by their family member’s when the destiny strikes.

It was two days after when Khushi’s father(Shashi) went to Pandit ji with Arnav’s and Khushi’s kundali. Pandit as soon as got the kundali’s got into his work, but as he matched the horoscope he was not happy with the result.

Shashi on seeing pandit’s reaction ‘Pandit ji what happened?’

Pandit ‘I’m sorry Shashi ji but this marriage can’t happen.’

Shashi shocked ‘What r u saying?’

Pandit ‘The thing is Khushi bitiya cannot marry this boy.’

Shashi ‘Why?’

Pandit ‘because she is manglik and if this marriage happens the boys life is in danger, mean he will die soon.’

Shashi got shock of his life, he remembered how his daughter was happy on to get married to her love and now because of the fate she can’t marry Arnav. How am I going to say this?

Shashi ‘Is there any way by which we can do their marriage? There should be any solution.’

Pandit shakes his head and says ‘No, if there was any then I would have told you before itself.’ Shashi with heavy heart returned to his house, as soon as he entered he saw his smiling daughter whose smile will be washed in a second. Garima came to him and asked what pandit ji told, but Shashi did not said anything instead he looked at Khushi who came to him with a glass of water. Shashi took the glass and drank the water in a go, after keeping it in the table he made Khushi to sit beside him.

Garima was looking at him anxiously ‘Please say na what did he say?’

Shashi turned to Khushi taking hold of her hand ‘Bitiya you love Arnav bitwa lot, don’t you?’

Khushi was confused to hear such a question nevertheless answered ‘Yes babu ji I love him lot, he is my life.’

Shashi ‘For him you can do anything don’t you.’

Khushi getting a little anxious ‘yes’

Shashi ‘Then you don’t marry him bitiya’ Khushi sat still not knowing what to say, tears formed in her eyes to hear her father say this, Garima shouted ‘What r u saying?’

Shashi tears which he was controlling for a while now started rolling down his cheeks ‘We can’t do anything Garima, fate played its game on them already, Khushi cannot marry Arnav bitiwa and if this marriage happens then Arnav will die.’ Khushi’s breath stopped listening to this, Garima too crying ‘what r u saying?’

Shashi shaking his head ‘I failed Garima, I’m unable to give my Khushi her happiness, I failed before destiny, Pandit ji told Khushi is Manglik and if they both got married then the boy will die.’ Garima gasped, Khushi did not feel anything, she only felt darkness around her listening to every word. Her perfect world of Love is crumbling before her own eyes and she is unable to do anything, her tears were dampening her cheeks nonstop and it looks like a flood is coming from her eyes.

Garima ‘There must be any solution na.’

Shashi ‘I tried all the way but now I’m tied, we can’t do anything, and I can’t risk Arnav bitwa’s life.’

Garima ‘but they love each other, have you seen how much Arnav bitwa loves our daughter, I have seen the love in his eyes, he will not be able to bear it. And my Khushi how she is going to take this, she loves him lot. Why God is playing with them? This is unfair to them.’

Shashi ‘I…I…have to inform them.’ Khushi felt all numb and like a dead soul she went to her room and shut herself.

Garima looked at Shashi who said ‘Give her some space, she needs some time alone.’

Shashi then took the phone and called Raizada parivar, a servant took the call who gave the phone to Arnav’s father.

Aarav ‘Hello bhaisahab’

Shashi ‘ji Namasthe’

Aarav ‘Namasthe ji!!! We were waiting for your call. You was going to show both the children’s horoscope to pandit ji, right?’ what did he say? What date he has given for engagement and marriage?’

Shashi closing his eyes and gulping his pain ‘I’m sorry but….but…this marriage can’t happen?’ Aarav got shock and asked ‘Why? Don’t you like our son?’

Shashi ‘No we liked him lot but Khushi is not that lucky enough to marry him.’ He then narrated what pandit ji said.

Aarav ‘but…’

Shashi ‘Please forgive us but I can’t risk your son’s life. So this marriage will not happen.’ And the call got disconnected.

Aarav turned to his eager son and his wife, he gulping ‘Shashi ji said this marriage can’t happen’

Arnav shouted ‘What? Why?’

Aarav ‘Calm down Arnav, they r saying Khushi is manglik and this marriage is not possible.’

Arnav roared ‘damn with this manglik. I don’t believe in all this. Mom and dad I love her like my life and I’ll marry only Khushi. I can’t think my life without her pls do something.’

Aradhya ‘Relax Arnav we know how much u love Khushi and we will look for the solution, you don’t worry about anything, tomorrow morning we will go and talk with them.’

Aarav ‘don’t worry Arnav We will go and talk to them and will try to convince them.’

Arnav rushed to his room without looking at any of them, Aradhya got worried seeing her son, Aarav hugged her and said ‘don’t worry Aradhya we will not let anything come in his happiness’

Aradhya ‘Do something?’

Aarav ‘I will’

Arnav here rushed to his room and took his phone dialing Khushi’s number, on the other side Khushi was crying hiding her face inside pillow, on listening to the ring tone she knew it is Arnav. She immediately picked up when she heard his husky worried voice ‘Khushi!!!” and all dam broke again, like a flood fresh tears started flowing.

Arnav ‘Shhh Khushi, don’t cry angel I’ll make everything alright.’

Khushi hiccupping ‘Arnav they are saying I’m manglik and if I married you, you will die.’

Arnav ‘Nothind is going to happen to me, you trust me, don’t you.’

Khushi ‘more than myself’

Arnav ‘Then that’s it I’ll make everything alright.’

Khushi choking on her every word ‘No!!! I can’t take the risk of your life, if it was my life I would have not bothered but it is about you and I’ll not let that happen. I’m sorry Arnav. I can’t marry you.’

Arnav’s tear to started flowing, he felt like was punched very hard and the pain seems unbearable ‘Pls don’t say that. I Love You.’

Khushi ‘That is the reason Arnav. I Love You and I can’t let myself be the reason for your life to be in danger. Pls understand and…for…forgot me.’ Saying this she cut the call…..Arnav shouted ‘Khushi!!!’ but the call was disconnected, he tried to call her again but it went to voice mail, frustrated he threw the cell with a force that it broke into parts.

Arnav crying and with firm tone ‘I’ll not accept defeat Khushi, I don’t care about my death. Even if I’ll live for one day I’ll live with you happily and for no reason our marriage is going to be cancelled.’

Khushi here ‘I’m sorry Arnav I can’t let anything happen to you.’


Next day Raizada family went to Gupta house, there was silence all around, it was looking like everyone is mourning on someone’s death.

Aarav broke the silence ‘Shashi ji I and my family member’s don’t believe in this horoscope to this extent, death can strike anyone anytime, it has no time said, but in the fear of death we can’t stop living right.’

Shashi ‘You are right Aarav ji, death can come to anyone anytime without informing, but even then I’ll not be able to risk Arnav bitwa’s life knowing everything.’ There was argument between the two family about the marriage, ladies were shedding silent tears to see their children suffering.

Khushi was silently standing away from the elder’s, Arnav was looking at her from the time he came but she never once looked in his eyes, it pained him lot but he knew how much she is suffering too….he got up and went before Shashi, Shashi looked up at him but never thought Arnav will do something like this in his life. Arnav knelt in front of him and folded his both hands in front of them. Everyone was shocked by this move of him, Khushi whimpered seeing him like this, but Arnav cared less for him Khushi is important and for her he can do anything.

Shashi ‘what are you doing beta? Please get up’ and tried to make him stand but Arnav did not budge….

Arnav ‘Please Papa agree for our marriage. I love Khushi lot and can’t live without her. You are thinking what will happen to me after we both get married and for my long life you are not willing to get us married but papa what if even after your cancelling this marriage I die by some accident or any other reason then will you say that I died because of any horoscope reason. No papa u cannot blame anyone for that because once death is already decided and no one can change that. But if you did not give me Khushi’s hand for me in the fear of horoscope hindrance then too I’ll die because Khushi is my life and if she will not be with me in this life then there is no reason for me to live. If in my fate death is coming soon then I don’t care papa I’ll live my life with my Khushi happily till the day I live even if it for one day. And now the decision is yours If you want me to die with your rejection after knowing how much Khushi means to me then please ask Khushi to kill me with her own hand. If I cannot live with her then at least I’ll die with a smile by her hand.’ Everyone gasped and Khushi broke down hearing his words. Garima rushed to her taking her in her arms…Where Shashi was too shocked to react.

Aradhya ‘Shashi ji we don’t have any problem with Khushi being manglik, we don’t even believe in all this, we just want our son to be happy and this is possible only if Khushi comes in his life. Please accept for their marriage.’

Aarav ‘there is nothing more to say, now it is all in your hand.’

Shashi looked at Arnav where love for his daughter is shining like a star and looked at Khushi who was looking at Arnav with painful eyes. He then decided and made Arnav to stand up…..Shashi ‘I don’t know what to say beta. Today I feel like I’m small in front of your love. And I can’t ask for a better person than you for my Khushi who loves her lot not caring for his life. I know like you will not be able to live without Khushi, she too can’t live without you but the fear for your life made me to withdraw but now I believe in front of your Love I and my beliefs had to bow down. I’m more than willing to give my daughter to you.’ Everyone became happy and the elder’s hugged each other. Arnav went rushing to Khushi hugging her all his might, he did not want to let go of her, they both cried in each other’s embrace. Arnav in her ears ‘I told you I’ll make everything alright.’ Khushi nodded her head. They both then took blessing of the elder’s.

Later their kundali’s were taken to a well known famous pandit who upon learning Arnav’s decision told a solution for their problem. He asked them to go to Kalahasti Temple situated in near Hyderabad and do pooja for Khushi’s manglik and better future of the children’s life ahead. As said the two families left for Kalahasti were Khushi did pooja for her troubled horoscope and then together Arnav and Khushi prayed to God Shiva for their future ahead and for their forever together. When they had come long for God Shiva temple, they then decided Why not visit Tripati and take blessings from Vishnu too. Their temple visit went smoothly and they were back to their home town. As soon as they came back the wedding preparation began. In the blink every rituals completed from engagement to marriage. Arnav and Khushi were married challenging the fate and destiny becoming each other’s soul.


Destiny and Fate was not able to defeat their love because Arnav and Khushi’s love was strong where it decided to bow down against them. Arnav and Khushi lived their life blissfully who was blessed with a child later in two years. Life was like a bed of rose for them Khushi got a loving husband who loves her more than anything and Ma-Papa in Arnav’s parent who loves her more than they love Arnav. Arnav’s mother never allows her to do any work keeping her bahu as a Queen of her eyes and for his father she is the apple of the eye. Years passed with their Love growing tenth fold making their life as a paradise in this world.


                                                 The End

Ignore typo mistake and pls guys hit thanks button and comment what you think about their love story. The said above everything are true without my version expect the temple part of Kalahasti and Tripati. Again I know in Kalhasti ppl do pooja to God Shiva if there is any pbm in their horoscope because I went with my family for my cousin who was said to have 'sevaiy dosham' but don't know if there is any pooja for Manglik. Hope to give u ppl update on any of my story but can't promise for the same so pls till then bear with my this OS.

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