FF - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

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Chapter 46- All I Need is You - New -8th March,2018 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 31 times)

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Chapter 46 – All I Need Is You

Ever since I met you

My heart recognized that All It needs Is You

Ever Since I Fell In Live with You

My heart knew that to beat with sanity, All It Needs is You

Everytime I Hurt Us, I knew that my wounds only needed You

Even when I pushed you away, I knew that All I needed was you

Even as you walked out of my Life, my heart knew that to become one again , All it needed was You

And as I meet You today with My heart in my hands ready to surrender to you once again..All I need is You.

It’s a inevitable truth that I have learnt to Live with – All I Ever needed was You, that All I ever Need is You, and all I will ever need is also – You.


Zoya didn’t know what to do about this sudden onslaught of a zillion emotions, as she felt Asad move his lips over hers, in passionate kisses over and over again, he wouldn’t break away and nor would he let her, which her mind desperately wanted to do, but her heart was just refusing to listen, as it basked in the happiness of what it was feeling, but this made no sense to her head, she had to break away, she had to get him to stop, but how could she when her body was on a reflex mode, it seemed to have a mind of its own as she found herself giving in, and responding to Asad in every way he would have wanted her too, in every way her heart wanted her too, for it seemed to have gone on another tangent right now.

She felt him pull her closer into him, as his hands clutched her hair into a fist, before he broke away for a brief second, and looked into her eyes, and she could see the sea of overwhelming emotions flowing in his eyes, but before she could gather her senses to say something or to break away, he kissed her again, and again on reflex she felt her own arms wrap around him, as she pulled him close, and started to respond to him again.

This was insane.

This was crazy.

She had to be on the run from this man right??

She had been on a constant worry, that what if she couldn’t stop herself from running into his arms the moment she saw him, but she hadn’t, she hadn’t even in her dreams thought that running into his arms wouldn’t be the issue, the issue would be to stop clinging onto him, as if her Life depended onto it, and just like that - that moment of truth struck her mind,the truth that she had so deeply tucked in her heart ever since she had parted from him – that Asad had been the center of her world, not just then , but even now, he was very much still in that center of her being. And just like that in the next moment, the reality of everything she had been through to get to the point she was now, also came back crashing into her mind, and she finally gathered all her strength and broke away from the heated embrace and pushed him back with a jerk towards his seat, and she spoke with anger in her voice, the anger that she was feeling towards herself, for behaving in such a stupid manner – “ what the hell Asad?? Just who do you think you are to just suddenly do what you were doing huh??”, and she picked up her bag and her crutch and started to get out of the car.


Asad felt her push him away from her with a strong jerk and he instructed himself to come back to his senses, for the shock and confusion and anger was very much evident on Zoya’s face, and he was pretty sure that she wasn’t only angry at him for acting on reflex like he had kissing her mindlesslessly, she was probably more angry at herself for letting her guard off and responding to him in the way she had, and the façade that she had put up in front of him for all these months had come crashing down, and now he was sure that everything that Abir had told them was indeed true, she had really forgiven him long time ago, and she was doing this because her mind had made her do so because she thought he would be better off without her.

He saw her glare at him angrily as she spoke, the anger and the confusion evident in her voice -“ what the hell Asad?? Just who do you think you are to just suddenly do what you were doing huh??”, and she started to get out of the car.

Asad composed himself, as he held her hand and pulled her back and with the other hand he bent forward and shut the door she had opened,and he immediately put the seatbelt and tucked her and he spoke in a curt voice – “ honestly, I know I should apologize for my misbehavior, but I wont…because after what seems like ages, I finally did what I wanted too”

Zoya gaped at him in shock, as she opened tried to get the seatbelt off her as she spoke – “ oh yes ofcourse I had forgotten how obnoxious Mr Khan can be..but I am not going anywhere with you, and don’t think that you have a chance because you caught me off guard, I lost my mind for a second…”

Asad raised his eyebrow as he asked – “ a second..?? it was much longer than that Zoya..”

Zoya gaped at him in fury, but she knew he was right, and she looked away and stared through the front window as she calmed herself and she spoke in a curt voice – “ I will not say that you are wrong, Mr.Khan, but what exactly do you want to achieve by doing what you just did??”

Asad looked at her taut side face and he could see that she was fighting her very being by doing what she was and he felt a sudden rush of love and he spoke softly – “ only trying to get what I want…”

Zoya didn’t look his way as she asked softly –“ and what is that??”

Asad spoke gently – “ You…”

And right then she looked at him, and her eyes completely gave her away, as tears fell off them on their own accord, and she wiped them away as she spoke – “ don’t, asad, I beg you…please don’t go there…”

Asad looked straight as he started the engine, thank god that Abir had entered the location on the Gps, the location he had suggested would be the best place to take Zoya too and have the talk that had been long due, and he started to drive, as he saw Zoya look out her window, but those tears had given her away, they had spoken everything she had been trying to hide all this while.


Zoya composed herself,but she didn’t look his way, and she continued to let the scenery distract her, and she had also figured where they were going, abir had probably told him about the lakeside she had been visiting , everytime she needed to clear her thoughts, damm him, she felt her anger rise at Abir, how could he do this to her, how could he tell Asad, and right then the fear that what if Abir had told him the real reason behind her actions, gripped her, but she brushed the thought away, No abir wouldn’t do that.

Right then Asad pulled the car in the parking lot, and he got out immediately, and came to her side, and opened her door, and he held out his hand to her, and she picked up her crutch ,and started to get out on her own ignoring his hand as she spoke – “ I can help myself…”,and she watched him step aside, as she stepped out ,and balanced herself, and closed the door, and she tried to read his face, which had suddenly gone blank and his eyes looked exhausted, and she took a deep breathe as she asked – “ why are we here??”

Asad looked at her as he spoke curtly – “ I got to know that this is the place you have been coming too, everytime you need time out with yourself…”

Zoya rolled her eyes as she asked – “ I have no idea what you bribed my friend with…anyways why are you here?? If you want to discuss anything apart from Abir and Yana, then all you are going to get is my silence, Asad…”

Asad took a step closer into her as he spoke – “ I know, and maybe that’s what I want…”

Zoya looked at him confused – “huh??”, and before she could say anything, he picked her up in his arms, taking her by shock and surprise,as she held her crutch in one hand, and beat his arm with the other,as she spoke – “ put me down, now, Asad…I said now…”, but he wouldn’t budge, and he only tightened his grip on her, as he walked over to a secluded corned by the lake side and placed her gently on the ground as he spoke softly looking into her eyes – “ I know you can help yourself, but I was only checking what I had assumed or what everyone else had assumed, you really have lost a lot of weight, which isn’t a good thing..”

Zoya felt her frustration rise as she limped her way towards him and she asked, distress evident in her voice – “ why?? Why are you doing this huh??

Those emotions in her eyes, made him loose his mind again, as he pulled her by the waist gently closer into him, and sealed her lips with another kiss, but this time, she didn’t let him win, as she fought back immediately and broke away, and before he knew it she had planted a harsh slap across his face taking him by surprise as she spoke furious – “ touch me one more time, and I will forget that you are Khushi’s brother…”,and she stepped back a little shocked by what her mind had just made her do in her defence, and she spoke curtly – “ im leaving…now…and I want you to leave immediately I don’t want to see you again, you understand, I will handle Yana and abir by myself, I don’t need your dam help, I don’t need you around me even for a second…”

Asad held her hand,as he spoke curtly – “ I didn’t come here so that I could leave again…Zoya…”,and he paused and he asked softly – “ will you slap me again??please??”

Zoya turned back in shock as she looked at him – “have you lost your marbles??”

Asad took advantage of her shock, and he held her shoulders and made her sit on the bench and he kneeled down in front of her as he spoke – “one slap isn’t enough Zoya, you should have slapped me when I asked you to sign those annulment papers, you should have slapped me when I let you leave, you should have slapped me when I fell for the façade you put up, you should have slapped me when I couldn’t see behind the mask you put in front of me, slap me Zoya, for letting you down, for letting our love down…”

Zoya felt a zillion emotions run through her, as she tried to comprehend what he was saying with so much emotion and love on his face, as he sat kneeling by her as she asked sure her voice was shaking – “ what do you mean?? What are you talking about, I have no clue whats on your mind asad, let me go…”

Asad looked down dejected as he spoke – “ I have no clue in how many ways have I let you down Zoya, but I must have surely, for I could make you feel no comfort at all, for your mind won and let you belittle our love in the worst possible way…you couldn’t trust me maybe because I didn’t make you feel you could, I shouldn’t have let you leave, I should have seen long ago that this wasn’t about forgiveness, you forgave me long ago didn’t you for the annulment and everything else too…am I right Zoya??”

Zoya looked at him shock, how could be saying such things, Did Abir really break her confidence and tell him everything, she tried to read Asad, or maybe he was just throwing an arrow in the air hoping to hit its target, but the dejected look on his face spoke volumes and she composed herself as she spoke curtly – “ forgive you?? When did I do that?? I can never forgive you for what you did Asad, we are over, why don’t you get it…”,and she looked away.

Asad looked at her, and the emotion she was fighting was on her face and he cupped her face as he made her look at him and he spoke – “ look at me when you say that Zoya…”

Zoya looked in his eyes, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get those words to come out, and she looked away again as she spoke – “let me go…”

Asad made her look at him again – “I did before, and it was the biggest blunder of my life, even a bigger blunder than the annulment, but I will never let you go again…”

Zoya spat back in anger – “ oh and how are you going to make me stay by your side forcefully?? Id like to see you try…”

Asad looked at her as he got up and sat next to her on the bench and he held her hand as he spoke – “ aren’t you tired?? Tired of putting up this mask?? Im asking because im exhausted by just watching you do so, so I can only imagine how taxing it must be both emotionally and physically to hold onto such misery inside, and I know so because clearly your efforts don’t match your progress, I want to know why are you punishing yourself like this, aren’t you exhausted of the banishment you have sentenced us both with…”,and she was about to say something but he kept his hand over her mouth as he spoke – “ shhh, youv spoken enough, and now I need you to listen to me, I told you even before you left, that you wont be able to get rid off anything, off the marks of love and pain, you wont be able to let go, just like I haven’t been able too, all I need is you Zoya, all I ever needed was you, and all you need is me…it’s a simple truth, the sooner you accept it the better….i know you forgave me a long time ago, I know you have overlooked my blunder long time ago, and I know what this is about, I know you think I am better off without you, for you feel that you aren’t the same Zoya I fell in love with, and that you feel that you cannot give me the family I dreamed off, and that is the only reason you are running away from me…..”

Zoya fought her tears, so Abir had indeed told him everything,but she couldn’t just admit it so she spoke curtly – “ bull****, who do you think you are making such claims?? I have no idea who gave you such a stupid piece of information, we are apart because you annulled our marriage…”

Asad raised his eyebrow – “exactly its such a stupid piece of information that I couldn’t really believe it in the first place when Abir told us everything….”

Zoya gaped at him in shock – “whatttttt????? What do you mean us???”

Asad – “ us as in me, khushi and Arnav…”

Zoya – “ what bull****, he’s making things up on his own whims and fancies ok…don’t get your hopes up, don’t be delusional that I love you so much that I would do a thing like this ok…and I’m leaving, I do not wish to talk further, I have wasted too much time already…”

Asad didn’t stop her this time, and he watched her walk away a little as he asked from behind – “ that’s exactly what I want to know, why do you love me so much Zoya?? Why do you love me in the way that is letting you belittle what we shared and destroy us both in the process…why Zoya..why?????

She stood frozen in her spot as he asked this off her, and all of a sudden she couldn’t take it in anymore, and she broke down into sobs as she fell onto the floor, dejected as she cried, and cried and howled the pain her heart had been feeling, and she heard him ask softly as he came and touched her head gently and hugged her from the side – “ if the situations had been reversed, and I had been in your place and you in mine, would you have let me succeed in pushing you away, like you pushed me?? Answer me, will you please???”

Zoya couldn’t say anything, as the sobbing got heavier and she wept and wept, and she hated it, because he was watching her intently, he wasn’t leaving, he wasn’t consoling her, he was just letting her cry it out, and waiting for her to answer him, but she couldn’t get any words out, she could only sob as she mustered – “ please…stop..don’t…”

Asad sat next to her on the ground, and he folded his hands over his knees dejected, as he watched her pour out the pain she had been holding inside for what seemed like decades, and he didn’t stop her, for it was important for her to misery out, before she could finally give him the answers he seeked. He looked ahead, into nowhere, and he spoke softly knowing that she would be listening to him – “ I knew it even when you were leaving that something was a miss, I felt it deep down in my heart, but maybe at the time, I couldn’t see beyond the guilt I was feeling for both the past and what had happened to you, and the time we were apart I speculated a lot of times, that what if you had spotted that guilt in my eyes too, I had been feeling sympathy too, but not just for you, but for us, for we ended up hurting each other in the worst possible ways, and we lost the most precious thing our love created – our child.All these feelings kind off made me feel that maybe to give you some time part would be what was needed, maybe it was what I needed, to sort myself out, deal with my guilt and pain, and that’s what iv been doing all the whilst in the banishment Zoya, only so that when you look my way this time around you see the Asad you loved in the past, and not the man who is shadowed and burdened with baggage of guilt, and I was able to work things out within, I was able to give myself another chance and now im just waiting for you to give me another chance, give yourself another chance, give our love another chance to recreate what used to be…”, he paused taking a deep breathe, as he realized that her sobs had been controlled, but tears still fell off her eyes, as she looked to the ground, into nowhere, and so he took another deep breathe as he continued – “I love you Zoya, our destiny lies together, our lives joint with each other, and even though you ran away miles apart, I am sure, you found the shadows and marks of the love that used to be..because I did too..honestly you might think im crazy but to tell you the truth, this distance only heightened what I felt for you, because I realized how much I need you in my life, and only you..and iv held you close to myself in m y heart Zoya, I have never let you go..and just when look at you today, and just seeing you in front of me today is like a blast of fresh air that I very much needed to breathe, and im even more sure that even though you changed our paths, you couldn’t really change our destination which was meant to be, you cant blame me Zoya, for seeing you , feeling you in my being wherever I went, the shadow of the marks you left with me off your love run so deep that I couldn’t really run away, and I never wanted too, you have no idea Zoya how I have been suffering without you, every minute, every second, every hour , a little bit more every day, the hollow ache in my heart would never go away even for a second, and its funny though, one look at you today, has finally got my heartbeats to start beating sanely….”, and he paused taking a deep breathe letting his feeling out, he spoke again – “ and now that I know the truth about why you did what you did, I have just been trying to understand things from your point of view…iv been trying to figure out just how did your mind come up with a thing like this…im trying to understand…”

Zoya heard everything,and just like that in the moment he was baring his heart out to her, she knew that he would never ever move on.He couldn’t, just like she couldn’t.And her mind went blank, she couldn’t come up with any logic to fight his emotion right now, and so she found the wors leave her lips softly on their own accord – “ do you understand?? Are you able to understand..why I did what I did, and why I must be apart from you, im not good enough for you anymore Asad, im not the same Zoya you feel in love with, I am not your perfect Zoya anymore, I cannot burden you with my misery, when I cannot even fulfill your dreams…fine I will not lie anymore, I will tell you the truth, you know the truth, and if you ever loved me you have to understand why its important for you to be apart from me Asad, I cannot live with the fact that im a burden on you..”

Asad looked at her for a second, completely heartbroken, he couldn’t believe what he was listening, and he spoke softly looking away – “ just for a second lets erase all the misunderstandings Zoya all the pain, go back in time before all the **** happened, we were happy weren’t we, so much in love, are you able to go back to that time in your mind, or is it that those memories have been hazed…”

Zoya looked at the ground as she spoke honestly– “ ofcourse I remember every bit of it, those memories are all I have, all iv lived with being apart..”

Asad spoke softly – “ then don’t you think by thinking what you are, you have belittled the very love we had nurtured with our hearts?? How could you think that my love is so shallow that it would look at you differently??”,and he paused as he admitted – “or maybe my mistakes later on were so grave that you lost all your faith on me??”

Zoya paused as she answered honestly – “ you only reacted to the pain I gave you, so to be honest, it really isn’t your fault alone, its mine too…”

Asad – “exactly, its us, we both screwed up big time, but since when did you think you could go ahead and make a decision like this for me, you cant because its my choice to love you as long as I live, why does it have to be you and me separate in the conversation, where is the US that used to be??and where is the faith, why don’t you have the faith that we can get past your condition together, I do not wish for you to be dependend on me or anything all I want is to be able to offer support, when you need a shoulder to lean on, and what dreams Zoya?? You forgot a very important part here, it was a dream I saw with you,and if you aren’t only there, there really is no point of anything on that note, for let me make one thing clear, in my life, in my heart, I have loved only one woman, and no one else can ever take that place, and that woman is you Zoya, it will always be you… ”, and he picked up her hand and placed it on his heart – “ my heart has finally come alive having you by its side, your one touch has made it come back to life, your love had lit my world,please come back and light it up again, please let our love re-write our story…”

Zoya looked at the ground as she spoke, too overwhelmed with everything that had just happened – “ I don’t know, I don’t know what to say…Asad..I…”

Asad held her hand finally and cupped her face and made her look at him as he asked – “ do you love me?????tell me honestly, is that love still alive deep down inside of you?? Your eyes tell me that it is, but I want to hear it from you…”

Zoya held his hands, as she removed it from face – “Asad..please…please…don’t…please…”

Asad looked at her heartbroken, why couldn’t she just admit it, why was it so difficult when he had bared his heart and soul to her again, and his heart told him maybe she needed some time, it was maybe all too sudden for her, and so he got up immediately as he spoke softly – “ I don’t want to hurt you Zoya, and I don’t want to make you cry…”, and he spoke softly, spotting Arnav and Khushi making their way towards them – “ I had messaged Khushi to come here when we reached..ill leave you alone with them…”,and he started to walk away.

Zoya wiped her tears as she stood up and sat on the bench as she asked softly – “ where are you going??”

Asad spoke softly fighting his own anguish, he didn’t have it in him to speak further without breaking down and he didn’t want to in front off her – “I don’t know…”, and with that he walked away.


Arnav looked at Khushi worriedly as he asked walking towards Zoya and Asad – “ somethings off isn’t it?? What do you think has happened…??”

Khushi looked at him – “ yes, something isn’t right…but lets see…”,and she halted in the track as she held her brothers hand as she asked – “bhaijaan what happened?? Did you talk to her?? Is it true?? Whatever Abir said??”

Asad gulped his emotions as he spoke – “ yes, its true…”

Arnav looked at him – “ where are you going??”

Asad – “ I don’t know, but I need to be alone for a while, you guys just take care of Zoya, iv never seen her cry like she did today..take her home”, and he handed the car keys to Arnav, and with that he walked away.

Khushi looked at Arnav as she spoke – “hell be fine, too much has happened, its too much to process…lets give him some time…”

Arnav watched the drooped shoulders of his friend, and it pained him as he looked towards Zoya who sat on the bench frozen looking into nowhere.

Zoya felt a hand on shoulder from one end, which she knew was off Khushi, and right then she felt a hand on her head, which she knew was off her brother and she felt them sit next to her on each side, as Khushi made her lean on her shoulder and her brother held her hand, and she felt those tears return as she sobbed – “ Im sorry, im so sorry, for lying to you and bhai too, but I was scared that if you knew, Asad would know, and he…and he…”,and she continued to sob.

Arnav took a deep breathe it was heartwrenching to watch his little sister in so much misery and pain as he spoke softly – “and he wouldn’t leave your side, or let you go…”

Zoya nodded silently,as Khushi brushed her hair tenderly – “ shhh, ok… just let it out ok, just let out all that youv been keeping in all this while, torturing yourself like this being away from all of us, being away from bhaijaan too..I understand Zoya, I do, maybe if I had been in yourself, I would have tried to push Arnav away too..”

Arnav’s eyes locked with Khushi’s and he acknowledged thw exchange of raw emotion in between their hearts, and he pulled his sister for a hug as he spoke brushing her hair – “ and I would have done exactly what Asad is trying to do now, I wouldn’t have ever let Khushi do what you are trying to do to Asad, too bad we all couldn’t see behind your mask, its our bad…”

Zoya sobbed into her brothers arms as she spoke – “ no it isn’t, its just that I was putting up a brilliant act…”

Arnav brushed her hair tenderly – “ but you can fool the world, but not yourself, or your heart, look at what you have done to yourself in the process, you’v literally withered my little baby….”

Zoya spoke softly – “ but im not good enough for him anymore…he cant do this, he has to understand, you saw my reports, I have no clue if I will be able to walk on both my feet ever again…”

Khushi sighed – “and even a fool can see see, why is that…”

Arnav nodded – “ its because, you don’t have Asad by your side stupid, your so miserable inside that it’s a hindrance in your recovery, let his love heal you Zoya, I know you will be fine, I trust that love is the only miracle we all need in our lives, and you very well know that coming from me, from experience, is a big thing , I realized after inflincting a lot of pain on khushi and myself that all I needed was her, I don’t want you to burn yourself , suffer like I did, and realize the truth, open your eyes to the fact that Asad is the only thing you need right now, his love is the only thing that has the power to heal that pain inside off you…”

Khushi felt tears roll down her eyes as she looked at Arnav and then towards Zoya – “I couldn’t agree more, I have done the same right, been in denial, almost married someone else, only good for me that he turned out to be the bad guy, otherwise imagine what would I have done , only because I didn’t want to accept the fact that Arnav was all I needed, I needed an encounter with death to accept the truth…”

Arnav flinched as Khushi mentioned that bit, and he heard Zoya speak – “ please don’t even go there, you have no idea what we all went through…”

Khushi gave her a small smile – “ just like you have no idea how its killing all of us to watch you torture yourself…how its killing bhaijaan bit by bit each day, each second, each minute, a little but more,and it’s the same for you, we know…”

Arnav clutched Zoyas hand – “ or maybe its been even worse for you, right Zoya??”

Zoya nodded silently, as fresh tears oozed out – “ its been worse, its been so bad, I cant eat, I cant sleep, I cant go on like this….i love him so so so much, I forgave him a long time ago, bhai…”,and she sobbed into his arms.

Khushi rubbed her arm lovingly – “ then don’t do this Zoya,, you don’t have too, or maybe you haven’t forgiven yourself inside deep within…”

Arnav nodded – “ have you forgiven yourself for the what happened, for the fact that you misunderstood him, or for the fact that the accident happened because you believe you were too careless…”

Zoya looked at the two of them, they could read her well, now that she sat in front of them bare off any mask, and she spoke softly – “ I was careless, bhai, I only have myself to blame, it all started because off me, and the accident, only if I hadn’t been so careless, we wouldn’t have lost our child….i cant forgive myself, I don’t know to bhai, I don’t know how to Khushi….”, and she sobbed into their embrace.

Khushi wiped her own tears at watching Zoya like this as she spoke – “ its much easier to forgive the other than to forgive ones own self, I understand, but you will figure it out, let that love beat in your heart, it will teach you how to Zoya, and it will heal you, let bhaijaan love you, Zoya, please?? Let him be there for you…you love him don’t you, like you used too?? If not more…”

Zoya nodded – “ ofcourse I love him, even more than before, its only heightened with this separation..but…”

Arnav smiled , finally he heard what he wanted to from his sisters mouth – “ finally, you spoke something that made sense, did you tell him that?? Did you tell Asad that you love him??”

Zoya wiped her tears – “ I couldn’t, I mean he asked me, but I couldn’t get myself to muster what I felt, I haven’t even forgiven myself yet, im just such a mess right now, he doesn’t need that…”

Khushi – “ you are what he needs, mess or no mess, it doesn’t matter Zoya…”

Arnav wanted to make the moment light as he spoke – “ imust thank him for his patience though…come to think of it Zoya, we Raizada siblings have given them such a hard time, but these Khan siblings just don’t seem to give up on their purety and love for us…we are lucky Zoya, to have them love us..realise it before its too late…”

Khushi gave him a small smile as she said – “and what would we do, if the Raizada siblings hadn’t lit up our world huh??cmon Zoya, I know you need sometime to think things through…you know what lets take you home, sleep pver it, freshen up, think and talk to bhaijaan when you think you are ready too..ok??”

Arnav looked at Zoya – “ my love here makes an excellent point, doesn’t she??”

Zoya gave them a small smile – “ when does she not?? I must say, shes gotten smarter in your company..”

Khushi winked at Arnav as she spoke – “ and I couldn’t agree more..now cmon lets go…”

Zoya stood up,and followed her brother and best friend, feeling a lot lighter,venting the misery out had really helped.


Meanwhile Simultaneously

Yana lied down on the bed after freshing up and she picked up the book she was reading, right when she heard a knock on the door, and she walked upto the door to open it, and the minute she did , she felt her insides freeze for she saw Abir standing in front of her,and one look and she felt her heartbeats fasten like they hadn’t in a long time, but she composed herself she could do so easily because the failed relationships she had, had in her life ended up teaching her a lot, and she gave him a small smile as she spoke – “ hey , you, its been a long long time…”

The minute she had opened the door, Abir had felt his heart stop, like literally stop, as it basked in the sight off her, the one he had truly loved and lost, nothing in her had changed, she looked the same, but even more gorgeous than before, it had been five years, five months, and fifteen days since he last saw her.He gave her a small smile as he spoke – “ its been exactly five years, five months and fifteen days..”

Yana raised her eyebrow – “how could I forget youv always been good with your numbers..”

Abir nodded and he asked – “ May I come in?? im sorry for dropping in suddenly…”

Yana wanted to drop a brick on his head for doing so, because now she didn’t have any time to practice what she had rehearsed in her head to talk to him, because having him in front of him all of sudden, had made her mind go blank all of a sudden, but she hid all her emotions as she said with a small smile – “ no no , its ok, come on in…”

He walked in and he instructed himself to calm down as he sat down on the sofa and she took the sofa in front of him as she spoke – “ finally im here, in Interlaken, it’s a beautiful place, I remember how you would mention about its beauty all the time..”

Abir raised an eyebrow – “ you remember??”

Yana – “ ofcourse, how could I forget, you would sing about it to everyone, everyday…but I wouldn’t disagree, its indeed beautiful..”

Abir smiled – “ thank you, im glad you finally agree..”

Yana – “ so I got to know that you are on the way to become a hotshot business tycoon, well good for you, im happy to hear youv succeeded, honestly I always believed you would make it big one day, you had it in you…”

Abir smiled at the memory of the past as to how she had always been so motivating and encouraging towards his career choices and he spoke – “maybe because I always had your good wishes with me…”

Yana smiled to herself, he still was very clever, and that smile still had the charm to melt ice and she spoke honestly – “always, iv always wished for you to be well, and be happy…”

Abir knew she was stating the truth and he spoke softly – “ thank you, even after how badly I screwed up….i didn’t even get the chance to apologize..im sorry yana for eveything”

Yana flinched at the mention of the past and she spoke curtly and honestly – “ don’t be Abir, I wanted commitment, you weren’t ready for it, that’s it, happens you know just because we were together didn’t mean we wanted the same things from Life…”

Abir looked at her as he spoke softly – “ you left, you just left without saying anything, and you wouldn’t talk to me everytime I tried too…”

Yana smiled at her stupidity – “ yeah I know, I gave you the best silent treatment I could have ever given anyone…I did wonder maybe could be the reason I thought of you at times, when I shouldn’t have, maybe we both never got the closure we needed, and that’s why im here, so that we can both get the closure our relationship deserved…”

Abir looked at her, for a second, she looked the same, but a lot had changed, she had become more straight forward and more to the point, more curt, more practical maybe, which he didn’t know was a good news or a bad news for his heart and he spoke softly – “I thought off you everyday, it killed me that you wouldn’t even let me explain or apologize, or even give me another chance, and then I get the news that you were getting married…”

Yana looked at him – “ and maybe it didn’t work out for me, because I didn’t have your best wishes…”

Abir paled at that as he spoke – “ no way, I always wished for you to be happy Yana, always…”

Yana smiled – “ im kidding silly, wheres your sense of humuor, iv learnt to laugh at my misery sometimes, makes it easier to deal with you know, I stopped taking myself so seriously a long time ago…”

Abir nodded as he asked softly – “ how are you doing?? What happened, I mean if you don’t mind me asking..”

Yana – “ about my divorce?? No no, ofcourse not, sometimes it just isn’t meant to be no matter how hard you try, and it’s the trying that kills you, that’s what happened, we both felt we could fall in love with each other over time, which we didn’t no matter how much we tried, I don’t blame him because I maybe didn’t have it in me anymore to give him what he seeked and the same goes for him, happens for some people, doesn’t happen for some, sometimes a relationship has everything, but that foundation and root of love which you build your life on…its ok iv accepted it, happily ever afters aren’t just meant for me…”, and she got up and poured water in two glasses for the two of them as she asked – “anyways enough about me, how have you been??why aren’t you married yet??”

Abir looked at her as he sipped his water and gulped it all down as he spoke softly – “ maybe because I never got over you..”

Yana choked on her water as she looked at him confused – “ what do you mean??”

Abir covered up his slip up as he spoke – “ I mean like you said, I didn’t get the closure I needed to move on..”

Yana nodded – “ sorry about that…you didn’t deserve all the silence I gave you..”

Abir – “ its ok…anyways I have a meeting that I have scheduled in this hotel itself, so I will see you in a while maybe if you don’t mind catching up, I mean its been forever..”

Yana nodded – “ yeah why not, like you said its been five years, five months and fifteen days…”

Abir nodded as he walked to the door, and he spoke – “ ill call you then…”

Yana smiled – “sure…”,and she closed the door,and she then put a hand on her heart as she composed her heartbeats, they hadn’t gone haywire like this for the last five years, five months and fifteen months.

Abir stood frozen to the spot as the door closed to the spot, and the way his heart was beating he realized that he didn’t need a closure to move on, all he needed was Yana, to move on, and to start their life together, because even today after all this while his heart only wanted the one that it was the happiest with, and even today he stood frozen in time, deeply in love with Yana.


An Hour Later

Abir watched his business client leave and he started to make his way out himself off the small restaurant in the hotel, right when he spotted Asad enter in through the lobby.

He immediately went over to him as he asked – “ hey, how did it go??”, and then he looked at the ecpression on his face and he realized that the man stood in front of him completely dejected, and he asked slowly – “ looks like somethings off, please don’t tell me that Zoya still admit the truth to you…??”

Asad took a deep breathe, as he answered – “ well she did, she did open about the truth…”

Abir smiled as he patted his shoulder – “ that’s great..”, he paused as he asked inquisitive – “ but then why are you here and not with her right now??”

Asad sighed – “ well you know her well don’t you, what do you think happened..”

Abir rolled his eyes – “ still trying to shut the door to your face huh??”

Asad nodded – “ yup, still shoving the fact in my face that I am better off without her…”, and he paused for a second as a ironical smile came up on his face – “ ironical how the stubbornness I fell in love with is now causing me so much pain, I used to love that she is so headstrong and strong willed, and maybe I still do, I don’t want to change that about her in anyway, but definetly in the way she is dealing with us…god, this woman is going to drive me insane…anyways you tell me, how did it go for you??”

Abir smiled – “not bad, how about lets get some dose of caffine while we talk about the ladies who rule our hearts..”

Asad smiled,as he followed Abir, he really could do with venting things out, and he knew that the man in front of him, had the best interests of Zoya in his mind too, and he sat in front of Abir as he asked, inquisitive – “was Yana here with you, I mean I saw you getting out of here when I came in..”

Abir smirked – “ id wish she was, well no…she wasn’t , I had scheduled a meeting that couldn’t be postponed here itself, just finished that…”

Asad – “ how come?? I though you had all your attention over Yana today..”

Abir smiled – “ yes I do, but I had because I had expected her too shut the door on my face, so I had Plan B in place, I thought if she did shut the door on my face I could come here have a meeting, clear my head, and then go and try again in round 2, but…”

Asad smiled – “ but she didn’t shut the door to your face..”

Abir smiled – “ yup, actually it wasn’t bad, not bad at all, but shes changed , shes become more practical, more straightforward you know, more crisp and precise, and more to the point, which I dont know is a good news or a bad news forthis poor organ in the middle of my chest..”, he finished with a dramatic action by placing a hand over his heart.

Asad laughed at that as he spoke – “ im glad you were here to make Zoya laugh, you really are a good friend..”

Abir laughed – “but the real news is, that iv realized that I still love her, and now im going have to go back to that book in my headto recheck my notes on Wooing Yana, and getting back what I lost…”

Asad smiled – “ good for you, and let me know if you need my help..”,and he paused as he spoke – “ btw just so you know, Zoya is really mad at you, ok..like really mad…”

Abir – “ I know, I know, I can imagine, its ok, iv embraced myself for the tsunami of her anger..ill handle it don’t worry…now will you tell me exactly what happened..”

Asad sighed and he started to talk, leaving out the extremely emotional personal details ofcourse.


2 Hours Later –

Arnav watched from the doorway, as Khushi brushed Zoya’s head tenderly as she slept, and she gently tucked the blanket around her and she placed a kiss on her forehead, before she made her way out of the room and she smiled at him, and he just placed his arm around her shoulder lovingly, and they shut the door to her room,and he spoke – “ I almost forgot, you almost love Zoya more than I do..”

Khushi smiled – “ I do..”,and she spoke – “ don’t worry she will be fine, it’s a good thingw e made her eat before itself, its better if she sleeps through the night, when she wakes up in the morning, im sure she will have a fresh perspective of things…”

Arnav sighed as he walked with Khushi towards the small living room as he spoke – “ I could only hope so…”

Khushi sat on the sofa and gestured him to sit next to her, as she took out  her phone – “ on that note, lets speak to bhaijaan, I hope hes doing fine…I have no clue where he went..”

Arnav gave her a small smile – “ I checked up on him while you were with Zoya inside, hes fine, hes at the hotel with Abir and Yana, hes having dinner with them, and he also says that he will be staying at the hotel tonight…”

Khushi nodded as she kept her phone aside – “ ok, but how is he??”

Arnav – “ disturbed surely, but holding it well…why don’t you talk to him for a while, in the meanwhile, ill talk to di, she should know about this…”

Khushi nodded, and she picked up her phone and called her brother, and while the phone rang she kissed Arnav lightly on the cheek as she mouthed a silent “I love you” to him, and made her way out to the other room.

Arnav smiled lovingly, as he picked up his phone to call his sister, with the hope that his younger sibling realized te power of love and how it can heal you just in time, before its too late.


A while Later – 

Khushi walked into the room, to see Arnav lying down on the bed,and she immediately went up and snuggled into him, and he kissed her forehead as he spoke – “ hes fine, he says, he doesn’t want to make her cry anymore, and whenever he comes in front of her she ends up crying her eyes out, so its better if shes by herself tonight for shes had enough for the day, and he will return to his mission tomorrow..”

Arnav smiled – “ well, getting Zoya to understand is no less than a mission..di is shocked, but not much, she kind of suspected something like this long ago…but she didn’t say anything, because she believes sometimes one needs space and time to come around on their own…and she has hope that everything will be ok soon, now that the truth is out in front of Asad”

Khushi snuggled closer into him – “ ofcourse, I have hope too, actually im sure I know my bhaijaan too well,and obviously now that I think off it di would have suspected, she knows you both inside out..afterall shes been like a mother to the growing up Chotte and Zoya”

Arnav grinned – “ well you got that right, but you cant call me Chotte ok…”

Khushi propped up on her arm as she stuck out her tongue at him – “ I can and I will..chotte, chotte , chotte…”

Arnav propped up on his arm and attacked khushi with his hands, tickling her insane as she laughed around on reflex as she squealed in between – “ please don’t, don’t tickle me…you know, I can’t…”, and he attacked her again making her break into a string of involuntary laughter.

Khushi defended herself against his tickling onslaught as she spoke – “ please stop…”,and he showed some mercy and he stopped, as he caged her arms above her head as he spoke with a gin of triumph on his face – “ call me chotte again, and you know what will happen…”

Khushi grinned as she composed her heaving breathes – “ ok fine, I promise, I wont tease, you again, now let me go..”

Arnav grinned as he tightened his grip on her hands, as he leaned closer into her – “ where do you think you are going huh?? Asad isn’t here, so you are staying with me tonight…”

Khushi watched hhim leaning closer into her, as she spoke,now unable to think straight because of his closeness – “ are you insane what if bhaijaan comes early in the morning..?? you will get us caught..”

Arnav cupped her face tenderly – “ about time we get caught, Khushi..dont you think, Khushi..”

Khushi gave him a small smile – “ yes, but I want us to tell bhai, not for him to find out like this, now come on, let me go, and ill sleep with Zoya..”

Arnav didn’t let her get up as he pushed her back into the bed – “ no way, I promise ill wake up up at dawn and you can go to Zoya’s room..”

Khushi groaned – “ you wont let me go until you get what you want wont you??”

Arnav grinned – “ ofcourse…”,and he paused as he kissed her forehead sincerely as he spoke – “ not just what I want, what I need, I need you by my side Khushi as I sleep, for the sleep I get with you in my arms is the most peaceful slumber..and now iv gotten used to it over the past couple of days..”

Khushi pecked his lips softly as she spoke – “ it’s a good thing, because I need your arms around me too…I love you so so so much..”

Arnav – “ I love you too..”,and with that he closed the distance in between their lips, and kissed her mindlessly, and just as she started responding to him in the way that drove him insane, he couldn’t really control his emotions, as all he wanted to do was make love to the woman he so desperately loved.

And he did exactly what he wanted to, he made love to her over and over again, until they were both exhausted and sleep took over.


London – Midnight

Arhaan looked at his phone, as he waited for the call to come, and he looked out the window of the hotel room into the London skyline, deep in thought, thinking of the Life he had lived so far.

Pain, anguish, depression, anger, revenge, was what he had lived with, until he had met Khushi.

Falling in love with her had been the only good thing that had happened to him,and he had now become used to living without her in his life, he had become used to the fact that she never wanted to see him again, but he was content, because those memories of her were enough to last him a lifetime.

He picked up the file, next to him and re-read everything that he had arranged.

It was just the perfect plan.

And now all he needed was to see Khushi again, because he had too,he had too let her know that she could now live in peace wthout any fear his uncle coming after her, because he was dead and so was his aunt.He had to tell her about the accident they had all been in, that had now changed his life again.

He wiped a tear out of his eye, once again, he was orphaned, left with no one to turn to in his life.

No one except for Khushi.

Just then his phone rang and he picked it up as he heard what the person had to say and he spoke – “ you are sure about it right?? Ok then, book me on the flight to Zurich tomm night, I will be able to settle things till then”.

He took a deep breathe as he walked back to the bed and drank a glass of water, he was glad of the decisions he had taken.

Life had come a full circle, ironically, and now it was time to meet Khushi, one more time.He knew that she didn’t want to, but now the circumstances were different.

Completely different, maybe just maybe he could get her to agree to talk to him once in a while, for he really had no one he could trust right now with his emotions but her.

Ironical though, how even though she wasn’t with him anymore, her memories were the only thing he had needed so far to keep going.

She really was the only he had prayed for, for she was the only thing he had needed in his life to start over, but he had sinned too much to have his prayers answered, so he could only hope, that she would give him a chance and meet him, and listen to what he had to say.That devilish organ in the middle of his chest started beating fast just at the mere thought of seeing Khushi, and he felt a sad smile curve up his lips as he browsed his phone and opened the old pictures he had saved off Khushi, she really had been the only one he had ever truly loved.


Hate sat deep in thought as he tried to comprehend the reasons why Love hadn’t come into the Emotions headoffice for three days in a row, why was she missing, it had been the longest time since she had taken a off as well, and he felt his worry rise, as he picked up his phone to see that there was no reply to his messages as well.

Dammit, she was strange, the most strange thing he had ever come across.

Fate looked at Hate who sat deep in thought on his desk as he walked up to him as he raised his eyebrow – “ you wouldn’t be the reason why love hasn’t come in for three days now, or are you??”

Hate looked at him confused – “ huh?? What do you mean??”

Fate glared at him – “ I mean, did you tell her something, or did you make some usual snide comments about her existence that hurt her??”

Hate immediately spoke to his defence – “ no I didn’t..and what I speak with her is none of your business anyway..keep out of my affairs fate..”

Right then Destiny walked upto them as she asked – “ whats the argument about huh?? Calm down please..”

Fate looked at her – “well, I was just questioning him if hes done something to hurt Love, he always does things, says thing that upset her…”

Destiny rolled her eyes – “well, no he hasn’t, relax, shes taken a off for a couple of days, shell be back soon..”

Fate looked at her with narrowed eyes – “ why don’t I know about this??”

Destiny rolled her eyes – “ because she messaged me, and you didn’t ask, and moreso, youv been too busy with Misery..”, she finished with a wink.

Fate rolled his eyes – “ very funny, im not too occupied with her ok, see right now shes out with Happiness for coffe, did I join in, no, I believe that everyone needs space…”,and he turned to get back to his desk but he looked at Hate as he spoke pointing his fingers in a V from his eyes towards him – “ ill be watching you…”

Hate rolled his eyes at Fate, and excused himself as he made his way to the storage room, he needed some alone time to think, and he couldn’t do so in front of the hovering eyes of Fate and Destiny.He enetered the room, and picked up a few case files, and started to read through them , to reconfirm what his mind had been telling him all around.

30 Minutes Later

He groaned in frustration as he brushed his hand through his air, and closed the files, as he sighed, it really was the time to accept the the fact he had been denying until now- that by some weird twist of the universal laws – it was impossible for him to feel at ease without Love around.

He needed to see her, even if it was from afar, which mostly had always been the case, just a sight was enough to let him feel that ease, no wonder everytime he had been away he had that stupid hollow feeling ruling his head.

Strange how they were poles apart, two different beings at the different end of the tangents of emotions, but yet, that thin line of connection always existed between them.

Ironical though how he had desperately hated Love all this while, trying to keep a miles distance from her, when there was this truth that he couldn’t deny any longer – that for him to exist in peace, he very much needed Love.

And maybe it was time to let Love know about this ironical discovery he had just made, and he smiled to himself as he made a mental note to get Love alone for a talk the minute she was back.

It was about time to talk eye to eye about what had been tying Hate-Love to each other since the dawn of time.


Mar 16

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Chapter 47 – Giving In

I am pretty much sure that we all have been in a situation in our lives that has led to a strong conflict in between our minds and hearts because mostly these two organs end up being on the opposite side, giving us a lot of inner frustration and conflict to deal with.

What do we do??

Do we listen to the mind which convinces us with clean logic??

Or do we listen to the heart which clean bowls us with raw emotion??

There are times, when we give in to the mind, and there are times we give in to our hearts, and then there are those times that lie in between the sphere, when somehow because of some unknown blessing - our minds and hearts operate in sync and believe me if you have been able to maintain that balance in the middle, consider yourself extremely blessed and lucky, and appreciate the blessing that has been bestowed upon you.

And sometimes, you got to trust your Instincts- that Sometimes, it’s right to revolt against the Heart. And sometimes, it just isn’t.

You must accept, when the time comes, that sometimes, it really isn’t about going on and on with a conflict, because those are also the times, when it really is all about Giving In.


3 AM

Zoya woke up to freshen up, and then she made her way back to her bed and she lied down again and closed her eyes, and Asad’s face came revolving back in front of her eyes, and everything that had happened earlier in the day came back to haunt her, as his words off pure emotion came back to her head – 

““one slap isn’t enough Zoya, you should have slapped me when I asked you to sign those annulment papers, you should have slapped me when I let you leave, you should have slapped me when I fell for the façade you put up, you should have slapped me when I couldn’t see behind the mask you put in front of me, slap me Zoya, for letting you down, for letting our love down…”

“ I have no clue in how many ways have I let you down Zoya, but I must have surely, for I could make you feel no comfort at all, for your mind won and let you belittle our love in the worst possible way…you couldn’t trust me maybe because I didn’t make you feel you could, I shouldn’t have let you leave, I should have seen long ago that this wasn’t about forgiveness, you forgave me long ago didn’t you for the annulment and everything else too…am I right Zoya??”

“I did before, and it was the biggest blunder of my life, even a bigger blunder than the annulment, but I will never let you go again…”

“ shhh, youv spoken enough, and now I need you to listen to me, I told you even before you left, that you wont be able to get rid off anything, off the marks of love and pain, you wont be able to let go, just like I haven’t been able too, all I need is you Zoya, all I ever needed was you, and all you need is me…it’s a simple truth, the sooner you accept it the better….”

“I love you Zoya, our destiny lies together, our lives joint with each other, and even though you ran away miles apart, I am sure, you found the shadows and marks of the love that used to be..because I did too..honestly you might think im crazy but to tell you the truth, this distance only heightened what I felt for you, because I realized how much I need you in my life, and only you..and iv held you close to myself in m y heart Zoya, I have never let you go..and just when look at you today, and just seeing you in front of me today is like a blast of fresh air that I very much needed to breathe, and im even more sure that even though you changed our paths, you couldn’t really change our destination which was meant to be, you cant blame me Zoya, for seeing you , feeling you in my being wherever I went, the shadow of the marks you left with me off your love run so deep that I couldn’t really run away, and I never wanted too, you have no idea Zoya how I have been suffering without you, every minute, every second, every hour , a little bit more every day, the hollow ache in my heart would never go away even for a second, and its funny though, one look at you today, has finally got my heartbeats to start beating sanely….”

She kept a hand over her heart, as her heartbeats fastened, she couldn’t really deny that truth too – that she literally had come back to life with his one touch, just by having in front of her, made her heart beat with happiness, the happiness that she had forbid herself to feel.She wiped the tears, that came in her eyes, as she closed them – If only he knew how to forgive herself, and rediscover herself, she could probably give him what he wanted, the Zoya he fell in love with stood lost,and she couldn’t really find herself no matter how hard she tried.

And right then Khushi and her brothers words came ack to her – could all of this be happening, because she was so miserable inside being away from Asad, what if Asad was the answer to everything, what if it was Asad that she needed, that she needed him for real to go on and fight this adversity, could it really be true??

She closed her eyes again, and she finally lifted that huge vault she had placed in front of her emotions and right then in the next second, those zillion emotions started to overflow, those overwhelming emotions that she couldn’t really hide inside of her longer, because she would burst otherwise, that volcano of hidden love and emotions had finally erupted.

She had walked away leaving their tale incomplete, when all her heart wanted was to make her see the fact that it desperately wanted to re-write their story again, to give them both a fresh start.

She had given herself so much pain, that she had really withered in the process, and she had also punished Asad in the worst possible way, he had been in right, in pointing that it really was sad the us in their refrence had broken down into the me and you.

And she couldn’t really deny it longer that the only solution to this onslaught of pain was giving in to love, surrendering herself to Asad again, was this a chance that she was meant to take?? Maybe yes, maybe it really was the time to stop fighting this battle alone, and give in to Love, and trust the fact that the love will guide her to light, just like it had helped Asad fight out darkness when the truth about her identity had come to light and he had forgiven her.

She couldn’t really deny the fact to her, that even though she had walked away, leaving nothing in between of them, her heart had not even once been in sync with her mind, although she couldn’t understand why it chose to revolt against her mind, and pine everyday for him and hope to see him again, be with him again.

She felt fresh tears ooze out her eyes, as she felt exhaustion like she had never felt before.This conflict had drained everything out of her.

Asads words rang in her ears again – “ aren’t you tired?? Tired of putting up this mask?? Im asking because im exhausted by just watching you do so, so I can only imagine how taxing it must be both emotionally and physically to hold onto such misery inside, and I know so because clearly your efforts don’t match your progress, I want to know why are you punishing yourself like this, aren’t you exhausted of the banishment you have sentenced us both with…”

Could she really tell him that she wasn’t just exhausted, she was drained off everything she had inside of her, and that her inner pride was making her hate the fact that being away from him was killing her so much, and that she had been hell bent upon not listening to heart to prove that she could go on without him.

Right then she felt her inner voice ask her – Whats there to prove and to whom??

Couldn’t she just give in, and surrender herself to Asad handing him herself and her heart with the faith that he could fix her, just like he had come to her again, with his heart in his hands, ready to surrender himself to her again, despite the pain she had put him through all this while.

How could he love her like this??

A rush of emotion and love rushed through her heart as it made her recall all the memories of the happiness Asad had brought in her life, and she literally felt herself lighting up again, as she felt smile curve up her lips again, and wiped her tears as she realized, that really was the time to give in and take the leap of faith again, just maybe, it could fix her in the way she hadn’t been able to fix herself until now.

She immediately got up out of bed, and she picked up her phone , it was 4am, and she needed to see Asad now, she had already spent too much time away from him, and now she couldn’t wait for the sun to rise, and she knew that Arnav and Khushi would know where he would be, but she didn’t want to disturb them from their alone time, because she knew that maybe very soon Asad would be all around, and they wouldn’t get time until they revealed the truth to him, so she contemplated over what she could do.She quickly picked up her phone and called Abir and after a few rings she heard his sleepy voice at the other end as he spoke – “ seriously I know I said, im your 3am friend, but really Zoya..?? I was having a wonderful dream …This better be important ok?”

Zoya smiled to herself, this stupid friend of hers could even crack her up in his sleep as she spoke – “ you should be happy that I haven’t disowned you for breaking my secret out to everyone ok…”

She heard his worried voice on the other end – “ you aren’t going to sentence me to banishment too?? Or are you??? God Zoya, I just wanted to do it for your good, I could see that you were killing yourself, I couldn’t see it longer…”

Zoya smiled as she spoke softly – “ thank you…”, and she heard his surprised voice at the other end as he asked – “ what does that mean?? You aren’t mad??”

Zoya – “ I was, but not anymore, im sure you know where Asad is right now, am I right??”

Abir – “ ofcourse Zoya, I know..”

Zoya – “ would you take me to him right now??please??”

She was sure she heard a smile in her friends voice as he said – “ ill be there in ten minutes,  and im sure Asad wouldn’t mind you suprising the daylights out of his mind, or maybe I should say dawn, since its almost time for the sun rise…”

Zoya smiled – “ shut up ok, now don’t waste time talking, come fast, I cant wait longer..”

Abir – “ about time don’t you think, Miss raizada??”

Zoya smiled – “ About time, it is…”,and with that she hung up as she made her way to quickly change into her tracksuit,and she quickly wrote a short note for her brother and khushi and stuck it to the dining table, and waited impatiently for Abir to arrive.


4.30 AM

Abir tried to grin in between is Yawn as he walked into the lobby as he asked Zoya – “ what do you think?? Would Yana freak out if she saw me waiting here in the reception here, for breakfast??”

Zoya whacked his arm – “ seriously, you are the only one who can think of such a thing, your insane…”

Abir raised his eyebrow – “really, look whose talking, aren’t you the one who woke up at 4am so that you could wake up Asad, I mean its you who has run out of patience suddenly…”

Zoya rolled her eyes as they walked to the elevator – “Seriously stop it, im nervous, iv hurt him so much, what am I going to say to him Abir…”

Abir smiled as he gently brushed his friends arm – “ just give in to your emotions Zoya,and tell the truth, im sure, everything will be alright…”

Zoya smiled as she touched his hand – “ thank you Abir…”,and she paused as she spoke lightly – “ don’t scare Yana by being a freak ok, go back home right now..ok??”

Abir grinned – “ yes madame, ofcourse, don’t you know, theres only one thing I love as much as I love Yana…and that is my sleep…”

Zoya laughed as the doors of the elevator closed – “ ill see you in a while then…wish me luck…”

Abir smiled – “ good luck my friend…”,and the doors of the elevator closed, taking Zoya up,and he sighed in reelif as he started to make his way out, it warmed his heart to know that Zoya would finally be out of misery soon.

And he also had full hope, that his heart would also take that path soon, Yana Mehra had changed with time, she had grown up a lot in the last five years, she had become more mature, more practical, but one look in her eyes over dinner yesterday had told him something she was desperately trying to hide- that she hadn’t yet learnt how to escape his charm.

Good for him,that he still had truckloads of charm to whisk her off her feet, again.


Zoya stepped out slowly, with the support of her crutch as the lift door opened, and she made her way through the small corridor towards Asads room, and with every step, her heartbeats fastened, and as she neared the door, she took a deep breathe as she instructed herself to not hold back any longer, and with that she knocked on the door, that would take her to the love of her life.


440 AM

Asad twisted in bed, as he picked up his phone from the side desk to check the time, was it morning already??

No it wasn’t, it was nearing 445am, and maybe he had hallucinated the constant knocking on the door, and he was almost about to turn back to his sleep, because he had anyways got sleep around 2am, after being deep in thought about how to deal with Zoya, but right then those knocks on the door were back, and he groaned as he got off his bed, and made his way to the door, with the thought of giving whoever it was a good piece of his mind, for disturbing him from his sleep at a unsuitable time like this.

He brushed a hand through his hair lazily, and yawned as he opened the door as he spoke rubbing his eyes – “you gotta be insane…”, but the remaining of the words froze in midair, as he registered in the sight of a very nervous Zoya standing in front of him.

Was it really Zoya?? Or was he dreaming again, and this was a part of his dream, he looked back towards his bed, and took two steps back,and then two steps in front to where he was earlier, he did really just walk from his bed to the door, it was too real to be a dream,and then he looked towards the door again, and she was still there standing with a  nervous look on her face.

He took a step further as his sleep vanished and he asked softly – “ is it really you?? Or iv just gone crazy, that my dreams end up seeming like a reality..”


Zoya looked at him nervously as she asked softly – “ may I come in??”

Asad nodded as he held the door until she walked in and he shut the door swiftly, and leaned back against it, as he looked at her, as she had turned to face him, standing just two steps away from him and he heard her speak – “ you are right, I am insane to disturb you like this at this hour, but…”

Asad asked softly – “ but what?? If you are here at this hour, and you’ v come yourself to see me, then it must be really important..”

Zoya nodded slowly – “ it is..”

Asad nodded – “cmon then have a seat..and tell me what is it??does this have something to do with Khushi???”, he asked thinking only something of crucial importance related to his sister could bring Zoya to his door at this hour, and he asked softly – “ has she met someone??”

Zoya looked at the ground as she spoke softly , gathering all her guts – “ no this isn’t about Khushi, and no, I will not take a seat..”

Asad shrugged, as he brushed a hand through his hair to get them in place, they really were messy from the sleep and he answered – “ ohk….whatever pleases you, if you want to stand and talk then ok, I just want you to be comfortable…”

Zoya took a deep breathe as she stepped forward towards him a little, she could feel his confused eyes on her and just as she reached him, she looked into his eyes as she spoke softly , stopping his hand midair before he could set his hair again – “ don’t…”,and his confused eyes met hers again as she spoke softly – “ I don’t know if you remember, but I kind off like them a lot when they are messy..”,and she paused for a second as she continued – “ your hair…”, and with that she pulled her hand away, and she took a step closer towards him as she spoke with tears in her eyes to a shocked him – “ I am here at this hour, because its very important…you see I couldn’t wait longer..”, and she paused as she saw a various flow of emotions swim in his eyes due to her closeness and she asked – “ will you hold me please?? Iv spent too much time being away from you, dying bit by bit each moment, each second, each minute, each day a little bit more, it seems that iv been through an eternity of pain Asad…hold me will you please?? Only your embrace can ease the pain iv put myself through..”, and just as she had finished, she felt herself being pulled into a crushing hug by him as she hugged him hard, and tears flew down her eyes as she sobbed – “ I love you, I love you so so so much…”,and she continued sobbing as she spoke in between  - “ im sorry, im so so sorry….”

Asad closed his eyes as he hugged her hard and gush of relief and happiness passed through his whole being, something he hadn’t expected to happen for a long time, and just as those words that he had been dying to hear fell on his ears, he thought he’d die right now of happiness, and he felt his own eyes tear up, as he hugged her closer into him, and let her cry her heart out, he picked her in his arms as he walked to the sofa, and placed her on his lap, placing her crutch aside, as they hugged again and she continued weeping into his arms, holding onto his chest.

No words were needed at the moment as they embraced each other, and Asad let his own tears make their way down, as they both vented out the pain they had been through, no words were needed as they both wept out the anguish their hearts had been through all this while.


30 Minutes Later

Zoya still sat cradled in Asad’s lap with his arms around her as she heard him ask for the tenth time in the last five minutes – “ are you sure you don’t want some water?? You’ v been crying non stop Zoya..”

Zoya wiped her tears as she finally looked up into his eyes as she spoke – “ no I don’t, I don’t want us to move, until im done speaking what I want to Asad, don’t stop me please, or I fear I may not be able to speak what is very important for me to vent out and for you to listen….”

Asad sighed, as he hugged her again and he rubbed her arms as a gesture for her to continue and he heard her say – “ I haven’t yet figured it out Asad, I haven’t yet figured out how to forgive myself, im so angry at myself deep down, its been eating me up, im angry for I didn’t trust you or our love when I should have, instead I was hurling unforgiveable accusations at you, and then I am also angry at myself for being so careless behind the wheel, which got me into the accident that changed my life, we lost our baby, I ended up with this condition in my leg, and more so, im even angry at myself for pushing you away even when my heart asked me not too, im angry at myself for not being able to recover from this adversity, and im trying so hard Asad, you have no idea, but you know what maybe, its all a waste because I really am so miserable inside, the anger, the resentment towards myself, towards Life over why did this have to happen in the first place, has been ruling me so much so, that I feel lost, but even though I feel lost, I know that what I feel for you hasn’t changed at all, or rather I should say the only thing that has remained constant is my love for you, which has only increased ten folds in our separation, but what do I do Asad?? Tell me…I just don’t know what to do, and I don’t have it in me to fight this misery inside, you and this condition , anymore, I just feel so drained and exhausted, I don’t know what to do….”, and she paused, sighing with a deep breathe, and she continued the next second – “all I know is that I want to give up on my pride, the pride which was making me think that I could go on without you, when I clearly cant, because iv been dying each day, and I want to give in to what I feel, maybe that can help me feel something, figure out a way on how to go about this..”, she finished taking a deep breathe, waiting for him to say something.

Asad listened in silence, for it was very important for him to understand what had been going on in Zoya’s mind, and right then she looked into his eyes, hoping for him to say something and he spoke softly – “ go on, Zoya, take it all out..tell me everything that you thought that led you too this..i want to understand..”

Zoya nodded as she continued – “ I know it was part pride at first, when I first made my decision, because you were right, I had spotted that guilt that sympathy in your eyes, I felt, what if you are wanting to make things right only because of that guilt and sympathy because your conscious feels that it needs to, and not because of love, or because you want to, and then ofcourse it was also that love that flames in my heart for you, I was a mess inside, I didn’t know if I could ever walk on my feet again, which I still don’t know, and I was very scared that id lash out on you, hurt you with my misery sooner or later Asad, and then ofcourse the most important factor, I know how much you dreamed of a family, your own children, and you know that I can probably never…I just thought you would be better off without me, that the pain you feel by breaking up, would be much better than the pain I could give you by being with you…”,and she paused, as a string of fresh tears oozed out her eyes, and she felt him cup face gently as he brushed her tears aaway with his thumb and kissed her eyes and he spoke gently – “ I wont be able to go on without you Zoya, what future are you talking about huh?? There really is nothing without you, im like a empty shell, breathing just because I have too..”,and he hugged her close as he spoke softly – “ there are no dreams if you aren’t a part off it Zoya…”, and he cupped her face slowly again making her look into his eyes as he asked – “ you love me don’t you??”

Zoya nodded in between her tears – “ I love you Asad..now more than ever…”

Asad kissed her forehead – “ good, because I love you too, are you ready to take that leap of faith again with me??”

Zoya – “ I want to, but im afraid…”

Asad –“ hsshhh, ok, no more fear about the future, lets talk about the present, if I ask you to just have faith in me that I will never ever let you hit the ground, when u fall, will you trust me Zoya?? Just like I am ready to trust us, trust you that you wont ever let me hit the ground, come what may..”

Zoya nodded gently – “ I think so, I am…but…”, and she wiped her tears – “ stop me, if I try to run away again, ok??”

Asad – “ I wont let you ever again, I will chain you to myself If I have too…”,and he paused as he hugged her hard, pulling her close – “ I will love you so much that you will have no option but to fight this adversity, that you will find that courage in you to want to become fine again, I will love you so much that you would want to come running on both your feet, into my arms, and you will, I am sure that day will come surely, and im also sure, that, that day isn’t very far..”

Zoya asked in a skeptical tone – “ how can you be so sure Asad, that the day isn’t very far, from where I see it, it really is very far, infact I don’t know if it will even come…”

Asad rolled his eyes as he held her chin and made her look at him – “ where is the Zoya who would always make me look at the brighter side of things, where is my Zoya who would always tell me that light is never too far away, she is there inside off you my love, just let her resurface, just be yourself, set yourself free from thins baggage of guilt, just like I did, and you will see that you will a lot lighter, a lot sorted, ready to embrace who you really are…”

Zoya nodded slowly as she said – “ I want too Asad, that’s exactly what I want to do for now, but I don’t know how to…will you help me…please??”

Asad gave her a small smile as he brushed his thumb over her cheek – “ I thought you’d never ask…ofcourse I will, im always there for you my love, always…and honestly you could make me your punching bag every time you feel frustrated and I promise I wont complain, but only if you promise to make it up to me, by letting me love you later on..”, he finished with a small wink.

Zoya smiled through her tears – “ I promise….”

Asad wiped a small droplet off her eye as he spoke gently – “ no more tears Zoya, please, and just so you know, your doctor, he strongly believes that you can be completely fine…”

Zoya nodded – “ I know…he told me that, but sometimes I just feel maybe hes just being kind..”

Asad – “ no, he is not just saying it, Abir told me, he really thinks you can recover, in no time if you put all of it into it, your mind, heart and soul…”

Zoya nodded – “ until now, it was sonly my mind, not my heart and soul, but now if you are with me, maybe I can try..”

Asad smiled – “ we can try and we will Zoya, I want to come with you today to the center to see him…if you are ok with it??”

Zoya gave him a small smile – “ yes you can, but not today, as I had mentioned it to them yesterday that I would take a day off today, and also uncles out to Zurich for the day for some work, but first thing tomorrow, I promise…”

Asad hugged her again as he kissed her head gently – “ you will fight this, and you will be ok..and for now, lets just say, you don’t have to worry about anything more…”

Zoya – “But Asad, the…”

Asad put a finger to her lips – “ shh now I know where your mind is taking you, the other issue, about you being able to conceive..”

Zoya nodded silently, as she looked down.

Asad held her chin and made her look at him again – “ I told you before, that was a dream I saw with you, and that is a dream that I still see with you…”

Zoya – “ but you know, the truth isn’t hidden..the doctor’s said, my uterus has weakned, may not be able to withhold a pregnancy..”

Asad nodded – “ I know, but they also said that you are young and the chances are still there…and I want to believe in the latter, in the fact that our life, will give us another chance”,and he paused to kiss her briefly on the side of her lips – “ I will love you so much every day, every night, that you will start to believe that a miracle can happen…”

Zoya cupped his face gently as she asked, still unsure – “ and what if it doesn’t…”

Asad shrugged – “ we will think about it then, but ok to answer that logic in your head, we will work things out Zoya, good for us, science has evolved so much that we can still have a family of our own, I mean just in case you aren’t able to conceive, then we can also go in for IVF, have your egg fertilized with my sperm in the lab and then probably opt for a surrogacy…and there’s nothing wrong in that, Zoya, worst case that’s still a option that is open to us, it will still be our baby…and it will feel exactly the same in our hearts, its just the way you look at it…”

Zoya felt relief rush through her head, she had thought of this thought wildly in her head, but had always felt that Asad would never be open to such a thing, because it wouldn’t be the same, but hearing this from him, was such a big relief, and she spoke now with a much more positive tone – “like you said, lets just hope it doesn’t come to that,I honestly don’t want to miss out on that feeling of having a life inside of me,but if it does happen, we will think about the other options……”

Asad sighed with relief – “ thank god you agree, and now if you have anything else on your mind, please take it out , lets get it clear once and for all…”

Zoya spoke softly – “ just one more thing..”

Asad – “ what…”

Zoya – “ I just want you to hold me tight, I just want to let myself feel that this is real, iv spent too much time away from you, in misery and in too much pain…in ways holding onto my stupid pride, when I should have listened to my heart..because now that I have given up on everything my mind was fighting for, I know it’s the best thing iv done in the longest time, because I have you now…”,and she saw raw emotions swim in his eyes, as he closed the remaining distance in between their lips, as he kissed her mindlessly, pouring out every emotion he felt, making new promises, and she found herself responding with equal passion, equal urgency poring out everything she wanted to , into him and she broke apart many minutes later, as she kept her forehead over his as she whispered – “im sorry…once again…”

Asad cradled her in his arms as he got up, picking her up and placed her on the bed and lied down next to her, and he held her hand gently as she turned to one side, and he hugged her from behind, placing his hand on her waist ,and he kissed her shoulder gently – “ you don’t have to be sorry, Zoya, please…I understand, now I completely understand”,and with that he pointed towards the ray of light which was peeking in through the blinds of the window as he said – “ look, the sun has finally risen…”

Zoya smiled as she realized the deep meaning in his words, and she snuggled into him tighter as she spoke kissing his hand gently – “ and with that the realization that I should have done this long ago,I should have given up on this pain, this misery , this pride, but its ok, maybe it was important for me to go through this to realize that no matter how far you may have walked on the wrong path, it is never too late to make a U-Turn, thank you Asad , for still waiting for me..”

Asad hugged her tighter into himself as he spoke – “ I promised myself that I would hold on, that you would find me exactly on that bend in the road, you left me at…”

Zoya turned towards him to face him ,as she spoke softly – “ I wasn’t being fair, how mean off me to make you wait this long..”

Asad held her hand over his face as he kissed it  gently – “ I could have waited forever…”

Zoya whisperd looking into his eyes – “ why do we love each other like this, in this way that’s crazy and insane..”

Asad smiled – “ I don’t find to find out why, I just know that its exactly what I will ever need in my life…”, and with that he pulled her into a crushing hug,as he spoke gently brushing her hair – “ sleep my love, we v spent a lot of time, being awake in each other memories, its time we got some sleep…”,and she tightened her hold on him as she spoke – “ hold me tight asad, as I sleep, and never let go…”

Asad pulled her closer into him, as he promised with his mind, heart and soul – “ I won’t Zoya, I wont ever let go…”


11.00 AM

Khushi twisted in bed , and sleepily picked up her phone from the sidetable as she opened her one eye to see the time, and the minute the time registered in her head, she literally jumped up in bed, whacking the quilt off both herself and Arnav and in reaction Arnav groaned in his sleep as he spoke, reaching out with his arm – “ Khushi, are you crazy, cant you see its still dark, come back, lets sleep…”

Khushi groaned as she got on her knees immediately as she spoke accusingly – “ it is dark, because of the blackout blinds Arnav, its 11 am, I cant believe I didn’t wake up earlier, and weren’t you supposed to be waking me up at dawn???”

Arnav propped on his elbow sleepily as he picked up his phone from the sidetable and he yawned – “ don’t blame me Khushi, we only slept at dawn, it would be unfair if we hadn’t slept in this late, and to think off it, we haven’t slept in this late for the longest time, and im on a holiday my love…”,and with that he dropped back on the pillow with a thump.

Khushi went forward on her knees,as she threw a small pillow at his face, which he dodged with his arm as she glared at him – “ and whose fault is it that we slept in the wee hours off the morning huh??”

Arnav smirked – “ well yours clearly…who told you to be so irresistable”

Khushi opened her mouth as she placed a hand over it – “ hawww, how shameless of you, its you who..who…who….”,and she fumbled as the memories of another passionate night spent in his arms came back to her head ,and she felt herself blush as he pulled her down next to him in a swish as he brushed her nose tenderly – “ that blush up your cheek, still makes your nose red…”

Khushi rolled her eyes, as she spoke – “ look at the face, those eyes, how can I even be mad at you…god help me…”,and she swiftly made her way out of his grip as she got out of bed – “ im going to quickly check up on Zoya…”,and with that she quickly put on her long sweatshirt,and made her way out the room, down the stairs.

Arnav quickly made his way to the washroom, and freshened up, and whilst he finished brushing and washing his face he looked at his reflection in the mirror, and he grinned again, he had never felt happier, ever, and he couldn’t really stop grinning.He quickly made his way down a few minutes later as he browsed through his phone – “Asad, hasn’t called or messaged, so lets just hope he slept in late too…”

Khushi looked up from the island table as she walked up with a note in her hand – “ im hoping he did, because the surprise he would have received in the middle of the night, would have surely made all his sleep vanish…”

Arnav asked – “ what do you mean??”, and Khushi gestured him to read the note, which he now took in his hand and started to read.

It was from Zoya.

 - Bhai, Khushi, I know its 4am and its going to sound crazy, but I need to see Asad now, I cant wait longer, have spent too much time being away from him.I don’t have the heart to disturb my favourite lovebirds which is the two of you, so I have called Abir, he is taking me to Asad right now.I am hoping to sort things out.Wish me luck. - 

Arnav smiled as he kept the note on the table as he now pulled Khushi in his arms as he sat on the stool,and made Khushi stand in between his legs as he askes softly – “ she isn’t here yet, and nor is Asad, what do you think happened??”

Khushi smiled as she felt relief wash over her being – “well, Im sure bhaijaan and Zoya are having the best sleep of their lives right now, finally being at peace in each others arms…”

Arnav smiled – “And that makes me a happy brother, although I wouldn’t want to imagine the scene you just spoke about…”, he finished with a a small wink, and he pulled her closer as he spoke – “ it’s a bummer you woke us up you know, I had different plans for this morning, which you definetly ruined…but to think off it, we can still make up for the lost time, what say huh??”

Khushi nodded as she smiled and got out of his grip – “ no ways Arnav Singh Raizada, you are staying away from me, you aren’t allowed to touch me right now ok??”

Arnav raised a eyebrow – “ really?? Is that a challenge??”

Khushi rolled her eyes – “ maybe, but look its better if I get ready soon , what if bhaijaan and Zoya come..”

Arnav smiled – “im only teasing you, my love, I understand ok, infact ill get ready too..”,and he winked as he asked – “ you wouldn’t mind me joining you in the shower, now do you, we would save so much time..”

Khushi whacked his arm – “ you are becoming shameless day by day, and no, I am using the other washroom in Zoya’s room for now..”,and she put her hands on his back as she pushed him up the stairs – ‘and you are using the other one ok…now come on, go get ready fast, im hungryyyy, ill make us some breakfast after…”

Arnav groaned as he walked up the stairs and he turned around as he said – “ promise you will make up for this later then..??”

Khushi grinned as she walked into Zoya’s room – “ I promise you I definitely will, my love…”


30 Minutes Later

Khushi smiled to herself as she made her way out the room , humming  her favourite tune and she saw Arnav turn around from the kitchen counter as he grinned – “ hey , you, you are late…”

Khushi grinned as she asked walking upto him, giving him a back hug – “you are early, whats with you today huh??”

Arnav grinned – “ im just basking in the happiness of your love, my love..”,and he picked up two cups as he placed them on the island table – “ your tea is waiting…”,and he picked up his cup off coffee and sipped it quickly as he spoke – “ two minutes,and our breakfast will be ready too..”

Khushi smiled as she sat across off him and picked up her tea – “ I love that you are spoiling me, and I would never complain…”, and she watched him make them omlettes.

3 Minutes later, he placed two plates of omellete on the table, one in front of her and one in front of himself as he sat on the stool and he asked – “ did you have a word with Abir??”

Khushi – “ yea, and hes taken Yana out for brunch..”

Arnav – “well looks like its working out for everyone , am sure Asad and Zoya are sorted, and hopefully things should work for Abir too, hes been a good support for Zoya, would only wish him well…”

Khushi nodded as she spoke – “ I agree, would only wish the best for the two of them too..”,and she paused as she asked – “is it ok if we don’t go out anywhere today, maybe we could just stay in…”

Arnav winked – “ do you want to make up for this morning already?? Sure im in..”

Khushi – “ very funny , ok, no I want us to just be with each other. Watch a movie maybe..”

Arnav grinned – “ whatever you want, my love, I don’t guarantee watching the screen though, might just be watching you instead..”

Khushi grinned as spoke – “ god I love you..”


Two Hours Later

Khushi switched off the TV and she looked at him – “you gotta be kidding me, you didn’t watch the movie at all…”,he had spent half the time, playing with her hands, her hair, and then looking at her, and then remaining off the time distracting her by placing soft kissed on her shoulder blade, or neckline.

Arnav pulled her closer by the arm – “ I told you, I find you more captivating…”

Khushi turned to finally face him – “ oh reallyyyy, ”

Arnav nodded – “ iv changed you know, nowdays I only say what I really mean…”

Khushi grinned  - “ which is a good thing…”,and she picked up her phone as she said – “ im just going to call bhaijaan..”

Arnav groaned as he pulled her and made her sit on his lap as he threw her phone aside – “ haven’t you heard, you get  a lot of bad luck if you disturb a couple who has kind of just reunited after forever…let them be na…you just concentrate on me for now, and as it is when Asad comes, you are going to push me away..”

Khushi wrapped her arms around his neck as she spoke softly – “ no I will not, I mean I want us to talk to him, once we see them, I think the time is right…”

Arnav leaned back his head for a second on the sofa in relief – “ oh thank god, Khushi…its about time…”

Khushi nodded – “about time, indeed…”,and she kissed his cheek softly – “ thank you for loving me the way you do..”

Arnav – “well what can I say, once iv surrendered and given in to this organ in the middle of the chest, life is like a dream, blissful and serene…”,and he cupped her face gently – “ thank you for being mine, Khushi…”,and he spoke huskily – “ you have no idea how badly iv wanted to kiss you for the last two hours..”

Khushi – “ really? Then why didn’t you??”

Arnav – “ and have you break away and return your attention to your favourite Salman, no way, that would hurt my ego, Khushi..i was waiting for his time to run out, so that I can have mine…”

Khushi gaped in fake shock – “ I cant believe you are so jealous of a Bollywood actor…”

Arnav smirked – “ for the record,I will be jealous of anyone who manages to get your undivided attention Khushi…”, and before she could say anything, he closed his lips over hers, as he kissed her mindlessly, over and over again,and  she gripped his hair into a fist and started to kiss him with equal passion, he lost himself in the moment.

They both lost themselves so much in the heated moment, that their vibrating phones went unheard.


Zoya  groaned inwardly as they neared her cottage, and she waited for Khushi or her brother to pick up their phones, she had been trying to call them so that to give them a heads up that she and Asad were on their way home.

Right then Asad picked out the phone from her hand as he spoke with a smile – “its ok ,im telling you, don’t call, maybe shes occupied or isn’t at home, has stepped out with Abir maybe..and im sure Arnav would be busy with work, answering emails, maybe that’s why he isn’t answering too… and anyway we have reached…”,and with that he put Zoya’s phone back her her small bag, and Zoya took a deep breathe as she gave him a small smile, but she silently prayed that Khushi and Arnav wouldn’t be home right now.

Asad got off the car and immediately went around as he opened the door for Zoya as he asked – “give me the keys..”

Zoya nodded as she handed him the keys but she asked – “ whats with you huh??”, and before she knew it, he had lifted her in his arms, and Zoya gave him a small smile – “ Asad, I can walk…”

Asad smiled – “ I know, and let me tell you, im the one who is going to make you walk miles everyday so that you can practice and flex your muscles, but just for today, let me no please, I just want to let the feel warm my heart..”

Zoya nodded silently,as she let him carry to her door, and watched his sideface in silence, overwhelmed with the love which was now surfacing in her heart and she held onto his arm,as he put her down gently,and then held the door open to her, and she stepped inside, and came face to face with the sight of her brother and Khushi kissing on the living room sofa, and they both seemed completely lost into it, that they hadn’t realized that the door had opened, she groaned inwardly, no wonder they couldn’t hear their phones, but she had to do something, she couldn’t really let Asad see this, and she kind off turned around immediately as she spoke trying to shut the door behind her – “ Asad, I just changed my mind, lets go to this awesome place, that I want you to see…”

Asad looked at her confused,as he immediately opened the door she was trying to shut as he spoke – “We will surely, but didn’t you say you wanted to freshen up and change, then why…”,and with that he held open the door in the instant and stepped in, coming face to face with the sight of Arnav holding on to his sister , kissing her mindlessly,and he felt his brain freeze, as he realized that Khushi was a active participant too.

Zoya groaned as she saw Asad freeze in his tracks and she came to stand next to him, as she placed a hand on his arm as she spoke softly – “ Asad…”

Asad – “ you saw this too, and you didn’t want me to see…”,and he paused as he felt his anger boil as he spoke – “ forgive me Zoya…”,and with that he immediately made his way to the living room in three quick strides as he spoke sure his voice dripping in rage – “ and to think I actually believed that you had changed…how dare you Arnav Singh Raizada??”


Khushi felt her insides freeze, as the two of them immediately broke apart as they heard Asad’s voice dripping in rage,and Khushi immediately pulled apart and jumped to her feet and she watched a very nervous Arnav get on his feet too as she spoke hurriedly – “ Bhaijaan, I can explain….”,and she was shaken by the rage on his face

Asad immediately placed a hand in midair as he spoke pointing to her – “ you will stay out of it, Khushi…I warned you, I warned you off him before, I had sensed that something was up in your head, by that look in your eyes everytime you spoke off him, and I told you that he is with someone else, but clearly I was wrong, I had forgotten how these things are for him, everything is just a game…”,and with that he held Arnav by his collar as he spoke – “ how dare you Arnav, how dare you be kissing my sister, when you say that you are deeply in love with whoever youv been secretly dating for all these months, how dare you dammit….after all this while, you could have atleast spared my little sister from your playboy claws for the sake of our revived bond…how could you dammit, how could you do this to me…”, he growled in fury as he spoke, looking at Khushi – “ you will stay out if it understand, I will talk to you later, but for now you are forbidden to be anywhere around this man, until I have a word with him”, and then he looked at Arnav – “and you,  look at me, look at my face and answer me now…”

Arnav realized in that second the misunderstanding that was causing this rage, because Asad thought that he had been fooling around with Khushi, at the same time as claiming to be in love with someone,and he immeidtaely took a deep breathe, ok the cat was out of the bag, he looked at a nervous and scared Khushi, and a equally nervous Zoya, who now stood silently aside Khushi,and he gestured to them that he will handle this silently and he spoke curtly – “ please take your hands off me Asad, and lets talk, I can explain…”

Zoya immediately spoke – “ Asad, please, calm down, atleast listen..”

Khushi – “ bhaijaan, please, it isn’t his fault, bhaijaan, listen to me….”

Asad immediately let go of Arnav’s collar as he turned around and he looked at his sister in shock as he asked – “ are you just standing there and defending this playboy to my face Khushi, don’t you realize that what you were doing was wrong, you were an active participant with him in cheating someone, he claims to love…”,and he walked upto Khushi,as he looked at Zoya ,and handed her his hotel keycard from his pocket as he said – “ call the cab Zoya, take Khushi out of here, whilst I speak to your brother…”

Zoya groaned as she looked at him – “Asad, please calm down…”

Arnav walked up from behind as he held Khushi’s hand – “ Khushi is not going anywhere Asad…lets be mature, and handle this calmly…”

Asad looked at Arnavs grip on Khushi’s hand and he spoke in fury – “ Zoya, ask your brother to take his hand off Khushi, now…”

Khushi immediately spoke – “bhaijaan you gotta relax, ok, sit down, have a glass of water and we can explain…please…”

Asad looked at the three of them in disbelief – “ calm down, you want me to calm down, fine I will, once the two of you are out of here, and I have a word with this man…”

Arnav felt his own anger starting to boil now, as Asad mentioned sending Khushi away again and he could also understand the root of his anger and so it was time to clear things once and for all and since that was the only thing that could reach Asad’s ears right now, he shouted it out – “ I love Khushi, dammit…”,and right then he saw Asad turn around as he asked – “ what?? What did you just say??”

Arnav knew it was time to give in to the truth now and so he spoke taking a deep breathe – “ Its her, Khushi, its always been her, shes the only one I have ever loved, the only one I have ever claimed to love, and the only one whom I will ever love, shes the one iv hurt in the past, she is the one iv messed up things royally with, she also the one who has given us the chance to start afresh, and she is also the one whom iv been with all this while, so I wasn’t cheating on anyone whilst I was kissing her Asad, I was just caught up in a moment of love, im sorry you had to see it, but believe it or not, we were going to talk to you about it the minute we saw you…”

Khushi stepped in as she spoke – “ he wanted to tell you so many times, but everytime I stopped him thinking it wasn’t the right time bhaijaan, it isn’t his fault…if you have to be this angry then it has to be at me, not him…please….”

Asad turned around as he looked at Khushi’s nervous face as he asked too shocked, too stunned, had this really be going on all along under his very nose, and he looked at Zoya who had guilt in her eyes, and he realized ofcourse Zoya knew, long ago, she was probably a big part of it just like khushi was for them , but he really didn’t have it in his heart to be angry at Zoya after all that they had been through and he turned to Khushi as he asked – “ is it true Khushi??”

Khushi took a deep breathe as she looked at Arnav and exchanged that similar emotion – that it really was time to give in to the truth.


Fate looked at Misery as he handed her a glass of water – “ I just had mine, cmon take it down, we need it…”

Destiny smiled – “ about time, my friends, about time that the two lovebirds give in to it, in the open…”

Misery smiled, as she finished her water  - “ did you see, I almost fell from my seat at that last bit, it was highly entertaining…”

Fate grinned – “ yup, that it was….”, and he looked at a grumpy Hate at his desk as he said – “ whats with him, hes being more grumpy than usual these days…which is strange, because he is usually grumpy when Love is around, and this time she isn’t, so I wonder…”

Destiny rolled her eyes at him – “ leave him alone, whats with you constantly wanting to meddle with him…”

Fate shrugged his shoulders playfully and winked – “ I like it my friend…”,and with that he walked towards Hate as he asked sitting on his desk – “ whats with you being so grumpy this time around in loves absence, you used to quite enjoy it…”

Hate looked at him irritated – “ and you, get off my desk and keep your nose out of my business…please…”

And right then Love walked in looking all refreshed, alluring and captivating in all her glory,and she spoke cheerfully – “ im back….i hope I was missed…”,and with that she quickly greeted everyone, everyone but Hate pissing the hell out of him.

And before settling on her desk, she took out some files from her bag as she said – “ one can never really catch a break, I had to work on some quick cases whilst I was away, so I must file them in the storage…”,and made her way to the storage room.

Hate saw that everybody else was engrossed in conversations, as Happiness entered in, and started to narrate a jofyul experience,and he followed Love, and entered into the storage room, as he closed the door behind and he saw Love look at him as she spoke casually – “ hey, you, I was just leaving, you can access the files you need to, my work here is done for now…”,and she started to walk out and right then Hate held her hand as he shoved Love back into the wall as he spoke caging her in between his arms – “ well, lets just say im not done…”

Love looked at him confused – “ what do you think you are doing huh??”

Hate – “ about time, you quit playing games, Love, how about you give in to the truth…”

Love asked carelessly – “ what truth are you talking about?? I have absolutely no idea..”

Hate pulled her by the hand closer into him, intimidating her as he spoke dangerously close into her ear – “ the truth about, how you ran away because you were intimidated by what I make you feel, the truth about how much you missed me…”,and he didn’t let her break away as he spoke now leaning ininto her other ear – “ or wait, let me just give in to a truth I discovered whilst you were away, about how I need you around me to exist in peace…”,and he paused as he straightened and she finally looked into his eyes as she asked softly – “what do you mean??”

Hate took a deep breathe as he spoke – “don’t you think its about time we spoke eye to eye about this strange string that has been tying us to each other,since the dawn of time??”

Love stood stunned, shocked and too overwhelmed to move or say anything, hadnt she left because she didn’t like being left speechless by Hate or by the overwhelming emotions Hate made her feel, and here she was standing in his arms, overwhelmed and completely speechless, yet again.


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