**Imp Post** New Features on MeD

Aug 11, 2013

**Imp Post** New Features on MeD (By Med_Development_Team) (Thanked: 41 times)

Dear All,

Love is in the AIR with so many Celebrity birthdays approaching!!

Not sure if you have noticed all the new features… here is full list of all the latest MeD features:

Launch of Fun ZONE

This is pretty Kool ZONE… you can have Jokes, Quick Votes, QUIZ, puzzles, competitions and the list is long … idea is simple FUUUUUUN!!  Only few people can make post here … if you want access here to make post then email us – …we will review your work on your Diary and committee will make a decision if you should be added here to make post!

Check out http://myeduniya.com/Entertainment/TvSerials/?SCID=15_Fun_Zone

Preview Pic

Yes we are back  with Preview PICs… Now automatically Preview pics is uploaded if you do not add one!! …. If you would like to upload the preview pic by going in “Settings” then make sure that it is from a reliable website like:

o   Tumblr

o   Gstatic.com

o   Iamgeshacks.com

o   Imagur

o   Facebook

o   We can add more picture sources website if your will send us email on

We would like to thank all the volunteers who have contributed various Preview pics !! if you have more pics then submit to your Serial Admins and then will share with us post formatting!!


This features is currently underserved – Please go to your DIARY and press Xpress button and just paste picture URL or type QUOTE or your status … it is super Kool! Check out here few examples!




Email Alerts

 “myeDuniya- Favorite Updates” – you will now get an email once in a day with summary link to all the fav updates from your fav authors and writers! Real KOOL HAAN…. If you want to get rid of this just press “unsubscribe” or change settings in your DIARY on top right!



what is that? – it is like your own customized MeD Desktop where you will have your own customized page…. This is recently launched features based on feedback received from you all … “everything in one page”… so where can I find this? all the registered members - just look for the bottom of the website ribbon and you will see “DashBoard”

Check this link and save it if needed!-


do add your fav authors ….. just press this button in diary of your fav author!

“Add Jasquerade_X to Fav” and your name will appear in their follower list!!...


so ……. Any update on myView made by them will appear in your DASHBoard…. Oooh That kindaa KOOL!!... :D



Have you appreciated any one lately – why not …. This spreads and multiplies happiness!



myMovies is rocking and hence you can now add movie reviews etc etc here …. bollywood news  can be found here ….


 press blue button : “Submit New myView”

Fan Clubs

the most exciting invention of all … we are in the process of launching several TV and Bollywood celebrities Fan Clubs on MeD… this is in full swing and we expect this to be launched in August itself…. We are starting with Barun Sobti as our first Fan CLUB… Are you excited!! ? A mega Worshiper CLUB is coming to Admin this Fan Club!!... More clubs to follow!!


MeD was launching in 2013 ....re-branding of MeD is currently underway!! SilverSpoon created over 100 designs and MeD Core team selected one in particular …. !! thanks ton all!!


Fan Fiction and OS - Story Index

We would like to thank all the volunteers who have given us links to all the stories. We are in the process of compiling all the stories and will be launching the new awesome story index platform!!

Twitter and Facebook

 Thank you for all the love shown to us …in less than three months we now have 4500 Twitter Fans and over 2000 Friends on Facebook! Than kyou for joining and LIKEing us on FB Comments and Tweeting us!!





Suggestion Box

 feel free to send your Serial Admins or us (myeduniya.med@gmail.com) when you have a bright idea as we are working tirelessly for you all to make MeD one beautiful efamily platform as our goal is to “redefine the entertainment”! Please share your comments below!!

God bless!!

MeD Team

New Comment Section in under development and more exciting new RANKINGS for each post which will rock the world!! are you ready?

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